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>Anons debating on whether of not Isaac would be an Enginseer or a Magos.
>More tales of Brother Clarke
>Isaac (somewhat) accidentally caresses the hips of a confused quarian soldier

We got a little mean last time. Let's keep it civilized, folks.

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That almost looks like Zeurel made it.

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Brother Clarke is the stompiest

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So, back to Isaac's mental badassery then.

I wonder how pronounced the effects of trying to enter Isaac's head would be. Would they be purely mental or even downright physical like brains coming out though your ears?

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Jukebox when we get more writefagging?

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Brother Clarke's mind is possibly his most unique aspect to him, and possibly his greatest secret. Part of his genius and madness is because he came into contact with something so horrifying that he refuses to explain exactly hat lie in his twisted mind.

This has led to much speculation from the Inquisition, Mechanicus, and the Eldar surprisingly.

The Inquisition believe that through force of will and continuous contact with the warp has left a code or message that allows Isaac to interpret actions of the warp even before they happen, and sometimes more accurately than most psykers.

The Mechanicus believe that Isaac has been blessed by the Omnissah with a genius mind at the cost of some of his sanity for knowing such God-like power. This is the only logical explanation from the Mechanicus because whenever Isaac begins to tinker with a machine spirit, it seems to be incredibly happy and content when Isaac is done.

The Eldar have by far the strangest theory. They believe Isaac to be the manifestation of humanities rage and will to survive against such impossible odds. For whenever he walks he destroys, burns, and suffers not the xeno to live.

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Although some of the older Farseers have a theory that Brother Isaac's mental fortitude isn't about keeping others out but something, in.

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Depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you try to go. A telepath just skimming his mind? Would notice something is off, but just discard it as him having just one thread loose. Psychic interrogation? Pure NOPE feedback. Mind control? Brain-from-ears.

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I honestly actually expect him to not go AAAAAH BURN THEM ALL on the Eldar or Tau, as their technology just fascinates him to hell and back. Dark Eldar, yeah, burn em all.

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A telepath skimming his eyes would be something like looking over the sides of a speeding boat and thinking "It would be extremely bad if I fell in"

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His mind, I meant his mind. Derp.

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Nonono, that would be just peripheral communication/pure 'word' exchange. Feeling that something is VERY wrong but not actively having a negative effect.

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Eyes too, to a non-psyker meeting his eyes is just a little off putting

a psyker meeting his eyes however, they can just tell that they should not be messing with that

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In a minute.

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It'd be the whole 'stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back at you' kind of thing.

Only with Isaac, the abyss is staring into him

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No. Isaac has gazed into the abyss... And the abyss looked away.

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Yeah! Haha, that actually sounds better.

The Abyss has seen his true face, and it fears him now.

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That wildly depends. He will even go so far as to get loads of DEldar tech for the sake of researching the stuff. Hell, he actually researches new stuff and then creates some awesome armors or weapons (but mostly armors).

Thus he once captured a Eldar Avatar to create the Magmacore Armor from his molten body drippings.

He was given by the Necrons Necrodermis so that he wouldn't capture them anymore (because he knows how to keep them from phasing out). Thus the Cryptsteel Armor was created.

He once even got DEldar weapons into his hands and made research on them, he had enough knowledge to create the Feelblocker Armor.

Emperor knows what armors he'd forge if got himself the stuff of other races to study...

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Imperial Palace. 996 M40

A lone Adeptus Custodes were making patrols as usual when suddenly a pair of armored hands grabbed him from the side and pulled him in behind a statue. He was later found buck naked with a purity seal stuck to his left asscheek.

Two months later, Brother Clarke had a new suit he liked to call the Custodian Plate.

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Nah, he wouldn't go that far...MAYBE?

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The Ordo Malleus is still trying to figure that out, the Custodian in question refuses to talk about the 'Hitman Incident' as it is now known

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He once got himself Tau Ion Weapons for research...

A month later, Tau Forces encountered someone wearing a suit of armor that simply nullified Ion energies.

It was Clarke in his Ionshield Armor.

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This is very rapidly starting to resemble Iron Man. I'm not sure if it's retarded or the best thing ever, either.

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Got anything, Jukebox?

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Well there were various armors in Dead Space Games that gave bonuses to weapons and durability, as well increased speed of attack and so on.

So why not give Brother Clarke the ability to make his suits awesome.

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As they stepped off the threshold of the Falcon, Shepard and his crew seemed at a loss as to what they should do next. Thanks to a loose-lipped quarian team, their first contact from another reality has locked himself up in his ship, fighting with his own mind, trying to wrap his head around the situation. Heaven knew just how long he was planning on staying sealed up in there.

“Well, that went well.” Garrus said as they exited the docking hall. “From another reality.... I have to admit, that kind of news would make my afternoon a lot more exciting.”

“Regardless, he's going to need some time to... recover from that little revelation. Keelah, I know I'd need some time after being told something like that.”. Tali said before turning to the engineering team. “I mean, If I were to, say, share some important, unseen technology that could prove invaluable to the fleet and perhaps the galaxy, something like that would definitely make me call for some time out...” she said, not without a hint of sarcastic venom in her voice.

“Oh, come on, we were excited!” Said the team leader, Rizea. “Someone just came out of a singularity that led to another plane! You think we wouldn't want to know what he has in store? He mentioned something called a “shockdrive” when Nezala told him it was “Impossible” to go to other galaxies! No one knows what a shockdrive is save for him, but the implications sound utterly groundbreaking! Going to other galaxies?! Think about it, Tali! There could be entire libraries worth of technical knowledge he has in store, and the entire galaxy could very well be all the better for it!”

