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>Took over Earth "for the good of man"
>Took away peoples religion "for their own good"
>Took over the galaxy "for the good of man"
>Made up the Imperial "truth" to take religion and "stop the chaos gods"
>It didn't work because humans being humans fed the gods but it DID make room for his creed later
>works on his own personal throne to explore the webway
>Treats his kids like crap, they become tratior legions and the biggest non-xeno threat to man
>Gets ass handed to him by chaos gods
>Becoming a chaos gods too

Dumbass loyalist think he cares about us, when he was just a megolomaniac tyrant who lusted for godhood. He also made most of his problems

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>Dissing loyalists
>Posts Alpha Legion

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The only reason people liked him was because he was really tall.
Look at the Invader Zim logic, it's fairly sound

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I think if godhood was his only ambition he probably could have had it quite easily.

Unfortunately for us all, his goal was too grand, too noble. He would have given us the chance to all become gods, and for his kindness he will suffer.

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jealous heretic detected

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Go to bed Abbadon. Creed isn't hiding under the bed.

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>He also made most of his problems

Chaos wouldn't sting quite as much without CSM

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>loyalists think they are "sane"

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Without space marines, chaos still has horrifically powerful daemons that can be summoned by sorcerers, while humanity only has mundane people, easily corrupted and possessed psykers whatever technology it can recover from the past.
Furthermore, without the emperor, there is no imperium, no adeptus mechanicus technology for all humans and no unified front against the horrors of the galaxy.

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Doesn't Abbadon have ground control of Cadia?
Doesn't that mean the warpstones will be destroyed and Chaos is like a drive-to-the-chemist from winning?

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Summoning daemons is no easy feat
and without Alpha, Black and Word Bearers it wouldn't spread half as fast

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>adeptus mechanicus technology for all humans

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>implying that there aren't any "loyalist daemons"
it's like he's never sisters of battle

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Since GW doesn't want to Advance the Plot, only a portion of Cadia's surface is controlled by Chaos; however the Imperium pretty much controls all of the Space around it. If I recall correctly

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>there is no imperium
And that is an agrument for the Big E how?
No hot inquiz's I guess. But I would rather love this girl, not be forced to jerk off on her in terror

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If the Pylons are destroyed Cadia becomes useless to Abbadon. Basically the eye of terror becomes something Chaos just can't leave in an organized fashion. Its better for him to have Cadia intact.

As well He's got a good portion of the planet, but is completely surrounded, with no supply and Chaos infighting. He's fucked and Cadia has him RIGHT where they want him.

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>Doesn't that mean the warpstones will be destroyed and Chaos is like a drive-to-the-chemist from winning?

Chaos wants the stones to stay in place just as much as the imperium does.

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>screen name
you piece of shit

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>If the Pylons are destroyed Cadia becomes useless to Abbadon


The Necron Pylons must be destroyed so the Crimson Path can extend from the Eye of Terror to Terra.

The Eye can not grow while the the meddlesome Necron devices are intact.

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Heres a thought. The Emperor is what happens when a James bond character fails to do their job

Guy in an underground lair, building super weapons and super soldiers to take over the world
Takes over the world
Improves society
Quickly spreads out glory of accomplishment.

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Someday I should make a full Chaos retort to that little diatribe. But for now, I'll just say this:

Chaos, unlike the Imperial Cult, isn't founded on lies. The Gods of the Warp are very real, and they think we're awesome. In fact, without us, they wouldn't even exist. Except Slaanesh, but I don't think he's really a Chaos God. More like a strange Eldar God. You see, mankind is the Gods' only hope of expandin their powet past thrir current state. So they need mankind just as much as we need them. I mean, look at how much the Imperium sucks in the 41st Millenium. I, for one, doubt that kind of stagnation would happen had the Anathema (Emperor, to all you corpse worshippers) been put down for good. Much progress would have been made. Of course, it would come at the cost of many lives, but what empire is not built upon a pile of corpses? What species evolves without the graves of their ancestors to support them?

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No Imperium means no unified front against the enemies. During the age with all the warp storms when everything was shit, Xenos had come as far as to enslave planets in the Sol system. It was the unified front of the Imperium that drove the Xenos off (another reason Humanity hates xenos, even when they weren't murdering them, the Xenos were trying to enslave them)

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Weren't they created by the Necrons as part of that whole "destroy the Warp forever" master plan?

Ergo, on the verge of victory for the 13th Black Crusade, as the ground forces have been thrown into disarray and a desperate battle rages impotently in the skies above, Abbadon cackles as he holds aloft the vox-screamer keyed to dozens of melta charges. A moment before his gore-sloshed claws depress the gleaming red rune...

