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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and the like if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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DISCLAIMER: While these threads are quite tolerant of many different forms of /d/eviancy, you can't just assume that everyone will automatically share your kinks. There's nothing explicitly preventing you from talking about your fetishes, but if someone has one that you dislike, please do not derail the thread with a flamewar- there's plenty of smut for everybody here.

Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

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Reporting for duty sir!

Also, a random question: any drawfags hang around anymore?

And hwo do you become one (because my art fucking sucks but I want to get better)

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What may I ask is that bumpy strip we see on her tail just below her waist?


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I'll give you the same advice you'll hear from every artist forever: Practice Every Day. Even if just, like, 10-20 minutes.

I'm coming back to drawing after a lengthy hiatus and it never gets easier. It's surprising how fast your skills diminish without use.

I'll start taking requests next weekend. Probably.

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Monster Girl consentacles. Is there a better kind?

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There is not good sir...

...Well, I guess it does depend on how many there are and to what degree they are monstrous.

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love that imgur

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I like your art style, even if your pictures and subject matters aren't my thing.

So good work!

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Making a request here. I've always found there is a criminally tiny amount of /ss/ femdom between a human boy and delicious brown elf women. Would /tg/ care to remedy this a bit? Sound like a project anyone would be interested in?

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the SS interests me, unfortunately I don't care for femdom :(

however many writers here do. Just hang around for a bit.

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>even if your pictures and subject matters aren't my thing
You don't like smut? What are you even doing here? Or is it too vanilla for you?

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I like femdom, but it's not required. If I had to choose between my smut having /ss/ or femdom, I'd pick /ss/, so i'm with you there.

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I do like smut, just that particular smut doesn't do it for me.

But, I really like the art style and think it is well done!

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Added to the list...

>> No.29801039


I do femdom that boarders on /ss/.

Unfortunately no elves.

But I would read it if someone does it.

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I'm out for the night, see you gents later

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Thanks for adding the story!

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Lich's Labour Lost really begins with Part 1.

I cut it short after 3,000 words, though things are going slow. Nothing erotic here either, but I'm enjoying writing story elements and worldbuilding quite a bit. I hope that you'll also likewise enjoy the buildup and context before your sexings as much as I do.

For those pining for lusty fic, Firefly/Elf World will come next week as a priority, and ill try and ensure LLL part 2 has at least some lewdness to tide you over before we get to the hot'n'steamy stuff.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome, as is fan art.

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>enjoy the buildup and context before your sexings
the buildup always makes it better, more savory

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Likewise, I like your clean, simple, engaging (and colourful!) artwork. Again its mostly a little confusing due to lack of the context most of the stuff was drawn for, but even so I find the hints of characterisation enticing. Looking forward to seeing you do more work!

We can never have enough drawfagging. Those of you starting out, don't feel intimidate or shy because there's some truly amazing work being posted. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we all appreciate effort when we see it. Draw what you like, keep drawing, and share your lewds with us.

Don't be put off too much if one or two trolls shit on your work, the bulk of us will appreciate it, I assure you.

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Robots for inspiration.

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trying to get more into this stuff.


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Fuck you insomnia!

I try to do that here to, must be a /tg/ thing that we all appreciate it

Good to hear. It's still shit, but I'll see if I can make up anything passable

Fuck yes

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Ok, so my recollections of yesterday are kinda hazy, but was someone doing an inquisitorxtyranid fic? cuz I'm pretty hyped for that shit

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Delete that and repost it censored or something.

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Yeah, we're tolerated as long as we obey that particular rule.

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so drawfag wise, where's a good start subject matter wise?

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whatever is most interesting personally, starting off, you can be easily disuaded if you don't have determination and motivation to see it through, and if you don't like the subject, its even harder

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Tits. Perhaps with dicks in the vicinity of them.

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Lewd womyn.

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enough I hope. Sorry bout that.

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Better. Just remember that it's sfw so long as nipples and genitals aren't showing.

>> No.29802247


no noodly bits = good to go

>> No.29802264

I'm sort of picking away at something along those lines, but I'm terrible at extended writing projects, so can't guarantee it'll ever be finished.

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I second the requests for a lewd fantasy woman exposing her breasts. Perhaps a shy half-orc girl bursting free from her inadequate corset? just some ideas.

>> No.29802319

Clam yo tits, I'm a writefag, I was asking advice about drawfaggotry. Give me some warmup before youbombard me with requests :P

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Goodnight for real this time all

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It is sad, I like Centaurs (and thus most of The Road Home http://pastebin.com/avxFXAn4), but I don't like fisting.


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What about a shorter one then?

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I'm working on some Malekith/Morathi/Hellebron muck and I have to ask: do WF elves have body hair?

>> No.29803951

AFAIK, theres no consistent anwser, so feel free to have pubic hair if it floats your boat.

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Maybe elves have body hair, but since they're so long lived the hair grows incredibly slow. So if an elf wants to grow a beard or have pubic hair, they can. But if they want to keep it smooth, it'll stay that way for much longer.

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They higher the elf, the less hair.

So low elves are like cro-mags, while high elves are hairless, no eyebrows.

>> No.29804194

looking good, can't wait for more

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So, wood elves have forests around their trees?

>> No.29804605

Is that a grown up Lofn?

Sexy as fuck.

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*Badum Psh!*

>> No.29804752

I don't think so- notice the Inquisition symbol on her necklace.

BTW, anyone seen Lewd recently? It's not like him to miss these threads.

>> No.29804762

you have to say his name three times to summon him

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Don't try to cheer us up FakeLewd, it only makes the pain worse.

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...dude, that's the real one.

We thought you wouldn't make it. Good to see you got here.

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I have awakened. Looking back at the previous thread, it looks like everyone's been busy.

Beginner, excellent work on "The Rider and Her Gryphon." The pace, buildup, atmosphere, characters, and action were all fantastic. Please consider me a fan!

