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Is there an afterlife for humans in wh40k?

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The Warp.

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There is only hell

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If they serve the Emperor in life, then they go to a non-denominational Heaven.

The IG codex makes this abundantly clear.

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You got to be with the Emprah or the warp depending on faction

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But in truth, Non-psyker human souls dissolve into the Warp. They lose all their personality, memories, and emotions as they meld with the sea of souls.

Psykers souls are too strong to dissolve and they shine bright in the Warp. This means they will be hunted by Daemons and will eventually be eaten by them or suffer a worse fate.

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Oh forgot about Chaos.

Most Chaos worshipers join with their chosen deity in death. Becoming a part of the Chaos God. However, the special ones get to enjoy (or suffer) an afterlife in their patrons realm.

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All that "be with the Emperor" stuff sounds nice, and I even kind of wish it was true, but the fact is the Emperor isn't really in some kind of warp space heaven. He's still on Terra keeping the Astronomicon working (and I guess making Tarot cards work?)

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There was an IG novel the name of which I forget in which a slaughtered regiment meets up in the afterlife at the end and sets off to find the Emperor.

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shit, remember the name of that now! It sounds great!

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>Most Chaos worshipers join with their chosen deity in death.

By getting eaten and shat out into oblivion by a legion of hungry demons

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Imperial Glory, if I recall right.

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I always thought both the faithful normals and the fiathful psykers (at least the ones fed to the astronomicon) actually join with the Emperor's vast psychic presense

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There was an old bit of fluff about that. See, psykers are literally fed to him, as in they are bodily put into the Throne. So there was some guy wondering whether the psykers suffered eternally as the Emperor did, or if they were just consumed and met oblivion, though either way their bodies slowly dissolved.

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The 6e Rulebook outright says that he consumes psyker souls to sustain himself.

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>By getting eaten and shat out into oblivion by a legion of hungry demons

Nah, you literally become one with your god on death, though its true for imperials and chaotics alike.

Most space marines, imperial guard, orks, etc. join with Khorne on death.

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If a subservient sanctioned xeno with a strong warp presence died, would his soul go to the emperor's side like a human psyker's?

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>Orks join with khorne

Unless they're ye olde Stormboyz, they go to the great green to meet with gork and mork to krump fings forever. Albeit the great green is just a portion of the warp relegated to keeping their awesome keg parties in check, ork souls stay with the god of their people.
Eldar get consumed by Slaanesh, Tau are literally soulless heathens so they simply rot and die, same with nids. No soul to speak of so simply death and reabsorbtion. Necrons....well I never got if it was simply intelligence put into the metal bodies or if the necrontyr had souls before the warp became what it was. Regardless they probablt dissolve like most human souls as they were spoken of as being very human before their conversion.

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Here a small piece of information

The Warp is Chaos and Chaos is the Warp. The two are indivisible.

Everything in the Warp is a Chaos deity or being.

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If we go by the only fluff that exist of gork and mork beyond "They are the ork gods, don't ask questions," they are indeed chaos gods by technicality but are fed purely by orks. While combat in general feeds Khorne, excess feeds Slaanesh, change and chaos feeds Tzeench, and rot and decay feed Nurgle, this doesn't mean that Gork and Mork still don't exist as their own entities of psychic energy and souls in the warp. There's still that old tale of the emperor being in terror on the golden throne as Gork and Mork wake up for the purpose of telling one big mek that he needed to build the galaxy's first stompa.
They do exist and orks go to them if they krumped hard enough in life.

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Wasn't the idea that the C'Tan nommed the Necrons' souls?

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Still it's stated that should the Great Game of Chaos cease, the Warp would be an unmoving realm of dead calm. (6e Daemon Codex)

Which kinda proves that Gork and Mork are playing inside the spheres of the Chaos Gods, and once the Chaos Gods are gone so will G&M.

Personally, I think G&M are aspects of the Chaos Gods who owe soul taxes to the real Chaos Gods for existing

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That topic is a horrible confusion of retcons, ambiguous wording/lack thereof, and third-party interpretations. But the one thing that is clear is that the Necrontyr had souls, and when they were converted, they lost them.

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>Orks are the most numerous race in the galaxy
>Orks all have only a single emotion

Millions of Trillions of souls, from snotlings to warbosses, spread across the galaxy and always, ALWAYS waging war with all their big green hearts can muster and you think they're paying lip service? In that old story not just the emperor shuddered in fear but the whole of the warp convulsed due to such mammoth consciousnesses awakening for the first time in millenia.

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So... they feed Khorne.

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>and you think they're paying lip service?

Yep. They should.

Without the Chaos Gods and their little game, the Warp will be a dead place. Also they are kinda the most powerful beings in the Warp.

It's just politeness and due respect.

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I think Mork and Gork are just two massive entities in the warp, but the other chaos gods ignore them, cause all they do is fight each other. I'm sure if the Chaos Gods teamed up they could take on one, but that would probably cause the other to attack as well.

