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aww, did the artist delete his thread? well, I'll post this here anyway in case he sees it.

your drawing wasn't a bad attempt, but instead of just drawing gung ho what you see, you should try to build a foundation first. It'll make your proportions look right and keep them constant when you decide its time to add in the little details (this sort of thing is described in loomis's fun with a pencil, there's a link to it on the sticky in /ic/). A reference is always good to have as well, and dont feel like you need to get all the specific details right with an original character. I fucked up on the legs because I couldnt figure out how to make it look good, yet despite this you still are able to recognize that its a drawing xeno.

As long as the image is mostly right, it'll work out in the end (i.e. If something's a little too tricky to get right, you can always work around it).

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/ic/ pls go

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Well, shit. Helpful drawfriends. What will the world do next?

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>did the artist delete his thread?
He didnt make the thread, some other guy did. He was actually kind of annoyed/embarrassed that someone was touting around one of his lazier works and thanked everyone for their advice.

Most Xeno threads get deleted because one Janny is still butthurt by Xeno for some reason, by the way, so thats why the last thread got nixed.

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For some reason the Xeno on the right reminds me of a Floran.

I think its the eyes and the abs. RightXeno needs more hips, too.

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i like to help people out... when I was a noob drawfriend way back when other drawfriends pointed me in the right direction. Its only right that I continue the cycle.

oh, okay. In the janitor's defense, those kind of threads tend to delve into horrible fetishbait pretty quickly.

floran a shit

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Also her robopanties need to be higher on her hips.
basically they need to match the outline of the lowest pair of abs.

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Xeno looks good with abs!

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>floran a shit
Nigga I will fite you. We get few enough plantwaifus as it is.

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Xeno a best.

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Just remember, she has a human daughter/clone/experiment/thing who is a Sororitas. That means you get dem hips and dem abs.

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I disagree but respect your opinion.

Blue best berry

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>those kind of threads tend to delve into horrible fetishbait pretty quickly.
Meh, they mostly either devolve into metadrama or just shoot the shit about Xeno shenanigans. Nothing of value is lost when they get axed, though, its just silly how borderline porn or furry threads and blatant shitposting will be ignored for hours but Xeno threads are purged with extreme prejudice.

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that's not Torchstar. She's officially best berry

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We still need a Berry Rangers drawing
Blue as Green OrkBerry Ranger
Torchstar as Red TauBerry Ranger
Xeno as Black CronBerry Ranger
Uhh...and I guess this nameless tau as White SororitasBerry Ranger?

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A lot of us are pretty helpful, we just tend not to offer advice because some people do take it the wrong way and get upset over it. Plus it's kind of rude to critique someone's work without permission.

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>finally get some different style of boobs
>"lol, nope, you got to make 'em firm and round like every other fucking drawn boob in the world"

Not every woman in the world needs perky, round pornstar boobs.

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>being on 4chan
>caring about politeness

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Xeno certainly doesn't need sideways bananas for tits.

Your fetish for sideways banana tits is showing.
Go masturbate to pictures of your friends' grandmas.

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Theres a difference between drawing different tits and anatomically incorrect ski slopes.

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Your fetish for having big round tits on every woman, regardless of age, size and body type is showing.

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>hatin on oppai lolis

>> No.29830944

>hatin non-oppais

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If you're making a cheesecake character, then you should make its parts ''attractive''.

That's like 101 stuff. How is this subject open to argument?

Ah I get it you're starting this silly argument to bump your thread. cool

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In my book, Xeno doesn't have separate tits anyway, her chesplate has two bumps as if she was wearing a tanktop.

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It's kind of funny I can read the commissar saying either:
"I feel the warp overtaking me" and
"I feel the ward overtaking me"

I see where you're coming from, and the angle I think the original drawfag wanted to do is one that always gives me a shitload of trouble (going downward) but it's nice seeing somebody going for the trouble of actually showing you a comparison to knock off the "I made this, it's good" glasses, helped me a lot when a /jp/ drawfag showed me my mistakes.

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Who is this gal? I see her art on /tg/ an awful lot.

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This. Monoboob is love.

