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Last thread was auto'ing, so here, have a Custom FUCKYOUwave oven.

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Shit, forgot to link the last thread:

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I am actually amazed how long this has lasted

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It shall last forever

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Rolled 20

Never gonna end, anon

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Isaac can cross over with anything

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The dice don't lie

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Well. Huh.
Guess it won't ever end.
Mr. Bones ain't got nuthin on us!

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Yesss at last I see a dead space thread again, does anyone have a link to jukebox's storytime? pretty sure i missed a fair chunk!

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there you go

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So how well do you guys think Gunner Wright could do in a Dead Space movie? He's gone on record saying he'd do it, and there was a rumor somewhere a while back that a movie could be made.

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I liked his performance. I'd enjoy him in a moxie just as much.

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Okay, looked at last thread's constructive criticism and took it to heart.Will start writing soon.

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How far are we from getting art of Dark Isaac Phazon RIG Suit?

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Maybe we could enlist help from teh drawthreads on /v/ or /vg/.

Maybe we can get help from /co/, as they're more hospitable, but it'll most likely be seen as off topic.

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Well there were the animated movies so it is technically /co/ related.

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Try /vg/ but stay out of the hellhole that is /v/

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Don't try /d/ they'd most likely draw penis necromorphs

Now that's a terrifying thought

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>mfw there's already a picture of two unsexualized stalkers in the act

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/v/ is too disgusting, ./vg/ doesn't have DS thread on yet.
/co/ it is.

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>find it
immediately contemplate my life.

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umm... link?

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Isaac is a badass motherfucker

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dead space rule 34.
>being this casual

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r34 is one of the rules, if not the only, that will ALWAYS be true, and i for one are totally fine with that.

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>mfw when i play a game or watch a movie i look up rule 34 of it.
IT never fails at least 4 pictures of it.

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wtf air gear.

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>mfw there's already a picture of two unsexualized stalkers in the act

Well that where the monster babies come from.

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Holy fucking fuck, the Captcha for the last one was
>and sdenly
Yes, Captcha... It was very sudden.

See fookin pic.

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Clarke really needs to meet more people

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Can someone explain what's going on here?

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After the Normandy's destruction between ME1 and ME2, Isaac was institutionalized. Shepard wanted to recruit him again for the Suicide Mission, but as you can imagine, Isaac did not react well to being told that his dead friend was coming to retrieve him.

So he broke out, fought off nurses and other inmates, started a riot, made a microwave gun from pipes, the belts of his straitjacket, and an actual microwave, and made a RIG helmet out of a bucket. That is what Isaac's ME2 recruitment mission would be.

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a gun that no doubt can dismember people with ease

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>Finally encounter Isaac
>One of your team members fires off a shot before you can stop them
>It bounces harmlessly off of his kinetic barrier
>"God damn it, hold your fire! ...Wait, where the fuck did he get a shield?"

>Encounter nurse hiding in a broom closet
>She explains the situation
>"...and, Commander, no matter what you do, DO NOT say anything involving making anything whole."

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"We have crayons if you don't like markers, Isaac! Maybe coloured pencils?

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Oh shit it hurts to laugh.

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people seem to focus more on the weapons then kinesis and stasis

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I dont know about you, but they get above average treatment compared to my weapons, other than the sexy plasma cutter.

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Hey guys, I'm posting this in the dead of night, hopefully the eruopeans find this entertaining.
And good-morning to my fellow americans! Have some writefaggotry.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Zq6BgYXp

The Kodyak came with a harpoon gun that a shuttle could use for covert ship insertions, without having to even dock on the hull’s surface.

Zaeed used it more than once during his career, and he loved the ride every time. The line left between the shuttle and the USG Rasputin was stiff and rigid, so that when Zaeed created an omni-tool zipline, all he needed was the shove from the shuttle and the air in his boots to guide him to the hull. He felt light as a feather, and was gliding on the rail at the same speed you’d ride a bike at.

If the view from space won’t ever impress you, then the silence of it will. Khar’Shan was the size of a tennis ball out in the distance, and its sun was barely poking out from behind it. His breathing was the only thing that rung out in his ears.

Then his mag-lock boots touched and the wonder of it all was lost on Zaeed, who was too firmly fixed on getting to the bottom of this mystery. He’d landed near the ships primary thrusters, and Zaeed could see the engines were cold. He just assumed the engines were his most reliable bet. Usually you could count on the engines frying any would be boarding party, but on a cold ship it meant an easy way to bypass virtually all security measures.

He hustled as fast as he could, hoping that the engines wouldn’t suddenly flare on him. The exhaust stretched out for what could easily have been a city block. By the time Zaeed reached the end he had a good huff to his breath.

He finally arrived at a gargantuan door that wrote ENGINE ROOM & FUEL CHAMBERS. There didn’t seem to be a maintenance door, just two scaffolds, with two interfaces on either side.

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So is this purely Zaeed+Badassarian, or Zaeed Badassarian and also Isaac?

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"Alright Mr. Clarke, just sign here, here and here with this permanent marker.



"Oh shit! NURSE!"

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Oh shit it's like a Nuclear Launch key set.

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>You're all going to tie

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Sorry, I just woke up and it's still too dark to see my keyboard properly

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Eh, it works, I suppose. They ARE all going to have to work together to tie him back up.

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He'll be in later, I've got fun plans for him. We don't want to burn out do we?
So Omni-Handcuffs were resistant to the Omni-tools torch. “Fuck that kwarsan!” Quoros gritted his teeth, this might be the roughest patch of his pirate career yet. It didn’t help that two of his eyes were covered by this helmet too. He tried to be delicate about it, last thing he needed was a hole in his armor.

After a good while he gave up, and gave himself a breather. Anyone with more brains than a vorcha would make omni-cuffs resistant to torches. He’d sooner chop his hand off before he did anything significant. His head still pounded, and he could almost feel that hand clasping his throat.

“Let’s go Scorch, think outside of the box. You’re batarian, we always have the element of surprise! What do you have that he doesn’t?”

Scrolling through his Omni-tool programs he finally found something. It was highly illegal, provided solely by Batarian State Arms, and nearly outside of the Terminus, no one used it. Working Alliance for a time almost drove the configuration from his mind, but this most certainly did the trick.

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We need Space marine power armor/Isaac suit combo.

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Too late. Termies got em first.

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>Forgot Pic.

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>not linking http://nooooooooooooooo.com

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Why haven't we had some sort of dead space quest? Isaac is a good enough person to mind jack for an AU/Inter canon story. Seems like there would be enough support if it wasn't a sinking ship right off the bat.

>captcha: free llsehe
We will, soon.

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I made this! It's shitty, but I used a GID base body so the eyeslits and kinesis and stasis and health doodads glow.

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Good luck trying to get them to fulfill drawfag requests that aren't porn.

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Not bad.

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Okay, I left for hours to go play FalloutNV, and I come back and... what the literal fuck happened last thread?

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Shepard still wants Isaac as a crew member.

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I seriously want to see Isaac kick more asses in ME-verse. I'll wait for more Jukebox.

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Neat-o, Benito

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If anyone remembers the story I posted, would you like to see more? Just want to know wether I should bother writing more.

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I remember seeing your name but what was the plot.
Writefagging is always accepted in any case.