There was something I forgot to ask when I posted the new lamia story. In thread 1, we had a discussion about what the ladies like in there smut and I tried to keep it all in mind while I was writing. I know girl on girl may not be to your interests, but if there are any femanons online this evening, would you be so kind as to give me a little critique in that regard?
In particular, I was going for an emotional connection between the two that did not end when the sex did. Also, as it was from a female's perspective, how did I do in that area?

I apologize for attention whoring, but I feel some feedback in that direction would do my writing no end of good.
Thank you for your consideration.

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That's actually a clipping from the OP image.

>> No.29806157

Seeing that I am the OP, I really should have noticed that.

Well, I have one more trick up my sleeve. Lewd-Signal, activate!

>> No.29806728

Beginner's probably asleep now, but I'm sure he'll get back to you sooner or later. And it's not attention whoring- you make OC and you're entitled to get critique on it.

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>Fave story? (I intend to revisit characters so...)
I really liked the one with the squidgirl and the fisherwoman. Squidgirls don't get enough love and there's no such thing as too much consentacles. Not to mention the characters were fun. Drunk Fisherwoman x Jerky-Addicted Squidgril is some GOAT pairing.

And while I didn't care as much for the characters, we could always use more Dullahan smut.

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Okay, um... wow. So I went to check the Master List, and I saw this to the side, where the new pastes for the site are listed.
I-I think it's supposed to be smut. I'm not entirely sure...

Katia Gets a Job

I only skimmed, but it looks like Katia from Prequel takes a potion that gives her a dick. And then things happen.

Thought someone here might find it interesting.

>> No.29807331

Prequel is that webcomic, right?

>> No.29807333

/r/ing an image of reasonable daemonette leaning over a desk offering a form of "Soul acquisition" with a pen in her ample cleavage

>> No.29807456


It looks like we're not the only ones that use pastebin for smut!

>> No.29807458

Sorry, it's just a random inquisitor I doodled up:S But glad to hear you appreciate it. must be the tyranid

I understand you, it's the same with my drawings. I still hope you'll do something, though<3

>> No.29807673

It's a journal style "story" where she talks about sex toys she tries out for a new job.
Not much detail, most of it just allusions and metaphor as if the author was too embarrassed to actually make it smutty. Lot's of beating around the bush, as it were.

"Entries" do get a bit longer and more detailed as it goes along. At times it's rather humorous.

>> No.29807712

Monster boy Consentacles.

>> No.29807787


Who draws these pictures, because they're bloody hilarious. Is there an archive somewhere?

>> No.29807845

Lewdanon is what we call him/her/it/tentacle and the best collection is contained within the master smut link pastebim

>> No.29807868

We call him Lewdanon, but that's about it. He comes and goes as the smut/adorable/hilarious leads him, and has no archive of his own.

We all agree that he's great, but he's a slippery, mysterious sonuvabitch.

And we haven't seen him all weekend.

>> No.29807869

We seriously need to make a gif with blinking christmas lights that highlight the pastebin post.
Maybe type it in all caps?

>> No.29807971 [SPOILER] 

>clean, simple ... artwork
>a little confusing due to lack of the context
I'm working on a webcomic, which is why I'm leaning toward simple line art and backgrounds. Just consider it Rule 34 in advance.

>> No.29808004

>Zoning/sanity laws disallow you to have a slaaneshi gf in your apartment

>> No.29808023

Be sure to link us the comic when you get it all squared away. I wouldn't want to miss any of it!

>> No.29808038

Not going to lie. Your art is good, but your writing is reminiscent of immigrants and drunks.

Still do you take lewd requests?

>> No.29808204

Rather unusual of him not to show up for one of these, really, Maybe he's got RL stuff to deal with. With any luck it's nothing too serious.

>> No.29808278 [SPOILER] 

Of course.

The w-writing is supposed to be bad on p-p-purpose, guys! It's ironic! I just have a lousy sense of humor, and they're all inside jokes anyhow.

>Still do you take lewd requests?
Not from you, no.

>> No.29808336

>Of course
Excellent. Best of luck!

>Not from you, no.

>> No.29808342

Stay the fuck off my rug.

>> No.29808393

>Not from you, no.

>> No.29808890 [SPOILER] 

I'll try drawfagging next weekend. Just be the first to pique my interest.

>> No.29808927

Awesome. Be sure to do a quick read-through of 40k background stuff- odds are you'll get a lot of requests related to it.

>> No.29809007 [SPOILER] 

I've been on /tg/ long enough to have acquired much of the 40k lore merely via osmosis. Still, I'm much more likely to fulfill requests related to classical fantasy. Unless you really want to see lewd female space marines.

>> No.29809139

More than anything.

>> No.29809329

Funnily enough I was contemplating writing a story about the lost 2 chapters being female space marines with lewd happenings just a few hours ago.

>> No.29809358

Do you people care nothing for canon?

I'd be most interested in drawing a scene from a writefag's story, though.

>> No.29809368

>Don't be put off too much if one or two trolls shit on your work, the bulk of us will appreciate it, I assure you.
...Last time I posted a drawing it got deleted...


Of fucking COURSE WE DO!!!

>> No.29809459

I had contemplated naming the story "The Deepest Heresy" or some such, and ending it with the Inquisitor who'd dicked the female space marines getting purged by Louis Cypher who reveals that he's actually Alpharius Omegon and the Head of the Inquisition. As fun as the story idea sounded in my head though, I dont think it would work out as more than a "wouldn't it be cool to troll the 40k lore nerds" thought experiment.

>> No.29809519

We have our own, much better canon. That said, have any of the stories in the archive piqued your interest? I could suggest a few if you want.

>> No.29809606

Isn't smut but Lewdanon's piece everyone seems to have missed.

>> No.29809642

That's actually a fairly old one, although it is an accurate depiction of what happens over at BL.

>> No.29809671

>not lolth

>> No.29809721 [SPOILER] 

I still need to go through the archives. If there are any thread favorites, I'd like to be made aware of them.

Regardless, anything I do will just be line art, since that's what I'm working on currently. Trying to get my skills back up to speed. Someone else can do the coloring if they really like what I end up posting.

>> No.29809860 [SPOILER] 

Collab? though I should be working on my linework too..