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There's no heaven. Just like real life.

Worship Chaos. It's way better.

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Mork and gork have been explained as bring the speeding truck that hosts the windshield the chaos God's would be smeared against as flies if they tried to take them on.

Or some other colorful explanation given in one of the ork codexes.

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>tips blood-soaked spiky fedora

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>but that would probably cause the other to attack as well.

It'd be Mork. He'd get them from behind while they were busy with Gork.

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There were jut explained as powerhouses in the Warp that never been ''truly'' defeated.

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No. They'd go for Mork. Gork is clearly the sneaky one.

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Well its either
>The win

>Those lose

They don't think negatively.

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Dark Angels Deathwing special rule:

DEATH Strike

Instead of deep striking into shit drop a Strength D large blast and then place your Deathwing units there as if they had deep struck.

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>They don't think negatively.


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That just seems optimistic to me. Like hell ya, we can fit more guns here.

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Ork science is basically a Mek going why not, what could go wrong.

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Newfag here, just learned about the Warp... dear god, even in death the people of Warhammer 40K are tormented?

What does a man have to do in this universe to have some peace?

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not die

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But then you have to face Tyranids, Necrons, Chaos, gods, various aliens, pollution, stress and back pain

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Maybe you could try to leave the galaxy?

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Don't use the warp or warp related products and you've cut out some suffering right there.

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Thar be Tyranids.

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>Everyone is literally going to hell forever when they die regardless of their conduct.

You can't get much more grimderp than that.

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It's just the fluff writing itself into a corner. If life really was all war all the time and you had tangible proof of an afterlife wouldn't you just kill yourself? So the afterlife has to be grimdark too

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And Orks.

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Are blanks literally soulless?

I'd figured that they weren't but if all human souls end up in the Warp and blanks have no Warp presence then maybe they don't have an afterlife after all.

In which case they're the luckiest fucks in the entire wh40k universe. If I were a blank I'd waste no time killing myself.

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They are.

They aren't lucky because they're sought after to be used as living weapons, and because not having a soul weirds people out and they almost always end up as social pariahs and outcasts.

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Dude Blanks face Oblivion, there is literally nothing for them most people have been told that serving the Emperor will allow them to join him at his side upon death which gives them hope.
Blanks ain't got any of this, their actions in life don't get them shit even if they're good or bad.
Their lives have literally no purpose.

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>if I had a rare gift and lived in a science fiction setting id kill myself right away.

Christ man have you no joy in your life?

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That sounds preferable to suffering forever with the rest of humanity in a sea of warp tang, or being individually tortured by demons in the case of psychers.

I mean if hell is the only afterlife available I'll happily take oblivion.

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>have you no joy in your life?

If I lived in the wh40k universe then yeah I'd probably have no joy in my life.

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Orks don't lose. There are only wins and lesser wins.

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>lesser wins



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Don't you just find that liberating?

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Almost everyone becomes one with the Gods when they die. So its not so bad.

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On the upside if you have a particularly strong(or just willful) soul and don't fall to a particular god of chaos, you can become a daemon of yourself, maybe even grow over time into a chaos god in your own right. Course while gods of order are a technical possibility in 40k, and you could somehow be joined with such a thing, the only beings of order that have been stated are the emps and the hivemind of the nids. Though true gods of order would likely be just as horrifying for your soul as the chaos gods.

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So maybe one in every trillion people can sort of avoid an afterlife of suffering by becoming an agent which causes that suffering.

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You could worship Chaos and join your God after your death. And, if you get REALLY lucky, you could become a Daemon Prince, gaining immortality, power and a very high position among the warp entities.
If you lose, you're fucked. But you're fucked anyway, because it 40k. So there is no reason not to try to ascend.

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If you didn't live in a first world country, or at least born into wealth in poor country, then you probably would have no joy in your life.

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>You could worship Chaos and join your God after your death.

Which would entail more suffering. Even when you've been perverted to the point at which you enjoy suffering, you're still suffering.

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>Which would entail more suffering
You'll lose your personality, so you won't suffer, as it won't be you anymore.

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You know the Eldar dudes? The guys who suffer an eternity of suffering by the hands of Slaaneesh if they die?

These guys think that being soulless is the worst of fates. They would prefer to be tormented by Daemons forever than be a soulless being.

That's how much being soulless sucks.

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Damn Pariahs have the worst of everything

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Eldar just tsundere for Slaanesh-chan

>> No.29822225


You could become something like daemons, but of order rather than chaos. As well when you become a Daemon of yourself its just that the core of your being is strong enough to hold other souls(or general warp stuff) to you in a way to form a proper warp being. Doing so may make you a strange fragmented daemon, or it could be a state of ascendancy, where you are really you, and a truly more powerful being.

There is a wide range of possibility, though if you become a being of order your task is rather harder. As unless you are powerful enough, and of the right type to be anathema to chaos, daemons that are everywhere are going to wreck your shit.

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The Eldar were never known as rational beings.
Because oblivion is strictly better than eternity of suffering.