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The first chapter was centred around Isaac a few weeks after his stint on the Ishimura. After a few character building moments in a hospital he is sent to a Science Orbital above Earth where he is introduced to the Telescience lab [The way he enters the Mass Effect universe]. After a bunch of shenanigans Unitologists are revealed through a pretty easy to spot twist as well as a Mini-Marker that could grow into a bigger one.

More shenanigans later and Isaac is left alone in the middle of a Dead Space zone, fully expecting to die having completed his task aboard the station. Enter The Normandy.

Thats where the chapter ended. If you want more, throw me some ideas

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Was there a scientist and a security guy called manly?
Cause if so start writing, I loved that shit.

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Chet Manly, the manliest of sec officers, was indeed there.

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I love you bro. That shit was good.

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I'll revise chapter one before moving. Add a few things, refine a few things then put it in a pastebin.

I'll start work on chapter 2 tomorrow since its almost midnight here and I want my head to be in the right place before writing anything big.

In the meantime, throw ideas at me. What game period should I put the ME setting in, 1,2 or 3? [I was thinking just at the start of 2 and Isaac has to cope with being rescued by a ressurected corpse] How do you guys think Isaac should react to Jack? etc etc

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sure, have him floating around in what seems like a literal dead space for a while because theres still an absolute fuckton of them there and keep seeming on showing up then talk about how shepard gets on there and literally every god damn thing is going insane, like husks but way way way worse, basically have a fuckton of necromorphs all over the place, like there was by the end of that mess, and have issac show up clearing them out flipping his shit on seeing real people.

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How about ME1 everyone seems to be doing ME2 or 3, 1 would be a nice change.
Issac would think the shit jack's been through was laughable compared to what he has had to do.

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The thing is, at the end of CH1 he destroys the marker. Can't have necromorphs without the Marker. I'll start Ch2 from the Normandy crew's perspective and have him jump out at them. I'll revise Ch1 so he fights a more prolonged fight against the necromorphs so it implies he sets up shitloads of lethal traps that Shephard and .co have to get through. Hows that sound?

I'd have to play through 1 again to reacquaint myself with it totally. I honestly don't know why but I feel that ME1 would be harder to do then ME2 storywise. Not much Isaac can get involved in.

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Well if you find it easier use ME2.
Work with what you know.

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ok sounds good.

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I fapped and came to it.


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Just guessing here but have you been following Hero Quest Rena?

>> No.29823531

If you're running a PC loadout (and why wouldn't you) then you want your cutter to be as killy as possible before you think about fancy shit like slow-mo beams or force powers.

>> No.29823536

Don't forget that Jack doesn't appear until ME2

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The blood spatter was an exellent touch. Well thought-out.
What's a GID?

>> No.29823605

I have not been at all. Should I be?

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One of the characters is called Chet Manly.

>> No.29823770

I assure you, MY Chet is by far the manlier of the two.

>> No.29823965

Them's fighting words.

>> No.29824034

He was a Man among men

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By the way, I have no knowledge of engineering/electrical systems in general. I just assume that Isaac throws things together using technosorcery. Cause thats how it looks in the games, lets be honest here.

>> No.29824097

Issac runs on Ork logic I think.

>> No.29824163

i we didnt make him a mechanicum guy he'll could be a awesome mek

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>Isaac and Shepard investigate an old derelict ship reputed to be carrying a surviving prothean cryopod
>Signs that some strange strain of Necromorphs were on board, but subsequently slaughtered
>They reach the heart of the ship
>See Pic Related
What do?

>> No.29824237

recruit space super ninja

>> No.29824288

>Dial plasma cutter up to 11
>Get mad

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Is it just me or is the force gun ridiculously fucking good?

>> No.29824688

I didn't like it. The Javelin gun in DS2 fully upgraded has got to be the most OP shit though.
Its Javelins electrify the surrounding area, stopping all movement from necromorphs and then exploded, killing said necromorphs.

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I'll finish up revising Chapter one. Its taking a lot longer then I thought it would. Probably because I am bone tired. I'll put it in a pastebin and drop it in the next thread.

Till then, im off to go sleep. The revision isnt finished and I cant continue it till sleep

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Didn't like the force gun either. Don't recall what my favorite in DS 2 was. I do remember that DS 3-s MVP weapon was the lategame rapid fire spike gun, chaingun I think? With the stasis upgrade and some damage ups, it murdered /everything forever/.

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Plasma Cutter, Javelin Gun and Contact Beam was my loadout in DS2 to great effect

>> No.29824998

>contact beam
man, thats a beautiful thing
comes to think, it didnt need to reload just vent the heat, so that means that has its own reactor?

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>mfw 600 hits on pastebin


You guys didn't go spreading this around, did you?

>> No.29825066

No we didn't.

no one can stop the signal

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You can't stop it now, Jukebox. MAKE US WHOLE

>> No.29825180 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29825243

The steps Jukebox you have to remember remember the steps.

>> No.29825276

Any fans of the ripper here?

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“Next question please.” Isaac said, pointing to a quarian near the back of the engine room. “Ah, Admiral Xen. Go ahead.”

“Mr Clarke, you say this 'shockdrive' is capable of taking the ship to points out of the galaxy. As impressive as that sounds, you have to realize we can't just take your word for it. We're going to need some proof.”

“Yes, but isn't that exactly why we're all here? I'll get to the specs in just a minu-”

“I was thinking of something a little different. Perhaps a demonstration.”

“A demonstration? Now? Ma'am, we've got more than just you and me on board here!”

“Are you saying it's dangerous?”

“No, I'm saying it might freak out an audience of about thirty quarians. Given what everyone's told me about how limited space travel is around here...”

“If you ask me, I'd say you're trying to speak for the rest of us, Mr Clarke.” interrupted Daro'Xen. “I'd say we cast a little vote....”

“What's this about a vote?” Shepard asked as he and his squad entered the room.

“Well, Admiral Xen here thinks that we should... whoa... “ Isaac said as he turned to see Grunt enter the engine room. “What and who is that.”

“Watch your tongue, human.” Grunt replied. “I am the refinement of the Krogan bloodline, the epitome of the Krogan race. The name is Grunt. Urdnot Grunt. I expect you to familiarize yourself with it.”

“Are we done with the salutations, or can we see this 'shockdrive' in action?” Xen said with a hint of venom. “We're on the verge of setting a voyage that may forever change galactic travel, and here we are making awkward pleasantries. I insist we proceed with the demonstration, Mr Clarke.”

“Do I get to crush that one's head in later?' Grunt asked under his breath.

“If you say so...” said Isaac. “Alright, show of hands, who wants to stay on board for the shockdrive demonstration?”

>> No.29825323

Shoot, I gotta go for a couple hours. Helping my friend set up his greenhouse.

>> No.29825332

>Jabs at each other

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Everytime Juke, everytime!


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>> No.29825360

Every time Jukebox, every time. Why do you have to live such a busy life, why won't you make us whole?

>> No.29825372

grunt is going to LOVE necromorphs in general and brutes in particular

then weird ones like dividers happen

>> No.29825381

How did Isaac manage to get a bucket to have glowing eyeslits?

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>> No.29825455

I'd say it would be better to just have wasters instead.
Feeders would be funny to have, biotics would let you just be a fucking asshole with them.

>> No.29825533

waster are ok but didiver are a mas of limbs trying to kill you/rip you apart/substitue you head witch i consider cooler and more horrifing

>> No.29825628

The Ripper made Hardcore mode in 2 possible. At least for me.

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>> No.29826806

*Dakka intensifies*

>> No.29826873

A divider attacking a Krogan would be like... fuck I dont' know now that I think about it...
Housecats attacking a bull?

