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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You've led a raid and grabbed all sortsa animals. You ate a bunch of them today. Maybe too many. No one said anything, but you could feel them judging you. You're a little ashamed.

You slept well until the clay monsters showed up at your camp asking where you were. In the middle of your sleep! {Sorry to disturb your rest, I just wanted to say that I can't help but be overwhelmed at your kindness in helping me out.} AAAAHHH. You so far outpaced them on your mounts that you forgot about them. Oh well, here they are now!

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

{I'm very pleased that you decided to help me. I have a hard time finding people who will listen to me.} This dumb thing never shuts up. {Please, if there is anything you need to assist you on your investigation, just let me know.} Oh my god. The three clay monsters follow you around all the time and they all talk at the same time and say the same things and it just drives you nuts. {While I know you might need time to rest, I would appreciate it very much if you could look into my troubles as soon as possible.} AAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Still, it is a brand new day! The world is your oyst-{Morning drills? How excellent to see you are getting into top shape in order to properly fight that which ails me.} AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

What's the plan, boss?
>Let's go raiding! Gotta keep up the good work!
>Examine a PoI [Hut, Quarry]
>Explore forest.
>Explore plains.

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Get them off, get them off!

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>Examine Hut.
We'll go raiding after that.
The more we raid the sooner we are likely to die right?

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Alright. Investigation time! Put on your detective hats.


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You give up! You'll talk to the stupid rock men! "Okay, fine, jeez! I'll start looking into your problems, alright?"

{Oh my, no need to rush on my behalf.} You could just punch their stupid faceless clay faces. {But, if you insist...} You'd grind your teeth, but they are almost all pointed so that would just be challenging and painful. You settle for a low growl.

{It started recently by my accounts, though perhaps not so soon relative to your species.} Whatever that means. {At first I paid it no mind, as it was just a series of seemingly unconnected incidents. A wild pack of animals suddenly go mad and die a few days later. A few of my servants go missing only to be found later corrupted beyong recognition.} Wouldn't that be a huge tip off? {Strangers entering the forest en masse to worship and create their own horrors.} Well, you think you know how that turned out. {These strange encounters happened only infrequently, so I was surprised when it seemed more... concentrated at disabling me. Nearly all my earthen servants have been destroyed, and I feel my power being slowly sapped away even now.}

"Okay so that gives me..." Let's count. Hmm. Oh, right. "No clues."

{If I had any clues, I'd have dealt with the problem long ago.}

Great, now it thinks it is smarter than you. "Well, can you sorta feel where your power is being sapped from, at least?"

{Yes, but even a large number of servants being sent in that direction were all destroyed.}

Why didn't he just say so? "Okay, so all I have to do is go to that spot and beat everything there up, right?"

{I'm not sure it will be so simple.}

Of course it will!

>Head there straight away.
>Ask about some of the previous encounters and see if you can't find more about them.

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>Ask about some of the previous encounters and see if you can't find more about them.

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>Ask about some of the previous encounters and see if you can't find more about them.

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Head there right away. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

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>Ask about some of the previous encounters and see if you can't find more about them.
Let's try not being suicidal.

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>>Head there straight away.

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>>Ask about some of the previous encounters and see if you can't find more about them.

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Alright, pretty dominant lead there. Investigating further! Writing.

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Now that you think about it, some of that sounded awfully strange.

"So, what do you mean by 'corrupted beyond all recognition' anyway? That sounds pretty conspicuous."

{A strange force seized them, and perverted them into a mockery of nature. It seemed experimental, as if an intelligent being were purposefully testing what it could do with its powers.}

"And this being didn't show up again later? Like whne the servants were being destroyed or disappearing?"

{I have not found any evidence of its continued existence, though not every servant has been accounted for.}

"Alright... What about those animals, was there any source of this corruption on them?" Your brain is starting to hurt from all this thinking. Where was Beyro when you needed him? That guy is downright lazy not coming along to help you on your raid! You miss him.

{Not that I was aware of, but my sources of investigation are limited at best. Channeling my power through these servants is much less effective.} He seems pretty strong. You're glad you didn't try to fight him, at least.