>> No.29809909

I think God-Emperor and Edinbro are consistently amongst the most anticipated of writefags, but you could do a poll or just pick one with lewd happenings that most appeal to you, I suppose.

>> No.29809982

Line art is fine. Anyway, here's my recommended list. Anyone else who wants to give suggestions can pitch in too.

-The Final Saga of Macha The Ever Virgin: Extra Large Heresy
-Hesperax's Pet
-Seeding Midnight
-The Covenant of Sanctified Souls
-The Mistresses
-The Ranger and the Guardian

Go for it!

ELH and Smutomancer are favorites too.

>> No.29810132

Yeah, and it's good to see Smuts back in the game. His most recent one could benefit from cutting off the whole first act, though.

IS ELH still doing those delightful monstergirl greentexts?

>> No.29810222

Last thread he said he was busy with other stuff. Apparently he's taken up typesetting for monstergirl mangas. He's also started work on that Ushi-Oni story too.

>> No.29810791

Beginner is quickly turning into a big contender as well.
I just hope his freakishly long backlog doesn't smother him to death.

>> No.29810854

All of our writefags have giant backlogs these days. I'd take the pressure off them myself, but I'm better at cataloging smut than writing it.

>> No.29811818

>that CatachanXKreiger discussion

>> No.29811855

Huh, never saw that one before. When was it posted?

>> No.29812287

Technically, in that discusion both of them were dudes, but it's still hot.

Where did everyone go anyhow?

>> No.29812427

Weekend's almost over and people need to rehydrate.

>> No.29812575


I still them on occasion if the monstergirl strikes my fancy.


If you read Hitomi, Centaur Worries, and/or Everyday Monstergirls, you're welcome.

Ushi-Oni stuff is coming along, but you might as well slap a "no smut" tag on it.

>> No.29812698

>> No.29812804

Gotcha. I'll be sure to do that. Tell /a/ that the guys over here say hi.

>> No.29812955

Parts 1-3 in letter format (http://pastebin.com/ymZppAnf , http://pastebin.com/1y58EQ1R , http://pastebin.com/FU82DND8)

A young samurai is sent to serve in a female dominated household. For this part the format has been changed to a journal format and it involves a different sexual act than the first parts:


As always I appreciate any and all feedback, suggestions, and request.

There are still the short and fat young courtier, the tall and sleek young courtier, the crane courtier, two undescribed former ronin courtiers, and three scorpion courtiers to flesh out. I have some ideas, however I would love to do something that someone else wanted in this story. So if you want one of these ladies to have a particular kink or personality trait please let me know. I will additionally consider any other request for this story.

Thanks for reading.

>> No.29812961

I have read those, and you are awesome.
Many, many thanks good sir.

>> No.29812985

Lol someone got trapped.

>> No.29813505

Could you try >>29807333

>> No.29813514


Maybe do a Cheshire and/or Manticore one?

>> No.29814305

I can't remember, but it's been around for a fair amount of time now.

>> No.29814369

I got soft pressured into drawing a catgirl pinup. So maybe this belongs here.

>> No.29814426

Yes, yes it does.
Thank you for sharing, good sir.

>> No.29814441

Gave it a shot

>> No.29814714

How persuasive.

>> No.29815018

Do you have a deviant art account for that or something?

>> No.29815168

I do. http://weremole.deviantart.com/
Also a blog at danielolsn.co

It's just a tumblr since I haven't gotten my butt out the wagon making a dedicated portfolio site. So it's more of a social media/portfolio/easy reach hub at the moment. It's currently full of goblins.

>> No.29815215

It does indeed. Hopefully your requester will see it.

Did you type that second link in right? Because I'm getting a "Page not found" error when I try to go there.

>> No.29815261

thank you

>> No.29815262

I thought I recognized that style. I love that "Fantasy Fastfood" one.

>> No.29815287

Weremole you did it again

>> No.29815309

It wasn't a request. It was pinup artist Genevieve FT who encouraged followers to draw catgirls on Twitter.

I forgot an 'e' in there. Sorry: danielolsen.co

>> No.29816071

sooo.....any Female Centaur stuff that isn't "the road home"?

>> No.29816118

Tell her that her work will be greatly appreciated over here. I'm sure she'll be pleased with the new audience.

>> No.29816184

None that I know of. Care to fill the gap?

>> No.29816983

OP, are you going to add the Katia thing to the master list?

>> No.29817546

Beginner, if you see this after you wake up but before the thread dies, just know that your stories are fucken' awesome.
Very engaging, very stimulating; I enjoyed the hell out of all of them!

>> No.29817773

Hehe, glad you liked at least some of it!

Yeah I'm not into fisting too but it just seemed the right thing to write. It gets a pass because... You know... Horse pussy.
Shut up, she's really, really hot in my imagination!

Yay, glad you liked it. I was worried because my attention was divided the entire time I wrote it.
My weekend was so damn busy.

And yeah, you're not attention whoring. I shamelessly attention whore like a motherfucker and its often ignored, so it's moot anyway!

GOAT? And I'm glad you liked them! Summer heat I consider my best work, so... Yeah.

Didn't like the characters in Autumn Harvest? Damn, thought the misanthropic librarian would appeal to you guys. Oh well, win some, lose some.

My main issue is a short attention span and too broad a list of kinks. It's actually easier to list what I'm not into

Honestly, I've never seen it done before

I think she would be warmly received

Thank you for reading! What's your favourite/who are your fave characters?

>> No.29817819

Now in colour

>> No.29818047

Tempting, but I don't think it would be a good idea to add someone's work on there without them even knowing it. I'd rather play it safe.

>> No.29818239

I'm peddling my wares again looking especially for feedback before thread closes.

Here's part 3 of Henric and Alex http://pastebin.com/y7CB7Es6
It doesn't have sex but if you like character development that's what I'm shooting for and that's where I'm looking for criticism and help the most right now while I try to get part 4 ready for next weekend.

Parts 1 and 2 here http://pastebin.com/u/maskyanon

>> No.29818486

Pretty! God damn, reminds me how I wanted to write some Arachne smut!