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Eldar are immortal and only get taken by Slaanesh if they DIE and WITHOUT A SOULSTONE.

So soulless = guaranteed suck.
Having a soul = chance of suck.

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That's because the Eldar are a race of psykers, born, breed, designed. Their very nature and existence is to be something with a soul. I mean you might as well be hearing a water elemental telling you that the worst thing they can imagine would be to be dry.

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Wait wait wait, aren't the Eldar protected by some sort of trincket that make them go with some other god?

>> No.29822293

They're stuck in a magic rock if they die with a soulstone.

>> No.29822297

Soul Stones.

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I meant Eldar in general which includes Dark Eldar. The fate of an Eldar who dies without protection is viewed as a gentler fate than being forced to live a soulless existence.

>The Eldar were never known as rational beings.

This is also present in Fantasy. Some Elves (mostly Dark Elves) sell their souls to the evil Elven goddess of the Underworld who will torment them for all eternity in order to escape their souls being obliterated by Slaanesh.

Oblivion is the true terror, my friend.

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Soul stone, it collects and protects their soul when they die, it then has to be taken to the infinity circuit of their Craftworld, or the World Spirit of the Maiden World. Other than that you have the Harlequins who undergo a ritual to free themselves from the thirsty bitch by being possessed by one of her daemons, which they have to cast out(or their soul will be taken by the daemon and they will become Solitaires). If they cast out the daemon they get to become one with Cegorach when they die, and Cegorach can win the souls of Solitaires through gambling with the thirsty bitch.

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Dark eldar hide in the webway.

>> No.29822562


It lessens the Thirst and doesn't protect them from having their souls consumed by Slaanesh on death.

>> No.29822565


That doesn't protect their souls, that's just where their city is.

>> No.29822577


I thought Eldar viewed those who LIVED with a soul to have a gentler fate.

I don't exactly recall any Eldar going "Well at least she wasn't a Solitaire" when one of them dies without a soulstone.

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>tfw elf rape fantasy with Eldar
>tfw her expression when you take away her soulstone necklace

>> No.29822616

I just remember they didn't use psychic shenanigans so long that that part of the brain atrophied, as well as hiding in the webway so slaanesh couldn't find them. For all we know there is a big pile of dark eldar souls in there.
>I don't really remember reading anything EVER about dark eldar death rituals.

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>For all we know there is a big pile of dark eldar souls in there.

They don't encourage psykers in their city for their tendency to explode into Daemons.

Slaanesh always found them. He drains at their souls and when they die he claims it all. The Webway just slows the process.

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and then proceed to rape and murder her brutally in attempt of sating Slaneesh

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Even Eldar gods, Enslavers and other non-Chaos warp entities?

Warp wasn't roiling hellscape when Eldar gods existed in it. Or all the other creatures of the warp. Only Chaos needs the emotions and the conflict to survive.

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>Even Eldar gods, Enslavers and other non-Chaos warp entities?


>Warp wasn't roiling hellscape when Eldar gods existed in it.

And it wasn't an unmoving dead emptiness either. Also please note there are sources which point at the Eldar Gods being artificially made by the Eldar (Liber Chaotica). They didn't form naturally.

>Only Chaos needs the emotions and the conflict to survive

As I said, Chaos is the Warp. You can't separate the two, the two are indivisible.

>> No.29823137

AFAIK, the dark eldar need to RAEP other beings in order to replenish the soul essence drunk by Slaanesh. That's why they are so dark.

>> No.29823918

One has to wonder how durable must the Soulstone be in order to not instantly smash to pieces when hit by just one the many destructive weapons of this setting.

inb4 elite Eldar units covered head to toe with Soulstones.

>> No.29824011

I read somewhere that the soulstones are tears of Isha, Eldar goddess, so I'd assume they are fucking durable.

>> No.29824171

If her tears are stones I am afraid to even imagine what she herself made of.

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Even in death you die for the Emperor.

>> No.29824534

>you did well, human
>we shall honor and reward you by launching your corpse at the hated enemy

>> No.29824576

You can almost picture the tears of joy running down the cheeks of the servo-skull face at the tip of the missile as it hurdles through the air to its destiny.

>> No.29824584


I wonder if cultists of chaos would ever try to replace such remains with the remains of corrupted people. Like a bunch of Mister Flake's worshipers fight each other to the death, the losers get carted off to replace servo skulls or other things that will require the remains of loyalists.

>> No.29824612

The winners, you mean.

It was the Alpha legion pulling their strings all along

>> No.29824661


Meh, winners, losers, I don't know how they figure those things. I only really understand how the tau, dark eldar, and orks define such things. Orks of course defining such things as, Winners are orks, losers are everyone else.

>> No.29824835

They aren't tears they are forged from her Tears by Vaul.
However, even eldar codex states it could be just a metaphore.

>> No.29824857

Possesion thing never was canon though.
It's a great mystery what happens during harlequin protection ritual.

