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Which Quests are you following?
Which Quests do you want to run?
Which Quests do you miss?

QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?

Player question: Do you have difficulty dropping of quests you don't like but have been following?

Join us on IRC: #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net
Various guides, YMMV:
HOW 2 QUESTING : STARTARS GUYDE by elusive guidefag:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1emQ6IYzRYN4MG45Zl9a-0UH0ARuWLaBB_U924NXc-DY/pub (CONTAINS LINKS TO THE Simple Solo System NOW)

Stuff about writing things : http://litreactor.com/columns/on-dialogue-tags-why-anything-besides-said-and-asked-is-lazy-writing

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>Which Quests are you following?
MQNG, Hero (Rena) Quest
>Which Quests do you want to run?
>Which Quests do you miss?
Boone, Katawa Yandere

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>QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?
If the players want a particular end, that's great. Means I can kill my quest.

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>QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?
Hard to do without accusations of railroading. I've dropped quests because the players wanted to push it to places I really didn't want to go.

If you can't read the atmosphere of a quest, you shouldn't be allowed to participate, otherwise you get lolrandum shit in a serious quest, white knighting in a villain quest and murderhoboing in a hero quest.

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>Which Quests do you want to run?

-Quest in which the mc is the daughter of Scholomance's librarian. Can't decide 100% on a name.

-Raildex Quest. Well, I actually had several ideas for how I could run it. Make it completely AU and start off with the mc being some magician is one option. The other option is to start it off at the beginning with everything canon, but everything gets thrown out of whack by having Index run into Accel instead of Touma first, Last Order latches onto Hamazura instead of Accel, and Takitsubo/ITEM gets Touma instead of Hamazura. For the second option, the players would switch between controlling Accel, Touma, and Hamazura.

-Quest in which you're the child of a demon mafia boss. This one would be pretty sol sandboxy compared to everything else, mainly getting into hijinks around the city. You've got two bodyguards that follow you around all the time. One really takes his job seriously, the other is a bit of a jackass that wants to have fun with the job and constantly tries to convince you to go do dangerous shit.

-Cyberpunk/fantasy mix detective quest. Your job is to deal with the more unusual crimes. Lots of weird murders have been happening recently, and tensions between the magic districts and the rest of the city has everything on edge. Would have episodic cases lasting a couple threads each with an overarching plot in the background eventually.

-Heroes Quest. Starting at the end of s3 when Sylar kills Nathan.

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>-Cyberpunk/fantasy mix detective quest. Your job is to deal with the more unusual crimes. Lots of weird murders have been happening recently, and tensions between the magic districts and the rest of the city has everything on edge. Would have episodic cases lasting a couple threads each with an overarching plot in the background eventually.
mite b cool

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>Shibata !!Ps+zSbX3n4W
Starting a QTG with the trip you use to QM. A bold move.

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>Which Quests do you want to run?

*Magus Doll Zeimdoll: The setting is a fantasy kingdom known as Kralsted. Humans are the only inhabitants, elves are a long-forgotten legend, and dwarves are salty sailors who come across distant oceans to trade. Humans war on several fronts with Frost Giants and other unnatural beasts who descend from the mountains to raid. Too weak to fight them under normal circumstances, humans developed Magus Dolls, ten- to fifteen-meter suits of armor powered and piloted by skilled mages in the employ of the sovereign Queen Lisbeth. You play as Charles Aznan, the descendant of a disgraced noble lineage, who lives in squalor with his younger sister. In a freak set of circumstances, you defend and save the Queen from an onslaught of vicious beasts, and in return are granted a place in the royal guard. As vicious rebellions, Frost Giant Onslaughts, and even rumors of the elves' return threaten the kingdom, you are forced to pilot the Zeimdoll: said to be the most powerful--and most dangerous--Magus Doll ever created.

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Are you the same guy that was talking about fantasy mecha a few weeks/months ago?

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Bloodline protector in 3 hours, everyone.

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GuP: LGA runs in about three hours.

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Maybe? I don't remember talking about fantasy mecha. You'd have to be more specific.

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>QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?

You can't, at first glance it may seem like you won't like it but there's a good chance that it may result in something you do. That unexpected nature of quests is half the fun.

Also shameless plug look out for the Digimon Quest thread #2 happening in a hour to an half an hour.

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CCQ When?

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>Raildex Quest
Hey anon I was interested in running a quest set in the verse using A Certain Scientific RPG rules with the story running parallel to canon. Should I give it a go?

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Quest sometime today. Gonna say 3:00 PM EST. Be prepared for an hour and a half break at some point in case I need to make a drive out to someplace. But I think I can put it off til tomorrow, so yeah.

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>using A Certain Scientific RPG rules
That shit is broken fifty different ways. Do you hate yourself this much?

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What >>29799744 said. You'd be better off just using d20 with dcs for everything made up on the spot and WAAAAACKY crits.

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He could use Apocalypse World.

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I'm not very good with stats-heavy shit so I'll take your advice for it. That aside, would you be interested in the setting?

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>Which Quests are you following?
Bloodline Protector Quest
AoPH Quest
Monsterhearts Quest
Pokemon Quest
Shadow Quest
Hero Quest Rena
Oversized Weapons Quest

>Which Quests do you miss?
Princess Guard Quest - I like the setting and the characters and didn't even mind losing the duel but drew the line when I found out that we were locked out of progressing the way that I wanted to within the scope of the quest.

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Didn't even do it on purpose, I swear.

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Sure. [GATE] is a bit like A Certain Scientific Index but other than that the niche is hardly filled.

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>A Certain Scientific Index
>Scientific Index

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>Which Quests are you following?
In Her Image
>Which Quests do you miss?
Nazi Fantasy

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I've been playing and running role playing games since I was a kid. I love GMing, and I was sort've curious about quest threads on /tg/. I've never participated in quest threads before, but I've always read them and found them interesting.

tl;dr: How do you make a quest thread? What are things to keep in mind while writing things for a Quest thread?

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>QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?
>Which Quests are you following?
Polite Society, Deniable Assets, Hero Quest (from the archives) and a few others when I catch them.
>Which Quests do you want to run?
Haha, so many.
>Which Quests do you miss?
...Don't know.
>QM Question: The players all start directing your quest towards an end you don't want. Do you stop them?
Hrm. Aah. Tough one OP, really. Depending on situation I would probably just ask them and discuss it with them. That being said: It seems unlikely that such a thing would occur. Right now I find myself unable to think of an example.

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>How do you make a quest thread?
Have an idea you like and run with it
>What are things to keep in mind while writing things for a Quest thread?
If the PC isn't a girl, loli or a harem don't expect to get a lot of players.

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>Raildex Quest
>not playing as one of the sisters

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>No one will run an SMT quest

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Update when?

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A great idea says MISAKA MISAKA as she claps her hands in excitement at the anon's wonderful idea!

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You say that like it's a bad thing, lots of players comes hand in hand with lots of drama and shitstorms.

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Was one of the ideas I had, but decided to not include it in the post because I hit the character limit and it was less developed as an idea than the other two.

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Without dropping it, at least.

I could really go for some devil saga with junkyard wars and shit. Would be pretty swell.

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It is a bad thing. none of them are interesting.

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The Starter's Questing Guide in the OP has some pretty good information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1emQ6IYzRYN4MG45Zl9a-0UH0ARuWLaBB_U924NXc-DY/pub

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There was one running for a few threads, but it disappeared without a trace as such things tend to.

I don't know what it is about SMT and Persona quests which makes them non-starters.

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>You say that like it's a bad thing, lots of players comes hand in hand with lots of drama and shitstorms.
Quote for truth.

I think Azure and SpiritGuided are editing for him/her/it now?

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Might as well roll with simple d20 or something. Time to read the starter guide.
I am not opposed to this either.

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The tgchan one is decent-ish too although it says many of the same things with a lot more words.

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Doesnt your QM run on alcohol?

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Sweet Dreams Quest will be running in one hour. Hope to see you there.

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>CCQ When?
Is this going to be a running gag from now on?

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PGQ (Sort of)
Saiyan Story (Muh childhood)
>Want to run
No clue.
Papa-N. That is all.

I don't have difficulty in not participating, but if I like the basic story I'll still read up afterwards. My current problem is whether or not to drop the last half of each Saiyan Story due to the time differences between western Europe and the US.

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It's really boring to play with two or three players who reach consensus on everything immediately and don't discuss anything. Or worse, where they make really elaborate plans as to how the story is going to go, ignoring the fact that it's entirely down to you.

>> No.29800137

Well in that case it really can't be helped.

>> No.29800140

Actually, now that I think, I guess I've re-joined Pokemon Quest (more muh childhood) and I've started reading up on Hollow Quest in a non-committal sort of way.

>> No.29800160

I occasionally browse PGQ whenever some trolling goes on. I usually ignore it if not.

>> No.29800168

>Polite Society, Deniable Assets,
Story about Angel Mercenaries when?

>> No.29800198

Guardians ARE oftentimes classified as mercenaries by those in the know, haha.

I don't "run" on alcohol the same way a car does not "run" on motor oil.
That was a terribly alcoholic thing to say, wasn't it?

Correct. They're really nice!
Really cannot say specifics, but between now and Wednesday most likely. Sorry for the delay. ;_;

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If I use a rock-paper-scissors thing for challenges or forms of combat, can I still implement dice, or should the RPS thing be a huge bonus modifier to dice rolls instead?

>> No.29800227

>can I still implement dice, or should the RPS thing be a huge bonus modifier to dice rolls instead?

Uhm. Looks like you're rather set on dice.

