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Quest Runners' Directory (post your Twitter ITT and you'll usually be added speedily, otherwise just message the guy): https://twitter.com/Eisenstern/quest-runner-directory

Player's Topic: What quest had or has the most fun dice system? Bonus points for fun diceless systems.
QM's Topic: That quest you really want to run but don't think will get players? Did you ever run one you thought would be barren that actually got a fair bit of attention?

A selection of guides to get aspirants started:
The Quester's Starting Guide by elusive guidefag
http://anonkun.com/user/Dev-kun (If no reply via PM try Twitter).

Stuff about writing things :

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The dice system is never the source of the fun. Sometimes unexpected results from any given dice system? Those can be fun.

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>What quest had or has the most fun dice system?
Ogre Civ Quest, mostly because it was broken as hell and Blorp was great at rolling with the punches

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I think Dice become more meaningful when they're run in the background. With bonus points easier to weigh for a good plan, or an enemy's clear advantage or disadvantage altering the scheme of things.
Like that, you can more evenly distribute success or failure and make it more seamless for the reasons why or how the enemy succeeded over the protag.
What's also interesting is that it makes it look like a diceless systemAnd could actually be... So the players are less bothered by the rolling "noise."

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Fast and loose d20 is fun until the players start getting really retarded and rolling randomly all the time and freaking out over stupid inconsequential shit.

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Joker Quest has the dice in the background.
I like that most. You can see that all the upgrades actually affect the course of the fights, without having to bother with crunch. It allows the players to focus on creative problem solving.

>> No.29702307

Agreed, dice in the background or else face the minmaxers wielding maths as an antifun device also known as muh probabilities.

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So... the new thing seems to be background dice.

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I'd agree to any system of dice because I dont really think the math behind it I just roll and clap, however seeing some shitstorms because of the math behind it I would just say that yeah, background dice is the best way to avoid conflict.

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The new thing is DAQ.
That system is quite nifty.

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You referring to http://pastebin.com/KypPFgFr ?

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>background dice is the best way to avoid conflict.
Ironically, no.

Because then people will shitstorm over QM Fiat, and rather than complaining about the probabilities, will probably complain about the QM directly.

There really is no winning. These things go in cycles.

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The math behind it is probability this, probability that. Then there's of course the number of rolls taken that skew the probability and make the math people rage over unfair results and the like. It gets tiresome.

I know what you're talking about. Roll and clap seems like the simplest way to go about it. I think dice are fun in part because you get an idea of just how much the protag succeeds or fails before the post.
Some peeps just need to chill.

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>quests you want to run that might not get players
Hmm, your question is good! Maybe something in the 30-years war could be exciting. Perhaps I am not the right person for this though.
When would you say this has happened especially? Is it more of an issue when they break something or when they argue in cases where they couldn't?

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Goddamit why does people ruin everything everywhere.

I wish I could just see a quest where people just shut the fuck up and play, no discussion except for gossips about what will happen next.

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>Hmm, your question is good! Maybe something in the 30-years war could be exciting.
So a bunch of Swedish mercenaries that torture Germans by force-feeding them really fucking disgusting drinks?

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Deniable Assets Quest which, ironically, is undeniably awesome.
Haha, we have quite the characters on this board. They just need to learn a little restraint and it will be okay.

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>When would you say this has happened especially?
Most recently in PGQ, which I assume is what anon is talking about.

>why does people ruin everything
Because collectively, people suck
Individual people can be quite nice, mind, but taken as a group, yuck.

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>Because then people will shitstorm over QM Fiat, and rather than complaining about the probabilities

Nah, because I've seen more complaints about probabilities than anything else ever. From the DCs to Enemy rolls, to all this other shit.
It irks me as the quest runner because I see people bitching about it when I'm trying to write the next part and people get riled up.

If it's in the background the bitching will be notably less and if they experience the quest as either diceless or background from the get-go they should know what to expect.
Besides, the QM fiat could go both ways, and sometimes for the sake of story and character development we talked about last night, it becomes necessary for them to succeed where they rightly should fail or fail even in a case where they might have succeeded.

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Recently I'd say princess guard quest, just because archelon tried something new and the math squad had to whine a lot because the duel or whatever.

About breaking the system or argue the system I think it's both harming the quest. If you break the system it becomes boringly easy and the no-failing becomes a drag, if you argue then it just de-rails the quest into a war between the whothefuckcares crew and the math majors.

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Man dice…

>> No.29702552

> quite the characters
Stop being so fucking… English. It's creeping me out, sheesh.

>> No.29702564

You're quite amusing, my good anonymous chum. A good day to you, I'll be eating some tea and crumpets now.

>> No.29702566

Mathhammerers, angelic. Don't deal with them.

>> No.29702570

Most English people aren't anywhere near as polite as Angelic, me old mucker.

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Mathhammer or loligagger. What's more effective in CQC?

>> No.29702597

On national stereotypes, I recently saw a video of a dude talking about the game that his team has been developing.
I instantly knew that he must be from a German-speaking region because of how much he was swearing.
Turns out that he's Swiss.

>> No.29702679

The more open your system is, the more anons will try to break it and powergame. Sad fact of life, really.

>> No.29702699

sometimes nearly powergaming can be necessary. But yeah, there's times where it's out of place.

>> No.29702707

just... whatever you do.

never... ever... make duct tape an option.


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>What's more effective in CQC?
Hat thieves

>> No.29702744

Excuse me, but those are all spoils of war.

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Who is that?

>> No.29702784

Magical Vampire Rena.

>> No.29702785

I don't like it. I want to see the rolls.

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Stereotype Mercenary Quest. Instead of jobs, you get Stereotypes to assemble your party from.
The German is the mechanic, a racist and addicted to Kraut.
The Russian is a perpetually drunk sniper. The more vodka she drinks, the better her aim.
The American is the all-around heavy weapons person and fights with a burning baseball bat.

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/tg/ will always find something retarded to latch on to since at the end of the day everyone still just wants to be Problem Sleuth.

Ogre Civ Quest had Ogre Hats
Hero Quest has rocks and also hats
Dungeon Quest had skeletrons
PGQ has those fucktarded ice puns that aren't even funny

It just comes with the genre.

>> No.29702812


Why would you read the quest if you didn't trust the QM to be fair?

>> No.29702834

She nearly killed someone who nearly killed MGS, just by taking their hat.

Rena is a fucking CQC monster sometimes

>> No.29702869

And then you get hidden depths.
The German has a good sense of situational humor, the American has no issue with helping out everyone else financially and the Russian has life experience on her side, with a philosophical streak.

>> No.29702888

>the Russian has life experience on her side, with a philosophical streak


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Angelic pls

>> No.29702907

Survive the collapse of your local regime and tell me that you don't get philosophical.

>> No.29702957

They need to be named Jack, Klaus and Anya.

>> No.29703075

Is it bad that I actually want this?

>> No.29703138

No. The concept would be entertaining to watch, but would not make a very good quest and has a high chance of being poorly executed.

>> No.29703171

By itself its not enough to support a quest, but its a solid start.

>> No.29703214

It could easily end up offensive.
You are basically required to have multiple members of each nationality available to properly pull of the stereotypes as well as the "little known facts" like German humor.

>> No.29703217

Turn it into Atlantis Quest and we're getting someplace

Disneys Atlantis. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Whatever takes your fancy.

>> No.29703244

>It could easily end up offensive.
Thats not even the most worrisome outcome. It would be more likely to end up masturbatory or lolsorandumb.

>> No.29703274

While I would never set out purposely to offend anyone, there are so many people these days who get offended by such stupid shit that I'd be more worried if it DIDN'T wind up offending somebody.

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>The dice system is never the source of the fun.

Ogre Quest dude.

>> No.29703356

as the guy right under that post said, that wasn't the dice system, that was the QM rolling with it like a pro.

>> No.29703363


I'm thinking Archelon is going to have Celestino marry Luciana off to Monique.

I can only imagine the reaction to that.

>> No.29703391

It would be better if Marianna got married off to Monique.

>> No.29703428

Rein will marry Monique. Best end.
Why are you blaming Angelic for Wednesday?

>> No.29703443

That kills the quest.

>> No.29703461

Luciana will run away.

She'll ask Marianne to go with her.

Marianne will ask Reinhold, Nico, Sylvie and Melanie to come along, leading to HIGH ADVENTURE!

I can see the gears turning, Archelon!

>> No.29703462

>Why are you blaming Angelic for Wednesday?
There was supposed to be an update last weekend. There wasn't.

>> No.29703488


There will be WAR, people. For Luciana's delicious but second best booty.

>> No.29703495

Too busy drinking boat cleaner I assume.

>> No.29703507

Best end is Monique marrying his sword while the pathetic, swordless Reinhold is forced to attend.

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Yes, YES!

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File: 282 KB, 717x382, mfwpgq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29703529

But anon, the waifus ARE the adventure!

>> No.29703543

That is not my face when the least adventurous quest on the whole damn board

>> No.29703556

That's why it's high adventure.

That's like, twice the amount of adventure! At least!

>> No.29703569

The only high adventure there is to be had in PGQ is getting high and giggling at all the retarded simultaneous flamewars

>> No.29703583

As someone who has sperged about probabilities in the past, it's generally because there is a subsection of QMs (the broad majority) who have no Earthly idea how probability works, and it really shows in their systems. I recall some dude who used average of X rolls and expected us to roll way above the mean (I think like, 3d100, get an average above 80).

I would never sperg about MUH RAILROADING and MUH QM FIAT because I'm not a fucking infant who needs to win at everything all the time (this is what 99% of all complaints about railroads and fiat are about, even when they're correct).

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>> No.29703597

To be fair, there are worse combinations.

Luciana would WRECK Monique and have him twisted around her finger by the end of the first week.

>> No.29703617

Dammit, now I want to see a mindbroken Luci who is a slave to Monique's cock.

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So what do the headstones read when you visit the QM graveyard? The Curse takes everyone eventually.

Femcock - Died of a urinary tract infection
Internal Revenue - Suicide

>> No.29703639


Dickgirl joke in 3... 2...

>> No.29703642

Most pleasing. Arc best take notes from PsiQ.

>> No.29703656

Monique is a man.
Of course, his swordwaifu might have a sword of her own to use on Luciana...

>> No.29703690

>Lucina von Bardas
Sabotaged beyond repair by RICHAAAAAARDS

>> No.29703715

>Setsukanka posesses Monique
>Monique fucks Luciana while posessed
What would you call this. Be specific, don't just say "fetishy" or "magical realm" or whatever.

>> No.29703717

Papa-N - Catastrophic Overdose
Archelon - Stroke
Azure Earth - Liver Failure
Angelic - Liver Failure
Hunter Navigation - Liver Failure
AC-Guy - Sixth Degree Burns

>> No.29703732

>What would you call this.
Absolutely delicious.

>> No.29703737

Monique being NTR'd by Setsuranka

>> No.29703743


Luciana is CLEARLY the only one who makes the fuck in that relationship.

>> No.29703745

Bodyjacking double rape.

>> No.29703752


>> No.29703757

Luci is a little bitch and you know it.

>> No.29703765


>> No.29703776

Yeah I can definitely see liver failure taking a bunch of QMs

>> No.29703777

>want to run a quest, currently in planning stage
>suddenly a breakthrough, first post basically writes itself, can start the very next day
>the very next day my PC dies
So, is this a sign that I shouldn't run quests, or that I should?

>> No.29703785

How many threads before we get our Wolf rank back?