>> No.29827022

a largesih group of angry wildcats trying to kill a bull, i think is awesome

>> No.29827041

Dread to think what would happen if the head managed to take over the krogan.

>> No.29827095

Incompatible nervous systems, remember? Krogans are liquid based, last I checked.

>> No.29827127

what? are you sure you dont misremember?

>> No.29827184

>Krogan typically stand over 7 feet and weigh roughly one ton in armor. Biotic individuals are rare, though those who do possess the talent typically have strong abilities. The most amazing physiological feature of krogan biology is the multiple instances of major organs. These secondary (and where applicable, tertiary) systems are capable of serving as back-ups in the event of damage to the primary biological structures. They have, for example, two hearts, four lungs, and four testicles. This reflects in their slang, where they often speak about a "quad" where a human would use the words "balls" or "pair". Krogan also have a secondary nervous system using a neuroconductive fluid, meaning they are almost impossible to paralyze. Krogan bleed a yellow or orange fluid when shot, which may be this fluid or actual blood.

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>> No.29827243

well atlest we dont get a necromorph controled krogan, but still a ripped of head is a ripped of head no matter the revundance

>> No.29827474

You can't use nerve hijackers on something fully liquid. All that results is a pissed off headjacker and a dead body.

>> No.29827528

Tfw only 100 hits on pastebin

The bindings snapped as Quoros popped on his Blade Armor and the wrist blades dug into the cuffs as they expanded.

“Now you’ve got an easy choice here Scorch, do what the Hegemony always told you and alert the authorities , do what being in the Terminus taught you and steal the ship and run, or just go and harp over to the Aliance.”

“Decisions, decisions.”

“Why would you ever go there, there’s probably nothing worth your life down there. There’s a crazy old kwarsan making like an archeologist and a strangely shaped human vessel at the edge of space. Isn’t this how every gwymberin starts?”

“But doesn’t a gwymberin always have an unexpected hero willing to save the day in an extremely stupid and explosive manner?” An intelligent, drawling and languishing voice said.

“Who said that?!”

Silence rung out, and the only thing that stared back was a security mech, who was curled up in a ball.

“Well it never hurts to seize glory as long as you have a backup plan…”

>> No.29827603

Oh hai Zaeed.
>mfw I FEEL the lisping of the ssssstupid from him

>> No.29827879

That is some really cool shit Anon

>> No.29827962

It's been a while, he should be here any time now!

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>> No.29828042

Good thing my patience is eternal.

>> No.29828145

I remember you! Loved your shit man, and I am hoping you continue!

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>> No.29828214

Dude, he can't. He said that he must make the greenhouse whole.

>> No.29828253

Does it seem strange to anyone that everything we seem to do in these threads anymore is to wait for Jukebox to come back and resume writefagging? With some other guys also writefagging and discussing a bit. Come on guys, why isn't anyone telling the story of that time when Brother Clarke used his personal Omnissian Axe to fire a rotating power saw into the chest of a chaos terminator lord and dismember him from the inside?

>> No.29828276

Let's go blow up that greenhouse. If there is no greenhouse, he must go on to the next objective which MUST be us

It's true, lemme see if I can think of anything

>> No.29828333

Alright so I have a question.

I've poked in a couple of these threads where it was Isaac in 40k uni.

How did it turn into all this shit?

How'd this even start?

You crazy, /tg/

>> No.29828334

Jukebox is like our Issac.
We need him to make us whole.

>> No.29828383

Because we, the /tg/, have imagination

>> No.29828387

when do we sing twinke, twinke, Little star?

>> No.29828437

In our sleep
Underwater, with the lights out

>> No.29828442

This is basically our opportunity to nerd out and ask all those "what ifs" and "why nots" that, if we asked anywhere else, would make us seem like fanboyish 13-year-olds. Of course, it still makes us seem like that, but here we don't have to feel bad about it.

>> No.29828523

Sadly it's nowadays lacking...see the loads of Space Marine creation threads.

>> No.29828593

How long has everyone been here anyhow?
I've been here since it was a stat me thread, and I know First Disciple has been here for just as long.

>> No.29828631


>> No.29828698

I don't even remember how long I've been here.

>> No.29828863

Equipped with a katana shotgun, a predator pistol, no grenades, one detonation charge, and only one application of medigel. And a spare helmet. A spare helmet made for batarian faces.

That’s how “Scorch” Quoros Shar’dan planned to enter a derelict ship.

“If I make it out of here I’m giving myself a medal.”

“FS-72 has made note of this comment, and will remind you upon your safe return, Private Shar’dan.” The singular Cyclops eye stared in his direction from the pilots seat.

“You do me honor FS-72, match speed and keep the comm’s open, monitor things out here and tell me if you get visual on anyone coming in.”

“Shall I not check the radar sir?”

“No chance 72, this whole place is like a small nebula, whatever is causing it is on that ship, and its masking all radar and heat signature detection equipment.”

“Understood, Private Shar’dan.”

“Here goes nothing, WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

Scorch cannon balled into the vacuum.

>> No.29828869


also first thread

>> No.29828870

I have been here since thread one

>> No.29828874

Oh, hey. Look at that.

>> No.29828936

Oh god, someone colored this? Saved.

>> No.29829001

Oh yeah. I've been a fan of Dead Space for ages, when I spotted the stat me thread for Isaac Motherfucking Clarke I latched onto it immediately. Shit, I haven't even been browsing /tg/ anymore in favor of just haunting these threads

>> No.29829060

I know you're now one of the main things keeping this thread together.

>> No.29829234

So I just started playing Dead Space 2, i watched a Let's Play of the first two games when I didn't think I would buy them. Right out of the gate I got mauled and torn apart by slashers because I forgot that you use Shift to run, not Alt, my heart was pumping from all those slashers bursting through the windows. I just have to ask, is DS 3 really as bad as people says?

>> No.29829288

It was a mediocre game.
They threw away a lot of opportunities, there were some good bits true but it fell short of what it should have been

>> No.29829319

They lost most of the feel with 3.

>> No.29829531

Dead Space 3 was good, and bad.

For me the good was coop, environments, weapon crafting, and the twist with the brethren moons.

The bad was the mediocre story, op gun crafting, simplistic boss fights, universal ammo, more action-y less horror, micro transactions, and other stuff that I can't think of at the top of my head.

DS3 was ok at best for me. It honestly could have been more awesome, but I guess you can't everything in the world. I just hope DS4 will be better.

>> No.29829573

If there will be a DS4...

>> No.29829595

nay ideas of how DS4 would go?

>> No.29829631


>> No.29829646

You would need something capable of hurting a moon.

>> No.29829662

“Please wait for your partner CEC Engineer.” Was the message that flashed on the holo screen. The silence was deafening, as if the universe had to expound on the moment where Zaeed Masani, mercenary for over sixty years was about to be beat by a door interface.

“Dogs balls, I need to be at BOTH scaffolds, well now I have to go and find myself a vent to crawl in. What a shitty day I’m having.”

“Not as shitty as mine human.”

The pistol met no one, but he could see the tiny figure of the batarian walking towards him.

“I swear if you were about fifty paces closer I could make batarian salsa with your brain matter.”

The figure stopped dead in its tracks.

“They used to call me an idiot back on my freighter, but someone marching in alone into a ghost ship may have just taken my duncecap from me.”

“Is THAT how you want to convince me to let you tag along?”