>> No.29824914


Eh, it makes as much sense as anything else, as that sort of process is used elsewhere, and gives reasons why they don't apply it to the entire race.

>> No.29825026


Really, I thought it was a cool and interesting piece of information that made me respect Harlequins, even though I normally don't even bat an eyebrow at the "achievements" of certain Space Marines.

>> No.29825030


Most orks only meet Gork and Mork very briefly. They tell them to quit muckin' about and drop kick them into a new body in the material world.

They always end up with memory loss because of the kick.

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But yeah, it's a cool idea making them incredibly badass.
Furthermore, Solitaires are not necessary soulless. They weren't in RT and even got psy powers. Later in 2nd soulles thing came.
But in the current codex there's again their description from the very first White Dwarf which introduced them. So Solitaires could be just protected by some Cegorach's trick so good no psyker can penetrate.
But, again, I kinda liked the soulless martyr thing.
Second option allows them to have literall divine interventions though.

>> No.29826446

Huh. That's an idea i've never heard before, someone becoming their own little nexus of chaos energy.

Drawing more energy to yourself through force of soul/will/whatever.

I wonder what sort of person you'd have to be to pull that off. I'm sure the grimderpers will say it's impossible though and you'd be eaten by the first Chaos Fury that happened to find you.

>> No.29826507

Abbadon could do it, if he ever dies.

>> No.29826527

Abaddon. Shit am I tired.

>> No.29826573

Hmm. The secret double ultra concealed plan: Ignore Eye of Terror, become own chaos storm, drag warp nexus around behind yourself, march directly to Terra as a living spawn point. You just have to get enough of the galaxy's collective subconscious to equate Abaddon = Chaos, as they see him as the ultimate representation of Chaos in the Materium, and through the fear of him in the back of their minds, they feed him power.

The Black Crusades aren't about victory, they're about PR. If the Imperium DOES fail to hold him back, so much the better, but Abaddon has many, many plans in mind.

>> No.29828330

>The Black Crusades aren't about victory, they're about PR
I laughed way harder at this than I should have

>> No.29828568

The inheritor of the Black Legion is far more subtle than he seems, anon.

>> No.29828884


I tend to think of it this way (Because I want my gork and mork, and fuck a cultist)

G&M are fed by Orkiness. Pure orkiness awash in the warp. Khorne is fed by war, and blood and murder. It's that "I'm doing bad things for the Blood God" aspect that slots it to Khorne.

But a group of boyz? They're not in violation of any moral code or creed. They're being orky. Just like they're supposed to be. Hence orkz being orky feed G&M.

>> No.29829091



Which feeds Tzeentch. Way to go.

>> No.29831536

No, they feed the WAAAAAAAAAAGH. They're very different.

>> No.29831730

>Khorne is fed by war, and blood and murder
So... the orks.

>> No.29831792

You don't understand, the Orks are on nobody's side and, are quite possibly the biggest threat the 40k universe faces, if only they weren't fighting each other. If every Ork joined together and lead one single WAAAGH across the galaxy, nothing would survive, not even creatures of chaos, due to the WAAGH field create dby so many Orks following the same cause. Only Gork and Mork gain in the end.

>> No.29831815

Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.

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Yes, except Khorne probably has goals that don't involve being crushed by a massively empowered Gork 'n Mork.

>> No.29831886

It's stated that Khorne feeds on Orks. Even if the Orks dominate real space, Chaos will continue to feed on them.

>> No.29831892

Those goals are to fight. All conflict empowers Khorne. Fighting him would just make him stronger.

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Good job, The warring Orks will empower Khorne as well.

>> No.29831993

That's why khorne gets stabbed allot.

>> No.29832264

Chaos feeding on everything is a general rule, it's why they're Chaos. However, ork ambition knows no limit, and if they /truly/ believe that they can take on the warp, a large enough force could. Because that's how Orks work. Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable. Orks instritically feed every chaos god, except maybe Slaanesh, considering their leaders' planning, and the fact they reproduce via spores on death.

>> No.29833733

>Fighting empowers Khorne
>40K is all fightan, all dyan all da time
How has Khorne not kicked all the ass in the universe yet?

>> No.29833786


The thing about Blanks if I remember correctly, is that there mere presence screws with warp entities and powers right? So could a Blank conceivably one-shot punch a Daemon Prince to death?

>> No.29833929

Because he has three other deities counter balancing his power.

Tzeentch is fed from the strife and devastation of conflict, Nurgle is fed by the death and misery of war, and Slaanesh is fed by all sensations and excess (including excess war).

He is the strongest of them all, but they help balance his power in the Great Game of Chaos.

>> No.29834007

>Nurgle fed by death and misery
I thought he was all about dem plages and viruses, mutations etc.?
I thought his schtick was somehow both change and keikaku?
Makes sense

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Only one solution.

>> No.29835401

the lower forms of tyranids have no soul or mind, all of the hive tyrants, and a few of the other lower forms of nids ( the named ones) have their conciousness reabsorbed by the hive mind untill a new body is grown for them, in which the hive mind puts all of its memories and experience into.

