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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and the like if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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DISCLAIMER:While these threads are quite tolerant of many different forms of /d/eviancy, you can't just assume that everyone will automatically share your kinks. There's nothing explicitly preventing you from talking about your fetishes, but if someone has one that you dislike, please do not derail the thread with a flamewar- there's plenty of smut for everybody here.

Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

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Has there been anything new with eldar or elves?

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God Emperor of Mankind should be ready to post more of his Banshee story pretty soon now, so there's that. (He also did one with a Drow and an Elf last thread- check the list for new stuff.)

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New dark elf stuff in the fan art section.

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Deathwatch over, something following us

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Reaffirming my desire to see more Xeno smut, preferably with scarabs filling orifices that scarabs aren't meant to go.

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...In the ears?

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Xeno loves ears!

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DLFG rolled and commissioned DEldar x CEldar from me. Not sure when it will arrive.

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He came in without a trip last time. Though the guy never did say he was Humility this time.

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Then clearly she would make an Ear-cleaning Scarab!

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Reposting for the new thread.

Hey, I was wondering if you guys could write smut for a quest?
Give it a read, its pretty great. Its got genderbender, incest, implied hypnotism, and consentacles. The characters and writing are also top notch. You wont be disappointed, I promise.

Not Humility, btw, just a caring fan.

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No. And if you really cared about that quest, you would drop the subject and never bring it up again.

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>Not Humility, btw, just a caring fan.
Nope. Bait. Stop trying to divide and conquer

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Quests are part of /tg/ and this is the /tg/ smut thread, so its fair game to ask for some quest smut.
Its just one post, guys. Chill out.

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this was asked of these threads before, and an answer was given, asking again is just asking for trouble

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Replace Khan with Xeno and I think you're on to the general theme.

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No. I refuse to "chill out". Leave.

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People, let's not argue here. If you have a beef, take it to another thread.
Can we please keep things civil? We're usually so good about that kind of thing.

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Sure. Let us discuss various ways to play with ears, lips, hair and necks.

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You see, the scarabs enter through the ears and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex. This has the effect of rendering the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion. Later, as they grow, follows madness and death.

These are pets, of course. Not quite domesticated.

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And it looks like I had something else to the disclaimer. Joy.

>Quests are a rather touchy subject on all of /tg/, and this thread is no different. Feel free to post quest-related smut, but be aware that requests for it are received...poorly, to say the least.

I'm a bit more interested in seeing when Emperor's going to post the rest of his story.

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Fine, be elitist cunts. Excuse me for making a fucking request, damn.

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I like the way you think.

I've always been a fan of "nibbling" most of those things using one's lips instead of teeth; occasionally "biting" down and pulling up while tickling an the ear or partner's lip while tickling it a bit with the tip of the tongue, kind of like a mini-blowjob.

Also, blowing gently on things is usually pretty hot.

Getting as close as possible without actually touching, just letting your partner feel your breath against them, is a good one too.

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A better picture for that text would have been the one of her actually holding up a scarab to examine.

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Question. Is it okay to post written porn here, so long as it isn't too long? I'm working on something at the moment and want to know if it reads okay to other people, so it'd help if I could just drop off a segment for feedback without bothering with pastebin.

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back tracking
The Banshe stood motionless, and the Sergeant shook his head. His face disappeared in his hand as he turned to walk away. Silently cursing the eldar's stubborn resolve to not call for help. She soon found her self at Albert's side. She leaned against the wall and slid down onto the hard floor below. Her hands reached for her own cumbersome helmet, and with a simple well practiced motion her helmet was removed from her. Albert smiled again at seeing her long flowing red hair, just like on the back of her helmet. It was a vibrant red. A few strands crossed the front of her face in the slight breeze.
"The truth is, I don't even know if they will come to my aid if I called." She said impulsively.
"What?" Albert responded quizzically
"Nothing, just musing aloud."
"So, hows your Reflection been treating you?" He attempted to be humorous.
"Very relaxing, and reflective. Shame I do not have the proper company." She looked at Albert with a raised eyebrow.
"I would offer, but I like sitting here much more, at the moment." He smiled.

Hours would pass, and the darkness of night would encroach on their position. Only two people were awake, the Sergeant and the Banshee. while he stood watch at the top of the building she was down below. Her figure glimmered only slightly in the white warplight of the night as she stood over the heavily asleep trooper Alquist. There were a couple of light taps to him, but to no avail. She knelt next to him and tapped his cheek. His eyes fluttered open for a moment, glowing slightly as they reflected the light from the Eye. The blur in his vision slowly formed into the face of Elsiwe. She smiled.
"Come with me." She held out a hand.

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I saw this one comic that had some of the most delicious elf sex I had ever seen. It was vanilla, consensual, the two were married, the elf girl wasn't embarrassed to be having sex, and the guy nibbled tenderly on her ears while they made love. She even wore glasses.

The dresses she wore and her general design looked good too. Its funny how smut artists seem to be the ones who put the most thought into the little details, like Z-Ton and his centaurs.

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I think the key is length. The god-emperor fellow seems to usually just paste his into posts.

like this >>29782450

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Sure, why not. Just slap censorbars on if needed.

For those of us who might be a bit lost, here's the pastebin for this story, containing what he's written so far.

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Oh, it all fits in a single post. Here's what I was talking about;

[NAME] watched as a bead of precum formed at the head of the alien's phallus and began to trickle down its impressive length. She followed the trail of liquid down the Lictor's cock, her face close enough to feel the heat radiating from it, close enough to smell its thick, heady musk.

She knew, on some level, what she was doing was wrong. Forbidden. But her heart hammered in her chest, and she could feel her own arousal building beyond control. Throne, it had been so long since she'd been with another person, felt the warmth of another body pressed against her own...

To submit to the alien was Heresy. Every man and woman in the Imperium knew that. But so long as she remained in control, so long as she was simply using it to satisfy her needs...she knew of other Inquisitors who regularly made use of tamed Xenos creatures. Was this so different?

Licking her lips, [NAME] slowly bent down and lapped at the stringy fluid, following the trail with her tongue, back up over every bump and ridge until she reached the crown. She paused for a moment, the strange taste still on her lips. The tip of its cock was barely inches away. If she was going to turn back, this was her last chance.

I've not settled on the main character's name yet.

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Hows everybody doing?

What happened to Haru-Chan?!

I'm still fucked at this end, but I have started one for people. I dunno when it'll be finished, but I'm trying new stuff out....

As for my other super secret project, it's moving on well, it's not smutty though....

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I always worry, with 'nid smut, that it will end with the girl dissolving in a digestion pool.

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Alyzabeth? (cause 40k loves silly spellings)

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Was it this one perchance?

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I must have forgotten to archive it. Fixing that now.

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Got it in one.

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Use pastebin. While 'Nazi Mod' has since departed, don't risk it.

However, as long as they are the janitors are not banhammer itchy....

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I aim to please.


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As long as she's reborn as a new femme-nid of some sort, I might be cool with that.
As long as it's not painful. More like passing out from sensational overload and waking up in a new body with all kinds of fun new bits and pieces to play with.

I'm starting to sound like ND, aren't I? I'll shut up, now.

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If people can sit through my works, they can sit through yours. It took almost a month to get to this part. I am a LOOONG winded writer

She guided the tiered guardsmen deeper into the building, where the ambient night light was weak, save for a few thin windows. Albert was struggling to hold himself up in his heavy armor, in stark contrast to Elsiwe, who seemed to have no issue.
"Tell me, were you serious about your offer from before?"

"W-What?" He said rubbing his eyes.
"Your offer for companionship. Were you genuine?"
"I guess?" His mind still attempted to collect itself.

She took a step back, raising her arms behind her back. All that was heard was a slight crunching noise, then her rigid breastplate came loose. The form following material on her body also began to loosen itself from her. Her arm reached across her body to the other arm, and began pulling at the black material. Her motions were different than before.She was quick and impulsive. Her motions had no more fluid movement to the, but instead quick jerking motions, as if she was impatient about something.
"Are you not going to doff your clothing?" She spoke with her dress half hanging from her body.

Alberts eyes flew wide open, finally understanding what she was doing. His jaw was hanging as well, but soon it was clenched again as his arms moves as fast as they could to undo the bindings on his armor. Too hastily he began undoing straps in the wrong order, causing his plates to fall, or catch on each other. When he finally made some order in his motions Elsiwe was already undressed, giggling at him. She stepped forward to aid him. Eventually he was freed of his armor, but not his clothing. She stepped back again.

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Do you mean the picture or what?

All I remember is asking for it and Lewd doing a cute picture of the Haruspex model.

>> No.29782672

No no no...
>Xeno builds ear-cleaning scarab, finds nearby Eldar to test it out on.
>Scarab so good it causes Eldar to Eargasm.
>Eldar now begrudgingly befriends Xeno because DAT UMOX!

>I've not settled on the main character's name yet.
Don't you just hate it when that happens?

>> No.29782673

I thought you were talking about this.


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Every time the hive mind brings you back, you leave behind a little bit more of your humanity.

>> No.29782735

Xeno is already an eldar vibrator.

>> No.29782757

Hahaah! Awesome! Somebody actually did it.

I remember mentioning it, Lewd doing the picture, some Anon doing a little insert in text, then they made this?


Did Lewd do any more art of it?

>> No.29782787

Xeno is too innocent and pure. Also, she has no sex drive of her own because she's a robutt. But Macha's a huge perv with a totally out-of-control libido so she's always teaching Xeno how to do new things.

>> No.29782845

There was some Xeno post a while back where she essentially said she can achieve a feeling similar to orgasm just by vibrating herself at the right frequency, though in more innocent, clinical words. Of course, this led to jokes about her, Macha, and everything in between. It was even enough to summon lewdanon.

>> No.29782853

In the one I did, Xeno binds Macha to poke her. Seeing what it's like to have skin and bones.

Then stuff happens. I randomly threw Cata-chan in there for old-times sake.

So, Xeno is curious, and is willing to try new things, but doesn't always understand how to approach it.

>> No.29782858

I've always been intrigued about the process/biology of the "Infested" form Kerrigan has there. Like, whats the deal with her breasts here? Are they supposed to be vestigial mammaries or what? Could one even have sex with Blades Kerrigan? What would turning into this form be like for Kerrigan a second time?(spoilers) I think about weird shit like this alot. Always been fascinated about this sort of transformation stuff, and some fic exploring how it all works and the...erotic side of things for Infested/Re-Infested Kerrigan would be interesting.

>> No.29782866

Do we actually have any specific necron chicks other than Xeno?