“Oh why of course, because appealing to your sense of kindness will get me plenty of places.” His voice started to quaver, ever so slightly. “The last thing I expected was a trip with the safety wheels on. “ He steadied his breath. “Consider us… as working in the same space, not as a squad. “

Zaeed holstered his pistol, and waved the batarian over.

“You can Zero-G jump over here, there’s flat metal for your grav-boots on the wall.”

>> No.29829668

So, Disciple, did you think of something?

>> No.29829691

It would go with fighting the Brethren Moons. How you kill a bunch of them is something that would require loads of thinking.

>> No.29829718

We require something capable of cracking planets in some way.
Any idea what could do such a thing?

>> No.29829721

Next OP should have all the pastebins, Jukebox, Zaeed, Issac and 'ard Boy.

Speaking of which, did 'ard Boy ever get past "Chapter Nine" where Issac headed towards the lower decks for an engineering job?

>> No.29829742

then the brother moon boss fight would be controling someting as massive as a planet cracker, no questions

probable you go trough a few levels fighting your way to the brige/controls, lockdown so you dont get ambushed while controling it

then you get crackin'

>> No.29829749

You forget that it's character progression for Isaac as well.
In DS1, his Trial was of the Physical variety, no real mindfucking, just pain pain pain on the rapetrain.
In DS2, however, he was already used to the Necromorphs, but the Marker Avatar Nicole continuously fucked with him the entire time, and he surpassed his Mental trial after breaking through his insanity and going full circle into a sort of metasanity: TOO sane.
In DS3, he's been through both ordeals, where he was fucked with physically and beat the horrors down, and mentally, where he ripped apart his own inner demons. Now it's more about closure of the menace, as well as helping Carver get through HIS insanity. You know how in coop there are enemies that Carver sees and Isaac doesn't? Well, that's due to the Markers' influence. Isaac helped Carver get over his past and the loss of his wife and young son, and then all that was left was to finish the fight.

As you play through the first game, you are surprised constantly by Necromorphs jumping out of vents and slashing at you out of nowhere.
As you play through the second, you're on your guard against the threat you previously encountered, and can pulp that threat easily enough, but when the delusions start, it's harder and harder to discern what is real and what is not, like the funeral freezer chambers in the Church where it flashes a scene of all the reanimated bodies trying to get free of the coffins, then flashes back to normal. This paranoia is what you have to fight against most in that game.
As you play through the third game, you have to face the environment itself, from Quarantine battles to Hypothermia to landmines in space. You are used to the surprises, and you are used to all of the mental fuckery and help your partner get through THEIR mental issues and paranoia. When it's all said and done, you feel like it's all over after killing the BBEG?

Well, the Moons aren't done with you.

>> No.29829774

Throwing asteroids, comets, and meteors at the Moons, probably, like what Jukebox did.

>> No.29829830

dude, ship sized contact beam

>sold gibruld
yea, sold

>> No.29829850

They make sol go nova

>> No.29829858

Yes, it is going to be gibbed.
>Captcha: claimed initoff
Well, that doesn't really need much explanation at all.

>> No.29829870

Did ÁrdBoy ever continue his story? The last part that's on his tumblr is over a week old now.

>> No.29829883



no updates let





>> No.29829908

Thanks, anon.

>> No.29830193

There were stories about him. Countless like the stars that dotted the black heavens like the daemons of the Warp. He had even come across once during transit a Commissar and an Inquisitor telling stories about him over a glass of amasec, akin to children telling each other scary stories across a campfire.

However, this was nothing compared to the sight that he and his company was treated to in the cargo bay of the Litany of Unspecified Hatred this night. "It wasn't more than ten thousand heretics, I tell ye." Came the gruff voice of their heavy weapon specialist. Across from him was none other than an Astartes, black skinned and red eyed with his armor a deep green. "And I am telling you, Guardsman" he spoke, voice like a rockslide "It was twenty thousand heretics and three Chaos marines."

"And he died that day." The guardsman said, triumph in his voice. "Hardly." The Salamander smirked, his teeth a blinding white in contrast to his skin. "Brother Clarke is the Emperor's wrath unleashed, and he will never die."

No one felt the urge to disagree with him.

>> No.29830217

Guys I have a question. How would Isaac fare in Dark Souls?

>> No.29830283



Lordran is tough enough that even grade-A badasses can expect to get cheap shotted by bullshit once or twice. Isaac isn't an undead, he wont get back up after.

He can cut through Hollows with ease, but eventually he will come across something too big or too magical to handle, and he dies.

>> No.29830292


kinese to impale everything

stasis to freeze bosses

and stomping when he's bored

>> No.29830296

so so, he will resist any mindfuck ther might be and paranoia is deeply rooted on him so no problems on traps

the problem would be the crushing sadness if he makes friends with the lads there AND the fact ther isnt any modern/advanced tech

>> No.29830377

>Litany of Unspecified Hatred.
That name is oddly fitting.

>> No.29830506

Reading through these threads has gotten me finally playing Mass Effect. I'm in the beginning of 1 and I just came here to say - holy shit. What the hell is wrong with the merchants and their pricing?! I can sell my phat loot for ~20 credits an item, 110 if I'm lucky, and I can buy items for 5-10k. What is this bullshit? I have the Charm and Intimidate modifiers and it's still highway robbery.

>> No.29830551

It was the best I could come up with on short notice. The Litany of Litany's Litany was too cliché, so first I wanted to call it the Litany of Hate Unspecified, but that was a bit of a mouthful so I reordered it a little bit

>> No.29830583

At lower levels the loot drops aren't worth much. In the endgame you'll easily max your cash if you do most side quests and level up because the loot improves with you. It gets to the point where you regularly turn items worth 100k+ into omnigel because you can't hold all dat dosh.

>> No.29830668

so at low level you are barely making profit and at high level you drown in DOSH?

>> No.29830675

if i ever need to name a SM or CSM ship ill remember that name

>> No.29830697

Pretty much. Do your sidequests anon.

>> No.29830698

Hm, okay. I'm drowning in useless loot at the moment. I guess turning them into omni-gel it is then.

>> No.29830817

Thread #1 was where I was from

>> No.29831213

Alright, just to make sure you guys don't disown me forever, lemme elaborate my situation.

These past few weeks I've been helping my bud with some big projects. We've agreed that i would be there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Next week, I'll be free for the most part.

>> No.29831250

Altman be praised! Jukebox has returned!

>> No.29831269

>These past few weeks I've been MAKING EXCUSES

>> No.29831302


>> No.29831307

Just do your thing Juke, we will always LOVE you.

>> No.29831389


>> No.29831765

I forgot you could play as Isaac on skate3.

>> No.29831782

It was almost unanimous. All quarian hands went up, some almost before Isaac finished his sentence. Others found their arms only extending just an inch or two above their hooded heads. All in all, there were only three hands not raised; Shepard's, Tali's and Grunt's.

“So, I assume you guys aren't coming?” said Isaac. “Last chance or you guys gotta head out the door.”

“This isn't our ship, Isaac.” Shepard replied. “If something goes wrong....”

“I assure you, it's perfectly safe.” said Isaac as he closed the shockdrive's venting panel.

“I just hope you know what you're doing, Isaac....” Tali said, joining her hand with the thirty-odd hands already in the air.

“Ugh, fine.” Grunt said raising his hand. “No sense just walking out. Nothing else to do anyways.”

“I guess there's not much choice is there.” Shepard said. “Count me in.”