>> No.29800238

When I start a quest, I usually have three endings at most in mind. I really don't want to go beyond those, so huge changes in direction are annoying as hell.

>> No.29800246

So it's one or the other but never both?

>> No.29800256

>Should i implement dice, or should I implement dice instead

is what the guy said. :V

>> No.29800306

>Should I implement dice, or should I implement dice

I dunno, guy.

>> No.29800317

I think you should not implement dice.

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New QM Topic: Which sweet ambrosia allows you to endure the crushing pain of running quests and/or put up with your players' "ideas" without dropping rocks on everybody.

Gin and Tonic here.

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I miss Predator Quest.

>> No.29800346


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QMQ Redux should have them all as alcoholics and little girls but that's a given.

I don't.

>> No.29800375

>New QM Topic: Which sweet ambrosia allows you to endure the crushing pain of running quests and/or put up with your players' "ideas" without dropping rocks on everybody.
Teetotaller here. Sometimes I drink caffeine but it no longer seems to help me stay away so I'm probably going to cut back on that.

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I really wanna do this one some more.

I have another comic on my plate, so it's hard to make time for it. But I haven't forgotten it.

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The King of Fighter's Quest Round 10 Somehow Survived the night and is gong Live As I Type this!


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Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest is currently running at >>29798748.

>> No.29800552

>two quests set in the Nanoha world started recently
I just got the best idea, get a load of this: A Nanoha quest where you're playing an antagonist. Just think of the possibilities the setting has, from the grayer side of things the MC could be a revolutionary wanting full autonomy for his homeworld without TSAB interference, or if you want to go full evil instead, the MC could be after revenge of catastrophic proportions or just ULTIMATE POWER.

It would require both the QM and the players to not shy away from things going horribly and/or hilariously wrong and canon characters possibly being screwed over, though.

>> No.29800586

Nanoha FORCE is basically playing as an antagonist though. From the TSAB's point of view anyway.

>> No.29800607

>If the PC isn't a girl, loli or a harem don't expect to get a lot of players.

Hey, Homeless Mutant Quest doesn't doo too bad. Then again, I haven't been keeping up with it, so I'm not sure if the character has a harem yet.

>> No.29800653

Pretty sure the current hobo clan is 3 guys, 3 girls, 1 "other"

>> No.29800678

I don't recall Touma being a bad guy in canon, though. Unless the players decide to go evil.

I'm talking about outright villainy, like something that involves going to Al-Hazard, or trying to hijack TSAB's stockpile of forbidden weapons. I want to see the players release their inner dickass wizard/mad scientist.

>> No.29800680

A lot is often more than optimal.

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>Which Quests do you want to run?

After playing through the Heart of the Swarm campaign again, I've really been wanting to do a Primal Zerg quest, where we start from a small guy making small friends and progress from there. Then again, it sounds like something somebody's probably already done.

(And I don't know if there's any interest in it)

>> No.29800765

Can someone fill me in on civ-running quest threads to look up on suptg? I know about Ogre Quest, but what else?

>> No.29800773

>I have another comic on my plate

>> No.29800796

>going to Al-Hazard
> players choose to waifu Precia
BAHAHAHAHAHA, I want to see that.
But yes, the idea has some charm.
>canon characters possibly being screwed over
I'd love to see them try. Especially once Fate's speedwankery comes into play.
For the record: She somehow manages to be faster than a teleporter. BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY.
Most of section six should be "easy" with devide and conquer as well as long-range disabling tactics. Same probably goes for the ViVid cast.

Once I'm done, really.

>Is this going to be a running gag from now on?
...looks like it. Which is surprising. QTG usually forgets pitches within days. No idea what's so different here but it certainly is at once encouraging and daunting.

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File: 64 KB, 288x503, unifromappearstobenonstandard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Which Quests do you want to run?

Tight Butt Short Shorts Quest

But in all seriousness, I have been wanting to make a generic shounen action quest complete with harem.

Maybe I am the scum that is wrong with the world? But don't we all have the right to exist?

>> No.29800840

>Maybe I am the scum that is wrong with the world? But don't we all have the right to exist?
Kotomine stop

>> No.29800846

Sometimes when other players are especially tough to deal with, I fall back to single-malt.

>> No.29800854

> primal zerg
> making friends
Heh. Their entire motto is "No allegiance but to self, kill or be killed." The main thing that separates them from the swarm is the fact that they're nothing but a bunch of self-serving, backstabbing dickbags.

>> No.29800855

Might be cool. I guess we'll start small, evolve, eat, and be a tricky bastard?
Though you'll probably need some plot eventually to happen, or that could turn into something repetitive. Like, getting into turf fights between the greater primal Zerg, salvaging and collecting materials needed to evolve further, that stuff.

>> No.29800865

>I have been wanting to make a generic shounen action quest complete with harem.
Isn't that Double Cross Quest?

>> No.29800873


Make it Tight Butt Short Shorts Straight Shota Action Girl Quest

TBSSSAG has a lot of potential, imo.

>> No.29800874

>It's really boring to play with two or three players who reach consensus on everything immediately and don't discuss anything.

I think this is the side-effect of CYOA type of inputs at the end of the update. Back in the day, freeform suggestions were the only thing availible, no one even thought of doing these casual, brain-eating narrow options. I know that personally, I tend to think less about the suggestions if they are given in such a form.
When the suggestions were always freefrom, there was at leas SOME degree of discussion, people would often explain the reasoning behind their suggestions.

>> No.29800875

Play it 100% completely straight without blinking.
Final destination.

>-Cyberpunk/fantasy mix detective quest. Your job is to deal with the more unusual crimes. Lots of weird murders have been happening recently, and tensions between the magic districts and the rest of the city has everything on edge. Would have episodic cases lasting a couple threads each with an overarching plot in the background eventually.
This seems very intriguing.

>> No.29800900

Yes, there were long discussions about why you should commit essentially random acts of violence and sexual depravity.

>> No.29800909

I never said we weren't going to backstab our friends. Friends to Primal Zerg is either future food, or future pack underling.

Oh yes, I have a plot in mind. I'm sure the first session would probably just be setting everything up, establishing who we are, what we do, and finding possible allies (or going straight up murderhobo first thing)?

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Morally-Fucked Priest Quest when?

>> No.29800932

>Back in the day, freeform suggestions were the only thing availible, no one even thought of doing these casual, brain-eating narrow options
Now that just encourages a new form of dumbfuckery, makes it harder to get players to stick to characterisation and often results in extended periods where nobody posts anything because they're all too thick to come up with their own ideas.

Admittedly, the last one is more of a problem on Anon-kun, but it's really dispiriting to watch your audience do nothing for 15 minutes, then all jump on the first suggestion no matter how dumb it was.

>> No.29800941

>Which Quests do you want to run?
Law and Order: SVU Quest

Bring on the 9 year old transexual rape victim serial killers with IQs of over 170.

>> No.29800942

DXQ is more like Prototype crossed with Zaregoto.

>> No.29800946


I try to impress on my players that free-form is always an option, but getting people to join your vote is gonna be rough when most are just going to go for the prompt.

>> No.29800974

>Which Quests do you want to run?

I've been thinking of running Space Station 13 quest.

The players (collaboratively) control a crewman on a Nanotransen™ space station. Every session is a new station, where all of the crew members (who possibly died in the last session) are cloned and often have new jobs. One or more of the characters, possibly the player, is some kind of antagonist who causes havoc on the station, from a syndicate-hired traitor to a THE THING-inspired changeling, to an alien queen who's gotta make babies.

The crew would be extremely reminiscent of Sealab 2020, silly characters the players will become familiar with, with the added bonus of being able to murder them over and over in hilariously creative ways. Each crewman would have a randomly generated job, with certain preferences, and the guy who's usually the captain randomly becoming the janitor would be played for comedic effect. Then they would all get blown up, and we'd try again next week.

The biggest hurdle, which I haven't solved yet, is generating screenshots in a timely and labor-light way. I think it could potentially be extremely fun, though.

>> No.29800980

Works better on akun, just enable customs.

The only problem then is the userbase but you can always bus voters in from offsite, it's what all the popular but shitty quests do.

>> No.29800988

>Bloodline Protector Quest
>DXR Quest
>both in hour
For once I can actually be present for a running quest outside of JQ and MGNQ.

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>Bring on the 9 year old transexual rape victim serial killers with IQs of over 170.

>> No.29800991

>that first spoiler
Now we're talking. Bring Precia back to life with necromancy, send her to wreck auxilary targets, don't have her actually engage anyone who would stand a chance against her for maximum terrorist dickery, hot victory lichloved action, hope you brought protection... from negative energy
Being a bad guy could really have high entertainment value. The opposition is numerous and extremely powerful, wrecking their shit would need crazy planning and contingencies.

And then you accidentally release the Death Force while you're in Al-Hazard and everyone dies.

>> No.29801014

I'd rape and then be murdered by that little boy in a dress.

>> No.29801034

I'd participate.

>> No.29801073

Sure, do another Nanoha Quest, I would gladly support you.

>> No.29801102

The QM is also a little bit at fault there I think. When writing the story, QMs should make sure that the goals are clear, perhaps work in the possible suggestions withing the update.
If that doesn't work at all, then it is a good gauge to see that your players are bunch of imbeciles and perhaps it is a good thing that the quest is dying.
Don't say it doesn't work though. ALL of the quests in the past did it like this and there haven't been any problems. A lot of them were quite popular too.

Yeah. That is also one of the side-effects of CYOA prompts. Why should the players think when cookie-cutter options are already presented? Might be also the reason why idiot write-ins get such a traction, because they are so radically different from the presented options, people are more likely to notice them.