No one ere is going to have an issues with Catgirls.especially not that one
>dat underboob
>dat axe. That's a very pretty axe...

>> No.29819080

hell yeah, love Henric and Alex

eagerly awaiting the next installment

I like how possessive and insecure Henric is, it's not charming but it makes him more intriguing than your average bash and rape brute

also love the Alex's shame, hate to say it but I bet her tears must be delicious

>> No.29819232

Hell yes, that's exactly what I've been shooting for. successfistpump.gif

Her tears are extra delicious anon. There's something so cathartic about writing about a character utterly ashamed and weakened by things beyond their control and I don't know why it feels so good.

>> No.29819400

anyone still alive in here?

>> No.29819430

thread is sadly near end

>> No.29819431

yes, working on a thing.

>> No.29819440

Yes, but I shouldn't be. I've got work in 8 hours and haven't slept a wink.
I blame you people and your delicious smut.

>> No.29819472

God damn

Oh? what thing?

So, what's the producion value in buckets?

>> No.29819487

Part Four of >>29818239
It's all written but needs editing so that it works as a narrative rather than hundreds of back and forth emails.

>> No.29819502

sounds work intensive. Good luck!

>> No.29819506

Is anyone willing to draw Krieg-chan or Kasrkin-chan?
I can't get enough of dat bust.

>> No.29819641

I finished a thing! Just in time! I promised an anon gay brutish sex with consensual love. It's sorta consensual and kinda not. I hope you like it though. It's a continuation of the Princess and the King's Guard and I plan on continuing this story even further. So, please enjoy.

The Barbarian's Way

And as with all my works, all criticisms and comments are welcome.

>> No.29819710

Post it again next week. Anons probably not here.

>> No.29819762

Will do.

>> No.29819816

I am, but I'm just about to turn in myself. BTW- if everyone could just list tags beneath their stories before linking them I'd be grateful- as much as I'd love to, I don't have time to read every last one of them.

Knowing these threads, it'll somehow manage to linger well into Tuesday. Once I would have deleted the thread to keep it from dragging on, but apparently you can't delete my own OP posts anymore

>> No.29819880

Oh shoot! I'm sorry! I totally forgot to tag it. I'll do that for you.

Tags: gay, ex knight on barbarian sex, drugging/raging, anal, sweet ending

>> No.29819891

I'll be posting something in a bit, too. If the thread dies before you can add it to the master list, I guess I'll email you or something.

I'm just getting into the sex part.

>> No.29820518

So good.

>> No.29820558

Thanks, that was my first attempt at gay sex.

>> No.29821043

Your keenness on catalogueing...
Librarian? Sys admin? Metal head?

I've noticed all three groups tend towards it hardcore

>> No.29821209

In honor of Beginner's gryphon fic and another one I enjoyed this weekend by this guy: >>29819641
I present a new (actually short for once) story!

Lupus Nocturna
[dire wolf x witch girl, bestiality, mild pain/blood]

I had fun writing it, but I'm too damn tired to proofread right now. Enjoy it or don't, I'm out.

>> No.29821512

Yeah, apparently they removed that feature because people kept deleting their threads and blaming the mods. Also, it appears that you can't delete posts IN threads after a certain length of time.

>> No.29821814

Welp, one last bump and I'm heading to bed.
It's been a great weekend, everybody.

Stay smutty!

>> No.29821890

Loved it!

>> No.29822062

>Hey people, what are some of your favorite stories
mfw none of mine get mentioned

>> No.29822124

iktf but I keep writing
I just want to git gud

>> No.29822217

To be fair, I haven't read ALL of the stories on the master list. There are simply too many to fap to.
That's one of the reasons I think namefagging works well in this context. Once you find a story you like you can find others by the same author, hopefully of similar quality and style.
When an author posts Anonymously, they catch lots of viewing that first weekend, but not many after that once their story goes into the big list of "by anon" stories. After that, you're lucky to get someone ctr+f ing the exact tags of that story.

It also means people can't follow your work very easily. Even if they like your story, the only way they can read more of them is to stumble upon them randomly or ask, "did the guy that wrote X ever do anything else" and hope someone gives them an answer.

Also, it helps to name stories so people can talk about them easier. "That one with the X and the X" gets old after awhile.

>> No.29822256

Do you really think that authors should adopt names for the thread? I've put my stories together under the same username on pastebin but I think that in general I prefer to post as anon. I also tend not to take suggestions.

>> No.29822303

I use my name when I am turning in stories and accepting requests. I think being recognized is an important part of art.

When it comes to visual arts, your style will get you recognized whether you try or not. Lewdanon doesn't have to try and be recognized, everyone just knows the style of art. Instant recognition.

For most people here, the nuances that may show up in the style of stories may not be enough to be like 'oh yeah, this is another story from X!'

>> No.29822332

When I've drawn art and put it in the thread I put a little name on it. I suppose I'll put it in my name field from now on when taking requests and posting links.

Thanks for the advice, anon!

>> No.29824453

You can do it, anons! Just keep writing and rewriting and you're sure to get better and find your ideal audience!

>> No.29824484

>return to /tg/ after a while
>first thread up is a smut thread and quests have replaced elf slave what do
sounds like /tg/s essentially gotten back to its old self, feels good.

>> No.29824801

Greatest Of All Time
>Didn't like the characters in Autumn Harvest?
Its not that they were terrible or anything, just kinda...bland, I guess? I never really got a sense of the characters, nor any real feeling of attraction between them.

>> No.29824905

Wow, you though that paring was that good!?

And as for autumn harvest: I did think it was weaker than some of the others. In fact id say that all tied up, the rider and her gryphon and summer heat are my best.

Mind you that could also be a subjective point: I did draw a lot of flak for the new tattoo, with how '2d' the character was and I remember seeing even in one of these threads about how my writing wasn't really anything to write home about.

Yet a lot would also argue contrary points.

>> No.29824948

>Wow, you though that paring was that good!?
They were enjoyable to read and I would like to see more, which is all that matters.

