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So exactly why did Slaanesh come to be a Chaos God so long after the others? You seriously going to tell me decadence and perversion didn't exist as early as plague, war, and secrets?

And then way off in the future for some reason he finally takes form, fucks up some aliens, becoming their antithesis, and is one of the Chaos Gods? What gives? Doesn't make sense.

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Slaanesh existed long before the Eldar. Just because their Fall was her Birth doesn't mean she wasn't always there.

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It did, but the old Eldar empire took it to a new extreme- GW has been too prudish to reveal the specifics, but it sounds like torturing people to death in unspeakable ways was an accepted pastime and they had bizarre fetishes we don't even have names for. (Of course, in the Warp time is meaningless so Slaanesh both hadn't come into existence yet and had existed from the very beginning. In fact, some of the older fluff said that one of the Eldar pleasure cult leaders was actually a servant of Slaanesh who had been sent to ensure Slaanesh would be created.)

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Yeah it existed, but never in such great quantities like the naughty eldar did it.
And didn't Slaanesh actually created himself or something like that?

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Forget it, Jake. Its 40k.

>Doesn't make sense.
It doesn't have to make sense, because the warp doesn't have to obey the rules of linear time.

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I'd totally Slaanesh if he looked anything like OP's pic. His depictions vary but I could imagine him being perfectly capable of changing his form at will anyways.

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I've always been more interested in how the other Chaos Gods took to Slaanesh. Khorne could probably respect/accept Nurgle and Tzeentch, the former clearly having a love for mutilation and desicration, the latter clearly being of immense power. The same can be said from the other God's perspectives.

But Slaanesh? Some new fuck who just makes everything weird and horny? What the fuck gives. No way is he one of "us" . More surprised Khorne didn't personally try to march into Slaanesh's hold and kill him in armed combat, or Nurgle try to defile it, or Tzeentch try to control it from the shadows.

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That, and since everything the other Chaos Gods do could fall under "excess" to some extent they'd be wary of him/her/it since he/she/it would eventually start encroaching on their territory, so to soeak

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Khorne fought Slaanesh immediately after the Fall. It was a draw.

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The birth of Slaanesh as a coherent entity came from the Fall of the Eldar, who brought decadence to such an extreme that they created a single being of pure excess in the Warp, strong enough to rival the other three.

Similar events probably happened with the other three, too. Somewhere in the 40K universe, an interstellar society hated so hard that they made a god of hatred, while another society was so steeped in despair and fear that they made Nurgle, and another was probably so revolutionary and obsessed with knowledge, change and their own ambitions that they made Tzeentch.

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See, the problem was ease of access.
Every race knows disease. Every race knows war. Every race knows ambition. And in many cases, you can have the same race doing all three at the same time in large amounts. Think of the Mongols; they brought war everywhere they went, along with all the political aspects thereof, and used the black plague as a weapon. They're feeding three out of four chaos gods at once.

Now, think of decadence. You can't spend all day enjoying yourself if you're dieing of plague. You can't dedicate yourself to the arts if you're in the middle of a war. You can't eat, drink and be merry if you'll be assassinated in a coup if you let your guard down. Decadence requires peace and stability, while all the others require only warm bodies.

As a result, the vast majority of sentient beings couldn't contribute to Slaanesh because they were too busy contributing to the other three. Only when one race stomped out the competition, got disease under control, and formed a stable empire, did they find the time to debauch themselves enough to contribute meaningfully to the formation of Slaanesh.

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What, that doesn't even follow. Khorne is the God of literally blood, war, and murder. In direct combat none of the other Gods should even come close. Slaanesh doesn't have the magic or pestilence of the others, so what, did he fucking seduce Khorne? How does Slaanesh manage that? What the hell does the pervert have in his corner that is simultaneously as powerful as the others yet unique enough to distinguish himself from them? He's literally the God of foppish buttsex.

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There's also the additional factor of the particularly acute senses of the Eldar. Since they con feel pleasure, pain, and the like much more strongly than humans or anyone else, they were more susceptible to becoming hedonistic maniacs.

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It wasn't a physical combat fight. Think of it less like two people duking it out and more like two galaxies colliding.

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...Slaaneshi Peace Cults anyone?

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Aren't the Eldar dying out? With mankind and other races more preoccupied with the former three lords, won't Slaanesh starve to death, so to speak?

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On a side note, Khorne seems to me like the most reasonable God to worship.
He demands the least of you, his needs are the most easily obtainable, gives you the least mutations, actually gifts you weapons and there is no end game striving for him.
Plus I imagine he has the hottest cultists. spoiler]Another side note, can you actually fuck them. Seeing how pleasure is the domain of Slaanesh?

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Don't think of two Chaos Gods fighting as the same thing as two men fighting. They're not physical entities, they're warp entities. If you want to visualize it, it's more like huge bunches of energy ramming each other until one is pushed back by the other. Except it's not really that either because they're warp entities.

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Slaanesh was riding high on the souls of about 80% of the entire Eldar Empire and half their pantheon. As at result, he was (very briefly) stronger than all the rest of the chaos gods put together.
The fight was a draw because Khorne didn't win instantly as he expected to and Slaanesh ran like a bitch once his high wore off.

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Wasn't the Mongol invasion the thing that finally brought Khorne into being?

I fail at spoilering

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He has a shota form. Draigo took one look and then got down on his knees.

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Come to think of it Slaanesh and Sauron have a lot of boner-worthy parallels

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No, that was the Crusades and that was back in Realms of Chaos which was full of some of the stupidest shit imaginable.

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All the gods gained a degree of self-sufficiency when they awoke, because they formed daemon worlds that effectively serve as giant energy batteries. Even if (when) the Eldar die out entirely, Slaanesh still has daemon worlds full of debauchery to draw on, plus the fact that it still has all the Dark Eldar to draw on. Humanity is also getting powerful enough that a sizeable population is rich and stupid enough to spend all day fucking, doing drugs, and generally doing what the Eldar did before it all blew up in their face.

