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>Pop into FLGS today to buy a Tech Preist
>Find one, buy it
>This is inside of it
So, did I just buy Wards chosen? Is this normal? It's still sealed.

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Seriously though guys, has this ever happened to any of you?

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take it back, see if you won some promotional thing

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>Won a promotional something
Oh boy! Also, it wasan't a GW, it was a Independant. I called Customer Service, and they had no idea what it was. So, I sent a email to GW, asking about it.

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>mfw when OP Wins that entire chapter of Ultras for free

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You truly are blessed, OP.

It's a real-life Fate Point.

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>OP won a GW sweep stakes from 10 years ago

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Wow, the packaging has VERY CLEARLY been resealed. You can CLEARLY SEE where its been opened and reglued.

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Want me to take pics of the sides?

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Dear god. At first glance, I didn't even notice the damn Ultramarines button thing in there, I just kept staring at the techpriest model trying to figure out if it was indeed a techpriest.

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I swear I haven't, I bought it about 4 hours ago. Also, where would I find a Base that has no dimple thing in the middle, then paint it with no brush lines, then decal it when I don't even play Ultras?

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Back in the day, you got little cardboard pogs for buying shit. If you bought enough points you could redeem them for prizes, like a beginner's paint set, a limited edition all metal techmarine retinue, or the grand prize that every child wanted, a Baneblade.

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I can't help but feel you responded to the wrong guy...

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You are indeed correct

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But it's Plastic

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i seem to vaguely remember old pictures where some marines were on bases that had their chapter and color on it. like really old. 2nd or 3rd ed old.

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Hm. But, this isn't a Marine, it's a Tech Priest. Back of blister says 2004.

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We must dream for OP.

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Looks like a base painted blue with a decal on it

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>tau decals
>crappy folder

OP sucks!

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OP has been chosen. Bear the sigil of Lord Ward, our Spiritual Liege, peace be upon him, with pride.

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>Tau Decals
Hey, they're for my Boyfriend. I play Dark Eldar and Orks.

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Also, you suck.

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What's the priest for, conversion?

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I really like the model, and store had a 30% off sale on 40k today.

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It was likely an (un)used model that someone returned or traded in to the store, since you say it's not a GW store.

Opened it up, never got a chance to use it, and later traded it back to the store.

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I don't think. I got it from Boldo's Armory, in NY, he's got a metric fuckload of old models.

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fair enough, i bought Ulfrik the wanderer just to paint (gave up later he's sitting collecting dust half way done) despite not into fantasy

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>liking things

Look at this plebe.

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