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Kingdom Death thread?

Poots said he will be posting an update later today, just needs to finish taking pictures.

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Also, KS comment by poots about the expansion monsters.

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>dat feel when you missed the KS

>dat feel when you probably missed out on 50-60% off savings

not to sound like a entitled/cheapass faggot, but I always get discourage to not buy products when this happens (not just this game, plenty of other miniature stuff I havent bought yet because I keep missing sales)

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That sucks bro.
If you know anyone who backed, you could probably convince them to let you piggyback off their pledge when the pledge manager opens back up.

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Neat. Really like the fairy circle thing. I assume the Lion Knight has something similar, but with his court.

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W-waiting for the news. Hoping for it be delivered around April as a birthday present.

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May-June seems most likely.
The game will definitely be FINISHED by April, but it would still need to ship and customs is a bitch.

Production might be sped up if they are producing minis in , BUT the rest of the game+assembly is done in America, because they lack of paper products would speed up customs checks. But even then, its like a 5 person operation on the shipping front, and they need to send you 5k+ copies of the game.

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Aww yeah. Makes me feel even better about getting two manhunters.

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>TWO man hunters

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Oh wait, no, its Salv. Didn't notice that.
That explains it then.
You just wanted those shirtless abs didn't you?

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I just made a rough estimate of 600, then after adding all the playable content (minus Ms.Nopants McOnecard) I had enough for either 50 face-base inserts, or a one cheaper expansion. And I figured that there could be more than one manhunter at a time, unlike the Flower Knight who is unique.

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Nope, the black friday sale was the last chance to get the kickstarter editions an shit. I too missed out on both and it breaks my heart daily.

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>not getting Ms. Nopants McOnecard
I thought we were FRIENDS Salvia.
How can I be friends with someone who didn't even get all of the gameplay content?

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It's just one card man. I got all the heralds, doesn't that count for something?

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I can't wait for this game. ~$350 worth of models. My body is ready.

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Come on poots. What are you waiting for?

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Hes a night owl. I've never seen him post before 10:00 at night

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Someone else in the comment section (I THINK the person he was replying to there, but I'm not sure) actually posted some homebrew rules for the Illuminated lady. Looked neat.

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How could they make homebrew rules when we don't even know how most of the game works?

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>Poots said he will be posting an update later today
Well this got me excited for nothing.

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>I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's still Friday to me!
God damnit poots.

Kingdom Death: where even our updates get delayed.

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>Creator Kingdom Death 17 minutes ago
>phew, content all done. Now is unto the kickstarter update tool!
Jesus Christ has he still not posted?

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That was my post actually, and that's a bit of an exaggeration.

I posted ideas for a homebrew, that's it. Because someone was saying "LOL SLENDERMAN SHOULD BE UNBEATABLE BECAUSE HES SLENDERMAN XD" and that's some serious bullshit let me tell you. So I came up with an idea to make him 'unbeatable' by having his monster use mostly evasion attacks, and fleeing the fight ASAP, but actual fighting him be done in the hunt phase, where it's a battle of having to get research on him to find out how to kill him.

Also, updates up.

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hay wats up

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Thats super fucked up, I love it. And I imagen there will be more than one erp ca/tg/irl that will schlick furiously over it. And can someone please post the rest of the pics? I would myself but Im posting over a phone and Im still trying to get a hang of it.
>pledge manager reopened in two months time
My wallet is ready!!! Oh my god my wallet will be so fucking ready! Ive already pitched 685 usd at it and I will likely throw poots another 400-600 bux. I want the 20 sets of all armor kits, maybe all the pinups, maybe another survivor and maybe another 50 pack of stone faces. Decisions decisions!

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Messenger of Courage and Messenger of the Spiral Path, hell-fucking-yes!

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The other images seem to be too big for /tg/

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is there a card game rpg of this? I thought it was only nice miniatures.

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Adding together everything I want additionally it totals at: 775 usd more. Maaaybe I should cut something out.

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Copy paste to paint, cut pics in half and paste them to the side. Works everytime. Again, I would do it myself but cant over the phone. Oh the woes of being on a vacation.

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Search for kingdom death on kickstarter if you are interested. Its a cooperative boardgame for 1-6 players. You are partly right on cardgame though, as the standard box now comes with 700 cards I think.

Btw, if you do check it out on KS, dont be discouraged by the pinups. There is a very interesting and compelling game if you give it an honest chance. Check the two gameplay videos on that page, plus check the updates.