“Indeed it would”. Said Shepard. “So why would you give life-altering new to the person who could give us that technology right before he does so?”

“Look, we just got a little excited, okay? I'm sorry, but, it was all I could think about....”

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Based jukebox, where glorious bin of paste?

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I wonder how Shepard and co will deal with Nercros when they appear.

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>he was turned to steel
>in the great magnetic field
>when he traveled time
>for the future of mankind

>nobody wants him
>he just stares at the world
>planning his vengeance
>that he will soon unfold

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"Iisssaacc... I miss you. I feel empty without you. We're so apart you and I. Make us Whole Isaac."

So Isaac did. Whatever creature this Nicole is, or was, something more than chaos spawn, it's different yet familiar. It would bring even a small fleeting amount of fear even to the most hardened daemon I've faced. A mental predator seeking an unknown goal with, <retracted> Isaac.

So Issac indeed made them whole. I believe the <retracted> and this "Marker" are perhaps one in the same, but corrupted from something holy. The corruption changed it's goal and seeks to devour souls with unknown criteria.

So Issac made them whole. Instead of being devoured, this man turned the tables and instead was the one to consume this "Nicole" being. I believe the strength of this one man's will is to be feared, but respected and should be aspired to.

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Fallout. We should put Isaac in the Fallout universe. With his engineering skills, he'd be like the God Emperor arrived

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Anyone would kill each other to have him on his side. Both humans and mutants and even the various A.I.'s.

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Right here, bud


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"Another universe..." He had been pacing back and forth in the Falcon for the past hour, unable to sit still for any longer than a few seconds. "Fuck!"

This was just too much. Too fucking much. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?!" He asked himself, slamming his fist into the bulkhead for the umteept time, feeling the familiar pain shooting up his arm.

Ellie was gone. Carver was gone. "Aargh!" He shook his head. No, they were still there... HE was the one who was gone. Gone to another place and another time.

"All thanks to the FUCKING MARKER!" He screamed at the cargo hold, uncaring of the spittle that flew from his mouth. Maybe this was all a dream, maybe he was dead and this was the afterlife.

After a few tense moments of this he sighed and palmed his face. He wasn't the only one that questioned his sanity, he knew that much.

Only sometimes, it responded.

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I like the cut of your jib
“And now, it's the only thing he's going to think about”, Garrus said, slumping against a corner. “So what's the plan, Shepard? See if we can coax our visitor out and give him a little pep talk, or let him sort things out?”

“Well, I think I know someone who's great with pep-talks.” Shepard said.

Back on the Normandy, yeoman Chambers was working as usual, sorting out the psyche profiles of the crew when Shepard and the team returned.

“So that ship had an occupant, I hear.” Kelly said as she typed away at her console. “Human too. Was he responsive at all?”

“Indeed he was....” Garrus quipped, heading back to the forward batteries.

“I assume that means he was hostile”

“Only when he's given life-changing news.” Shepard said. “I think he might need your help, Kelly.”

“Life-changing? Where was that wormhole coming from? How far could he possibly be from home?”

“An entire universe and/ or time period.”

“Oh my....”

“Needless to say, he's still very shaken up about it. Think you can help him out?”

“I'll do my best”

“Knew I could count on you, Kelly.”

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Apart from shooting. Brother Clarke mastered stomping his enemies to near perfection. The Orkz simply think of him as a honorary Ork (much to Clarke's dismay).

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Oh dear. This... could end badly. For some reason, I have the distinct impression that Clarke has some trust issues with women. Couldn't say why though...

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Might have to do with the fact that a female specter tried to mind rape him?

Nah, this'll be totally fine. Trust me.

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Duh, who betrays him at the end of the first and the beginning of the second games?

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The first stage of loss was denial. He was all about denial, in fact he'd based several years of his life on it. The second stage was anger, and he'd shown that well enough with screaming and his aching fist.

Now came the bargaining part. "If only I'd just dumped the marker into the sun!" He muttered to himself where he sat with his knees to his chest, his visor illuminating the worn plates. For some reason he'd started feeling comfortable inside the helmet after Aegis VII, maybe it had something to do with all the vacuum exposiure he had, he didn't know.

"If only I'd never listened, this never would have happened." This continued for a while before he once more noticed the curious device strapped to his wrist and found it a more engaging way to remove himself from his problems. "This thing is fascinating." He mused to himself as he rapidly scrolled through the various settings and functions.

It didn't quite have all the functions of his RIG or anywhere close, but that was like comparing a personal data assistant to a space shuttle. The requirement and the entire design was different. At the same time he marveled at the various things that could be done with its micro-forge out of this 'omni-gel' material.

It wasn't long until he had personalized his omni-tool to his own likings. Gone was the burning orange color (he didn't like orange anymore) replaced with the same soothing teal that his RIG sported. Now he just needed to calibrate it so his other systems would assimilate it properly.

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That'll be the last from me for a little while, gotta head to bed. I'll be sure to come back tomorrow though!

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First Disciple and Jukebox working together?

I guess I can get on board with this.

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>Head to bed
Dude, it's 4 from where I'm sitting. Where do you live?

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Being that it's 3pm where I'm at, probably close to the other side of the planet.

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The Government and a Major Religion.

That also seems to be a recurring theme.