"Alright, finally, have servants all over been disappearing or just near that one source? And where did those other incidents occur, the ones with the corrupted servants and mad animals."

{I've lost contact with my servants from all sections of the forest, not just from that one area. As for the other issues, they were spread out, but I remember where they occurred.}

Where to go from here?

>Head to where the animals were going crazy.
>Head to where the servants were getting corrupted.
>Go for what is actively draining the elemental.

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>Go for what is actively draining the elemental.
We're gonna have to deal with it eventually anyway.

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>Go for what is actively draining the elemental.
Seems most important to me.

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>>Go for what is actively draining the elemental.

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>Head to where the servants were getting corrupted.
Maybe there's something there that'll give us a hint how to fight whatever we gotta fight. This whatever seems pretty boss-teir, so trolls might not be enough.

We're also not in much of a rush anyways from what I can tell.

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>Head to where the servants were getting corrupted.

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sounds okay to me


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>Head to where the servants were getting corrupted.

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Going with this, we shouldn't jump straight into the fire here

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Alright, investigation continues! Writing.

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Hmmm. All this stuff isn't necessarily connected, but if it were, you'd like to at least have an idea what you're volunteering to take on. You weigh the relevance of the information he gave you and decide to investigate where the corrupted servants were first.

You aren't expecting much trouble, and the elemental said it was relatively safe the last time he was around. Still, there could be stuff on the way there, right?

You get two scouting crew, Gneb and Xab, one big guy, Nost, two fish guys, your boy Whoop and Mliboopadoop, both trolls, and Dorle to come with you and the clay guys. A little less than half the raid, but a balanced team. You hope.

Since you're stuck with the clay monsters leading you where you need to go, it is sloooowwww going. Excrutiatingly slow. Every step you take makes you worried something is going to pop out and attack you. Still, this gives you the opportunity to think.

What was the deal with that elf dwarf and halfling? Why were they outside the shrine? Did the weird monster cult guys in the temple have anything at all to do with the rest of the problems? Why was the temple set up just inside the forest and not someone easier to get to? Not like you got any answers for those sorts of questions, but it still bothers you.

You've been crawling along at a lazy pace for a long time, now, and it's almost afternoon.

>Roll 3d6! I'll be taking the first four results and consulting the random encounter matrix!

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Rolled 4, 1, 6 = 11


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Rolled 5, 2, 5 = 12


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Rolled 6, 4, 2 = 12


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Rolled 4, 2, 5 = 11


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Rolled 3, 3, 6 = 12


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huh not terrible.

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Alrighty, writing!

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Rolled 4, 2, 3 = 9

>consulting the random encounter matrix!
So professional sounding!

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It is much less impressive than it soudns.

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"Hey... what the hell is this?" Oh crap. You were lumbering around the forest into you came into a clearing... at the same time as a small group of adventurers. They look shocked to see the clay golems, but even more shocked to see them with your group. "Are those things working with the golems?" "Does it matter? The golems have been on a rampage, and this just proves they're evil." "Woah man, let's not just bandy around the word 'evil' so casually. Who says they're evil?" "That is clearly a Kuo-Toan priest of the Sea Mother, an evil deity." "Sounds good enough to me, let's take 'em out."

You look at Whoop. He shrugs. You were probably gonna fight them anyway, you guess. There are two humans, one wearing thick plate and using a glowing sword, and one in light robes. There is a dwarf similarly clad in metal with a glowing hammer, and an elf with a bow in his hand and two swords on his waist. The elf looks far stronger than the others, which honestly seem sorta like chumps.

It's only four guys. You got a buncha friends. What's the plan boss?

>Trolls and Golems in first, everyone else split up and surround them. You could be in the vanguard or the flank. That's your best idea.
>Something else if you'd like.

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BUM RUSH! If we use tactics, they can adjust. Shock attack, then when they're overwhelmed, divide and conquer.

Robes down first, then fancy hats.

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These guys seem like the type that could be won over by Shax's CHA bonus but I suppose if we have to fight I'd say go fore divide and conquer.

Get our sword spinning and the group down the middle, then have the rest of the team flank them from the sides as they dodge.

