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What do you write, /tg/?

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Notes and campaigns that I'll never get to play

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It depends on the mood. Right now, I wouldn't write anyones name, but who knows tomorrow.... who knows...

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Well, yeah. You wrote them in fucking Deathnote.

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Nice cropping

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>Margaret Cho
I really do despise her comedy.
>first 10 years of her career
"My mom is so Asian. She's all, 'Me rikey flied lice, me rikey flied lice.' What's up with that?"
>2000 to present
"Why, oh why are Asians so stereotyped in the media? Who is responsible for this?"

Who indeed, Cho? Who indeed?

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Start out with Obama, Putin, and a majority of other world leaders who suck. Then I proceed on to all heads of Blizzard Entertainment and it's Parent company.

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>insert uninspired pun here

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NOOO! NOT PUTIN! He's amusing!

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She's a dumb cunt who was never funny, and I hope she gets slapped in the face with a cock daily.

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degenerate detected

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The only way a quest with a heterosexual female lead will ever exist.

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You forgot the US Congress and Sarah Palin.

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How is this even a contest?

Sean K. Reynolds

Dies choking on Monte Cooke's dick

Monte Cooke

Gangrene of the dick

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Stan Lee
Let's cause the universe to collapse on itself

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That's it. "Parroting" is now a reaction image sub-folder.

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Shitty lost legion female marine of soritas fan fic.

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A book about a bunch of weirdos going east in a post-apocalyptic earth.

I think I'll try to get it published when it's done. I've never written anything so bloody long before in my life.

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>Being this fucking oblivious to the topic.

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Well, I wouldn't phrase it so crudely; I prefer to refer to her as the worst thing to happen to Korean people since Juche thought. But I admit, when I heard her refer to herself as "in all honesty the best comedian alive today" in one of her books, written when both Carlin and Pryor were still alive, my primary language became Profanity for a few hours.

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Every Quest Runner
/d/ on /tg/

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Fuck off /tg/ is /d/-lite

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Indeed, especially these ones.

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Your point?

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>Oh look a normal thread
>I better turn it into board politics

Fucking really guys?

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World of Darkness erotica and some standard non-world erotica.

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You know the funniest thing? I actually personally spoke to Brad Swaile just this last Friday.

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That's not funny at all.

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What's wrong with wanting to dead quest threads?

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VA for the guy who plays the crazy killer in Death Note.

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I write mods for Dominions.

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if I found a deathnote I'd just put a "This book belongs to _________" thing on the first page and then throw it away

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>thread that has nothing to do with traditional games
>thread about killing things you don't like
>not already shit

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Quest threads tend to have nothing to do with /tg/ and yet make up about half the board. Also they encourage namefaggery.

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Learn to use filters, then whine about the (significantly fewer) quest threads that don't write "quest" in the subject line instead.

Or alternatively, you can fuck off.
/tg/ serves as a containment board for quests, and you can't really change that.

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>People are making shitty threads on one of the few good boards.
>People complain about this.

Fuck off.
You literally made your own site for this crap and you just refuse to use it.

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But that site is shit.

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>few good boards
>ever good

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How to deal with a thread you feel is "shitting up" "your" board:

Step one: Write a comment of "I do not feel this belongs on /tg/." and put "sage" in the e-mail field.

Step two: Hide the thread by pressing the minus button in the upper left.

Step three: Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Thank you so much sir

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Sean K. Reynolds
Monte Cook

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As a QM I'm biased, but I actually love /tg/, both as a board to discuss traditional game and as a convenient place where I can run quests. Half the reason I run here instead of another site is that I actually prefer this user base to others. I guess that makes me the cancer that's killing the board, but even cancer has its place in the world, right? Or else it wouldn't exist.

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/tg/ is covered in shitty threads, constantly in fact most threads are just bad. The fact the some of them are quest threads does not make quest threads special.

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We have had times where literally all the threads on the front page were quests.
But that's okay because fuck everyone who doesn't fit your particular niche right?

If /tg/ sucks so bad why don't you just leave?

You can do all the things required for questing, your own toxic community is the only problem.

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You're a monster.

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The board is not fast enough for quest threads to do any significant damage to experience of people who for one reason or another dislike quests. Especially with addition of the catalog in base functionality there is literally no way a good thread would be in danger of drowning in quests. So, instead of complaining about quests, how about you start a good thread about something else? Maybe it'll capture some quest players and kill off some bad quest while you're at it.

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>front page

I see.

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People who complain about tumblr on 4Chan. I don't use tumblr, so I'd never even have to be aware of the idiocy of some slice of their user base of people just grew a pair and ignored them. Instead, normally on-topic boards become shittier.

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Well, technically cancer is they failure of damaged cells to kill themselves in order to preserve the collective.
Go figure what you just called yourself.

