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That fucking movie man
Loved it as a kid
Need to rewatch and see if it's still good

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I never knew you could destroy that water tower.

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>/lit/ reads books.jpg
>/v/ plays video games.jpg
>/a/ watches anime.jpg
>/co/ reads comics.jpg
>/tv/ watches movies.jpg

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It's goofy as hell, but that's why I love it so much.

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Fuckin' players don't appreciate Rule of Cool...

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I was that kid.. although I never punched the little shit(s) who threw things at me even though I was twice their size.

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I like Exalted too.

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Shit, I wish there'd be more goofy and just plain fun adventure movies like that around. It was seriously fun, and the main reason why I actually like Brendan Fraser.

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That comic had potential, too bad it's written like shit

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I feel bad, because I compare it to the D&D comic, and that's just not fair.

Maybe it's because Betty is a shit-tier halfling, while Bree is a goddess.

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The Queens being kinda incompetent is half the charm for me, really.

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>merlin comes back from 20th century.jpg

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>a Legionnaire runs away.
fucking hollywood

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>None dare besmirch the honor of my favourite shooting mans

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The characters whole thing is he's a Coward, but yeah. In fact, their OFFICER runs away first, if I recall correctly. Which is complete bullshit if you know ANYTHING about the Foreign Legion

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Maybe its the french faraway legion, the foregin legion's less renowned sister unit.

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No, it's just that the movie hero, who was probably your average Joe the day before suddenly gets balls of steel. It's so American I cant bear it.

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what anime is that?

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Nope, the main character was also a captain of the Legion at that time. It's the reason why he was there with the other legionnaires in the first place. And I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be from Britain, too.

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I think Fraiser was American, but the other characters were all british, but I can't remember for certain. He's definatly living in London in the Sequel

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Fate/Zero, a Prequel to Fate/Stay Night. It's about a Magi who fights the grail war using genre savvy dirty tricks. Basically instead of playing fair he snipes mages and blows up buildings.

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That's because he married that woman at the end of the first movie i think.

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sounds good, have to check it out,

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Fate/Stay Night is also good. Type/Moon stuff generally is. Ironic since it's adapted from an H-VN

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I've never really gotten into the Type/Moon stuff myself.

I don't know what it is, it just seems so bland and uninteresting. It's not bad(Well, aside from turning the rightful king of Britain into a cum-guzzling whore), it's just uninteresting. The world isn't engaging, the characters aren't engaging, the conflicts aren't engaging...It's just a bunch of people doing stuff.

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And remember Anon, People Die if They Are Killed
>Cumguzzling whore

Don't you talk bad about my waifu

(but yeah making King Arthur a girl is fucking wierd)

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That's How I play any ally of justice ever.

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>Fate/Stay Night is also good
You're gonna give me a aneurism here, mate.

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If the ending didn't make you tear up a little I don't even know what

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>not talking about the VN
You're kidding, right? Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero are the only two good adaptations of TYPE-MOON productions in existence.

Wait, no. Fate Prototype, so three.

There is no Tsukihime anime, the F/SN anime was shit, the UBW movie had terrible writing, and the HF anime is going to be awful because fucking no one with taste likes HF.

OTOH, Kara no Kyoukai is god-tier.

>implying Arthur wasn't a cum-guzzling whore

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What's so bad about HF?

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>Insulting the true king of England
I'll fucking fight you cunt.

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>Implying 'cum-guzzling whore' is an insult

Get with the times, bub.

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Sakura is a tedious and boring character, and HF tries to make you like her by torturing the shit out of her.

>being a monarchist
Oh God, you're adorable.

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You forgot Carnival Phantasm.

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>Accepting the divinely mandated ruler of England
>A monarchistic.
None are fit to be king but Artor Pendragon himself. Until he returns, a democracy will do.

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shit you not that actually happened to me. I spat out a spider leg

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Sorry mate, you'd best get used to the second British empire when Arthur returns.
None can resist our spiritual liege.

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b-back on track?

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Don't know about the guy you're asking, but for me, it's the bullshit HF pulls with Shirou.
You know how the in the first two routes, it's all about how the heroic ideals he pursues are impossible and unreachable but Shirou tries his damnedest and claws out victories (petty as they are) despite knowing all that?
Well fuck all that, in HF if you try to persevere and save everyone, it's all Bad Ends. You want a good end? Then you have to abandon your ideal, tell everyone else to go fuck themselves, and focus only on saving your waifu-of-the-hour.

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Sounds interesting. Say, on a scale from 0 to ~uguu~, how anime is it? The main reason why I couldn't get into (for example) Attack on Titan is because with all those "dramatic" minute long shouting monologues I could never really take it at all seriously.

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I'd put it about 7 myself.

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What show is this from? I can see the Disney watermark, but I am curious.

This is how I astronaut.

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What is this? Google-fu produces nothing.

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I think it might be the Dark Souls 2 trailer

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Dat Mako - good times.