>> No.29801154

On tgchan, prompts are almost unheard of. Then again, it's slow enough that it can handle people taking days to suggest.

>> No.29801164

/tg/ quests seem popular if they have twenty voters.

The thing to remember is that they probably have five times as many lurkers just watching. The 4chan statistics of watchers to participants is fucking cray.

So no matter what you do, most of your audience will be passive as shit.

>> No.29801178

We actually bring back Alicia with necro shit and Al-Hazard SCIENCE
Ah, but did you think she'd survive our death? Don't be so NAIVE!
Jewel seeds should still be with her, and s single one has already megaton nuke-tier potential.
>The opposition is numerous and extremely powerful, wrecking their shit would need crazy planning and contingencies.
Yup. Every single encounter is basically dancing on the edge. Precia had the advantage of Nanoha and Fate pleading mercy and everyone thinking she'd listen to reason. This time? Well. Unless it's Chrono hunting Precia or us it's unlikely they'll be inclined towards humanitarianism.

>> No.29801223

>I don't recall Touma being a bad guy in canon, though.

The QM is doing the smart thing and being very, very loose with the disastrous canon of Force.

>> No.29801226

Did you read that Zerg quest where we are a cerebrate?

>> No.29801244

And some simply cannot participate because of timezones so suptg votes aren't really a good way to see how many players you have.

Don't know why active lurkers don't chime in once in a while though.

>> No.29801249

Oh um.
It's really different so it might not interest you.

>> No.29801263

>Unless it's Chrono hunting Precia or us it's unlikely they'll be inclined towards humanitarianism.
This. That general and the brains were a small taste of what happens when anyone other than the protagonists get to handle matters.

>> No.29801276

>One hour
My body is ready.

>> No.29801306

No, but I should look that up.

>> No.29801371

What if in addition to bringing Precia back, you cure her boneitis?

Bitch was crazy powerful even though she had to be using most of her power to not explode into a pile of blood, who knows what Precia could do if she became healthy again.

>> No.29801412

It's quite old but was pretty fun. It even had an ending.
Here you: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Cerebrate%20Anon

>> No.29801432

Damn, dat's fine.

>> No.29801457

I love the idea of a recurring cast. I've been considering running some kind of groundhog day style quest where you could have that sort of continuity-less interaction with characters, but SS13 sounds like it could potentially be even better.

>> No.29801461

Question both to QMs and players.

How do you handle planned changes in tone? I've been contemplating an idea for a quest which would start off lighthearted but serious the fuck up as it went on, since the protagonist is rather naive about the world beyond their tiny peaceful section of it.

But I worry, I've seen a lot of people lash out at QMs for tonal shift, seeing it as a form of betrayal of the original quest that drew them in.

>> No.29801478

Maybe I could pull it off if i just drawfagged or something, but i'm a terrible artist, and I don't have a tablet or anything so it'd be mouse-drawn MS paint scribbles, and SS13 requires a fair amount of detail.

Maybe it could be just a text adventure?

>> No.29801484
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Phew. It's always a relief when people are able to get past the art at the beginning.

It's hard for me to look back.

Hell I'm not even completely satisfied with what I have NOW.

Qrane is so much less stressful to work on by comparison.

>> No.29801494
File: 526 KB, 660x774, wmac masters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WMAC masters quest when?

>> No.29801511

nigga, cute spunky tomgirls are like

my biggest fetish

>> No.29801533
File: 18 KB, 275x213, We'reLive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We now return to the adventures of SALLY STRONK: DREAM PUMMELER.

Or... wait no. Sorry. Sweet Dreams. The quest is called Sweet Dreams.


>> No.29801535

>One hour until BPQ

Second thread is the big deciding moment. Will it continue to be decent? Or will it be shit?


>> No.29801540

Bah, why do you not give Alica some EC and make her a living viral murderous organism. That is a better option for your daughter minion, right?

To be honest, I liked the General, he had some ideas that were right, he just was an idiot and did so many things wrong.

In, NFQ, the players are free to choose how to handle themselves, if they want to go an evil route, I will allow it.

I do find it funny that the TSAB seems to think that Touma is a AA-Rank Criminal just from the combat data of their fight against the soldiers.

>> No.29801603

Only one of the girls is even vaguely interested in the MC and that might just be a bff deal rather than teenage love.

>> No.29801619

>who knows what Precia could do if she became healthy again.
She zapped everything without having line-of-sight and made a world-destroying space ship have trouble staying in one piece. Once we cure her (maybe using Eclipse ((>>29801540)) as supplement for dat dere delicious healing factor) she should be scary strong. I kinda think that Fate's less of a direct clone of Alicia and more like an artificial child of Alicia and her mother WHAT THE FUCK. That would explain her crazy strong magical potential compared to Alicia's average one.
Didn't Precia and Spaghetti share some sort of (tenuous) connection? I'm not sure anymore.

TSAB are not very much unlike real life governments. It's just that FRIENDSHIP and sheer firepower allows the protagonists to ignore the necessities of day to day politics.
I don't NEED to wage a bloody war against a regime threatening my turf if I can waltz straight into their base and non-lethally take down their figureheads.
>To be honest, I liked the General, he had some ideas that were right, he just was an idiot and did so many things wrong.
And he got away with it with just a slap on the wrist. Unless either of you means the other one.
Thing is: The moral outcry that you'd expect just kind of never happened in none of the cases. It was treated as unpleasantness not the awful human rights (lel) violations they were.
And I have no idea where I am going with this anymore, heh.

>> No.29801641

If she was brought back with black magics, she'd probably be some kind of an undead and immune to disease. I can't recall what sort of lore the Nanohaverse has about undead, if there is any.

Haha time for SSS-tier crazy lich as an ally. Then you might as well go all out and bust Doctor Spaghetti out of prison, what team doesn't need a guy who thought impregnating combat cyborgs with a dozen copies of himself was a good idea.

>> No.29801679

You should stop using these images with all your posts. I don't care, but you're risking getting banned for avatarfagging.

>> No.29801682

>Didn't Precia and Spaghetti share some sort of (tenuous) connection? I'm not sure anymore.
Project Fate

>> No.29801707

Precia and Spaghetti both worked on Project F, which produced the first mage clone, Fate. That is part of the reason Jail was so interested in her in StrikerS.

About the violations, remember that the TSAB was founded right after the collapse of the Belkans, that meant that they had to do a lot of unpleasant stuff to restore some semblance of normalcy to the dimensional sea.

Sometimes I do think that people in the TSAB can accept doing hard decisions to bring order and stability, they are used to doing that, even if they dislike it.

>> No.29801761

Have civ-like quest being failing unusually often?

>> No.29801778
File: 555 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2013-11-07-07h03m46s71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A weird subgoal is to make it 'Allenby Beardsley: The Comic'

>> No.29801788

Civ is dead. People have generally realized it works better as a video game.

>> No.29801808

>what team doesn't need a guy who thought impregnating combat cyborgs with a dozen copies of himself was a good idea.
...you don't want to live forever?
> I can't recall what sort of lore the Nanohaverse has about undead, if there is any.
You can do "sort of" resuscitation via memory implantation and clones. , the process just tends to be sort of, you know, imperfect.

> Project F
AAaaah, right!

>About the violations, remember that the TSAB was founded right after the collapse of the Belkans, that meant that they had to do a lot of unpleasant stuff to restore some semblance of normalcy to the dimensional sea.

Ah, certainly, it just seems so jovial and easygoing at first is all I'm saying. Then you find out that they're a lot less idealistic and ideal than it seems.
Also. Cyborg army. The only reason it didn't go well last time was the creation of an excessive number (ha. ha. ha.) of them which coincided with loyalty failure and a certain missing sense of purpose and direction.

Civ is dying I think.

>> No.29801817

Anyone have any tips for writing? I've wrote a lot, but I'm not sure any of it is particularly suited for a quest

>> No.29801827

Hard to say without seeing what you've written.

>> No.29801861

>Ah, certainly, it just seems so jovial and easygoing at first is all I'm saying.
The mahou shoujo elements of Nanoha tends to hide the grimdarkness of the setting.

>> No.29801865

Quests more or less follow the same rules as plays, movie scripts and visual novels. Write a few short plays and get them critiqued.

>> No.29801875

i didn't know you were scribblehatch, qrane


>> No.29801893

> Allenby Beardsley
You're a man of great taste.

>> No.29801905

The thing is that Jail and Precia might betray you easily, it would take good Social skills to handle them.

But I have to admit that a Cyborg army would be awesome.

Some people recently compared the TSAB to the IoM, sometimes I have to admit that they might have a point.

>> No.29801986
File: 507 KB, 720x540, allenbizzle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29802035

Pretty much. Once you move away from that it get dark rather quickly.
I suspect the Federation would not approve of their shenanigans.
Had to.

>The thing is that Jail and Precia might betray you easily, it would take good Social skills to handle them.
Pretty much. Well, as long as you keep them busy it should be doable. Jail is basically made for MAD SCIENCE and once she's with Alicia Precia might be a bit more amicable if morally bankrupt.
>Some people recently compared the TSAB to the IoM, sometimes I have to admit that they might have a point.
Honestly? Yes. They're not as grim because Chaos isn't a thing so fuck-ups at most consume a world, but I strongly suspect they would be able to adjust (read: Become a murder-happy theocacy) within a relatively short amount of time should it be required.
Desire for crossover intensifies.

>> No.29802076

So a Inquisitor Chrono Quest?