Also, I don't hate quests but most are pretty shitty and pointless. Still more useful than threads about systems I don't care about.

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Why don't you leave if you don't like /tg/?

Instead of contributing or doing anything of board relevance, you sit here and whine. Go in a thread, ask about a game, offer advice or participate in storytime, instead of just complaining. If you care about /tg/ so much, then to things that are of board relevance, instead of sitting on the sides, commenting how things were better before, and doing nothing to change how things are now.

Come on, lets do it. Instead of having another shitty thread about quests and why they do or don't belong here, tell me about your games or what do you enjoy doing that's /tg/ related. Or, if you want to keep with the topic (not that we had one), let's do this. How would you throw in the Death Note in a campaign? An artifact that only Gods of Death have any access to? Or something dropped by trickster demons to fuck with people?

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Let's not pretend its me who is the problem here.

Questers don't just have quest threads, they talk about quests in other threads and even have meta threads for their quests.

But because I in one thread dare complain about I am the one who is off topic.
Fuck that, and fuck your attempt to redirect this.

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>Instead of contributing or doing anything of board relevance, you sit here and whine. Go in a thread, ask about a game, offer advice or participate in storytime, instead of just complaining.

Maybe he is, you can pay attention to more than one thread at a time.

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Questers don't just shit up quest threads. A large portion of the board has never even played a traditional game, but feels a need to give their opinions about them. The only saving grace is their social ineptitude is so blatant that you can just ignore them, but they really shouldn't be here. /tg/ is for traditional games, not shitty free form forum rp.

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There is no problem, the problem is manufactured. This is evident by the simple fact of your ability to ignore quest threads.

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>Questers don't just have quest threads, they talk about quests in other threads and even have meta threads for their quests.

And this bothers you?

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>Questers don't just have quest threads, they talk about quests in other threads and even have meta threads for their quests.

And yet I've never heard anyone say 40k should leave and go to Warseer.

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Considering that 90% of quests are so bad I wouldn't consider it fit to wipe my ass, yes, I do.

I ignore quest threads. Too bad you shit up every other thread on the board too.

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I think /quest/ would be a nice board to have.

If only to rename this place /40k/

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Those are some strong opinions you're having, mate. But if you think these people (myself included) came here with quests, you are sorely mistaken. Nor would they leave if quests were banned. So if your complaint is that /tg/ should be your personal elite club, you are weeping at wrong grave. And Anonymous one to boot.

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At least 40kfags actually play traditional games.
Questfags set a really low bar to beat in board contribution.

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40k quests are told to fuck off as well. Quests are the problem.

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Just like 40K!

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Did you just ascribe all problems on this board to one group defined by participation in a type of RPG you don't like?
That is not even 'the jews did it'-level. That's 'drinking beer makes you a bad person'.
I participate in quests and I have two regular games a week.

90% rule. Only 10% of anything is worthwhile. Ever.

How is this worse than discussing discontinued systems?

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>no matt ward
I thought I knew you, /tg/!

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>Quests are all bad and I hate them
>I ignore quest threads

You have solved your own problem.

You choose to piss and moan about it because you have just as much autonomy to do so on an anonymous image board as anyone else. You are not afforded special posting privilege because you happen to not enjoy quests, and neither are questers for the opposite reason.

That you continue to prescribe an outcome you have repeatedly admitted to ignoring outright is speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You are bitching just to bitch.

I would take a hundred nordic furry waifu quests over someone who contributes exactly fuck all to the board by whining that there are too many threads about "[x]".

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>Questfags don't play traditional games

Ok guess I better call ahead and tell everyone that Friday's session is canceled.

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/tg/ sees the light of Lord Ward, our Spiritual Liege, peace be upon him. You will find few unbelievers here.

>> No.29809618

>Wishing death upon our spiritual liege
What is wrong with you

>> No.29809620

Blessed is he, our lord and savior.

>> No.29809623

>Implying Ward could die even if some one was foolish enough to desire it

>> No.29809646

The question now is, how long do you have to wait after questing before you are allowed to play traditional games again?

>> No.29809653

I don't see how not wanting questfags who don't actually play /tg/ related games to post in /tg/ is me "personal elite club".

It's like giving advice about cats when you have never owned a cat in your life. You make yourself look like a moron and waste everyones time.

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>questfags who don't actually play /tg/ related games

I reiterate. >>29809577

>> No.29809715

A lite novel.

>> No.29809770

Which is a construct of your own. You have no evidence to support that on an anonymous image board. Just because it sounds logical in your head does not mean it's true.

>> No.29809776

Recently, mostly smut.

>> No.29809811


That may be, but for one it's not your place to dictate who should or should not lurk or post here, and neither is it your place to dictate what they post, especially if they passed your arbitrary 'personality test'.