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Posting from an iPad. I can't do it either.

It's a campaign based board game, like Descent 2e. Characters are persistent across multiple sessions, but when you die, you die for good. You have to work to gather resources to build up a settlement of survivors and build new weapons/innovations/structures. Once a character dies, you play as someone else for the settlement. If the entire population dies, you lose the game.

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Persistent characters? Story driven? permadeath? seems like my dream game! Though it seems the game was only a kickstarter thing, can only find it on ebay fro 800$

What are the pinnups? limited "skins" of other figures or actual limited content?

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Game isn't out yet. Will retail at 200 bucks though. Poots mentioned in the update that he WILL be accepting pre-orders though.

Pinup are basically just eye candy minis. No rules, and aren't canon (outside of being like... Festival costumes) pretty much just a thing to put on a display shelf, or to use as a proxy for your figure.

And yes. Very story driven, the entire point of the game is to convey the backstory of the next game he wants to make, by actually playing it, instead of just having a 200 paragraph page online somewhere.

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Can you link to that ebay offer? The game hasn't even shipped yet, how can they even follow up on that if you buy.

Just limited skins. I think there is one that has gameplay content which was given to everyone who pledged but the mass of pinup are just eye candy.

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I cant link the sale (writing from phone) but it says presale and just search by kingdom death.

So any chance this will get another kickstarter? if I buy it from retaile Ill have to pay a lot in taxea for shipping ( Not from the US).

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Kingdom death getting another kick starter? Pretty likely. It's probably how he will get the funding to make Kingdom Death:Heroes (at least, that's what the fans are calling it) although he might just rely on Monster sales instead.

Kingdom Death: Monster (this game) getting another one is unlikely though.

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Its probably someone who has pledged for more game boxes that did that ebay. Dont go for it.

No. Why would it kickstart itself again in the first place? It makes no sense. Besides, it will easily be worth the 200 bux considering all the content youl get in it.

Again, calling bro tier anon to post the rest of the pics from the update. That dragon is so fokkn sexy.

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Bumping request before bed. Night teeg.

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So this are expansions or standalone games?

>> No.29773820

Kingdom Death: Monster is a standalone game.

Everything else on the kickstarter is either a display case item related to the game, or an expansion. There are currently 11 expansions.

Kingdom Death: Heroes will be its own game, but poots is currently unsure about whether it will use a different system, or the same one as monster. Or if it will even be a board game or an RPG.

Back at my computer. Wow this image is huge.

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All of the messengers look fantastic. And the Watcher's size increase is a good thing. Does Humanity have a cloth over its face or is that just the lighting of the image?

>> No.29773870

And here is the dragon.

>> No.29773902

He has bandages over his face, and a handful of Chinese food.

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So glad I decided to get this xpac at the last second.

>> No.29773921

and time for another thrilling edition of "Find all the hidden faces in the KD:M art"

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Why does it have a dude inside it's chest?

>> No.29774003

Because where ELSE would it keep a pair of genitals?

>> No.29774013

its kind of the company's artstyle. the more you examine something the more disturbing it should become.

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>not spending 1800 dollars to get 3 copies of the game box as well as every expansion, so you can paint each monsters different difficulty levels differently
I shiggydiggy

>> No.29774133

>not spending 600 dollars to get all the gameplay content, then recasting it multiple times in polyurethane for more durable minis and an unlimited number of armor kits
No anon, you are the pleb.

>> No.29774163

>Dragon King
>Its actually a Wyvern

can I get a refund?

>> No.29774185

Only if you can write a scientific paper about the difference between dragons and wyverns in pop culture and language.

>> No.29774266

pls sell to me recaster

>> No.29774344

That's what I plan on doing. Do you have any tips on technique and/or materials to use?

>> No.29774400

I don't know why, but I always chuckle when I see that the breasts are a separate piece from the rest of the body.

>> No.29774466

>dat watcher

>dat dragon king

Damn I love this guy's minis. So much style.

>> No.29774514

The game oozes character.

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Rolled 93, 67, 16, 78, 10, 100, 26, 89, 71, 4, 78, 94, 35, 93, 30, 27, 97, 35, 57, 79, 15, 40, 16, 25, 85 = 1360

...do you not?

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>People actually like this shit

It's FATAL-tier shlock.

