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So /tg/ what would the four horsemen look like in modern age? Would they still be riding horses armed with swords and such?
Or would they use guns and tanks and such?

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Have you read Good Omens?
If you haven't, you should check it out.

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Tasteful Cadilacs

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Famine owns a weight loss clinic and has published a book on how to lose pounds fast; his lawyers have successfully prevented the numerous lawsuits about his work promoting anorexia, and have publicly ruined multiple smear campaigns which have led to negative reception of his methods' detractors.

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>Not bitchin' motorcycles

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Horses are so last century.

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Pestilence is heavily involved in the modern medical industry. By ensuring people are too busy trying to get money and patents for drugs and promoting overuse of antibiotics in hospitals, he's raking in a lot of deaths from resistant bacteria even with modern medicine.

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I also liked Supernatural's version of the Horsemen.

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death has never failed to be great. The pizza diner scene remains one of my all time favorite tv moments.

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Read Good Omens.

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Good Omens

Also Conquest here, Pestilence is a faggot

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They would look like the Chaos Lords. They match up perfectly.

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Nah, they were all bitches in the end.

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please stop you're embarassing yourself

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There was a Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett team-up book called "Good Omens" that did exactly this.

They were all riding motorcycles. They were all dressed like modern people--at least I know that War (who was a woman) and Famine were.

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>they match up perfectly

u best be rusin, m8

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Been a while since I've read it but wasn't the child-parallel of War a girl? I feel sure War himself was being hen-pecked by a Valkyrie?

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War, Famine and Pestilence sure... but Death is terrifying.

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I only read good books.

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No, War was very much a woman in that book. She spent her time as a photographer; she always submitted good pictures to the newspapers she worked for because every country she visited just *happened* to descend in violent civil war.


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Oh yeah, I remember...

...I mean I knew all along

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>They would look like the Chaos Lords.

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>Good Omens
>Not Good
Pick one.

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Ooh damn that's good. Has there been any other personifications of War that aren't just BLOOD AND THUNDER?

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