It's speculated, but it's also thought that the Black Plague is what gave Nurgle his boost into awareness, and the Mongols were key in spreading that to Europe. Most actions end up benefiting more than one chaos god at a time.

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Nah, Sauron's domain was torment, it mentions that in the Quenta Silmarillion. Sauron's "wheelhouse" seems to include crafting stuff, tricking folks, and tormenting folks. Sauron had goals and aspirations, too.

Not too much overlap, really.

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>Slaanesh thread
>Posts image of Sauron

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Slaanesh has new worshippers now- ones who are far more willing to serve it than the Eldar ever were.

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Nurgle is probably the nicest god to follow
Waifu tier females, kind happy daemons, and the most logical philosopy "Things will suck but meh, that's life"
Doublely so once you stop feeling pain

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But the mutations dude

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I said boner-worthy
Aesthetically they are both depicted as hot strawberry blonde traps

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The more advanced a society become the easier it is to become decadent. The Eldar experience emotion hundreds of times more powerful than humans, and there were as many of them back then as there are humans now, quadrillions at least.

It's easier to die from plague, plan to overthrow a king, and murder someone brutally than it is to be a champion of hedonism all day everyday.

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>He demands the least of you, his needs are the most easily obtainable
Nope. Khorne expects more and better results every single time, and is not nice to those who fuck up. If you killed a hundred men today, he expects a hundred and ten tomorrow, and if you don't, you are Fucked.

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>Aesthetically they are both depicted as hot strawberry blonde traps

Prove it

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So? Chaos gives you mutations no matter what god you pick.
It was bond to happen, take a devote waifu and be happy

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>Waifu tier females
Fanon only, brosef. In canon the guys and the gals end up looking exactly the same.

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The OP's pic is Sauron
and >>29726848 and this pic is "She" who thirsts

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Khorne respects Nurgle, he HATES Tzeentch because plotting and planning is for wimps. He also DESPISES Slaanesh because xe is pretty and wimpy like Tzeentch but xe also gives him a boner.

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>Nurgle is probably the nicest god to follow
What's up with all the people who think this? Nurgle is not a nice guy. He's a complete asshole.

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>believing their lies
warp is the garbage dump of materium. everything they do eventually reflects there. chaos are the unholy horrors that emerge when you keep throwing things in and not taking them away. they'll spread back to your home and other things around, such as time, but if you had the means to clean it you'd get your old order back.

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Sauron as a trap was just a meme that popped up on a drawthread a while back. To my knowledge, he has never been depicted like that in any of Tolkien's works.

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>those legs
>that bust

This is some bullshit. Whoever the artist was needs to be educated.

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Slaanesh is both male and female literally

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Is that so?

He's the only god who cares about his followers and his deamons won't just rape/kill/change you, you can sit and bro-around with them in cannon

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He cherishes his followers more for sure, that doesn't mean he'll throw them away like garbage as the other gods do.

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There is no chance in hell that his cultists would look like that. Have you seen his Marines?

That isn't that hard to do in the 40k world.
And I would cheat anyway.

I would say Khorne hates Slaanesh much more than Tzeentch. Because in the end, Tzeentch gets shit done and it can get pretty bloody. Slaanesh doesn't really do that

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But a that point your dick has probably fallen off anyway from Super Syphilis or something.

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because using he/she/it as a pronoun for a shapeshifer without a fixed gender so very much better, and with slaanesh picking Just One feels so very wrong.

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Why ya'll h8'n on papa nurgle?

My dick is important to spread disease so I'd keep it. Also I don't need to have my full dick, as a nurglette she's devote and conservitve, waifu tier

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Slaanesh's hook seems relatively weak to me.

You can always have more blood, a greater battle, a greater death.

There are secrets and mysteries even Tzeentch doesn't fully understand.( Otherwise he'd have nothing to think about).

Your body can always become more sickly, mutate differently.

However Slaanesh's hook is ecstasy. Over time your high, the orgasm, whatever isn't as good as it was the first time, and so you deviate more to something of even greater exotic nature. Eventually though this has to come to an end, leaving only the chaos God to fuck. Seems like Slaanesh's followers have the worst endgame.

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>He's the only god who cares about his followers
And he shows it in pretty much the same way as the insane chainsaw killer who wants to cut your limbs off. But hey, he only does it because he cares.

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Just alternate between he and she at random. It has a nice effect. Much better than xe or ze or any other made up words.

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All the chaos gods work perfectly together for this reason.

Nurgle wants to defile pretty things, Slaneesh is okay with this since it'll be an opportunity to experience nasty new sensations. Khorne wants to destroy pretty things, and he can also burn/purify Nurgles garden. Tzeentch can control vices of rage desire and power.

This is why the chaos gods fight all the time.

>> No.29727106

>And I would cheat anyway.
Khorne will fuck your head out through your pelvis if you ever try and cheat him on sacrifices, either by offering things you didn't kill, offering unworthy opponents, or offering opponents killed with magic or ranged weapons.
Khorne does not approve of the artillery commander or the naval gunner. He approves of the guy with a knife in one hand and a severed head in the other.

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>Getting to fuck slaanesh as you leave the multiverse
Sounds like a good exit plan

>> No.29727116

u mad?

>> No.29727133

So he DOES have a big boner for Slaan?

>> No.29727138

So, Khorne has moderate respect for Nurgle, grudged acknowledgement for Tzeentch, and just outright hates Slaanesh. Sounds about right.

>> No.29727155

But that's the entire point of Slaanesh. "Excess" is basically a neat and pretty word. You could instead sum up Slaanesh as "moar." That evergrowing hunger to consume more and more to get to that slightly higher high, that is Slaanesh.

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>that filename

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Slaanesh is excess. The other gods are scared that they might indadvertedly be a source of power for her.

>> No.29727179

You are bordering on Magical Real-tier, Anon.


>> No.29727183

How does "Wants to wring his throat until dead" translate into "Down to fuck."
That's Slaaneshi logic.