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Yep. Pity we'll never get DS4...seriously, what did they thought about when they made DS3?

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EA being buttmunches to their studios again, deadlines and whatnot.

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>what were they thinking

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Yeah. That's actually just some of the many factors that come with making games.

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All was quiet aboard the Falcon. The occasional noise from a scanning display or notification was the only thing breaking the deafening silence on board. Isaac could only sit and watch the cosmos drift past him, as hundreds of ships, great and small, followed each other in a great trail of steel and blue flame. To anyone else, it was a graceful sight that would leave one in a state of unequaled wonder. To Isaac, it was nothing more than an ineffective placebo for the despair in his heart. As time passed, he could only keep repeating the same terrible things in his head. You'll never see Ellie again. You'll never see earth again. You'll never have your life back. Isaac tried prying himself away form these thoughts, but the only thoughts that could replace them filled him with yet more rue. Why did this have to happen to him? Why did any of this have to happen? Why did he urge Nicole to go on the Ishimura? Yes, it was great when you were stationed there, but why did you try peddling it to her? Yeah, the Ishimura, was being decommissioned in a year, but still, why did any of this have to happen? If only he had known. If only he could have just chose to propose then and there. He never would have had to crawl through the bloody remains of a once great ship, searching for his loved one who had already died before he could save her. He wouldn't have been tortured by the government for the secrets given to him by a spire of maddening red. He never would have lost a part of his soul on that forsaken colony known as The Sprawl.

He never would have been this broken.

And of course, he never would be here, stranded in another universe forever.

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btw, want me to include your parts as canon?

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I liked them, the swearing in the second part was very Isaac (he sure loves his fucks, playing DS2 for the first time right now).

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Din din time.

I'll continue writing after a round of bratwurst.

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It is said back before his legendary resistance to the warp was well known, Brother Clarke was brought before the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights at the request of the Inquisition after burning out at least a dozen of their most powerful Psykers.

Only one of which was still alive and that only technically, the woman was completely incomprehensible and simply sat in her cell screaming in strange tongues.

Convinced he was a heretic or daemon in human form the Inquisition used many resources to get the Supreme Grand Master to sit with Brother Clarke.

Nobody knows what truly happened inside the sealed chamber where they communed, but it is said that after several days, it was not the Reigning Supreme Grand Master, but Kaldor Draigo himself who stepped out of the chamber and announced loudly to all assembled the Brother Clarke was clear of any and all heresy or corruption before returning to the sanctum.

Shortly afterwards Brother Clarke exited, the Supreme Grand Master leaning lightly as possible on his shoulders until an Apothecary came to take him away.

Brother Clarke was then released and immediately returned to the front lines where he purportedly nearly turned an entire Preceptory of Adepta Sororitas into Sisters Repentia due to his tinkering with their Melta weapons. But that is a tale for another day.

No quality guarantee in this post due to complete lack of 40k knowledge and looking at the wiki.

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The last one blew me away.

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The part with the sisters?

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Cool, thanks.

I might try to write that one up later.

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Do it with orbital drop and a lot of awesome (as well with people thinking what the hell is going on).

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Completely overtaken with hopelessness, Isaac put his hands to his head. What was he going to do? He had nothing and no one here. All he had to himself was this banged up prospecting vessel, the remains of the marker, the RIG on his back, and the plasma cutter that lay on the interface panel. He had nowhere to go. Should he stay with the quarians? For a second, he felt that may be the best option. Humanity has done him no good all his life, be it his mother sabotaging his future for a vested membership in a religion that would try to kill him later in life, or a government that interred him in a padded room, forcing him to create a monstrosity that took millions of lives as well as Isaac's sanity before crawling back to him asking for help. There was no guarantee that the quarians would be any better, but it was a start.

Just then, a voice crackled on the comm reciever.

“Isaac? Are you in there? If you hear me, could you unlock the doors? I 'd like to have a word with you.”

“Who is this? I really don't feel like talking to anyone right now...”

“Someone you haven't met yet. I hear you've had a rough day.”

“And I suppose you're here to help me with that?”

“You bet.”

After a minute or two of silence, Isaac yielded. “Fine, but I don't know what good it'll do.”

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This totally won't end poorly

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>great, more zombies
>how long have I been down here anyway?
>hours? days?
>I don't even remember
>all I remember is touching the marker, and then... this
>just me, the zombies, and this old Ripper
>my god, is he still alive?
>quick, get his attention
>tell him you're not infected
>tell him you know where the outbreak is coming from
>tell him that if we work together, we just might get out of this alive
>and whatever you do, do not tell him about your meat bicycle

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It's either Kelly or Chakwas. Shepard can spot a problem a mile away and can spot the solution just as easily.

>encounter stranded, possibly psychotic stranger who's been exposed to mind-altering substances for extended periods of time
>call in the ship's psychiatrist!

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Not to seem impatient, but Jukebox...you alive there man?

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>>encounter stranded, possibly psychotic stranger who's been exposed to mind-altering substances for extended periods of time
They don't know that
calm yo tits, I'm here

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Uh, yeah they do. Isaac flat-out told them he's got cargo that warps yer brain. If he's worried about them being exposed, it's only logical to bo worried about HIM being exposed, especially after the way he's acting.

>> No.29686586

I'm saying they don't know the details. He's not ranting or raving so much as he's trying to exercise extreme caution, at least as fer as Shepard can tell. Normally, if someone's warning you of some mimetic material, that usually means they have enough cognition to not be under its influence, especially when it's with as much fluidity as Isaac's.