>> No.29782885

Well, there's Jo's Necron-chan but that's basically just one of the Nerf Now! girls with a robot body.

>> No.29782905

Oh Anon, do continue...
Why have her pass out?
Why can't she be concious as she changes, experincing the sensation of her body streaching and growing into something new...
...Something BETTER!

Meh, "Humanity" is a bit overrated anyways...
The HIVE, however, is EVERYTHING!

But Macha has a Boyfriend now...

>> No.29782915

Transformation fetish is my favorite fetish. I've got a bunch of Naga's 40k transformation stuff that I can't post here because rules.

>> No.29782925

You mean Lolicron?

>> No.29782935

His eyes adjusted to the darkness and all he could make out was her soft form from the darkness. Her arms were held to her side, following her form, with her hands resting on her thighs. She was as beautiful as he imagined her. Her form was toned and slender. He gazed upon her, up and down at her wonderful flowing curves. Instinctively biting his lips.
"I do appreciate your attention, but that's not all I had in mind." She chuckled.
"This is really happening?" His hands flew to his blouse's buttons

It was her turn to gaze on his form. His body was lean, with obvious muscle tone.Though his flesh was marred with many scars. She took a step forward, pressing herself against him. Her soft skin was a welcome change to the rough material of his uniform and the bunching his armor caused. Albert slowly brought his arms around the eldar. She was occupying herself by feeling one of the many scars on his body. Her fingers gently touched the surface of his skin as they skirted along the contours of his form. She was, to her shame, slightly shorter than the man. To the point where their eyes met effortlessly, but there was a slight tilt in her head. She leaned back against his arms, holding onto him.
"Human, if we are to do this, understand one thing..." The darkness covered her reddening face. "We will not join flesh, but if I am to be relieved, you are to be relieved."
"Sounds good to me." He joked quietly

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Theres Lolicron and Heavy-tan that I know of, but I think there might be more.

Have this generic Overlady, too.

>> No.29782948

Yeah, that's probably the one.

>> No.29782962

Not that I know of. But he did do this. (I'm embarrased to admit that Macha now has better abs than me.)

There's Lolicron, but Smutomancer's the only one who did anything with her. Heavy-Chan has nothing with her at all...

>> No.29782999


"N-n-not in my exhaust port!!"

Only transformation fetish stuff I did was polymorphine stuff. Did a couple (I think) of a male assassin turning into a female. 400 words I did on one bit of transforming.

>> No.29783034

...really need to get around to expanding that one.

>> No.29783035

Damn, son. When'd Macha go native?

>> No.29783086

Someone asked for a redheaded barbarian chick in an earlier thread, and the idea of Aztec-themed Exodites came up at the same time. Lewd was duly inspired.

>> No.29783111

Well I'd assume most of the plumbing still works, so she can lactate and birth...

...The real question is WHAT she lactates and births.

I've got a few ideas, but only one would currently work for Smut and Mind Control isn't my fetish...


>> No.29783165

>dat feel when you lactate acid
>dat orgasmic feel when you birth swarms of larvae, their wriggling chitin sending waves of ecstasy through your whole body
>dat feel when you shed your human skin like a wrinkly coat, leaving you pure, naked and glistening

Tyranid or zergling, i dont care, shit sounds good to me.

>> No.29783186

This better end with her dooming a system or two to the Tyranid menace to further her lust for 'nid cock.

>> No.29783315

Heavy is Lolicron's Sister, both are daughters of Old Man Monolith.

Meh, lactating acid isn't as awesome as it sounds...
...Problem is, no one wants to suck on your nipples if it's just going to burn a hole through their mouths.

...Also, I rather like nice soft skin, it's better for cuddling!

>Implying she won't BECOME the Tyranid Menace... and end up SAVING a System or two!

>> No.29783362

>Implying she won't BECOME the Tyranid Menace

Transformation is one of my big OH SHIT NO turn-offs, so that's not going to happen.

>> No.29783387


>> No.29783436

>loves 'nids
>hates transformation
Now that's genuinely surprising.

>> No.29783443

Thank Sigmar.

I'd still like to see her keep it as a pet, though; keeping it a hidden hold in her ship, where it idles the time she's away by playing with a gigantic bouncy ball and eating the random Ambull she tosses inside.

>> No.29783512

Eh, not so surprising as you might thing. The visceral reaction of having it be an OH SHIT NO turn-off, maybe, but it's actually not uncommon for people that fetishize monsters and monstrous creatures to prefer a human participant, since it's in a lot of ways a submission fantasy.

Transformation, although it can be used as a tool of submission and humiliation, can also be a potent empowerment fantasy - as it would be in the case of a human becoming an agent of the hive mind, at least in the manner that NiceDaemonette describes.

>> No.29783653

Not necessarily...
According to that video last thread, female arousal is based on several physiological and psychological triggers.
Men are more likely to indulge with pure physiology, but women more often need several psychological requirements met, one of the more common is a powerful Alpha assuming dominance over them.
In short, DLFG would DO a 'nid, but she doesn't necessarily find the idea of becoming one sexy.

>> No.29783658

Do want!

>> No.29783720

Transformation, impregnation, and mind control are the three big ones, because in my mind they represent a loss of control over one's body or mental capacity, something which I find really, deeply unsettling.

Basic gist of the plot is, it's an Inquisitorial Acolyte who's been assigned to an orbital research station studying Tyranid organisms harvested from the planet below. They were left over from a repulsed invasion and, lacking Norn Queens or Dominatrixes to produce more young, have evolved more conventional, sexual reproductive methods. The Inquisitor in charge of the project is trying to find ways to control the creatures so they could be used as weapons (yea, yea, it's Wayland-Yutani all over again; sue me, it's just porn). Because some sections of the Imperium might see this as Heresy, he's tried to minimise the chances of information leaking, so it's just this one Acolyte and a crew of Servitors on a station with no recording or monitoring devices; the only human contact she has is with the teams who bring samples up from the planet below every month or two.

After several months of this, she's pretty lonely and sexually frustrated. You can probably guess the rest.

>> No.29783747

Not just empowerment, but also security...
You are a necessary part of the whole, a vital component with a function rather than something that just... exist.

>> No.29783768

I like you.

>> No.29783833

I can find no fault in your analysis and I, in fact, wholeheartedly concur with your assessment of impregnation and mind control. Transformation, again, I feel is something that can go either way - especially if it's presented as a voluntary activity.

However, that's a matter of personal preference and there's really no disputing personal preference.

>> No.29783878

Yeah, I've seen the impregnation turn-off before...
...Actually startled me with how vehemently the girl became on how disgusting it was, likening a growing fetus to a cancer.

>> No.29783910

Zerg Queens lactate Creep, not acid.

Seriously, though, they generate the stuff if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.29783929

Even better, surely? Cocooning their partners in Creep...

>> No.29783940

She leaned against his chest again. Her lips slowly grew closer to his. She recoiled slightly, second guessing her actions, but pressed on. As their lips met, she wondered if the human's use the pressing of lips as a form of affection. In fact she was almost worried that she might have to instruct him step by step on the ways to properly pleasing an eldar. As her mouth opened slightly, she felt the warm caressing feel of his tongue against hers. His arms closed tighter, pressing her closer. Her arms were on his shoulders, locking together on his back. Albert found her to have a very sweet taste. The same could not be said about him, though Elsiwe found the change in usual tastes rather palatable, as their lips continued to press together.

Albert's hands began to run the length of her back, softly rubbing up and down her back. Her skin was impossibly smooth. Absolutely hairless and a great pleasure to the touch. His hand finally rested on the firm cheek of her buttocks, as he gripped it firmly. Her skin was impossibly soft, and smooth. For a moment he caught himself simply roaming his hand around because touching her skin felt so appealing. It ran up her back, down to her leg several times until Elsiwe grabbed his hand and forcibly placed it back on her cheek.

Likewise the Eldar found the hair dotted around his flesh to be fascinating as well, though her mind was more focused on purpose. Her hand quickly finding its way to his genitals. She was greeted with a good bushel of the hair she found so fascinating. Her fingertips danced though the thicket diligently before resting around him. It was warmer to the touch than the rest of his body. Not yet fully erect, she squeezed it a couple times, remembering the curves and feel of one. It grew in her hand slowly and her hand ran along the length. Albert groaned as the alien groped him. There was a true feeling of disconnect between her actions and him. He stopped momentarily and watched her tugging at him.

>> No.29783956 [DELETED] 

That is an extreme but not uncommon reaction - the dehumanization of the human fetus has been an ongoing cultural campaign for a number of years, now. Of course, you can't talk about that because that makes you one of those crazy right-wing Fox News-watching right-to-life nutjobs.

That being said, if it's not a human fetus then, yeah, it's pretty grotesque and I wouldn't want it inside of me, either.

>> No.29783960

> likening a growing fetus to a cancer.

More like a parasite, IMO; but yea. You've got another creature growing inside you, feeding from you, forcing your body to undergo changes to better suit its needs rather than your own...pregnancy is nightmare-fuel tier stuff when you really think about it.

Yea, I can get that. Willing transformation just doesn't do anything for me, but I see how someone could be into it.

>> No.29783991 [DELETED] 

I know, right, that's stupid.
Cancer is cool, it's like turning into a shoggoth. Babies however, are disgusting and ruin your life more surely than cancer can.

I am deadly serious, fuck you if you don't agree

>> No.29784006

This whole conversation is going in a bad direction.

>> No.29784008

Creep is highly nutritious and contains the genetic stock for the entire zerg race. Basically, you the reason a larva becomes an ultralisk is because you direct it to suck out the Ultralisk genes from the Creep.

So, applying this logic to smut, to turn a human girl into a monstergirl-styled ultralisk girl or any other kind of zerg-girl, the Queen must breastfeed her delicious purple goo until she slowly transforms into what the Queen desires.

>> No.29784032

I like the way you think, Anon.

>> No.29784049 [DELETED] 

/pol/ please go. Organic reproduction is savage and disgusting.

Machines are pure. Machines are love.

>> No.29784061 [DELETED] 

> a human fetus is not grotesque, guise
> it's totally a person like you and I, not a freakish parasite
>there's nothing horrifying about having your body subverted by something else and people telling you that you ought to be happy about it

>> No.29784077 [DELETED] 

>the dehumanization of the human fetus has been an ongoing cultural campaign for a number of years, now.
Which is funny, because the humanization of the human fetus is a relatively new thing, in terms of human history. In Medieval Europe, even the most Catholic areas did not consider a fetus to be a person until the baby was both born AND took its first breath (going back to a line in the Bible about God breathing life into you).
Look up the tools doctors and midwives used at the time, they're mostly just hooks and pincers. The mother's life was consider more important and, because so many things can go wrong during a birthing, the one doing the delivery was usually pretty quick to abort and just scoop out the baby if something went wrong.