>hay guys sup robot skeletons all up in here
>also the tyranids showed up for some reason

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>Chaos scum trying to make arguments against Utilitarianism

I'd be surprised if there were any races in 40k that didn't practice Utilitarianism of some form. Shit, even the Nids.

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>Since GW doesn't want to Advance the Plot,only a portion of Cadia's surface is controlled by Chaos; however the Imperium pretty much controls all of the Space around it. If I recall correctly

In fairness to them, thats pretty much how the actual campaign went. 40k chaos punched imperium's shit in but battlefleet gothic imperium went full hero mode and saved the day.

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Thats just what they want Abby to think, So the day comes when he finally destroys Cadia, the stable warp gate will collapse, and the forces of chaos will be trapped for THOUSANDS of years before they can figure out a way to get out in an organized fashion.

This kind of planning would take some kind of character with a tactical acumen we have never heard of before, someone like....

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>implying the Imperium is Utilitarianist and not 1984 fascist
This is in general, though they have lose direct control of most planets

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Orks aren't really utilitarian. Not sure what they are.

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Indeed. The existence of deities and demons and souls is a verifiable fact in the warhammer 40k universe, but the Emperor wants everyone to be a materialist anyway because that will stop Chaos even though that's not how Chaos works at all

I don't think the Emperor ever thought too hard about this whole matter.

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You know, sometimes I wonder why we even bother with 40K. Isn't 30kK so much better?

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I think you misunderstand the whole Crimson Path plan.

With the Pylons gone the Eye will grow and grow as Abaddon and his minions feed it more blood and misery. He won't be trapped in the Eye, EVERYONE WILL BE TRAPPED WITH HIM!

The fight hasn't even begun bringing up the retconned results is kinda silly.

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Emps was not the brightest tool in the shed. This is not new.

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Because having a game thats half marines just isng enough marine for me!

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Well, let's look at another view.

Who's the winning side?
Far I see it, let's look at the score board.

>Emperor makes Empire (after last one fucked up)
>Conquers most of the galaxy
>Wewt wewt

Chaos shit happens

>Pussy religious edgy faggit son Lorgar starts rebel phase
>First Imperial-Chaos war
>Chaos stabs all teh way to Terra
>Might as well be stabbing with a rusty, serrated, dull knife. Ouch
>Empire wins in the end, killing Horus, Emperor alive (albeit barely, but still. Alive against being dead)
>Chaos pussies back to the warp

>Proceed to est. 8,000 more years of unending Chaos-Imperial war
>12 huge attempts
>None. Win.

The Empire has not crumpled for over 8,000 years since the only real damage done by Chaos and Chaos is further proved retarded fucks for letting the same guy lose the game over and over again.

And don't give me that new shit where "chaos did win their goals."

Chaos keeps ranting how they can crush the empire and how its so weak but it's still standing bitches.

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If no one believes in the Chaos Gods, they will cease to exist.

Its flawless logic.

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>everyone ignores my wall of text

P-p-please respond...

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>12 huge attempts
Nice try faggot but 13th was the charm
We have Cadia

Chaos strong

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I'd love some codices for battles of the Great Crusade. Short little PDFs with stats on some of the aliens and unfriendly human empires that were crushed.

Though it seems like there were a lot more marines back then, and the tactics seemed to be even more "keep forcing them down the enemy's throat, eventually our corpses will choke them to victory" than 40k.

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Exept its said MANY TIMES you don't need to know the big 4 to serve them
Living life with emotions does so

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Then why they did they see the Emperor as the greatest threat to their power?


>> No.29819608

Except they're empowered not by faith but the passions and suffering of the sapient races.

Maybe the Emperor should have known that, if he's so great.

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You're mostly right but missed the train on Slaanesh

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>isn't founded on lies
>has Tzeentch

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Actually probably the worst thing about Emps is that he didn't just bite the bullet and go full Godmode...
No, instead he was too fixated on his super psyker humanity plan and ended up screwing the pooch because he didn't want to admit they weren't ready yet.

Preach it sista!

Hey, I don't think you realize how long a drive to the chemist is...

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go back to taking slaaneshs's dick up your ass faggot

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I guess in the defense of Chaos, their forces are pretty small since 30k-31k was spent fighting amongst themselves to figure out who was going to lead next.

But, every Crusade makes the Imperium that much weaker as venerable old ships and other irreplaceable weapons are destroyed, while Chaos probably doesn't really lose anything other than bodies.

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Because they knew he was trying to be a pretty god and Khorne didn't want him stealing his (t)girl crush

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> isn't founded on lies
not ultimate hypocrite and the promise of freedom only hide the truth.

truth as in you'll get your soul raped by daemons and turned into chaos spawn.
You can't trick me daemon!

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>Has Cadia
>Is completely surrounded by Imperial Ships in Space and only owns a PART of Cadia.