>> No.29774633

Go to bed america

>> No.29774637

Nice bait

>> No.29774673


Not everyone likes painting troll scrotums. It's just a cheap attempt at being EDGY and ADULT, when really it's just slapping tits on things and having miniatures of women being raped and impregnated by demons.

>> No.29774734

Fucking this. Kingdom Death is just an excuse for neckbeards to wank to their rape fantasies publicly, while painting it up as being GRIMDARK.

>> No.29774742

That shows how little you know about the setting. There are no trolls and the women are raped by angels, thank you very much.

>> No.29774744

I actually know watcha mean, and I'm not interested in any of the tits-n-ass miniatures, but goddamn some of the other minis are excellent: Flower Knight, Watcher, Lion King (uh... it might not be called that, thinking about it), Phoenix... it's great stuff, and has a really distinctive feel to it.

>> No.29774801

Samefag harder

>> No.29774844

Just don't reply to uneducated misinfo spreaders.

>> No.29774848

>Lion Knight
>White Lion
>Lion God
I'm guessing you need one of those.

>[citation needed]
Burden of proof blah blah blah. I would love to see you give even a single example of a monster, or even a human, raping a woman in this game. but you can't because THERE AREN'T ANY

>> No.29774855

Obviously you two don't know what the hell you are talking about, could you at least... well show what are you talking about? because it seems someone is projecting a bit.

>> No.29774860

Don't reply to the troll, guys.

>> No.29774921

>Lion God
That's the mofo. Still not sure where his front tentacle thing goes, and just noticed that his tail is kinda penis-esque. Eh, it's all good.

>> No.29774945

...oh, and the King is awesome too. Do we have a reason for his body being made out of babies?

>> No.29775010


Literally five seconds on google.

>> No.29775029

That ain't rape, that's a well-equipped nanny.

>> No.29775040

I seriously don't see any rape going there.

>> No.29775067

It seems likely that its the physical manifestation of the Golden Entity.

Basically, the god of kingdom death is extremely vain, so he created the monsters to worship him, but didn't have a physical form for them to worship, so instead he created humans, which have no free will, because it is overwritten with his own mind. So the entire human race basically acts as the hands of the Golden Entity, to build things for the monsters to worship.

The survivors are the first humans to have free will. So, once you get out of hand and start killing the Entities monsters, it throws together a body out of all the humans it controls to stomp you out.

Thats my theory at least, going off of the kickstarter info + everything from the scribd document.

>> No.29775078

>has testicles on it's head, and actual testicles
>mouth is a vagina
>canonically gets aroused by eating human shit

Oh yeah the Grom definitely isn't someone's fetish depository.

This is why you're socially awkward neckbeards.

>> No.29775102

Not to mention they actually bothered to model a butthole on it mid-prolapse.

>> No.29775128

There are four humans in that picture.

One is providing breast milk to the monster, and is visibly holding the tube through which it is being transfered, in a non-hostile manner.

Another is sleeping peacefully.

Another is just sitting there, not doing anything.

and the last one is an infant that is being breastfed.

Wow. Look at all that rape going on. So much rape.

>Oh yeah the Grom definitely isn't someone's fetish depository.
No one is saying that its not. You were the one saying that its about rape. And now you are changing your stance to just not liking the monsters. Which is it?

>> No.29775136

Not saying that *someone* out there isn't getting their jollies off these minis, but people have been making grotesque art for centuries.

Are people who like Heironymous Bosch or William Burroughs sick neckbeard fetishists?

They look like extraordinarily good models, quality wise. I would buy the minis on their own, maybe without the Frazetta girls.

>> No.29775140

What stance changing is there? The argument was that it is "FATAL-tier shlock", which it very much is.

>> No.29775151

(not the anons you're arguing with)

I agree it's got plenty of sexual horror stuff going on, but is that necessarily a badwrong thing? Let's face it, plenty of great painters have painted naked ladies, and the history of literature is full of weird sexual stuff.

>> No.29775177

They have to be 12 or something because they're afraid of Anuses and testicles.
Just stop replying. You aren't changing their mind, they will not change our mind. It is literally pointless posting.

>> No.29775181

...or is it the combination of sexual stuff with stereotypical game-playing neckbeards that puts you off? Because... yeah, it's hard not to get uncomfortable at the thought.

>> No.29775199

Original shit-stirrer here.