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Xeno, she's a quest character who became kind of a mascot. Seeing her posted very often annoys many people but she's innocent fun most of the time.

She's half-tau, half-necron. Not because of mary sue character design but because of her adventures.

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> "I made this, it's good" glasses
Pfft. Fucking casual. Real artists have crippling self esteem issues!

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Adorable. What's the quest called, so I can look it up on suptg?

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kind of the point. it is only casuals and the extremely popular with a cabal of scrotum kissers that lack the crippling self esteem,

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There were several quests.

The two noteworthy ones are Tau Quest and Xeno's Adventure. They're riddled with shitposting though.

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I think you can only find it on foolz due to weirdness.

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Good luck locating any etheric beams.

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No shit son, its a scarab deployment bay.

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I thought she deployed scarabs from, you know, down there.

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the reports are contradictory.

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I think they just kinda...spew from every which way.

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I thought it was an interesting style, like an american cartoon, doesn't need to be anatomically correct.

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In tau quest it's from her back
in other stuff she farts them out, or they come out of her hips...

it's whatever you want, really.

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no, but she needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and pancake tits are unattractive as hell. They're right up there with giant noses and hairy feet.

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>in other stuff she farts them out
I think you got the wrong hole there, chief.

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Anatomical correctness is the only objective measurement for this sort of thing. If you're going to stylize, then 1) your style needs to be consistent across the character (which honestly the pancake tits aren't) and 2) you open the door to judgement based on personal taste.

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I know there's this >>29831998, but there's also two that I know of, where her chest is visible, and it sort of implies she constructed a scarab from... down there.

To be fair, at first I didn't even think >>29831998
was about constructing scarabs, I thought it was just scarabs repairing or maintaining her.

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>I thought it was just scarabs repairing or maintaining her.
If you look, the top most scarab is actually actively getting its legs welded on.

>> No.29832173

No, there's another one, where she's standing, then there's a zap and she looks embarrassed, with another character asking "you constructed a scarab, didn't you?" and a scarab floats into view.

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Post Xeno-related music!

let's start with the obvious

>> No.29832203

The blush and sexual nature of all pics involving the randy techpriestess means it could be taken either way.

>> No.29832212

just as about as realistic and aesthetically pleasing as this, although going in the other direction. Also beauty is a matter of perspective, or are you proposing that classical painters are flat out wrong in their appreciation of plump women?

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I draw very rarely because I don't have enough positive feedback to keep me from hating myself.

I do my best work when people are very encouraging and supportive.

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So when did the diaper business start?

>> No.29832229

Yes, they are.

>> No.29832247

fook, forgot pic

>> No.29832259 [DELETED] 

When Technomancer started being a shit.

He has also done Cultist-chan and SoB diaper pics, among others.

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Skwisgaar pls goes.
There's no such things as GMILFs.

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Actually her weird stab-your-eye-out pointy breasts is basically her main unattractive feature.

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>she needs to be aesthetically pleasing
Says who?

>you open the door to judgement based on personal taste
Every morning I wake up in cold sweat thinking someone, somewhere might judge artwork subjectively that day.

The horror, the horror.

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>Says who?
Says everyone with an ounce of sense

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Actually it's only around that time I started really improving.

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I wouldn't say the character is perfectly drawn, but I don't think they went for pancake tits, more like pointy ones. Seen more than a few of those. They're not flappy, they're just not as full and firm, but perky and pointy. With the wide hips and short stature, I don't think they look that off on her in a more short and stocky look.

>> No.29832393

That's a poor comparison. OP's pic has less consistent stylization, and your example doesn't emphasize the chest nearly so much, and thus the breasts, while indeed unrealistically stylized, do not draw the eye nearly so much. OP's pic emphasizes the chest and hips heavily, exaggerating their already-questionable stylistic choices.

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I wasnt talking about your art, mind you. You can do good art when you put your mind to it.

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I like my xenos alien and clearly in possession of different standards of aesthetics than early 21st century humans.

Your route shoos my suspension of disbelief out of the room so it can spend the evening changing the skin and eye colors of human models.