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>>Trolls and Golems in first, everyone else split up and surround them. You could be in the vanguard or the flank. That's your best idea.

Make sure the golems lead before the trolls, they're disposable.

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Take out the guy in the robes first.

>> No.29737055

kill man in robes.

>> No.29737116

General attack plan gathered. Writing!

>> No.29737235

No need to get too complicated! "Rock guys, get at them. Trolls! After that. Everyone else, after that guy in the dress!" He seems somewhat offended, but his attention is quickly taken away as the golems start slamming into their front line. The guys in armor seem to be holding their own, dishing out a decent amount of attacks and weathering the storm for now. Still, the guy with the bow is being awfully annoying, spraying out more arrows than you'd like. You keep him distracted enough as Nost, Xab, and Gneb pepper him with stones.

Before too long, you're on the flimsy staff guy. All sorts of plants spring up out of the ground and grab your lizard, and some of your friends, but you jump off and keep running at him, avoiding their grasping roots. The guy's image seems to fade for a moment, and it's hard to focus on where he is at by the time you get to him. You let loose a wild swing and your sword passes right through the air, crashing into the ground with a loud 'thud'.

"Whoa. That one is stronger than it looks." The elf quickly turns his attention to you. You don't think you like elves very much.

Nost comes careening in and bodyslams the robe guy as he began chanting again, knocking him onto the ground with a roar. The cavalry is here! You turn to check out how the golems and trolls are doing. They seem to be wearing down the guys in armor... It's pretty one sided for now.

>Roll d20! Same rules as usual. Low DC! Even my players can make it, probably?

>> No.29737244

Rolled 4


>> No.29737260

Rolled 14


>> No.29737272

Rolled 5


>> No.29737290


>> No.29737295

Rolled 20

HAhaha no we can't

>> No.29737310

If only...

>> No.29737311


I dunno what it is about my quest, but your average on a d20 for the whole quest is, like, 8.

>> No.29737325

Rolled 4


>> No.29737329

Rolled 4

perfectly normal for /tg/ the dice is generally low.

>> No.29737330

Oh my god, I am so fucking happy that wasn't rolled sooner.

>> No.29737333

It's that high?

>> No.29737352

Rolled 2

Heck if I know. Some quests have all the luck

>> No.29737359

Never mind, I interpreted "Low DC!" as changing the system to roll under.

>> No.29737361

Mate low is bad in this quest. Or did you mean you like failing at combat?

>> No.29737415

Just stop rolling tonight please, for the love of Shax

>> No.29737526

Hey, I can't find part 4 of this quest in the archives. Anyone know what's up?

>> No.29737558

It was misarchived. Here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29367674/

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Mliboopadoop throws a javelin through the chest of the wizard as he gets back up. Wow, that guy must be unlucky. He just cast some plants and then died horribly. You begin to wonder why Beyto told you to freak out and murder these dudes as soon as they show up. This guy wasn't very scary at all!

The dwarf gets overwhelmed next. The troll makes quick work of his remains. It's a little gross so you don't watch. The human next to him seems to panic a bit at the sight of this.

The elf, on the other hand, comes straight at you. What is with these guys?? He gets cut off, however, fairly quickly by Nost. The elf is clearly better than Nost in a fight and puts a hurting on him. However, he quickly gets surrounded and drug down by the rest of the boys. It may not exactly be elegant, but it is your special maneuver.

"Woah! You guys are serious. What the heck, man." The Human drops his weapon and puts his hands in the air. "You are way tougher than these golems were. Are they working for you or something?"

You look at the clay golems. "Are you golem guys that weak? These guys were pretty lame."

{My last several servants were pretty shoddily made, I'll freely admit.} Embarrassing!

"...Are you not commanding those golems to attack the quarry?" The human looks pretty confused.

You wanna ask him if you look like you could command anything, but realize you are actually a commander and maybe admitting that you were a scared little goblin girl a couple of weeks ago isn't the best plan. Still, he seems to know something you don't.

>Inquire further!
>Kill the guy. No prisoners!

>> No.29737587

>Inquire further!

>> No.29737592

Inquire further, maybe you can get these guys to give you some clues?