Honestly, most of my willingness to stir shit in regards to this is because of how painfully hypocritical /tg/ is about this. They flip their shit over anything remotely sexual in a normal context, but then when it comes to prolapsed buttholes, giant nutsacks and rape demons in kingdom death, they're all over it.

Also this.

>> No.29775217

breastfeeding is not only rape, its pedophilia.

>> No.29775238

>The miniature of a giant monster syphoning breast milk from women and feeding their babies isn't fetishy at all guys!

Great argument.

>> No.29775246

If you were to make a venn diagram of people who flip their shit of over sexual stuff, and people who like the monsters in kingdom death, you would have two, entirely separate and non-overlapping circles.

Not everyone on 4chan is the same person dude.

ur gonna need a bigger b8 m8

>> No.29775259

>using something not even in the game as an argument against the game
u wot

>> No.29775305

>Not in the game
>It's on their website, sold as part of the minis line


>> No.29775322

Well, it's pretty hard for an anonymous bunch of random people to be "hypocritical".

All I can say is, if there are people who find this stuff sexually gratifying, they can find much sicker shit online. This stuff is all pretty run of the mill for dark swords and sorcery.

It's definitely "edgy", but so is H.R. Giger. I mean, the giant tit monster is kind of funny, isn't it?

I'm just saying, art is boring if you limit yourself to stuff that you can post in an elementary school classroom.

>> No.29775327

I'm not sure where you get the idea that everyone in here is opposed to any mention of sex in games? Maybe you forgot this is not a hive mind?
Keep in mind these are just monsters, but there is not rape, no sexual violation of player characters or any characters in Kingdom Death. The monster designs might have sexual elements, but this is not a game where suddenly the DM decides you get gang raped by orcs.

>> No.29775347

It's not in the game. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and just did a quick google search.

>> No.29775359

>It's not in the game as a boss monster that the players fight.

>> No.29775418

No, it is not in the game. The game is called Kingdom Death: Monster. It has rules, cards you play with.
What you are thinking of is the greater Kingdom Death universe. They make "boutique nightmare horror" miniatures. Those aren't game miniatures.

>> No.29775445

>No, it is not in the game.
Oh, sorry. I didn't know I was speaking with Adam Poots. What's that? I'm not? Then shut the fuck up, because you don't have the information available to you to make that statement.

>What you are thinking of is the greater Kingdom Death universe.
And the reason that elements from the Kingdom Death world are ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY WITHOUT QUESTION not in a game set in the Kingdom Death world is...?

>> No.29775495

Not that anon, but IIRC Poots did specifically rule out that model being part of the game.

>> No.29775510

>Poots did specifically rule out that model being part of the game.
Hence >>29775359

>> No.29775514

Because this is a product with a core game and expansions and everything that's part of the game can be found on the game's kickstarter site:
Only the things listed as having game content, have game content. The others such as the pin ups from the kickstarter and the tit miniature from their site have no in game usage as they have no rules and cards.

Honestly I really don't think you understand this. Poots has always made miniatures and sold them under the name Kingdom Death. Now he made a game called Kingdom Death : Monster. One is not like the other.

>> No.29775531

That's like saying Fulgrim taking a pear of anguish up his ass in the novels will be represented in the 40k table top because its part of the universe.

>> No.29775552

Why do you argue that not being part of the game is the same as not being a boss in the game? What makes the difference here? Do you think there are rules about it waddling about in the background?

>> No.29775601

Has anyone seen these figures painted? Is that even a thing?

Whole site is sold out, any word on when a new run might be in stock?

>> No.29775604

>Why do you argue that not being part of the game is the same as not being a boss in the game?
Because story and event content doesn't need a representative model. There aren't models for mostly-naked women connecting babies to little floppy-donged sunstalkers (that I know of), but are you an ignorant enough dude to argue that it's not part of the game?

>> No.29775634

I've been following this game for some time now.. and I still don't really understand the lore, the mechanics, or the weird ass character names. But I do enjoy the super voluptuous female babes and I am hoping to see some monster rape action in game.

>> No.29775639


>> No.29775668

Yes, I am in fact gonna say right and now that the nurse is not gonna be a card event. I dare to go so far based on what Poots has said about the inclusion of it. The Sunstalker is a whole campaign with in fact extra miniatures. The Nurse is not.
Meet me again in May and we can talk about this.

There's a good lot if you just google kingdom death painted.