>> No.29832467

>they're just not as full and firm, but perky and pointy
Uh, not in the slightest bit. The point is at the lowest apex of the breast, which means outright sag. Perky means not shaped greatly by gravity (and to a lesser extent momentum), not just "pokes out a lot."

>> No.29832526

and the mere fact that they look even remotely similar to humans doesn't?

Fuck your double standards, that's not how suspension of disbelief works.

>> No.29832538

>I like my xenos alien
Then why are you looking at humanoids in general. Xeno is literally incapable of appearing fundamentally alien because both Tau and Necrons are products of the "Human save one or two features" school of design.

>and clearly in possession of different standards of aesthetics than early 21st century humans.
Then you must accept that they will be considered ugly and poorly drawn when viewed by an audience consisting solely of 21st century humans.

>> No.29832567

Xeno is not xenos.

>> No.29832574

Technomancer pls go.

>> No.29832579


>poorly drawn
Not necessarily.

"Not fully adhering to human anatomy" is not an error when you're not depicting a human.

>> No.29832601

I dunno, I find the picture has pretty decent consistency, like the tits, shoulders and that little armour plate on her abdomen, all seems to be going towards the same curvy direction of the piece (her body consisting of rounded shapes).

>> No.29832649

even when depicting a human i would say

>> No.29832651

>Fuck your double standards, that's not how suspension of disbelief works.

That's exactly how suspension of disbelief works, it's a spectrum on which everyone draws their own line.

"Humanoid" doesn't cross mine yet (this IS very soft sci-fi/fantasy after all), "wrong unless females look like human models" does.

>> No.29832668

Fuck you too.
Fuck everything.

>> No.29832675

Xeno is a xeno, i.e. one of xenos.

Isn't she?

>> No.29832680

>"Not fully adhering to human anatomy" is not an error when you're not depicting a human.
It is when the character in question (and both races relevant to the character) are 90% human in form. The Tau's alien features are limited to their hands, feet, and heads. Their abdomens are entirely human in form save their color. Necrons are, in fact, closer to the human form than Tau are, since their form differs mostly in the head and hands (discounting extreme examples like Wraiths and Destroyers).

>> No.29832688

but she's Xeno.

the only times she looks ugly is when it's played for laughs

>> No.29832696

those damn poorly drawn hobbits with their poorly drawn hairy feet several sizes too big

>> No.29832697

How are they pancakes? Aren't pancake breasts flat flaps?

>> No.29832747

Aside from the ... weird... Boobs. I think I prefer the original.

Dem Hips, Expressive face, even the weird stylizing is attractive. Just fix the weird boobs. New pic is.. ok. It's proportionally better certainly, but it's funny to see "Drawing" tips from someone who could use a few pointers in posing. Looks WAY too stiff.
Lighten up Xeno!

>> No.29832752

They look like a pair of flabby, sagging breasts resting on invisible plates. Unable to droop downwards, they instead flatten outwards.

>> No.29832781

>art should be aesthetically pleasing

>> No.29832784

but the second one does not look stiff

>> No.29832785

I came

>> No.29832808

Wow, that really is a lot better. Now where do I stick my penis

>> No.29832812

No, it's not, everybody with a little common sense can give valid drawing tips.

Xeno is not art, and nobody said art should be aesthetically pleasing.

But Xeno should be attractive.

>> No.29832829

those aren't tears, it's cum!

>> No.29832893

There are breasts like that. They sag, but are pointy as well without having any of that gap between the torso and breast.

Maybe I wasn't brought up on enough Playboy fake tits, but I just don't see where the problem is.

>> No.29832910

>Xeno should be attractive

>> No.29832938

Thats an Ethereal. Xeno is/was Earth Caste

>> No.29832941

>Xeno is not art
>Xeno is mah waifu
>Mah waifu has to be attractive
>Shh, Xeno, no more tears, only dreams

>> No.29832946

Yes. I can't believe you are even questioning that.
You were brought up on mutant ukrainian granny tits, that's the problem.

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>> No.29833010

Pic related is how a canon naked Tau female looks.