Nice Try. Using up all the gas in your tank to get from Point A to Point B isn't nearly as impressive when it was supposed to be a round trip.

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>The fight hasn't even begun bringing up the retconned results is kinda silly.

Which is very sad. All kinds of potential to have fluffed that shit out.

Guard codex could be full of stories about the reclamation of cadia, stomping out the trapped crusader forces street by street.
Chaos could have its about raiders zipping in and out of the imperial blockade bringing in more fighters and evacuating important persons, imperial data, and whatever else.
Basically every loyalist book could have shit about the open wound of cadia being a black hole of supplies draining all other fronts.

all trivially easy stuff that could give a sense of advancement and not fuck things up.

oh well.

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>mfw this thread

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No, cultist come into it knowing they might get royally fucked "but most men would rather chase the chance of being rich, than face the reality of being poor"

Plus you can be guaranteed a hot space daemon waifu

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Thats how it literally works.

And it wasn't destroy religion because religion= chaos it was destroy religion because religions were just holding man back from true social and scientific advancement. Kinda shctick

Also think on this for a moment.
Big-E WANTED the horus Heresy to Happen, but he didn't expect it to blow up the way it did. He truely wasn't expecting Horus to fall to Chaos. Why else do you think he treated some of his sons like shit (Angron Logar Magnus Kruze) and others gloriously? (Girlyman Horus Dorn)

Because he knew thats an empire that big expanding that fast would eventualy fracture and one of his primarchs had gone off the deep end. He suspected Magus would LAWL WARP and he'd "punish" him by puting him in the Golden Throne. He Expected Logar to keep breaking the law.

He just didn't expect so many things to come into play to get Horus on the Bad Guy side. THAT truely fucked Big-E

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What's the reasoning for this anyway?

Is the Emperor being wrong about everything supposed to make the Imperium even more ridiculous?

Or was that bit of lore penned by an especially euphoric GW writer who really does think that the Emperor is hot shit? In which case I guess it probably wasn't the same writer who decided that the Emperor's whole approach to Chaos was stupid.

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>religion was holding mad back
The "big e was a fedoralord" agruments seem more fitting

Like the warp, religion sucks because people suck. Thats part of the satire of 40k, where the God of Atheism rules

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Oh Chaos loses more than just bodies. They rely on tech themselves. Numerically we lose more Imperial Boys and Imperial Tech that's irreplacable. But on Chaos's end they have less of the Irreplacable tech. I'd image ten losses for us is one loss for them, and I think in a fight, say, one chaos naval vessel is an even match for two imperial vessels. Numbers still work in the Empire's favour.
Only thing Chaos has going for it is zerg-rush with cultists that are NOT military trained, subterfuge (granted, a bitch), and Daemons (granted, a BIGGER bitch)

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Only the souls of their worshipers fuse with them, and without worshipers there would be no way for them to invade the universe.

>> No.29819761

But they feed directly from sentiant emotion, which is unavoidable

>> No.29819766

I would have liked that. I blame ward, and refuse to beleive big 13 never happend.


>> No.29819787


A guy who feeds chaos because he gets mad a lot is a hell of a lot better than a guy who feeds chaos because he fervently loves the blood god and etched 8 holy symbols of khorne into the subbasment of a slaughterhouse and summoned 88,888,888 bloodletters to his planet.

>> No.29819793

>Plus you can be guaranteed a hot space daemon waifu

Here's whats wrong with that.
1. That is FALSE
2. By the time you have the ability to do taht you're probably too mutated/chaotic/batshit/intelligent to care
3. They have dicks
4. They have teeth in their dicks and vaginas, and everywhere else

>> No.29819797

so chaos doesn't lose venerable old ships in war?

>> No.29819809

and Space Marines are Child Soldiers. 40k isn't a nice place to be

>> No.29819822

>1. That is FALSE
No it's not
>2. By the time you have the ability to do taht you're probably too mutated/chaotic/batshit/intelligent to care
They start slow, and I fapped to hellrazor
>3. They have dicks
>4. They have teeth in their dicks and vaginas, and everywhere else
Yes and?

>> No.29819842

Now that's an interesting thought. Emps wanted a rebellion to cut out the weak and cancerous elements, but never thought that Horus would be a part of it.

I miss Horus.

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Noblebright sci-fi has child soldiers too. aint no thang.

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>religions were just holding man back from true social and scientific advancement.

How does religion stop scientific advancement, exactly?

That's a rhetorical question because it doesn't. See this image if you want an atheist historian to explain that to you.

Also, religion doesn't prevent social advancement either.

According to this Princeton anthropologist, I think his name was Geertz, a shared concept of the supernatural is what formed the basis of social cohesiveness among early man. Therefore religion created society.

Geertz is an atheist too.

Anyway, the Emperor needs to stop being so euphoric.