And that's not even going into cultures that think it takes several days or weeks for a baby to become a "real person." It mostly goes back to very high instances of infant mortality; it was easier just to not think of them as people instead of mourning each one that died.

Thinking of the fetus as a person only really developed after x-rays and medical technology advanced enough to make most births relatively safe.

>> No.29784079 [DELETED] 


>> No.29784080 [DELETED] 

>Machines are pure. Machines are love.

>> No.29784116 [DELETED] 


Xeno pls go.

>> No.29784119 [DELETED] 

Um... can we get back to the smut? This thread is turning into a real boner killer.

>> No.29784125 [DELETED] 

The guy's entitled to his opinion, you know. He stated it politely and didn't insult anyone, so I don't see any reason to make fun of him for it.

>> No.29784128 [DELETED] 

Smut Thread, don't be pulled into this.

>> No.29784147

I'm not even a transformation fetishist.

>> No.29784173 [DELETED] 

People can't be allowed to hold an opposing point of view. They must be shamed whenever they give voice to an opinion that the majority (or a vocal minority acting in the majority's absence) disagrees with.

>> No.29784183 [DELETED] 

But I can produce some:
-making fun of people is fun
-being entitled to your opinion is not self-evident and doesn't protect you from being made fun of
-he's wrong

>> No.29784191 [DELETED] 

Xeno is worst inorganic waifu.

>> No.29784210 [DELETED] 

keep whining

>> No.29784211 [DELETED] 

..he says as he posts a picture of a creepy doll with painted-on eyes

>> No.29784212

The mighty hive tyrant flexed its powerful muscles and struggled with all its engineered might, its wraithbone bondage stretched slightly but held fast against the writhing tyranid.

Its intelligent eyes focused on an arched doorway which gently slid open, a tall, familiar figure walked through.

With an eldritch grace unmatched within the expanse of the sea of stars, he approached the mighty tyranid.

The tyrant felt a soft, yet firmly cold touch upon his venom sack. Unfamiliar sensations flooded its powerful mind.

That glove of velvet iron, of needly silk fingers, slid down the length of its deathspitter. Involuntarily the weapon symbiote shuttered in stimulus.

The Tyrant shook with rage, it's adrenal glands pumped white hot fury through it's monstrous veins. Again it thrashed against its wraithbone binds, the empathetic psychoplastic groaned, yet held firm against the monstrous creature.

The figure now gazed into the Tyrant's eyes. His features were strong, yet gentle. Inviting, yet distant. The white hot fury of the hive melted away before the freezing warmth of the figure. Towards the tyranid's face a beautiful jeweled gauntlet moved, an irresistable and weightless force.
The Tyrant felt his fingers trace a daring spiral around its lateral respiratory holes.

The Eldar spoke "ah... this hole... was made for me"

The Hive Mind had no evolutionary defense for what happened next.

>> No.29784231 [DELETED] 

>Xeno is best inorganic waifu.
I'm glad that we agree.

>> No.29784257


True, but I think of it this way; A tapeworm isn't going to care for you when your old and frail...

Loving Zerg Queen MILF "adopting" new member into the Hive with her nurturing bosom?

Xeno, you organically produced your own offspring, remember?

>> No.29784278 [DELETED] 

It's the legs, really. Too many joints on the legs.

And they eyes. It's like they're staring into my very soul.

>> No.29784283

No, she made Xenorita in a big cauldron.

>> No.29784293 [DELETED] 

>Xeno is worst inorganic waifu.
That would be EDI, anon.

>> No.29784294

Well, I mean, I cultured her from a cluster of undifferentiated cells... most of the production was handled by a vat.

>> No.29784312 [DELETED] 


>> No.29784367

It was a Bioreactor, so it's STILL ORGANIC!!!

>> No.29784377 [DELETED] 

Drop the subject now. I came here to fap, not to bicker over irrelevant bullshit.

>> No.29784604

His body jerked slightly with each stroke. The human was fascinated with her hand, to the point he didn't notice the wanting and hungry grin on her face. When he broke from his trance his lips placed themselves on the base of her neck. The Banshee leaned her head away allowing the human better access to her. Her free hand guided him up her neck. Each kiss sent a shiver down her spine as the warm breath culminated in the gentle smack of his lips. He reached her jaw sending a tingle through her. She let out a curt heavy breath. When his lips touched the lobe of her ear she quickly slapped the top of his head.
"Bad mon'kiegh! Those are off limits."
"My mistake." He returned her seductive grin.

She kissed him once again, and slowly began to lower herself. Her lips dragging along his chest, running over an errant scar to reach his nipple. Her tongue pressed into it, suckling him slightly leaving him with a satisfying smack. Her body hovered over the other and repeated herself. After taking in a bit more of his taste she lowered her self more kissing down the center of his body. His lip quivered in anticipation. One knee touched the hard stone ground uncomfortably, followed by the next. Elsiwe sat and stared at his flesh as her hand continued to glide up and down his length, pulling and releasing his skin. Her mouth opened slightly, letting out a silent breath and her tongue instinctively circled her lips.
"Remember our agreement." she spoke as she leaning in closer with her mouth open.

It was utterly barbaric, what she was about to do. Barbaric, primitive and wrong, but its why she was so enthralled with the idea of doing it. Something so taboo that once her tongue touched the tip of his member she couldn't help but place the rest in her mouth. The taste was strange and alien to her. Eagerly she ran her tongue around him taking in the bizarre and bittersweet taste of the human. She pressed in in deeper placing a hand on his hip. She moaned in delight.

>> No.29784666

someone needs to repost that "How to filter ND" image again

>> No.29784721

Remember, never engage it in conversation. It is a living troll magnet.

>> No.29784749

Is this really a thing people have considered themselves to need? lol

>> No.29784752 [DELETED] 


>Mass pruning of posts relating to >>29783878
>"Error: You are temporarily blocked from posting for violating /tg/ 1 - Off-Topic, Traditional Games Only. This block will expire in 15 minutes."
>Because somebody posted about a fetish in a thread about fetishes

Hey, mods, maybe, if the subject of a thread is so incredibly off-topic you should just, I dunno, delete the thread?

By permitting weekly smut threads you are tacitly acknowledging that /tg/-related porn is, in fact, /tg/-related and is therefore not off-topic. Waiting until somebody says something that you personally find objectionable and then selectively deleting posts only reinforces that there are no standards for what the rules mean and how they're applied.

>> No.29784788

it greatly thins the threads of 'it's bullshit and the derailing arguments 'it' spawns

>> No.29784796 [DELETED] 

>banned for insulitng mods in 3...2...1...

>> No.29784814 [DELETED] 

I was on a fifteen minute suspension, I've already got a ban pending for replying to NiceDaemonette.

>> No.29784832

Don't drag all of us into it.

>> No.29784857 [DELETED] 

What's the matter? You don't like how attention is being drawn to the fact that smut isn't a traditional game?

>> No.29784939

Yes, duh.
This thread isn't just about smut though, we write smut that relates to the settings and topics of the worlds that our traditional games are often held. Which is why they are allowed to exist.

Otherwise you could be banned for storytime threads about campaigns, or threads discussing 40k lore, or threads to discuss dice mechanics.

But instead we are being dragged into the fact that someone was banned for arguing about abortion.

>> No.29784996

She placed a hand on his hip, with the other still firmly placed on the base of his shaft. Then she slowly began to pull herself back, suckling harder as she did. Her cheeks indented as she did. Once she reached the end her tongue swirled around once more. The next time she pressed forward she tried to press him deeper into her mouth. She placed another hand on his hip. Her motions became methodical as her head would ebb and flow along his length.

Alberts hands found themselves in the soft and silk like stands of her bright red hair. His fingers gripped tightly. At first the young man simply hummed his moaned into his breath as he watched the banshee pleasure him. but as she continued slowly his breath would become deeper and his head lean back more. He would close his eyes and hear the wet smack of her lips break contact slightly with his flesh, and the muffled wash of saliva whirl around her cheeks. The firm press of her tongue digging into his tender body. His lip quivered again.

A growing warmth enveloped the eldar. Her knees shook and her tighs tingled. A hand was quickly withdrawn from Albert's hip and placed betwixt her legs. The sensation of a wet and smooth flesh crossed them. Once her hand found a good hold of her lips they began circleing gingerly. The idea of what she was doing slowly taking over her mind. Her meditations on the crudeness of placing another genitals in your mouth t pleasure it aroused her greatly. The more diligently her hands worked, the better her lips did. Albert simply leaned back allowing the banshee to continue her skillful work.

Eventually the man began to swell, feeling an all too familiar build of tension. He gritted his teeth in contemplation of warning her, but the sensation was simply too pleasurable. the only warning the eldar received was the sudden harsh grip of her hair before the human met is satisfaction in the depths of her throat. Elsiwe's eyes opened and her cheeks turned a deep shade of scarlet.

>> No.29785008

And posting to complain about threads you don't like on those same threads will do absolutely nothing except make you look like a colossal douche. Use the feedback button.

>> No.29785072

Here's the reworked version of L.A.M.I.A. (Loving Affection Mingled in Aphrodisia):

I got about to the point the previous version was at, but the tone and eroticism are both working out a lot better, this time. A few names changed, but the overall plot is roughly the same, so far.

Still a WIP, mind you. Expect typos.

>> No.29785195 [DELETED] 

But that's precisely the point, isn't it? You can be banned for any of those things depending on how the janitor decides to interpret the rules because the rules do not have meaning and standards are not applied to their enforcement. People have been banned for storytimes, lore threads and mechanical discussions based on nothing more than the whim of the moderator.

Trying to shroud the issue in the context of "abortion" is wholly incredulous since, a quick search of the thread indicates that only you have even mentioned it. What happened is that NiceDaemonette was surprised when a girl said how disgusting pregnancy was and an anon replied that it's really not that surprising because that's just the way the culture is, today; then there were a bunch of posts about Xeno, a couple demands to return to /pol/, Deathleaper's Fangirl being a mensch and one shock image of a deformed fetus. Nobody, not one person mentioned abortion until you did, just now.

Smut threads are off-topic, simple as that - but we, as a group, don't mind because we like the content. They give us original fiction and new drawfaggotry - but don't think for one moment that means they're a traditional game and don't think that means that you're somehow right to be indignant when someone points that out.

>> No.29785196

The old one seemed fine to me, but whatever works for you.