“What about everyone watching aboard the Rayya?” asked Rizea. I'm sure they'll be a bit worried when the signal just immediately disappears.”

“Rizea, they're watching and hearing everything we're doing here. They should know. Besides, there's a voyage recorder in logistics. I'll just remotely activate it from the cockpit. When we get back, everyone will be able to see the recording and we'll have about 15 minutes or so to set the livestream back up.”

The quarian orchestrating the stream activated his omni-tool, telling his partner on the Rayya to temporarily suspend the stream. A thumbs up signaled Isaac that everything was good to go. “Ready when you are Mr Clarke.”

“Alright then, everyone follow me to the cockpit. Let's get this show on the road.”

>> No.29831914

This is going to go bad. I know it.

>> No.29831939

But what if it doesn't? It's one of those long waits, you know something will go wrong, but what will it be?!?!?!? Spoopy

>> No.29831958

no shit sherlock

inb4 reapers

>> No.29832145

Right. We didn't stat Isaac in 40K.

WS5, BS8, S3, A3, T3, W5, I2, L8.

The rules are a whole different one...

>> No.29832245

im not sure if fearless aplies here, i mean sure he beat the shit out nightmare and all other kinds of horrifying shit but fearless? nah

>> No.29832302


>> No.29832312

More like stubborn.

>> No.29832346

Why not Brother Clarke?

>> No.29832351

Is there a stat for bad ideas, or the formation of bad ideas?

>> No.29832398

He'd be too OP even by Mechanicus standards...

>> No.29832606

Dunno how to pull that off.

>> No.29832730

Reaching the cockpit, the thirty or so quarians plus Shepard's crew gazed out of the Falcon's worn, scratched windshield. An endless sea of stars met their gaze, flowing forever into the horizon. Little did the occupants realize just how many of those stars they were about to pass. Isaac proceeded with the undocking procedure, activating the ship's engines and shockdrive. A list of coordinates appeared on the notification panel, appearing as a massive lexicon of numbers and characters, each leading to another point in the universe. Some pointed to planet-cracking operations that the CEC had committed several vessels to, others still pointed to numerous waypoint stations and CEC checkpoints, places that certainly didn't exist in this reality. Isaac eyed the list over, wondering where he should take the Falcon and its curious passengers. He remembered his earlier days in the corporation, where he was part of the engineering team of the USG Greenwich, a prospecting vessel not unlike the Falcon. They had set out to a stray planet out side of the milky way, where the corporation suspected large quantities of silicon resided. He remembered looking back towards the galaxy, its many spindling, ephemeral blue arms encircling its beautiful, glowing center. That was it. This had to be the place. This is where the denizens of this reality would first see their own galaxy from the outside looking in.

“Alright everyone, coordinates set. Hang on tight.”

Isaac activated the command console, hitting the 'Execute' Command under “set current course' option. The ship vibrated for a second, then, faster than the eye can see, the Falcon flew into the distance.

>> No.29832753


>> No.29832797


>> No.29832980

Just outside the galaxy, hmm...?
Well then.
Preemptive strike much?
Or just throwing the entire planet into a reaper invasion?
Oh god I just thought of something: if the Ishimura can do those planet-cracking operations with ease, what would they be able to do with a Reaper?

>> No.29833024

Cracking them up of course.

>> No.29833078

as said before
ship sized contact beam

>> No.29833181

Okay guys, need halp again.

How long does it take for a ship to go from relay to relay?

>> No.29833214

Near instantaneous.

>> No.29833250


>> No.29833255

I believe it takes 5-10 mins depending on how far it is

>> No.29833278


>> No.29833294


Mass relays create a 'corridor' of massless space-time between two locations, allowing a ship to accelerate to literally ANY speed inside it. Travel between two relays is instantaneous.

>> No.29833498

inb4 they crash on a reaper

>> No.29833813

“Alright everyone, take a good look around. Welcome to shockspace.” Isaac said, turning his seat around to face his audience. His helmet disassembled, revealing once more a tired, but triumphant face. “Any questions?”

Daro'Xen slowly walked towards the windshield, staring into the envelope of kaleidoscopic blue light. 'This... this looks just like relay travel...”

“Does it? I'd expected as much, they both work on similar principles. Both a shockdrive and a relay create a path of abridged space that a spacecraft can use to get across distances that could take centuries with FTL drives alone. Only difference you guys seemed to point out was how instantaneous it is. Going halfway across the galaxy takes about half an hour”

“Yes, yes....” Xen said as she placed her hand on the windshield. “This is... unbelievable... I... is this really happening?”

“Well... yeah. It's, uh... it's happening. I know it's new to you but, I'm pretty acclimated to trips like these. Speaking of which, we have about an hour until we have to de-shock, so get comfortable. Feel free to ask-”

“Isaac...” asked Shepard. “Where exactly are we heading?”

“Just a place I remembered from while back. Some strayed planetoid that we stripped for silicon. Back when I worked for a mining corporation. It's far enough away that you can see the whole galaxy too. I wonder if that little rock is still there... hey, is everyone okay?”

>> No.29833825

Oh shit I just realized something. There are currently 4 confirmed survivors from the sprawl incident. Isaac Clarke, Ellie Langford, Lexine Weller, and Tyler Radikov. you could also count Vandal but her fate is unknown

Why this is important is that Lexine holds a unique ability of being immune to marker signals She grew up on Earth where the original black marker is and is believed because of that she has an immunity to all the 'lesser' marker signals and she escaped with her unborn child It is believed that Lexine's child will have a similar ability to the motherProject Oracle Because when you think about it no child has ever been conceived from survivors who have lived through a Necromorph infestation. So EarthGov and Unitoligists want to know more about this for obvious reasons.

The last guys is Tyler Radikov who betrayed Vandal in disabling most of Titan Stations defenses so that the Necromorph infestation can go uncontested. After the final betrayal, and leaving Vandal for dead, he announced that the mission was a success and that he was 'coming home'.

Also fun fact Lexine Weller never met Isaac face to face before.

>> No.29833985

Half of the crowd seemed to be locked in a stupor, staring out into the constant stream of ghostly light flowing around the ship, looking out of the windshield and the few portholes that lined the ship. Others whispered to each other, wondering just what they should be thinking. They were on the first voyage to the space between galaxies, to the endless reaches of space. Galactic society had come a long way, mostly through the discovery of technology already laid out before it. Now it seemed it was happening all over again, only instead of being built by races extinct and unseen, one of its familiars was riding with them, sitting comfortably at the helm of the ship that even now carried them to a frontier unknown, a frontier that laid, for the moment, completely uncharted by any race. The thought was utterly baffling. The implications of what lay ahead, the endless possibilities that lay no more than an hour away, completely entrance everyone on board. Even grunt, whose only primary concern was violence and warfare, seemed to be impressed as he looked out of a small porthole into the teal tunnel of compressed space. Shepard helped himself to the co-pilot's seat, looking into the tunnel of glowing light that sped rapidly towards the ship. He wondered what his next move would be. What should he tell the council? The Illusive man? Just how many details should he divulge? The thoughts of cautious foresight gave way to astonishment and wonder as he looked deeper into the corridor that carried the Falcon ever closer to its destination.

>> No.29834157

Guys, what if Isaac was a Corpus Engineer? What unholy Tenno-killing mechanical monstrosities would he create? What awesome and needlessly brutal weapons would he make?