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...Well fuck, if losing your soul and denied sex for the lulz of it sounds good to you then more power to you.

I'm going to be on the winning team here with my human-bitchez, then sign up with a Rogue Trader and get Xenos Bitchez
>pic related, my waifu

>> No.29819878

I don't think Star Wars is particularly noblebright. Star Trek perhaps.

>> No.29819884

I do too....
I don't have a sad emprah pic.

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>this whole thread

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They're both on teh same level
>Starwars has no blood
>Star Trek's guns are remote controls.

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I've seen an Eventheliberal, but that's the first time I've seen an Eventheatheist.

Eventheliberal Alan Colmes would be shocked by this development!

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Xenos don't even have sweaters

>> No.29819970

I have no idea what you're talking about.

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No but they are much more adorable.

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our girls have bigger souls

>> No.29820094


It's a thing.

1. be in a specific ideological camp, arguing for A
2. find someone, anyone, in an opposing camp who agrees with A, even if nobody's heard of him before
3. Say "Look! Even the <memberofotherguys> thinks A is a good thing!"
4. ???
5. >Implying that therefore, only morons disagree with me

Traditionally used by AM radio fucknozzles, so it's usually called the "eventheliberal" tactic.

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Xenos girls work it better, and doesn't need to use bullshit seduction cheats to arouse us away from other parts of their bodies. Like certain crab-handed dick-flopping daemonettes.

>> No.29820151

Well not all atheists are "new atheists."

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>implying crabhands or futa daemons are bad
Plus they are both optional and customized for the user
>Implying thats what tau look like

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If your daemonettes can wear sweaters my tau can look good.

But I gatta go to bed. So I will admit that there is one daemonette I'd go heretical for. Pic related.

>Nurgle is best Chaos God
>next to Malice

>> No.29820266

But organized religion is bad.

>> No.29820284

why's that

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>Nurgle is best god
Actually correct, once you stop feeling pain
>Dat acceptance of doom and moving on to happiness

>> No.29820318

No people are.
Had the conquitidors been athiest do you really think they wouldn't have raided for gold and land?

It's almost like your trolling

>> No.29820530

Religion creates greed.

I mean when's the last time you met a materialist who wasn't morally infallible?

>> No.29820546

Ok, I'm going to do a quick analysis of your image; the first flaw is that it addresses the "christian dark ages" and disregards the large portions of europe that were quite obviously pagan at the time. so we're bashing the wrong candidates for this discussion.

Next we get along to their handling of the Galileo affair in which it is stated by your article that the problems Galileo had were with fellow scientists rather than the church, while failing to mention that the astronomers cited against Galileo were all under the employ of the catholic church.

Next we get these gems from your article: "Cardinal Bellarmine made it clear to Galilieo that if these scientific objections could be overcome then the church would have no problem re-interpreting the scripture"

Then a few lines down we get: "but the church understandably wasnt going to overturn several centuries of exegesis for the sake of a flawed theory"

The article then proceeds to bitch at Galileo for treating heliocentricism as "fact" because their own astronomers who held to church teachings refused to accept Galileo's results because they conflicted with church teachings.

Next we note the absence of Copernicus, who is well known to have been afraid to publish his own work on heliocentricism for fear of the backlash. If the church really was "at the forefront of the intellectual movement" why would someone with a new theory have to fear publishing it? Following copernicus' death the people who did have access to his materials declined to continue work on it, and he and galileo's books were declared to be heretical.

And finally we get to the /pol/ seal of approval at the bottom of the image, which succeeds in lending doubt to anything it is attached to.

3/10 but it intentionally misleads and strikes glancing blows.

>> No.29820636

>Religion creates greed

People create greed.

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File: 74 KB, 466x466, 1312777193530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Given that you are a qualified historian I am sure that your analysis is totally correct.

Because, of course, huge swaths of Europe were still pagan during the Middle Ages.

And the line "Cardinal Bellarmine made it clear to Galilieo that if these scientific objections could be overcome then the church would have no problem re-interpreting the scripture" is of course so ridiculous that you can just point out how ridiculous it is without saying why. Because of course you're so right.

>The article then proceeds to bitch at Galileo for treating heliocentricism as "fact"

Well he did, but he couldn't actually prove it at the time.

>Next we note the absence of Copernicus

Who was a priest. I bet you didn't know that.

You're pretty cute anon. I'll bet you take yourself so seriously as a wikipedia scholar.

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File: 1.74 MB, 300x290, Ya, sure thing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Religion creates greed.

>> No.29820714

I'm being facetious.

Of course I have encountered people who honestly believe that religion is the root of all evil, because no materialist has ever done anything wrong ever.

And if a materialist ever does do anything bad, it's not their fault, the non-existent devil made them do it.