Also I think you'd be surprised if you knew which 'roleplaying advice' was given by actual roleplayers and which by 'questfags', since all you can do is guess which is which based on your feelings.

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>> No.29809848

>questfags who don't actually play /tg/ related games

Where are you getting this from?

>> No.29809862

...I loved that guy...

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>> No.29809889

I'm not the guy bitching about quest threads, but this thread sure is a great example of why quests are shitting up /tg/.

>thread not at all related to quests
>is now about quests

(And, for the record, I do have quests filtered out. Too bad that's only a thread filter, and not a "every fucking post about quests ever" filter.)

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Check out the "/tg/ Confessions" threads that pop up every now and again. You get tons of questfags that pop in to say shit like "I only come here for quests and think most games are dorky shit that only super betas play."

>> No.29809944

If it wasn't for antiquestfags and their bitching in the first place, then yeah, this would remain a thread not at all related to quests.

>> No.29809949

Books. I used to release them on /tg/. Nowadays I just keep up the practice.

>> No.29809970


I really am sorry man but it's hard to stand by and just watch yourself get slandered.

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>> No.29810011

You could have been adults and just let them have their hate without saying anything.

Instead you went ahead and shit up an already shitty thread with your stupid quest bullshit.

>> No.29810021

If it wasn't for questfags and their skin of tissue paper then this wouldn't have happened.

>> No.29810025

Indeed, he just killed 4/5ths of the board!

...Enjoy drowning in teenaged summerfags...

>> No.29810026

Way to ignore things and practice what you preach.

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>> No.29810044

"All the fun I deem as wrong," knowing /tg/

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>> No.29810062


>Quest thread
>/d/, Smut, and ERP
No dude, these people are cool.


>pic related
>It's my paladin laughing at you

>> No.29810074

>Check out the "/tg/ Confessions" threads that pop up every now and again.

Ok. Foolz is down so I can't really search for other examples, but given the sheer amount of non-quest related content that's on this board right at this moment, I'm still going with "you're a massive bitch."

>I'm not the guy bitching about quest threads, but this thread sure is a great example of why quests are shitting up /tg/.

Utter and complete cunts who think they own the board whine and complain that there are too many quest threads. Yes, we know.

>> No.29810077

Possibly the most elitist post I've ever seen on this board. You literally compiled a list of things you don't like, but are otherwise board-relevant or at least presented in a board-relevant fashion.

>> No.29810136

>hating on /d/, Smut, and ERP

How does it feel like being the no fun cancer?

>> No.29810145


I feel there's a bit of a difference between ignoring things you don't like and not responding to criticism.

Not that I should be doing it regardless, but I do think they're not quite the same thing.

>> No.29810155

I prefer this version

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>> No.29810215

It's not congress that's the problem anon, it's the big companies that line their pockets that are

>> No.29810227

oh god I can't stop laughing

>> No.29810235

So it should say
>corporate America

>> No.29810243

>>/tg/ related

Yeah, eat a bag of dicks. There are literally millions of place on the internet for you to get your fap on, some of them are even on 4chan, /tg/ is not one of them.

>> No.29810257


you say that as if 'problems' are zero sum.

/I'll get around to it.

>> No.29810276


>> No.29810278

Kim Jong Un.

He dies eating and entire bathtubb of beans.

>> No.29810334

If it weren't for questfags, there wouldn't be antiquestfags.

>> No.29810388

The cure is worse than the disease.

>> No.29810394

>> No.29810429

The cure wouldn't be necessary without the disease.

>> No.29810430


I believe you misspelt *mudslimes

>> No.29810442 [DELETED] 

So much this.
Remember times when you had a front page that wasn't just quests and generals? And what's wrong with it, you may ask? It fractures the community and creates small niches people occupy, hurting the quality of posts.
And I do contribute. I create threads and I post in others that I think are creative. I've been a part of Chapter Master team till the very end I made some small website for /tg/, but, guess what? Creative threads tend to get pushed down by yet another monster waifu quest mccxiv

>> No.29810483

>Couple of people bitching very occasionally.
>Continuous unending posts and creepy fanfiction taking up most of the board.


>> No.29810486

fuck everyone

>> No.29810488

not even a quest thread apologist but
>Chapter Master
you're pretending that you're playing a game that doesn't exist based on an actual game that does exist

>> No.29810564

>But I loved Chapter Master

You have invalidated any opinion of quests you may have.

You are the dumbest person in this thread and possibly on the board.


>> No.29810570


No, it is naht.

>> No.29810588

The list of things in that image are as follows:
>Quest Threads
Communal storytelling is the oldest traditional game there is, before rules were even drafted for the concept of a 'game'. The notion that they're not board related because you don't have little miniatures or stat sheets or die rolls is asinine (and most of them do anyways, in some capacity), and the mods agree. Cry more.