>> No.29703787

Did you forget about the guy she reduced to a bloody smear?

>> No.29703795

QM really like drinking don't they.
Is there any correlation between quest content and QM propensity for drinking?

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>> No.29703798

>Sixth degree burns
... So wait, does that mean that he took burns to his soul?

>> No.29703800

We lost that rank tree.

>> No.29703803


>> No.29703810

The Cuuuuuurse is proactive.

This is a very bad sign for you, personally,

>> No.29703825

You act like that is remotely rare in this Caster Edition of a setting.

>> No.29703828

The question is can you even stop yourself at this point.

Just... get your notes backed up. EVERYWHERE. And buy a lot of Raspberry Pis.

>> No.29703837

>Setsukanka posesses Luciana
>Monique fucks Luciana while posessed
>Luciana is aware of everything and getting taunted and molested by Setsu in her head
There, I just made it 1000x better.

>> No.29703839

5th degree burns are burns that destroy everything down to the bone. 6th degree would be burns that heavily damage the bones themselves.

>> No.29703840

So, I don't read Waifu Guard Quest, but IIRC some people said the reason so many girls are crushing on Reinhold is because there are no other eligible bachelors around their age. Is that correct?

>> No.29703855

Why you'd care is beyond me.

>> No.29703862

>Setsukanka posesses Monique
>Luciana fucks Monique while he's posessed
>Luciana is aware of everything while taunting and molesting Setsikanka
Best possible outcome

>> No.29703882

Yes and no. The only other male in the quest their age is a portrayed as a total cockbag with zero character development, and I have no reason to believe any other hypothetical love rivals would be any different.

Regardless of that, its still incredibly fucking unrealistic for girls to fall as hard for Reinhold as they have just because he is the only penis around. These chicks are virtually willing to fucking die for him now, and for zero reason to boot.

>> No.29703898 [DELETED] 

Luciwankers pls go


>> No.29703914

Monique has had quite a bit of character development.

It's just that it's mostly been him spiralling into hatred and loathing

>> No.29703915

> Is there any correlation between quest content and QM propensity for drinking?
Time for SCIENCE.

>> No.29703937

It's also incredibly unrealistic for there not to be another male their age who isn't a total cockbag.

Hah, now there's an idea for handling a quest where you have waifu wars that lead people to sabotage each other: make the girls start pairing off. Your constant self-cockblocking made the girls start getting into relationships with other, less deranged, people. Starting with the most popular girl and moving down from there.

>> No.29703950

Humility - Humiliation

>> No.29703954

For no real reason, either. Arch just decided to flip his crazy switch so that Reinhold looks even better in the eyes of, well, everyone. Shit went full fucking Goblins when he lost the duel.

>> No.29703955


Pretty much, the only other alright guys are the other bodyguards (one of them married), two of Luciana's brothers (Alberto, married, and Emilio, who's crushing on Marianne but is too beta, especially for her ridiculous standards) and one of the dragon siblings (not too present in the quest).

Apparently nobody else came up in the picture. But that's part of the willing suspension of the disbelief.

>> No.29703957 [DELETED] 

Sylviefag pls

>> No.29703967

Good, this thread was getting way too civil and amicable.

>> No.29703969 [DELETED] 

Sylvie a shit
Nico a shit
Mari a shit
Melon a shit
They all shits
Except Setsu

Setsu is olev.
Setsu is life.
Setsu is sord.

>> No.29703983

Don't start shit just because a buzzword you don't like got used, you faggot.

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I can't keep up with PGQ anymore, not really because of the duel thing, but because it takes place in the asshole part of the morning and every person who talks about it is a condescending sack of fucking shit. I have never had a good conversation about PGQ, it's always been hijacked by manchildren and attention whores who feel they are right and that everyone who doesn't agree with them is worse than scum. Such is the nature of the dickhead NEETs who can actually stay up all night to run Arch's quests (my apologies to Europeans who are playing this at a normal time).

And if I can't actually participate in the votes that matter (every vote that takes place at 5AM) then there's really no point in following it. It's just reading someone's fanfic at this point and arch isn't a strong enough writer to keep me enthralled. Best of luck to Archelon for the future, I guess.

>> No.29703994 [DELETED] 

Fine. It does not make for interesting or compelling characters who exist beyond fapbait for girls to fall as hard for Reinhold as they have just because he is the only penis around.


>> No.29704000

But I'm not. Want popcorn?

>> No.29704003 [DELETED] 


>> No.29704007

I'm fine with this
and It raises the harem flag

>> No.29704008

OK, someone shut of the PGQ fans, they've had too much to drink.

>> No.29704023 [DELETED] 

>interesting or compelling characters who exist beyond fapbait
I think I see your problem.

>> No.29704031

>Problem Sleuth

What is a Problem Sleuth?

>> No.29704043 [DELETED] 

If you aren't waifuing the sword, your waifu is objectively wrong.

>> No.29704050

You know he starts at like 4-6AM for most of Europe, right?

Who the hell is reading quests at 6AM.

>> No.29704057 [DELETED] 

> better?
No. Read another quest.

>> No.29704065


I've never been into PGQ but I've heard a lot about it lately.
This seems far worse than AoPH's pokesperg at this point.

>> No.29704066
File: 46 KB, 431x300, archelon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone just needs to chill.

>> No.29704068

>I can't keep up with PGQ anymore, not really because of the duel thing, but because it takes place in the asshole part of the morning and every person who talks about it is a condescending sack of fucking shit.

You just described why I never got into PGQ.

I tried once, but I can only guess that the people who run it are every bit the greasy neckbeards they sound like when they're whining about waifus, whining about swords, whining about choices, whining about archelon, whining about themselves because the only thing greasy neckbeards can't stand are other greasy neckbeards having the gall to run THEIR quest.

It's the only quest I can think of except one Cosgrove quest where the population is what keeps me from reading it.

>> No.29704070

How do I set up a Raspberry Pi for this?

>> No.29704087

I got annoyed over the fact there was maybe 20 QM posts across 2 threads and that 90% of it was just storytime bullshit that should've been pre-written.

>> No.29704092

Problem Sleuth is a quest run by some guy on the internet. It's already finished, but wasn't run on /tg/.

>> No.29704095

It really isn't

>> No.29704102

I don't really understand Anydice's graphing for probability. Like 1d100 against 3d20, but I do know 3d20 is skewed to make more middling rolls for success.

1d100 is still a skewed dice roll, right?

>> No.29704103

Well, to be fair, PGQ players have a reason to whine

I mean they got screwed over hard in the last few threads and only a few of them are smart enough to realize it. Which has created a divide between people smart enough to realize they've been screwed and people who are just trying to move on with the quest and not derail it.

Arguments have been destroying the past three threads.

>> No.29704107 [DELETED] 

But anon. I do.

>> No.29704114

That, on the other hand, is valid criticism.

>> No.29704117
File: 182 KB, 1200x1200, Sad Ceru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if All Quest MC's feel this way.

>> No.29704121

Shouldn't there be an official classification for that?
Sixth degree is a light nuke impact.

>> No.29704128 [DELETED] 

Fair enough then.

>> No.29704136

Pretty much this

The fact that the Monique duel was twenty threads of build up to a single thread of pre-rendered cutscene, half of which was a wash, was the cherry on top of why I'm never reading it ever again.

If I don't like the players, and I don't like the story, and I feel ill ever time it's brought up, why do I keep torturing myself with it?

>> No.29704144

>1d100 is still a skewed dice roll, right?
No. It's a discrete uniform distribution.

>> No.29704157

6th degree is an official classification. There are 6 degrees of burns, you just hardly ever hear about 5 and 6 because at that point the fucker is just dead. It's weird to say that a person suffered 5th/6th degree burns instead of just saying that they died in a fire.

>> No.29704158
File: 131 KB, 490x276, PrincessGuard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it's why most QMs like myself don't run 24/7. We need time to cool off.

>> No.29704163


I wake up usually after a couple of hours after archelon's started and I keep up most of the rest of the work day if I can.

>> No.29704164

Install NOOBS onto an SD card. Plug it into the Pi, along with a power supply, a mouse, a keyboard and an HDMI compatible display (or even an old RGB TV), and you're back online.

>> No.29704165

>If I don't like the players, and I don't like the story, and I feel ill ever time it's brought up, why do I keep torturing myself with it?
Sunk cost fallacy.

>> No.29704175

Quests where the players have a clear, unified conception of the PC and there are no shitstorms caused by schizophrenia?

>> No.29704177

Rena just has dumb voices in head rather than bitter ones. She still listens to them for whatever fucking reasons.

>> No.29704202

Yeah, you're pretty much right

It makes me want to write my own quest just to replace it with something, but I know anything I make will probably fizzle out with a dozen players tops.

>> No.29704205

>Quests where the players have a clear, unified conception of the PC and there are no shitstorms caused by schizophrenia?
Double Cross

>> No.29704214

Azure at least runs better while circling the drain to shit faced

>> No.29704221

Maybe Overhuman so far? The Character himself is pretty jaded and most notably not a nice person.
Last thread people were talking about taking magical oaths of selfishness and other shit where they basically swear to be dicks in exchange for quick power.

>> No.29704227

Crosswire makes quests like that

too bad they're not more popular. Mostly niche stuff like Mega Man Legends and Gundam.

>> No.29704228

>Monique duel was twenty threads of build up to a single thread of pre-rendered cutscene
TWO cutscene threads, actually. After the duel, he did a thread that was nothing but revisiting the duel from the perspective of all the waifus getting all SAD over Reinhold being retarded and even though there was not one fucking player prompt the whole thread, Arch didn't have a lick of it written ahead of time.

>> No.29704231

Monster Hearts Quest.
Many Akun quests.
It's rare but it happens.

>> No.29704235


In 1d100, the distribution is "straight": 1 is as likely as 50 is as likely as 100.

3d20 has a bellcurve: 3 and 60 have the lowest probability of happening. Why is this? Because 3 and 60 can only be "made" with one roll each: 1 + 1 + 1 and 20 + 20 + 20. Immediately when you go to other numbers you notice why they're more numerous: 4 can be done with three different rolls, 1 + 1 + 2, 2 + 1 + 1, 1 + 2 + 1, for example. The middle-most numbers, the mean, have the most different die combinations, and are thus the likeliest to happen.

>> No.29704236

Speaking of Overhuman, when was the next one supposed to be?

>> No.29704239

Crosswire is also kind of an asshole.

>> No.29704249


And? It's not Archelon's fault if his quest got hyperpopular and yours will most likely not.

He just got lucky, built momentum, and gave /tg/ what it want while never having dm'ed before.

To be fair, he writes almost every day.

>> No.29704264

>dozen players tops
Your expectations are ridiculous.

>> No.29704272

Does anyone have that picture of the probabilities of rolls in quests with Xd20?

I'd make on myself on anydice, but I'm too stupid to figure out which function takes the highest of a set of rolls but also prioritizes 1s and has 1s and 20s cancel each other out to take the next highest roll.

>> No.29704280

Tomorrow at 21:00 server-time.
It was posted at the end of last thread.
Should be put up on his twitter.

>> No.29704285

The bigger Akun quests seem to do that fine. Of course, most quests with smaller playerbases do fine wrt that.

>> No.29704286

>And? It's not Archelon's fault if his quest got hyperpopular and yours will most likely not.

this only happened because of the waifuing

Any quest that picks up steam on /tg/ has an assortment of waifus to choose from, which is the key to success in these quests, really.

>> No.29704294

So what other sets of dice mechanics would make it feel more uphill than 1d100?