>> No.29820840

What is avoidable is denying them any more power and robbing them of any vessel they could use to manifest into reality.

You do realize that this is a discussion about a setting where religion is an tool used by evil gods to destroy the material universe?

The Emperor's stance on religion is justified given the context the setting. Bringing real life issues into 40K discussions is not needed and will not end well.

Religion in 40K is a bad thing. Period. There is no arguing against this point.

>> No.29820882

>You do realize that this is a discussion about a setting where religion is an tool used by evil gods to destroy the material universe?
You mean the Big E himself?

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File: 195 KB, 566x800, B0018254_4897156440df9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think that the Imperium could survive without the Imperial Cult in the 41st millennium?

With no central authority or any real leadership of any kind, religion is all that's holding humanity together. And it's religion which gives humanity the fervor to fight as hard as possible without losing hope, no matter how grimderp things may be.

>> No.29820886


Worship of Chaos Gods is. However, worship of non-demonic entities doesn't empower the chaos gods and is in fact a very powerful tool to oppose them (See: Ecclessiarchy Exorcists and Sisters of Battle)

>> No.29820910

The Big E killed Chirst and Muhammad and what they ment to people (good and bad) to make room for worship of himself

>> No.29820930

>However, worship of non-demonic entities doesn't empower the chaos gods and is in fact a very powerful tool to oppose them (See: Ecclessiarchy Exorcists and Sisters of Battle)

Yeah. Which is exactly why the Emperor should have started the Imperial Cult himself.

I mean he is literally a god and all so why not?

Oh right, because he doesn't have a clue how Chaos works.

>> No.29820944

The Imperial Truth would have worked better.

And the Emperor wouldn't approve of the Imperial Creed which was author by his traitor son, buy the way.

>> No.29820977

>imperial truth would have worked better
We are going in circles
No it wouldn't have.
It litterally missed the mark of chaos and it was just the E's way of clearing house for his godhood.
Chaos needs emotion, not worship. It might have slowed it for the E to take over but it was just his power grab.

>> No.29820988


Not really. The imperial truth would have weakened them if successful but is more of a lie, despite the name, than the imperial cult.

The emperor is a god. It's a little questionable how much of a god but he's much more of a god than there is no gods at all.

That and the imperial truth would have empowered no one to oppose chaos. There is no holy fedora-exorcists who can drive out demons by not believing in them hard enough. Though that would be hilarious.

>> No.29820989

>Oh right, because he doesn't have a clue how Chaos works.

Then explain why Chaos viewed him as the greatest threat to them?

Without religion, the forces of Chaos will have a hard time finding vessels to use to invade reality.

>> No.29820995

To further explain
The E was kinda like Yurdle the Turtle, he stood on everyone else to slow chaos god worship to be one. Along the way his imperium causes so much suffering it feeds it even more

>> No.29821001

>The Imperial Truth would have worked better.

Except it's well established that it never had any chance of working at all because Chaos is not empowered by faith but passion and suffering and emotion and whatever.

>> No.29821041

>There is no holy fedora-exorcists

Nope, but there would holy fedora scientists who can drive out the daemons through techno-warp sorcery. Not believing in something, doesn't nullify psyker powers or do away with technology. Also with no superstitions and faiths around, Chaos will not have purchase on mankind's soul

>> No.29821060

>Then explain why Chaos viewed him as the greatest threat to them?

Because he was the greatest threat to them? Which had nothing to do with the Imperial Truth at all?

>> No.29821067

But they wouldn't even know about them because the imperial "truth" is ment to keep people in the dark on chaos

>> No.29821077

His policies did nothing to lessen their power, by your reasoning.

So why did they fear him?

>> No.29821079


>Not believing in something, doesn't nullify psyker powers

Believing in the emperor however CAN do so. As evidenced by Ecclessarchy Exorcists and Sisters of Battle.

Religion and Faith does not empower the chaos gods unless it is the worship of them. It is emotion, which the imperial faith would have had zero effect on.

That and the scientists wouldn't even know about demons if the Emperor had gotten his way.

>> No.29821119

Kinda funny that the best weapon the Imperium ever got against chaos was created by a man who turned to Chaos. He must be kicking himself.

>> No.29821126

>That and the scientists wouldn't even know about demons if the Emperor had gotten his way.
He was a powerful psker plotting to destroy their forces and had a close idea of what he was doing
Thankfully the HH happened and they all said "Jeepers, that was a close one"

>> No.29821139

You really think that his policies is what they were scared of?

And not the fact that he's a literal god with armies upon armies of space marines at his back?

Oh and yeah, his policies did nothing to lessen their power because, even if there weren't a single cultist in the galaxy, Chaos would lose none of its potency. Because Chaos is not powered by faith.

>> No.29821158

Or gaily waltzing in a glow of delicious irony and vindication.