>> No.29785246

Okay, so what are you going to do about it, sit here and bitch for 20 more posts?

>> No.29785265 [DELETED] 

Depends - you going to continue to cry about how I'm drawing attention to your porn?

>> No.29785269

Er, guys. The main problem is in that these threads have been allowed and that having people complain about it is annoying.

>> No.29785278

I'll roll a couple percentile dice off your dick if it will get you to shut up.

>> No.29785313

We complain because you're filling it up with metathread bullshit. Care to join all the other assholes who got banned for that?

>> No.29785318

I like this, what request is this for?

>> No.29785324 [DELETED] 

Ugh, where did people get the idea that this thread can be their personal blog?

>> No.29785333 [DELETED] 

From you. Funny how that works out, huh?

>> No.29785359 [DELETED] 

Beat me to it. And trips! Good show, sir, jolly good show.

>> No.29785366 [DELETED] 

Alright, who here has a fetish for faint whooshing sounds?

>> No.29785367 [DELETED] 

You're the cause of all this mess. Never post here again.

>> No.29785383 [DELETED] 

I have a fetish for jokes that go over people's heads.

>> No.29785393 [DELETED] 

Alright.....what did this guy do now?

>> No.29785417 [DELETED] 

He said some stupid shit which ignited a debate over whether fetuses are human or not, which culminated in a shock image being posted.

>> No.29785433

And a bunch of pictures of Xeno because machines are pure and unsullied by gross biology.

>> No.29785437 [DELETED] 

I think Nice Daemonette is just old school. So people get riled up against him quicker.

Imagine if Jim Profit posted somewhere, it is like that.

>> No.29785455 [DELETED] 


Okay, ND. I can see that you don't really think what you're doing is wrong. But you need to lay off right now because your presence is just going to attract more arguments and anger. If you're at all reasonable, you'll accept that you need to quit what you're doing.

>> No.29785461 [DELETED] 

No, I said reasonable shit about Femanons being turned off by impregnation, and an edgelord used it as an oppertunity to troll the thread a fetus pic...

>> No.29785539 [DELETED] 

And you realize that your name attracts arguments, right? And you continue to hold onto it despite that? Are you just tripfagging to spite those people? If you are, don't you realize how bad that is for everyone else not involved? How annoying it is?

>> No.29785541 [DELETED] 


ND is a lost cause, as you can plainly see. It should either seek professional help or never post here again, because there's something wrong with its brain.

To bring things back on track, how has everyone's writing been going?

>> No.29785574

Dont fucking engage him.

>> No.29785589 [DELETED] 

>no tripcode

>> No.29785600 [DELETED] 

Namefagging, then. You understand my point, right?

>> No.29785606 [DELETED] 

Not really.

>> No.29785609

She wanted to feel accomplished at her act, afterall she was pleased with herself, but when the human's fluid entered her mouth suddenly, she froze until he was finished. The taste was to complex for her to process at that moment, so she pulled away from him. His seed was forcefully ejected from her mouth, she continued to spit several times. Her gazed returned to his. She smiled. Slowly the taste in her mouth became sweet and she kissed his member again, followed by a loving swipe of her tongue.
"I apologize, I didn't mean to disrespect you so."
"I don't follow, that felt pretty good to me." Albert scratched his head.

She didn't feel the need to educate the human on the complexities and social etiquette of eldar sexual behaviors, nor could she be able to uphold them after this point in time regardless. Instead she lowered herself, laying on her back with her legs parted fully. Her arms folded on themselves and were held out as if she was expecting Albert to fall on her. She bit her lip reddening over allowing a human to see her in such a way.
"Well?" She purred

The cadian quickly dropped to his knees placing his hands on her thighs, holding her legs open. He simply gazed at her folds. Though the light was sparse he could clearly make out the details of her femininity. Her lips were shaped like a wishbone, soft and tender. Her physiology didn't differ much visually from a humans. As far as he could tell. He knelt closer, laying his body prone on the cold stone floor. He smiled as he looked her over again, before softly placing his mouth one her. She was much sweeter than he anticipated, and much more sensitive. As his tongue thrashed about she scolded him, begging for a softer approach from the rash human.

He willingly complied. His tongue gladly taking in her tastes, listening to her breath grow long and heavy. The thought that she was an alien had completely vanished to him. She was a beautiful female that he was pleasing.

>> No.29785617

>where did people get the idea that this thread can be their personal blog?
Oh the fucking irony. I think the other guy is a shithead but holy shit are you 1000x worse.

Some cheesecake so I'm contributing at least -something- to the thread.

>> No.29785622

Poorly. Though I did get the chance to swap stories with a local storyteller over scotch tonight, so the writing juices feel like they might be flowing again.

I'll see if I don't have something to show for it by this time tomorrow.

>> No.29785655

Might not be there by then, but there's always next thread. (Good thing too- every time I think ND couldn't be getting any worse, he goes ahead and reaches a new low.)

>> No.29785659

Emps has been continuing to post his delicious smuts slowly but steadily; someone agreed to write DLFG an eldar fic, who in turn seems to be working on a very nice tyranid story; if Beginner wakes up we might see that gryphon rider x gryphon story; Smutomancer just posted a new version of his lamia story that still hasn't really gone anywhere; and I know nothing about the status on CT, Edinbro, or ELH.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.29785666

Any word on the felinidxfemale guard cuddle puddle or monstergirl shadowrun stuff? If not, its cool, I'm just curious.

>> No.29785713

Well, I could swear that >>29785617
is LMK, but maybe he's just using an unusually similar art style. And Edinbro just posted right above you.

>> No.29785717

Please, please contribute more. Dem eyes...

>> No.29785744

The Marcia quest thing is actually back up right now, so it may actually be the real deal.

>> No.29785748

Oh LMK (now Mimic) posted that in a different thread. He's running a quest right now.

>> No.29785764

Might jump into those instead of plodding through my awkward attempts at poetry. Because forcing the poetry sure as hell isn't producing good results.

>> No.29785793

You know what all this bickering makes me think?

Someone with an...eccentric imagination should write a story with a group of dwarves at a tavern all having fun getting wasted, and eventually shift to sharing raunchy stories and rumors of them and the other races like elves and humans, before one of them disagrees and everyone starts fighting and bickering and when one particular neckbeardy dwarf lunges at another of his comrades, they accidently make out and the fight degrades into an angry gay dwarf orgy and when everything is done and done everyone calms down and continues telling lewd stories and all is good while from high above the heavens their celestial dwarf god sheds a single tear in pride.

Even in a total attempt of anger and nerdrage, the lewd can prevail. And apparently it is clear that some of y'all didn't read the whole "be chill or fap until you are chill" disclaimer we had in the last threads. So this hypothetical story could be our smutty wisdom in disguise, and illustrate this point graphically. Also we can get some more gay stories for those who want some too.

Now to everyone getting all pissed, cool the fuck down and stop typing those angry replies and whatnot, and start fapping (or writing, drawing, or whatever makes you happy). Once you are done, if you continue to feel some rage of any sort, repeat. Until that has been rectified. Remember, we are adults and like all good grown ups we spend our days fantasizing about fictional races and their reproductive habits, lets keep it that way.

>> No.29785794

It is. Well, its Mimic, the drawfag LMK had draw Marcia from her since they were a duo all along. He recently restarted Marcia Quest.
Dem eyes, dem ears, dat cute lil nose. Marcia is based elfwaifu, even if I'm hugely against mindbreak. Hell, even the mindbreak was made kinda cutesy.

>> No.29785800

Now that I think of it, the FelinidxCanoness pastebin link expired a while back, Do you have a replacement link?

>> No.29785850

Might have done. I'll see about a new link tomorrow.

>> No.29785877

Well said.

>> No.29785927

Bonus points if a succubus shows up partway through, trying to seduce one of the dwarfs only to fail spectacularly. (Guess who that's supposed to be?)

>> No.29785985

Speaking of, can someone please do Marcia lewdfic since apparently the original author loves to blue ball us all?

>> No.29786028

Just make sure theres lots of ear lovin.

>> No.29786098

>commissar using his own "lotion" instead of a bottled version and rubbing it all over her ears.

>> No.29786250

Everything about her lips pleased him. The sweet tastes, the soft texture, even the aroma was pleasant. His hands roamed her hairless mound. They had forgotten what one felt like.At the beginning of every war the women of his regiment would always take care of themselves, but as the fights dragged on on and supplies became harder and harder to come by certain behaviors were put on hold. Though it wasn't as if he wasn't guilty of this as well.

She moaned and grasped at the mans hair, or her own breasts as his warm tongue caressed her sensitive lips. She tried her best to muffle her moans by clenching her jaw, though occasionally a squeak would slip through, or a deep growling moan. Even Albert urged her to be quiet a couple of times. It was a fight she didn't want to partake in. She wanted to let go of her emotions and begin howling, grasping at her body and his. She wanted to scream in ecstasy. All she let out were quiet words.
"Bei len Ta nu. NU! Oualie Kashelen o rei!" Gibberish as far as Albert was conserned

His tongue crept down to her delicious and moist opening. He flicked past it a couple times. Each time Elsiwe held her breath and arched her back slightly. His tongue circled it several times before attempting to press in. Her back would arch again, and she would mutter alien words. As it pressed in her taste grew slightly more sour, something Albert enjoyed. As he probed about her she let out a sharp shriek. Her hands flew to her mouth and the human continued. Her lips and her face reddened once more. Her eyes twirled to the top of her head. Her hips jutting towards the human allowing him better access. As his tongue squirmed in her, she did as well.

She was tight, even for his slippery tongue. He wouldn't be simply satisfied with just satisfying her like this. He wanted to feel her body as it was meant to be felt. To join their flesh. For now his tongue would do that for him, but he could tell Elsiwe was quickly reaching a climax.

>> No.29786782

2nd this.

>> No.29786786

To hurry her along his fingers resumed where his tongue had left. She wouldn't be much longer as Albert wiggled his tongue deeper into her. Her body shook as she tried to hold back her voice. Almost as if it was pressed from her, she lost control and let out a shrieking moan that lasted several seconds. When she was finished Albert continued for a while, not wanting to withdraw from her. As he parted he kissed her and licked the length of her slit.
"That....Was incredible human.... Where did you learn such things?" Her breath was heavy with panting.
"Practice. " He smiled as he slowly climbed up her. "And also situational awareness."