>> No.29802123
File: 101 KB, 640x470, damnation_art_by_kev_walker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been kicking around some ideas for a quest using MTG's setting, but there's so many different directions I could take that I don't know what people would actually want. A sandbox adventure as a planeswalker? Ravnican intrigue and inter-guild hijinks? Atmospheric horror (no prizes for guessing where)?
Or is this a bad idea and I should burn my notes for writing yet another fanfiction quest.

>> No.29802132

Strangely enough, that's probably where TSAB quest is going to go eventually.

>> No.29802183

>Ravnica intrigues
Holy fuck yes. Run it.

>> No.29802209

Not that dude, but I use MPC-HC and change the filenames to vlcsnap before I post to 4chan. Where is your god now?

>> No.29802232

/qtg/, do you think it's a better idea to start off a Quest as obviously being a sequel to a previous quest of yours, and advertising it as such? Or would it be worth playing it up as its own thing, then gradually revealing through play that it's a sequel? (I'm talking explicitly about my own Quests here, not an unauthorized "sequel" to someone else's thing)

>> No.29802235
File: 259 KB, 607x800, 1366542868436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elesh Norn waifuing quest. Try to melt the black iron heart of /tg/'s favorite insane machine priestess, without being turned into a gibbering abomination of steel and faith.

>> No.29802243

Ayup. Beat up uppity psykers and bring them to the Black Ships, investigate Chaos artifacts, order orbital bombardments. All at the ripe old age of twenty.
Yes, S2U is a demonweapon. Problem?
Ravnica please.
We're Golgari.
Not my favourites, but it would be different.

> not changing it to Tumblr_VLC precure has lots of people who do because... funnies.
You're weak, anon.

>> No.29802296

Now let's give it a nice Mahou Shoujo coat to all that and run the quest in standard Nanoha Verse... that way we can Arc-En-Ciel some planets.

>> No.29802299

I'm pretty surprised how much overlap there is between here and /co/. I love it when people remember me because of my Chaos comic.

Makes the tedium of working on my personal projects feel validated. Instead of the constant brain static of "Oh god, does anyone even enjoy this but ME? Am I just masturbating right now?"

>> No.29802367

So, I'm going to be starting my own quest based around an alternate history/fantasy setting based around Vlad the Impaler, using historic facts, such and such. But that's not the important bit in this post.

What I'm wondering is, how do I design skills for characters? Or should I just ad-lib it? Because it seems like the character sheets (Think Aspiring Emperor Quest) make it easier to explain characters to the players, but also runs the risk of being extremely convoluted.

Tl;Dr - Should I design a skill system for characters or no

>> No.29802377

>Which Quests do you want to run?

Dozens. I've got a hundred barely thought out ideas, even less that have more than an initial thought put into them, and few others that I've written more than a skeleton of an idea about. A week will go by and I'll work on a different quest concept. The one I'm currently messing with is:

>Defense Budget Auditor Quest
You play a government auditor looking into the gross overspending of the experimental sciences division, andduring your inspection you get forced into the position of piloting a highly dangerous giant robot when aliens invade.

Can you save humanity? While worrying about munitions cost and property damage?


I actually thought about something like this. Playing as a Red/White aligned planeswalker who travels the planes in search of inspiration for her art. Her powers would involve the creation and destruction of artifacts and enchantments (her artwork).

I had her with a bodyguard companion, but it all got a little too /u/ for me.

The idea was that a favorite plane of hers got fucked up by a mad man with a horrible view of his own 'art': horrifying biological experiments, the results of which he augments himself with. An utterly insane narcissist obsessed with self improvement (blueblackgreen planeswalker, obviously). And her journey to find him while attempting to bring peace and enrich the worlds she leaves behind.

I'm not sure where I put all my notes for that idea, to be honest.

>> No.29802384

I think you should get your tripcode right.

>> No.29802387

My, that is an unfortunate tripcode fuckup.

>> No.29802406

DXQ is up. The Angel's High arc starts today!

>> No.29802413

On the bright-side, I don't have any quests running under that trip.

No harm done.

>> No.29802420

Praise the Omnissiah for that STC (heh. heh. heh. heh. [nervous mechandrite rubbing intensifies]) we found. Finally something that allows effective destruction of Necrons and Daemonworlds!
>Now let's give it a nice Mahou Shoujo coat to all that and run the quest in standard Nanoha Verse...
Glorious. I think DH has psyker covens/conclaves or something? Would explain Section Six neatly.
>I'm pretty surprised how much overlap there is between here and /co/.
There is a massive overlap between /tg/ and pretty much any other board I'd wager.

>> No.29802422
File: 11 KB, 400x287, Bison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Which Quests do you want to run?

I kind of want to run a quest about a demented fighting tournament fought over implausible stakes, like the plots thrown into most fighting games. You'd either be a contestant navigating the demented rules or the mad dictator/sorcerer/both making the rules. Gamesmanship and cheating would be just as important as actual fighting.

Is King of Fighters Quest kind of like that? Never really followed it.

>> No.29802431

Your quest looks like shit, l2write please.

>> No.29802441

Bloodline Protector very soon now. OP is prepared and ready to post.

>> No.29802462

Waiting warmly for implosion.

>> No.29802481

Anyways, anyone have any tips?

>> No.29802490

I don't want it to implode, but it will be so fucking sweet if it does and PGQ is still around.

>> No.29802497

Imported Witches Quest up.

>> No.29802499

>Finally something that allows effective destruction of Necrons and Daemonworlds!
I approve of this, really I do.

But to be honest, rather than transplanting Nanoha into the IoM, the idea is to borrow some ideas form the setting to play them in the Nanohaverse.

Seeing the grimbright world of magic meet the grimdark future could be interesting.

>> No.29802517

It is a world that takes place after a near apocalyptic end of the world scenario with multiple artifacts that can and nearly do end civilization.

>> No.29802529

>it will be so fucking sweet if it does and PGQ is still around
Pls no. At the least, let Breaker be killed before it happens.

>> No.29802538


I forgot the title the first time. Here is the new thread


>> No.29802547 [DELETED] 

Quest threads are stupid and you should all fuck-off.

>> No.29802566

They are also researchers
literally that is the entire B plot of StrikerS and the C plot of A's, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

>> No.29802568
File: 111 KB, 629x745, please die.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29802594


> spoiler
Arc-en-ciel is pretty much the Eldar D-Cannon.

>> No.29802629

My main ideas involve either Ravnican shennanigans, or wars/adventures on Alara, so you may yet get your wish.

>Where we're going, we don't need flesh!
I hadn't thought about a phyrexian POV, although I'm sorry to say I don't think I can write straight comedy as well as I'd need to for that.

Food for thought. This definitely gives me some ideas. Thanks for your suggestion.

Interesting ideas. My plan is to play a little bit more within the established settings. I have a bunch of ideas for plot, but I'd probably let players build their character to an extent. I feel like the biggest problem with giving your MC a spark is how sandboxy things become. It feels like it'd hard to find a way to properly introduce conflict without going full Urza and having interplanar destruction and huge monolithic threats like old phyrexia.

>> No.29802637

No no no please.

just let it get better than PGQ

>> No.29802645

You don't have to have a skill set for your character, especially if you want to run it more narrative-focused and with few rolls here and there. If you want to implement a skill system, it needs to be simple to keep track of, have only a few important skills in there that are appropriate for the quest and the character. The real tricky part is the mechanics and how they'll work - will you add your skill bonus to the roll, or will the skills unlock certain other skills, or both - it's up to you.

>> No.29802674


And we're live!

>> No.29802679

You could run it during the War against Yawgmoth. Or, if you're doing Ravnica, do it before Jace came along.

>> No.29802680
File: 69 KB, 312x445, 62[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Atmospheric horror (no prizes for guessing where)
Homelands, right?

>> No.29802744


In Her Image is now running.

>> No.29802749

Would someone here be willing to run a quest thread like the Demon Quest that ran a while ago, but actually hold it for more than five sessions? That was fun as shit, but it ended so fast when it could have gone great places.

If anyone wants to know what I'm talking about, here's a link:

>> No.29802828 [DELETED] 

I like Quest threads, don't get me wrong.
But holy fuck I'm actually sympathizing with the anti-quest fa/tg/uys. There are so many shit-tier quests that swamp the front page, let's take a look-see.

Shitty writer, vague premise, already has references to OP's magical realm.

Oh look, "MUH SPACE" quest #3742834

OP Magic realm incoming

The 4th pokemon quest I've seen this week, at least the others were remotely original

Not the worst thing around, but civ threads are even more overdone than the poor fuckers that frequent CYOA threads.

>> No.29802830

Girls und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy is running.


>> No.29802834
File: 96 KB, 620x465, arc1350_-klashjd_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My plan for post-mending storyline events is to have the quest take place at the "start" of most of them. Alara would be just as the shards begin to merge. Innistrad will have Avacyn sealed in the Helvault. Without the player's interaction, the events in the block will slowly play out in the background, but you'd be free to go shake things up if that was something you wanted to do.

For Ravnica I'd just be ignoring the events of the recent novel, partly because I haven't read The Secretist, partly because of how polarizing Jace's involvement is it was and partly because what most people care about with Ravnica is the setting and I have enough good plot-hooks for there already.

I feel like if I introduced Jace the players would just want to go find a way to beat him up.

>> No.29802875

Sturgeon's Law anon. Is Bloodline Protector the anti-PGQ quest people were talking about last thread?

>> No.29802886

>badmouthing Double Cross Quest
Welcome to my shitlist, fuckerlord.

>> No.29802892


>> No.29802894

In a shellnut, yes.