>> No.29836064

eh not exactly
they go to the warp, however non psyker , little tainted souls arnt really noticed by the chaos gods.
so long as you dont die in war against chaos and demons youre likely to be fine
tau are even less likely
orcs have got their own gods

>> No.29837078

Correct. The weird scruffy major man dies and meets his old regiment who liked swords or something.

Could just be that one BL novel that hs that, though. 40K canon can be inconsistent. Could also be the character hallucinating as he dies. That happens IRL too.

>> No.29840218

40k afterlife is, like most of the mysteries of the setting, only hinted at and left up to the individual to determine for himself.

That said, I wondered if there actually is something to the saying "The Emperor Protects". It's already established that human souls dissipate in the warp on death. But if there was a very strong entity in the warp, say, almost god-like in his psychic power, maybe it could protect and preserve those souls. Suddenly warnings like you better be obedient, selfless, and brave in battle or else when you die "the Emperor will spit on your soul" (from the Uplifting Primer, I think), makes the same amount of sense as the rest of the morals, values, and politics of the Imperium.

Yes they're bigoted, hateful, willfully ignorant. To be otherwise leads down paths that have a risk opening a hole for actual daemons into reality and could even spell the doom of whole worlds or even sectors. Maybe following the Emperor's will really does protect a human soul from the oblivion of the warp.

So with that in mind let's assume that the Ministorum's teachings are based on the idea that the Emperor preserves souls after death. That doesn't mean it's a correct one.

Part of the reason I love 40k is the unanswered questions. It's fun to explore the possibilities in the context of that universe

>> No.29840415


>Maybe following the Emperor's will really does protect a human soul from the oblivion of the warp.


I hereby proclaim you Diabolus Extremis and sentence you to -blam-

>> No.29840687

Chariots of fire playing in the background

>> No.29840891

Because there is confirmed evidence of God and a Heaven, 40k doesn't seem like such a bad place when compared to our dreary reality

>> No.29840999


>> No.29841031

Bangsian Fantasy ( aka people having adventures in the afterlife ) is wonderful!

>> No.29841178

Can you join Malice in the warp? He'd protect you from demons until he won and killed everyone.

>> No.29841209

Now it might be possible to channel Orkiness into something destructive yet scientifically valuable...
imagine Mythbusters , but with Orkz.

>> No.29841356

That does not sound unbearable . Probably unpleasant at many times , but if you keep under the radar you might be okay,

>> No.29841423

A: Nice trips.

B: I seem to remember a comic about a similar circumstance, in which criminals were essentially cast into the Warp until their spilled blood and spent bullets began to stabilize the chaos in a slowly expanding, though still miserable area. Can't remember the name, though.

>> No.29841463

If you do, tell me. We gotta get human town expanding.

>> No.29841471

Unanswered questions are all well and good. It's when you see things taken to the extreme of 40k, where EVERYTHING is unanswered questions atop lies atop unreliable narrators atop lazy writing, that one wonders why there's a setting at all, since GW expects us to write all the details themselves, hiding behind the tired rationale of grim and dark.

>> No.29841473



Even the poor in our real world can find SOMETHING to enjoy or find beautiful about living.

In 40k, you have the constant threat of cthullian horror bugs eating your planet.

Cults worshipping things that you arent even allowed to learn about and then unleashing said horrors upon your world, and even if you fight the good fight, survive and prove your purity to the higher chain of command, you and your entire population will more than likely get exterminatus.

A horde of green terror that gives no fucks could come down one day and use your planet as the biggest fucking rugby match the galaxy has even seen.

Space commies could come down and promise you prosperity and peace, just make sure you line up for your etherealy mandated chemical castration and report to happy "work camps"...all for the greater good, of course.

A tide of silver walking autonomatons who dont make a noise as their guns fire green shit that erases you on the molecular level may wake up JUST UNDER THE SEWERS OF YOUR HIVE CITY.

LETS NOT FORGET, the "Emperors angels of death" could just randomly show up one day. "Oh praise HIM on terra, thank you for coming, adeptus astartes! What chapter do you hail from, battle brother? OH, the word bearers with some contingents from The Death Guard, The Iron Warriors and, OH PRAISES BE! THE EMPERORS CHILDREN! But, brave astartes, why is your armour...spiky? What is the eight pointed star to symbolise? Why are you dragging me away? EMPEROR, PROTECT ME!!!!!"

Yeah, if you lived in the 40k universe, it WOULD be a life of misery. Because even if you were born rich, royal, poor or sick, at any second, shit could hit the fan in ways we couldnt even imagine.

>> No.29841541

What happens to the Dark Eldar? I'm still confused by this.

>> No.29841565

40k is self defeating. If it were real, it would be pointlessly futile, but you'd be stuck there, so dealwithit.gif.