Communal. Storytelling. The fact that the appeal of the story is erotic rather than adventurous is a matter of taste, not the core of the concept itself. And you're doubly fucking butthurt on this one because the ERP doesn't even HAPPEN HERE. If ERP threads aren't allowed, then neither should Warhammer or Magic the Gathering, because the threads are just people talking about playing the games, which is by your definition insufficient to be board related.

>Weekend Smut Threads
Nobody just shows up and starts posting unrelated porn. Everything is board culture related, which you would know if you even cast a glance at the writefaggotry, which is like 95% Warhammer 40K related. NSFW material is reported and deleted as per the board rules.

You just have a stick up your ass about things that don't fall into your very narrow view of what a game is, and apparently anything with an erotic overtone or subject matter is immediately invalidated no matter the context or the ACTUAL CORE FUCKING CONCEPT OF WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE DOING.

So no, bro. You eat a bag of dicks. Or suck moot's until he changes the board into exactly what you want it to be. Until then, quit bitching about other peoples' fun and hide the threads you don't like if they're so insufferable.

>> No.29810604


>> No.29810611

No, I've been working with actual development of this game till we've lost the coder.

>> No.29810644

I don't consider quest threads a problem. They are easy to ignore and /tg/ is so fucking slow that they hardly affect the board.

I don't even use the quest threads. As far as I can tell; you are just being a whiny faggot that gets off on being a pedantic shitheel that contributes nothing to the board except shitposting.

>> No.29810655

Everyone. I just want the third impact to happen.

>> No.29810665


I fully support this. Worst fucking board/circlejerk on 4chan.

>> No.29810669

>>Nobody just shows up and starts posting unrelated porn
>>Bitches for Thulsa Doom

Nope never happens at all...

>> No.29810698

>some other guy was pretending to make a game
>then he stopped

>I made a website tho

You are using board space to play pretend. You are a questfag, as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.29810705

I want to see what happens.

>> No.29810725

all the countries with black scribble on them

>> No.29810746


>> No.29810747

>I don't consider quest threads a problem.

Many do, and so they've become your problem too.

>> No.29810765

Just the people in them, I hope; I want to own my own mountain in Africa.

>> No.29810769

>containment board
Perfect use of the word.

Does it mean that I -like- having /tg/ become the new place for Forum Games instead of Traditional Games? FUCK NO.

>> No.29810775

Just one thing from your list:
>Communal. Storytelling.
Ha, that's good. Talking about how you want to fuck a preggo loli or be her is a communal storytelling? Then you should probably visit /b/ for your fix.

>> No.29810784

>not killing australia
You would kill every dangerous and disturbing animal on the planet anon

please kill australia, please

>> No.29810788

>And with strange aeons even death may die.

>> No.29810797

That still leaves the oceans.

>> No.29810803


>> No.29810816

>not 'with strange aeons'

>> No.29810819

Not who you're talking to, but people who hoot about imagined problems until their hooting itself becomes a problem is something I like to imagine is constrained to Tumblr. I don't often say "C'mon, 4chan is better than that", but... really. C'mon.

Roleplay. Your opinion on the topical matter is irrelevant.

>> No.29810824

The oceans can stay, I really like to eat fish and if dying because of horrible sea monsters is the price, so be it

>> No.29810840

If they are that easily offended they can go to reddit for all I care.

>> No.29810862

If you are that easily offended you can go instead.

>> No.29810875

Eat a dick.

>> No.29810880

Other website, my friend. Unrelated to quests, chapter master or whateverhaveyou, it's intended to be a resource for GMs.

Also, we were working on it. I spent long hours with photoshop before it went to shit and I wouldn't mind doing it again. I know /tg/ is the last place you should be looking for appreciation of work.

>> No.29810921

I do exactly that and I still end up having to scroll past massive blocks of quest threads. I shouldn't need to.

When people come to /tg/ now they see quests. They see forum games. We're not the board for forum games.

>> No.29810966

>I shouldn't need to

That's where you're wrong. Because that's board material, and it belongs here, and you are literally whining about the board not catering to what you want to see and only what you want to see.

Get over yourself. The board does not need your permission to function as the userbase as a whole directs it. Questfags have even been GRACIOUS in trying to mark their threads for easy blocking.

>> No.29810968

Such hostility, maybe you should go to reddit to chill out.

>> No.29810975

Effort does not equal victory.

I'm sure you tried, though.

>> No.29811032

Splitting my time between an urban fantasy novel, worldbuilding/plotting for a more traditional fantasy campaign and my history dissertation.

>> No.29811039

Why should I care about more 40k? I had enough 40k to last me several lifetimes and I don't desire more.

I think 40k hasn't been good since the 90's but you don't see me making fucking threads about how I think it's a waste of /tg/.

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