>> No.29775693

You'll be gravely disappointed unless you have a great lot of fantasy.

>> No.29775728

>Meet me again in May and we can talk about this.
Oh, I will. I've got over $600 worth of product coming and I'll be laughing my ass off when all of the overly-defensive posters have to go back on their nonsense.

>> No.29775743

So... does anyone want to troll the 14 year olds on /tg/ by pretending we've adopted these minis as our freaky waifus?

>> No.29775764


>> No.29775785

It's been a busy day.

>> No.29775787

>> No.29775790

So you're arguing that this whole game is sick, fetish-ridden neck-beard rape fantasy, yet you still ordered over 500 dollars worth of it?

>> No.29775808

He already stated he was stirring shit for the sake of shit stirring. You're the one still replying to him.

>> No.29775816

>Then shut the fuck up, because you don't have the information available to you to make that statement.
Burden of proof dude. Neither do you.

>> No.29775875

Gorm is my husbando.

But seriously, the Scribe is where it's at. He reminds me of pic related.

>> No.29776087

I've never said anything like that. I simply like to step in whenever someone else stirs the pot and people start going full denial mode.

>> No.29776193

>>H.R. Giger.

I was always under the impressions that the game was intentionally mixing sexuality with horror themes to create an unsettling atmosphere. To it's credit, it works, many of the models can be deeply unsettling specifically because they have sexual themes mixed in with the grotesque.

>> No.29776246

This. Exactly. Though I do wish the sexuality was more overt, but I understand that it would be unacceptable for most players.

>> No.29776255

Yeah, it's really unfortunate that 4chan/internet fetish communities have made so many people reflexively turn into soccer moms.

>So I went to this exhibit by this Dali faggot and I was like ROFL fucking neckbeard sick fetish furry fuck keep that shit off my table

>> No.29776653

>there are people that didn't pledge to get the amazing looking messengers

>> No.29776771

I haven't been keeping up enough clearly, as Kingdom Death: Heroes is something I am unfamiliar with, what are the design concept differences between it and the current game? Is it supposed to be more about individual characters?

>> No.29776848

Yeah, it's basically going to be an RPG set in Kingdom Death, when survivors have been around long enough to have actual cities and technology.

>> No.29777157

Aha, kind of seems that the end game of Monsters is about setting this sort of thing up, so I guess that makes sense.

Maybe heroes endgame will be focused on leading into a more modern setting, if they made another game after that leading into an eventually science fiction setting I think my brain would explode.

>> No.29777174

Its not the real name. Just what fans call it. Its about the more powerful 'hero classes', which is why we call it that.

Players will play as Twilight Knights, White Speakers, Forsakers Preachers, Great Game Hunters, stuff like that. Its not clear if its gonna be another board game, but more dungeon crawl/hack and slash, or if its going to be an actual RPG.

>> No.29777213

Indeed, I'm pretty hype for that too; as you can use the settlements you have played in the past as smaller villages to travel through in between the major cities of the setting (plus it should be cheaper, being paper-based instead of miniature-based).

>> No.29777538

It's kind of hard to get hyped for a vague explanation to the sequel of a game that isn't out yet.

Also, wouldn't a strictly Pen and paper game be a huge waste of a team that has so much sculpting talent?

>> No.29777654

I just like the setting a lot, plus being able to include past experiences from another game into the setting is really cool. And you can still make your character's miniature using the oodles of armor kit pieces from Monster. Also, Poots seems to be very into giving his customers high quality stuff, so an RPG from KD would be well play-tested and developed (at least I hope).

>> No.29778117

>it'll be months until we have this game
I cry every time

>> No.29780747


>> No.29783005

same shit with muh Macross (cough yes I know its robotech cough) shit

ordered $260 of that stuff and so far they "think" it might be out this spring

>> No.29783403

I pledged for that as well, getting a butt load of Zentradi stuff. Not super excited for it like this game, but still kinda hype. Also Relic Knights I don't even really care about anymore, but I do look forward to painting some space Oni.

>> No.29784625

Bumping with some photos!

>> No.29784652


>> No.29784683


>> No.29784709


>> No.29784725

forgot the picture....

>> No.29784742

Even in Kingdom Death, FOE!

>> No.29784753


>> No.29784757

That doesn't look like a Jewish baseball player to me...

>> No.29784782


>> No.29784809


>> No.29784837


>> No.29784862


>> No.29784887


>> No.29784908

Such a strong and shapely tail...