Her legs remained parted as she climbed up her. She desperately wanted to kiss him and hold him. She wrapper her arms around his neck, and kissed his forehead. As he climbed more she felt the tip of his member press on her lips. Her legs locked into his sides and pushes him just out of reach. Here eyes narrowed.
"Human, I said we wouldn't join flesh."
"Why not? I can tell you want to." He raised an eyebrow with a flirtatious grin.
"I do, very eagerly, but if you think I was loud now..." She turned away, her face returning to its reddened state.
"If you want to, and I want to, there's no reason to make it complicated." He fought against her resistance softly. "We could easily be dead tomorrow. Do you want to die without feeling it?"

Her legs released their grip, allowing Albert to position himself properly. His hand reached for his manhood as he placed it between her legs. He rubbed it up and down a couple times, causing the eldar to grunt.
"Once you feel you are to erupt, we are done. Take it slow, for both our sake." Her legs opened to him fully in a beautiful butterfly shape around his body. She felt his flesh prod into. She bit her lip. She felt herself expand, contouring to match the head of his member. Albert locked his eyes on hers as his member was slowly enveloped by her warmth.

>> No.29787230

He moved into the depth of her. The eldar's grip on his back increased. Her fingers drew short trails on his back as his body slowly moved over her. She grunted silently as she felt the warmth of another resting between her legs. The toned legs of hers pressed into Albert's side guiding him along his path. Elsiwe returned his gaze with a pleased smile. Her hair was strewn about the floor. Their embrace was intimate and tender.

Albert hadn't felt a woman so fitting in a long while. It was no issue gliding into her soft body. His hips would continue to rock back and forth, his member slick from her. During one stroke he pressed firmly into her, breaking is even pace. They both moaned. Elsiwe's head tilted back momentarily. They let out soft laughter. The eldar leaned close to the human, kissing him then resting back.
"Human, I would be lying if I said I didn't want this to last forever." Her voice soft and tender.
"I feel the same."
"Am I satisfying?"

They continued to gaze at each other in an affectionate embrace. Eventually Albert Closed his eyes and stopped. He smiled and slowly removed himself sighing reluctantly. The banshee kissed him. Albert laid back on a bit of his kit. Elsiwe rested herself on top of him, with her head laying on his chest. She found his heartbeat to be soothing. An arm came around her and held her close. Both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. The night would pass and they would rest peacefully.

Once the morning broke the two were awoken suddenly with a stern boot placed into Albert's side. when the Cadian's eyes fluttered open the disgruntled face of his sergeant was looking back up at him. Albert's heart skipped a beat, the Eldar simply laid motionless, looking back up at her lover with worry.
"Get up." The sergeant spoke and then walked to one side of the room.

>> No.29787478

That's not good.

>> No.29787504

Getting caught by the sergeant I mean.

>> No.29787672

Calling it here for tonight. If the thread is still here tomorrow I can finish it up. Lotsa not smutt stuff coming up next followed by some smut, then end.

Still shorter than the Guards

>> No.29787687

Fine with us. I'd say it's looking quite good so far.

>> No.29787696

Why are eldar blowjobs the bestest things ever?

>> No.29787824

Path of the Felatio

Thank you. I just didn't feel the night warranted another battle sequence of sorts, and its 2 am

>> No.29787826

Wait a minute
Did Jo do this one recently?
Does he still do fanart of /tg/ stuff!?
I thought he stopped doing that! This makes me happier than it should.

>> No.29787931

No, I've seen it before. Smutomancer wrote a story based on it, though it's one of his weaker ones (since he was in the middle of his slump and all).

>> No.29788001

>Path of the Fellatio
That should be a fapfic in itself. Or the name of your banshee fic.

>> No.29788009


I typeset for a group that does Monstergirl-related mangas, and I've just recently started on an Ushi Oni story. I tend to avoid these threads like a plague if I don't have anything to contribute and/or once drama crops up.

>> No.29788208

what exactly does this do?

>> No.29788218

Your expected treatment of non-40k related smut has arrived. While I admit that my arrival is relatively late, I will remind you that my schedule is not your damn business and we will continue from there.

Since I came across no requests that seemed worthwhile, I continued a series of my own.
The Lewd Hunt part 2.
Human X Werewolf with slight flavoring of impreg and orgasm denial. All World of Darkness-like, of course.

>> No.29788671

It hides all of ND's posts.

Not even a greentext? We can always use more of those, and it helps to diffuse tension.

>> No.29788777

It's actually a good thing that you got here late. The tl;dr version of what you missed is: NiceDaemonette is an idiot, and we can derail ourselves on the stupidest things. In other words, business as usual.

>> No.29788799

There needs to be more nid/xenomorph babes.

And I'm like 2/3rds gay, it's the exception.

>> No.29788923

>2/3rds gay
So... does that mean you'd fuck human men, but ooga booga booga where da alien women at?

>> No.29788954

>Humans are the niggers of the universe.

>> No.29788987

But what does that make niggers?

>> No.29789018


>> No.29789050

Double space niggers.

>> No.29789083

Actually, scratch that- I believe inspiration has struck me.

>You know Macha, you never did tell me if you ever went on another Path before you became a Farseer.
>It took you this long to ask? Well, Biel-Tan has always been the most militant of the Craftworlds, so everyone has to go on the Path of the Warrior before they proceed to a different Path. I trust you know of the Aspect Warriors?
>Yes- let me guess, you were a Howling Banshee?
>...how did you know? I thought I was the one with psychic powers here!
>Well, you do have the "howling" part down pretty nicely even now.

It's been ages since I last tried this- was it any good?

>> No.29789178


Human men, orc men, furry men, alien men and so on. I just prefer alien babes to human babes for the most part. I also, strangely, have a serious fetish for well endowed women; big butts and boobs. Doesn't look quite as awkward if it's on a xeno or some such then on a human woman.

>> No.29789241

Ara-ara! I'm a fertilized alien queen!

>> No.29789389

There another story idea...

I promised some down the road, so you'll see it when I finish it!

When did you ask for those ones? WHY WAS I NOT THERE!

>path of fellatio
I lol'd

>> No.29789445

>not Path of the Lamprey

>> No.29789550

Hah. I love that picture. I asked for it in a draw thread and somebody did it for me. I dunno who it was. I wish they'd announce themselves. It's exactly like I imagined.

Here is another quick picture somebody kindly did, Felinid Grav-Shuting out of a aircraft.

They are the perfect droptroops! Always land of their feet!

What was your request? I am just curious what you asked.

I feel you bro.

>> No.29789676

How's the gryphon fucker story coming along?

>> No.29789764

Augh, Christ, now I remember why I switched from watercolours to ink pens

>> No.29789774

Just woke up and gotta go out, hopefully done by tonight though.

Set ups just about done, so it's smut time

>> No.29789850

Incidentally, I've been noting people being eager for my work and at least one guy said my name wasn't all that fitting.

Is my smut that good? What do people like about it? What do people hate?

>> No.29789878

Was this your work or just your thoughts?

I think it was a quick one done by somebody in a drawthread for me.

I wish I could draw nearly half as well as people who post stuff.

Lewd Anon, Green, Niekta (spelling, dunno where she/he is...) and so on.

Another Felinid one. Got a few others.

>> No.29789883


Could you link to pastebin/wherever you have your work stored? I'd like to read it!

>> No.29790040


The pastebin links will eventually be updated to HF, just been unable to do so for a while

Somehow I get the impression that the HF link saves the archiveanon a lot of work?

>> No.29790118

A fair amount of it, although I like keeping pastebin links around as a backup.

The greentext in >>29789083
earlier was mine, by the way. Anyone have any critiques, comments, and/or insults they want to make regarding it?

>> No.29790194

I'll start up a pastebin account then to dump stuff, noticed that people like the ability to copy and paste easily.
Can you link a full pastebin account? Or can you only do story by story?

>> No.29790505

I lol'd!

>> No.29790609

How's the spider and human thing coming along , Beginner

>> No.29790732

Barely started but I did learn exactly how male spider go at it. This is going to be one fucking confused spider.

>> No.29790734

Both. It's quite efficient, and the link's shorter than most so it's simple to copypaste.

>> No.29790763

Better question: do you want both for your archive?

>> No.29790928

Yeah, you smut good.

It's funny you should bring up the name thing. I remember back when Smutomancer starter he was incredibly timid about the whole thing and for the first two or three weeks posted as "Aspiring Smutomancer." I can't think of anyone else changing their name like that.

If these threads are anything to go by, anything you write will find an audience and anything you write will have someone hate it. Thus do fetishes go.
Just write what you want to write and tag your stories carefully with anything you think people should know before reading.

Still looking forward to the gryphon story!

>> No.29791017

Yeah, that would work fine for me.
This. As long as the stories are properly tagged, the amount of complaining will be more or less manageable.

>> No.29791098

Yuh huh, I remember drawing that quite some time ago, I feel kinda bad since it looks really sloppy and I was still getting a hang of anatomy and drawing via references. I'd totally redo it but it wouldn't really fit the thread

And same here, I look up to a lot of people on /tg/; you, Smutomancer, Muju, Weremole and a whole bunch of others. There's so much talent here

>> No.29791194

Fave story? (I intend to revisit characters so...)

Alright I'll see if I can get that done later

>> No.29791467

We need more Male on Male porn. Don't make me write a Mandrake on Guardsman fic.

>> No.29791549

If you think it's lacking and you want that mandrake on guardsman fic, then just write it.

You might inspire others...

>> No.29791594

Probably "Price of Freedom," though I'm a bit biased, being the one that requested it and all.
I was very impressed with how much story and character you can pack into a story of comfortable length. There are those that drone on and on for pages (you know who you are) before anything sexy happens and there are others that are nothing but a sex scene. Your's are right in the middle. Sex scenes could almost always benefit from being longer, but overall your stories are enough to get someone invested, horny, and off all in a satisfactory manner without faffing about forever.

>> No.29791608

1.) I've never written Smut
2.) That sounds like Heresy. Do Mandrakes even have dicks?

>> No.29791680


I write gay shit all the time. I could attempt to oblige you.

Pic related, one of my works.

>> No.29791725

I am not sure of what setting this is of, but fukkin' saved. Could you do Shy Kreiger on Catachan?

>> No.29791842

Speaking of which, if you need ideas for where to take the characters, you could have the Dead Leaves show up again and ruin Bethany's homestead, forcing her to go along with Warwick as he continues to flee.
Just have her be rather chipper about it, maybe even saying it was about time she moved on, anyway.
Then they can travel to her sister's in another forest.

Her twin sister's house.

>> No.29791887


I'm still considering a Female Mandrake on Guardsman fic.

>> No.29791893

Shit, would her vag be Ice Cold?

>> No.29791902

>I am not sure of what setting this is of

It's just made up.