>> No.29737593

As a side note, the RANDOM ENCOUNTER MATRIX despite sounding super cool was actually just:

Race - Level (relative, with 3 being equal) - Class

Though, you might have figured that out already!

>> No.29737611

>Kill the guy. No prisoners!
Sorry, mate. Looks like you have to die. No hard feelings, alright.

>> No.29737634

>Inquire further!

>> No.29737652

>Inquire further!
This the guy with the glowing sword? Tell him it was pretty cool but not as cool as ours.

>> No.29737680

>>Inquire further!

>> No.29737696

>>Inquire further!

>> No.29737697

Curiosity seems to be prevailing! Alright. Writing.

>> No.29737716

I've been with you from the beginning(Which hasn't really been that long) and I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy these quests and I hope you run this to the end.

>> No.29737735


Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

>> No.29737744

The end might not be too far off, friend. How many Nat1s can Shax survive?

>> No.29737826

Rolled 5

This many

>> No.29737851

We're a goblin. I'm surprised we were killed on the second post.

>> No.29737890

Some rolls are "I need to roll high so that elf fucker doesn't finish gutting me!" and some rolls are "If I fail to tie my shoes properly that would be a little bit embarrassing."
As long as we get lucky with what we're unlucky at, we can survive indefinitely.

>> No.29737898

"Nope," you say simply, walking up to him. "Why would you think that?"

"Well, you're the first things we've seen or heard of working with them, but... if most of the people that ran into you got wiped out like this that isn't surprising."

"We've only been working with the golems for 'bout a day. What's this I hear about them attacking a quarry?" You're pretty sure there is only one quarry around here.

"Just like I said, for the past several months golems have been repeatedly attacking the quarry we've started up. A lot of adventurers got hired to put a stop to the attacks. I heard one group got a pretty big lead on where they're coming from, but disappeared a few days ago... I assume that was your handiwork."

It might just have been. But no need to tell him that! You go back to the golems. "Is the quarry that place you say is sapping your strength? I guess it sorta makes sense. Digging out the ground. You being a ground elemental or whatever."

{Perhaps, I am not positive what it would be called. It wouldn't explain the corruption, however.} No, it wouldn't. And you were heading to check more of that out.

"Hey! Guy!" The human seems to know that you're referring to him. "Where is this quarry at? I-I could find it whenever I wanted to!" It's important he knows you're competent. You are! "I just wanna know what direction it's in."

He looks perplexed before pointing in the general direction. You turn to the earth elemental. {Yep, that is about where the source is coming from.}

Mystery solved! You're a genius! Now, what to do with this guy. He was surprisingly cooperative!

>Kill him off!
>Sternly talk to him.
>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?

>> No.29737921

>Kill him off!
Kill and Loot!!

>> No.29737939

>Kill him off!
Free stuff

>> No.29737940

Impress him into our gang.

>> No.29737953

Awwww shit! Our first prisoner!

>> No.29737956

Kill him
The more we feed the trolls here the less we have to feed them at base!

>> No.29737967

I like your thinking

>> No.29737970

>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?

>> No.29737980

>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?

>> No.29737984

>Kill him off!
So far nobody knows we're here which seems like a good thing to keep as long as possible.
And no prisoners! Dems da rules.

>> No.29737989

>Sternly talk to him.
>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?

I just don't want Shax to be a killer guys ;_;

>> No.29738004

>Kill him off!

Thank him for being so helpful. Then chop his head off. Nobody seems to know that we're raiding here, which is good, so let's keep it that way.

>> No.29738007

Shax has killed 2 people already.

>> No.29738008

Well, more then she has to be, I guess. The dude's unarmed.

>> No.29738012

>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?
We can make him do the lowly stuff them other guys back at base won't do!

>> No.29738013

>>Prisoner! One won't hurt, right?
This sounds fun

>> No.29738019

I guess we can kill him, but, I think we can all agree that Shax should be remorseful about it. Something like "I'm sorry guy but, The lady said to take no prisoners."

>> No.29738041

>Kill him off!

Lady said no prisoners, lady probably knows best about this raiding stuff. We're doing a real good job so far, let's not mess us.

Tell him we're sorry first.