>> No.29784912


>> No.29784938


>> No.29784957


>> No.29784992

Looks pretty silly.

Looks Really silly.

Not bad, odd pose.

Cool model.

Pretty meh tier.

Stomach mouths again? Feels boring.

Pretty bad.

One of the best so far imo. Looks better from the front. (>>29774860)

Looks stupid. Bad design.

Made of arms and babies. Going for shock factor. Pretty meh.

Very silly. Still not sure if his head is looking to the side or the face is on the side of his head thanks to the non-dynamic nature of the model.

Feels VERY anime-ish, especially the EVA-inspired grin. Overall cool design.

Survivors look great, the only one I don't like is the face thrower as there's no sense of weight.

>> No.29784993


>> No.29785016


>> No.29785039

Whoops, messed up the mask man pics, oh well. Still the best imo.

>> No.29785051


>> No.29785076


>> No.29785111


>> No.29785133

Heh. Wish I could post that vomiting gnome from my computer.

>> No.29785216

holy shit that is beautiful

>> No.29785298

Thats all the picture i got that are unique got a bunch more of the same models I posted just painted differently, enjoy!

>> No.29785328

oh god relic knights

man that felt like ages ago, wasnt it originally suppose to come out like summer 2013?

>> No.29785382

Spring 2013!

>> No.29785427

jeebus that sucks

its funny that the "first big" boardgame KS zombiecide somehow evaded delays (for the most part)

granted they're not really making wargaming miniatures, just boardgame minis

>> No.29785544

What is this and why should I care?

>> No.29785585

I haven't managed to collect anything I've backed yet.
KD, Relic, Robotech all been delayed. Hopefully WM won't be delayed, and I even backed the Anima vidya game, and that is still in development and expected to be done in June.

>> No.29785751

Read the thread (and skip the shit-stirring part)

>> No.29785861

A reall cool game with some interesting conceps.

Even if you don't care for the fetish fuel models (and they are just that) you should at least take a gander at the game itself which looks pretty nifty.

>> No.29785935

Board game. Setting and gameplay is a crossover between Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Civilization.

>Combat tutorial gameplay video

>Settlement building gameplay videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=K4lZ13VqQ38

Warning with the second one: The creator screeches like a girl at one point. To be fair, he does so because he just found out he became a millionaire. Pretty justifiable reason to screech

>> No.29785959

Bah. Fucked up my link.

Still embeds just fine though, so whatever.

>> No.29786077

Hahaha. I haven't watched these in a while. I forgot how silly it is, with the blatant dice rigging, and silly sound effects.

ilu poots.

>> No.29786144

What I hadn't noticed before was the Disorders header on the Survivor sheets, and the checkbox tracks for weapon skills and insanity/survival points.

>> No.29786186

It makes me wish I had the beta rules

>> No.29786224

As soon as the game is shipped we can stary really organizing the /tg/ online play group.

>> No.29786256

Yeah. Its kinda interesting. It makes me wonder if the survival points are a expendable resource, or a pool that refreshes. Because the videos make it SOUND like once you use one, its gone for good. However, if that was the case, the reward for surviving 15 FIGHTS WITH A SINGLE SURVIVOR being just a single survival point... would be a really shitty reward. However if it was a refreshing pool, then getting the an extra point EVERY FIGHT seems much more reasonable.

>> No.29786576

D00d, beta test. Plus none of us knows the gameplay mechanics (except for the beta testers (I know you are there you little niglets! Spill the beans, give us the inside scoop already!))

>> No.29786644

I'm pretty sure Poots already has all of the beta testers picked out. Also we know a decent amount of how the game works, enough to tease us at least.
Anyone interested in a /tg/ campaign still?

>> No.29786751

>none of us know the gameplay videos
there is literally a post filled with them 7 posts above you.

Also more here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/905034/kingdom-death-rules-compilation

There is even a Q&A he did on BGG about the games mechanics.

>> No.29787385

I'm worried I won't know what to do once this stuff gets delivered. I'll probably start by painting the initial survivors, and after that I guess I'll start my single player game. But I want to make sure I paint and play at a good pace, and I tend to procrastinate painting.

>> No.29787567

Assemble, then play, then paint.

>> No.29787927

Or never unpack the minis, let alone assemble because you know your skills will never be worthy of working with such fine craftsmanship.