But as a false reality, there has to be a limit to the grimderp for the simple reason that taking it to the extreeeeeeme that edgy people like you do means that as soon as you paint a model, you must burn it. As soon as you start a game, you must end it. As soon as you begin telling a story, in RPG or paper form, it must draw to an unsatisfying close, not even a glorious death forming a grand tapestry of tragedy and heroism, but a meaningless blip in the ocean of hell, utterly meaningless.

I hate that the grimderp sucks out almost any reason to interact with the universe at all. And that is why you are contemptible, in my opinion.

>> No.29841580


>> No.29841636

The Emperor isn't in the Warp, which is why Emperor-granted sorcery (Faith) works differently from regular sorcery. So all of the human souls are fucked.

Also, bigotry and hate do nothing whatsoever to keep daemons from appearing; if anything, they just seem to make things worse. The Interex, Diasporex and Tau Empire (whose subject races are all more Warp-sensitive than the Tau themselves). all managed or manage still to keep the daemons out without recourse to that sort of thing, as do the Eldar. The shittiness of the Imperium is, by all indications, a direct cause of the appeal of Chaos; indeed, it was the Emperor's own screwups that led to Chaos getting its own Space Marine army to begin with.

>> No.29841709

jesus fucking christ, I was just pointing out the obvious. The average person in the 40k universeis fucked, no matter what. I am not saying there ISNT heroism, bucketfuls of awesome and rules of cool, just that joe shmo fat ass on an imperial world is going to wake up, say his prayers to the big e, go work in a factory for 17 hours and more than likely die horribly. Dont fucking like it then go start up a rogue trader group and relive all the 80s hair metal, space marines being drunken cops instead of humanities saviours and squats being biker dwarfs from mars. Im not saying that doesnt deserve its own badge for being cool as fuck, but seriously.

>> No.29841726

More information about the Interex and Diasporex would have been nice. Of course none of it would be anything you could hang an argument on definitively.

>> No.29841750


>> No.29841752

u mad bro? cause u sound mad. butthurt even.

>> No.29841770

If enough people wrote, it would actually work, according to the way the warp responds to emotions.

>> No.29841827
File: 6 KB, 225x224, myBodyIsReady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29841838



>> No.29841881


>> No.29841894


>> No.29841977

yeah. there it is again.


Next youll be tipping fagdoras at me. Whatever.

>> No.29842064



>> No.29842093

Now it might be possible to channel Orkiness into something destructive yet scientifically valuable...
imagine Mythbusters , but with Orkz.

>> No.29842285


>> No.29842325

Tumblr is grate :^)

>> No.29842347

There is a tale of the big 4 having a meeting to discus something of great importance, and then suddenly Gork and Mork, or maybe it was Mork and Gork, roll through in the middle of a fight. The the big 4 get scattered by their fight except for khorne who actually gets rolled over by the giant ball of green fury that is Gork and Mork's big brawl.

It is mentioned several times that Gork and Mork are the most powerful warp based entities in existence, but they are so focused on just fighting each other and having a blast that they don't do anything with their power.

It is also mentioned that orks are protected from the big 4 by their belief in the big 2, but that occasionally a weird git will start worshiping khorne and mutating, but when that happens he is usually thrown out or killed by his group.

So like everything else in 40k, everyone is right and wrong, depending upon which codex they have read and which white dwarfs and books they have on their shelf.

>> No.29842390

Ork fans, ladies and gentle

Aren't they cute with their imaginations? Making stuff up (Aka Lying)

>> No.29842440

I'd like to suggest that you read this article. It gives a lot of insight into what GW is trying to do with the universe. But essentially, it IS to prompt everyone that enjoys 40k to come up with their own answers.

Here's the relevant quote for a TLDR:
>Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 exist as tens of thousands of overlapping realities in the imaginations of games developers, writers, readers and gamers. None of those interpretations is wrong.

>Whether a particular author’s take on the world matches up with an individual gamer’s or readers is another matter. The fact that each of us is allowed to take possession of that world and envisage it to our own ideal means that it is inevitable our vision will sometimes clash with the vision of others. Such conflict does not render either vision obsolete.

>In this regard it is the job of authors and games developers to illuminate and inspire, not to dictate. Perhaps you disagree with the portrayal of a certain faction, or a facet of their society doesn’t make sense in your version of the world. You may not like the answers presented, but in asking the question you can come up with a solution that matches your vision. As long as certain central themes and principles remain, you can pick and choose which parts you like and dislike.

>> No.29842451

MIFF BUSTAZ ORKS NEEDS TO BE A THING in this more hopeful 40k in which Chaos responds to strongly worded letters.

>> No.29842457

>I thought he was all about dem plages and viruses, mutations etc.?

From death plagues and new life emerge and from plagues and death despair and misery reign. It's all in the domain of Nurgle.

>both change and keikaku?

Change comes in many forms. The rapid and violent form (the one caused by war) is among Tzeentch's favorite. This is why he has a mindless type of daemon that does nothing but vomit muttating multi-colored flame at everything.