>> No.29834294

He wouldn't as he wouldn't be filthy Corpus scum.

He would seekret merchant who sells his DS gear. Because....MARKER BULLSHIT!

>> No.29834401

>any faction except Grineer
Who do you think invented the Rollers?

>> No.29834536

Someone say... merchant?
>Over heeyere, stranga.
>See anything you like? AHAHAAHHAHHAAAHHAAAHAH.

>> No.29834668


I'm waking up to shards and dust, slowly opening my eyes to see a wasteland of highly toxic crystals that my late father, Dr. Ignatio Mobius, discovered near the Tiber river in Italy, after which the extraterrestrial material was named. Since then, Tiberium has spread across the globe at an ever increacing pace, and developed many strains and variants. Most of the world is now a barren wasteland devoid of any life that wasn't "fit" enough to survive being mutated into something at the same time much greater than, but also little more than an empty, mindless husk of their previous forms.

All that stands between me and this crystal encrusted desert and tiberium-dust filled atmosphere is my RIG, short for Reclamation Initiative Gear. I never expected to wear this suit when it was still in its prototype stage, but Captain Parker initiated the events that demanded it several decades ago. No less surprised am I now, forced to wear one of the first production models intended for the GDI "Reclamator" Combat Engineers specialized in recovering land from the Tiberium infestation. Heavily armored on the outside with steel boots, greaves, gauntlets, helmet and overlapping plates covering nearly the entire body, the hermetically sealed inner layers are protected from the sometimes razor sharp edges of the crystalline structures that extrude themselves through the planet's crust from below, and, God forbid, incoming fire from the "brotherhood" extremists that tend to lurk in Yellow Zones. I have little to fear in that regard, though I can't say the reasons for that very much put me at ease. Red zones like these, not even Nod dares set foot in for longer than absolutely necessary.

>> No.29834689

I shake my head and my vision slowly clears somewhat. Recovering from the shock, I recall the impact. Our ORCA Dropship got caught in an Ion Storm, forcing us to fly low to the ground. A lightning strike seemingly deflected off of the anodic hull designed for such an occasion, but struck a field of the Vinefera variant. The resulting chain reaction shot countless shards in all directions like a FlaK shell from wars long past, but toxic. This mission was supposed to be a field test. It was a successful one, too, until the way back. Now I'm stuck here.

Finally getting up to my feet I skip checking my RIG for punctures. Had that been the case I would've died long before I'd managed to separate my eyelids. Instead I scan my immediate surroundings for my fellow researchers. I know at least another 2 managed to put on a RIG, as did a Reclamator Sergeant. The latter was easily found, shouting the names of his squad to the wrecked hull of the craft. I rush over to help him dig for the only answer he got. I throw the debris behind me and finally we manage to clear enough of it to get the RIGged man out of there. He identifies as Isaac Parker, one of my aides, son of Nick Parker. Funny how the world works like that. A medical check is skipped for the same reason as before. If the armor had failed, the suit would be punctured, and he could never have called for help.

>> No.29834690

Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. Silence encapsulated the Falcon as they continued to venture forth into the unknown reaches that lay beyond the milky way. Silence that found itself interrupted by a faint, but shrill beeping coming from the notification panel. Isaac turned around, checking it for the message that he'd been waiting an hour to receive.

“Alright guys, we're just about there.” Isaac said. “De-shocking an sixty seconds. Everyone hold on, this part gets a little bumpy. Everyone ready?”

Any passengers who were sitting or squatting immediately stood up, grasping whatever was close. Some were part of the dozen or so that were on board when the slavers attacked and knew what to expect from their haggard host. Some cringed to the guard rails behind the helm, others backed up against the walls. Shepard strapped himself in the co-pilot's seat, as Tali and Grunt. Braced themselves with the guard rail, which already hosted at least thirteen others.

“Closing exit vector...” Isaac said as the Falcon began to rock to and fro, its engines laboring with the stress of exiting shockspace. “De-shocking in five, four, three, two, one....”

The ethereal blue light immediately gave way to a cold backdrop of darkness that was barely penetrated by sparse clusters of stars. A small, round, bare body of rock floated aimlessly in front of the ship, its cratered, barren surface reflected a faint hint of light.

“And here we are, SMP- 24S, I remember when we cracked this little rock open for silicon and magnesium... so weird to see it back here, y'know?”

“Isaac...” Tali called out while stepping into the helm. “Didn't you say something about us being able to see th-”

“Oh, right!” said Isaac, cutting Tali off mid sentence. “lemme turn the ship around...”

>> No.29834716

"Connor! Poole!" The Sergeant has already moved on, obviously more worried about his own men. I cannot blame him, for so do I. I take Parker with me with the same goal in mind. We close in to what is left of the cargo bay.

"Anyone alive in here!?" No answer.

Isaac stops. "Hear that?"

I look at him inquisitively. "Negative. Clarify."

Over the past years the two of us have worked close together, an in that time he's learned that I've come to appreciate efficient use of language. His answer is indeed concise. "Knocking, 10 o'clock."

As if timed for him to finish speaking, a pile of rubble starts moving and we rush over to free whoever is burried beneath it. We got halfway there when the pieces of debris heavier than any one man should be able to lift were thrown from the pile in directions including ours. I duck and see Isaac do the same. When we look up, we see Raymond Forrester, electronics expert, or what used to be him. His suit half torn and covered in blood glistening with Tiberium shrapnel, the sense of relief that he was alive lasts for little more than a hundreth of a second. His wounds are no longer bleeding, covered in Tiberium crystal almost like scar tissue. I don't know for how long I've been unconscious, but under normal circumstances, Tiberium mutation is a process that can take weeks if not months to reach a stage half as severe, but this is a Red zone and hardly normal circumstances. Even taking into account how the Vinifera crystals had direct access to his bloodsteam, this rapid transformation is still a testament to the terrible concentrations of Tiberium in these zones.

>> No.29834741

Raymond starts running towards us and pulls back his fist as if to strike. Though barely, I block the fist with my arms. The already shattered armor of his gauntlet shatters and he cries out in a beastly roar. My previous question about the rate of mutation is answered as right before my eyes his bloody fist crystallizes into what I can only compare to a ragged knuckleduster grown right into his body. I turn to run at the same time as Isaac. We collide and fall while the mutated electronic engineer makes to continue his assault. I put my hands over my neck and head, instinctively curlin up away from the apparent threat, but the blow never connects. The Sergeant, I only remember his last name Vega, has heard the noise of flying rubble and rushed to the rescue in a way he hadn't expected. His multi-purpose rifle still at his shoulder, smoking, he swiveled his head around for any other potential threats before lowering his weapon. It was drilled into him for years so it came natural to him.

"What is a Shiner doing here?"

In a moment of shock I looked at Isaac, and his brain had come up with the same course of action. Not often at a loss for words, I stuttered a reply.

"T-That was... Y-you just... Fuck. Raymond! No!"

"Ray-... The electrics guy? Shit." He takes a deep breath. "I've never seen a motherfucker mutate that fast."

"We neither." Isaac replies.

Vega turns around. "This place is fucked up. Fucking Aliens."

"You believe that story?" Isaac asks.

"You don't?"

"I believe nothing until proven."

"Smartass scientists. To answer your question, I don't. Not really. But wouldn't you rather have someone to blame for this fucked up shi-"

>> No.29834828

Metaphorically F5ing so hard I may as well be dismembering a necromorph.

>> No.29834855

>Forgot to post RIG with the first post.