>> No.29802900

You seem to not like my Quest. Okay, that's fine. Can you tell me what you don't like so I can take it into consideration for the future?

>> No.29802901

Here's a suggestion for a Quest
Dragonball Quest, where instead of being part of the main cast, trying to constantly keep up with Goku and Vegeta's ridiculous powercreep, you start out as a nameless peon and your goal is to beat Mr.Satan and become the strongest fighter in the world.

>> No.29802918

Yeah. It's actually pretty good though.

>> No.29802924

I don't get it. Then what do you consider a good quest?

>> No.29802931

>Oh look, "MUH SPACE" quest #3742834
yeah you've got no idea what your talking about

>> No.29802954

He doesn't consider anything a good quest. That's the point.
The "I like quest threads but" line should've tipped you off.

>> No.29803038
File: 17 KB, 202x202, fwr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reading the archives
>QM introduces a dislikable character
>Players decide on attempted murder in broad daylight
Augh. How does anyone decide that shit like this is a good idea. It was like 20 threads in too, so it's not people trying to derail the initial installment or anything, it's an established base of people.

>> No.29803059

>magical realm
I'm forced to give you some credit for finding a new buzzword to abuse, but it's still only 2/10

>> No.29803074

It's fun how I thought you were talking about another quest until you said it was like 20 threads in.

The reason is that players are retarded.

>> No.29803076

Which Quests are you following?
>Hero Rena, Neckbeard, the Lesbian Pokemon Adventures Quest, Bosozoku Quest
>Which Quests do you want to run?
Disgaea Quest, Redcap Quest
>Which Quests do you miss?
N/A since we got Neckbeard back.

>> No.29803094

I haven't read PGQ, and have skimmed over the shitstorms in qtgs.

What's the source of that quest's popularity anyway?

>> No.29803109

Just because somebody suggested murder that many threads in doesn't discount invasion or shitposting.

>> No.29803121

What's the source of any quest's popularity really? Apply that to PGQ.

>> No.29803122

>What's the source of that quest's popularity anyway?

Stockholm syndrome

>> No.29803140

Magical Realm Quests can actually be good as long as the writing is good and QM doesn't go overboard.

>> No.29803149
File: 48 KB, 968x309, 1390700246652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29803169

It started out as one of the few lighthearted adventures in a sea of grimdark and depressing.

>> No.29803182

Too bad none of the magical realm quests still alive qualify.

>> No.29803197

Peasant Girl Quest confirmed for dead.


>> No.29803198

It started out pretty slow but picked up quickly because the one thing Arch does really well is add enough new content to his quest to keep people hooked

So for a while we were getting a new character every quest, a new story element every quest, learning something new about old characters, and learning something new about the main character. If you missed a single thread in that time, you would be really confused in the coming threads.

Then it kind of rested on it's laurels once it became one of the top quests. It's been resting for about sixty threads now.

>> No.29803259

Shitheads used to the QM pandering to their every whim who took offense that anyone could hate their 'perfect' mary sue MC

>> No.29803288
File: 355 KB, 1280x720, 1350749160539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah you make a good point. It's probably a little unfair to attribute it wholly to a previously sane voting base. I guess this is just one of those times where it's hard to tell if a trend in posts is an external influence or not.

>> No.29803334

Posting about a quest in QTG when the quest is actually running is a bad, bad idea.

We spent the last hundred or so posts of Pokemon Quest yesterday arguing that our character (A bisexual, insecure former street rat) wouldn't have a threesome with her male and female companions at the same time just because she was drunk, and a whoooole lot of shitposting about "Hurr durr muh most popular fantasy here have dis article wot confirm it" while willfully missing the point that she's really enamored with her female companion.

>> No.29803420

Every time I hear about [GATE], I think about Gate - thus the JSDF were here, where a portal to downtown tokyo opens up, and leads to a war between the armies of fastasy Rome and the Japanese military.

>> No.29803458
File: 1.34 MB, 1280x1024, Holy hell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Disgaea Quest
Oh hell yes.

>> No.29803461

You and me both. I wouldn't want to run GATE quest because the manga has wafuing built in, and it would be either that or EPIC CIVILIZATION TIER.

>> No.29803469

>Every time I hear about [GATE], I think about Gate - thus the JSDF were here

I know, right?

>> No.29803470

> character is Bi
> totally open to polyamory and threesomes
> any and all times
I'm starting to hate this.

Well, I'd play it. Hell, I'd probably even run it and try not to get murdered for setting mashup.

>> No.29803471

It turns into HFY bullshit of the highest order, right up there with Salvation War. The manga was barely more tolerable to read than the original light novel.

>> No.29803475

And Gobble happily lies about his intentions of the quest constantly.

>> No.29803481



>> No.29803514


/tg/ with military forces in a world with no civilization besides a roman empire?

>> No.29803523

All I really know about PGQ is that the protagonist is apparently paid handsomely out the ass but isn't allowed to actually buy anything.

Because players might use that gold to 'powergame'

>> No.29803552

Didn't we have one of those? "Nazis in Fantasyland" or something like that?

>> No.29803563
File: 131 KB, 709x286, Rori Mercury is a JoJo Vampire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rori Mercury best personality.

>> No.29803564

IT was pretty much /pol/ quest and yeah

>> No.29803566

Explain further.

>> No.29803571
File: 176 KB, 572x682, ameriblax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too bad Gate, JSDF is utter shit with such poor writing that, as a quest, it would get laughed off this board of amateur fanfic writers.

>> No.29803584

Don't take the bait. He's just trying to stir up shit

>> No.29803598

He's suggesting that Gobble is opposed to the heterosexual lifestyle and that the MC is only bi to avoid claims of yurishit.

>> No.29803606

meanwhile, Canada, UK, Germany, France, all laugh at this

>> No.29803620

Moon Nazi Quest when?

>> No.29803623

When I cross epic civivilizations and GATE in my mind, I see the dickass gods opening a portal to some hilariously OP sci-fi realm. Hence the confusion about how would that even work as a quest.

>> No.29803628

He said it wasn't intended to be a yuri quest - yet every single update is accompanied by sexy pictures of girls, he introduced the female interest with a massive lead, and actively pulls the male interest away whenever possible, while incentivising the players not to bother with keeping him around.

>> No.29803636

Legends tell long ago of a powerful Overlord who struck terror into the Netherworld, Celestia, and the human realm, and though his name is lost to antiquity, his bone-chilling laugh seems to echo through the corridors of time.

You are one who has decided to quest for the title of Overlord.


It would be the first quest I've actually run, though.

>> No.29803638

Nanoha40K quest... might sound good?

>> No.29803643

Unless you play a Jewish pilot in the IDF's latest starfighter, fighting alongside a multiracial team to destroy the Moon Nazis. Otherwise /pol/ please go

>> No.29803656

She's a very obvious wish-fulfillment character for the author who wants an aggressive, possessive loli to dominate him.

I'm genuinely amazed she just doesn't have a sign that says "This girl will win because she is clearly the most favored character in the entire series, did I mention she can fly and shoot fireballs too?"

>> No.29803657

I know in France they use African rather than black.

>> No.29803658

I've got tons of sexy pics on my desktop too, but I'm not planing on using them for anything but the obvious. Plus I think in thread two, somebody made a massive file of sexy pokegirl pictures and handed it over to him.

>> No.29803661

It's just out there enough to work without being completely retarded.

>> No.29803677

Iron Sky Quest?

>> No.29803682

And? Where's the hot dudes? The character's bi, why doesn't she show interest?

>> No.29803688

I don't care on the side we fight on really. I just want hilariously evil and crazy pulp moon nazis.

>> No.29803697

>Horse Wiener
Is it wrong that I reloaded that fight over and over again until the zombie had a horse wiener of gold rarity.

Then stole it with a thief and levelled it up to maximum.

>> No.29803715

Because the players haven't played her as having interest in the hot dudes, and I'm sure there's less than half as much hot guy art for Pokemon as there is hot girl.

>> No.29803734

Nazis are inherently offensive and evil

>> No.29803736

Don't get him riled up. He's just going to work himself in a frenzy and shitpost the next thread.

>> No.29803737

There is no way you would be able to write a gate quest without pissing off people or completely forgoing even mentioning demigods in that setting.

Mostly because for a series that touts the differences between fairy magic and real technology, demigods are donut steel characters that would put pretty much any bullshit plothax character to shame. You would have to spend an entire chapter just going over how original and powerful they were, and how bullets can't hurt them, explosions won't kill them, and they are immortal. Which will alienate your playerbase of people who just want to watch fantasy shit get wrecked.

>> No.29803743

So... by reloading the fight, thus resisting the outcome... you made his penis stronger?

>> No.29803747

In the grim brightness of the far future, there is only befriending.

It could work.

>> No.29803753

Point = missed.

>> No.29803755

So why does he continue this silly masquerade of it being bi and not yuri? Why can't he be fucking honest?

>> No.29803763

Oh no, I would forget them OR better yet, I'd have the MC's allies have their own demigods, so a personal level battle would be Earth's gods going all *remove gods* since they can't say Act on Earth.

>> No.29803776

Because you should stop replying to yourself.

>> No.29803783

Because the option's there for her to pursue a man if one shows up the players are interested in pursuing. It's not like he hardcodes the character's personality and then presents her as-is, fully developed. It's the player's actions that determine her, not the QM. He's a referee, not a tour guide.

>> No.29803809

The thing is, he introduced the female so far ahead of the male he literally has no chance.

>> No.29803811

>make MC female
>make her bisexual
>oh gee I wonder what /tg/ is going to vote, I totally didn't mean for this to happen

>> No.29803817

I'm still confused how magic works on Gate's modern-day Earth.