>> No.29727190

Teeth of Khorne suggest otherwise.
As well as the adage "Khorne cares not whence the blood flows." But yes, cheating on sacrifices is grounds to get a bunch of Flesh Hounds on your ass.

>> No.29727198

Would you fucking just go away already?

>> No.29727218

He doesn't give a shit about where the blood is coming from, but he cares about the skulls. Killing weak and worthless enemies is fine, just don't try and curry favor with it. Acknowledgement is reserved for fights worth mentioning.

>> No.29727232

Yes, that's what I was talking about. But you can kill them any way you like, pic related

>> No.29727238

Well I'm guessing Slaanesh is having an issue in the drug departments then, hard to beat cocaine or DMT in their respective departments.

I bet Krokodil was a joint venture between Slaanesh and Nurgle. Addiction is a type of disease after all.

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How fucked would the culture be if suddenly they were under 40k rules

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Nah, cheating by making sure I can always kill more than previously.

Yeah, you have to seek new pleasures each time, until the only thing that can bring you excess is your own death.

Still didn't get my answer about the Khorne bitches.

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Let me fix that.

>> No.29727268

>you will never bang a daemonette and thus Slaanesh in a small way

What has worse consequences? Daemonette or Succubi?

>> No.29727272

Wonder why there isn't a "Sheogorath" (ignore the tes reference, only meaning a madgod) type Chaos God, to be honest. Madness is a type of Chaos but doesn't really seem to be represented properly in its full spectrum by any of the current contenders. Madness is also different than Chaos as a concept.

>> No.29727294

There is a hard limit to how dead you can kill someone, the amount that causes them to die. sickness has a simile vertical cap. Ill give you secrets, there can always be another hidden piece of knowledge, but you can only get so sick or damaged before you expire. The only way to improve past that is to do it to multiple people, something that scales at least as well for excess as for sickness or violence. A larger battle is simply the equivalent to larger orgy, more drug users, a more virulent and widespread plague, or for that matter an older and more layered conspiracy.

>> No.29727308

Would you live through the mating?

>> No.29727310

Dude, spoilers
Mods are bad ban-happy
Hell they delete posts they just don't like, even if they don't break rules

>> No.29727315

>Nah, cheating by making sure I can always kill more than previously.
So how are you cheating? If you just keep the numbers low, then you're not going to be favored and he'll consider you weak. If you kill en-mass with explosives or the like, they don't count because you didn't kill them personally. If you just kill a shitload of people, then, well, that's exactly what you were supposed to be doing. Where's the cheat?

>> No.29727316

Cegorach, lol. Also Tzeentch

>> No.29727323

>Still didn't get my answer about the Khorne bitches.

What was the original question?

>> No.29727337

Gloriously revolting.

>> No.29727353

>That leg vibrator
God dam son

And I think Daemonettes are better, because I don't think they nessiarally take your soul if you bang or get killed by them

>> No.29727366

>Another side note, can you actually fuck them. Seeing how pleasure is the domain of Slaanesh?

Sure. Otherwise, no Chaos Cult other than Khorne would be able to go to war, since that's a major part of the Blood God's portfolio. The Chaos Gods themselves might have very narrow mindsets, but their followers are still human.

>> No.29727369

All of them represent an aspect of insanity. Khorne is homicidal rage, Nurgle is depression and OCD (his lesser daemons spend all their time trying to count the number of people infected with his plagues, and never catch up), Slaanesh is mania and other forms of obsession, Tzeentch is schizophrenic as fuck (to the point where he actively schemes against himself, and only occasionally wins).

>> No.29727408

In theory, there are no directly negative consequences of fucking a Slaaneshi daemonette, aside from making the Emperor sad. While she might kill you anyway because lol chaos, it's not certain or necessarily even likely.

A succubus steals your soul whether she wants to or not. It's just in their nature.

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>> No.29727444

Can I keep a daemonette as a pet?
Feeding her sensations to keep her around? A surprize stab here, a cuddle there?

>> No.29727452

What is this from?

>> No.29727458

>there are no directly negative consequences of fucking a Slaaneshi daemonette

Well - Daemons are formed from warp energy, right? A lot of fluff describes reality twisting and deforming around them due to their sheer unreality. I can't imagine any kind of close contact with a Daemon - intimate or otherwise - would be healthy.

>> No.29727459

>A surprize stab here, a cuddle there?
A pincer through your neck when you aren't looking

>> No.29727478

No they are made of the relevant emotions
So: Love, pleasure, pride, joy, pain, etc

>> No.29727483

Hey, murder is the ultimate pleasure for Khrone.

>> No.29727486

Tome of Blood, page 19.

>> No.29727489

> Going home to my daemonette waifu
> Got new dildo with cum tube.
> Fill it with liquid LSD
> Don't tell her.
> Literally extra-dimensional blowjob as a reward.

>> No.29727491

Roll for san loss when snuggling with daemon waifu?

>> No.29727495

Hey SHE needs sensation to be around, not me

>> No.29727522

Yeah, and your brain feels really neat, so she's gonna rub it up a bit now.

>> No.29727541

>A surprize stab here, a cuddle there?
You mean just like about any other relationship?

>> No.29727543

I don't know anon, putting your pincer through a soft, squishy neck and feeling the bones crack while your victim tries to speak/scream through his broken throat sounds pretty pleasurable if you are a deamon.

>> No.29727547

Jokes on her.
I fap to HellRazor

>> No.29727548

she is not stupid, you know and she can control herself.

I bring her juice sacrificial cultists every week.

>> No.29727556

>You seriously going to tell me decadence and perversion didn't exist as early as plague, war, and secrets?

It's been around that long, but up until the Elder, perversion was very orderly.

>> No.29727611

Way hotter than it should be...
then again, I did get a boner at that scene in Event Horizon...

>> No.29727626


There is that story about the chalices Slaanesh gave out to the other three gods and Khorne can't stop breaking and then reforging his due to his mixture of hatred for Slaanesh and his liking of the chalice (and perhaps its creator).