>> No.29738086

>>Sternly talk to him.

>> No.29738112

Writing! Most heated discussion yet?

>> No.29738140 [DELETED] 

Wow fuck you, QM. You're worst the Archelon, making fun of your own followers. Wow, such a bad quest, Sword waifu is best.

>> No.29738152

You made Shax too adorable for an evil character, so it's kind of hard to follow through on this stuff.

>> No.29738204

Eventually the playerbase will realize that Shax and the quest can remain adorable and lighthearted even amongst all the murder.

>> No.29738227

Of course we need to make our friend proud of us.

>> No.29738458

He's unarmed. And he helped you out. So it's kinda lame, but you gotta kill him. You pick up your sword. "Hey, um, thanks for the help. I think your sword is pretty cool, too." You lift it up over your head. "I think mine is cooler, but I'm still sorry." He looks a little confused as you start the bring the sword down. "'Cause the lady said no prisoners."

Well! That's done with. Nost grabs up the glowy hammer. Whoop confirms it has a realtively low magic enchantment on it. Cool! You try to keep conversation up over the sounds of the trolls snacking. Though when the earth elemental starts to butt in you quickly tell the group to keep moving again. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH


>Oh you also got some exp or something, I guess. If you want it.

Before long you notice the ground and plants look more sickly. {Ahead is a small clearing where one of my distorted servitors was found.}

And so there is. The grass is white, and the air somehow feels thicker. There is a dark stain on the ground, though it was apparently left there by the golem at the time. There aren't any remains to investigate, still, it might be nice to look around.

>Check out the immediate area with a thorough search?
>Spread out and cover the whole section of the forest the corrupted golems were found?
>Stick together and try to cover a lot of the forest. You can't be very thorough, but you'll cover more ground.

>> No.29738499

>Check out the immediate area with a thorough search?

>> No.29738500

>>Check out the immediate area with a thorough search?

>> No.29738512

>Spread out and cover the whole section of the forest the corrupted golems were found?
Woop seems the most likely to find something becuase he's all magical and shit so make sure he's sent to any place that looks like something happened.

>> No.29738526

we're not too good at this investigate thingy. Let Whoop check out the immediate area, but focus on heading to the place draining power.

>> No.29738642

Alright, Whoop leading the investigation of the immediate area, then.


>> No.29738664


Actually, give me a:

>Roll d20! Same rules as normal.

>> No.29738672

Rolled 6


>> No.29738674

Rolled 2


>> No.29738676

Rolled 10


>> No.29738677

Rolled 8


>> No.29738694

Rolled 13


>> No.29738696

No, seriously OP. What god did you piss off in your past life?

>> No.29738702

Rolled 7


>> No.29738731


Time to change the name of the quest to DC: 10 Is Sisyphean Quest

>> No.29738747

all of them

>> No.29738751

Time to change to a roll under DC system for next thread!

I'm actually serious.

>> No.29738769

The dice will start rolling high if he does. I guarantee it.

>> No.29738817

Maybe you need a different system or some kind of mechanic to bolster rolls in a pinch?

>> No.29738821

>> No.29739123

>Skeletons liberating their brother from the bonds of flesh

>> No.29739159

You tell Whoop to take the lead, and you set the group onto investigating the area. You spend a real long time, with the fish man using a plethora of diving spells, but... you turn up nothing. No clues at all as to what caused all this. Well, scratch that. You did find a sort of a clue. Whoop said he can recognize the aetheric signature if he were to encounter it again. Whatever that means! You suspect he is making it up.

Well. That is sort of a dead end. You tell him to keep an eye out for his ate hair signature or whatever and decide to head back camp. You've been out for the whole day! {What, we're stopping?} "Yeah, some of us have to sleep, you know." {Oh.. Okay. Well. Just let me know when you're ready to head out again, okay?}

You get to camp and rest a bit. When the earth elemental wakes up, you figure it is time to just get back to the business of investigating this dumb thing's problem so it will leave you alone.

What's the plan, boss?

>Investigate the mad animal areas.
>Head to the quarry!

>> No.29739205

>Investigate the mad animal areas.

>> No.29739219

>Head to the quarry!
We meant to go there anyways to mess shit up! Two birds with one stone!