>Could you do Shy Kreiger on Catachan?

Say what?

>> No.29791924

I take it you're not very familiar with 40k?

>> No.29791934

Forgot my face

>> No.29791969

Damn, 4chan keeps eating my images.

>> No.29792017


Catachan refers to people from the planet Catachan; basically an entire planet of Rambo-people. Worse jungle death world in the galaxy. All the people that live to adulthood are burly mutherfuckers with red bandannas that are hard as nails.

Krieger refers to a guardsman from the world of Krieg. Their regiments are called The Death Korps of Krieg. Long story short, their world went through a 500 year atomic civil war and when the dust finally cleared, they became a planet of WWI siege specialists that actively seek the most horrible warzones so they can pay back the crimes of their forefathers by dying in droves. Most of their battles make Verdun look like a walk in the park. They also use vats to grow new people (NOT cloning, but close) so they can maintain their shitthuge numbers.
Also, they have a thing for trench coats and gas masks.

>> No.29792162


>Two humans


>> No.29792217

Well, Kreiger is a clone, if that gets your jollies off.

>> No.29792258

Now that I think about it, that's a pretty interesting pairing. The two regiments have entirely different ideologies and combat doctrines.

Catachan regiments are full of independent, individualistic troopers that fight as bands of close friends and relatives. They often elect their own officers and react VERY poorly too outside authority. They're also fairly well known for killing their Commissars; covertly, of course.
The Death Korps, on the other hand, are treated as equipment to be used. They're trained to obey orders and die fighting, nothing more. Their soldiers are actually numbered, instead of named.

Yet, both are renowned for their bravery and disdain for even the most hellish environments and warzones. Both are perfectly willing to die and would never, ever complain about adverse conditions (the Catachans actually like that shit).

If the story focused on the Catachan trying to get the Krieger to open up and have a personality... well, you could do a lot with that kind of relationship.

>> No.29792336

>If the story focused on the Catachan trying to get the Krieger to open up and have a personality... well, you could do a lot with that kind of relationship.
>Kreiger gets imported to a Segregated Unit Warzone or something
>He finds his squadmates entirely too jovial, finds the food sickeningly flavorful
>Catachan finds the Kreiger funny, cute even
That sounds adorable.

>> No.29792357

Meanwhile, at 40k shipping general.

>> No.29792377

How about a Warboss on Guardsman?

>> No.29792401

Who's shitposting?

>> No.29792409

Dick squigs?
I remember conversations about those from several weeks back...

>> No.29792427

Don't get your panties in a twist, it was a joke.

>> No.29792428

I thought Orks had dicks, for non-reproductive purpose. But, you'd assume some Blood Axes would figure out how 'umies make more 'umies, what with not being Fungus and all.

>> No.29792454

Kriegers have been known to execute Commissars for 'cowardice' before, I believe.

>> No.29792490

Kreigers don't ever not follow orders. Commissars are there, to say "Look, I know you want to charge that trench and bayonet that Ork. But, you'll die, and if you break rank, I'll execute you.

>> No.29792531


But think about it: orks enjoy the hell out of speed, loud noises, hitting things, and anything else they think is "fun." If the Old Ones had built them with dicks, they'd do nothing but jack off and fuck each other all day every day. Think of how funny the grots would walk!

I can totally see Eldrad sneaking in to a Magos Biologus (or whatever they're called) and giving him the idea to tamper with ork genes to make dick-squigs.

He'd single-handedly stop one of the most dangerous species in the galaxy, and would make a killing selling the videos to the Dark Eldar!

>> No.29792550

Is there anything the Dark Eldar wouldn't fap to?

>> No.29792587

>working on transcribing stuff
>get to part four of my story
>rereading it
>I forgot that this part has a notable portion devoted to a side character having consensual sex with a lizardman

Is that too much of a derailment from a main plotline or should I leave it in for the variety?

>> No.29792600

Are there Black Orks in 40k? Or is this from fantasy? I guess there is no reason to expect the anatomy of Fantasy Orcs to be all that different, right?

>> No.29792629

No Black Orks, no. The closest thing would be the Goffs, but Fantasy has those too, I think.

They do Freebooters, though, which I think more than makes up for the lack.

>> No.29792748

Will this be the first ever smutthread weekend with no appearance from Lewd?

>> No.29792767

I hope he's okay.

>> No.29792777

Maybe it's like Beetlejuice?

>> No.29792785

this, oh please let this happen

>> No.29792895

>Your name, is AB-49129
>But, everyone calls you Abby. This infuriates you.
>You are a Kreigsman. Today, there has been no fighting. While you have poured over your primer, the rest of your unit has done nothing of productivity. Talking, reading non-imperial text, and playing a game called "Chess." It sickens you.
>You can feel a firm pat on your shoulder, a large, tanned man stands over you as you flinch from the touch. It's him.
>You see his smile beaming down at you, only filled with good intention, genuinely curious as to what you are doing.
>"Hey Abby, what're you reading?"
>That sweetness in his voice. Something you yourself would never get used to. Too foreign, too unfamiliar to be recognized.

>> No.29792986

Alright /tg/ I've written about nymphs, princesses, pirates, and dragons. What's next? I really don't know! You decide! So, name your fetish /tg/, so long as it fits into a fantasy setting I'll try my damnedest to make it happen.

>> No.29793012

Brutes, muscles, [Spoiler] Consensual Sex in the Missionary Position [Spoiler/] and Gay.

>> No.29793058

You drive a hard bargain, but consider it done. Are these brutes human? Or can they be some other race?

>> No.29793066

Triple 7s? That's gotta be a sign of something?
But seriously, Lewd will show up eventually like he always does. Knowing him he's just lurking. Wouldn't blame him after the shitstorm you-know-who kicked up earlier.

>> No.29793083

Any race.

>> No.29793084

A young witch collection semen for a spell, however she needs to. She is very experienced.

Maybe she needs the seed of something exotic?

>> No.29793108

I support this choice.

>> No.29793119

Alright, well. Brutes first then I'll see about this witch business.

>> No.29793138

.......continue please

>> No.29793160


Anyway, anyone got any human x non-human requests? At least some ideas would be nice.

>> No.29793170

Pretty fun idea.

>> No.29793173

Ahh, okay!
3-5k words. That's the length I go for. The 1/3rd to 1/2 way through the story is where the smut should come in.


I also already have ideas for some of the HF stuff (The sorceress in my tentacle one for instance) as well, so there's that

I like this concept...

>> No.29793184

A gray render who has been protecting a girl since she was little and now she's grown up a little and starting to have... feelings.

>> No.29793200

Human gal with shark merman.

>> No.29793202

How about an Owlbear Whisperer? A female druid who specializes in "taming" rowdy beasts, especially mighty, and cuddly, owl bear.

>> No.29793212

>You look up, face well hidden beneath your mask, voice muffled. "What you should be."
>He's still smiling at you. Sitting down next to you, throwing his arm over your shoulder. "Come on Lucy, you never do anything fun."
>Did he just call you Lucy, and did he just throw his arm around you?
>The Catachan breathes heavy, nuzzling into your neck
>You fully realize, that he's drunk.
>"Heh, I know something fun Mary." he says, in his slurred speech, quickly grabbing for your waistline.
>You jerk up after this, shouting "THE EMPEROR NEEDS ME", running as quickly as your booted feet will carry you.

>> No.29793219

That's three votes for the witch, should I just work on that? Does the brute guy mind? I haven't really started much yet.

>> No.29793240

As the one who requested the witch thing, the other guy DID ask first. Leave it up to him.

>> No.29793247

Nah, I'm fine. Majority rules.

>> No.29793260

Okay, I'll work on the witch thing first then, but I'll get your brute thing after, I had an idea for that.

>> No.29793272

I eagerly await.

>> No.29793295



>> No.29793322


>All breeder str8 faggotry
Are you even paying attention?!

>> No.29793326

Speaking of non-40k related debauchery, I could take on a project as well.

Mind you, I don't know my schedule for tomorrow, and this story may not reveal itself until next weekend. But I trust the requester could contain their lesser urges until then.

>> No.29793352

>Your name, is AB-49129, and you have never been as scared as you have right now.
>You've opened fire on the enemies of man, slammed the butt of your lasrifle into a Orks skull, watched countless heretics fall to your hand
>But one drunk, horny Catachan completely unraveled you.
>Your heart is pounding, as you stand, back against the doorway of the bunks, completely
>The way he slumped onto you, and grabbed at you. Strong arms wrapped around you, bringing you into a somewhat loving embrace
>It scares you, as you pat yourself off, moving your hose back into place, you notice a bulge in the front of your pants

>> No.29793363

I want to see you go fuck yourself. Write a story about you being cloned, and you fucking the clone. I want to hear fucking insults between the two FUBOTs, the scathing remarks and condescension arouses me.

>> No.29793371

Oops, didn't follow the post trail all the way up.

How about a satyr x shepherd boy fic?
It happened all the damn time in Greek Mythology.

Or perhaps a god comes down in the shape of a wolf to do him doggy style?

>> No.29793405

PSA: the hyena is looking for man on man, actual faggotry.

With crossing swords and touching balls.

Just wait five minutes for someone who's up for your fetishes to get onto it!

>> No.29793409


>> No.29793442

...Nice one. You had me going for a while assuming the Krieger was a woman.

>> No.29793458

Do you do Magic the Gathering?

One was mentioned in the last thread that I quite like but no one picked it up:
A mage trying to become a planeswalker using sex. He creates a room that uses the 5 colors of magic to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain (black = masochism, red = sadism, etc).
He seduces his female assistant, who doesn't know what he's doing but still goes along with it because she has a student-instructor crush on him.

Then SHE is the one to orgasm so hard she ascends to planeswalkerhood instead of him, because her experience was genuine. After that, she's basically a goddess of sex and hangs around him because she still likes the guy.

>> No.29793464

>implying hot gay smut isn't superior
It's like you don't even worship Slaanesh.

>> No.29793487

That's a retarded bloodletter.

>> No.29793497

It's Satan from Leo and Satan. Also, you're a retarded Bloodletter.

>> No.29793516

I know, I was making a joke about how he looks like a retarded bloodletter.
I also hate that show and its animator.

>> No.29793524

What's wrong with Oney? I think he does a pretty good job at Animating.

>> No.29793534

>How about a satyr x shepherd boy fic?

That's pretty interesting. I like human on top though, so ehh.

>> No.29793543

Can we not get into an argument over an animated show right now? One shitstorm per thread is more than enough.

Think smut, people! Think smut!

>> No.29793563

I just hate his "jokes" and his voices. Intentionally not funny and annoying is still not funny and annoying.