>> No.29727668

Real slaaneshi cultists ITT

>> No.29727689

Khorne is the dumb jock shouting "NEEEERRDD!" to Tzeentch and Slaneesh but then secretly faps to Slaneesh's tumblr.

>> No.29727694

Slaanesh is the weakest of the four chaos gods, because he represents such desires taken to a level far beyond what is within the capabilities of most humans.

The other chaos gods are very human in some ways, while Slaanesh represents good things taken to inhuman excess. He's not a chaos god of those good things.

>> No.29727728

My headcanon has Khorne as THE reasonable Chaos God, but she has to let the more dickish shit her Cultist do slide least she be seen as soft or weak.

Which makes me wonder how many Daemonette's are Pro-Tyranid?
Several Galaxies worth of Biomass is a pretty good binge no matter how you slice it...

Do you even Tsun Anon?

>You will never BE the Daemonette...

Indeed, some of us just want to cuddle...
...And THEN absorb your soul.

>> No.29727776

Hnnn, outclothing piercings...

>> No.29727797

>nipple piercings through the clothing
holy fuck, I'm closer to understanding how Slaanesh was formed now

>> No.29727806

God dam

You forget the reasonable ones

>> No.29727864

Join us on the ride. The lube never ends.

>> No.29727918

Eldar being a psychic race made blood orgies their lifestyle. Their souls are a lot more potent then a regular human soul and the Eldar just gatherd a lot of them in the same vicinity until they colapsed into the entity that became Slaanesh because they were all so attuned with eachother. This location became the Eye of Terror.

This was allowed to happen because the Eldar were more interested in following their every whim rather than caring about prophecies.

>> No.29727923

>Wide shoulders, strong jaw, big hands.
>Ample sized breasts, perfectly sized aureola, wide birthing hips, narrow waist, long hair.
>All in same body.

>> No.29727953

kind of the point

>> No.29727974

They're probably clamps.

>> No.29727983


If Weremole isn't the herald of Slaanesh, I don't know who is.

>> No.29728002 [DELETED] 

This chick, drawn by weremole
Weremoles porn is good but he doesn't focus on it

>> No.29728044

The Mongol horde didn't bring Khorne into being. He was already around.

It was the leader of the horde that became Khorne's first Greater Daemon.

>> No.29728061


Iunno, his nsfw art blog is pretty prolific and full of dickgirls.

>> No.29728073

>implying that isn't great
Well we all swing differant ways, his DA would have stuff for you

>> No.29728114

Good catch. They are so totally made of warp essence. Nothing can be literally made of 'emotion,' only figuratively. Khorne isn't made of 'rage', he's defined by rage but made of warp energy/soulstuff.

Daemons are so deadly and difficult to damage precisely because they are comprised of destructive warpstuff that exhibit properties of both energy and matter and have an unpredictable (but usually bad) effect on people it touches.

On the other hand there are various references to mortals surviving within the Realms of Chaos without instantly becoming Spawn, so who fucking knows.

>> No.29728115

I don't know why, but I imagined the Bloodthirster from DoW 1 with the Mongolian hat and mustaches.

>> No.29728137


Actually wasn't implying a problem with dickgirls, was just pointing out that the dude does a significant quantity of porn.

>> No.29728141

They never name the mongols or the Khan that becomes a daemon.

>> No.29728166

It was probably Genghis, or maybe Kublai.

>> No.29728280

Can't we have more pictures of femboy Sauron?

>> No.29728313

You tell me, I'm a bit tied at the moment...

>> No.29728360

Depends. Okay, their post-scarcity society and complete drug-fuelled, body-modding, gender-flipping freedom is sex/10 on the Slaanesh scale, and during the Idiran War at least Khorne would have wet his pants at the volumes of blood being spilled, the numbers given were on a scale even an Imperial Crusade couldn't manage.

That said they might not completely fucked: Nurgle would be screwed thanks to their perfect healthcare, and since their society is run by incorruptible machine-minds with the brainpower to simulate entire universes FOR FUN, I think they'd be able to plot solutions to any potential problem, even with Tzeentch trying to throw them off-course. Well, that and the fact that any given Culture GSV could kill uncountable numbers of Warp-spawned beasts or servants from more primitive civilisations without breaking a sweat.

We're talking about a civilisation that could become pure energy beings any time they wanted to, and just didn't bother because they thought cruising meatspace and meddling with others was more interesting. Chaos can't beat the backwards-ass Imperium.

>> No.29728380


>> No.29728418


>> No.29728425


>> No.29728441

Is this happening, DLFG?

>> No.29728471

Chaos objective is not to beat the Imperium, though. That's something the cultists and Chaos Space Marines strive for. The Chaos gods just want to fuck with everyone.

>> No.29728478

I think it's happening.

He's delicious.

>> No.29728509

>> No.29728515


>> No.29728524

>Chaos can't beat the backwards-ass Imperium.
The only ones who treat it as in a war instead of a game are the Chaos Legions.

So... they're pretty much be fighting their own dudes.

>> No.29728535

Some submission, if you're into that

>> No.29728549

>> No.29728556

>The blade ain't gonna polish itself

There's strong, and then there's Valinor strong.

>> No.29728565

Alas, so close to proper rule 63 Sauron.

So close, and yet so far.

>> No.29728572

>> No.29728579

>Eonwe forcing Sauron to polish his sword

>> No.29728594

>God of Murder.
No. No he isn't. That's just what the retarded "KHORNE BLOOD GOD!" kiddies think. Khorne is the god of Skulls, War, and Blood.

There are accounts of Khorne Berserkers ignoring women and children, because they cannot fight well.s

>> No.29728597


>Chaos can't beat the backwards-ass Imperium.

[citation needed]

Canon states repeatedly that it can and it will.

>> No.29728603

Fair enough. But I don't think Chaos is going to get anywhere with the Culture, is my point. A society in which humans are basically coddled children kept alive and entertained by ludicrously overpowered robots isn't going to be heavily influenced by Chaos since the machines hold all the power and have enough resources to do whatever is required to shut out Chaotic influence.

Unless they can corrupt AIs to disobey their most fundamental programming, though I've never read that they can do that. Can they do that?