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Shepard sat at the desk at his quarters, twiddling with some of the models in the display case that adorned it before checking the clock. Two hours. It had been two hours since Kelly left for the Falcon. Two hours of random, unneeded checks on the ships systems, browsing the extranet, feeding the fish, and of course, fiddling with toy ships. Right as Shepard stood up to put his armor back on, Joker's came up on the intercom.

“Commander, Yeoman Chambers is back.“

“Any say on whether she was successful or not?”

“What, with the depressed, hip-obsessed wonder? Hell if I know, she didn't tell me anything.”

“That'll be all, Joker.”


Kelly was already back at her station when the commander came in through the elevator doors.

“So, how'd it go?”

“Well, let's just say he's had his fair share of hard knocks. I can't really go over all the details in five minutes, but he's seen some really terrible things. As long as he's not embellishing anything, or, heck, even if he is, I'm surprised he can even articulate, let alone go over details like he does. In an hour and a half, he bared half his soul to me. I'm not sure if I want to see the rest, given what he's already told me”

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So he only told her about the time his mother nearly ruined his life because of donating money to space scientology?

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just wait.

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I already mentioned Kelly, tho.

>> No.29686934

He probably at least got up to the part where he got the message his girlfriend might be dead.

>> No.29687045

i also doubt he could even begin to describe the shit he suffered through in sufficent detail other then "it was really fucked up i went totally insane for a while and stomped a whole fuckload of space zombies into paste, then i blew up a moon."

>> No.29687098

“So he's seen bad things. You couldn't pry any details? If he got PTSD from being in too many skirmishes...”

“No, he's not a soldier. He only told me something about these “necromorphs”. Something about dead bodies re-animating. Kind of reminiscent of husks if you ask me. He only got so far before he just stopped and ask that we drop the subject. I asked about his cargo, but all he said was that it had something to do with the necromorphs. I asked him more about these things, but that's when he asked me to stop.”

“That sounds bad. Is he at least willing to cooperate with us?”

“Yes sir. He's expressed his distress at his situation, but said it might be “A new beginning” for him. It may take some time, but I think he might grow to like it here, given someone lets him feel welcome. The quarians have expressed some interest in having him around. Surprising, given their own situation.”

“Did he say anything about his tech?”

“Well, I never asked. I was just there to see if I could help him out of the rut he was in, remember?

“Very well. You're dismissed.”


With that, Isaac rounded up Tali and Garrus once more. Their destination: The Falcon. Needless to say, Garrus was more than cynical about holding council with Isaac.

“Just tell him not to touch me.” Garrus said as they exited the Normandy. “Also, see if he's interested in learning my name rather than going ooo and aaa at the weird mouthed, alien thingy”.

“That's quite enough, Garrus. Let's just see if he's willing to talk with the rest of us”

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If you made this into a book I would steal that book, Mebe even pay for it

I'm not even from /MeG/

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>Shepard rounded up Tali and Garrus.

how do I proofread.

>> No.29687215

Proof reading is for when you put it on pastebin

>> No.29687260

>Mfw I haven't been doing that

editing this is going to be murder.

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Turns out that Isaac got a lot more receptive in the hour or so after Kelly took her leave. The airlock door was open, and a small crowd of a dozen or so quarian scientists, engineers, and even commoners were walking into the Falcon.

“Glad to see he's had a change of heart...” said Garrus.

“Let's just hope he extends that same hospitality to the same people who held him at gunpoint.” said Tali. “Speaking of that little incident, wasn't it all about something dangerous in the cargo hold? You'd think after bum-rushing into the ship to make sure it's safe, he's be a bit less wiling to let about a dozen people in the ship.”

“Apparently, he's either convinced it's safe, or he's made sure no one's getting in there.” said Garrus. “No way he's able to supervise a group that big on his own unless he's enlisted Nezala in helping him out in that regard. I remember c-sec had us rooks doing that kind of monotonous crap all the time. Nothing like the smell of a few dozen Elcor tourists...”

“Well let's see what kind of open house Mr Clarke is hosting. Maybe the Normandy can benefit from whatever tech he has on board“

“And that's when I get to tinker around with said tech, right?”

“Maybe he'll have snacks”

“Real cute, you two. Let's just head inside.”

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When's someone gonna touch a bit of marker and shit bumps off

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If Clarke managed to be a somewhat important astartes, what would happen to Harry Mason before his death in SH3?

Also, what do you think are the chances for Point Man (F.E.A.R.) to be accepted as an astartes?

>> No.29688044

Stepping foot into the ship, Shepard found Isaac giving a tutorial on the Falcon's controls and monitoring systems. It appeared that the vessel was primarily piloted by one man, with the optional assistance of a co-pilot. It was divided into two main sections, namely one for the mining equipment and operations (Which included the cargo bay), and the other for logistics, research/sample analysis, and crew's quarters. Each of part of the ship was monitored from the quarterdeck, which sat above and behind the cockpit. Before Isaac and his company could proceed to the quarterdeck however, Isaac realized there was some uninvited company on board.

“And this is the entrance to th-... wait, Nezala, how'd they get into the ship?”

“Well, you left the door open. “ said Garrus.

“You're saying we're not invited?” Shepard said folding his arms.