If that was the case, wouldn't the JSDF have both mages AND superior technology? As well as numerous accounts of magical beings walking the Earth? It always seemed to me that when they crossed that gate, magic should have stopped working altogether.

>> No.29803844
File: 151 KB, 244x539, STRONGEST MOM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was refrencing a scene in the manga, where' they're debating the qualities of each girl, the MC stated that Elf had best figure, Mage was most moe, and Mercury had the best personality.

I live in the part of Canada where asians outnumber blacks by a significant margin.

>> No.29803858

That particular one? Probably not. He's an earnest, well-meaning meathead, and if I'm being honest not all that interesting. He's more bro-tier material. Considering her upbringing, I think Kat would have major daddy issues. If Gobble introduced an older, slightly more domineering male lead to the group I think it might change the dynamic a bit.

>> No.29803860

>Female character
>Make her bi
>Post girly pictures all the time
>Introduce female character first
>"oh gee oh my I wonder why people are voting lesbian"

>> No.29803867

No no no, my point is well if I was going to run a GATE quest, I'd have the mc be half japanese, an part of a UN division.

>> No.29803868

I'm pretty sure he let them decide orientation

>> No.29803885

>runs a quest on /tg/
>introduces a female character
>"Oh gee I wonder why my players are voting to waifu her!"

>> No.29803894

>If Gobble introduced an older, slightly more domineering male lead to the group I think it might change the dynamic a bit.
Not at this fucking point. Route is practically locked.

>> No.29803899

The only way to plausibly have a bi MC is to railroad them into taking dick every once in a while.

I ran a quest with a succubus who needed semen to survive and they still tried to ignore/murder every guy that talked to them so they could white knight/rape the girls. In the end they were so weak from starvation that they got curbstomped in a fight.

>> No.29803900

Maybe it's a biological thing, and your body naturally produces magic or something?

>> No.29803902

Nobody wonders it but you, but that doesn't really discount the fact the votes are still up to the players.

>> No.29803904

Aren't there quests that actually run on /pol/?

>> No.29803915

I'm just asking to confirm this: Commissar isn't actually showing up tonight is he?

I can just go to sleep now right?

>> No.29803918

This sounds amazing. What was it called?

>> No.29803944

Succubus Lord?

>> No.29804010

Except the people against it were doing bullshit like equating it to cheating and NTR, or just rejecting it as a matter of principle, as opposed to bringing up the insecurity thing in the first place.

>> No.29804041

>Except the people against it were doing bullshit like equating it to cheating and NTR
So the route IS locked, then. Fantastic. I feel sorry for the Vance fans.

All... two of them.

>> No.29804061

It was brought up several times, complete with quotations from a prior thread which established said point.

Besides, what was actually suggested was having Robin make out with Vance while Kat watched, which is more or less the same thing as NTR, minus the sex. As for it being cheating, while it wouldn't technically be since there's no actual confirmed/agreed upon relationship, Kat's more into Robin than she is into Vance. By extension, it would hurt her chances with Robin long-term if she suggested it. It's loose, even if not actual infidelity.

>> No.29804067

Everytime I see any mention of powergaming now, I chuckle.

>> No.29804100

>waifuing that hard
It must be awful having to pander to the whims of your imaginary girlfriend instead of doing what makes for a fun story

>> No.29804107

Not really, all I saw was a bunch of creepy bullshit saying Robin was "ours" even though we haven't even asked her out.

>> No.29804109

How about "Adventures of the hidden MIR"?
It would be about weapons tests on the MIR in the Iron Sky universe.

>> No.29804125
File: 9 KB, 223x200, 1344671913864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's the fucking pokemon? At least BFQ was upfront about its premise.

>> No.29804146

Go play in Oberon's quest. At least it's actually about pokes and not yuri waifu bullshit.

>> No.29804158

>Breaking character
Okay, champ, you have fun with your That Guy shenanigans.

This last thread was all about spending Casino winnings and having fun during our first time in the big city. We karaoke'd with our Pokemon. Admittedly, this one was action light.

>> No.29804216

I hope to God there isn't.

>> No.29804264

It wouldn't be popular if it was just about the pokemon. Just look at all the other Pokemon quests that have come and gone. The call of the waifu is seductive etc etc.

>> No.29804286

So why is it that /qtg/ ignores good quests, and focuses on shit-tier ones like Lesbian Pokemon quest?

When was the last time we talked about Aspiring Emperor Quest, that is some good writing on his part.

Oh yeah, because /tg/ is obsessed with waifus.

>> No.29804323

Not necessarily. It's just that detractors of the bad quests, rightful or not, think that being vocal will get them their way, while the defenders of same, rightful or not, feel compelled to defend their fun.

Same reason edition wars generate shitposting, etc.

>> No.29804324

I've never really heard much said about Aspiring Emperor quest, so this is your chance.

Sell me on it.

>> No.29804341

Because the /qtg/ is a being made of pure malice and vitriol, and only talks about the things that are bad.

Hence all the pokesperging and all the PGQ rage (which I'll admit is actually valid). If your quest isn't brought up here, it's a good thing

>> No.29804347

>Oh yeah, because /tg/ is obsessed with waifus.
..or because we don't want to bring attention to good quests with small playerbases. I know I usually don't.

>> No.29804375

Minor interest noted for future reference.

There used to be by all reports but they got killed off around the time Teen Titans Quest moved here AFAIR.

They're not wrong.

>> No.29804380

Now Aspiring Emperor Quest is going to get samefagged and derailed with shitposting. You just had to mention it here

>> No.29804387

For those of us who run small quests it would be nice to have more interest!

>> No.29804395

Let him learn that the hard way, as >>29804380 said.

>> No.29804405

It's pretty shit, dude.

>> No.29804407 [DELETED] 

Quests are interesting to read sometimes.

There's a faint... something, behind the way people play, the way they judge the world, that represents a fundamental... maladaption. The extreme acceptance of the virgin/whore dichotomy*. The clinginess. The paranoia about their partner cheating. The weird, arcane requirements in sexual/romantic partners. It's like... there's a reason why /tg/ is full of virgins?

*: You should only have sex within the context of a lifelong commitment (i.e. marriage). But no, a girl who's had two premarital sexual partners is not a slut. She shouldn't have done that, but she isn't a slut.

>> No.29804424

>shouldn't have done that
go fuck yourself

>> No.29804437

Hach, the good old Tumblr wannabes.
Here, have your first reply. Many more will follow.

>> No.29804441

...you do know where you are, right? You really don't think maladjustment is part and parcel with the hobby?

>> No.29804453

Just looking at the first posts, his writing (or his prose, at least) is better than:


It's only slightly worse than the quests I didn't link in this topic, as well, and I don't even follow his quest. This is just from a quick glance-over.

Not saying his writing is particularly good, but there's several that are worse. At least he knows what proper grammar and (somewhat) clear, (somewhat) concise prose are.

>inb4 downboats from shitting on BPQ

>> No.29804464

You see, you say that, but then you realize your hard work is ruined by samefagging assholes who only want to see the world burn.

>> No.29804471

>mentioning downvotes
Go back to reddit

>> No.29804476

for shitting on*

>> No.29804480

You mean Avalon Quest, right?

>> No.29804488

>>inb4 downboats from shitting on BPQ

>> No.29804494

Just have a common sense filter! (Yes I know deadpool is passe but having a common sense filter is key)

>> No.29804512

Hey, boats can't help the number of chromosomes they have! Don't be hatin'!

>> No.29804526

I run a quest now. I was originally planning a black dark story, and it turned out to be Friendship, Teamwork and tactical planning.

>> No.29804527

What if that quest's playerbase is -really- small? I've been in threads where I can identify every anonymous poster by their writing style and reply times.

>> No.29804536 [DELETED] 

Women who have premarital sex are at substantially heightened risk of failed marriages. I don't have the exact numbers, but it's a drop from something like 80% to 60%*. I suppose if she doesn't care about getting married one day, it's fine. Otherwise it's like someone with a family history of alcoholism getting really drunk: a fucking stupid thing you should not do, even if things work out okay.

*: For men it's from ~95% to ~60%, so they shouldn't have premarital sex either.

Oh, I know. It's just interesting. Sort of a... thing. I can't put my finger on it. A reminder, perhaps, that many loners are alone not because they want to be, but because, in a very real sense, they deserve to be.

>> No.29804541

I got it that he meant 'downvotes', just...why. This isn't reddit.

>> No.29804574


>not recognizing ironic reddit meta
Take your own advice?

>> No.29804575

Spoiler alert if you are going to use that data, there are other studies that show couples without premarital experience have 50% divorce rates (This also correlates to southern states which have earlier marriages). If anything having lots of partners and marrying later (30+) is key.

>> No.29804584

Probably someone who still thinks sage is a downvote.

>> No.29804585

Please don't bait. Thank you.

>> No.29804594

There's no such thing as normality, just an unspoken agreement that people don't fly their freak flags in public.

>> No.29804607


So, how many anons are gonna fall for this stupid shit?

all of them

>> No.29804627

I'd heard about the "Marrying after thirty" thing.

My time to shine!

>> No.29804629

I think you're misunderstaming cause and effect, friend.

>> No.29804636

I'm not afraid to bring up a quest I dearly love because I know it's utterly inscrutable if you haven't been playing since the first threads or read the archives.

>> No.29804646

Pseudo Intellectual discussion is /tg/'s cryptonite after all.,

>> No.29804662

Oh, really? Well, I'm citing the NSFG 2006-2010. What's your citation, so I can take a look?