>> No.29833036

>that'´s and old hag, Xenos is a young, chubby, petite asian

>> No.29833086

No, its more like
>that's a black person, Xeno is asian
Do you not know how tau castes work, nigga

>> No.29833146

dw guys, I fixed it, we can all go home now

>> No.29833159

They're from the same image documenting the psychological differences between castes, dumbass.

>> No.29833163

Cain commented that he can't tell the difference between Tau males and females with or without armor.

Just saying.

>> No.29833176

And Cain is utterly irrelevant.

Just saying.

>> No.29833193

He also said he found the Water Caste quite fetching for a xenos.

Therefore, we must assume all male taus are traps.

Furthermore, when it comes to lore accuracy, Cain is looser than the backdoor of a Taiwanese ladyboy hooker.

>> No.29833216

Nope, Cain is always relevant.

He confirmed that Sisters can fug!

>> No.29833263

>when it comes to lore accuracy, Cain is looser than the backdoor of a Taiwanese ladyboy hooker.

So still a few steps tighter than the creations of /tg/ drawfags.

>> No.29833270

>He also said he found the Water Caste quite fetching for a xenos.

I don't recall that. Are you making this up? Because Cain met mostly male Water Caste and he didn't seem to appreciate their looks

>> No.29833310

>Therefore, we must assume all male taus are traps.

Or all their females are reverse-traps. Lacking feminine traits humans can use to discern genders with.

>> No.29833320

Or the wallets of GW customers.

>> No.29833354 [SPOILER] 

There. OP's are pointier, but quite similar.

Maybe you should get out more and see some real tits, because the ones you see in your Japanese animes is far from the norm.

>> No.29833413

So since Xenothreads are verboten, is there somewhere I can read xeno "lore" so I can write smut about her? I know she's a Newcron Phaeron made from a Tau Earthcaste and a little bit crazy

>> No.29833440

Try looking her up on 1d4chan wiki.

Also it's Phaerakh, you pleb!

>> No.29833574

Thing is, /tg/ never pretends it is strictly canon to anything other than /tg/ canon.

>> No.29833608

I want more breasts to be popular, not just globes. All (read: most) breasts are beautiful and we need more diversity. Not just the same crap.

Look at this they're all the same breasts despite massive differences between each Tau in height and weight distribution >>29833159

>> No.29833616

The people arguing for it to be canon in this very thread, makes me question that.

>> No.29833642

Diversity is weakness, not strength!

>> No.29833697

>The people arguing for it to be canon in this very thread
They are arguing /tg/ canon, hence why their sources are all from /tg/, like >>29832910
and >>29832938.

>> No.29833748

Youre wrong, though. Earth are smooth and big, Fire got medium sized that are nice and taut thanks to muscle, Water are actually a lot like a more realistic version of the ski slope tits in OP, Air are small but floaty thanks to Zero G, and Eths got raisins.

>> No.29833788

>they're all the same breasts
>Ethereal has tiny, asymmetrical, protruding lumps that look like they used baseballs as implants
>Air Caste's breasts are wall-eyed and their line of curvature stops very near the underside, indicating a very flat breast that protrudes as much laterally as horizontally.
>line of curvature on the Water Caste's breasts stops in midway up the center, indicating a sloped, flattish top to the breast.
>curve on the Fire Caste goes 3/4, indicating a rounder, fuller shape, with a very pronounced divide between the breasts despite their size.
>only the Earth Caste has any cleavage
>exactly the same

>> No.29833919


>> No.29833968

Forward facing knees, too.

>> No.29834131

they have those, but with longer ankles, digitigrade

>> No.29834175

Yes, the variety between the breasts is beyond compare. It's like the UN of breasts.

>> No.29834191

>not canon

>> No.29834244

>sarcasm and cropping make me right

>> No.29834297

>small balls are totally different from large balls

>> No.29834359

>small balls are totally the same as large ovals

>> No.29834477

it is, but the in universe writer was full of shit

>> No.29834603

Except the text does say they got hooves. Only the image shows toes.

>> No.29836019

Toes and hooves aren't mutually exclusive.

>Except the text does say they got hooves. Only the image shows toes.