>> No.29842466

>As long as certain central themes and principles remain
>implying /tg/ doesn't fuck with this daily

Female space marine thread?

>> No.29842521

Haha. Yeah, my bad. let me pull more of what he was saying about that.

>Often folks ask if Black Library books are ‘canon’. With Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, the notion of canon is a fallacy. There are certainly established facts – the current Emperor is Karl-Franz, the Blood Angels have red armour, Commissar Yarrick defended Hades Hive during the Second Armageddon War. However, to suggest that anything else is non-canon is a disservice to the players and authors who participate in this world. To suggest that Black Library novels are somehow of lesser relevance to the background is to imply that every player who has created a unique Space Marine chapter or invented their own Elector Count is somehow wrong.

>> No.29843367

In order to evade said torment and live forever your best bet would be to find and use a Dark Age of Technology mind-upload device and live on as what is essentially a Man of Iron.

However those aren't exactly easy to find.

>> No.29843420

Necrontyr did that.

Their consciousness lived on in their metallic forms but their souls were cast into the Warp.

So you will have two ''you'' out there. One that's running around in Real Space in robotic body and another who is tormented by Daemons for all eternity.

>> No.29843517

To be fair they did so utilizing entirely different technology. We don't know that you would lose your soul if you did it otherwise.

Perhaps the ideal would be to preserve your body in a Golden-Throne type of life support device while uploading your brain, giving you the best of both worlds.

>> No.29843841

Could you remember the source for that? It fits far to well into my headcanon for me to overlook.

>> No.29844405


There is, but only very few end up in it due to the false emperor having persecuted faiths of terra.

>> No.29844446

>is to imply that every player who has created a unique Space Marine chapter or invented their own Elector Count is somehow wrong.

But... they are.

Not "wrong", exactly, but still. Certainly not right.

I don't mind a bit of unreliable narration and "fanon is a'ight with us, bro", but it usually ends up being an excuse for lazy writing.

Besides, he said something about general themes and established facts. Well, if asking what is and isn't canon is viewed as some sort of insult, WHERE GO WE GET ESTABLISHED FACTS, FUCKFACE?

>> No.29844713

Slaanesh happens.

>> No.29845821
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why do you make everything shit

please stop what you are doing and go away

Imperial Guard

>> No.29846178
File: 265 KB, 554x800, 1390907136096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're almost certainly thinking of the 2000AD comic "Glimmer Rats" by Gordon Rennie (Author) and Mark Harrison (artist).


>> No.29847572

>Personally, I think G&M are aspects of the Chaos Gods

Doubt it. Gork and Mork came along long before the other four.

The Orks have existed in large numbers for something like 60-70 million years. More than enough time for their psychic collective to create some Gods.

The three Human Chaos Gods only spawned from the Human psychic collective in recent history. They only gained the status of The Big Three when Humans spread out and multiplied enough.

Then the Eldar raped and murdered enough to Spawn their own Chaos God.

>> No.29847604

>Doubt it. Gork and Mork came along long before the other four.

Ignoring the fact that the realm of Chaos is a timeless place that's it isn't bound by laws of time and space , of course. Ignoring that the Chaos Gods have always existed.

Also ignoring that without the Four powers the Warp will be a realm of dead emptiness.

>The three Human Chaos Gods only spawned from the Human psychic collective in recent history. They only gained the status of The Big Three when Humans spread out and multiplied enough.

Humans didn't spawn the Gods of Chaos. It just happens that the gods gained sentience during major events in Earths history.

>> No.29847648
File: 363 KB, 386x532, The Great Game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaos's Great Game stops, everything in the warp ceases to exist.

The Warp will be empty and unmoving. You know why? Because everything in the Warp is from Chaos and by Chaos and if Chaos ceases then so will everything else.

>> No.29847735

>Chaos Gods have always existed. without the Four powers the Warp will be a realm of dead emptiness.

Filthy cultist. Take your propaganda and go sacrifice then have sex with a goat.

They didn't always exist and they weren't always as powerful as they are now. (except slannesh) The first three started out as fairly minor Daemons, they only grew in status and power as their source (Humans) multiplied and spread out.

Of course, time is a bit flexible in the warp. Nothing to say they couldn't reach back in time and influence their own creation. (I'm looking at you bird boy)

>> No.29847815

Submit to Ethereal dick so you can live peacefully in the totalitarian, authoritarian, communist Tau Empire.

>> No.29847876

Well, we do have proof that the Emperor's power can manifest, the Sisters the prime example for that. So, if they can bring forth His Light, would not an Imperial soul be able to reach Him? Naturally it would likely be akin to trying to swim through the Warp, given the nature of 40k, but, it would be -possible-, no?

>> No.29848265

There is!
There, they're recycled to mold them into new life.
The sisters are a prime example.

>> No.29848285

>He's still on Terra being kept prisoner by the Ecclesiarchy in order to prevent his regeneration in order to prevent him actually fixing things.

>> No.29848298

As opposed to living under constant fear of literally everything under the totalitarian, authoritarian, feudal theocratic Imperium of Man?