>> No.29804666


>> No.29804679

Pretty much a lot, yeah.
It's more annoying that he uses all those ellipsis and asterisks than anything else, honestly.

>> No.29804687

I can't speak for others, but if I was a QM, I'd be happy for, say, 3 people as long as the quest runs smoothly.

~7 might be the best number, tho.

>> No.29804700
File: 114 KB, 273x439, j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satan you're not meant to point out his ruse.

>> No.29804754

See, for instance, Evelyn L. Lehrer and Yu Chen, “Delayed Entry into First Marriage: Further Evidence on the
Becker-Landes-Michael Hypothesis” (Chicago: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Economics, 2013);
Dana Rotz, “Why Have Divorce Rates Fallen? The Role of Women’s Age at Marriage,” Social Science Research
Network working paper (December 2011), http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.1960017

E: National Fatherhood Initiative National Marriage Survey, 2003-20

go fuck yourself

>> No.29804793

> woman researcher

>> No.29804803

>/tg/ sexuality and marriage studies

>> No.29804826

>Implying a good portion of us don't need this information for... reasons.

>> No.29804852

It's all from two bait posts too, the second of which employed a clear logical fallacy. At least it happened here and not somewhere else.

>> No.29804858

>hating on women
>year 20XX
Also it is a huge logical fallacy to reject the source, doubly so when most of the people with degrees are women as well!

>> No.29804873

I'm going to take this opportunity to redirect the conversation towards something that will invariably cause shitstorms.

The modern definitions of sex and gender are bullshit. They aren't separate entities. The man who theorized they were was a hack and a pedophile.

>> No.29804888

>The modern definitions of sex and gender are bullshit. They aren't separate entities. The man who theorized they were was a hack and a pedophile.
Agreed. Although which man was this?

>> No.29804908

All of them.

See, this is how you start a shitstorm.

>> No.29804909

Yeah, that doesn't prove that women shouldn't bother to remain virgins until marriage. Just that later marriage improves marital health, which doesn't in any way conflict with premarital chastity improving marital health. I'm going to unilaterally declare myself the victor.

Marital success rates, NSFG 2006-2010:
Unambiguous successes (not separated or divorced): 94.38% (waited for marriage men), 83.64% (virgins until they got engaged men), 65.93% (lost their virginity to their steady gal men); 81.35% (waited for marriage women), 67.78% (virgins until they got engaged women), 63.45% (lost their virginity to their steady guy women).

> The man who theorized they were was a hack and a pedophile.
Ad hominem.

As for the transphobia, >>>/pol/ is that way.

>> No.29804910

Sex and gender are separate you stupid fuck, it is only a victorian concept that says otherwise. Should I go back to Rome, non Western Societies, the existence of a 'third gender' analog which has existed in multiple cultures which had no contact proving this?

>> No.29804917

John Money, a psychologist.

>> No.29804926
File: 62 KB, 625x626, qtgwhosebait2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to know /qtg/ is still the worst part of /tg/. I was worried ERP General would beat you guys.

>> No.29804952

The problem is in generall marriage rates and the ages of sucessful marrages points to my data
http://nationalmarriageproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/KnotYet-FinalForWeb.pdf (I know this is a right wing site but the data is objective, the later you get married the longer they last, which means that all these young virgins.. are having their marriages collapse at 23-25!

>> No.29804957

>Responding to that post

>> No.29804966

> rejecting something because the researches was a pedophile
Almost as retarded as
Rejecting something because it was done by a woman.

>> No.29804975

Sometimes I wonder why I come here.

We aren't even talking about quests now. And by 'we' I mean 'these chimps'.

>> No.29804980

Dr. Money forced the twins to rehearse sexual acts involving "thrusting movements", with David playing the bottom role.[4] David Reimer painfully recalled that, as a child, he had to get "down on all fours" with his brother, Brian Reimer, "up behind his butt" with "his crotch against" his "buttocks".[4] Dr. Money forced David, in another sexual position, to have his "legs spread" with Brian on top.[4] Dr. Money also forced the children to take their "clothes off" and engage in "genital inspections".[4] On at "least one occasion", Dr. Money took a photograph of the two children doing these activities.[4] Dr. Money's rationale for these various treatments was his belief that "childhood 'sexual rehearsal play'" was important for a "healthy adult gender identity".[4]

>> No.29804982

My point is that you can wait for marriage and get married late at the same time, you rube.

>> No.29805024

I am really happy that SQ and SM are back.

How is everyone's day?

>> No.29805034

>I'll make the boys pretend to have sex with one-another so they'll grow up normal

What is this I don't even?

>> No.29805036

My point is that most people are to be frank, lying about their virginity and number of sex partners (since slut shaming is still a thing), I mean it isn't as hard as finding number of homosexuals in America, but this is a number I can't trust, while ages of divorces/first marriages is trivially correlated with a census run/run to a state capital.

>> No.29805101

It's only a comparison of the circumstances of first sex, not the number of sex partners or their virginity status. Nice try though.

David Reimer had a botched circumcision and was then a victim of infant SRS, whereupon he was raised as a girl because muh gender is just a social construct.

>> No.29805106

>It wouldn't be popular if it was just about the pokemon. Just look at all the other Pokemon quests that have come and gone.

So if AoPH wasn't about implanting pokemon to use their powers?

>> No.29805141

I dunno, I can see it. One of them roleplays consistently as the male sex partner, the other as the female partner.

He can then observe the impact this has on each child's gender identity when he grows older, with everything else being as close to the same as possible. That's why they're twins.

>> No.29805157

Because he wasn't trans. Some people are.

>> No.29805176

My next quest will have an NPC finding their gender identity.

>> No.29805192

I agree? "Gender as a social construct" cannot effectively explain transsexuality, however.

>> No.29805218

Hormone imbalances and genetic quircks however can. TL;DR: Psychology and Neurology are never to be separated or the results don't make sense.

>> No.29805225

See my dream social experiment which I will never get past any ethics committee would be Garden of Eden. Get a 20 square mile area, make it like the Garden of Eden and see how people naturally live without an outside force.

Trannssxesuality is a mental condition which isn't that bad, it just is a mental condition that is treated with SRS.

>> No.29805253

Yes. Magnificent. The setting is alternate Earth in which the Nazis won due to time travel shenanigans.
The MC remembers being a guy, but he's now trapped in a girl's body after a scientist messed with his head.

>> No.29805275

I'd say if 41% of a population attempt to kill themselves and suffer from some array of mental disorders, there's probably something wrong with that community.

>> No.29805358

This. This so much. Not to mention GID is already a mental illness, so they're fucked from birth.

>> No.29805381

It only survived on that premise because it recruited players directly from /vp/, and even they've pretty much left the quest at this point. Most of the people left playing AoPH are in it for various other things, not the pokemon.

>> No.29805434
File: 227 KB, 479x389, genre_choices.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you determine your genre, QTG?

I have so many strange settings and alternate styles I want to try, but the only one I have experience running is the most generic of fantasy.

>> No.29805458

I don't think genre really matters. Just run it, say it's whatever-the-fuck.

>> No.29805481

I disagree with you on whether or not something based on pokemon alone would be able to be run well, as it always comes down to individual QM ability and scheduling.

Though, I do admit I don't really give a shit about pokemon personally, and instead am in the quest for monster hunting. The shadowruns and slice of life I've been given so far in the quest are also acceptable to my tastes.

>> No.29805585

anon, the tricky part is which thing I should run.

I can never pick, and if I just mash them all together I'll get a mishmash of half realized ideas.

>> No.29805615

Based on the themes and style used, I guess?

Which one are you most comfortable with running and writing.

>> No.29805666

>Which one are you most comfortable with running and writing?
the most generic of fantasy. Which is why that's the only one I've ever run.

>> No.29805710

Except how much of that comes from without and not within?

Like if even gay people think something's wrong with you, high rates of suicide isn't difficult to imagine.

>> No.29805879

Of course some suicide attempts are going to be caused by outside pressure, although to some extent I think one must be predisposed towards suicide for things like bullying or taunts to drive them over the edge.

But even homosexuals in the Middle East only have a 20% suicide rate, and I can't imagine first world transgender people have it worse than homos in that hellhole.

>> No.29805912

Yes, the IT'S OUTSIDE FORCES thing is popular, but that needn't mean it's true.
This. Hell, it's so bad that the LGB parts of the community actively avoid going anywhere near the T because they bring nothing but drama, suicide blogging and whining.
TL;DR: GID and trans folks have a legit disorder.

>> No.29805944

Won't trick me that easily, Satan.
You can always run more, maybe slowly introduce ideas you'll want to try out instead of throwing them all in and creating a mess. See what fits, what doesn't, slowly flesh things out as the story progresses - you get the idea. Start with fantasy being the overall theme (so dragons, elves, that stuff) and postapocalypse as the second (for example, Dark Sun). Then slowly introduce other elements - maybe the reason for the apocalypse was magic, eldritch horrors, or a war with ridiculously deadly technology that's almost magical?
Sorry I couldn't be of more help, man. Best advice would be to pick a few things you really like and think them over in your head, how they'd mash and fit together. Maybe write them down on some paper and roll for them if you're really indecisive.

>> No.29805964

>TL;DR: GID and trans folks have a legit disorder.
Comorbidity does not imply causality. Given that LGT stuff is all maladaptive, it's probably a brain fuck-up that is comorbid with a variety of other brain fuck-ups.

>> No.29805975

I suppose another part of it is the general sense that even with hormone treatments and surgery, if you can afford those things, people still might not be satisfied with their body.