>> No.29704295

>dozen players
>a little
[fronking intensifies]

>> No.29704315

>So what other sets of dice mechanics would make it feel more uphill than 1d100?
I don't know, because I don't have a brain that "feels" how "uphill" a dice mechanic is.

>> No.29704322

Actually you know what

I would be happy with a dozen players if I wrote anything. My expectations are probably shifted from reading PGQ.

>> No.29704325

So there's an idea - A 3d20 system with a low DC being 10 or so, a medium DC being in the 20s, and a high DC being above 30.

Could even throw modifiers in there

>> No.29704333


A dozen players is like, more players than you need to a point.
3's like a bare minimum while 5-7 is what I'd consider optimal for active player participation.
12 is just swelling and risking some shitstorm.

>> No.29704334

Hero Quest Rena
Evil Precure

>> No.29704351

Are you saying rena doesn't have waifuing?

EPQ is probably the exception but I think they dragged a lot of players from precure threads on /a/

>> No.29704354

Yea this. The bigger the fanbase the more incoherent the character's personality.
Well Akun is more narrativist in general.

>> No.29704362

Not really.

If anything, Rena IS the Waifu. And only of Bridgette, really.

>> No.29704367

unfortunately, that's also the thing that kills the Quests
using PGQ as an example, because that's the one I'm most familiar with, waifufagging has been the primary motivator for character choices for about 70 threads. And nobody is ever going to come to a decision, meaning when we have to actually make a choice, the quest will be a shitstorm about how the winner samefagged until Archelon either finishes or quits. The alternative is for arch to just count flags, but then people will bitch because they didn't get input

>> No.29704371

Diceless system that essentially breaks down into convoluted rock-paper-scissors would get a bit more complicated than the thing Doublecross Quest is using or FAST N LOOSE d20 with fucktons of +# skill things Like what Cosgrove uses in his quests, but a lot looser.

>> No.29704382

>feeding it
He's just going to move goalposts. Mark my words.

>> No.29704383

>would get a bit more complicated than the thing Doublecross Quest is using

What is it using?

>> No.29704404

Eh, he can.

I feel vindicated in saying that questing doesn't NEED Waifu.

It is undeniably a popular motivation, however.

>> No.29704410

I prefer dice.
Honestly the easiest is just d100 with modifiers for skills.

>> No.29704447


Take a look at this anydice script:

When you look at the curve in Normal mode, you should notice that the half-way point of the curve is around 30. 31.5, to be exact. This means that about half of the time, your results will be less than 30, and about half of the time it will be more than 30: a DC of 30 is a fifty-fifty chance.

To see these probabilities more clearly, use the At Least view. This is a cumulative graph that tells you how likely you're to roll AT LEAST a certain number. Thus, if you know your DC and your rolling mechanism, you can check directly here how likely a roll is to succeed. For example, rolling at least 39 or higher has a 25% probability of happening. 45 is somewhere in the teens, let's see, 10.20% in the Table view.

>> No.29704450

The latter option is the best, really. At least it keeps the playing field vaguely level.

>> No.29704457

Diceless combat system. There are Strikes, Crashes, and Guards for moves. Strikes beats Crash, Crash beats Guard, Guard beats Strike.

You have to figure out what the enemy's actions are classed as from the narrative and respond accordingly. Beating their action scores a damage point on them. Picking the wrong thing and losing damages you. Picking the same thing they used damages you both. First to 3 damage points loses the fight.

Some skills/abilities do weird things, like may be limited in use or have a cost but will count as 2 things at once or something. Or might not even fit into the S-C-G system at all.

It's pretty interesting and I kinda wanna steal it for a future quest.

>> No.29704459 [DELETED] 


Hey, shut the fuck up, adults are talking here.

>> No.29704467

And I really hope archelon actually does it

>> No.29704479

>I feel vindicated in saying that questing doesn't NEED Waifu.

I disagree, most quests that become super popular have a degree of waifuing.

I do admit that EPQ (Not an overly popular quest, but a popular quest all the same) is probably the best counter example anyone can use, but I think the playerbase mostly migrated from /a/

>> No.29704498

I already responded, here >>29704351

Rena has waifuing, EPQ has an outside playerbase.

>> No.29704499

Romance subplots are fine as we've said before.
It's when it becomes a tumor that it begets irritation.

>> No.29704525

I'm actually surprised Evil Precure never went the waifu route. What gives?

>> No.29704529

That is interesting. What kind of things does he do to obfuscate it? How often do enemies use something that counts as both and how is that handled? If a strike counts as to, then is it a trade for damage with a tie or something?
What about fighting one opponent after another or on a team?

>> No.29704545

Source fanbase mostly doesn't like the series for romantic sub plots and considers people who watch it for that to completely have missed the point.

>> No.29704585

Nah, we will end Route locked to Marie, she is the common route and at this point I think we are making some progress with her.

>> No.29704586

Well to be fair, there's plenty of rival stuff and an imouto to dote on, so it's not like there are zero pandering relationships even if none of them are romantic.

>> No.29704596


I kinda want to boil it down to "the main character is completely insane", though.

>> No.29704619

god I hope not
Marie's almost as bad as Sylvie as a romance option, and a hell of a lot worse as a person
even if she's finally showing emotion, she's still a terrible human being

>> No.29704623

>he writes almost every day.
It doesn't matter if each thread only has like 5 posts by him.

>> No.29704627
File: 218 KB, 1000x750, 1390416209802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's primary playerbase comes from the Precure threads on /a/. Plus anyone else who is interested in a similar atmosphere.

Precure isn't about waifuing or even romance at all. It barely has any subtext of it (I hear that's changed recently but I don't know for certain). It's mostly about bright colors and punching things. I think the tagline used to be "Kamen Rider for little girls".

>> No.29704647

Dont forget that his thread is upbotted as fuck. They dont even try to hide it and give threads shit like +92

>> No.29704648

The QM really doesn't have to do much to be sneaky about it. Things have been pretty obvious so far, but we're only a couple threads in. Only a couple fights.

Things counting as multiple classes is something that he was talking about adding to the system before the next session. Consecutive fights hasn't come up, and the closest thing to a team was getting mauled by a pack of wolves, but we ended up just hitting them all with a beast control thing.

I can't really say how it will be handled yet since most of your concerns haven't come up, but I think that I could come up with something to make it work for more complex situations if I go with a system like it for a quest of my own.

>> No.29704658

>It's mostly about bright colors and punching things.
I am amused by how completely this sums up Evil Precure so far

>> No.29704670

What if I wanted to take the highest of a 3d20 instead of a sum?

>> No.29704673

>I think the playerbase mostly migrated from /a/

Doesn't that mean that outside /tg/ are better at roleplaying than /tg/?

>> No.29704677

Holy shit, this.
Everyone got shafted. I've barely participated in the threads but changing the dice system like that? Wow.

>> No.29704680

It galls me to say this, but those might be actual numbers. His twitter feed's at 165 people
over a hundred and fifty people follow that quest

>> No.29704702

I know that, but unless TG makes a concencuss then they will end that way.

To be honest I kinda want Luci to win.

Well the QM has offered to save the attack patters somewhere to prove people what he does. To be honest I like the diceless system, the rock paper scissors aspect reminds me of Fate Extra.

Also, I like how /tg/ can manage Cap without the schizophrenia than other MC end up having.

>> No.29704704

Eh, more like 'asshole rubs everyone the wrong way, forever'.

>> No.29704717

Which is why anons keeo trying to burn down any perceived flags they see for any waifus they dislike, making threads even shittier.

Really though, Marianne is gonna win because that's who arch wants to win, which is why she is the only waifu with something nearing a personality.

>> No.29704727

>Also, I like how /tg/ can manage Cap without the schizophrenia than other MC end up having.
It's just because his whole schtick is "I don't wanna do shit you can't make me fuck you I'm going home" until circumstances force him to do things.

>> No.29704740

Considering how almost all our RPG threads seem to be about number crunching (doing it or complaining about it) yes. /tg/ has a more gamist approach to quests although that's really just a difference in attitude and not terrible in itself.

>> No.29704747


Good question, considering it's the most common system in /tg/, I think. You get this:


Smaller values are less probable than higher values. It's fine to use, as long as you understand that your mean is hovering around DC 15 all the time. Fits well with super powered campaigns if you feel like thinking about it.

You have a 15% chance of getting a 20 each time you roll.

Note also that if you have crits (any 1 fails, any 20 crits), you also have a 15% chance of rolling a 1, so you'd be critting about a bit less than 30% of the time.

>> No.29704750

It works, and I like how it was something /tg/ decided on. Plus Claire and Chief are fun characters so it does not feel that bad.

>> No.29704776

Dungeon Quest
Ogre Civ

Though both of those were about collecting, just not waifus. Which frankly, I'm fine with /tg/ collecting characters so long as both the characters are interesting and the collection process is interesting.

To think, we worked harder to earn a skele in DQ than we ever did to earn affections in PGQ. Had more fun, too.

>> No.29704782

>Everyone got shafted. I've barely participated in the threads but changing the dice system like that? Wow.

What? Why the fuck would you complain about the dice system changing? It just makes crits less likely, and crit fails even less likely, when before that you might just as well have thrown a d2.

>> No.29704788

The dice change didn't really matter, the duel was pretty much unwinable anyway, changing the dice just made it even more so.

>> No.29704790

Me to
and Luci's still got a pretty good shot. The only one completely out of the race is Sylvie. I'd add Melanie in there too, but we never really focused on her so I don't really consider her an option

>> No.29704796

Rena has matchmaking more than waifuing. Even then, its mostly about trying to hook the Family Monster up with different heroes.

>> No.29704846

Luci best girl
I think we might have almost routelocked her yesterday, actually. If that one anon hadn't put MUH TRAUMA in there, it probably would have made it

>> No.29704852

To be honest I feel bad for Rana, she just came too late and never got any playerbase.

I just hope that /tg/ can make a concencuss and choose a girl that is not Marie or one that Arch forces on us. While I would prefer Luci, I would be fine with most of the girls. Just not Marie, to me she is basically

>> No.29704854


The duel wasn't unwinnable.

We already won once.

But the players voted (me included, and I don't regret it) to give Monique another sword.

If we, as players, hadn't gone down that route... we would have won the duel by default.

Which I find hilarious, but then again I enjoyed the whole duel yesterday and pretty much all the choices I voted for won.

At least QTG can't complain that Reinhold never loses anything.

>> No.29704876

Does this mean a 3d20 is insulated more against the probability of crits than a 1d100, or is it just a difference of putting the DC in different places?

>> No.29704883
File: 860 KB, 245x245, tumblr_static_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Evil Precure is surprisingly accurate to the spirit of Precure in general.

You can tell Kintolesky actually takes the time to make sure the things he writes fits in-tone with the rest of the series.

>> No.29704927

>The duel wasn't unwinnable.

when the sealed king came out, it was unwinnable.

We needed a crit to take him down because he was possessed, but surprise! we fucked ourselves over on crits when we voted to use the new dice system.

I say "We" but I'm just as much at fault as anyone because I wasn't around when the vote was held to change systems. Nor was I around for the entirety of the duel. So for me it's a matter of not winning because I didn't play

>> No.29704951

Why the fuck is the bowstring behind her? Is she going to launch herself?

>> No.29704955


3d20, 1d20 + 1d20 + 1d20, where a result of 3 is a crit fail and 60 is a crit success, let's see... Ho yes, 3d20 is more insulate against crits than 1d100, because 3 and 60 have a 0.0125% chance of happening each. That's a hundred times more rare than on 1d100. You will crit about twice every ten thousand rolls. At that point, forget crits altogether.