>> No.29788129

You've had all year to practice on space marines

>> No.29788188

I don't have any Spess muhreens. I might do the monotone single color and washes approach that has been suggested before.

>> No.29789417

you should practice on something

>> No.29790079

I might try and get something cheap in a similar scale, but I don't know what to get. Bones are cheap, but much smaller, and everything else is super expensive.

>> No.29790667

Pick up Descent 2e, or Wrath of Ashardalon. Both are decent dungeon crawl games that come with unpainted plastic minis, and could also potentially hold you over for the release of KD:M with their own campaigns.

>> No.29793136

To all previous backers: when poors reopen pledges in two months time, what will you add to your pledge, if anything?

>> No.29793261

Poots even

>> No.29793389

Spidicules, maybe Allison to round out my collection of everything with game card.

MAYBE Nico if I really feel like hiding it from my family.

>> No.29793554

>not getting all expansions
>the year of our lord 2014
What are you, poor?

>> No.29793568

The only gameplay content I'm missing is Slenderman, the tree, the big lion and Gorm. Not really excited about adding any of them except maybe Slenderman and some bases.

>> No.29793765

B-but muh content! Muh completionism!

>> No.29793824


And I got those last year.

>> No.29794254

Im getting all five-packs of armor most likely, maybe all the pinups and maybe another survivor and 50-pack of stone faces.

>> No.29796189


>> No.29797176

+2 game boxes.
Resale and make mad dosh

>> No.29797511

But it will be for sale after the kickstarter. I dont think you will be able to get THAT much for it.

>> No.29797676

Kickstarter price is 100 dollars. It will retail for 200 dollars.

If I sell it at the same price as poots, I'm gonna make double what I payed. If he sells out (which he WILL) I can make even more.

In fact, him selling it outside of kick starter is what's going to make the price go UP, because there will be continued support, unlike something like StelCon or other games that barely scrape past their goal.

>> No.29797715

>a different Anon here
I barely got in on the Black Friday sale. I'm really excited for it. Does anyone have the compilation of playtest reviews?

>> No.29797759

Don't be a shit head.

>> No.29797785

I hope there are more expansions, its a totally unique system.

>> No.29797824

Is this really happening???

>> No.29797950

For backers only, and no resin, only plastics.

>> No.29798132

>For backers only

>> No.29798139

well... At least I got in on the black friday deal...

>> No.29798152

OMG guys, guys, wat if, guys. There are chinese recasts on yoy??

>> No.29798310

What if we don't want to rip off a company that we enjoy the products of? What if we want a quality model instead of a blobby piece of shit?

>> No.29798314

Would they even bother with something as small as KD?

>> No.29798776

Muh recasts!

>> No.29799160

Bupm b4 b3d

>> No.29800279

Do they even bother with warmahordes?

>> No.29802775

lol dat guy gut reked

>> No.29802838

>Messenger of The Spiral Path

>> No.29802955

All the messengers are references.
Messenger of Courage is Link
Messenger of Humanity is Guts
Messenger of The First Story is from ChronoTrigger

Have you just seen this now?

>> No.29802982

He is Kamina, yes.
Courage is also a genderbent Link, Humanity is Guts, and First Story is Ayla

>> No.29804504

The real question is, do you paint them in the color scheme of their inspirations, or something different?

>> No.29804673

I don't see any question there, you're practically obligated to go with the color scheme of the original. Unless you hate that character... but in that case, why'd you buy it?

>> No.29804719


>> No.29804735

I think the survival points are a replenishing pool, as some of the leather armor pieces in the second video give +1 survival point when embarking on a hunt. Also 'Lion Testes' are a resource card, which is awesome.

>> No.29805475

>That "MTG proxy" Hypocrisy
Make up your minds

>> No.29807144


>> No.29807315

Got ya covered

>> No.29807583

/tg/ is not one person.

>> No.29808265

We isn't?

>> No.29809197


>> No.29813788

color me surprised

>> No.29813931

I bet it's just me but I find the miniatures to have much more appeal if not paited.

>> No.29813960

>Make up your minds
>HURR, /tg/ is not one purrson!

>> No.29814001

Yeah, the monochrome feel fit in well with the hopeless kind of setting.

>> No.29814163

and the eyes devoid of expression too. without paiting I can feel it being more personal. It's like using plain ascii and tilesets in dwarf fortress

>> No.29814223

Also a good excuse to not paint, ha! I do plan on recasting, mostly so I can do a WYSIWYG approach to survivor making and as insurance when I mess up something.