I'm just saying that it's at least partially neurological and not purely mental.

>> No.29806022

I'm not arguing that it isn't neurological, I'm just saying it shouldn't be treated as something that's normal and natural. It should be treated as a psychological disorder and treated accordingly.

>> No.29806027

>it's probably a brain fuck-up that is comorbid with a variety of other brain fuck-ups.
Ah yea, this. What I'm saying is that they are tied with each other intrinsically rather than being caused by outside forces.
I mean fuck, I can even tell over IRC if someone's trans simply by how they type.
And yes, empirical evidence.

>> No.29806070

>I'm not arguing that it isn't neurological, I'm just saying it shouldn't be treated as something that's normal and natural. It should be treated as a psychological disorder and treated accordingly.
QFT. By treating it as something normal you're essentially withholding treatment from suffering people for the sake of upholding the edicts of a few.

>> No.29806125

You're not wrong, only in this case the only effective treatment IS to just go with it and let the person do the hormone treatment and talk to them using the right pronouns and whatever.

If it makes them happy, and doesn't affect you, I guess I don't see the big deal.

>> No.29806132

I meant they should receive therapy, perhaps medication, but they shouldn't go about cutting off their genitalia and fucking around with chemicals we only barely understand.

>> No.29806162


It never does. I've seen the wrecks this produces.

>> No.29806179

>It never does. I've seen the wrecks this produces.
SRS is the most effective treatment, sorry m8.

>> No.29806190

That's our modus operandi at the moment and nearly half of them still try to kill themselves.

>> No.29806248

The treatment being imperfect is not the same as the treatment not working.

>> No.29806255

And that's unfortunately the best case scenario.

Because it is at least partially a neurological condition, therapy can't really help deal with it, and any medication would have to be more or less constant.

Like have you ever met anyone who was "cured" of being trans?

>> No.29806258

gene pool just thinning itself

>> No.29806280

Yes, but just because a treatment is working doesn't mean we shouldn't investigate other, potentially more effective solutions.

>> No.29806294

>If it makes them happy,
Psychologist here: It never does, sorry. I can't ever say this aloud but what is commonly called "conversion" is pretty much a death sentence for the person, even if they keep on living physically. Evolution is sadly a bitch and will erase things it considers useless, such as people trying to change their sex and gender with some petty chemicals.
Sorry to be so heartless, but I am drunk and pretty frustrated right now.

>> No.29806357

Honestly, I don't see the loss. They would otherwise potentially just pass on their fucked-up DNA which is quite frankly unfair for the children. It's like being born retarded cause your mom was a druggie.

>> No.29806359

True, but obviously it wasn't the first thing we tried.

Like I'm pretty sure treating it like they're insane WAS the original tactic, and it was ineffective, given that sex changes is pretty much the given tactic.

Part of it might be the treatments almost working but not quite enough. Like unless you already had pretty effeminate features, you're still gonna have a dude face.

>> No.29806366

>Results We identified 28 eligible studies. These studies enrolled 1833 participants with GID (1093 male-to-female, 801 female-to-male) who underwent sex reassignment that included hormonal therapies. All the studies were observational and most lacked controls. Pooling across studies shows that after sex reassignment, 80% of individuals with GID reported significant improvement in gender dysphoria (95% CI = 68–89%; 8 studies; I2 = 82%); 78% reported significant improvement in psychological symptoms (95% CI = 56–94%; 7 studies; I2 = 86%); 80% reported significant improvement in quality of life (95% CI = 72–88%; 16 studies; I2 = 78%); and 72% reported significant improvement in sexual function (95% CI = 60–81%; 15 studies; I2 = 78%).

>Conclusions Very low quality evidence suggests that sex reassignment that includes hormonal interventions in individuals with GID likely improves gender dysphoria, psychological functioning and comorbidities, sexual function and overall quality of life.

>> No.29806382

What is SRS?

>> No.29806397

Sexual reassignment surgery.

>> No.29806409

>>Conclusions Very low quality evidence s

>> No.29806416

You're obviously not a scientist, if you think evolution cares about eliminating useless things.

And I'm not sure what the death sentence means, unless you refer to how it makes them sterile, and thus incapable of producing offspring.

>> No.29806431

Very low quality evidence > muh anecdotes.

>> No.29806437

I am only speaking from experience and what has been taught to me.

>> No.29806453

But then what IS the right move?

If SRS is ineffective, why do people prescribe it, instead of doing something a lot less expensive and risky?

>> No.29806463

>(1093 male-to-female, 801 female-to-male)
Very curious.

>> No.29806539

Actually, the treatment for GID has always been gender reassignment surgery. Ever since like, the 1940s.

>> No.29806552
File: 61 KB, 409x538, mega.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>over 40% were /a/nons

But anon they're actually discussing ERP there, right?

Fifteen seems the point where the entire operation flies best without a couple people leaving making everything just grind to a halt.

>> No.29806586


>> No.29806636

I guess that's maybe because they couldn't come up with anything better?

>> No.29806691

No, it was because John Money and his followers aggressively campaigned for gender reassignment surgery, to the point that for a time doctors recommended it for things like micropenis, genital mutilation, and other similar conditions.

>> No.29806716

I love having /pol/ arguments in /qtg/. First it was premarital sex, now we can discuss GID! What joy! I don't even have to go to /pol/ for this stuff!

>> No.29806792

Way more active voters than most quests will ever get. Between 5 and 10 voters usually works very well and still gives you a buffer for a couple to leave and keep going. Keep in mind that there's usually a bunch more lurking who may pop up for important votes (or so I've noticed).

>> No.29806876
File: 349 KB, 1417x1335, BruceWayne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new arc of Batman Quest continues tomorrow at 1 PM EST. Hope to see you there.

>> No.29806962

>Keep in mind that there's usually a bunch more lurking who may pop up for important votes (or so I've noticed).
Yea, even with really tight voting windows there's more people coming out of the woodwork at important points than what can be accounted for through the Proxy Argument.
>Way more active voters than most quests will ever get.
Sad but true it nevertheless seems to be "the" sweet spot.
Maybe I like popular things too much.
When did the first iteration go kill?

>> No.29806977

Is this that creepy fetish quest about invading dreams and manipulating your victims or something someone was talking about a few weeks back?
>Primal Zerg Quest
You want to be a wormlike parasite on Char that integrates the DNA it acquires from sucking the spinal juices out of its prey? Because that's what zerg were before the XelNaga got to them.

>> No.29807038

Lost the fetish elements, kept the dream fightan. So far anyways. We'll see what happens once we jack this bird up.

>> No.29807056
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It didn't die before, the arcs I was doing just wrapped up. First City of Fear, then Bethlehem Rising. Took a break for... what, six months? More? Anyway, took a substantial break and now am back doing Judge & Jury. Last thread was fun, we presided over a board meeting before schmoozing with the head of a crime family over lunch and making clandestine business deals, headed back to the manor to be Batdad for a while, then investigated a firm that offered Wayne Enterprises a contract earlier that day when we donned the cape and cowl.

Things were in a particularly tight spot when we left off.

>> No.29807116

>there's usually a bunch more lurking who may pop up for important votes (or so I've noticed).
I think a lot of those might be samefags.

>> No.29807166

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

You haven't played the Heart of the Swarm? The Primal Zerg were the first ones developed by the Xel'Naga, and are all individual fuckers with evolution abilities cranked up to eleven. Basically the first Zerg before their makers decided to reign them in and have the Overmind overlook them. Left to their own devices, they evolved almost completely separately from the Swarm we know and love from StarCraft I.

>> No.29807188

With the right voting rules those are kept minimal enough not to be a huge issue.

As >>29806962 said, enough extra votes appear to make the proxy idea seem unlikely.

Some people prefer not to think of SC fluff past the first game and its expansion.

>> No.29807229

Fair enough. Though that quest would have us play as one of them, so, you know.

>> No.29807255

>You haven't played the Heart of the Swarm?
No since I refuse to even pirate that piece of shit, but I do know of all the retcons and if anyone honestly thought running a Noble Savage Zerg Quest was a good idea, they're a fucking idiot. Besides, it wouldnt be much different from your average Bioweapon styled quest of
>eat thing
>get powers from thing
>eat bigger thing

>> No.29807281

>Left to their own devices, they evolved almost completely separately from the Swarm we know and love from StarCraft I.
Yet they look and act exactly the same. Yes, we all know how shit HotS was, so I don't see why anyone would run a quest on it.

>> No.29807956

>Primal Zerg Quest
>Basically Bioweapon but with SC fluff
Take it.
Take all of my money.
Just take it.

>> No.29807960

>My taste is better than yours fags

Always when the quest general hits bump limit.

>> No.29807982

> a Noble Savage Zerg
Only people who haven't played it think that the primal zerg are like this. In the actual game, the go out of their way to portray the primal zerg as nothing but a bunch of self-centered, backstabbing dickbags who are even worse than the swarm zerg.

>> No.29808190


Why does anyone think a 1/anything chance to fuck up no matter what is a good thing?

>> No.29808194
File: 2.64 MB, 398x169, beardflipgif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey I got my own misarchivist, and only after one and a half threads!
To said anon: Sir if you could take the time to read my threads I would greatly appreciate it, as your current slanderous lies do not even accurately reflect the awful things that I am doing. /tg/ deserves to understand the filth that I am delivering to them and your current accusations of "lesbians" and "yuri" do not accurately reflect my deviance. Thank you.

>> No.29808373

Because it's a chance to create drama and make things interesting. Otherwise it comes down to the QM deciding and people can get really pissy.

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