“Hmph. Alright, you're fine, I guess. Just stay with the group.” Isaac said begrudgingly. “Also, I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told everyone else. Stay away from the cargo bay at all times. I've already got the rest of Nezala's guards at the entrance.”

“Duly noted Mr Clarke. Carry on.”


>> No.29688927


>> No.29689549

Stepping into the quarterdeck, Isaac gave a quick overview of the various parts of the ship at the monitoring station. From there, one could see surveillance feeds from the crew's quarters, as well as the small mess hall, medbay, etc.. Oxygen levels and airtight integrity were also shown on status indicators under each holo-monitor. Eech of them was on and functional save for one.

“Which one is that?” one of the quarians asked, pointing to the empty, frame-like projector.

“That's the cargo bay. It's off for a reason.”

“Oh. What's in there? “ The young quarian asked. “I mean, if it's dangerous, I don't wanna-”

“I'll say again that's it's off limits for a reason, ma'am.” Isaac said, interrupting her.

“Oh.... okay.”

The captain's quarters was part of the quarterdeck, sectioned off from the monitoring station by a single door. It wasn't exactly the most lavish living quarters a ship could have, but the bottom line was that it gave the captain of the ship somewhere to lay their head come the end of his/her shift.

“So, yeah. Captain's quarters. Not much else to see here unless someone's especially tired.” Isaac said, putting a hand on the rough bed. It was sizable to some degree, but for the most part seemed to be a medium quality mattress slapped on top of an over-glorified cot that folded into the wall.

>> No.29689581

I will never let your briliance go untouted TG

>> No.29689582

Whoops, can't be a special snowflake without my trip.

>> No.29689606

“Were you the captain, Mr Clarke?” asked another quarian.

“Huh? No, I just kind of commandeered it when things got really rough. It all happened a little bit before I got here. I'm not very comfortable with divulging the details, but let's just say, he and the crew were not present when I arrived on board. There were lives on the line, so I did what I could with what I had on hand, and the Falcon was just there. Let's just say that she came in handy with what would happen next.”

“And exactly what did happen next?”

Isaac paused. He already divulged more than he was comfortable with when he spoke with that Chambers character, and he hadn't even told her half the story. Now he was in front of a group of about fifteen people. He had to think of an alibi, and he needed it yesterday.

In his desperation, Isaac lied. “I dunno. I'm really hazy on the details. I think it was a couple minutes before the singularity opened.”

“Well, while this is all very interesting...” said one of the quarian scientists, leaning on the bulkhead. “... I assumed you had some unseen technology to show us.”

“Oh right. You guys are gonna love this. Follow me. We're heading to the engine room.”

>> No.29689648

Well that is going to end poorly if anything is going to

>> No.29690076

Oh my god I remember that post you are amazing. It's just as I imagined it.

>> No.29690209

The engine room was situated astern the cargo bay, which was circumvented on either side by a corridor leading from the general logistics room on the port side, and the crew's quarters on the starboard side. The crew's quarters was situated astern from the monitoring station which it was separated from by a single wall/door. Cutting through the crews quarters, the group made its way through the long corridor to the engine room, coming across several doors on their way, including the Geological analysis lab, Mining Equipment/Mining Ops control, Cargo Logistics, and finally, Cargo bay, which, true to Isaac's word, was guarded by two of Nezala's men.

“Alright everyone, this is where the magic happens, at least the kind of magic you guys would be most interested in.” Isaac said as he introduced the group to the dark, dank, dirty mess of wire, piping, and turbines that was the engine room.

Most wouldn't consider such a greasy, sooty place to be a prime tour location, but to a dozen of so tech- savvy quarians, it was a smorgasbord of technological wonder. Suddenly, a flurry of questions erupted from the entire party, almost all at once as they dispersed to familiarize themselves with the alien equipment and gadgets. Nezala herself was almost tempted to join them. A trio of them huddled around the waypoint computers, asking what about the multiple coordinates that showed up on screen. Several more asked about which pipes supplied what compartments. Others rummaged around the storage compartments, examining the spare parts and apparatuses. Yet more were asking twenty questions about the odd, glowing machine that lay directly in front of the main engine.....

>> No.29690834

“Oh, that? Oh man, you're all gonna go bonkers over this. Everyone, Gather round!” Isaac said, resulting in the entire quarian party, Shepard and his team in tow, huddled around the odd, blue machine. Tali, completely overtaken by curiosity, shoved her way through to get a front row seat. Even among quarians she was gifted with anything artificial, and hanging back with Shepard and Garrus wasn't as exciting as getting a first look at technology from another reality.

“Now, Nezala tells me you guys can't really get that far form the galaxy...”

“Actually Mr Clarke...” Tali said, correcting Isaac. “No known ship can leave the galaxy. There are Mass relays which can take you to other relays across the galaxy via precision jump, but without their assistance, a ship can only go around the local systems on it's own supply of fuel”

“Relays, huh...?” Isaac said as he turned back to the machine. “... Only able to take you to other relays, huh?”

“Yes. And once you've reached the other relay, you run on your own fuel from there. As such your range is limited to two or three adjacent systems, depending on distance. The relays don't require you to use any fuel, given the fact that they carry you by opening a pathway through space, a corridor to another relay”

“Well, that's interesting... because this little beauty is called a shockpoint drive.... and it does exactly that, only instead of having to link to another relay or whatever, all you have to do is set the coordinates, and you're there.”

The group's reaction was, predictable to say the least

>> No.29690902

Dammit jukebox I've got 3 hours until I need to go to bed, what do you expect me to do while I'm not feverishly waiting on an update from you?