>> No.29739235

>>Head to the quarry!

>> No.29739237

>Head to the quarry!

Shax is not going to have fun in tunnels.

>> No.29739247

>Head to the quarry!
We can raid and help this guy, AT THE SAME TIME! Fucking brilliant

>> No.29739281

>>Investigate the mad animal areas.
Lets get a good picture of it all

>> No.29739318

No time to mess around, alright! Writing.

>> No.29739449

{I am so happy we could work together to solve these problems of mine.} AGGGHHHHHHH You are so tired of him talking all the time. "Alright, boys! We're going to head out to the quarry today. That means a real raid like before, so everybody saddle up!"

There is some cheering. They really liked getting loot last time. And chickens and cows. No one even go hurt. Here's hoping this goes half as well! The whole raid spends a little bit getting ready before you head out, and there is plenty of chatter on the trip over.

Before too long, your scouts inform you the quarry isn't too far off. You remember that a bunch of adventurers have been hired to protect the quarry, so you keep your scouts informed of that fact. Apparently, this info alone was enough to help you avoid all sorts of trouble along the way... Though you ran into the occassional party of adventurers with a small amount of equipment. Before too long you finally arrive at the quarry...

>> No.29739546

Alright! Stopping here for the night.

But before we're done.... You have ONE game point to spend!

This is my first quest. I don't intend on this being my last quest. As such, I'm using it to practice writing, systems, and other things. However! I don't want it to be my last quest. So! You, the player, can use game points to increase the amount of gameyness in this quest! Wow so cool!

You can spend it on one of the following:

>Character Sheet - Shax will obtain actual stats that can be improved through various actions! These stats will modify various dice rolls, and help (or harm) your odds of success!

>Ability Tree - Shax will obtain an ability tree! Unlock new super cool moves as you play the game!

>Otome Game - Shax's many suitors will vie for her affections. Will she finally admit to Beyto-senpai how she feels?! Or will Mnar show his gentle side, charming her heart?! [THIS OPTION DOESN'T ACTUALLY EXIST]

But yeah, would you prefer a Character Sheet with Stats or an Ability Tree kind of deal?

>> No.29739567

Ability tree.

>> No.29739573

Ability Tree, I want super cool moves.

>> No.29739586

I'd personally like the Character Sheet; anything to make rolls easier.

>> No.29739591

Ability tree!

>> No.29739592

Ability tree, I guess.

>> No.29739596

Stats seem too crunchy for this quest. An ability tree sounds like it could accomplish what the char sheet does with less rules.

>> No.29739610

>Otome Game: Sword Waifu is best waifu
In all seriousness, Ability tree!
Lets get some lame ability names going out!

>> No.29739615

ability tree

>> No.29739618

Got an example of an ability to use?

>> No.29739628

Otome Game

>> No.29739634

I don't want to increase the amount of gameyness in this quest.
Stats and things will just confuse poor Shax.

>> No.29739659

I wonder if the animals' madness is actually domestication. How many days is a few days for an earth elemental, after all?

>> No.29739736


I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Just wondering what you might be interested in.


I really want to get some practice in working on systems and things for the next quest I do. Of the quests I read, the ones I get the most engrossed in have some sort of ability system so I'd definitely like to try my hand at one.

If it turns out lame I'll give it a couple of rehauls before scrapping the whole idea. Please bear with me!

That being said, ability tree seems to have won.

I'll have something put together by next quest! Before implementing it fully, I'll look for your feedback in quest.

That being said, thank you everyone for playing! You're an awesome audience as always, and I appreciate your participation more than you can realize.

I know I won't be running tomorrow, but I'll try to run Saturday. I'll let you know on twitter if the schedule changes. You can follow me here: https://twitter.com/Fouldrinking

You guys are all great!

>> No.29739837

Naw guy, you're great! Thanks for running, I love your quest!

>> No.29739847

Thanks for the run, Chief. See you next time.

>> No.29739872

There better be an ability for Shax's adorableness in there.

>> No.29739884

wait, which one is Shax?

>> No.29740011

Uhhhh, main character, small goblin woman, giant sword?

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