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You will never have qt EC chaos marine gf/bf/tf...

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I was told the exact same thing the last time I saw this image.

Way to reopen old wounds.

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You know, condidering the warp does crazy stuff, and that slaanesh does grant beauty, that may very well be what some Noise Marines look like under helms

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Really? I only saw it posted once on /tg/ before

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>pre-Heresy, he was the manliest guy in his squad
>his voice stayed the same

Fucking Goa'uld

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whoops ment to reply to >>29694458

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We could cuddle as we listen to old jazz records at earshadering volumes with drugs

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Did you know he does Cocaine?

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Good. Consorting with chaos, especially considering carnal coalitions, is crazy. You shouldn't do it, it leads to sudden bouts of alliteration.

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So are the Emprah's Children "Happy"?

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I'd say yes

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That's not a Noise Marine. Just a chick in power armor.

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*whispers* cocaine!



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The sonic gun says otherwise
also the slaanesh mark says that woman is just the tip of the iceberg of her gender

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People other than Noise Marines can have sonic guns. She's just a cultist champion who looted the corpse of her disgusting master, as all servants of Chaos are wont to do.

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>there are never nurgle threads

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Man, I miss Chink.

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that's Jo I think
This is chink

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That one was a Jo.

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possibly a speaker/megaphone on her backpack, slaaneshi colors/theme to her, 'play loud' on her weapon, which arguably resembles a speaker. Its fair to assume she's a noise marine.

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So when eldar die... they become hawt demons, and the dream of any /d/ goer?

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I'm disapointed we never got the Slaaneshi Surprise.

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>If they follow Khorne you will never have sex with them
>If they follow Slaanesh they will kill you sadistically in the end
>If they follow Nurgle your dick will wither and die the second you put it in
>If they follow Tzentch they...
Fuck I don't know shti about Tzentch

Also, Khornes bitches be best bitches

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>>If they follow Nurgle your dick will wither and die the second you put it in
>Actually dieing
Once you get to the point you don't feel pain it's great, and because of family values/conservitism with Nurgle they are waifus

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Does he really though?

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You could fuck a khorn girl, I mean, chaos or no I assume SOME retain enough sanity to have a proper relationship

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>If they follow Tzentch they...

Convince you that they are going to have sex and then never do and then after you've pursued them for years and finally give up they rape you with sticks while howling JUST AS PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANEDDD

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>>If they follow Khorne you will never have sex with them

A Khornate Daemon Prince had Waifus in Blood Quest.

Khorne himself has a waifu in fantasy.

So why not join Khorne and receive a bloody waifu?

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But they gain pleasure from it. So they are tributing Slaanesh.

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Guys, I'm worried that Doom Rider is experimenting with drugs.

Such as cocaine.

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You'll have to fight and beat them down in order to put it in, but they're totally into it so it's OK.

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The problem with Slaanesh is that all sensations feed him.

You might as well just get on with your life, because you ain't gonna deny the Prince.

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Khorn in 40k is pretty specifically anti-pleasure, no joy, no fun, not even from killing.

I think he's a little different in fantasy but not sure.

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Doomrider is ded

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Are there any black crusade games going online?
I want to play a nurgle preacher really bad

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>I think he's a little different in fantasy but not sure.

Before version are the same.

And (>>29695304) shows he doesn't mind waifus. Also his minions are noted to feel pride and joy while murderhoboing.

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He's litterally a menstruating sperglord

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the noise marine fluff in the chaos marine codex says that horus and lorgar used narcotics, ate, drank, and 'indulged in other pleasurable diversions'.

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>Pride and joy
That's She-who-thirsts for sure

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>Even the other Dark Gods of Chaos can satisfy the desires of Slaanesh, through the actions of their servants. A Berzerker who kills in the name of Khorne is proud of his achievement and takes satisfaction from his gory deed, and Slaanesh feels that pride and the drive for greater glories. A spy whose actions topple a regime is rewarded for his service to Tzeentch, and delights in his stealth; Slaanesh feels that spark and increases the mortal’s need to perfect his abilities. A diseased plague victim that draws strength from Nurgle to survive rests with comfort, and Slaanesh fuels his love of indolence and serenity. In these ways, the actions and sensations of all beings can serve to feed the lustful hungers of the Perfect Prince

-Tome of Excess

Like I said before, you can't deny Slaanesh.

Just deal with it or get butthurt like Khorne over it.

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>I mean, chaos or no I assume SOME retain enough sanity to have a proper relationship
>mfw Chaosfags actually believe this

Your faction is literally insanity incarnate.

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Abaddon, Kharn, Ahriman, and Typhus all seem to me like logical and sane albeit very bitter and angry.

Don't generalize!

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Thread need more fat daemon tats

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Okay here we go.

Question for you all:
>Who would you like to be 'with' (whatever your interpretation may be)?

Two parts.
Part 1
>Assuming that, other than looks, they are generally normal and display only marginal behavior patterns appropriate to them.

and Part 2
>They do display to the fullest extent their god's tendency appropriately (or inappropriately as may be the case to certain weak faggits)

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Tzeentch all the way.

> 1
She'll just constantly trick me into doing stuff for her.

> 2
I somehow get a sector Exterminatused, cause the Lamenters once again to get buttfucked, killed most of the Sensei, cause the Squats to return as a major power, and the Zoats survive the Tyranids' attack. All of this as foreplay since she'll have planed it all.

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Between Nurglette and loli-slanneshi
It would be tough, Slaan would be perfect and always fun to be around

Nurglete would be devoted, conservative and passive

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so I guess Slaan for 1
Nurgle for 2

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For the first part i'll tkae Nurglette. She's just sweet and kind looking.

for part 2 I'd take the Khorness. Staying true to khorne, she'd just just want me to be a badass warrior and kick some shit to make her wet.

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Part 2 you're going to have dick melt dude.

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>Loli-D wouldn't just be ok with rape fetishes

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Good noos, friend.
I am part of such a group.
We play on skype text chat with OOC voice on Teamspeak and rolls on dicelog.
Send me a Skype message at NimbleJack3.

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Only partially, it would still work and she'd make it a few times bigger

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And I'm just going to save that image...

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Partially from hotness
Mostly from bloating

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sonic weapon =/= noise marine

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Is it just me, or are female chaos marines the only semi-plausible way to have female marines at all?

I mean, chaos daemons are fairly equal opportunity employers, and warp shenanigans could allow for a particularly favored servant to wear power armor, regardless of gender.

Still a bit far-fetched, but less so than normal female marines.

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Nowhere in my post did I even suggest that a sonic weapon = a noise marine. you're the insecure wanna be know it all guy huh?

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Happiness would be fulfillment of desire. Slaanesh only gives desires and longing to fulfill them. So no. They are not happy, they are slaves to their own desires, chasing for that first high that will never come again.

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You could probably even given them gene seed and what not, due to Fab Bile fucking around with the shit.

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>Not fulfilling desires
Part of her is the joy felt when you get what you want dude

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1: Khorne

2: Tzeentch

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I lol'd

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