>> No.29690959

I could try writing the thing with Brother Clarke and the Preceptory of Adepta Sororitas like I was going to.

>> No.29691096

Go for it. Writefaggotry is always welcomed.

>> No.29691358

((I’m doing this mostly off the crack simply because I just wanted to do write something Mass Dead Space. Someone stop me if no one gives a shit.))

“Listen you paper boned ship monkey, I don’t give a damn if Shepard’s planet side, I’ve been paid, I’m moving on.”

“Gee can’t you cool it for a day or two Zaeed? You can walk out the airlock if you want out so bad. Second shuttle’s already prepping for a trip down to get supplies and you can swing the commander later…”

“You’re right kid, we blew up the boogiemen, and some of us get to relax. But if you don’t want to bring the Alliance a cruiser with a hull crack, you’ll swing the gates open when I fly it out of here.”

“The Normandy’s hull can’t be penetrated in the manner described Mr. Masani.” The vaguely anthropomorphic projection of EDI materialized. At her appearance, Zaeed slid a small stack of binders onto the projector, making her representation disappear.

“Well maybe all I’ll do is lower the property value, but I’ll warn you, my blood needs three kinds of industrial cleaner before it fully washes out.” Zaeed hardly looked like an old man as he walked away, but whatever was on his mind made him one.

>> No.29692166

Can plant matter be re-animated by the marker?

>> No.29692304

No, but I believe it restocks with fresh produce every week.

>> No.29696250


>> No.29696286

So far it looks like only meat.

>> No.29696350


>> No.29696396

I don't know. It says that it can reanimate dead biolgical matter, but never specified and most people just assumed it meant people.

In theory though, maybe it is possible for them to take control of and form it into some lovecraftian horror

>> No.29696514

You know I just had a funny thought about that. Say that on the Citadel or something, Isaac comes across a kid with one of those large, flat lollipops that has broken.

"Mister, it broke! Can you make it whole?"

And he just snaps.

>> No.29696556

Oh god the mental images I'm getting

My sides are ascending to orbit

>> No.29696591

I think it was in Dead Space you had to go through Hydroponics or whatever, and the plants were almost untouched. They were alive though, so dead I don't know. Chances are I'd figure it to be all-consuming on dead matter. Would explain the huge growth that was the boss of the level.

>> No.29696627

Maybe they were just prioritizing people over plants? I don't actually know. Maybe they're like tyranids in that they can take any biomass and remake it?

>> No.29696748

Probably. People can spread the signal, kill others, make more markers, that sort of thing. Plants ar'n't the most useful of brainwashed minions. Plants might even be immune while alive.

>> No.29696752

"Make you whole?!" He hissed, idly noticing that the symbols were coming back, flashing across his vision. "I'll never make you whole!" He shouted at the little girl, his helmet triggering down over his face on reflex. "NEVER!"

And then he ran off, screaming his head off about markers and dumb-fucks who didn't know what they were messing with.

C-Sec is now looking for this man. He is human, 6'4", 195 pounds with blueish-green eyes and black hair greying at the temples. If you think you have seen this man, do not approach him and alert C-Sec immediately.

>> No.29696771


>> No.29697001


>> No.29697066


>> No.29697091

And Isaac would look up at them, bite off a angry "FUCK!" and then go lock himself into a room with a workbench. Two hours later he comes out holding a turbocharged, plasma-chainsaw.

>> No.29697193

>Fuck the sky, FUCK trees, fuck the sun, I don't need heat or Vitamin D!

>> No.29697537

Fed up with the sun stinging his eyes one time too many, Brother Clarke designed and built a device to shut off the sun. It worked using the gravity principle where stars need to have a certain mass to ignite, so what it achieved was to lighten its mass until the fusion-chain reactions stopped.

Finally he would be able to sleep in. Life was good.

>> No.29697630 [SPOILER] 

So, what you're saying, is he used some sort of Mass Effect?

>> No.29697749

Well, I was more leaning towards the kinesis thing DS has going, manipulating the gravitron and all that

>> No.29697792

But I saw what you did tharrr

>> No.29697808

Bump for quality writefaggotry.


>> No.29697850

I will readily admit that I'm not quite as good as Jukebox is, and both of us pale before 'Ardboy

>> No.29697905


Why'd you have to make me sad like that man. We haven't seen him in days. He may never writefag for Dead Effect again!

>> No.29697944

We must never forget the gifts Saint 'Ardboy has left us, for he is greater then each of us combined

>> No.29698003

So because I can't recall and because I don't even want to look it up again, why did Isaac get needles in his eye?

>> No.29698051

To trigger knowledge of the Marker, as I recall.

>> No.29698060

The needle was some kind of probe that could access the stored marker imprint in the brain by going in through the optical nerve

>> No.29698086

Right, now I remember. Cheers.
I always kinda wondered how he didn't lose an eye from that though.

>> No.29698148

That's a good question. They probably did it to all sorts of people, but both Isaac and Stross never exhibited any permanent damage. Maybe there was some kind of treatment involved that fixed it? I mean, considering they had the technology to REPLACE an eye

>> No.29698201

Well yeah, it could just be handwaved by saying the same machine that did the needle fixed his eye up again...
But hey, what if it replaced it with a robotic one instead? I'm sure Isaac could do all kinds of cool things with that.

>> No.29698231

He could, but he also bled from his eye afterwards so I dunno, maybe.