The text says they're like even-toed ungulates, e.g. camels (pic related). Which have toes.

>> No.29836359

>suggest evolution from cloven-hoofed ruminant.

Also actual Tau models from GW.

>> No.29836683

Just in case you're disagreeing with me, the full quote is "Tertiary joint analogous to Terran artiodactyls: suggest evolution from cloven-hoofed ruminants".

"Artiodactyls" = even-toed ungulates

It's not just a hoof with a cloven shape, those toes can be moved independently with quite a lot of dexterity. That's why say goats (also artiodactyls) are so awesome at climbing. Hooves are, after all, basically enlarged toenails at the end of a toe - horses just happen to have only one toe for example.

>> No.29837266

What hoof has a "cloven shape" but isn't actually independent toes with hooves? That's the whole point, to have independent hooves on separate toes on each limb, as oppose to a single large hoof. And an ungulate is an animal that walks on its toes, most often hoofed.

Nothing in the text, combine with GW's own depictions, suggest they don't have hooves, only the image in Xenology shows them with big toes with toenails (like a camel's foot).

>> No.29840057

>caught ya mirin
/fit/ Xeno?

Does Xeno work out?

How does that work?

>> No.29840141


You didn't fix his piece.

You changed the perspective entirely and you altered the structure and style to something much less expressive. You didn't fix jack shit, you drew something entirely different with the subject matter.

>> No.29842793

>How does that work?

Squats and Zoats, obviously.

>> No.29842932

top kek!

>> No.29843015

Can i just mention how ripped those guards are, I mean seriously melee tau apparently is a thing.

>> No.29843075

>I mean seriously melee tau apparently is a thing.

Melee Tau were always a thing. But mostly in the Ethereal Caste and the Farsight Enclaves.

>> No.29845305

>shows them with big toes with toenails (like a camel's foot).

But camels DO have hooves, that was my whole point. They're just small, like those of the ethereal in Xenology's picture.

>> No.29845331

>anyone arguing that xenology isn't canon
>anyone arguing that xenology is factual

>> No.29845484

Two can play the Wiki game.

>> No.29845511

Eldar having zero body fat is very factual and canon, anon.

>> No.29845596

I personally like that GW offical art has the Tau as some sort of twisted asian parody, while the fanbase have instantly decided that they are sultry, shapely and somewhat attractive. I wonder what they think of that personally, but they'll never, ever acknowlege it though, because in 40k everyone has to be ugly all days, every days.

Unless you're Lileth Hesperax, which remains possibly the only wankworthy bit of GW art.

>> No.29845627

>because in 40k everyone has to be ugly all days, every days.

Eldar if they are not drawn as sufferers from fetal alcohol syndrome, are easy on the eye.

>Unless you're Lileth Hesperax, which remains possibly the only wankworthy bit of GW art.

The Consort of the Blood God is qt. (Ignored the model)

>> No.29845630


>twisted asian parody

Then why isn't their head vagina sideways?

>only wankworthy
>not wanking to Madonna Tits McManface

>> No.29845641

Blueberries are canon, /tg/ just has a devoted sperg or two. Just look at the water caste. Bunch of purpose-bred diplomats.

My favorite is the tau reporter.

>> No.29845644

That generic wych from DE codex is pretty hot.

>> No.29845653


>> No.29845661




I rest my case.



Quit lying.

>> No.29845665


>> No.29845694

>deformed, sickly skin, and her face appears to be twisted.


>> No.29845699 [SPOILER] 




>> No.29845701

120% sperg. Stop being afraid of tits. It's just a fictional alien species. There is nothing that says blueberries are non-canon, there are only the few like you that flip shit for no reason.

>> No.29845712

We already know what male Tau look like so it doesn't work.


>> No.29845729

I don't even

>> No.29845731

>source says they look the same
>totally proves my point
>same source says one can be attractive
>total bullshit

>> No.29845735

>There is nothing that says blueberries are non-canon

Aside from the fluff itself, yeah there isn't.

>Stop being afraid of tits

Tits are useless bags of flesh. Please cease trying to force your mammary glands on the Tau, you deviant.

Enjoy your blueberries but leave my proper Tau alone!