>> No.29821178

I want to boop her nose

>> No.29821186

ITT: People realize the Emp was a fool and a traitor to mankind

>> No.29821206

You forgot "Fedoric Turkish mudperson"

>> No.29821260

Basically. A lot of emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that the "Imperial Truth" didn't weaken Chaos but his wars for Galactic Conquest did plenty to strengthen it.

I wish GW would just retcon this euphoric Emperor nonsense and give us an Emperor who was actually worthy of being worshiped and who actually knew it.

>> No.29821267

People create religion.
It all comes full circle.

>> No.29821285


Or just sitting around and doing FUCK ALL.

Seriously, Lorgar. Get off your ass.

>> No.29821302

so what point are you trying to make exactly?

that the cycle of people being greedy can be broken if there were no religion?

>> No.29821327

which again begs the question as to why the Emperor didn't enforce his own worship to begin with

it wouldn't be immodest for him to demand to be worshiped, he was literally a god

>> No.29821333


He wasn't just a traitor. His very existence damns our race. His anathema to everything that is human. The fire that burns in our souls, he does not share. He is cold and alien to us. He is little better than the Xenos filth which infest this galaxy.

>> No.29821363

No. I just found the two phrases you guys said and put them together.

>> No.29821394
File: 362 KB, 1958x1101, 1205761711550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey what's the Emperor's reasoning for hating Xenos anyway?

And why are the Eldar considered Xenos if humans and the Eldar can create viable offspring together?

I mean how can anyone hate space Elves.

>> No.29821412

Three words
Deny the Witch

>> No.29821425


Wrong, religion creates people.


>> No.29821429

Bait harder.

>> No.29821463

The Emperor didn't hate xenos. He only wanted to END the ones that would hurt humanity. He was the Eldar as their greatest ally, given the chance. The problem is when Eldrad whent to greet Flugrim, he saw the Laer Blade and ordered his men to kill them all because he feared they had all fallen to Chaos.

Thought its funny I can pin-point the spot where this thread fell to chaos.

Also AWWWW YEAH Motherfuckin Abriel Nie Dabrusk Paryunu Lafiel!

>> No.29821464
File: 282 KB, 800x400, trust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Emperor combined the most charming features of Hitler and Stalin (or more accurately, Mengy-kun and Yuri). He's not supposed to be a nice guy. Even human life had no value to him, unless it was human life enslaved to his will.

In all likelihood, the reason the Emperor hated xenos is that the Emperor could barely trust humans to properly grovel before him without playing the most elaborate mind games imaginable on them, how could he ever hope to enslave eldar?

>> No.29821465
File: 41 KB, 577x270, 1357604710573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But I would rather love this girl, not be forced to jerk off on her in terror
Where's your sense of adventure, Anon?

>> No.29821519

Its the Imperium of Man. The bloodiest and most cruel regime imaginable. They are directly based off the baddies from stuff like Nemesis the Warlock.

Why in the name of fuck would its leader be anything different?

>> No.29821555

I... It..... Thats just wrong....

You know what fuck it. I'm going to fuck off back to the golden throne.

>> No.29821559

In what sort of situation would jerking off on a hot inquisitor babe be the appropriate reaction?

>> No.29821590
File: 219 KB, 915x1280, 1389212867338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well to be fair if the Imperium weren't so cruel humanity couldn't survive in the grimderp of the far future.

Like, some historians have argued that if the Soviet Union weren't such a hell hole there's no way the Russians could have withstood the Nazis.

So it makes sense for the Emperor to be ruthless but fuck, he doesn't have to be stupid.

I'm fine with a warmongering genocidal Emperor, but not a Chaos-oblivious fedora wearing one.

>> No.29821609

all of them

>> No.29821610

>the reason the Emperor hated xenos is that the Emperor could barely trust humans
the reason why he hates xenos is because humanity was enslaved and almost annihilated by them during the age of strife

>> No.29821616

Try harder slave to Chaos. At least I die without my soul being turned into a plaything of your gods.

>> No.29821623


When she's your boss and you've both been captured by Dark Eldar and they command you to jizz on her face while she's strapped down for their amusement.

>> No.29821625

*tips tentacle*

>> No.29821651

>that Commissar
Oh jeez. I'mma need a moment...

>> No.29821654
File: 276 KB, 780x532, Emperess_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Here's whats wrong with that.
>1. That is FALSE
Is not!
I'd love to make you my Waifu Anon!

>2. By the time you have the ability to do taht you're probably too mutated/chaotic/batshit/intelligent to care

>3. They have dicks
I have a Tentacle Vagina thank you very much!

>4. They have teeth in their dicks and vaginas, and everywhere else
Well YEAH, how else would we give you delicious nibbing...