>> No.29698258

From what I've seen discussed, the eye would be useless for some time, but wouldn't be permanently damaged.

>> No.29698326

Step three!

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye! Eahahaha!

>> No.29699406

He'd be a Mantis Warrior.

>> No.29699861

While trying to escape Titan station, the Golden Marker exploded. Sending Isaac through time and space, he woke up in the Mojave desert in 2281.


>> No.29699911

Depends on who won the Battle for Hoover dam and how the Courier feels if s/he meets him.

>> No.29699942

Even BEFORE the Courier got shot in the head. Not very much, maybe only a matter of days, but before. Otherwise it would be pretty boring.

>> No.29699959

All depends on if he runs into the Courier really.

Or the Brotherhood, because that would be bad.

>> No.29699965

For them maybe.

>> No.29699972

Of course he would run into Courier. And the Brotherhood could be bad or good, they'd be torn between wanting to recruit him and wanting to dissect him.

The only thing I can say for certain is that he would NOT like the Legion.

>> No.29700138

Of course, its just a matter of what flavor of ruler he'd be most comfortable with.
it's a toss up

>> No.29700285

Would like to see Clarke to meet the Vault Dweller or The Chosen One.

>> No.29700315

Everything involving Fallout would be really cool, but I'd like to focus on New Vegas at the moment since it had the most content.

Imagine what kind of shenanigans Isaac would be up to if he went to the Big MT. Hoorey shet.

>> No.29700454

I'd like to see Clarke taking over a certain communism hating giant robot...

>> No.29700500






>> No.29700592

Imagine the Unitologists themselves seeing something this big blowing them up...

>> No.29700652

The first time the kid from Vault 101 saw natural sunlight... there on that cliff, stood Isaac Clarke.

>> No.29700853

Legends say about a inventor in a bizarre, glowing suit. That inventor was capable of creating wonders that eclipsed even those of the Enclave.

Many sought out this inventor. Some in order to have him join them, others to take away his technological marvels.

But the man preferred to work alone and he would rarely give his inventions to others.

There is however one thing that made him even more special. No matter what he'd meet in the Wasteland. No matter how deadly it was...he would slay it, and what's more important, survive.

That man was known by the name of Clarke.

>> No.29700869

Zaeed stopped in the armory to pick up Jessie. He knew he’d need her, even if no one in the world could understand why he’d need a rusted up gun. And that’s just what Zaeed was used to, people not having clue about doing things that felt right.

When he cracked the bay doors there was a swarm of crew members working the shuttle bay. They scuttled like ants, making the most of the time their gracious Batarian hosts had given them to work in their solar jurisdiction.

Five months of treaties, six of repealing anti-xeno laws, a few billion credits, and 52 press conferences. That’s what it took to get to the Normandy in orbit around Khar’Shan.

And the killer was that the Normandy wasn’t even re-instated yet as an official Alliance ship. This whole fucking trip was composed of two parts, Shepards goodwill, and Batarian arrogance. Simple merchant vessels wouldn’t cut it for whatever the Hegemony were selling the Alliance.

But who gave a shit about Batarian solar space? The dead space was what caught his attention. Outside of the gravity well of the Harsa system, Zaeed picked up a signal on one of his antique devices. He’d lifted it off a vintage dealer on Shanxi. It was a piece of shit that no one in their right mind would ever use, that’s why his contact had gotten it to give him his instructions. It was ingenious as hell, and he kept it for the story.

>> No.29701485

Bump with DA - DS crossover.

There was a DLC for DA2 with something like that. But it would've been much logical if it had Necromorph-like enemies.

>> No.29701716

What would happen if Isaac fixed up Jessie?

>> No.29701747

She would gain a laser sight and the ability to blow limbs off a target with a few shots.

>> No.29701756

half of terminus systems merc population gets pulped

>> No.29702680

Sadly, the armor you got didn't look like that. This was how it looked.

>> No.29702712

Still nice.

>> No.29702732

It was a huge disappointment, I dislike thinking about it

>> No.29702757

Well...you can't have everything. Plus they had only a year for this stuff...hopefully DA3 will make it up for DA2.

>> No.29702786

I sincerely hope so, although I was so incredibly disgusted with DA2 that I might not even buy it before it's dropped in price

>> No.29702827

At least the combat part was nice (add the active pause and you get double nice)...and DA3 seems to go into a similar manner.

>> No.29702885

When I played it, it seems it didn't agree with my mind or something. Any character I made sucked, no matter what I did.

>> No.29702949

Yeah. Pity thou. That was one blunder that started the downfall of BioWare. They're gonna have to do something really crazy to get their trust back.

>> No.29702971

They must have fired all their good people, or something

>> No.29703197

I know that the main writers left. And they were here before BioWare started to tumble down.

>> No.29703515

That was probably somewhere around the first DA, since everything after seems to have been crap

>> No.29703593

Thus we probably never see such awesome like:
- Dragon Age (without counting DA2)
- Mass Effect (without counting ME3)
- Knights of The Old Republic (what the bloody hell did they thought when they did ToR!?)
- MDK (yeah I know it's Shiny and Interplay, but BioWare did good with MDK2)
- Baldur's Gate (I hope that the rumored BG3 won't be shit)
And some more...

>> No.29703600

Aaand we totally went off tangent, dammit

>> No.29703727

There was once a situation where the Command Staff of the Cadian 39th argued about on how to seize the enormous Imperator Titan that they were fighting over against Chaos Marines of the World Eaters. This quickly derailed from actual tactical conversation, to slinging threats and worse...until Brother Clarke came to the command bunker.