>> No.29793565

That makes it even better, the last thing the satyr was expecting was to end up on bottom!

>> No.29793578


get in that trench baby

>> No.29793596

Actually, this would be the third one this thread. Sad, but impressive. (On the bright side, it may have finally convinced He Who Must Not be named that he really does need to see a shrink. (The hypocrisy of HIM of all people complaining about this thread turning into someone's blog is still astounding.)

>> No.29793599

Make the shepherd boy a little feistier than the satyrs come to expect from humans.

How about this for another idea: human boy, merman. As its on land, boy is kind of taking charge...

(Note that I'm straight so don't take this as a request, I have no qualms talking about it. Honestly if people think gay=bad, then what gets me hard is fucking horrifying)

>> No.29793622

Is it bad I want to see this too?

>> No.29793748

Might I ask the ETA of the gryphon fic, or did I miss it?

>> No.29793808

>You are not forien to self pleasure.
>But, everyone on Kreig looks the same. Seeing that Catachan brought something out of you.
>Those well toned muscles, that nearly perfect smile, cropped hair and Red Bandanna. Something so wonderfully different about him.
>You slide down the door, slumping over yourself, as you gently toy with your member, quickly unbuttoning yourself, meeting with your breifs, a pool of precum staining the front
>Taking your cock into your hands, you begin to pump. Thoughts of him running through your mind, ideas of his muscular form gripping yours in a deep embrace, holding your head to his chest at night, the security that he could bring that you've never known.
>You even think to take off your mask, just for him. Knowing he would press his lips to yours.
>Your entire body urges you to rush back out, slam your mouth to his, and bring him to the ground with you, but your brain keeps you put. Wondering if the act would act as a distraction to your squad, thereby deterring your ability to fight for the god emperor. This will have to do.
>Quickly, you reach your peak, pumping hard into your hand, panting as you finish, glazing your knuckles with your seed, a few strands coating the ground in front of you.

>> No.29793953


Fu-cking. HOT.

>> No.29793966

Didn't miss it, don't worry

>> No.29794125

>You stand, pulling your pants off, quickly undressing as your move to your bunk, not before neatly folding your uniform and placing it on your chair.
>After you take off your mask, you look at yourself in the mirror, grasping at a hose that isn't there.
>Then, after evening prayer, settleing into bed, something feels off.
>You wrap your arms around your pillow, nuzzling into it, needy for something.
>Right now, you want nothing more than him. That same smile, frame, and gentle voice with you. The only one who has truly in your life, treated you as more than a number.
>Someday, you'll be with him, in your bunk, after prayer together, wrapped in eachothers embrace, as he holds you close to him, telling you stories of his homeworld as you drift of to sleep.
>Not now, but someday.

>> No.29794138 [SPOILER] 

I'm... flattered. So much so that I've taken to a one time application of reactionary imagery.

Consider your particularly disgusting request, logged.

MTG is possible. I am surprised a request mentioned as often as this one has not been completed.

>> No.29794336

Just apologizing for the guy who was going to write the thing with the witch collecting semen. I don't know that he'll be able to finish it tonight.

We found our our roommates were playing drunk uno and got involved because hey, drunk uno. It was a bad decision and he's still pretty drunk. I'll harass him to get it done tomorrow.

>> No.29794351

Please do. That one sounded delightful.

>> No.29794372

Second this

Just post it next week

>> No.29794461

Ehh, he'll be fine to write tomorrow. He doesn't have plans and I know it. If he tries to weasel out of his writing again I'll stop him by stealing his gaming mouse and replacing it with a shitty one.

>> No.29794473

But tomorrow is only Sunday...
Honestly, I'll be happy as long as it gets done

>> No.29794515

On this side of the pond, anyway. Well, it's nearly 4am here so I should get to bed. If anyone else needs me to archive something, use the email in the list.

>> No.29794584

Finally finished the sex scene between the barmaid and the lamia. Here's the link again, so you don't have to go searching for it:
Loving Affection, Mingled in Aphrodisia

I think it turned out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

>> No.29794952

I think so too.

>> No.29795006

Drunk or not I'm finishing this story!

From what I wrote already the witch was collecting semen from a satyr, but I don't want to step on the toes of the guy writing the satyr and shepard boy. Is this okay? I mean, /tg/ can handle two stories with satyrs, right?

>> No.29795043

Satyrs are much sex. I for one will take a Satyr whenever I can get one.

>> No.29795051

Can he be voiced by Danny Devito?

>> No.29795070

Whenever you ask that question, just remember /tg/s stance in smut:

>> No.29795091

What is this, an Iron Throne for ants?
Also, this guys knows what's up.

>> No.29795147

>iron throne for ants
That's actually pretty fucking awesome an idea, smut or no smut.
Imagine hordes of ant-people ripping each other to pieces because of the schemes of their respective queens.

>> No.29795170

WIth one quick flash of xeno-magic, she was mostly cleansed of zerg taint (with the exception of the fact her hair was still segmented feeler type digits).

So I imagine her biology was extremely morphic, but also still mostly the same as before.
Hydralisks are supposed to look absolutely nothing like their base strain, some kind of giant herd animal, whereas Mutalisks look almost no different as zerg.

>> No.29795244

Hydralisks come from herbivorous sloths, IIRC.

>> No.29795255

Queen Khalida must have a /tg/ homebrew 40k counterpart.

For those who don't know, she's a Tomb King from Warhammer Fantasy.
>Cousin was the first vampire, and a bisexual creep
>Khalida was a badass paladin with an army of horsemen and archers
>Vamp cousin accused Khalida of being a vampire (pants on head retarded), and Khalida challenged her to a duel for the insult to her honor
>Nobody knew vampires were so powerful, Khalida despite this almost beat her
>Cousin tries to make Khalida a vamp, Khalida prays to the snake god who turns Khalida's blood to venom
>Khalida dies the most beloved Pharaoh ever.

>Everyone in Warhammer Egypt dies from magic, and everyone who ever died there is resurrected as a skeleton
>The Pharaohs all fight for territory, but nobody fucks with Khalida because she's a badass
>She rules calmly from her throne and mediates the constant conflicts between the other Tomb Kings as a neutral mediator
>Except when she goes on skeleton WAAAGHS against vampires. Because FUCK vampires.

>> No.29795278

Are there Necrons that are friendly with the Imperium (as friendly as anyone is with anyone in 40k anyway)?

As a Fantasy fan, I'm always looking for a faction that isn't out to kill and burn everyone else.

>> No.29795285

It always gets to me how male mummies will walk the earth looking... well... mummified.

But if you were mummified as a woman, you have like an 70% chance of coming back hotter than ever.

>> No.29795296

Short answer: No.

The only faction like what you're looking for would be the Tau, which have a damn solid codex right now; but even they have their darker bits.

>> No.29795302

random *an there since I was originally going to say 80%.

>> No.29795331

Meanwhile, the ants corrupted by fungus stalk over the wall.

One of the ants has 3 loyal pet birds that are growing.

>> No.29795333

Necrons are 100% individual, go nuts.

You will make grimtards cry and weep tho.

>> No.29795355

>Are there Necrons that are friendly with the Imperium (as friendly as anyone is with anyone in 40k anyway)?

Necrons used to sell Grey Knights technology before relations turned sour.

Trazyn claims he was friend with the Ultramarine Primarch.

Triarch Praetorians uplifted many alien civilization and taught them Necron culture. They could have possibly stumbled on Earth ( Ancient Egypt, Maya, Aztecs).

Generally, most Necrons are racists and have a disdain to non-Necrontyr life. But the Lords vary vastly and it's possible to find exceptions.

>> No.29795356

Khalida wears her burial mask, which is fractured.

There's a King Tut Tomb King (who never got rules or a model, he's just in the fluff) who does the same thing.

>> No.29795384

Ah, that other paint job made it look like her face, with slight corruption on the eye.

I'm still right, she is just part of the 30%

>> No.29795400

If you're doing something with your army that isn't silver/black with glowing green, you may as well have fun with it.

>> No.29795420

>Queen Khalida must have a /tg/ homebrew 40k counterpart.

She already has one.

Phaerakh Xun'bakyr the Mother of Oblivion. Though, a bit grimdark and axecrazy.

>> No.29795430

People like painting the mask fleshy for sexiness, but it's not canon.

She's more like Ophelia from Dragon Commander as an Egyptian, but with the personality of Mayor Judge Dredd.

>> No.29795432

Can we get back on track to the smut? There ARE 40k general threads out there and we're getting rather close to the bump limit as it is.

>> No.29795478

New thread, and NecronXTomb King erotica is a must.

>> No.29795511

As promised a young witch needs a satyr's seed for a spell component. (it's hella short, sorry)

Satyr's Seed

tags: witch, satyr, blowjob

>> No.29795679

Not bad, especially considering you were drunk when you wrote it.
I personally prefer a lengthier introduction to characters before the sexing begins, but I found this to be quite an enjoyable read.

Thank you for delivering as promised, Anon.

>> No.29795705

I was only drunk during the second half, so I have no excuse for not fleshing out the characters enough.

>> No.29795754

If you do revise it, I'd suggest adding more detail about what their bodies look like. If I didn't know what a satyr was going in, I'd have been confused as hell.
Maybe go into a bit more detail with the hunting process? Have the witch not simply looking for A satyr, but THE satyr? Maybe one with a certain sheen to its coat, or a certain age. It would be a great excuse to give little details like that.
Just a thought.

Anyway, this makes me excited to see what you do with the brute story. Keep being smutty, anon!

>> No.29795802

The idea for the brute story is going to be a warrior who has been kicked from his kingdom and to continue training with the sword he joins a tribe of barbarians who perform an "initiation" on him

>> No.29796453


>> No.29796465

Well if your test was to bump, it worked.

>> No.29796639


Possibly a musculature thing, a buff Xeno babe can pull it off better than a human woman.

It's mostly done with their mouthparts; spiders mainly do it through male on female oral!

When we first met they were but learners, now they are the Smutmasters!

Hey I haven't even broken out the Daemonship pairings yet...

No, I just went to sleep...
...And did you not realize that was a JOKE?

Also drink in their delicious tears of butthurt!

That's actually the idea I had for my Necron Lady; with the twist that she's SO vain she has her underlings wear partial copies exemplifying a particular feature...
...Problem I run into is what non-terminator Necrons look like.

>> No.29796691

Pedipalps aren't mouthparts

I'd write my own spider monster erotica but it would make things weird between me and my pet tarantula

>> No.29796888

But muh danglies!