>> No.29814669

It takes a lot of skill to do the minis justice. Poor paintjob is that much more evident due to the greater size and the crisp details.
That anon is right, fuckstick. You will never reach consensus on anything on an anon forum.

>> No.29814724

Actually, poots feels that way himself. As do I, and a lot of anons.

I'm gonna be painting them monochrome myself, to give them a statue like look, which is pretty flavorful, in my opinion, and is harder to fuck up then an ACTUAL paint job.
He is saying that its not a consensus. No on has changed their mind. Its just different people saying the same things they always thought.

>> No.29814825

>they are just minis, how hard can it be?
Yeah. I'm gonna stick with unpainted thank you very much.

>> No.29814867

Oh lord. Also, do people want to start getting to organizing the /tg/ playgroup(s) now, seeing as the release is nearing?

>> No.29814944

Pic related.

Think its gonna have to wait until actual release until anyone actually commits to it.

Or at least until it starts shipping.

>> No.29814952

I do love the look of the minis unpainted, which is sort of funny since normally unpainted minis look terrible; for some reason, they sort of feel like they fit Kingdom Death.
That said, I'm very excited to do some painting on these models. I actually have a Storm Knight, though I haven't gotten around to working on it.

>> No.29817282

But that is opposite of what I said

>> No.29817365

I think he was talking, like when people say, 'Paint your KD minis' they said. 'It'll look better nice', they said.

>> No.29817513

Does anyone have a still of the gear grid?
I plan on using it in the tic-tac-toe thread.

>> No.29817645

>not prepainted

Shit tier

>> No.29817665 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29817750

any figurine that's not already prepainted ain't worth the shit its made of. It costs them like 5USD at most to paint the damn things I'm not going to waste my time and even more money to paint them.

>> No.29817988


Your trolling attempt is way too obvious.

>> No.29818061

Pro tip: I'm not trolling, I find painting figures to just be another money grab to suck as much money out of you as possible.

I only buy prepainted figures and nothing else.

>> No.29818218

You must be on the wrong board if you have that attitude. I deem you clinically retarded for expressing that opinion on /tg/.

>> No.29818307

Why? This is /tg/ - Traditional Games

Painting is not /tg/ related II think you want /ic/ - Artwork/Critique.

>> No.29818327


>> No.29818374

Obviously these anons have to many insanity points to stop. Perhaps we should just use them as lion bait...

>> No.29819462

I like unpainted models but part of the fun that I enjoy is painting these models, makes it easier to keep track of where everything is

I am by no means a good painter but I like the look of my finish pieces, to each their own! :)

>> No.29820897

But that is badwrongfun

>> No.29823187

For a major company doing a shody job of just slapping colors into the general area. 5 dollar paint jobs are the ones where the paint doesn't even properly line up so you end up with eyes on the minis forehead.

Also it takes a lot of expensive equipment to set such a thing up, which isn't really viable for a small business like KD.

>> No.29824901

Is OP a playtester? I dont recognize that pic from anything official.

>> No.29826306

I think its from the .rar I uploaded about a year back.

I went through both gameplay videos in HD, and screenshot anything that looked interesting.

>> No.29829611

Would you happen to have a compiled list of all of the gear that's been shown so far then (including effects and stats)?

>> No.29830794

I do not, but the BGG thread I linked earlier does, I think.

>> No.29832986

I wouldn't really consider the release nearing. We haven't had any "final proof" updates. Also, China takes the entire month off for New Year.

From what I've seen with other Kickstarters, expect about a month and a half after poots gets advance copies to send to reviewers. I'm thinking May or June.

>> No.29833091

>I'm thinking May or June.
Aw, you think? This would've made one hell of a birthday present for me (Late April).

Oh, well.

>> No.29833473

I don't think he will be sending out advanced copies actually. He has sent out promo stuff before, but it was never actual game content, just the minis, to professional painters.

He has been pretty good about making the backers the highest priority, and has been very transparent about that. Plus, reviews wont help the game because he wont actually have the game in stock until a second batch is printed, save for a very small surplus of extra copies.

If anything, it makes the most sense to send out the game to reviewers at the same time as the backer copies.

>> No.29833522

Indeed. I think word-of-mouth will make for more sales than what reviewers say.

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