>> No.29704956

..Is precure really like that?

>> No.29704962

>So for me it's a matter of not winning because I didn't play
Which, ironically, is the only winning move when it comes to waifu quests.

>> No.29704972
File: 4 KB, 243x190, hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What time is a good time to run a quest?

Is right now a good time?

>> No.29704991

I don't know but when that bow coming out was an "Oh shit" moment for the series.

Not most of the time, I think she uses that bow twice in the series and a sword three times. (the series lasts an entire year)

In a way, that's how Kamen Rider is, it introduces a new weapon and forgets about it a week or so later. So it's really just being consistent.

>> No.29705001

That's not my picture...


>> No.29705011

If she did, it really wouldn't be a surprise in this series.

>> No.29705012

Fair point, but no-one would have voted to have it end there, that should be obvious to everyone, especially Arch.
People would probably have been more likely to act less rashly if they have been aware of stuff that they should know in character - like the fact that making yourself magically immune to injury is totally legal in a sword duel.

>> No.29705026

I prefer Luciana, and I also see her as the only real roomance option

Marianne's our job, it'd be unprofessional to date her (also she has been nothing but rude to us and is your standard tsunshit option)

Sylvie sees us as partner because we're the only guy her age that she hangs around with. She's also very boring-we hung out with her a lot for the first 70 threads or so and learned nearly nothing about her

Nico is better as a friend, and already admitted that while she has a bit of a crush on us, she is in love with Melanie and has been for years. Not getting in the way of that.

Melanie we haven't really interacted with at all. Also Nico loves her, it'd be wrong

Luciana has seen suitors and hated them. She might be partially latching on to us because it gets us away from home, but we aren't the only, or even really the best, option for that. This means she also likes us as a person

TL;DR=Luci best

>> No.29705034

>when the sealed king came out, it was unwinnable.

We came very close. Next you're going to complain that a gnome can't outwrestle a giant. This was a consequence that had been foreshadowed and we were given a chance to avoid it.

And fuck, god dammit, is your argument really going to be "WE WERE FUCKED OVER BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE A FEW PERCENTS BETTER CHANCE OF CRITTING". Because if it is, that's weak.

>> No.29705040

Prime time for television is usually prime time for questing too.

>> No.29705063

>People would probably have been more likely to act less rashly if they have been aware of stuff that they should know in character - like the fact that making yourself magically immune to injury is totally legal in a sword duel.

Oh but that wasn't something we should have known in character, because that is, in fact, not allowed in the rules. Except for ridiculously rare super swords that have 0% chance of appearing in a normal duel, rite.

>> No.29705067

This bit was hilarious.

"No defensive magics allowed." He uses defensive magics.

"No magic other than offensive." He uses life support magics

Then there's some ANCIENT RULES from out of nowhere that say that's all allowed.


>> No.29705083

We ain't ever gonna find anyone for MM+

>> No.29705093

>We came very close. Next you're going to complain that a gnome can't outwrestle a giant.

This was the case then it was an insult for Arch to even let us control Reinhold. He should have just played out the fight and kept asking us if we wanted to tap out or not (which is effectively what happened). We had no agency in that fight and it's an insult to build it up for twenty threads and let that happen.

Fuck I wish we had voted to take it from a spectator's perspective because at least then we couldn't have had any agency taken away because we weren't even playing as Reinhold.


no, we were fucked over because mathematically, getting a full-on crit in arch's system was significantly less likely. It was in the realm of 12% chance to pass the check, 5% chance to crit. (Go read QTG archives, it's all outlined there).

>that's weak

What's "Weak" is you not taking the time to understand the basic facts of the matter and instead getting pissy at me because I'm pointing out the obvious fucking fact: we were screwed with the new system.

Don't get angry at the messenger.

>> No.29705120

Actually, there's a little detail about those rules I found pretty funny and give arch credit for:

You know who wrote those rules?

HIS GRANDFATHER. Which I admit, I'm not a fan of arch's writing, but that was pretty sly of him to put in.

>> No.29705127

Different anon
and the fight was unwinnable, not because we didn't have a few percent better chance of critting, but because we actually required a crit to win. We did somewhat poorly on three rolls, two of which were before he revealed the Sealed King. We rolled a 19, which literally did nothing, the check became dialogue.We roll an 11, justifiable failure, but we should have used the set from the previous since archelon called for the rolls. we rolled a 20, which resulted in our sword exploding (yes we broke his ribs, but we broke our sword on a 20). The final roll was an 18, which resulted in us just getting punched in the face.
calling hax is justified

>> No.29705131

I may be misremembering, but wasn't one of the library books Reinhold read the Big Book of Duelling Rules, which you'd expect to bring that sort of thing up?

>> No.29705134


It'll be teal ranger

>> No.29705137

It's not. It's draw using the same ancient anime rules as eyebrows and eyes in front of hair

>> No.29705138


His grandfather wrote some later rules (or maybe "the Book" of duelling that is currently used), but the sealed king-specific rules of bullshit duelling are older than that.

>> No.29705151

But his rule said nothing about possession magics and we were using those rules.

>> No.29705172

I still think the thing with Nico and Melon is going to end poorly.

>> No.29705181

>and the fight was unwinnable

No, the fight was perfectly winnable. We just didn't choose to win when we did it the first time, (with archelon going just as planned), but honestly, it was in retrospect pretty clear schmuck bait.

In fact, iirc, "give Monique another sword" wasn't even one of Archelon's suggestions - it was a write-in.

The more I think about this whole thing the greater it becomes.

>> No.29705192

You would, and in fact I would have expected Arch to put some kind of tidbit there about sealed king dueling

Probably because he writes this as he goes and we read that months ago in real-time

>> No.29705203

I really hope not
they're good together

>> No.29705207

>In fact, iirc, "give Monique another sword" wasn't even one of Archelon's suggestions - it was a write-in.

The duel wouldn't have ended there because Monique never got a new sword, he had the same sword the whole time. All we broke was the outer layer hiding the sealed king

>> No.29705208

That's the thing, Arch may well have had a system worked out, for injuries and magic and such and what effect that has on the DC and so on, but when what comes out of that is indistinguishable from GM fiat, its not really surprising that people get upset.

>> No.29705239

I think we need to stop talking about the duel.

What's done is done and every time it's brought up we get significantly angrier

and about what, something we can't change?

I'm more angry that Arch added the "Well no one actually thinks what he did was bullshit and everything thinks he's the best person ever now" jab at the end. He knows how much that duel upset people, but he insists at prodding his players anyway.

>> No.29705244

that prompt did almost nothing-we added a little dialogue before Monique freaked out and revealed the sword. If we'd just waited, Monique would have freaked out and revealed the sword without dialogue

>> No.29705245

>The duel wouldn't have ended there because Monique never got a new sword, he had the same sword the whole time. All we broke was the outer layer hiding the sealed king

The commentatoris like Thierri and Celestino all agree that the duel was legit because Reinhold agreed to continue. That seems to indicate that they seemed to think the duel with the Sealed King continue only because Monique "got a new sword".

>> No.29705253


>> No.29705257

Agreed, let's just drop it and move on.

>> No.29705263

While you may have a point, I'd say the same for Reinhold and pretty much any of his waifu options.

>> No.29705265

I still think the duel was great.

>> No.29705274

Oh you're correct

I think everyone already knew that. Nothing good is coming of the waifupocalypse

>> No.29705276

that's only true because fans of the other waifus will try to sabotage it

>> No.29705282

We did agree to allow him to use the sealed king though, (probably) because most people assumed the whole army destroying, super human buffing, immortal wizard shit that came with it wouldn't be allowed in a sword duel, or we would be aware of if it was, but it was agreed to.

>> No.29705299

Sadly I doubt that is going to happen. Watch.

>> No.29705309

Did we agree to it? I thought we agreed to use another sword, not the fucking magic sword

>> No.29705311

Well see, it'll still be better entertainment/story than matching up with Rein IMO. Struggles are key to engaging narratives after all, and frankly Nico's interest in Rein is among the most baffling of all the waifus, and feels kinda tacked on, like she was planned to be a waifu option from the start, and by Jove she's going to be one no matter how OOC it'll feel! I guess not everyone agrees but hey.

>> No.29705329

We didn't agree to it, it was written to automatically agree after everyone voted for an ice pun instead of actually thinking about the situation at hand.

>> No.29705333

Magical Vampire Rena rocks.
I'm sorry.

>> No.29705346

I honestly want Marianne to slap Luci and Sylvie down from their competition over Reinhold, not because I want Marianne to win (I don't really give a shit who wins really), but because while Marianne may be a bitch sometimes, she's also the only person who understands fully what Reinhold needs.

Luci especially seems to think "well, if I show him more of ME and the things that I can do, he'll fall in love with me at some point" when Reinhold is probably emotionally stunted as far as relationships with girls go from the trauma in his earlier life. And Marianne has (somewhat) told her this.

She's being selfish (albeit unintentionally) and until she starts to consider Reinhold's feelings and actually draws these issues out, she's not going to get anywhere. It's a two way street.

>> No.29705347

and proceeded to be a shady douche and get away with it because DMPC

>> No.29705395

Honest, I suspect that Nico ISN'T actually all that interested in Rein. She likes him well enough, but not "that way".

It's just... y'know. Her dad kinda already said he approved of Rein, so it's such an easy match. No drama, easy to hide her actual preferences.

anyone else see that? no?

>> No.29705402

i'm hesitant to call it DMPC because I don't think monique is a favored character, just a useful one.

I do admit that agreeing to use another sword and then having a magic sword come out is bullshit that pretty much proves that duels in that universe are fucking pointless. Why not just have someone cast boost on you (not yourself, that's not tournament legal) and then wreck your opponent before you collapse, after all, you weren't the one who casted it.

>> No.29705404

the problem is Luciana doesn't know WHY she needs to go slow. Marianne just told her not to be too pushy, and based on her reaction to us in the previous quest thread, it's because she thought it was just because we like less aggressive girls. This is the first time she actually heard we aren't ready for a relationship
What needs to happen is Reinhold needs to be less vague about shit

>> No.29705416

>no classic dungeon crawl quest where three goblins can kill you

>> No.29705423

Two people, fucked up in body or soul, in love with each other despite their difficulties is one of the great love stories after all.

>> No.29705427

>Honest, I suspect that Nico ISN'T actually all that interested in Rein.

I think Rein and Melanie are two of the few friends she has, and she's incapable of determining love from friendship because of reasons.

She's probably fall for Sylvie too if she was prodded enough for it

>> No.29705437

They're teens.

>> No.29705441

I didn't want to call him a DMPC either, until it was revealed that there were no repercussions for his actions other than the people who didn't like him still not liking him. Hell, now an entire country loves him now

>> No.29705459

I'm pretty sure if you asked arch this, he would respond that people have already done this in the past. It seems like such an obvious loophole that I'm amazed we weren't fucking killed at the first tournament.

If it really just boils down to bending the rules in that manner, then the fact we didn't get magic blasted before this is a miracle

>> No.29705460

To be fair, it is a country of douchebags and he is the douchebag general.

>> No.29705469

I think it's a nice change from the average MC that's thrown around here. The disgust and contempt he holds for his love interests is also great.

I do want him to eventually change and have a loving relationship with Claire. Am I alone?

>> No.29705471

she actually told us that
she said she has a little bit of a crush on us. That doesn't put her anywhere the level of affection as the rest of the cast

>> No.29705475

Queen of the World.