>> No.29728609

>rule 63

>> No.29728610

>> No.29728633

>> No.29728650

>> No.29728655

tfw tg goes gay.... Well it's about time.

>> No.29728656

Same canon states the Necrons will extinguish all life in the galaxy, and the tyranids are unstoppable. There's not enough galaxy to handle all this canon.

>> No.29728661

And then Sauron was white Midna. I think I'm okay with that.

>> No.29728679

So how long until trap Sauron goes down the way of sergals, flare, touhou, MLP etc?

>> No.29728681

>> No.29728682


/tg/ - /Totally Gay/

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.29728693

>implying /tg/ isn't the little girl-boy from the start.

>> No.29728700

Well, modern Necron fluff doesn't really say that any more. But yea, I think it's very blinkered for anyone to claim that any one faction in 40k "can and will" inevitably wind up dominating the galaxy.

>> No.29728701

There will be an entire board dedicated to Sauron?

>> No.29728702

After you do Frodo.

>> No.29728706

No one is beating anyone in 40k because it's not a story.

Squats being defeated by Tyranids is the exception that proves the rule.

>> No.29728714


>> No.29728727

>> No.29728739

I wouldn't mind, at least people wouldn't be spamming completely unrelated threads with Sauron.

>> No.29728740

>> No.29728741

I can use this...

>> No.29728743

>Unless they can corrupt AIs to disobey their most fundamental programming, though I've never read that they can do that. Can they do that?


>> No.29728747

>part of that list

Watch it, bub.

>> No.29728756

Funnier than it should be

Who doesn't love strawberry blonde pretty traps?

>> No.29728759

>> No.29728766

Is it really spam if it's done in a 40k thread that isn't a tabletop gameplay-related tactics and strategies kind of thread, though?

>> No.29728769

/tg/ was never vanilla straight to begin with. Only newfags think that /tg/ wont fuck anything.

>> No.29728770

Um. That's just a box with a demon inside that acts like an AI. Nothing there about corrupting machines.

>> No.29728771

>Khorne does not approve of the artillery commander or the naval gunner.
Doom Blasters, you complete fuckass. Likewise, Skull Cannons, Towers of Skulls, Cauldrons of Blood, and Blood Reapers. All primarily ranged daemon engines, made in his forges.

>> No.29728775

Someone doesn't remember touhoufag I see.

>> No.29728779

I think that Orks will win. I mean, they are pretty much a fungi infection that just grows, so they are the only ones that can't go extinct.
They will just outlive the other races. And I don't see how any other race can become a power player in the galaxy, except with another warp magic bullshit like the Tau.

>> No.29728798

Well i see I'm in good company. Glad i moved over from /lgbt/

>> No.29728812

Why not use this instead, murderer?!

>> No.29728831 [SPOILER] 

Is...is this a serious reply?

>> No.29728833


>> No.29728837

>Can they do that?

The (strictly fan based) idea is that, despite lacking a warp connection, AIs are somehow more susceptible to chaotic corruption, which is why the Imperium uses so few advanced computers, etc. Of course, in every case the AI was purposefully subjected to dark rituals and the like. It doesn't just 'happen.'

A recurring theme is that the Imperium's brutal living conditions are what drive people to Chaos, so content people would be way less susceptible.

That being said, Chaos isn't intentionally trying to destroy the Imperium, and presumably they would not intentionally try to destroy the Culture. The Chaos Gods can flat out trigger daemonic incursions and warp storms and the like if they feel like it (for example, Nurgle punished a world that eradicated all natural disease by ruining it and flooding it with a daemonic incursion), though. Chaotic humans trying to do screwed up stuff in rituals and the like are mostly doing it to get their gods' attention, because its important to remember the Chaos Gods really are gods, however you care to define a god -- at the very least, as beings that can ruin planets at will.

>> No.29728841

Why would you hang out at /lgbt/? Last time I checked /lgbt/ is where spite and bitterness goes to die.

>> No.29728850

It's difficult to say for sure, since genuine AI is actually pretty rare in 40k. The Tau are the only faction to make wide use of it, and they haven't yet had a huge amount of exposure to Chaos. However, I'd be inclined to say that, yes, Chaos could corrupt an AI - it can certainly corrupt machines, and Machine Spirits (which may or may not be very simple AIs, depending on who you listen to), along with pretty much everything else it's exposed to.

>> No.29728860


>> No.29728873

Daily reminder that daemonettes really look like this under the glamor.

>> No.29728875

Welcome to /tg/, Anon.

>> No.29728889

It was the first board went to.
>where spite and bitterness goes to die.
And that is why i left. Well that and nothing new is discussed.

>> No.29728911

I'm pretty sure Chaos real objective is to deconstruct reality because the gods find it hilarious.

>> No.29728923

I tapped worse.

>> No.29728927

All of these pictures of a friendly, girly Sauron are making me sad that he's dead.

They're also making me question my sexuality.

Please stop.

>> No.29728931

No, thats the "new" ones because American mothers are ok with gore but not tits (And I don't know why the English are going that way too)

They are cannocally hot

>> No.29728933

>> No.29728937 [SPOILER] 

Went there once. Ejected faster than an F-104 pilot.

>> No.29728950

That's like saying /tg/ has a problem with Naruto because of Jim Profit. Touhoufag probably did more bad rep for his system of choice than touhou.

>> No.29728956

Am I the only one getting shades of Moon over June from that picture? I'm not sure why. Something about the art style.

Also, that's the last one I've got.

>> No.29728960


>> No.29729002

This, pretty much. Even more so now that he's moved on to posting little boys all the time.

>> No.29729009

No, that's how they looked back in 1st and 2nd edition, and how they look nowadays. The metal Diaznettes, while absolutely stunning models, are the exception to the rule. The problem with the current plastic Daemonettes isn't the genderless-crab-monster aesthetic, it's the fact they're static, ugly, boring models that look more like mutated humans than Daemons.

>> No.29729019

I shall feed you a few more if I can.