The dialog is interrupted by a guttural, gurgling roar. As I look around, Raymond is coming for us again, Tiberium crystals jutting from both entry and exit wounds from Vega's rifle. Another burst emerges from the muzzle as he quickly turns around. It stops the mutant for only a second. Another burst, and he... well, it takes another step back.

"Fucking bullshit! Die you shining motherfucker! I'm telling you to die already!" Vega's bursts have turned into continuous fire.

Isaac and I get up, running for the exit on the other side of the cargo bay. He makes a sharp turn. "What are you doing!?"

"Catch!" He answers as he throws something. I catch the tool, recognizing it as a plasma cutter tool for Reclamation purposes. Designed to cut thick Tiberium crystals with a bolt of superheated plasma generated by supersonic resonance. Having taken one for himself as well, he turns to stand his ground. "Sergeant, fall back!"

"Giving me orders now?" Vega complains, but complies nonetheless. Experienced enough to trust people when they warn him of something.

With his line of fire now free, Isaac starts firing the plasma cutter at Raymond. Shaking hands throw of his first shot, but the second hits him in the arm, cutting it clean off. The mutant roars again, and soon more crystals grow out of its shoulder. Vega is the first to realise the tactical implications.

"Cut off the limbs! He can't move solid crystal!"

>End of today's writefaggotry

>> No.29835227

My god... you're right! None other could invent a weapon of such potential.

>> No.29836212

Tyler James Vernon could.

>> No.29836334

I see what you wrote but all I understand is not Isaac Clarke. Therefore inferior cheap merchandise, come to Claarke's Death Emporium filled with the latest and greatest in engineer equipment which can just happen to be used as a weapon to fuck people's shit.

>> No.29836571

Tyler James Vernon anally raped hostile alien oppressors with Maple Syrup.

>> No.29837314


>> No.29837380


>> No.29837397

The Guardsmen were being routed.


The Commissar was interrupted by the blade protruding from his chest. He turned his face to get one look at his killer, and faced naught but a shadow. His last thought as his consciousness faded was how odd it was that a shadow could stab someone. It kinda confused him, made him... sort of sleepy...
He closed his eyes for the last time as a last cough of blood escaped his mouth.

It was too much for the guardsmen. Seeing the cohesive leader of their company slaughtered with the ease of a breath bent the last straw, and it finally broke when someone shouted:

The slaughter resumed in earnest, the Shadow taking its time to butcher the guardsmen too slow or too paralysed with fear to run away from the impending doom.
Only two imperial guardsmen were left. Step by agonisingly slow step, the black creature lumbered over to the two.

"Frak this shit, FOR THE EMPEROR!"
She ran forward, pulling out two krak grenades, and bit off their pins. She held them aloft like a torch as she sprinted at the abomination.

Too paralysed to do anything, the final survivor was painted red with the detonation, chunks peppering him with soft *Splattt!* sounds.

The Shadow remained standing, however. There wasn't a trace of the guardswoman colouring the surface. Feeling a small trickle down the inside of his pants, he stared deeper into the shadow, hoping that it was all a dream.
Gazing into the murky depths of an endless abyss, his mind was already blank as the blade swung down.



>> No.29837411

dont bump

>> No.29837567

Thoughts so far?

>> No.29837584

Insufficient info for any real judgement.

>> No.29837644

Keep goin.

>> No.29837961

I like it

>> No.29838154

It's Warhammer 40k with Grimdark

>> No.29838668

>Dead Space
>Command & Conquer

>> No.29838670

I can say the same to you bub

>> No.29838735


>> No.29838746

gimme a sec

>> No.29838886


>> No.29838937


>> No.29838965


Isaac cocked the joystick to the left, and the ship slowly rotated, gradually letting in traces of white light in through the portholes. As the Falcon halted on its yaw, her passengers immediately ran up to her helm. The light's source greeted them and they were soon graced by a sight that would be burned into their memories for the rest of their lives.

Bright, white light poured into the Falcon from every opening. Her tenants shielded their eyes as it shone on their faces. They paused, not sure id they wanted to look at what was in front of them. Looking at one's own galaxy before one's very eyes was a very jarring thought to people who had been restricted to it only a day prior. Now, as they slowly let their hands away from their faces, they beheld it. A great, blue and white spiral of stars, circling about a bright center, whose radiance knew no equal. To some, it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen, to others, it was terrifying to see one's home so far, far away, as there were no relays outside of the Milky way. Their only way to and from this little corner of deep space was on the steel horse they rode in on. Either way, a feeling of unequaled fascination swept the entire ship. It was a sight that was simply too haunting and too beautiful to ignore.

>> No.29839045


>> No.29839073

Cue Reapers or Pirates or Necromorphs(pls if any).

>> No.29839100

>and then a giant shadow passed between them and the galactic core.

>Everyone is silent, wondering what this could be. Except Shepard. He says just one word.


>> No.29839138

The Light At The End (Halo 3 ODST Soundtrack song) is playing, and woooooow I feel like I'm floating in the infinite void of space. It's like... it's Glorious...

Just as the music shifts to the 'danger' part of the song, this guy comes in. Wow. Cock. Block. Er.

>> No.29839206

Sorry for ruining your immersion, bruh. But you know that their are cumming.

>> No.29839210

My God, the engineers of Win, Nothing could be more effective short of an engineer class Shepard Joining up with them

>> No.29839266

You can't spell 'SCIENCE' without 'ZERO LIABILITY'.

>> No.29839311

You just wait.

>> No.29839330


There is only one song you are allowed to play for this moment:


>> No.29839839

Tali slowly walked up in between Isaac and Shepard. Simply awestruck by what she was seeing, she couldn't help but break the silence. “Isaac... this... it's beautiful...” she said, almost shaking. “Shepard...”

“Yes Tali, I see it...” Shepard said almost under his breath. Even he was almost robbed of speech, completely overtaken with an otherworldly sense of astonishment. He took Tali's hand in his and looked to her as she returned his gaze. Their mutual grip tightened slightly as they looked back out into the cosmos. Isaac couldn't help but chortle a little to himself, recalling Tali's sentimentality back aboard the Rayya. A few others who were likewise enamored held hands as well, as the sight of their cosmic home caused their hearts to burn with utmost admiration that only reciprocated as the equally burning heart of a kindred soul touched theirs.

Even the most violent and surly of the crowd, a certain Krogan who even now felt his eyes widen, felt an overwhelming feeling of sheer amazement.

“Never in Okeer's tank was anything beautiful shown to me... I guess the word didn't really place much importance for either of us.... “

“What do you think, Grunt?” Shepard said, still staring out into the glowing mass of stars.

“It's... pretty...”

A brief pause ensued just before Grunt spoke up again.

“So yeah, do we get to see the weapons now?”

>> No.29839873

A few thousand words later and the revision is completed.
Have at it chaps.
Will continue writing Ch2 The Deads Boogaloo

>> No.29839938

Aww yeah.

>> No.29839953


Perhaps this is appropriate.

>> No.29840288

Awesome. Can't wait for more.

>> No.29840584

every time I see that in the subject field I scream MAKEUSWHOLE inside

>> No.29840801

Fuck that, I wanna see an Elcor take on some giant Necromorph and beat the shit out of it.