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It's the alternate opening cutscene from Demon's Souls if you beat the Vanguard.

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its from Demon souls - once you defeat Vanguard in the tutorial, you get transported there, get some items and he smacks your as five times till Sunday in a cinematic

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Neato. I only ever played the (spiritual) sequel.

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Is that Herr Flick disguised as a mexican?

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Technically not an adaptation of an existing TYPE-MOON product, so there.

>believing that divine mandates have any significance
>believing in the divine
It's like you've never killed a god.

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I don't think I could ever get into Attack on Titan because throwing infantry armed with needles against a FUCKING GIANT is goddamn retarded. I've also seen the opening of the first episode where the main character is bragging about the fortifications of the city he lives in and then shits himself when a monster casually breaks through.
That was fucking hilarious.

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Oh my god, is that why I can find so many Mass Effect fics that involve running over enemies and even things bigger than it?
I am SO fucking pissed that my computer is a dinosaur because that would make up for all the annoying dialogue choices.

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>But in the Greek alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I

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>But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I

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The best reason to watch it is because it's unintentionally hilarious. If you don't find humor in B-movies you should continue avoiding it.

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What's the film?

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Cabin in the Woods. It's pretty cool.

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but google image search tells you the answer, and it's not even a good movie.

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I like B-movies fine, I just haven't seen many. Though I have seen the Hollywood schlock that I believe are B-movies with budgets.
Immortals is fucking hilarious despite my inner historian screaming in murderous rage.
I'll get around to it someday.

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I think he meant that whenever that gif is posted, you get a legion of posters requesting source.

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>that filename

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I was joking about how every time that gif is posted somebody asks 'What movie is this?'

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Welp. At least I pre-empted those questions.

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I'd play that so hard

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the mummy

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Oh it's good. And the effects are still pretty nifty these days.
It's also the only horror movie my mom will watch.

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i think it's from buffy, this would be her Watcher Companion

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It's probably because Fraser is ~so dreamy.
No seriously, I thought he was really damn handsome back then.

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Reversing gifs makes everything better.

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>back then

He still is. He just hasn't been in many good movies to show off recently.

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The Banter's a lot better in DnD: The Comic too.

Rat Queen's dialog is so goddamn artless in comparison

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cant ill health the commonwealth

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Gods can die and fade. The religion loses powers and believers.
But plenty of people know the name Alexander the Great, Charles Dickens, or Michael Jordan. I'd say belief in them is far stronger than any dead god.

I'm just being a romantic here. Still, I don't know everything. Maybe our true king does sleep.

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Bullshit he clearly spotted that trap

>> No.29830117

Where the fuck IS this manga?

>> No.29830127

In the same way the warrior "spotted" that crossbow trap when the bolt entered his head.

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The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
it recently got digitally released in English
Take a look. It's a book.

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One of the best things to come out of Japan

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Pineapple bomb!

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somehow this explains why we lost 4chan cup...

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Yeah, guess you never tried driving a tank over it, did you?

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Better than the original.

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Well fuck, there go my sides

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>those codpieces

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Well to be fair, they have Tarrasque-level regeneration unless you sever a particular line in the back of the neck.

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Questionable Content.

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Tonks moite a ov' ya

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>dem thighs

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I too, lust after Drossel.

>alternative title: Warforged Princess

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>/b/ does anything.jpg
>/k/ discusses bullpups.jpg
>/mu/ listens to music.jpg
>/g/ argues OS.jpg

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I once found a spider in my sandwich...after I'd bitten off half of it.
It was fuzzy.

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Try again his AP is shit

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What show is this?

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Outlaw Star.

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>Tau players react to someone not wanting to use a Riptide

>> No.29835954

That's Outlaw star

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Boku no Pico.

>juice wellelf
Yes, captcha. I will juice this elf well.

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This isn't /a/ crossie-kun

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You say that like it matters.

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Calm down there, Randy.

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Is this a bug, cheat, glitch, exploit?
I don't remember jumping more than a few meters.

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Visual inspection suggests trap, but backround symbolism suggesting herm.

Which is it anon?

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I don't get it.

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Edgar Alan Poe

>> No.29836681

Read more.

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The Cask of Amontillado. Read it.

>> No.29836704

2hu doesn't count

>> No.29836718


>>29836679, here.

Feeling generous - http://poestories.com/read/amontillado

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this is how i handle animal

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>> No.29837477

What's 3e? Bulky items?

>> No.29837580

Fucking Imizu. <3

>make a spot check.jpg

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Rolled 16


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>> No.29839492

That's why you prepare your armor saves

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He was American, gets insulted for it a couple times
Usually by his wife's brother

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i thought when you joined the legion you became french?

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>Chivalry Medieval Warfare

>> No.29840244

Nah, he gets called a cowboy a couple times, you know, due to being reckless and rushing into things without think

>> No.29840289

>San Check Failed

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>> No.29840375


>> No.29840378

im going to buy a chocolate bar and figure this shit out.