>> No.29705486

He's some useless border guard, barely known before this

now his official title might as well be 'Monique, immortal holder of the great lady of ice'.

>> No.29705500


>> No.29705502


The rules only bend for the Sealed Kings. Getting someone to cast something on you is cheating, except if it's a Sealed King, because why? Fuck you, Sealed King.

>> No.29705506

Luci made a joke about "pushing him down" (presumably onto a bed) a while back and Marianne got offended and told her to not make those kind of jokes around him.

Yeah, Reinhold needs to open up more, but Luci isn't stupid.

>> No.29705508

>At that point, forget crits altogether

Given stat mods to rolls, it's possible to reach crits then, right? But critfailing can only happen if I raise the DC...

>> No.29705518

>The rules only bend for the Sealed Kings
considering a rule we never heard of was pulled out of an ass and presented to us, I somehow doubt this is the case

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the greatest duelists actually have a system they use to put tournament legal spells on themselves and we just haven't heard about it because those rules havent been relevant until now. Books about dueling be damned.

>> No.29705523

Oh. I see. I guess I'm the only Clairefag.

>> No.29705527

>'Monique, immortal holder of the great lady of ice'.
>not 'Monique, The Chillest Knight In The Land'

>> No.29705536


I've taken "critting" to mean that you roll a certain result on the actual dice, before any bonuses or minuses added to the result. That's what it usually means.

> But critfailing can only happen if I raise the DC...

I don't get what you're trying to say. Please describe what kind of system you're thinking of.

>> No.29705548

>Not changing his name to Monicy

>> No.29705551

I never said she was stupid
but vagueness and mixed signals fuck with people
we'll see what happens now that we actually told her that we can't handle a relationship just yet

>> No.29705561

QotW is her own waifu. Her whole motive for villainy is making everyone else recognize her as the ultimate waifu too.

>> No.29705566

Luci is desperate, she has no time to go slow with Rein, because she is getting married off when Celestino has an opportunity. So to her, she has to be hyper aggressive to manage any sort of victory with her father.

>> No.29705587

>Luci is desperate, she has no time to go slow with Rein, because she is getting married off when Celestino has an opportunity. So to her, she has to be hyper aggressive to manage any sort of victory with her father.

Honestly, if I was in her shoes, I might do the same thing. Reinhold's not half bad, a bit of a fixer-upper, but still, better than anyone from Marconetti.

>> No.29705609

Rather than enter a relationship, I want Cap to develop to the point he admits he is starting to care for this people. Things like saying good bye to that girl that left, or panicing when Clair went missing are probably good signs of this.

Also I have to admit that I am a chiefag. I want to read Heart Beat Darkness with her.

>> No.29705627

No. Its a legitimate concern, since arch just established a very dangerous precedent of ignoring rolls/reinterpreting successes as failures.

>> No.29705649

I actually agree with you and that was the point I closed the thread last night.

I just wanted to read about how fucked socially monique was for doing that, and instead he's earning eternal praise. So frankly if that's how Arche wants to present this then there's really no reason to ever duel ever again.

And if there isn't any dueling, why even have a guard quest? Waifu quest isn't enough to hold up PGQ.

>> No.29705659
File: 40 KB, 225x350, 150013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and she is the best girl.

>> No.29705662

My understanding is that crit successes/fails happen as-rated on the stat table if the DC by default is at the mean rate. But if I raise/lower the DC then even with 3d20 + highest roll, it still is harder to get critfails.

With 1d100 + bonuses/minuses and the DC being raised/lowered, it's "more random" nevertheless, right?

>> No.29705666

I would read PGQ just for waifus.

>> No.29705670

It makes sense in his system, the system we shouldn't have taken because it fucked us over.

Otherwise we would have critted him twice and probably knocked him out for good

>> No.29705678

I was more saying that because she probably would have figured that Reinhold had some kind of issue with romance at the time, even if it may have fallen by the wayside now. Wasn't trying to imply that you called her stupid.

Hopefully that side of Rein will be explored a little more soon, though. Its been a while.

>> No.29705700

I agree
at this point it seems more that we're using it as an excuse to not make choices rather than any actual problem

>> No.29705703

But we just forced Chief into the standoffish high class lady role by offending her. She's not going to want to read with us for a long time.

>> No.29705711

>My understanding is that crit successes/fails happen as-rated on the stat table if the DC by default is at the mean rate. But if I raise/lower the DC then even with 3d20 + highest roll, it still is harder to get critfails.
>With 1d100 + bonuses/minuses and the DC being raised/lowered, it's "more random" nevertheless, right?

I'm sorry, I didn't understand this at all.

>> No.29705723

To be honest, I kinda want to just take Luci apart and just tell her our story. Something like ""this is my past and it made me the man I am now. I won't promise that things will be easy, but are you okay with me (Reinhold).

>> No.29705724

tl;dr, no matter what I do, 3d20 still insulates against critfails so much more than doing anything with 1d100.

>> No.29705744

The usual 3d20 rules actually increase the frequency of critical failures. You crazy.

>> No.29705745


Just go step by step and describe you system, not what you think the effects will be. How does your system work?

>> No.29705751

I'd really like this actually
right now only Marianne knows even a little bit about us
and telling her will probably help us deal with our shit, bottling it up makes us worse

>> No.29705753

This implies Monique has a character beyond "Walking Drama Dispenser". He has next to zero motivations for his extremely random and arbitrary hatred of Reinhold except for the fact that Reinhold is the MC and the MC needs an antagonist to grow against and look better in comparison to. Sure, he gets motivations later after the ever flawless Reinhold gracefully shows him up at every turn, but its so fucking backwards that the stupidity of it all is tangible and painful. It makes me want to root for Monique, just because the whole situation is that shitty.

>> No.29705760


He means 3d20, crit on 3 and 60

>> No.29705768

bring this up tonight in the quest. this is actually a good idea
granted, the Marifags and Sylviefags probably won't agree to it, but it's a good idea and might help with the whole 'muh trauma' issue

>> No.29705785

A battle against a Sealed King SHOULD be difficult, so I'm fine with the outcome as long as Arch recalibrates the rest of the DC's for his new system.

>> No.29705789

>It makes sense in his system
Which is itself a problem, but not even then does it make sense.

>> No.29705794

Why are waifus popular?

>> No.29705805

Same reason why men like women.

>> No.29705811

the eternal question

if you ever get an answer, feel free to come back and tell us.

>> No.29705821

>A battle against a Sealed King SHOULD be difficult

Not him, but if your QM changed around the rules to make your rolls meaningless, then he shouldn't have let you roll at all

telling your players that they have no purpose is spitting in their face, and if that's what archelon did, then I understand every last bit of bitching his players are doing.

>> No.29705828

My nigga

>> No.29705848

>A battle against a Sealed King SHOULD be difficult

Then don't even let us roll, play it out like the cutscene it should have been instead of stringing us along like it was possible to win the encounter

>> No.29705850

Heterosexual conduct. Disgusting, I know.

>> No.29705853


3d20, take highest roll of the three.

>> No.29705854

But it was possible with a crit.

>> No.29705874

Which were disabled thanks to the new dice.

>> No.29705881

>Not him, but if your QM changed around the rules to make your rolls meaningless, then he shouldn't have let you roll at all
As I understand it, players were given a choice of whether to use this new system.

It was a bit buggily implemented in this thread, but thematically the raised difficulty makes sense.

Either way, it is now A Thing That Has Happened.

Continuing to bitch about it is largely pointless; the message, I am sure, is recieved, but since there will not be a retcon at this stage, it is time to either quit reading or turn your eyes to the future.

>> No.29705885

Same reason why VNs are. Fake relationships are easier than real ones.

>> No.29705888

Even if losing is inevitable you can still take rolls to see how badly you lose.

>> No.29705896


Then you DON'T get insulation against crits, in fact your chance of critting (when compared with 1d100) is about thirty times higher.

Just describe the system.

>> No.29705904

Welcome my brother from another mother.
That is what will make it better when we manage to get her to open up with us and admit she wants to read it with us.

To be honest, I just get to the point when Cap can open up to other and have others open up to him.

I just want to stop using our trauma as a shield from making decisions, plus I want to stop stringing Luci along and show her what type of man Rein is. That way she will have to make the choice if a relationship with Rein is really worth it.

>> No.29705907

If losing is inevitable, then there is no player choice.
Just a railroad.

>> No.29705910

I'm going to run an Evangelion Quest set in America

You'll start as not!Shinji, arriving at Norad just as the second angel appears. Only the Evas will be destroyed just as you arrive.

The, in this universe, first impact will then occur and wipe out 90% of life on Earth. Due to being in the epicenter of Lilith's annihilation, you will be unexpectedly spared, and receive a part of the blessing of the Fruit of Life.

The Evas will then be scratched. The new models will be codenamed Ganmen

But this will happen so far from now that you'll forget I said anything about it

Good or bad, it's going to be big

>> No.29705922


Well good thing losing wasn't inevitable. We were close to winning: we just needed a crit, and almost got one, but we needed just a bit more.

>> No.29705926

I just did. This is pretty much it.

>> No.29705937

>If losing is inevitable, then there is no player choice.
>Just a railroad.
You don't get to complain about railroading when there was more than one set of tracks and

>> No.29705947


You didn't describe your crit system. That's what has been confusing me: what do you want your crit system to work like? Please, work with me.

>> No.29705966

Here's the thing, is it okay for a QM to punish players both in and out of character because they made a decision that appears stupid due to information only the QM has?

>> No.29705967
File: 10 KB, 320x320, Edmund Duke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>arriving at Norad
I would rather arrive at Norad II and serve under the command of The Last Gentleman.

>> No.29705968

Evangelion sucks

They should have just nuked the angels

>> No.29705982

Do you even N2 mines?

They dropped dozens of fucking super nukes on the sons of bitches and they just regenerate, you need an anti-AT field to disrupt their power followed by nuking or a giant robot beat down

nukes don't beat magic brah

>> No.29706002

IC yes, OoC no

>> No.29706008

It is sub-optimal, but so is continuing to complain about it after the fact.

It is a thing that will be corrected moving forwards. Deal with it, or don't - it's up to you.

>> No.29706009

They did. They nuked the hell out of them. They just regenerate or use bullshit magic shields and ignore them.
The only reason the evangelions work is because the evas have their own bullshit magic that negates the angels' bullshit magic.

>> No.29706032

That crits should be at the 15-20% mark?

If 3d20 + highest shows that the mean rate is at 17, then crit successes mean that they have to hit 20 + mods, and crit fails is 12 and below?

>> No.29706043

>bullshit magic
Then strap that 'magic' or field or whatever to the nukes.

And then use more nukes.

>> No.29706049

You're making the assumption that it was so. All I'm saying is that it is not railroading just because losing is inevitable. It may have been evitable before. Anyway, some things are just impossible. A Primarch will not be able to defeat an entire legion but if he rolls well he might survive for a pretty long time.

>> No.29706053

So you are going to start an Evangelion quest and then switch it to some sort of Gurren Laggann thing without player input? Are you sure you've thought this through?

>> No.29706058








>> No.29706059

>Edmund Duke
;_;7 Godspeed, General. At least you died before SC2 could shit all over you.

>> No.29706080

It's cheaper to reuse Evas than make dozens of Eva nukes

It's a planned shit storm

not to mention /tg/ can't into shell shocked child, they're going to GAR it up anyways

>> No.29706090

>At least you died before SC2 could shit all over you.
Right, because that saved Tassadar or the Overmind. Even Fenix's memory got shit on a little in HotS.