>> No.29825015

Good point. I want to revisit, but unsure how. I do know that these stories all occur in the same world (hell, same geographic region), so maybe I can string up something

>> No.29825184

Just wanted to tell you I very loved your Lamia fic before this thread ends, and it looks like this new one of yours will be another favorite of mine.

You are doing god's work, keep it up.

>> No.29825313

Seconding this sentiment. I know someone else was saying you could've cut to the chase a little faster, but I enjoyed the build up.

>> No.29826091

Hopefully this thread will live long enough for OP to see the new one and add it to the master list.

>> No.29826231

I see it, but I'm a little busy now. It should be up on the list later today.

>> No.29827344

Sexy librarians though.

>> No.29827485

None of them. Just a regular neckbeard who likes smut and has way too much free time.

>> No.29827965

I have one of those in a story!

Heh, wow, dedicated

>> No.29828325

>/v/ mod deleted shota anon pic
Well, at least I know they have mods now

>> No.29828350

>dat boy boner
>boy hips
Very nice, my dick aproves

Peekef it thats you, practice on your breasts and you'll move forward

>> No.29828391

Yeah, seriously, I don't know why but I keep drawing breasts like deflated tires

What is it about breasts that eludes me? Tell me thy secrets breasts

>> No.29828415

Try doing a body study, look at the way proffesionals do it, may be a tutorial.
You can go far, but honestly your breasts tend to be a bit of a turn off, but you can improve

>> No.29828502

Somebody posted a tutorial for you over here

>> No.29828530

actually that was me >>29828350

Some faggot hugboxed him in that thread

>> No.29828539

>they saved that one pic I put like no effort into

I mean, that's all of them but COME ON

>> No.29828697


But hey, I honestly appreciate the feedback, I couldn't do this without you guys

>> No.29828861

Thug life, nigga.

>> No.29828947

Once I saw a console war thread over there whose OP pic somehow got swapped with gay porn. It got well over 120 replies and lasted about 10 minutes beforethe mods finally noticed. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "OP is a fag", that's for sure.

>> No.29828976

Lewd! Got here just in time to catch the tail end of the thread, I see. How've you been?

>> No.29829010

can I get an image of Asami as a daemonette?
Pretty plz?

>> No.29831223

Since today is a general goodwill critique day, would some of you kind and considerate gents please give me advice on my Tau? I think read: hope I got the skin colour correct by now, but I also have some questions, mainly:
1. Is the nose-hole-thing ok?
2. Do Tau even have navels?

>> No.29831287

it's okay, but try something other than tracing. Tau girls are generally depicted with more animu-ish faces (even in GW material) and more dramatic curves everywhere else.

>> No.29831305

1: yes
2: maybe, but who cares
3: needs more curves

>> No.29831516

1. Yes
2. If you want them to
3. More hips are needed

>> No.29831573

Are you me

>> No.29831659

Hips are the designated tau fetish.

Eldar get butts
Sororitas get tits
Tyranids get monstergirls
Everybody gets abs if you want to draw them
But tau get hips.

Its in da rules.

>> No.29831698

Fair enough.
Also, IG get tits too.

>> No.29831742

I meant to put Sororitas/Humans, so you're right.

Of course, you can do anything for any faction, but those are the general guidelines.

>> No.29831747

I've had my tablet for a few months only, so I'm still learning. Need more practice, practice and practice!
To-do -list:
1. Learn into animu
2. Learn into hips

But you'll have to wait for next week since I have preliminaries coming up and gotta study like the faggot I am

>> No.29831761

Whatever you say, Exodites will always look like Cra in my head.

>> No.29831789

That Xeno thread that got deleted that is crosslinked in >>29828502 had a post about hips in it at the very end. It isnt much, but its a start and about all a non-drawfag like me can do for you.

>> No.29831798

delicious long earned tanned cra

>> No.29831807

>no legs fetish
Guess I'm sticking to other genres.

>> No.29831828

Jokes on you, they're brown elves to me.
That would be eldar, due to how long they are. Long, lissom legs ending in an ass that has killed lesser races.

>> No.29831849

eldar get legs that go allllll the way up, including gloriously sculpted lithe and fit muscsles

>> No.29833358

I assume orks is gun porn, but tank porn is probably IG, dark eldar BDSM and gore probably.

Which one is the furrys?

>> No.29833436

Space Wolves, obviously

>> No.29833759


>> No.29833900

Orks are looted porn. You take the waifus of another faction, make em roight orky, then let em loose on the galaxy.

Or at least, I would LIKE to see some smut of someone getting funstikk'd by a randy Blue/Digga/Whatever else.

>> No.29834023

Everyone, thank you for your support and glowing feedback. I can't even begin to tell you how good it feels to hear someone likes my work.

I'm planning on finishing up the lamia story (a scene with Azzie and Bors) and one with a slime girl that I just started (since CT still hasn't posted his version and the idea tickles my fancy) by next weekend.

Again, thank you for reading!

>> No.29834100

>a scene with Azzie and Bors
You should do one more with all three of them together.

>> No.29834394

I take one look away, and the thread comes back to life...just my luck.

Reminder to censor the nipples and crotch. As long as those are covered, you should be okay.

Oh, and Eldar have fine boobs too. Not exactly as massive as the bolter bitches, but since they never age they're guaranteed to be perky and firm.

And Dark Eldar have butts, tits, and every fetish possible, even ones we don't have names for. Ironically, if Lelith is any indication they're suckers for heterosexual sex in the missionary position.

I've always been a firm believer in the virtues of collaborative work.

>stupid sexy Banshee ass
It's not just the ass- check out Emps' story. Suffice to say that Howling Banshees don't just howl in battle.

>> No.29834645

Might work. I'm also toying with the idea of experimenting with covert sex; it was one of my main reasons for going with a cloaca instead of traditional vag for Azzie.

It would have to be a prologue piece, though.

>> No.29834698

Just finished your wolf one, was oddly romantic and quite enjoyable. Was the kind of thing I spend hours looking for and never find. +1.

