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From Faeit 212:


"Now we have even more details on a new rumored supplement for Chaos Space Marines with the Veterans of the Long War rule. This includes a list of confirmed skills upgrades and how these are paid for in point cost to the unit.

Please remember that these are rumors. Also that we don't know the name of the supplement yet.

Previous link to the rumored supplement information

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Got more info on the supplement, veteran skill upgrades are a flat unit cost.
Confirmed skills so far are, fear,infiltrate,tank hunter, relentless,outflank?, stubborn, preferred enemy, shred and fleet.

Fear was around 5 points a squad with infiltrate being the most expensive skill available.

On an unrelated note expect a fair amount of metal models to disappear from sale within the next two ish months as gw is melting down metal stock again and selling it off."

end quote

Veteran skills are finally coming back? Chosen are going to be actually a good unit? Chaos might be able run something besides plagues/cultists/noise + heldrakes? IS YOUR BODY READY?

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I hope this is true. Chaos needs some love.

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>No supplements, no Dataslates, just nothing

When will WE, the most deserving, get some love?

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There's more rumors there, new basic marine kit with Chosen conversion pack and new Havoc kit.

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My body will be ready when there is something more substantial than wishlisting

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I have a Tyranid army. I traded a lot of it away after seeing the new "codex." At least when GW or Forge World gets around to updating Necrons, they give them awesome stuff.

I definitely think there's potential for Necron dataslates for Pariahs, or for other C'tan besides the two from the 3rd edition dex.

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Told you faggots to stop crying. There's no way GW would leave CSM as shit as it is now (including that horrible Black Legion book). Armies are not gonna get just one or no supplements or addons.

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You're adorable

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Probably once you get a 6e codex. So far all the supplements and dataslates have been for 6e codexes.

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>mfw IG, Orks, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and Dark Eldar are ahead of us

Gonna be a long wait.

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And? It's not like the book sucks at all

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Why is BA being updated after SW GK and Necrons. That's what I want to fucking know.

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Assault already sucks, you should just cross your fingers and hope you get updated so late that it is already 7th edition.

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>rumors of another chaos supplement
>not 1k sons and space wolves tie in

consider me not interested then

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It's slipping with each release.

You don't know my pain.

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Still better than every book that's not Tau/Eldar/Daemons/and maybe Space Marines.

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Not sure where you're getting your information current release order is IG, Orks, BA/SW and that is all that is really known. There were some of rumors about DE, but nothing about GK or Necrons.

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It's pathetic how precarious those "top-tier" codices are. Nerf a unit or wargear for each of them and you'd have people screamin shit

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Is it more pathetic that people refuse to let TOs ban what needs to be banned? An easy one item ban or restriction can immediately curb screamerstars or Riptide spam but many players seem to be against infringing on GW's rules, even though they know GW rules are terrible to begin with.

40K desperately needs a Smogon equivalent.

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I think it's more TOs don't try to ban things. For better or worse, my local tourney is No Stronghold Assault/ Fortifications, No Escalation, Printed Books only, Final Destination

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>, Printed Books only

Does this include FW?
Does it include online FAQs?

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