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So what 40k writters are worth knowing/reading/loving/hating?

Pic related started as hated by actually isn't that bad anymore

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Nick Kyme's books tend to be pretty narrow in focus, but he writes good stories.

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Dan Abnett.

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I like the Caiphas Cain stories but the writting is pretty shoddy

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derp, the Author is Sandy Mitchel

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>that fucking image
Have this, you earned

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This seems like the thread to ask: What HH book is this from? Also is the HH series any good?

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It loses points for the double-'t' spelling in the filename.

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Matt is spelled with two "ts" though
Like "Matthew"

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But "Mat" as in "Mat Ward" only has one. Even in this interview which /tg/ spent a few centuries raging over, that's how it was. And his earlier appearances in battle reports, Fantasy and LotR design notes, his rules for Catachan Devils in Creature Feature, and so on.

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It's the book 'Fulgrim,' I believe.

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None of them.

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Aaron Dembski-Bowder
Chris Wraight
Sarah Cawkwell
Dan Abnett
Scott McNeill
Matthew Farrer
Henry Zou

All others can burn.

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A 'dex is a dream Mat Ward makes.
When he's writing fluff
With Ward you will lose your Heart Ache
Knight warp sword and stuff

Have faith in dear ward and someday
Your codex will be op too
No matter how 'nids are dying
If you just stop your crying
The dream of Mat Ward will come true!

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Oh god. The faggottry in that interview physically pains me.

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does anyone have teh image in the OP of this?

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>The Ultramarines are the best Space Marines ever!

I imagine he flailed his arms as he said it

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nice repeating integers

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>Pic related started as hated by actually isn't that bad anymore

False. Still terrible, but fags lick his boots because he might decide their favorite faction should be more powerful

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