Only problem was a number of spelling errors, but that did not take anything away for me.

>> No.29834777

If you feel up for pointing a few of them out for me I'd be very grateful.
I'm glad you liked it, my friend.

>> No.29834885

Oh hey, you still updating your imgur gallery? Or have you gone the way of the Lewdanon and decided to scatter your art like precious gemstones throughout the foolz archives?

>> No.29835193

At the moment, I'm just giving my imgur gallery a bit of a rest. I feel like I'm getting really lazy with my art so I don't want to drag it down but putting some shit work in there, guess I'm just not feeling it lately.

There should be some new things in there by next week though, at the end of the day, I can't help but keep a record of my work somewhere.

We'll bang, okay?

>> No.29835256

I wonder at what point even an anonymous series can hit 'critical mass'. Though I don't expect this subject matters to the lot of you, it has colored my attempts here in these threads.

In actual publishing, you know, for responsible adults, a series of novels bound by the same characters and themes can help drive the sales of the whole series. The reasons for this are obvious, and you can see the effects on any bookshelf.

How often do readers here read part of a series without the intent to read the rest? If you see a new entry in a series that you haven't read, do you jump to the first one? At what point is a series so deep in that you don't even bother going back to #1?

>> No.29835275

Mm. It's nice to know which image goes with which artist. I'm pretty confident that I can eyeball it and guess which drawfag draw what image, but having a reference helps too.

>> No.29835304

I try to read from the beginning no matter what. Knowing the entire context is pretty important to me.

>> No.29835353

For me, about four.
I've never Edinbro's Macha/Evervirgin story or JAW's Seeding Midnight and I'm just glad I caught the Henrich and Alex series so early for just the reason you described. I'd not have read it if it was any longer that it is.

>> No.29835419

Sorry boss, namefagging just doesn't feel right to me, and I haven't really made it a habit to sign all my work. In any case, the uncoloured ones are just me screwing around, but if you want, I can namefag when dropping new pictures, for your convenience.

>> No.29835474

Oh, that would be nice, thanks.

>> No.29835547

None of the stories have hit that critical limit for me, so I couldnt tell you. Usually, if the subject matter interests me, I can read just about any length of something.

>> No.29835597

That would be helpful- gotta give credit where it's due.

>> No.29835676

Does anyone know the best and most polite way to get someone to stop trying to RP with you? I got this one guy who is just a pain in the ass.

>asks what I would like to do for the session, tell him that it doesn't matter too much if the kinks we share were still the focus
>he asks me to pick something, anything
>I cave and ask if we could do something I like
>'well thats pretty cool, but instead, could you be a giraffe?"

every god damn time its the giraffes, this wasn't supposed to be furshit.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but there was no ERP general up, and this was the closest to it.

>> No.29835753

You got a problem, mate?

>> No.29835772

You just have to be straight. Tell him that you are not down for RP. Tell him thank you for his interest but no thank you. Say "goodbye" so that the person knows you are leaving for real and not just playing hard to get. If he persists then block him. That is about as civil as you can get.

>> No.29835777

This is the wrong thread, and never the two shall meet! (I kid)

No idea though. You can't block them?

>> No.29835843

I figured i'd have to do it. It's what I get for being so polite and inviting to anyone who asks, I suppose.

>> No.29835871

Then you're missing out big time there- those are some of our best ones. (I should know- I was there to see the beginning of both of them and not-so-coincidentally happen to be the original requester of both stories). Take the time to browse through them if you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.

As far as I can tell, there is no limit for me. From my perspective, all it means is that I might need to do a bit of catch-up, and even that isn't much of a hassle. On the other hand, I seem to be able to read things much faster than most people do so having more stuff to read might just not be a problem for me.

>> No.29835882

Technical question: do space marines have belly buttons?

>> No.29835904

They were born human, so presumably yes.

>> No.29835927

Yes. Of course they do. They're regular humans with bits surgically added.

>> No.29835969

I guess this also makes sense, considering the medium, length of each story, and subject matter.

It is more like keeping up with a comicbook or manga series than trying to catch up with a series of novels.

>>29835353 here has another view that I don't find surprising. Many series of books/movies etc go with the trilogy, and I wonder if there isn't something psychological about that. Once something hits 4 or 5 entries, we start to see it as daunting.

>> No.29835976

>there was no ERP general up
I don't see why that is our problem.

>> No.29835989

Any particular bits I should be aware of? I imagine the redundant organs and such aren't going to show up on the exterior.

>> No.29836036

Well they can spit acid, have an extra heart (and lungs)... is the Black Carapace an actual thing that grows on them and stays, or just technical gear for wearing armor?

>> No.29836060

I can read and reread the same thing until the apocalypse and if that means it's a long thing, I can and will start at the beginning. When I find a thing I like I usually beat it to death, porn or not. You should see my copies of His Dark Materials, Hork-Bajir Chronicles, and Dark Tower.

>tfw someone mentions your stuff and you start to sweat and feel awkward but it's the good kind of awkward

they could have had their belly buttons surgically removed though. At some point of jamming extra organs into a person you'll probably warp which skin parts go where and so the belly button could end up in weird places.

I saw photos once of people having fat removal surgery and their belly buttons were in weird places. It was very scary.

>> No.29836097

They might also not have external male genitalia, or if they did it would probably be under-developed/tiny and impotent due to massive hormonal/steroidal imbalances.

Could be useful for sex comedy, if you're up for that sort of thing.

>> No.29836140

>Hork-Bajir chronicles
My Yeerk

>> No.29836154

It's literally subdermal body armour made of plastic that also connects plugs to the nervous system

>> No.29836266

It is a part of them, yes. And they do have permanent ports in their skin to connect with their armor.
For specifics:

>> No.29836304

I'll check it out, though I'm going with lewd female space marines anyway. Clearly I'm already tossing canon out the window.

>> No.29836374

My first mental thoughts:
Men who are transgendered by their Primarchs Gene-seed
Women with super clits due to the gene-seed
Amazon women
All of the above

Good luck to you.