And you wonder why I think he should have been a God Empress from the beginning...

>truth amorectr
Indeed Lord Captcha...

>> No.29821676

>At least I die without my soul being turned into a plaything of your gods.

But according to this thread >>29816143 that's exactly what will happen to you when you die.

If you're a psycher that is, otherwise you just melt into a sea of warp tang with every other non-psycher in which you get to suffer collectively along with everyone else.

>> No.29821694
File: 28 KB, 287x275, Chaos_Spawn_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony corpse god's blessing. But because I aaARGHBLARGHARLGHGLGLLL

>> No.29821857

His modesty got in the way.
Massacring as many as it takes, deceiving all of mankind and forcing them into "compliance" with his wishes is fine but posing as a God for their benefit is a step to far for him.

>> No.29821865

The Emperor wanted to kill all aliens that got in the way of mankind's manifest destiny to rule the galaxy. So, all of them.

>> No.29821867

According to my personal canon the Emperor never espoused the "Imperial Truth" ideology because that would be dumb even if it worked.

I like my Emperor to be worthy of worship, see.

And I'll be honest with you /tg/, my personal canon contradicts like 75% of every bit of wh40k fluff out there.

>> No.29821876


>Well to be fair if the Imperium weren't so cruel humanity couldn't survive in the grimderp of the far future.

It would be much more accurate to say that if the Imperium weren't cruel. Subtle distinction: compare Ultramar vs, you know, that other fluff we know and love about 20 hour work week (to think, an entire galaxy forced to live like Alaskans), feral children left to fight over scraps of rotting meat, and people jumping to Chaos as a way to escape their shitty lives.

Likewise, the Soviet Union may have had to be cruel to withstand the Nazis, but not all of Stalin's atrocities had a point to them. Same with the Imperium.

Also, the Emperor being a Master of Fedoras makes perfect sense: there's a high correlation between autism and atheism. Here we have a man who was totally frigging isolated from all other humans. His militant atheism is perfectly understandable. He's utterly used to keeping his own council and everyone around him having absolutely nothing intelligent to say. The idea of religious fellowship being a source of warmth and comfort was not something he could empathize with. He had a legitimate reason to view everyone else in the world as an idiot in need of his enlightened guidance.

He's not euphoric, at the very least. What a fucking miserable existence. The closest he ever had to intellectual peers were the Admech, who he tricked into worshiping an image of him.

>> No.29821885

Dare I ask wtf a tentacle vagina is?

>> No.29821910

Note that my wife sat down exactly as I was sending this, read what I was sending and exclaimed "WHAT?!"

>> No.29821931

>there's a high correlation between autism and atheism

autism and the euphoric flavorings of new atheism maybe

>> No.29821942

Go look through a Homestuck thread on /d/. You'll know when you see it.

>> No.29821960
File: 134 KB, 340x340, 1346907112937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's hope she's staring over your shoulder again when someone starts posting examples of tentacles vaginas from /d/ ITT.

>> No.29822010

Autists being atheists doesn't mean atheists are autists, mind you.

>> No.29822040

that's sort of what I was trying to say

>> No.29822152

It is a vagina, with prehinsile tentacle vulva and libia...

>> No.29822172

Nice. Could you drive a car with one?

>> No.29822212

>unified front against the horrors of the galaxy
>unified front against the horrors
>unified front

Do you even lore?

>> No.29822335

With enough training you could!
This is why it is the superior genitalia!

>> No.29822677

More unified than they were!

>> No.29823881

>eat human skin off a human while he still lives
>eat human parts
>put spikes on armor
>fight and kill fellow brothers for fun
>engage in all sorts of debauchery
>kill civilians because they are inferior
>Chaos is good i swear you only hate us because we aren't with the big E.
chaos logic

>> No.29825082

Emprah and Imperium only became militant atheists in the Horus Heresy novels. It's a pretty recent thing in the the grand scheme.

>> No.29825101

>In fact, without us, they wouldn't even exist.

Nigga what? The only chaos god that came into being thanks yours truly is Khorne. Nurgle has been around since the creation of the universe and who knows how long The changer of Fate has been around. Even without us they would still exist. They have just taken great interest in humans.

>> No.29825133

>Emprah and Imperium
The Imperium itself was never atheistic as such, the Emprah always was as far as I know, they just expanded on the fedora part of it relatively recently.

Khorne was "around" as well. Both him and Nurgle already existed long before the events that woke them up and made them actually conscious of their existence.

>> No.29825231

>He is the mightiest and the second oldest of the four major Chaos Gods, fully coming into existence in the Immaterium sometime during Terra's European Middle Ages in the 2nd Millennium.

Oh. Yes. Thought that Khorne was "born" in the Middle Ages. Guess I was wrong.