>> No.29840500

It's a visual cheat. The diagonal cut isn't actually a perfectly straight diagonal.


>> No.29840676

>Someone saved what I made
This feeling.

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You made me laugh soda out my nose.

>> No.29841249

>/fit/ lifts

>> No.29841313

I did make a fucking spot check, that was my report.

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>> No.29841481


I want to make a joke about MTG with that image, but I can't think of one.

>> No.29841509

>6.81MB .gif

Did moot decide to expand filesize limits or something? This shit is just fucking RIDICULOUS.

>> No.29841560

He did it a while ago. It's for PDFs but apparently 4chan doesn't support different filesize limits for different file types.

>> No.29841605

>it recently got digitally released in English
Wait, seriously?

>> No.29841685

I'm halfway through it already. Good stuff.
Here ya go: http://www.mangareader.net/732/the-lucifer-and-biscuit-hammer.html

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>> No.29841782


Crap; I missed that. I thought I could actually go out and buy it now instead of waiting until November for the first half to hit shelves.

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I like how the people at their desks don't even look up.

>> No.29841944

>she can't walk in heels
Fuck's sake, it's not that hard. I can do it and I'm not even female.

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To be fair, the rest of the men in the unit stay with Brendan Fraiser and fight the sand peoples.

>> No.29842672

That's nothing special, if you put a finger on the screen you'll see that the bar becomes shorter. And the area lost is equal to the size of the missing piece.
I've seen similar tricks using a triangle with a curved hypotenuse to make it looks like you can add or remove space by reconfiguring it.

Have a REAL san check.

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Isn't it actually his chicken shit friend who's just dressed as one of them and books it?

>> No.29842774


is this real or did someone edit that video?

cause it seemed normal till the mouth started moving


>> No.29842781

I want to fuck Diana Cavendish.
Not that it should. Fuck, more filetypes need to be allowed everywhere.

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You know how women are. Have to complain about every little inconvenience nonstop.

>> No.29842927

Dude that's super shopped.

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>> No.29843036


Fucking RWBY that thing is fucking retarded.

>> No.29843059


i laughed a little to hard on that one.

>> No.29843100


w-what happens to a real cellphone in a microwave?

>> No.29843119

No one claimed it was real, you fucking idiot.

>> No.29843144


I'm >>29842774

and I was curious whether or not it was real, and he told me

no reason to get all pissy man

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>> No.29843522

>Bard-barbarian multiclass

>> No.29843710

>> No.29844224

I am also a mason. Hahaha. Why are you bricking me into this wall.
Fucking hell anon... there are no words.
Your reference is an infamy.

>> No.29844347

no ones lived to tell the tale

>> No.29844392

>> No.29844447

that's clearly john carmack

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>> No.29844547

This isn't from any rulebook, is it?

>> No.29844584


>That Florida hat


>> No.29844594

control yourself

>> No.29844602

>> No.29844665

If you look closely you can see that the bar is now shorter than it was before.

You gain citizenship, but that doesn't stop you from still acting like you are from a different country. Also you have to finish and he may not have finished.

>> No.29844675

Yep! The scene in the grand hall, where Macbeth has gathered his court to feast with him.

>> No.29844676

Arthur confirmed for the Emperor in about 37,986 years.

>> No.29844703

>Teal'c thinks he can stop the borg from reaching Yavin 4.

>> No.29844721

>how to Chivalry
>pick vanguard
>start running
>keep running
>when your sword is super charged aquire target
>run at target and swing
>don't stop
>keep running
>aquire new target
>never stop running

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>> No.29844893

>> No.29844899


>> No.29844911

Which Kamen Rider is this?

>> No.29844923

the series is wizard

the rider is beast, the secondary

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>> No.29844968

>> No.29844994

Posting what I have, a lot of it is /co/ related.

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>> No.29845015

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>> No.29845036


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>> No.29845049

>> No.29845058

>> No.29845061

>> No.29845075

>> No.29845084

>> No.29845090

My friend bought me one of those things.

One night I got really high and ate the entire thing.
The worst thing about it isn't the feeling that every bite is like having too many gummi worms in your mouth.
It's the feeling of throwing up too many gummiworms.

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>> No.29845109

>> No.29845117

If I had a dog, I would totally try to take it to anime conventions while I was dressed like Tucker. The second day I would put the wig on the dog.

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>> No.29845131

Quit posting non-/tg/-related ones.

>> No.29845132

last one

>> No.29845149

This has been one of the few times I'm glad I have diabetes.

>> No.29845159


>> No.29845191

Comics are posted here rather often. There is such a thing as overlap between boards.

>> No.29846782

I don't get it

>> No.29847036

geez they are all patty caking themselves and not each other. How forever alone.

>> No.29847378


>trying to balance D&D 3.5.gif

Seriously though, did he die?

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