>> No.29836379

That's why I noted the skin ports as a visible alteration, while a neuroglottis or Betcher's gland won't be so obvious, yet may allow for some shenanigans.
Resisting poison, sweating a slimy substance to protect you from heat or going for a week without sleep could come in handy.

>> No.29836440

Clearly, Metroid's girlfriend Sammy S. could be one.

>> No.29836476

It's the only interracial love story anyone ever needs.

>> No.29836537

I've never considered how much Applegate's world influenced my young mind, fetish-wise.

I mean, transformation, skintight outfits, centaur-aliens, mind control. I don't even have all of these as fetishes, but dangit woman.

>> No.29837006

Don't blame her, blame her anonymous ghostwriter.

>> No.29837180

>Women with super clits due to the gene-seed
Welp. Now I know what direction I'm going with this.

>> No.29837272

Purple centaur and and a dragon.
xertainly is unique.

>> No.29837796

I know it's not /tg/ related but I could go for some Samus on metroid action

>> No.29838054

Keep in mind that they wouldn't really have bewbs because of the black carapace.

>> No.29838117

flat chested quasi-androgynous lewd FSMs?

>> No.29838158

Sorry had to run off for a bit.

>Line 14 - use, us
>Line 18 - straitening, straightening
>Line 26 - "coloring it brown", "colored brown"
>Line 50 - slid, slide
>Line 70 - worse, worst
>Line 78 - "trueself", "true self"
>Line 96 - trembled, tremble
>Line 110 - fury, furry
>Line 110 - "had had", "he had"
>Line 112 - "He time", "Each time"
>Line 128 - form, from
>Line 139 - "stirred her the", "stirred the"
>Line 141 - becoming, beckoning
>Line 143 - "for her eye", "from her eye"
>Line 147 - bruises, bruised

Difficult to do this while constantly aroused.

>> No.29838336

I noticed some of the tense was off too and Smutomancer has word usage which is... Formal and very poetic.

Hey Smutomancer, English not your first language? The way you write kinda feels that way (not a bad thing actually, I notice people in that boat tend to have a better grasp of how expressive the language is and pay attention to the subtle variations in the inflections of synonyms [e.g. Hate and loathe techically mean the same thing, but one is a 'stronger' dislike than the other])

>> No.29838354

Very helpful, good sir. I owe you one.

>> No.29838427

Aaand now I know the root of about 80% of my problems/fetishes

>> No.29838507

I never read Animorphs as a kid.
Now I feel like I'm missing out on some exclusive club thing (it was present just... I dunno... Name and covers seemed silly to me and I was reading Raymond E. Feist by that point...)

>> No.29838577

I never did either, but I know people who have. For whatever reason people who read Animorphs really like it. I find it kind of endearing how much they like to talk about it.

The stories are by no means bad, but if you haven't read them by this point you're not going to enjoy them as much as those who grew up on them. I suggest hearing about all the weird stuff in them from friends and the like.

>> No.29838627

This is pretty much it, they were for the audience. It would be like trying to read a Goosebumps book as an adult. The themes and writing were for the age group growing up on them.

She had a second series she started for those who grew up on her book, and it was almost darker than Animorphs got. Including a woman with a giant eyeless fetus living outside her body, and a girl who was terribly mutilated and had her finger eaten off in the very first book of the series.

>> No.29838690

Hey Spider/Ushi Oni fans, help settle a debate for me:


>> No.29838840

Least I can do, and I doubt it will be the last time I reread that particular story.

Rather enjoy the witch and her flavor of magic, nice to see crazy old pagan sex magic without it being overly... lewd? I am not sure.

I mean, it is lewd, but somehow it feels like the smut does not detract from the short story it presents, maybe it even enhances it. Like the smut fit just right where it needed to.

Just spent ten minutes trying to find ways to describe what I am thinking but I can't.

Anyways I enjoyed it. A lot.

Here have insanity wolf vs Odin.

>> No.29838867

Fair enough I guess
Meh, I find adult books incredibly condescending and many times HURRDURR-GRIMDARK! Simply to be more 'adult' to distinguish themselves from young adult which is your Harry Potter and your Hunger Games (you know, the stuff that's actually been worth reading lately). So Animorphs probably would bother me all that much.

I would be so happy just sticking to my fantasy and sci fi books if the good stuff weren't so fucking hard to find. Jennifer Fallon was difficult to track down for example, and I sill haven't read any if hers.
And don't get me started on getting hold of the Takeshi Kovacs novels or findin someone who sells Snow Crash that isn't Amazons kindle store (my profession frowns on using kindle as they're trying to fuck us out of existence)

>> No.29838950

It's lewd, but not vulgar.
I think that about sums it up.

>> No.29838975

California Gold. As an aside, that's the only futa I've ever enjoyed.

>> No.29838991

Yeah that might be it.

Which is really weird considering what it is depicting.

I wish more people did it like that.

>> No.29838996

I love this story. Your writing style is so wispy and poetic. It makes me feel more impressed by your style rather than aroused. That said, it still made me quite aroused.

>> No.29839004

Animorphs wouldn't* bother me that much
Sorry for typo

>> No.29839075


It is objectively the best futa ever, so understandable.

>> No.29839131

I will be writing another story, but I'm not sure I'll have it finished before the thread ends, but I wanted your opinions.

I need a female feral monster to be "calmed" by a hunter. What monster would you most like to see in this setting?

>> No.29839185

By monster girl, are you just asking for a girl mixed with a random animal or what?

>> No.29839289

No, I'm sorry. I mean a monster that is female.

>> No.29839316


>> No.29839348

So like...

A dire boar?

>> No.29839407

Don't rush it- this is an overtime thread anyway.

>> No.29839437

I wasn't planning on it, I'll probably just post it Friday.

>> No.29839552

Its funny, I think I like CG for the comic instead of the other way around.

>> No.29839750

Same here.

I will argue with my friend for hours about how wanting your women to have penises is totally homo, but I really enjoyed that.

Maybe I am gayer than I think.