>> No.29845737

Well, /tg/ is pretty much Tall Grass when it comes to finding Sperge'mon. Still, can anyone reference any more sources of non-human beauty? Or shit, any sort of beauty within the setting?

This for example, can anyone clarify what was going on and why?

>> No.29845753

>>same source says one can be attractive


I asked where did Cain claim that are attractive? Because I asked for it and didn't receive a source.

My source is ''The Greater Good'' novel the part where Cain saves the Tau from a servitor sentry. What about yours?

>> No.29845755

Shadowtsun broke into Farsight's command point.
He found her beautiful.

>> No.29845768

We have pictures of male Tau in different garb and armor.

Mister Cain who is known for his perceptiveness and keen eye, van not tell the difference between the genders of the Tau (Dey all rook the same).

>> No.29845785

where Cain claimed that they are attractive*

>> No.29845805

> Cain claimed tau to be attractive
> they're both genders look the same
> mfw Cain is a gay

>> No.29845819

I wouldn't blame him. (>>29833310)

>> No.29845848

Aren't Eldar suppose to be all pretty and shit?

>> No.29845861

It's at least stated outright in fluff.

>> No.29845871

In a bisexual way, yes.

>> No.29845873

>ethereals can be ripped to hell and back
>water caste can't be bombshells

You vex me, /tg/.

>Tall Grass when it comes to finding Sperge'mon

>> No.29845887

You mean like how Shadowsun was said to be a looker, that one female water caste in Fire Warrior was said to be stunning, etc.?

>> No.29845891

No, I mean, like, literally.

>> No.29845900

Because tau are gay. They can have hot abs but no tits/butts.

>> No.29845925

I blame riptides, and the r'varna.

>> No.29845944

>>water caste can't be bombshells

If they can be, then Cain who fought and treated with the Tau for almost a century did not encounter one.

>> No.29845945

Ya, literally:
>She slouched upright and tossed her hair braids over her shoulder. Tyra had to admit that her beauty — legendary throughout the ship — was enough to drive any male to consider breaking caste.

>> No.29845971

Forget to mention that the water caste guys whom he treated with dressed in a similar manner to the humans to ease the diplomatic process.

As you see above, Imperial dress code is shameless at flaunting their goods. If the Tau had any goods, Cain would have noticed.

>> No.29846174

I don't think she could even close her coat with a rack like that.

While on the subject on people looking like stuff, ist it just me or does Gabriel Seth look a bit like Jason Statham?

>> No.29846888

All this makes me imagine some sort of W60K, where it's more akin to some sort of Star Trek where all the races are in an uneasy peace and have to cope with President Lincon every so often.

>> No.29847024


"Oy, Boss! Dere's dat beardy guy again wot we dun killed sumptime ago!"
"WOT! Not AGAIN?! 'Ow many times do we 'ave to slag dis grotface? GIVE 'IM SUM DAKKA, BOYZ!"

>> No.29849729

She looks like a female version of Sylvester Stallone

>> No.29850600

Tell that to this eldar.

>> No.29850629

Not only am I half-certain you are just samefagging, but if not you're getting trolled by the shittiest troll in existence.

This picture applies to both you and him.

>> No.29850640

There is 30% chance that's a male inside that armor.

I say most of that armor is filled with air.

>> No.29850641

That's all pure muscles.

>> No.29850781

shit, you're right, its a lot more top down than I thought it was. my bad!

also how the hell is this thread still existing

>> No.29851088

Xeno is a hell of a drug

>> No.29851143

Not samefagging, I am in or was in an important debate.

I made my points against Tau tits and I am happy about it even if I threw my pearls to the swine.

>> No.29851609

Not even the dead can escape from this FUN!

>> No.29851884

Is this where I can dump suspiciously xeno'ish chicks without getting b&?

>> No.29851912

I urge you to proceed with caution. Danger stalks this kind of threads like a hungry hawk!

>> No.29852368

I would fug a crossdressing eldar Banshee male.

He has to keep the armour on though.

>> No.29852534

>There is 30% chance that's a male inside that armor.
Cute lies, bro.

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