>> No.29840951


He was in something you'd call a nightmare... again. One of those dreams where you can move and talk and shout and run but it will never do anything.
He was used to it, though.
The nightmare constantly evolved, trying over and over again to crack his will and drive him to the depths of terror.
And frankly, he was bored with it.
Feeling like you're falling isn't a problem when you're used to Zero-G; it's part of Mechanicus standard training!
Being chased by monsters wasn't a problem when you've faced worst than them, and after a while you can plainly tell the pain of being cut and hacked at is only imaginary. Master of your own body and whatnot.
Frankly, there was only one word to describe his feelings.
>"Magos, get up, quickly!"
>"I don't know, general, he seems to be responding!"
>"Then try THIS!"

He was ripped straight from his slumber when the cot he was resting on was kicked out from beneath him.

"WE SAIDDDDD, GET. UP!" His boots were thrown on his head.

Now they were just being mean.

"Now that's not very polite, Lord-General."

"Maybe. You know what else isn't polite? An Inquisitor -][- " He makes the sign of the Aquila. "knocking on our door in the midst of a battle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THRONE-FORSAKEN ATMOSPHERE, demanding to see you at the landing bay. I don't know what you did to attract the eye of the spooks, Magos, but you'd best hurry to them. You don't want to be turned into a servitor, do you?"

"No, Lord-General."

"Um, sir?" A third voice piped up. "Can we get back to the issue of the fanatics flinging themselves at our lines?"

The Lord-General glared at the Magos to get moving, and began speaking with his Aide-de-campe again.

Taking the hint, the Magos rushed as fast as his augmented legs could take him to the hangar. He was greeted by a few guardsmen here and there, friendly greetings all around.
Then he arrived at the hangar, and his pleasant mood was gone faster than he could speak in binary.

>> No.29840976

I wanted only 2 things from ME3's multiplayer, and the latter was never fulfilled.
1) A Volus Soldier in action
2) An Elcor Soldier in action

>> No.29841012

But there are Volus.
And Elcor can only really use missile pod mounts.

>> No.29841069

That's why I said the latter was never shown.
And how fun would it be to have a perfectly calm and collected living missile platform as a character?

>> No.29841116

An elcor could kick the shit out of both a Krogan or a Geth Juggernaut. Hell, just make them like the Geth Juggernauts, huge, can't take cover, but are really tanky/powerful.

>> No.29841284

I'm confused about the POV here

>> No.29842426

The POV is of the Magos 3rd person and NOT omniscient.

Patrolling the hangar and guarding the other passageway, painted red by the slaughter of the fanatics, were walking troopers, clearly veterans, armed with all sorts of weaponry from hellguns to heavy stubbers, and even autocannons.

But the ship was the most telling sign of who they were: with a large emblazoned -]|[- on the side.

The Inquisition was here. And so was the Inquisitor himself.

Standing as straight as a rail, hands clasped behind his back, was a black man garbed in a light blue overcoat with resplendent gold details. Running his fingers over his bald head, the Inquisitor noticed the Magos and his eyes lit up.

"Ah! Finally, someone to convince the machine spirits to cooperate! We were surprised to find out that you were the only Magos on the station, and rather pleased to find one of your skill at hand."

The Magos was simply confused now. "Um, my lord, don't you have people in your retinue who do that already?"

The Inauisitor suddenly wore a solemn mask on his face, mumbling, "Our tech priest was... he was killed saving the rest of our crew. He sacrificed himself to hold off Tyranids while we made our escape. He was one of my best."

Oh... That's what happened. The Magos gave a sympathetic nod to the Inquisitor. "My condolences, Inquisitor...?"

"Inquisitor Ditemann. My apologies for being distracted, I'll let you do your job," he pointed to a broken plasma gun on a tripod, "with fixing our Saint-blessed weapon," then pointing to the ship itself, "and we need to fix our engines as well. The machine spirit is refusing to allow us to leave. Our objective is on the planet below us, not on this warp-damned station, even if it IS of vital importance."

The Magos bowed to the Inquisitor, and set off to first repair the mounted plasma gun.


>> No.29843381

If you could choose between being able to stop hard enough to remove limbs from corpses and having a civilian RIG which... well, combines the functionality of a two way radio, smart phone, and a small hospital's worth of diagnostic equipment, which would you pick?

>> No.29843570

Did that event occur in one of the stories being written? When I drew that it was based on a random suggestion in the first thread.

>> No.29843635

I don't think it's explicitly happened in any of the stories, no. I figured everyone just kind of assumed that's went down.

>> No.29845010

>> No.29845030

Rolled 5, 9, 5 = 19

Civilian RIG.
I don't have much I need to stomp and the RIG is fucking sweet.

>> No.29845182

how about a glow in the dark pic for contrast?
then later, we could post a slightly smaller image of them both side by side

>> No.29845491


>> No.29845574

I kinda want to see a picture of Shepard and/or company freaking out a little at the sight of a run-of-the-mill Slasher, with Isaac blowing its arms off with a plasma cutter without even bothering to look.
>You get used to it
It's at times like these that I would like to know a drawfag.

>> No.29846265

I so want a military-grade RIG, then I could go anywhere and do anything

>> No.29846557

>there will never bee a gurren lagaan style gainax ending for dead space where isaac pilots a planet cracker lit with the same blue light and a similar shape as his plasma cutter

>> No.29846662

No, no! In the final battle, the last stand! Isaac calls upon the very power of the markers, taking his strength for his own. Thus energized, he'll throw himself off his ship and using the supercharged thrusters of his suit, he'll set himself on a collision course for the Brethren Moon.

>Mine is the foot that shall smash the moons!

>> No.29846712

>Isaac in Borderlands
>Skill trees: Engineer, Survivor, Heretic
>Action skill: MAKE US WHOLE
>Isaac's been through a lot. It's not the sort of thing you forget, and it's also the sort of thing you relapse into from time to time. Upon activation, Isaac perceives enemies as Necromorphs and flies into a rage; he gains a percentile damage bonus against all enemies within his hallucination, damage resistance, and his rate of fire is increased. In addition, his melee attack transforms into a powerful stomp that deals extreme amounts of additional bonus damage when used on a downed enemy.

>Heretic talent: FUCK YOU!
>Isaac now deals Critical Hits when he hits the limbs of any enemy under the effect of MAKE US WHOLE, in addition to the normal critical hits for headshots.
>Next tier: ...AND FUCK YOUR MARKER!
>The melee stomp of Isaac's MAKE US WHOLE now deals X% increased damage. In addition, the stomp now causes a shockwave. This shockwave will deal damage of the same type of your Relic. If your Relic does not have an element, it will deal Explosive damage.

>> No.29846922

> Engineer talent: Jury-rig King
> In his hands the cobbled together guns of Bandit are even deadlier. +X% damage with Bandit guns.

>> No.29846937

>+X% damage and -X% reload time
FIFY Bandit weaps take sooooo fucking long to reload

>> No.29847248

Alright, we're nearing page 8

Who's up for another round.

>> No.29847278


Right here, Jukebox. As long as I get to keep posting these Borderlands talent ideas, I think I'm hitting a stride.

>> No.29847286


Come page 8, I'm making a new thread.

>> No.29847295

I'll hold off a bit, then. Here I was, thinking of sleeping. Pffffffffffffft

>> No.29847302

Dude, you live in Australia or something? It's 8:30 A.M. from where I'm sitting

>> No.29847323

No, I live on the west coast of 'murrica. I've just been up all night, that's all.

>> No.29847342


Florida here. Yeah, I guess all nighters can take their toll.

Making new thread right now.

>> No.29847395

New thread's up


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