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Hey /tg/, I remember there used to be threads on here where people posted a ton of images of people who looked like real world Player Characters to serve as character portraits. I have a modest folder of these images, can we have a thread for these? Willing to dump my folder if folks are interested.

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Hot damn, good thing I still have this folder on my computer.

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Fuck yeah!

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I have a plethora of schemamonk images as they work for any magic user.

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also many portraits of Africans in suits

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Orthodox clergy get pretty cool outfits.

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Orthodoxy Catholics in general have fancy as hell everything, from churches to icons, to music, to vestments.

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This is how you fucking Paladin
>opposition tells you to move
>Opposition threatens to move you
>Stand strong
>Opposition unleashes fire hose to get you to leave

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Filename should be photoshop hahaha.

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Here's another good example of paladin-ing, although it's more from the cleric side.

This is during the current Ukrainian riots, for context.

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Your bard has a multi-weapon? ok, I guess, sure.

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I actually used this as a portrait for a character in a Shadowrun campaign.

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>I swear to Christ, Ivan, if you play another Draw 4 I will throw you to the Chechens.

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Those sneaky fucking monks.

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Someone posted the clergymen already, but it's hard to post RL character pics without tossing this one from the Ukraine riots into the mix.

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Is she using her dress as distraction?

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Got the one with the guy in the great helm.

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Posting because its been on every other board anyways...

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Those are Americans

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WHOA! Jesus fucking christ lady, that dress is a fucking offensive psychological warfare against your opponent and should be banned from chess tournaments by the Geneva convention. Seriously, you could melt a brain if they look a little offcenter of your pussy.
What non-Euclid horror from the abyss designed that dress?

You can't post that shit here. Fuckin A' man, this is 4chan, try to show some class.

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>I swear to Christ, Phil, if you play another Draw 4 I'm throwing you to the Afghans.

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Knickers dont have straps, no chest protector, disregarding plastron, chest protector, lamee, jacket, body cords, mask and terrible en guarde

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woah, movies

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