>> No.29729022

I'm still ashamed we actually have a /lgbt/ board.

I know it's to contain the faggots that can't help but scream about being a little girl trapped in a 32 year old neckbeards body, but it just legitimizes the bullshit.

>> No.29729024

That must have been one of the worst introduction boards to 4chan I can imagine that isn't /jp/.

Welcome to /tg/, enjoy your stay. Don't mind the sperglords that hate fun or pretend to be /pol/.

>> No.29729025

>There are accounts of Khorne Berserkers ignoring women and children, because they cannot fight well
Where? Source this shit.

>> No.29729046

So who is the artist of these pics?

>> No.29729055


>> No.29729056

Well, I guess I've been looking for Waldo in all the wrong places.

>> No.29729062


>> No.29729068


Some vodkamancer. Search for Phobs.

>> No.29729085


>> No.29729095


We're forgetting mars during the heresy; half the place goes nuts and straight face fucks what machines they can find.

Also, the dark machine-faggots consistently bind demons to machines all the time; so the only question here is why didn't the c gods just taint the primarchs' cradles instead of lulzing them into spessh?

>> No.29729096

t-thanks anon...

>> No.29729118

They are in their hell like /jp/ or /r9k/ is in their own hell.

>> No.29729123


>> No.29729144

>trap Evil Overlord who forces you to dom

Thanks /tg/, like I needed another weird fantasy.

>> No.29729152

Wanna talk about demons and spirits and stuff? That's what's going on in this thread

>> No.29729153 [DELETED] 

>but it just legitimizes the bullshit.
Well we do have /pol/, so one could say /lgbt/ is redundant, but at least this way i can slightly nuance my nazi gay dosage.

>> No.29729165


>> No.29729166

Chaos sucks at pragmatism.

>> No.29729171


Even during the Great Crusade era, the Mechanicus didn't really use AI's. The closest was the Legion Cybernetica. Those Techpriests who did side with Horus built a genuine AI-controlled warmachine - the Kadon Machine, I think it was called - but I'm not sure whether it could be described as 'corrupted by Chaos' or was simply used by them.

>> No.29729172


Jesus, went there for a whole year once. It starts messing with your mind man. Suddenly you start actually believing the red pill crap they spew there

>> No.29729188

/lgbt/ is for the LGBT crowd. Not really for the ones that want to be the little girl.

>> No.29729208

At least /lgbt/ doesn't troll us with /b/ level shit like /pol/ does.

>> No.29729226

"Ah, Feanor. What passion, what a heart. How surprising that such a spirit would inhabit a pitiful elvish shell."
"Although, he doesn't seem like an elf. He's more like one of us. I've never encountered such beauty."
"To speak nothing of that talent. If this lad was on my side...he would be the mightiest of Arda's forgers."

>> No.29729229

/pol/ doesn't troll.

>> No.29729233

You are welcome, handsome.

>> No.29729245

>meanwhile a small number of humans dying to plague made a chaos god of disease or some crap, I don't know

>> No.29729246


>> No.29729252

So was Sauron always an evil dickhead like he was in Lord of the Rings, or was he the mischievous prettyboy that he is portrayed as in all these pics?

>> No.29729254

Whatever do you mean kind Anon? Mirrors work just like that? What, mirrors at your house do not reflect your heart's true form? Then how do you know your roomates wish to submit their body and soul to your tender care as you hook their nipple piercings to your gloves with string and tell them to tie a bow on each string?

>> No.29729267

"Is that how it is. Then, let me disappoint you - I will raise Gothmog and all his Balrogs, so that your dear Feanor will get here only as a handful of ashes!"
*leaves as a streak of flame*
"A few right words, and they'll do all the work for you."

>Thanks to Lost Soviet for the translations

>> No.29729273

>There are accounts of Khorne Berserkers ignoring women and children, because they cannot fight well.

Here we fucking go again.. Read what you just wrote, individuals who are fucking mental on bloodlust, IGNORING things to kill. It says it over and over, Khorne doesn't care whos blood is spilled as long as blood is spilled.

>> No.29729277

Fine, they shitpost topics with irrelevant propaganda and old happy merchant memes like they were hot shit.

>> No.29729300

To this day, I'm honestly not sure whether the people posting on /r9k/ are serious, or whether the whole board has been taken over by one huge running joke that's gone on too long and driven away everyone else. Like /v/ was getting with dubs threads.

>> No.29729301


>> No.29729315

Woah now, Khorne is the god of honor. He cares.

>> No.29729318

Uh, shit, I meant to link to >>29729172 there, sorry.

>> No.29729331

It seems to me that they are broken people. But they are broken together.

>> No.29729336

There's stories of corrupted stc's or men' via gaunt's ghosts.

Additionally, old, old fluff stated that the (At least part) AI's ran afoul of the warp, which led them to rape mankind into the dark ages.

Machine spirits are 'brains-in-a-jar'. To get around the AI issue. So easy fodder for the warp.

>> No.29729362

Yes, but they don't troll. They're serious.

>> No.29729383


>> No.29729401

What if I told you there are trolls that pretends to be /pol/ to just start some shit?

>> No.29729402


>> No.29729429


>> No.29729444

Even in his earliest incarnation (where it was well established that team killing is part of Khorne's domain), he neither punishes nor rewards people for killing the weak and helpless.

>> No.29729445

At the risk of derailing the thread, I've got to ask: what ARE Morgoth and Sauron? I haven't read Tolkein. Are they gods?

>> No.29729448


>> No.29729451

>Are they gods?

Technically? Yes. Practically? Meh.

>> No.29729467

You could compare them to higher and lower orders of angels, respectively. Created beings that predate the material world and time and the like, much like the Balrog (Durin's Bane,) Gandalf, Saruman, etc.

>> No.29729475

Morgoth is closer to being a god and Sauron is more along the lines of a fallen angel.

>> No.29729480

Morgoth is what you'd think of as an incarna in Exalted, a greater god in D&D, etc. in Middle Earth, the term is Valar, which basically means an archangel or the "Physical God" trope.