Not exactly making it sound like a bad decision.

>> No.29848318

Well, at least I can have consensual sex with that cute girl without getting warp/blam/chainswordraped by the rest of the gaylaxy.

>> No.29848327

Not sure if /tg/ considers black library canon, but in one novel, were every single member of a guard regiment died in the last battle, the last few pages of the book describe them walking in formation into "the emperors light." I think the existence of the emperor gives some degree of protected afterlife for humans.

>> No.29848360

Yep, that's the one.

>> No.29848388

>Space commies could come down and promise you prosperity and peace, just make sure you line up for your etherealy mandated chemical castration and report to happy "work camps"...all for the greater good, of course.
>Believing Imperial propaganda

Silly Gue'la.

>> No.29848392


Wow. I wish more of the sperglords would make themselves aware of these statements when they decide to shit on homebrew threads. Everyone can have their own opinion, but *your* opinion isn't necessarily right, unless someone's writing an ostensibly canon story where there never was an Emperor or something.

>> No.29848425

Pretty sure that one is Imperial Glory.

>> No.29848434
File: 286 KB, 557x354, tau hospitality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29848449

That's probably artistic license. Given how people's souls fall to bits after they die if they're not psykers, and how the chaos gods eat the negative bits, it certainly makes sense for the Emperor to eat the loyalty/belief bits of his followers' souls and that's close-ish.

>> No.29848485

>Written from an in-setting Imperial standpoint, which is skewed by nature of religotards making the Emperor wish he let us all die
>Objective truth
Pick one.

>> No.29848503

>in-setting Imperial standpoint
But it isn't.

Also, their 6e codex backs it up, with things like "Fire Warriors who fail their training disappear in the night and are never seen again".

>> No.29848506

Didn't want to spoil it.

>> No.29848517

>More imperial propaganda
Don't believe their lies Gue'la, join us and you actually get to procreate 22.1% more than under Imperial rule. Honest!

>> No.29848518


>Space commies could come down and promise you prosperity and peace, just make sure you line up for your etherealy mandated chemical castration and report to happy "work camps"...all for the greater good, of course.


Pick one.

>> No.29848541

It literally is.

It also contradicts the 6e Codex, which explicitly states the preferential treatment given to not only people who willingly defect but their descendents, worship of the Emperor and other alien religions being accepted so long as it doesn't get in the way of the Greater Good, and the general quality of life for gue'vesa.

>> No.29848570

Doesn't contradict anything. It's one sept.

>> No.29848920

I know that image is around here somewhere

>> No.29848983
File: 160 KB, 768x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29849286
File: 141 KB, 600x450, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But... they are

So it's wrong to create your own chapter/regiment/sept/dynasty?

>> No.29849305
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> thirsty bitch

>> No.29849462

Not tipping fedoras but rather kneeling before your sperglordiness

>> No.29850533

It does.

The sterilization contradicts what's said in the Tau codex and other codex of the Tau having problems with their population and needing vast numbers of alien populations to supplement their numbers.

The Tau want to increase their population and workforce, and damn the consequences. Sterilization of their precious resource does not fit into that.

>> No.29850584

Yeah, because Tau can handle hive world populations.

>> No.29850707

They haven't captured hive worlds, have they? If yes, the Tau would be a lot stronger than normally written in prior editions, since hive worlds are said to have more people on them living than there are Tau in the galaxy.

>> No.29850731

>They haven't captured hive worlds, have they
Yes, they have.

>> No.29850747
File: 167 KB, 700x547, 1377064533424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suffer an eternity of suffering by the hands of Slaaneesh if they die?
Slaanesh goddess of pleasure you know. Nobody wants to leave her even after death.

>> No.29850750
File: 272 KB, 785x344, Prelude to the DwoR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep., They NEED these population and they will relocate them across their Empire.

Like they do with assimilated worlds, they keep the indigenous government structure (however keep it under oversight) and build up the worlds infrastructure. Then they offer the worlds population the honour of helping their empire either militarily, civilian way, or both.

They won't damage points in their empire that has vast quantities of resources they desperately need not only to boost the growth of their Empire but for the sake of their Empire's survival as well.

>> No.29850770

Boiling in the tears of your own children does wonders to a persons mind.

>> No.29850776

The sept in question did not have that option.

>> No.29850802

>Boiling in the tears of your own children does wonders to a persons mind.
Weird eldar is weird. Every slaanesh cult loves her really loves.

>> No.29850925

Then using it as a general example for the Tau Empire is kinda silly specially when the codex states again and again how the Tau populations are stretched thin and they need as much alien population in their empire as possible and like it's said in the fluff of the War of Dark Revelation fluff the Tau don't give a damn about the consequences just get in their empire and help out already.

>> No.29850954

Is this true? I'd really like to read this story in detail.

>> No.29850982

It doesn't exist.

He made it up or through his wild imagination drastically distorted and warped the details of the old first gargants story .

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