If Nurgle is the oldest, Khorne the second oldest, then how old Is The Canger Of Ways?

>> No.29825235
File: 317 KB, 1002x714, datheresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29825248

They took him wanting the Word Bearers to stop religioning so they could fight better to mean he wanted no religion at all ever.

>> No.29825259

Nurgle isn't oldest.
It's Khorne, Tzeentch then Niggle with Slaanesh in dead last.

>> No.29825302

Nurgle is oldest, he formed before Khorne, but awoke after him. Tzeentch's birth/awakening time wasn't given, as far as I know.

>> No.29825321

Nope, Khorne is oldest.

>> No.29825327

>eat human skin
>eat human parts
>put spikes on armor
To show their corruption and devotion to the Dark Gods. Same as with golden eagles and loyalists.
>fight and kill fellow brothers for fun
Only in Khornate ranks and for obvious reason. "Khorne cares not from whom blood flows". Not to mention that Khorne Berserkers are bad-shit insane. Besides, do you hate fun?
>engage in all sorts of debauchery
>kill civilians because they are inferior
Those who devote themselves to the False Emperor are beyond saving. >edgemeter: 100/100
>Chaos is good i swear you only hate us because we aren't with the big E.
Lesser of two evils. Better to fight for Abaddon's Daemon Imperium than worshipping a corpse and living in delusion. Especially when you can come out a king.
Inquisition pls go and stay go

>> No.29825338
File: 171 KB, 510x546, 1377927476986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my pic.

>> No.29825362


Either are technically the oldest, depending on whether you count from their birth or the moment the gained consciousness.

>> No.29825839

What most people dont understand about the emperor is that he tried being a peacful behind the scenes ruler. Humanity has shown themselves not capable of ruling themselves. His rule is harsh because as it has been shown the smallest tolerance of xenos/AI/chaos can and will fuck everything up.
The emperor lived among humans up until he became the emperor. You think he appreciates xenos/ai/chaos killing his friends/family for no reason other than they can. He has done more for humanity then anyother person. He gave humanity a chance when there was none. What more can you ask of him?

>> No.29826217

>And the line "Cardinal Bellarmine made it clear to Galilieo that if these scientific objections could be overcome then the church would have no problem re-interpreting the scripture" is of course so ridiculous that you can just point out how ridiculous it is without saying why. Because of course you're so right.

The very next thing he says points out the inconsistency in the article, which immediately contradicts itself by pointing out how the church were not willing to do that at all. Can you read?

>Hurr durr, a historian said it so it's true and I don't need to think for myself

You're a fuckwit anon.

>> No.29827347

It wasn't tolerance that caused mankind to fall to Chaos, it was the Emperor's own character failings.

Also we absolutely do not know who fired the first shot with regards to AIs. We do know that mankind in 40k are inevitably dickish to everyone they encounter, and that the AI the tau use is good natured.

Similarly, lumping all nonhumans into the same boat because you got burned a few times is insane. The Imperium is on the tyranids/oldcron level of sheer nastiness.

>> No.29827376


>they just expanded on the fedora part of it relatively recently.

See: Realms of Chaos. Its always been that way.

>> No.29828049

I said "expanded on".

>> No.29832017
File: 71 KB, 600x375, Imperial guys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem with Chaos is that it's full of nerds and nutjobs and is built entirely upon maintaining that order. Chaos is a dregradation of men, a horde of beasts, not an uplifting force. The gods don't really take interest in men as men. You are giving them too much credit. The Imperium is a grinding, backbreaking quasi-dictatorship and has never, ever tried to truly hide that from its residents as a whole. Chaos is subversive and even self-destructive by nature. I do not want to pledge my loyalty to gods who want me and my buddies to go posion wells for fun.

And then there's this, >>29819672. Some chaos guys want a daemon waifu. I do not want a daemon waifu. I do not want to be turned into a pile of syphilis, or find myself missing a spine, or find a nasty surprise under a skirt. I wanna live, dammit, without alla this stupid chaos nonsense. Chaos! That's what it is. Nothing but a gibbering mob of beasts who would rather submit than stand and fight. Chaos! Stupid runts what can't even stick together without a good figurehead, and ya know it. Perhaps this is true as well of the Imperium, but at least there I don't have to deal with my life, and the lives of my fellows, being on the line for gods who can only laugh at our suffering. At the Imperium can fight not only for the Emperor, but the freedom he promised! Every offer daemons make is with a silver tounge, yes, but it's mercury on their breath, and a silver tounge is not helpful in masking dingy , claggy teeth. Stupid chaos nerds. And if you can rebut it all, I say, go home anyways! I'm gonna stay with the Imperium. Better to die fighting beasts than to become 'em! Ave Imperator.

Ah hell. Ah welll! Picture for ants because Chaos does not deserve any better.

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