Sauron is a Maia, same thing as Gandalf or the Balrog. Think "spirit," "angel," or "non-deific outsider."

>> No.29729487


>> No.29729495

I mean you don't see your butt when you face the mirror.

>> No.29729498

It's possible that the Imperium not having full, sentient AIs (machine spirit debate aside) is to stave off Chaos, but I think it more likely that it's a matter of religion and power. The powers that be in the Imperium probably hate the idea of artificial life forms just as much as most religious people today do, and certainly wouldn't allow a machine to control anything important when a brainwashed man could do it instead. Shit, how do we know knowledge of early AI technology wasn't suppressed for that very reason? AIs would remember facts about Imperial history that the Ecclesiarchy would rather be forgotten, for one thing.

>> No.29729504

Fucking slav runes.

>> No.29729513


>> No.29729514

Morgoth was a Valar whom are the highest order of beings under Erú who is the one true god. Sauron is a Maiar, spirits of lesser order who serve the Valar.

>> No.29729537


Why can't we all just agree that GW's fluff is so very full of retcon's and contradictions over the years and acknowledge that different people will have different variations of the same thing?

I personally prefer my Khorne followers to be obsessed only with improvement in combat and the quest for martial perfection, neither of which are furthered by spilling the blood of the weak or powerless. I feel that the khorne berserkers are a minority with a really good PR department that aren't representative of the entire worshipper base.

>> No.29729538

Morgoth is also a total jerk.

>> No.29729539

Alright. Why is Sauron such a dick and why don't we see his physical form in the LOTR movies?

>> No.29729541

The Imperium hates AI because the Iron Men almost genocided the whole fucking race in the Dark Age of Technology. Which was ripped wholeheartedly from Dune.

>> No.29729565

Be honest, there wasn't much they DIDN'T rip wholeheartedly from Dune.

>> No.29729570

Sauron got horribly disfigured in a tragic boat accident (basically) and could no longer assume fair forms, so he rarely did anything in person.

>> No.29729576

Ran afoul of the Warp while travelling in it, or just while sitting around?

Also, it's been a while since I perused much fluff, what kind of shielding exists against Chaotic influence over things/people?

>> No.29729584

Sauron was seduced to the allegiance of Melkor long ago, and Melkor was a dick because he was buttmad that he couldn't freely create truly independent living things and shit, right? Massive Creation Envy, so to speak. He fucked up the music of Creation, and gathered some like-minded followers, including Sauron, formerly Mairon, his most important lieutenant, and Gothmog, the leader of his Balrog legions.

Basically, Sauron's a dick because he was Satan's right/left hand dude, and Satan's been gone for awhile.

>> No.29729593

I'm skeptical as to whether there's a contradiction on this matter as his first presentation in Realms of Chaos is consistent with his presentation in 6e.

>> No.29729601

Seduced metaphorically, or...?

>> No.29729612


>> No.29729615

Sauron chose to serve Melkor/Morgoth because he was seduced by his power and glory, like many others back in the day.

Originally Sauron was a shapeshifter who appeared as a vampire (giant bat thing), werewolf (ultra warg), mist, beautiful and a creature of terror manifest (see plate clad giant Sauron from the movies forexample).

He wavered between good and evil a few times but ultimately sealed the deal when he seduced the Númenorians to worship him and Melkor as gods. At which Erú became highly miffed and sank the whole continent along with him. Sauron lost the ability to appear in a fair guise. Later after the whole Isildur incident and the loss of the One Ring he lost the ability to manifest a physical body.

After the destruction of the One Ring, he lost the ability to manifest any kind of body and he wanders the world as a shapeless, formless mind till the Dagor Dagorath comes, when all evil and all good returns to duke it out. Afterwards Melkor and his followers will be destroyed or banished permanently, elves and the Valar will rule Arda forever and humanity and Erú leave to create a new universe.

>> No.29729625

Dark Mechanics, remember? They could just turn the robots into Daemon engines and conquer them easily.

>> No.29729635

Seduced by the promise of domination and power over Creation, I would imagine. Although of course if they really wanted to get lewd and lascivious, that's hardly the most evil thing either of them ever did.

>> No.29729659

>At which Erú became highly miffed

>> No.29729662

Melkor is literally the most explicitly heterosexual character in all Middle Earth. "Seduced" at the time had a bit different of a meaning as it does today.

That being said, if you flipped Sauron's sex, Sauron would be the ultimate magical girlfriend and Sauron is freakishly devoted to Melkor, so I can't begrudge people reading in >implications.

>> No.29729672

Because Sauron decided to put a part of his being in the Ring. The Ring acts as a phylactery so instead of having his spirit banished to some hellish void he can stick around. Presumingly he needs the Ring to take any lasting physical shape.

>> No.29729678

Hey, if you're utterly loyal servant could shapechange at will, you'd probably jam it in at least once.

>> No.29729684


>> No.29729686

Going after girls doesnt mean he might not go after guys to you know~

>> No.29729698

>if you're utterly loyal servant

And now I must commit sudoku

>> No.29729739

>Melkor is literally the most explicitly heterosexual character in all Middle Earth

He's the only one who ever explicitly experiences base level lust for anyone else more than once.

>> No.29729750

Take a gander through Liber Chaotica or the 2009 Warriors of Chaos books. The most recent books seem to be throwing back to early stuff, naturally avoiding anything that doesn't fit with the most common view of each god.

>> No.29729766

Fuck no, like I'd have ONE crabclaw, let alone replace my hands with TWO!

>> No.29729768

Anyone mind explaining what's going on in this one?

>> No.29729782

All of the characters in middle-earth are equally sexless. Sauron is no different and the people who fap to his rule 63 version should be ashamed of themselves.

>> No.29729816

I would absolutely and willing give up one of my arms for a big claw or a tentacle. Who the fuck wouldn't? I mean, seriously.

>> No.29729820

Melkor cannot create, only pervert.
He was probably jelly of Huan the Great Hound so he tried to make an epic dog monster.

Pug was the result.