>> No.29706105

>not to mention /tg/ can't into shell shocked child
Commissar Quest did a pretty good job of a relatively normal child having to suddenly cope with watching a motherfucker get executed before her eyes.

>> No.29706108

The bullshit magic only works with living angel-like beings. Like Angels or Evas. You can't strap an eva to a nuke, unless you really want to kill your own supply of giant cyborgs. It'd be cheaper to have the evas fight the angels instead of having them run into combat carrying an armful of nukes. Not to mention you need a sentient pilot who can synch with the eva in order to use the magic too.

>> No.29706112

You need to go deeper.

The EVA schematics came from some girl riding her vespa in exchange for letting her stay for her mission. Three megacorps plan on using the knowledge of the imminent apocalypse to their advantage - NERV will do crowd control and bioengineering, some lady will deploy her life fibers in order to increase their potential, and some bald guy with beard will handle providing advanced energy sources.

>> No.29706118

We could just tell all the girls (Marianne, Nico, Luci, and Sylvie) at one time.

>> No.29706124

I wish that quest didn't have a little girl PC. I was expecting some more... commissar.

>> No.29706128

They still have time to do that. Like, Duke was in on the hybrid experiments, and one of them is his clone.

>> No.29706151

I'm not the one claiming railroading, I am just saying, if you require two of the first three rolls on a d20 to be a 20 to not fail three - four threads worth of quest that is something of a fuck you to players.
Following it up with a "you could have avoided this if you had done this" when you didn't give the players the info that they probably would have IC that would encourage that choice until after the fact, is going to piss people off.

>> No.29706168

we need to
even if we don't plan on romancing some of them, we're friends

>> No.29706172

>angel-like beings
So make one small enough to fit in a warhead?
it's not hard, dude.

>> No.29706176

Schola Quest would've been a more accurate name. I have to say, though, its one of the few quests where I enjoy it despite the little girl MC. Maybe because her being a girl wasn't planned by the QM and thus doesn't really factor into her personality.

>> No.29706200

>It's a planned shit storm

As sad as the thought of an Eva quest turning into TTGL makes me, I kinda have to admire this. Godspeed sir.

>> No.29706205

Roll 3d20, take highest roll and add mods. If above the DC, say, 17, you succeed, then if your roll + mods is above 28, you get a critical success?

Critfails start at 9 and below.

>> No.29706212

Guys, how receptive would you be to a Saint Seiya Quest?

>> No.29706230

Would need to have waifus

>> No.29706236

Durr, referring to >>29706058

Too much lore to bother.

>> No.29706251

>that is something of a fuck you to players.
That wasn't the intent.

But decisions were offered, and choices were made in good faith.

It didn't all pan out. C'est la vie. Pick yourself up and move on.

>> No.29706253

Make n!Shinji for extra butthurt.
>this will happen so far from now that you'll forget I said anything about it
If nothing else, QTG has a good memory. They still hate on that one QM who trolled his own quest then imploded from time to time. Lamia Daughter Quest is STILL a dirty word with good reason, but still

>> No.29706289

>Make n!Shinji for extra butthurt.
Make him a girl, rather. You see how butthurt female MCs get /tg/. Have him get trapped in a lesbian love triangle with n!Rei and n!Asuka for even MORE shitstorms.

>> No.29706300

Asuka. And she never gets laid.

>> No.29706301

So I was thinking of a quest idea someone suggested, then I thought of a system where first three people would roll 3d7s

Then the results would be arranged, like so

Player 1: [2, 3, 1]
Player 2: [5, 3, 2]
Player 3: [1, 3, 1]

And then making it work like a slot machine. In this example, 3's down the center = bonuses. Bonuses could be granted for any combination, like a regular slot machine.

>> No.29706302

>They should have just nuked the angels
That's bullshit.
But yes, EVA is overhyped.

The worst thing is the Rebuild movies. The team blatantly abuses the goodwill that the franchise enjoys to salt the ground.
The first two movies were just recaps, with the second ending on a promising note.
Then the third completely shat on everything.

This makes me sad, because big budget EVA with a non-depressed director could have been glorious.

>> No.29706319

I was planning to use Omega as a base, to avoid a part of the lore.

Why would you need another waifu, when you can fight for your waifu Athena for the love and peace of the earth.

>> No.29706322

Except that you need a pilot in the warhead in order to synch with it and activate the AT field. And for that, you need a core that's gone through a contact experiment, and for that you need some flesh samples from either Adam or Lilith- which is limited, as Adam fucked off and caused second impact, and Lilith is already down to just a torso and could wake up.

So that's two lives, both of which need to be mother and child- and the child needs to have a significant intimacy issue in order for them to be synched properly- and the angel-like being would need to be made out of an exceedingly rare material.
All in all, it's easier and cheaper to have pilots and giant fighting cyborgs, which can be reused, rather than murder teenage/preteen pussies by having them hug nukes that are also their mom.

>> No.29706323

OR make n!Rei and n!Asuka be emotionally fucked over guys

but keep n!Mari female and bi just to confuse things

>> No.29706329

EVA has got the same problem as just about every other anime.

No-one in japan seems to know how to END a story in a satisfying fashion.

>> No.29706333

That's actually really fuckin cool.

>> No.29706335

Would it be possible to make a quest where players have to employ actual skillsets?
Like, a quest where player input is done via programming or something? Or where you need to do a well-written write-in to get a bonus?

>> No.29706341

Even better, have n!Shinji shy away at the last second all the time because of her traumatic molestation-filled childhood. Then when she finally chooses one, that one decides she isn't gay anymore and when they decide to settle for the other one, she decides she is love with the first instead, who has similarly decided that she is a lesbian again and is in love with the other.

>> No.29706343

to be fair, EVA's end is bad becuase Anno was insane when he wrote it and has stated that there is no meaning in it, it's just something he wrote

>> No.29706347

>Why would you need another waifu, when you can fight for your waifu Athena for the love and peace of the earth.
Because you can't have Athena. She is too pure and can only be admired from a distance. Something much more approachable is needed.

>> No.29706353

>But decisions were offered, and choices were made in good faith.

Based on bad information provided by the QM.

But yeah, butthurt gets us nowhere, I'm just trying to explain why its not the "Hurr durr /tg/ characters aren't allowed to lose or everyone throws a bitchfit" crap people have been slinging around.

>> No.29706355

Yeah, if you know all your players personally and make sure they all show up.

But at that point I have to wonder why the fuck you're running it here.

>> No.29706363

I might have to steal that.

>> No.29706365

Or go beyond the first episode, for that matter.

I've seen way too fucking many Japanese things that start on an awesome idea and then degrade. Most of the time into harem antics.

Some bad offenders have been Haganai (Seriously, why the fuck didn't it stay as a story about people that passive-agressively refuse to accept that they are friends?) and Kamen Rider Wizard.

>> No.29706368

Absolutely not. MC needs to be a crossdressing man everyone thinks is a girl, but he really would like to stop crossdressing.

>> No.29706371

wow that just sounds dumb

why don't they just make artifical fields with tech.

much easier
and they could probably turn it into beams.

then they wouldn't have to waste money on making impractical oversized bio engineering tests.

>> No.29706382

That 888 quest had that. Most people apparently don't know electrical gates.

>> No.29706389

>has stated that there is no meaning in it
In other words, there's a meaning and he's ashamed of it.
Reminds me of when I looked back after my teenage years of depressions. Instant wish for suicide.

>> No.29706390

We've had a starcraft quest before, right?

I feel like if I made one I wouldn't be able to keep my massive hatred for protoss at bay

>> No.29706392

Sonia, Aria or Yuna should be good waifus for you guys. To be honest Omega has been good at adding good girls to like.

>> No.29706393

because the tech is souls

We kind of ran out of Forbidden Fruit, so we have to make do with real souls

>> No.29706399

Even better, he is an effeminate boy who gets turned into a girl by the Evas because reasons, but only for a few hours after every angel fight, so he ends up living a double life with the lesbian girls that he loves.

>> No.29706403

Hey, why didn't we just invent magical infinite energy machines and lasers when we fought in world war 2?
Oh right, because we don't have the technology.

>> No.29706417


Why are picking those numbers? By your description, as it stands, you can never crit if you have less than +9 in modifiers, and you critfail about 9.11% (REMEMBER 9/11) of the time if you crit at 9 and below.

You haven't yet described your system, at all. Where are those numbers from? How do you decide where you start critting? What the fuck is going on??? You are making me so damn frustrated that I can't keep going on like this, so I will call this a night and wish you luck in figuring things out.

Keep in mind you have to explain these things to your quest players. That really should be your #1 thing to keep on your mind. It should be simple, grokkable and easy to explain.

>> No.29706425

OR, the EVA/Ganmen are double pilot designs, and due to AT bursts from an angel death, the pilots switch bodies for a day after each success

>> No.29706429

I second this. The MC is the prettiest girl on the team. However, he's a boy.

>> No.29706432

EVA's problem is that the MC is so fucking annoying. He whines, is terrible, and then his giant cyborg mommy has to go berserk and save the day.
And then because of him being a pussy, everyone dies. Or loses their sentience and individuality, which is the same as death.

>> No.29706434

Do you even Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer?

>> No.29706437

Is that guy going to livestream himself going through the entire PGQ archive or what? I mean, if I'm following correctly (I don't read that dumb quest), apparently Reinhold's loss is legit so...

>> No.29706439


... That's brilliant.

>> No.29706441

We had Ghost Quest, and that Zerg Quest, yeah.

Might be cool. You could set it apart from the games - maybe a sheriff on some colonial world or something. Or as mercenaries fighting for the noble houses or shit.

>> No.29706567

nope. But I'm betting it's the exception that proves the rule.

Mind you, Japan is far from the only party guilty of "shit ending syndrome". But I just see it a lot in anime and it makes me want to claw my eyes out.

>> No.29706595

to me, japan is famous for coming up with premises that are really fucking interesting and then driving them into the ground IMMEDIATELY.

this applies especially to the bleaches and narutos.

Japanese ghost busters? Great idea.
Magic ninja warfare? Great idea.
we've seen where they went though.

>> No.29706604

Go read the Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer manga.
It won't disappoint you.

>> No.29706608
File: 270 KB, 1249x335, 1330981585916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29706617

rest assured that you have placed it firmly on my radar

>> No.29706637

Rolled 7 + 1

Thanks, I was planning on using it and a few other card-game based dice rolls in the new quest I was planning.

The card-game based one is a little more complex, it's [number of cards drawn] d 52, plus a 1d4 to determine suit.

Going by french deck.

1 =
2 =
3 =
4 =

The idea was that some rolls would be the slot machine, other times I would play blackjack with my players.

Let's see what card I just drew

>> No.29706640

Or Fairy Tail:
A bunch of people that are overpowered for their setting and easily defeat the enemies, but have to deal with the fact that they inevitably wreck shit and go into debt and also give us plenty of awesome fanservice with a good soundtrack?
Let's change focus to "friendship", pretend that the characters are underdogs, ignore the main character over the dude who would normally be a main character and make every single fucking arc identical.

>> No.29706648

>demon hunters, their political intrigues and upholding the masquerade
>fuck that, lets focus on one dude with a glasses fetish

>> No.29706661

>googly eyes

>> No.29706668

Rolled 15 + 1

Card suit icons don't work here? I thought they did


Anyway, 1 = spades, 2 = clubs, 3 = diamonds 4 = hearts. So that roll was a 7 of spades.

