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Can we get another monster artwork thread?

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I'll try to help you get this going.

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As will I!

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If OP wants to see a monster, all he has to do is get a mirror!

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You inspired me, anon.

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yeah, I'll bump this

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Does anybody have any balrog-like stuff? I'm looking for big scary demon-looking beasts and the more they look like they're made of stone the better,

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I've got some stuff that might fit the bill. Lemme see what I can dig up.

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Stone dinosaur? Does that help?

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Not sure exactly how balrog-like this one is, but it's a big demony-thing, so close enough right?

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Bam! Perfect! Well, could be a little more stoney but it's certainly demonic.

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All of this is great, but I'm mostly looking for vaguely humanoid stuff.
They're all good though so just keep dumping whatever.

>captcha: ntatoia NEEDMORE

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Ha, I've been to that exact place IRL.

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You aren't running a modern campaign, are you? No? Well, close enough.

Alright, gotcha. I swear there's more fitting stuff around here somewhere...

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If you are gunna post monster pictures you might as well call them by their actual names you fagot.

That's a Lagicrus from Monster Hunter

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This humanoid enough for you?
I kid, I kid. But who doesn't have a use for a giant skeleton, amirite?

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Oh, here's a good one!

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Boom! Jackpot! May need to be scaled down a bit, but otherwise perfectly functional.

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And with this I think I'm out. I may return if the thread's still up later.

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Cmon people, nothing?

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I have one or two...

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The scale of this thing is so confusing...

Anyway, more dinosaur-beasts? I want to run a game in Xen'drik, Eberron.

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Come on thread LIVE!

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[picture not to scale]

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That looks like an re-imagining of the Thrones.

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Isn't that Gozzo's Adamatron?

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I've got what you're looking for, anon.

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Oh Kekai Kotaki, when will you ever learn another pose for the characters you paint.

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Anyone got snakelike dragons or other serpentine monsters?

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10/10, UFO spotted exiting our solar system, designated 51-D35.

But seriously, calling him a monster is an understatement.

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This all courtesy of my "gigantic beasto" folder.

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yes we get the joke he's an asshole

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Not evil. Lots of people were worse off in Ivalice (such as the other students from the school, who got turned into zombies) and all the main group, upon returning to St. Ivalice, had grown and overcame the problems that had caused them to seek escape in the first place.

Doned even walks.

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He's not, though. He's a hero.

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Fuck yeah, Barlowe!

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it just seems odd for a game to decry against escapism

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sadly thats the only one I had, I had a seastrider pic but the PC it was on died

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Enjoying a game is a far cry from attempting to never return to reality.

It's the difference between a few drinks and alcoholism.

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This one?

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Except they were forced out by the son of bastard bitch and eventually were in resignation to their fate just like a rape victim is during the ninth hour of a ten-hour long rape.

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thats the one, thanks!
though it was a reaction proclaiming of sea strider's approval of the thread

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Wayne Barlowe: "Ships at sea. That was unquestionably the spiritual underpinning of this piece. Writing and illustrating a book about alien animals can be a tight-rope act. On the one hand you want your audience to relate to the creatures, on the other, you don't want the fauna to be pedestrian. Early on, I decided to make the majority of the creatures more or less "readable". But after creating many alien animals that were, in my estimation, not quite as boundary-pushing as I might have wanted, I decided to mix things up and "evolve" one that was pretty out. I know that I was thinking, at the time, "what would something like a giant, walking mollusk look like?" Here's the answer."

Stuff like this is why Barlowe is by far my favorite creature designer.

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I think you're missing how they were happy after it was all over, and he saved people who had been turned into fucking zombies.

Not to mention, their only real argument for staying would have been

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didn't he do art for those crazy alternate evolution books by dougal dixon?

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"This peice" being >>29728804

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Oh boy, he's such a hero.

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the fuck is that?

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Anybody got some fuckhuge dragons? Need one to represent a player character

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I don't remember this scene.

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Not sure, didn't really recognize his style in them.

He did do stuff for Avatar, Galaxy Quest, The Hellboy movies (there's several creatures in the sequel that made me actually go "Holy crap, that thing MUST have been done by Barlowe!" without even knowing he did stuff for movies) and Pacific Rim, though.

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maybe spoilered just in case

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We're not arguing whether everything he ever did was nice. The discussion is whether he's a complete monster or whether it was right to bring the real world back.

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he did pac rim!? awesome!

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The best part of Hellboy 2 was definitely that Del Toro obviously just went to his pal Barlowe and said "I've got a bunch of money to spend spend on practical effects and cgi, so how about you come up with the weirdest stuff you can, the kind of stuff that's in all your sketchbooks but usually stays there because they're just too weird?". Seriously, the whole monster market scene was just an excuse to try and make "real" Wayne Barlowe creatures. And it was gorgeous.

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Funny snit right there. I don't know where it linked me, but it showed Bruce Lee instead of your pic the first time I opened it. The second no, nor the third. But holy shit my sides.

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Yup, he did. Del Toro is clearly in love with his art (for good reasons), so whenever he needs a monster he tends to ask Barlowe for it.

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Man, I loved those fuckers.

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Hellboy II is basically Wayne Barlowe: The Movie, starring Ron Perlman. Which is several levels of awesome for me.

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We need more movies like this. Del Toro does well with monster movies, let's hope they do more work together.

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well pacific rim is getting a sequel

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This is the first time I can contribute to these threads. I hope I can help.

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I'll start off with some reptiles

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Dinosaur things, eh?

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Don't suppose you want any help?

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Any help is welcome when it comes to dinosaurs.

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I'm not quite sure what that is, but it's kind of creepy.

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That guy has to have used this pic for light reference and inspiration!

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This is my last reptile. Now moving onto sea monsters.

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I think I can help you with that.

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This one probably has the best filename of my image folder.

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Isn't that the Dragon God from Demon's Souls?

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thanks for dumping! I like pretty much everything!

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Awesome shoop.

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If I recalled correctly, custom made monster for a copypasta.

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Potential thread resurrection

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actually thats Turbo from Wreck it Ralph

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Cough. Cough.

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Mutherfucker, how does that deny what I just said?

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Imagine a roc like this, and that's the monster.

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