>> No.29796930

Pedipalps are actually limbs. All Arachnids have ten limbs, scorpions the pedipalps are pincers or Chelicerae (I did want to write scorpion-girl erotica, why do you ask? [technically they're Girtablilu]), solifugae, ticks and mites all use their pedipalps as just extra legs.

Regardless, pedipalps are close to mouth parts so close enough.

>> No.29797125

Despite the rampant flamewars, we've had a fairly productive weekend so far. I look forward to what gets produced tomorrow (or later today, to be precise).

>> No.29797131

Hopefully I'll have something by then too

>> No.29797452


>> No.29797832

Welcome back.

So your basically admit that you're only here to troll people now. Do you have any idea how childish you sound right now?

>> No.29798005

Continuing on

Elsiwe laid still as Albert attempted to crawl from under her. The eldar gripped tightly at his side, cursing herself that she was allowed to be caught off guard. The sergeant crossed hs arms and tapped his boot to the ground impatiently. Once the trooper wormed himself a bit more, Elsiwe stood to her feet. Her eyes filled with anger and distrust to the Sergeant. He simply gazed her over as the eldar made no attempt to conceal herself. His lip curled into a half smile on the side of his face and he turned his head to the doorway.
"Giggs! I owe you 40 thrones, their head's aren't pointy!"
"Frakkin called it!" Was echoed back
"What are you to do with us, human?" The banshee spoke cautiously. Her body positioning itself defensively.
"I ought to have you two shot for heresy. Honestly I don't care, we have more trouble to deal with."

Albert slowly crept to his gear, waiting for a quick draw from his sergeant. The old veteran simply looked at the banshee one more time, uttering, 'Lucky bastard', under his breath as he walked out. Albert relaxed, letting go a heavy sigh of relief. When he turned to Elsiwe she flung towards him wrapping her arms behind his back, kissing him passionately. Before he could react the eldar was already dressing herself. Still blinking from confusion he began to pull his pants on.

Outside the few remaining Cadians held themselves low to the broken walls with their weapons trained to the no-mans-lands. The Sergeant had his monoculars trained on a solitary vehicle of in the distance. A simple box shape with black and yellow stripes adorned on it. When the two emerged from the building a guardsman quickly gestured for them to get low and to cover. Albert peered over the ridge to see the Rhino himself. It was a great distance away, the dust in the air partially concealing the beast. It sat immobile, facing towards the main battle-lines, and not them for the time being. The defenders simply waited in relative silence.

>> No.29798008



>> No.29798019

At least I have a new subtitle for the third thread ( which should go up in a couple of hours),

>> No.29798046

Like always, the pastebin will expire in a month and I'll have it on HF by the expiry. I'll also create an actual pastebin acount for easy copying

>> No.29798170

They continued to stare until a lone figure emerged from the transport. A tall horned man encased in polished metal with the same blask and yellow stripes, as well as a long jawed sallot iconography. One of the Cadians gritted his teeth and pounded his armored fist into the concrete.
"Iron hands! damn it."
"Warriors, James." Greggs responded. " Remember the parable? In the hands of the Emperor, at the blades of a warrior."
"I though the Hands were the bad guys."
"Nope. Black on yellow will fight a fellow. Silver on black has got your back."
"Enough chatter. They might not know where are here." The Sergeant interrupted.
"There were two this morning, where did the other one go?" Another added.

Elsiwe attempted several times to contact the rest of her team, yet there was no communication back. It was unlikely that the humans could have interfered with their communications. Her heart sank at the thought of them intentionally ignoring her. Afterall after what she did, they would be right to exile her. Yet how would they have known? She cast the thought from her mind, instead practicing mentally how she would dispatch the chaos warriors. She was glad to finally have a decent challenge before her. Instead of thoughts of trophies or glory she thought simply on her own survival, and how she could best each Iron warrior that dared to come close. The thought of impressing her compatriots seemed childish at this point. Just then the transport they all had been so vexxed on changed its facing towards their broken building.
"Shit shit shit! I'm not ready to die yet sarge." Gregs spoke as she started to dig in her pockets
"Calm down, no one is dieing, its just a transport, and possibly ten of the best siege masters against five of us in a broken building."
"If I don't make it, you take my money and you-"
"Give it to your family." The Sergeant cut her off.
"No, you take this money and you buy that nice pair of Beleveine boots. Dead or alive I am buying those boots!"

>> No.29798380

So how far we off bump limit?


For those who don't want to go HF
(Fans who do have a Hentai Foundry account though, give me a good word or two!)

Going to be slowly uploading all my previously written stories too on Pastebin. Note that they'll all be avaliable _on both websites_. Pastebin because it's better for you fuckers, HF because I actually like the way the website handles writing (even though very few people there seem to read).

The Road Home (Shota, Monstergirl - Centaur)

Unrelated: wondering, is it worth trying to submit to ASSTR? Any writers know?

>> No.29798399

>So how far we off bump limit?
Eleven Posts past bump limit.
Page seven.
Please get 4chan X.

>> No.29798402

that, was fucking hot, and also really adorable

>> No.29798421

Thanks. I'll be sure to get everything copied down to the list shortly.

>> No.29798454

Never heard of it before.
Got it now.

You request that one? hard to tell through the wall of Anonymous.
Either way, thanks!

No problems mate, seeing as how we're probably saging to oblivion soon, I'll hold off till next thread it up.

>Capcha: Welru Rivet

>> No.29798474

>You request that one? hard to tell through the wall of Anonymous.
I was one of the anons that did

what are you going to work on next?

>> No.29798475

We still have an hour or 2 left. These threads always did die hard.

>> No.29798563

Perturabo always did hate it when people got his Legion and Ferrus's mixed up. (Probably why he joined Abaddon in attacking Medusa in the 10th Black Crusade.)

>> No.29798598

Probably not much for a couple of days, hopefully going to get the smut for next week done soon.

My List of requests:
female changeling warrior serving as a bodyguard to (and having a massive crush on) a halfling diplomat - Preferrably with featuring her being nervous about her true appearance

Frustrated Female guardsman trying to seduce a female engineseer.

Human and AI spaceship

Spider and human


Human chicks and minotaurs

Something in the worlds of Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, ChthuluTech

My other list of non-requests

Lolis and Centaur

Sequel to my Tenticle Story (Consentical, cumflation and egg laying [not my normal kinks, but it just fits the character so fucking well])

Drow incest threesome (One a Loli, one a MILF [also, maybe a sequel to another story which involved a male and a female dwarf. Unsure, don't care which.])

I promised a very close RL friend some furry smut (Tell me to yiff in hell, see if I fucking care [you all fap to it anyway, don't fucking lie])
Mind you my introduction to furry shit was Werewolf the Apocalypse where it was less, "WAAAA FURSECUTION!" and more "I'M GOING TO RIP AND TEAR AND EAT ALL THESE FUCKING WEAKLINGS!"

More monstergirls. That is all.

Something with a dragon.

Druid and her animal companion.

There was more but I won't be able to see any of it till I get back home

>> No.29798657

All of this sounds good to me. There was another guy who was also working on the human/spaceship AI one if memory serves.

>> No.29798668

Good to hear, starting this all now.

The New Tattoo
Consentual Tentacles

>> No.29798699

I recall someone, don't remember who. I just like the concept. I'm seriously thinking of doing this one as my eclipse phase debut

Another Eclipse Phase concept I wanted to do was a couple, one an uplifted octopus, the other a human, mixing it up a bit from the normally 'vanilla' sex when the human chick has spent some time forking (kinda like cloning, only easier and faster) herself into tailor made bodies for an amazing night with him (and all bodies neurally mapped so she can feel ALL of them too)

>Consensual Tentacles
Sorry, that's the tag

>> No.29798728

I'm fine with it too. Plus, we still have a distinctive lack of robotgirls that such a story could fix easily.

>> No.29798765

Gah, forgot the next story.

All Tied Up
Tags: Yuri, Monstergirl - Alraune (with 'Tentacle'), Loli

>Summer Heat
Tags: Yuri, Monstergirl - Cecaelia (with 'Tentacle')

>> No.29798770


> There needs to be more nid/xenomorph babes.

So perhaps like http://i.imgur.com/9S0dI1x.png

>> No.29798796

How does one stick it in a merlad?

>> No.29798810

In such a way as to get his onchinchin all hard?

>> No.29798832

Nah, wanted the ship to be male AI.

HOWEVER EP is really awesome in the sense that synth bodies are fucking common in the setting. I'll add 'Gynoid' to the list because I've a hard on for well done Gynoids (which IS FUCKING HARD TO FIND)

Famous Last Words
Tags: MFF Threesome (Drow Chick, Dwarf Chick, Dwarf Dude)

>> No.29798845

Fucked up the link, trying again:

Summer Heat

Most Hentai artists do it that the fish part starts at the upper thigh rather than the hips.
Why not for a dude?

>> No.29798853


Doo eet.

>> No.29798900

Will do!

My issue with Gynoids is that they're typically gundams with brick tits.
Why can't more of them be like Jenny, EDI or Drossel (pic related)?
EP Allows for the good stuff though!

Autumn Harvest
Tags: Yuri, Monstergirl - Dullahan

>> No.29798961

I'll upload the others later, the pastebin posts are still up so they'll do for the meantime (the first expires in 9 days).

Throughout the week I'll be uploading them to HF whenever I fall off the front page. I just want the highest chances of pageviews and that's teh way to do it.
Selfish I know, but what's the point in writing if you don't touch an audience?
>heh, touch

>> No.29798988

That's fine with us.

>> No.29799000


>> No.29799004

>Most Hentai artists do it that the fish part starts at the upper thigh rather than the hips.
>Why not for a dude?

Good point

>> No.29799048

Love the body, but would prefer more expresive eyes. Still, THAT'S more like it.
>belly button made me lol

Unrelated: I hope people like these stories I just linked!

>> No.29799142


>> No.29799158

Page 9 now. I'll get the next thread up in about an hour.

Also, good stuff you're posting there, Beginner.

>> No.29799211


>> No.29799222

Cheers. I think my best one's either the Gryphon one I wrote like 2 hours ago or the Cecaelia one.

I take it /tg/'s gone quiet for a while?

>> No.29799232


>> No.29799296

I love you too Anon!

>> No.29799355


Plenty in that style via: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/642258?tags=sukabu

>> No.29799366


>> No.29799398


Now back to working on EP-related things.

>> No.29799421

Will do, when it's not 2am!

>> No.29799621

Not really, just deep into autosage.

>> No.29799898

Number 3 coming up soon?

>> No.29800069

On it.

>> No.29800144

It's up.


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