And it's actually a [x]d15 and not [x]d52 because that would count every card in the deck. A little more complex but it might be fun.

>> No.29706685

>Ace of Spades

Wait, wouldn't ace be 15 and 1? Or is that intended?

>> No.29706690

Yeah, I wasn't saying that he was actually that much of a pussy. He deals with more than any single person should have to deal with...
But it's still as annoying as fuck. It's simply not fun.

>> No.29706692

I remember one show, Eden of the East I think, that seemed like a really cool show about airship musket fights and sky pirates, but then it devolved into little girl plot devices saving the world from gay ladyboys and their incestuous older sisters.

>> No.29706694

>Show about people with sentient shape-shifting weapons that need to eat exactly 99 souls and then the soul of a witch.
>Starts in media res and showcases what happens if the witch soul isn't the soul of a witch
>Instead of a focus on combat, there's a ratio of 80% filler, an annoying sword and an OCD god of death

>> No.29706714

Read Tsukihime and Knk.

>> No.29706721

Last Exile?

>> No.29706732

And then there's show that start with "nigga what" promises and somehow have a cult following.
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere was one of the biggest "my brain is full of fuck" moments, ever. The entire fucking premise is completely retarded and almost dadaistic. And yet the fans claim that it actually all makes sense. They also sperg around, because there's a ridiculously autistic power system in that setting.

>> No.29706765

/tg/ - /qtg/ - /a/ lite

>> No.29706770

Funnily enough, Steins;Gate is the exact opposite of that. It starts out with annoying 'caricatures' instead of proper characters, and then around halfway through things start getting really damn good, all the way to the end.

>> No.29706772

>no imperial guard quest with copious POV shifts
I just want to play as a guardsman shooting at Orks.

>> No.29706777
File: 454 KB, 200x150, 1328942956709.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does /tg/ feel about Magical Girl quests? Soured yet? Over done?

I wanted to make one but I wanted it to retain the traditional feel of one instead of the darker atmosphere I see most of the quests here take up (EPQ aside)

>> No.29706793

An inevitable side effect of /a/ having a shit load of awesome premises and then driving them into the ground.

They make cool worlds that we want to play in.

>> No.29706800
File: 68 KB, 300x409, 1335830503690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the problem is?

>> No.29706806

go ahead. I could use some lighthearted fun.

>> No.29706809
File: 32 KB, 725x897, 3D20SPECIAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29706824

just... be aware you will have to overcome some pretty deeply ingrained suspicion of mascots.

>> No.29706836

I don't like them but I can't stop them.

>> No.29706839

Horizon makes sense, the problem is slogging through the first 4 eps. After that is when you start understanding the world. It also helps reading the blog that explained the world in detail ep by ep, really helps.

>> No.29706843

I didn't think Steins;Gate ever had annoying caricatures.

I mean, sure, you didn't know that much about them, but by that logic all stories begin with annoying caricatures

>> No.29706861

How traditional are we talking?
Also, do you intend to avoid lesbians?

Kaitou Saint Tail was awesome.

>> No.29706887

>all these people listing premises that japan fucked right the hell up
Exactly what I was talking about. Thank you anons.
Now let's steal each and every one of those premises.

>> No.29706890

But the premise is "We try to recreate history by doing a really shitty recreation of it in order to get results for the time of history that we don't remember".
That's basically anathema to chaos theory.

>> No.29706896

That is her recycle animation attack

>> No.29706905

It was more that the MC was super annoying at the start.

Despite this, Steins;Gate is still one of my very favorite shows/VNs. Possibly even my very favorite.

>> No.29706909

I could spend hours listing broken promises.
And that's not restricted to anime.
Videogames are also extremely full with that.

>> No.29706914

what IS a recycle animation attack?
I've never been into magical girls unless they weren't actually magical girls but were in fact very small very girly mechs of ultimate destruction.

>> No.29706926
File: 1.00 MB, 960x720, 1340150679217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have that in mind, it might result in some interesting subversion of people's expectations later

CCS levels of tradition. Probably avoid lesbians. If anything it's going to be shoujo subtext with sparkles and bubbles.

>> No.29706951

It all makes sense, but it requires you to pay close attention to the details. It's a lot easier to understand when you read the actual novels, since the anime skips a lot of stuff. I read a fair share of info on the setting and understood basically everything that happened after rewatching both seasons. It's basically a franchise that requires you to be autistic as fuck to understand perfectly.

>> No.29706955

>having a mascott character in your magical girls
>making it a cute fluffy thing
>not making it a sword
>or a mech

>> No.29706965

>CCS levels of tradition. Probably avoid lesbians.
sounds like heresy to me.

You can't do CCS without lesbian subtext

>> No.29706968

Speaking from experience, at that age it is very difficult to open up to others about being molested as a child. Even worse that he remembers it clearly. Just vague portions of events, and slightly clearer memories of the investigation and trial left me fucked up for a while.

>> No.29706969
File: 2.48 MB, 659x480, heavyarms.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One attack for which they use the same animation and everything.

>> No.29706975

>CCS levels of tradition.
So you mean moe with a lobotomized MC?

/tg/ will not try to play the little idiot hero. If you give them the sword card, they'll win everything forever, for example.

>> No.29706982
File: 197 KB, 180x135, I'llShowMyselfOut.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I concede that you have a point

>> No.29706988

Thats it. EoE is the one about the dude who uses NEETs to save Japan. No fucking clue how I mixed those two up.

>> No.29706993

/tg/ has fun with playin' the idiot.
It requires moderate QM intervention occasionally though.

>> No.29707001

>no grot quest where die ignobly at the end of every thread, only to be alive again at the beginning of the next one

>> No.29707010

>So you mean moe with a lobotomized MC?

I guess it would depend if /tg/ played her that way.

I'm not going to just hand them things like the sword card or a +5 magic staff. They'll have to improvise to find that stuff out.

>> No.29707021

>Portal opens to fantasyland
>Japan attempts to trade with them and eventually decides to start a school to educate them to accept trade better

goddamnit japan.
You were supposed to have magitech armor and cool politics.
Not this.

>> No.29707027

Sour as fuck, but at the same time its not like adding one more to the pile will change anything.

>> No.29707042

To be honest the recreation of history is just a means to the end, they hope by following the plans they have they can recreate the results they once obtained.

To be honest, the whole recreation of history is an interesting part of the setting, which explains many of the characters. Plus I like how crazy the setting is.

>> No.29707044


>> No.29707050

Sounds like Breaker Quest and their speed boost/bazooker bat combo.

>> No.29707058
File: 315 KB, 728x1040, AverageCivGame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's ANOTHER series with a similar premise, but it's full of "LOL NIPPON STROINK" and less fantasy meat grinder

But it has it's moments.

>> No.29707068

>You were supposed to have magitech armor and cool politics.
You were supposed to read gate, not watch Outbreak Company

>> No.29707078

Its better than the other one about that same premise where everyone is trying to rape fantasyland, at least.

>> No.29707092

>everyone tries to rape fantasyland
>everyone tries to sell porn to fantasy land

Goddamnit japan.
Neither of these are correct.

>> No.29707093
File: 252 KB, 723x878, retards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gate is a weird series though.

The politics in the real world is the worst part of it because it's written by someone who clearly doesn't know anything about politics.

>> No.29707097

>implying Gate isn't also shit

>> No.29707102

That's another thing.
Whenever Japan shows other cultures, it's ridiculously racist.

I remember that LN about an American guy in Japan.
"Look, we can even go around at night without being killed!"
Or Raildex, where canonically all Americans have guns everywhere, even at the beach.

>> No.29707112

this right here is my problem
Stop being an idiot, writers.

>> No.29707123
File: 454 KB, 640x512, AMERICA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying American characters aren't the best thing about any anime with them

>> No.29707135

yeah I gotta say, this is one of the few instances of japanese unashamed racism that I'm OK with.

>> No.29707141

>Or Raildex, where canonically all Americans have guns everywhere, even at the beach.
They don't? My whole life was a lie.

>> No.29707148

Dont forget how only America has black people

>> No.29707151

I was molested as a kid, and note that for most it is very difficult to talk about in the mid to late teens if you actively even acknowledge your problem at all.

>> No.29707171

Don't forget how they have to shove everywhere how their culture is the best shit ever.
And their men are irresistible.

>> No.29707174

To anyone playing (or is interested in playing) In Her Image: Do you guys really, really want a dice system, or would you be okay with doing something more like the games, selecting your moves and letting things play out? I have a way to simulate the battles pretty faithfully to the games, though it'd take out a little bit of the number crunch plus GM fiat.

>> No.29707179

There was that anime about a bartender. Actually, I think that was even the title.
The first episode used the English language to prove a point. It also completely fucked up the actual meaning of the word.

Well, I'm German.
Japan is weird for German people. It's like that cousin that still thinks you were really fucking awesome during your teenage skinhead phase.
German characters in Japanese media are often portrayed as awesome by virtue of being disciplined and militaristic. Which is extremely offensive to modern-day Germans. We HATE war. Especially after the whole Afghanistan fiasko, where America forced us to break our constitution in order to join their retarded war.

>> No.29707182

If you run it it means I won't eventually snap and do it. Waiting warmly.

I did NOT imply any such thing. It simply isn't that the anon is complaining about.
>Or Raildex, where canonically all Americans have guns everywhere, even at the beach.
...is that supposed to be seen as negative?
Also, Dan Eagleman best animu american. Or up there. I'd say he was pretty much Superman + Captain America with a side helping of CRAZY.
> tfw no Inquisitorial Stormtrooper quest ever
> tfw no shock at seeing just how much your former Schola colleagues have change
> tfw no operating operationally in the grimdark future

>> No.29707188
File: 176 KB, 572x682, ameriblax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, you know how you can spot an American, right?

>> No.29707192

I swear to god japan stop ruining your cool premises with bullshit

>> No.29707195

In other news, I really need to work on deleting quotes of other people's posts after I've clicked them to open up quick reply.

In other, OTHER news, thread at around 6:30 EST.

>> No.29707196

I just don't see what that has to do with goblins.

>> No.29707210

It's true, outside of Japan everyone is a savage african american

>> No.29707213

>If you run it it means I won't eventually snap and do it. Waiting warmly.
Unforgivable! You belong to the cyborgs!

>> No.29707216

Goblins are aggressive molesters. They often pay exorbitant troll tolls just to invade little boy holes.

>> No.29707229

Japanese food in anime is always better than foreign food.
That's despite Japanese food generally having a very bland taste.

>...is that supposed to be seen as negative?
Well, that LN gave us fighter jet Mikoto, so it kinda balances out.
The real bad one was the Railgun SS2. The one where Mikoto goes to Russia and suddenly everything stops making sense. It's like they went into troll-logic town or something.

Does anyone know if the author of Infinite Stratos is aware that Germany and France have had lots of bad blood in the past?
It's kind of ironic seeing the two nations as best buddies in that show. They are also the only good part about it.

>> No.29707232
File: 2.38 MB, 2225x1600, Terraformer foodstuffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>outside of Japan everyone is a savage african american
Wrong manga.

>> No.29707235

Fuck, linked wrong post. Meant to be involved in the Princess Guard Quest discussion about Reinhold's problems.

This is what I get or going to /tg/ on a phone.

>> No.29707245

Not the "disciplined" part. They still pride themselves in that.
> Unforgivable!
This guy, he has quite the nerve saying something like that.