Plausible origin for the species honestly.

>> No.29729824

The question that's really going to rumple your jimbobs is how does Slaanesh manage to continue existing even though the Elder stopped their 1000 year orgy.

>> No.29729827

The joke is that pugs are failed abominations that the LOTR devil created not according to plan.

>> No.29729830

your disapproval only makes my penis harder

>> No.29729834

Can I still fap to his normal version, though?

>> No.29729869

You know, I always thought there was something strange about pugs. That almost makes sense...

>> No.29729878

>All of the characters in middle-earth are equally sexless
He let one of the Simarils get stolen right off his head because he was too distracted by Luthien's striptease.

>> No.29729909

Yeah, but the pussy game ridiculous.

>> No.29729915

The Ancient Eldar provided the psychic catalyst for Slaanesh's creation. He needed that enormous amount of energy to come into existence, but from there on in was able to sustain himself on the emotional energies of other races. It's worth pointing out that in the initial moments of his creation, Slaanesh was powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Khorne, but has now become a lot weaker.

>> No.29729959

Tentacle MAYBE, but a huge claw is about as good as a stump...
Dexterity is a GOOD thing Anon!

>> No.29729991

That wasn't in the silmarillion, stop mixing up your fantasies with the actual book.

>> No.29730058

Monstermaking gone awry

>> No.29730075

Er, Beren and Luthien's theft of a Silmaril is just about the most engaging and famous story in the Silm.

>> No.29730104

The warp gods are fueled by sentient beings emotions.

Insanity isn't an emotion.

>> No.29730112

>never read the book or was 12 and what is this didn't pay attention

>> No.29730139

Ignore these people they dont add anything to the conversation nor do they know that time fuckery only affects the warp and the materium is still bound by causality.

Chaos is actually a newer and very much localized feature to the galaxy and the offenders of its creation are the Old Ones. Also keep in mind the warp is dependent on the materium not the otherway around. No people/souls = feature-less sea of extra dimensional energy and it's not self sustaining either so just cause the chaos gods are around now doesn't mean they are around forever.
What's funny is the gods actually accelerate their own extinction by encroaching on the matterium and they dont even know it.

>> No.29730143

"There Beren slunk in wolf's form beneath his throne; but Luthien was stripped of her disguise by the will of Morgoth, and he bent his gaze upon her. She was not daunted by his eyes; and she named her own name, and offered her service to sing before him, after the manner of a minstrel. Then Morgoth looking upon her beauty conceived in his thought an evil lust, and a design more dark than any that had yet come into his heart since he fled from Valinor. Thus he was beguiled by his own malice, for he watched her, leaving her free for a while, and taking secret pleasure in his thought."

Copied directly from the book in my hands.

>> No.29730173


I'm willing to bet that book is not the only thing in your hands right now.

>> No.29730178

Nah, I only wank on Tuesday.

>> No.29730179

Rape confirmed for worse than mass murder

>> No.29730180

>What's funny is the gods actually accelerate their own extinction by encroaching on the matterium and they dont even know it.

>Lets ignore fluff I don't like

>> No.29730200

That or he was just thinking of some truly whacked-out rape.

>> No.29730318

is that what happened to the old ones chaos got up in all their ass, but necron or whatever wiped out all life and boom the warp calmed greatly.

like the necron/order did win monetary against chaos back in the day, but like using the halo rings in halo kinda screws over every other living thing at the time. That's a catch 22 right?

>> No.29730354

>demonic draconic werewolf impregnation torture stage theatrical omnirape, starring Glaurung, Gothmog, Sauron, Morgoth, and presenting Luthien as Poor Little Elf Girl

>> No.29730384

You don't want to rip open cans and packaging with a giant purple craw claw? No one would ever fuck with you, either. Also, it would give you a grip like a god for twisting stuff and moving stuff. I would take both, honestly.

>> No.29730529

Torture stage? What...I may regret asking this, but what is Omnirape?

>> No.29730591

It's like omniscience, except it's omnirape.

>> No.29730640

a lot. pretty much all of it.

>> No.29730761

Dat big Balrog cock...

>> No.29730813

Anon, with hands one can use a variety of tools, from the mundane can-opener and box-cutter to the fearsome Daemon Sword and Power Fist...
You ever tried to sew a gown together with two crabclaws?

>> No.29730851

Excuse me for butting in on your conversation, but it sounds a lot like your problems could be solved by simply adding more arms. Have you considered that?

>> No.29730944

I have actually, but still prefer a majority of them ending in Hands, Tentacles, Vaginas, or a combination of the above...

>> No.29731110

Get some slave with hands then, duh. If you aren't sure about having anything seduceable around, robot slave.

>> No.29731331

It's an intense, all-consuming form of rape, fit for a super princess

>> No.29731380

Why would I allow another the pleasure of creating MY master works?

>> No.29731445

I need the source on this for... reasons!

>> No.29731623

>not possessing your slave in sadistic manner
Gee, it's like you're two centuries old.

>> No.29731750

I would have sex with Sauron's butt.

>> No.29732105


or, NSFW:

>> No.29732116


>> No.29732139

Swiggity swooty, he'll claim your booty

>> No.29732439


>> No.29732841

That's not a striptease, that's a really sexy lounge song.

>> No.29733629

Plus Luthien probably had her mother's dicksucking talents, too, and Melian's prowess was legendary, after all.

>> No.29733656

>truly whacked-out rape

>"What if I...fucked her without asking?!"
>"And I did it for fun, not to sire illegitimate superchildren?!"

Truly Morgoth is the enemy of all that is good.

>> No.29733660

>not Thingol's

>> No.29733736

Pretty sure Melian was sucking Thingol's dick, dude, unless you're insinuating that he was in fact servicing her (which I wouldn't doubt, she sounded pretty sexy.)

>> No.29733739

>and he makes Sauron watch while he fucks her

>> No.29733781

>"Here, Master, try this ring I made for you. It should enhance your...power."

>> No.29733790

I was insinuating that. And I am pretty sure her futa cock got Thingol leaking.

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