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Caught ya mirin!

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Oh god whats wrong with her tits

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They're maggots.

maggot tits.

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it's the hips that matter

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Look I like dem hips but er figure is disgusting

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Looks like hers where drawn using shitty deviantart as a reference. Absolutely ugly shit.

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You're made out of metal, how can you even have such saggy tits?

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I've seen more anatomical accuracy in porn comics.

Japanese porn comics.

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There is no need to be upset.
No but seriously, Peekaf's art is top-notch, same as Lewd's or Greenmarine's and all the other dudies'. Sure, the breasts may be unsatisfactory at times, but the expressions and hips... hnnng. It also adds personality to his works. Also Peekaf delivers pretty damn fast, kudos to him.

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As an artist, especially as a porn artitst he needs to do a body-study to advance

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The fuck is mirin? I'm not condimenting any japanese foods.

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Yet we gladly accept pretty much any sort of shit from our drawfriends, you're being pretty harsh. Or hypocritical. But I guess you do have a point.

Mirin as in 'mirin as in admiring.

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>hypocritical or too harsh
Dude, take the critisism or you'll become Tom Preston
He's a "professional" who refuses to improve. Tell me, what emotion is in this image?

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Utter despair.

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>Dude, take the criticism

It's not criticism.

You're saying you personally don't like the way the porn is drawn.

The porn in question is heavily stylized to begin with, allowing for some leeway.

Sperging about how taught or how droopy boobs are is really fucking funny

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Thanks, that's one of the most retarded slang words I've learned this year.

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>As an artist, especially as a porn artitst he needs to do a body-study to advance

That is criticism and constructive criticism at at. Stop being a baby, the internet is not kind but at least I'm not saying "YOU SUCK GB2 DA"

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Some Jap porn comics have oversized breasts, but that's intentional. Usually the anatomicalaccuracy is quite good

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>Dude, take the critisism or you'll become Tom Preston
Fucking THIS
even fucking Incase listened and stopped his same-facing with a LONG face study
and he's one of my all-time favorites

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Educating boobs is useless. Try "taut".

>> No.29827770

They haven't been filled to capacity yet with Silicone

>> No.29827783

She's a necron
She needs Silicon not silicone

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>That is criticism and constructive criticism at at.

How is it constructive?

It's not based on an accepted standard of pornographic art. It's not academic. It's you saying you don't like the way he/she drew the tits.

No one is obliged to take your "criticism", so calling other people babies because they're not bothered by saggy/perky boobs is irrelevant.

Sudoku for mi

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But what about non-natural tits?

>> No.29827810

Hey, guess what has silicon in it. Silicone

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>You are a random viewer so you don't matter
As a Smut thread member yes I do and I don't need to be an academic to see something wasn't draw well.
>mfw I litterally had this conversation with Preston

>How is it Constructive?
I told him how he could improve and posted a tutorial. Pretty constructive

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Why the fuck are you so defensive, are you the artist? All I said was the boobs look wierd.

>> No.29827954 [SPOILER] 

I dunno, they look like lemons to me.

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>You are a random viewer so you don't matter

That's not what I said.

I said no one is obliged to take your opinion.

>mfw I litterally had this conversation with Preston

Good for you.

And all I said was "meh". Doesn't bother me.

That I'm not pained by the appearance of OP's boobs is apparently an affront to art and the heavens.

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Got any more of those?
That happens to be my favourite breast tutorial.

I need me some easy and simple references.

>> No.29828073

Nah, hes right. I love the guy, but he has a decent deal of work ahead of him. I do hope he sticks with us and we get to watch him improve, though, since I love what I see so far.

Hugboxers are probably the only thing more toxic for an artist than trolls, by the way.

>> No.29828081

is that you lewd?
As an artist would you agree that I was being constructive?

>> No.29828087

>Educating boobs is useless.
Teaching boobs to boobs

>> No.29828102

oh and sadly I don't. I had to look it up to help Peekaf, I like his work but his tits are a HUGE turn off. Once past that he can do a lot of good

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Underchinners, balloons. blockbusters, and bee sting master race reporting in.

>> No.29828127

sweet potatos are better than under-chinners

>> No.29828144

They shouldn't be, though. Its a robutt. Robutt tits shouldn't sag, they should be gravity-defying and perfectly shaped. Your tit style must always match your subject matter.

>> No.29828204

Living metal, bitches.

C'tan bodies are completely made of it, yet they have flowing cloth and have even impersonated fleshy people.

>> No.29828234

>C'tan bodies are completely made of it
And have you fucking SEEN Ctan bods? Those motherfucker be fucking ripped. Aint nothing saggy about a Ctan.

>> No.29828388

>mfw when I watched a guy try to help OP out you told him to "fuck off"

>> No.29828394

You didn't say meh, you repeadetly said no, it's fine, your criticism is bad, you aren't important.

Here's a picture displaying an appealing hip shape. Not the length of the torso, how the leg connects at the hip, the general hip shape (not like a ball).

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Whats funny is that everyone, even motherfucking Lewdanon, agrees with the critic. The guy does good work, he just needs to study breasts some more. See the way they work n stuff.

>> No.29828513

that isn't Peekaf
he was drawing a bonerworthy karskin trap in the smut thread
Just a hugboxer

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