>> No.29707273

hey germany.
American here.
The only time you were cool was during your skinhead phase.
You were also evil during this time, but you were cool while you were doing it.
you pretty much -invented- the stylish villain faction.

>> No.29707278

>Not the "disciplined" part. They still pride themselves in that.
We don't.
The only kind of discipline we have is punctuality. Which is just a matter of politeness.
We tend to swear a lot and we don't give a fuck about dress codes. That's something that I was warned about at my old university - You don't have to be punctual in France, but don't you dare wear casual clothing to a meeting.

>> No.29707333

I can also say with some certainty that for some reason Germany is seen as a hogger of sunloungers on holiday.

As someone who never really goes anywhere on holiday, I'm not quite sure what that's all about.

>> No.29707341

At least we have a sense of humor.
There is no common German equivalent for the terms "offensive" or "offended". There is "verletzend" and "verletzt", but that kind of wording is a *very* severe expression.
So we just go to town with jokes and make life fun. There is no point in being butthurt - Even the worst things can be turned into jokes.

>> No.29707351

>the love interest falls to Chaos
>the MC has to give her the Emperor's mercy
>kill her or die
It'd be glorious.

>> No.29707356

We reserve our sunlounges with towels.
If you see an unoccupied spot with a random towel, you just have to lie in wait. A few hours later you will meet a German.

>> No.29707373

so what happens if someone comes along and steals the unoccupied towels? Perhaps to help reinforce their hobo domocile?

>> No.29707397

I can have no respect for someone who doesn't even know where their towel is.

>> No.29707398
File: 443 KB, 1300x905, 1390425939700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does anyone know if the author of Infinite Stratos is aware that Germany and France have had lots of bad blood in the past?
...I THINK it's supposed to be a conscious inversion. Think/hope.
> They are also the only good part about it.
This Is Truth! Brit-tan is fine too.
IS Quest when?
You play as Chifuyu.

Aye. Ideological problems aside, Nazis do have some rather stylish aesthetics.
W-who does he think he is, making a post like this?!
>Unforgivable! You belong to the cyborgs!
Cyborg magical girls? Image related. It's a magical girl. It's also a cyborg. It's also a MAGICAL cyborg that punches everything. She even punches to cast ranged attacks cause she ain't giving no fucks like that.

Everything would burn, anon. Everything.
And it would be oh so very sweet.
>I'm not quite sure what that's all about.
[joke about latent imperialistic tendencies goes here]

>> No.29707414

>love interest
>40k quest
That's not what is wanted!

>> No.29707429

Japan has a huge amount of interesting settings that can work well in quests. Here I picked out a few ones from LNs
Baka to Test to Shoukajuu - SoL comedy quest with some romance and absurd action here and there
Log Horizon for obvious reasons. Waiting for the TRPG rulebook.
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu - the setting is huge and detailed. Now if only the novels were translated or someone with good Moon skill could use it.
To Aru Majutsu no Index - as long as we concentrate on the Magic side. Kamachi.exe did enough research for this series to write an occult encyclopedia.
Slayers - well, kinda obvious why.
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria - no detailed setting, but the ideas can be used for making some damn crazy stuff.
Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo - setting with a lot to explore and do. The kind where it's easy to make up new things and events on the fly.

>> No.29707442

Search your feelings, you know it's bound to happen.
Even with a Space Marine as the MC. Especially with a Space Marine as the MC.

>> No.29707467

>Cyborg magical girls?
Been done. Still boring.

>> No.29707471

>Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo
Pretty much a standard dungeon crawl, no?
Caster, Rogue, Tank.

>> No.29707480

dear QTG:
How soon should I knock off the player's love interest in a horror scenario?

>> No.29707486

Expect a bitchfit.

>> No.29707502

>kill her off
>not make her the monster they were running for
>not having her use the MC
Are you even trying.

>> No.29707515

>[joke about latent imperialistic tendencies goes here]

>> No.29707534

>the monster you were running from
Wait until -after- she dies, anon.

>> No.29707540

Up to you. It's really difficult to do it wrong. The very beginning is probably the worst time, but even that can drive a plot

>> No.29707546

>Baka to Test to Shoukajuu - SoL comedy quest with some romance and absurd action here and there
Could be nice comedy.

>To Aru Majutsu no Index - as long as we concentrate on the Magic side. Kamachi.exe did enough research for this series to write an occult encyclopedia.
But the science side is also usable.
Not the tech, because there's plenty of it in other settings.
But the superpowers are a good basis for some nifty superpowered antics.

>Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo - setting with a lot to explore and do. The kind where it's easy to make up new things and events on the fly.
Yeah, that's perfect for hilarious challenges.

>> No.29707568


>> No.29707592

>celebrate two quests today on QTG
>one already postponed to saturday

>> No.29707593

Don't do the monster thing. Have the MC and his love interest be trapped with several strangers somewhere, with no communication, and one of them is a killer. The killer is the love interest, and you're the last victim.

>> No.29707600

I was mostly joking.

> she was a radical all along and tried to control a demon artifact
> your attempts at being understanding only furthered the corruption

The strongest party member goes after she goes.

>> No.29707660

>you were used by a heretic
>you're marked with the taint of Chaos
>you've got to run, to hide, to survive
>you're hearing voices too
I'd play a Black Crusade Quest.

>> No.29707677

sorry, that's not what I'm goin' for.

>> No.29707687

So Twen, when are you running Convict Edgeborg Quest?

>> No.29707706

>> she was a radical all along and tried to control a demon artifact
>> your attempts at being understanding only furthered the corruption
That's exactly how it would go. They couldn't bring themselves to condemn someone if they were female and pretty.

>> No.29707725

but that happens all the time to the point it's not worth mentioning it.

>> No.29707742

>but that happens all the time to the point it's not worth mentioning it.
That's what I am saying.

>> No.29707745

Hexer not IR.

>> No.29707765

/qtg/ ruins Inquisitor Quest before it happens.

>> No.29707774

you're saying the opposite, that the pretty female is never condemned.

It happens all the time. I am having trouble thinking of a quest where you kill people commonly that they haven't killed or at least condemned a pretty lady.

>> No.29707784

Which one? The potential 40K one, or the potential WoD during the Hundred Years War one?

>> No.29707798

It just usually doesn't have this kind of fallout.
Mid to end of February most likely. Might run a few small things in the meantime.
...time to corrupt us some hivers so they can protect us.

>> No.29707811

It can be. The thing about the setting is that everything is done through games, so you can basically hold any event you want and put the players in any situation ranging from a supernatural mystery to a MGS stealth mission, Boos raid, gambling challenge, Mario Cart race and so one. No defined roles or classes, as how you play just depends on how you utilize your initial skill and the abilities you acquire through clearing challenges.

>> No.29707851

>so one
so on

I should just fucking go to sleep.

>> No.29707861

I think I like Booze raid better

>> No.29707870

Fratboy quest never.

>> No.29707900

You're right. The way everything shifts and varies is very appealing about the story and setting. Some games are simply PUNCH A GOD REALLY HARD, others are full-scale wars and others are all about befriending steampunk machine building fairies so you can get something to punch the enemy mecha (which is the embodiment of disaster) with.

Geass scroll rules lawyering is a go.

I believe it would work very well as a drawquest, The wacky world of Little Garden just kind of seems suited for it.

>> No.29708020
File: 598 KB, 1076x773, 1390427952272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mondaiji drawquest
My body would never be ready.
God Hand Quest when?

>> No.29708046

Problem Children as a drawquest would rule.

>> No.29708235
File: 163 KB, 705x1024, 17342214920130202153223094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sex Appeal Bunny better be romanceable, though.

>> No.29708265
File: 227 KB, 766x917, 1376454828425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You and you alone, then.

>> No.29708297
File: 160 KB, 620x877, Earth Caste and a Guevesa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Am I tauwaii, uguu

>> No.29708312

> Khornette
My nigga.

>> No.29708350
File: 232 KB, 600x600, 1387977759139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Khornette is best daemongril. Most canon behind vanilla daemonettes, too.

>> No.29708362

>How soon should I knock off the player's love interest in a horror scenario?
How long of a scenario are we talking?

Early on, raise a bunch of death flags. She's wounded, dying, saying, "oh, I love you anon," etc etc. But she manages to come through somehow, barely, from her wounds.

Then kill her off maybe... halfway through. Depends on how long the quest is, where you do it. You want those death flags to lose their immediacy, to let the players think you were just faking them out. Then... blammo! She gets gutted by the monster in under a second, her eyes rolling up in her head as her lifeless body collapses to the floor.

>> No.29708365
File: 2.08 MB, 1122x1597, 1390429080875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on whether we're playing as Izayoi or a completely new player and whether the original cast is still there. I think it would also be nice if we had several protagonists, so that each can be developed more when the players are controlling them during important events.

>> No.29708444

Every day until she gets her ears back.

> waifuing useless bunnies

>God Hand Quest when?

>> No.29708542

Red Sands Redux soon, friends!

>> No.29708557
File: 494 KB, 500x203, mugatu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29708620

> crazy pills
They're good for you.

>> No.29708760
File: 64 KB, 987x685, 3D20SPECIAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must be correct this time.

>> No.29708775
File: 80 KB, 755x1059, batman26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Batman Quest.

>> No.29708819
File: 45 KB, 710x508, EarthPropaganda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is ShadowMaster dead? I have not seen a Shadow Quest since before Christmas.

>> No.29708833

> still no Robin quest
Fuck this.

>> No.29708850

Batman sucks.

>> No.29708855


It's coming, anon. As is Commissioner Quest.

Crossover potential is high.

>> No.29708867

Glad to have you back dude! I'll be there.

>> No.29708871

It's dead. SM quit when he realized he wasn't actually having fun.

>> No.29708889

He obviously caught a rare tropical disease during his cruise.

>> No.29708899

The plotBERG missed the cruise ship so it decided to fall from the sky onto his car during transit.

>> No.29708901

Thanks, Hexer

>> No.29708915

>Thanks, Hexer

>> No.29708922

What you didn't know?

>> No.29708931

You are so behind the times.

>> No.29708944

Hexer isn't even half as shit as Shadow.

>> No.29708947
File: 177 KB, 900x1375, Gordon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess I'm rescheduling...

Good luck

>> No.29708955
File: 22 KB, 623x371, brainproblems.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


... You're...

... Welcome...?

>> No.29708976

It's good to see you working so hard for us, Hex.

>> No.29708982

>western cartoons
Have you seen that guy?

>> No.29709009


Oh goddamn man, no. I didn't know you were running for then. I can reschedule.

Also if you're worried about my pulling people off your Quest, that shit isn't gonna happen. I used to run with two players back in the day.


Am I also TheCommish? If so I'd have to cancel one of my Quests because damn that would be hard. Also that bums me out because I wanted to talk to TheCommish (myself) about a crossover with Batman Quest.

Seriously Commish, it's practically inevitable.

>> No.29709016

You missed an excellent chance to use hexers name with your trip mr. bat. For shame.

>> No.29709033


>use hexers name with my trip


>> No.29709108

Just a guy who keeps talking about running a quest but never actually does.

>> No.29709113

It pretty much is. We'll have to talk about that sometime.

But yeah no it was mostly a joke. I didn't have it set for that exact time, but it was gonna be in the next couple of days. Don't feel like you need to reschedule on my account.

>> No.29709128

A shady motherfucker.

>> No.29709172

Who likes to play with fire.

>> No.29709176

Bad argument. arch is extremely into Marvel and he's the weebest dude we have here.

>> No.29709293

Batman Beyond.

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