>> No.29839872


Basically it comes down to whether you like futa for the penises or like them for the women. Its demonstrably less gay to watch a woman with a penis fucking a woman than to watch a man fucking a woman.

>> No.29839948

There are theories about this fetish.

>> No.29840212

O-oh... I thought it was under the skin or something.

>> No.29840285

looking forward to it!

>> No.29840330

It is, but think what would happen if a chick had a plastic plate implanted in between her tits and chest bones. That, combined with the muscle-building training and steroid use...

Space marines down have much fatty tissue. A female marine would have two, empty sacks of skin folding off her barrel-like chest.
Image a female body builder with even less femininity.

>> No.29840339


This makes sense.

>> No.29840366

It is also a fun book. I mean, it is just collected data with a few ideas based on it, so it is soft even for soft sciences. But it is still very interesting.

>> No.29840373

It reminds me of this everytime:


>> No.29840458


Its interesting even as just a collection of correlations.

>> No.29840797


God damn this makes sense.

>> No.29840977

Indeed. I mean, there is some other data that I would love for them to examine in the future.

Like, they talk about how men don't focus on the story, with most of their examination being men looking up video porn that is usually short bursts of sex. But here we are, writing smut, and men across Japan (and other places) love doujins and manga that build the sex up on a plot.

I wouldn't say I can't just get off on burst sex, I've masturbated to a lot of things. Like Hysterical Literature. But I especially enjoy some plot or continuity in my smut, no matter the medium, and I know I'm not alone in that

>> No.29841097


Yeah, judging from the talk they seem to focus on the most mainstream of cases, which tends to miss out anomalies that need to be explained.

>> No.29841228

And if people like us don't qualify as an anomaly, I dunno what does. My guess is that as fa/tg/uys, we just appreciate good stories more than the average normalfag and see it as enhancing the experience rather than getting in the way,

>> No.29841232

I'm paring it down some on the reread. There was more lizardman sex in part 4 than I remembered and that's getting split into a separate story because it's sort of off topic of the main plot. So a lot of cutting and pasting.

A Billion Wicked Thoughts is a fun book and I'll second that it's worth reading if only because a number of its ideas make a lot of sense. I think that a lot of people in this thread are outside the norm in terms of fetishes and preferred media though.
I'm also willing to bet my hat that there are more females in the thread than one might expect.

Smaller cases and anomalies are just way harder to study because it's hard to find people willing to participate in studies of centaur pornography and such. I think scientists in general feel a little icky about studying sex so we need more dedicated sexologists.

Oh jeez I shouldn't have brought it up.
I read them as a kid. Acquired no fetishes, I just love them to death. The best way to explain them is as fantasy science fiction about kids growing up and becoming war criminals with severe PTSD. If you didn't read them as a kid you'll never know the crushing feels of the series.

>> No.29841248


Or maybe you just all want to be women.

>> No.29841269

It made me want to get into research on sex. In the book they talk about how research on these topics has long been taboo, or focused oddly (what if our premise is that all women want to be men? This couldn't possibly cloud our data), so there is very little research to speak of.

I was like 'I want to do that research'. And not even for the reason people might presume. I'm in a committed relationship, I don't think I'd get magical free dates or something. I'm just intrigued by the connections between people, what turns us on, and why. I wish it wasn't often left as a gray area.

>> No.29841287

No, you're thinking of Moot, aka "I wish to be the little girl".

>> No.29841592


Well moot may be one of many.

>> No.29841598

It is funny how professions focused on researching how to manipulate genes, clone animals, create super weapons, explore outer space, or finding out how to break the laws of the universe are pretty much less strange or taboo than ones that research the biological process that resulted in every single one of the billions of humans that have lived and died for thousands of years.

All of our parents did it. Probably more than once. 90% of the population wants to do it after the age of 18. And we never talk about it.

Why the fuck am I talking about this in a smut thread.

>> No.29841672

It is central to our business as smut generators.

But I always figure it is because no one has to talk about it for the normal business to continue.

We could burn every book about sex, drive our understanding of sex back to the stone age, and the human race would have a boom in population, not a drop. We just don't immediately need the data. We naturally hide our creepy behavior, and exhibit our 'normal' sexual aptitude in a way that fetishes exist across humanity with little effect.

But dangit if we couldn't help some people by researching it, or understand ourselves more.

>> No.29841692

Being a test tube baby I like to pretend that my parents are virgins.

And we have to talk about it because we write for specific audiences here.

>> No.29841747

Don't wrap me up into your terrible stereotypes you breeder!
(I kid)

>> No.29842173

>A female marine would have two, empty sacks of skin folding off her barrel-like chest.
I think I'll just go with slightly-amazonian-woman-in-power-armor instead.

>> No.29842247

Here you go, FSMs.

>> No.29842252

Good idea. And with this post, we've hit autosage. Goodnight and I'll see you all soon.

Also, these guys want images of Taldeer and Macha. I suggest we oblige them.

>> No.29842350

>Empty breast sacs

>> No.29842422

Well if you want your story to be erotic, sexually arousing and hot as fuck, then be that way.
See if I care.

>> No.29842564

>implying female marines wouldn't use the extra space for more venom sacs and swim bladders and stuff

>> No.29842785

You know, considering the dozen other organs males get they probably would.

Like a tit that shoots lasers or acid does not sound too far fetched.

>> No.29843683

Not a story, a picture. Makes the imagery that much more important.

>> No.29844174

Page 8 now, and I gotta go to bed. Goodnight everyone, and stay smutty.

>> No.29844195

For some reason I feel like making this thread last until tuesday was an achievement.

>> No.29844284

That seems to be happening a lot lately. Not like that's a problem.

>> No.29844358

>laser tits
I found the two lost primarchs!

>> No.29844537

We autosage? Fuck.

I'll post again next week but I finished Henric and Alex part IV. http://pastebin.com/SX1rzdgT

Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, rape, fingering

Other parts uploaded under that same username. I did some heavy editing of part III too.

>> No.29846267

Writer of http://pastebin.com/JuxBPUgb here, working on a sequel with bondage and tittyfucking.

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