None but those inside the bunker knew what happened, but after Clarke was finished, they all became cooperative to the extreme.

>> No.29703944

In other words, he made them stop bitching and made them man up?

>> No.29704045

It had been an arduous battle but at last the Ork Warboss had fallen before him and all his boys. Wasting no time, Brother Clarke gave him a good stomping before raising his plasma cutter and artificer power sword at the green horde, well aware it was him against an army.

"Come! Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!" he shouted, determined to at least die fighting. That's when the first Tyranid spores hit. Looking behind him, he just couldn't help it when his jaw dropped enough to touch the bottom of his helmet at the sight of yet another army. "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" He bit out.

That's when the Orks decided they had watched enough and charged him with a mighty "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!". And he braced himself for the inevitable impracts... that never came. Brother Clarke could only blink in surprise as the green tide surged around him and engaged with the Tyranids. Some of them shouting about 'For Clorke!' but he might have been wrong.

>> No.29704347

Brother Clarke: Slayer of Arch-Heretek Mercer, Bane of Chaos, Magos Imaginatus, The Living Fighting Spirit of Humanity, Beloved of THE Omnisiaah, Warboss Clorke.

>> No.29705252

As it dawned on him, even as the battle of Orks against the dreaded Tyranids raged around him, his palm came up to meet his face at the speed of sound. "Oh fuck me, the Inquisition's gonna have a field day."

>> No.29705378

Brainstorman, Writing soon.

>> No.29705384

Brother Clarke has a one sided love-hate relationship coming from the Inquisition...he simply can't catch a breath.

>> No.29705401

Do something with the Citadel Council finding out about Clarke.

>> No.29705448

Sweet, I was afraid you'd abandoned us

>> No.29705472

(This is a continuation from my linked story, please read my name before commenting about twisted canon, I swear I did my best!)

As soon as Brother Clarke was released from the Grey Knights Sanctum on Titan he immediately grabbed the first transport to the front, he felt the need to purge in the Emperors name and Draigo had given him a few new ideas on how to do so.

Unfortunately for him the Litany of the Emperors Triumph happened to contain an entire Preceptory of Adepta Soritas from the Order of the Valorous Heart on their way towards one of the fiercest battles currently raging in the sector they were headed to and the traditional animosity between the Sisters and the Mechanicus was exacerbated the entire trip. This did not bother Brother Clarke excessively, it simply meant that he had to be more circumspect as he studied the Sisters equipment.

Upon exiting the warp the Sisters and Brother Clarke were hailed with much relief by the garrison of the world. The situation was stable, but brittle. Both sides had managed to dig in, with the lines stretching across nearly the entire upper continent of the planet. The PDF and Guard forces could hold the line, but they could not advance, not without losses that would critically weaken the line elsewhere and allow the forces of Chaos to again advance.
What they needed was for someone to break the line for them and then exploit the breakthrough. There was an Ultramarine successor chapter on the planet, but they had been bloodied badly helping the guard set up the defense line, they could not punch through and exploit the breakthrough as needed, they could only do one.


>> No.29705478


>> No.29705497

As the Generals, Chapter Master and Canoness Preceptor argued over how exactly to break the stalemate, Brother Clarke listened. As he listened he planned and eventually he spoke up. How he got them to listen was not known at the time but is now attributed to his Emperor granted powers. The plan would involve coordination between the Guard, Space Marines and the Soritas. This was doable. What nearly broke the plan was Brother Clarke’s need to put his hands on the Soritas and their divine war gear, as well as the Battle Barge that had brought the Marines to the planet. It is said that the Canoness Preceptor nearly had a screaming fit at Brother Clarkes request, but was eventually was brought around by the Lords General and the Chapter Master of the Space Marines.

It took two weeks of preparation, but after that time Brother Clarke had laid hands on every member of the Preceptory, from the Canoness herself to the lowest Battle Sister, as he adjusted their armor and weapons, as well as communing with the machine spirits of the Battle Barge so that they would grant them victory. In the end it was time, Brother Clarke said that all was ready and the forces were prepped. Brother Clarke himself would go into battle with the Canoness, to ensure that whatever happened to the Sisters would happen to him as well.

In the end Brother Clarkes effort proved to be exactly what the beleaguered planet needed. As the Guard waited behind their barricades they were treated to a sight that brought many to their knees in reverence to the Emperor.

>> No.29705509

The entire Preceptory was in Marine Drop Pods modified by Brother Clarke to allow such a thing, all guided by an extremely pleased Machine spirit. As they landed in near exact synchronicity, the pods burst open, disgorging the Adepta Soritas inside them.

And then the line burned

Brother Clarke had equipped every Sister and himself with a specially modified Melta gun, with nearly three times the range and twice the heat of a normal one. As all of the sisters triggered their weapons into the surrounding heretics and daemons, it is said that the very Immaterium itself was burned by the heat.

As one the Meltas stopped, preventing their energies from backfiring onto the Sisters. In that moment the fire cleared and the line was revealed. There was no more line; the Sisters had eradicated all trace of it in only thirty seconds. As all loyal servants of the Emperor surveyed the destruction, it is said that the Emperors Grace descended upon them en masse. It started as a roar from the Guard, then spread to the Custodes as they charged forward, finally reaching the Soritas as they moved to exploit the break they had created. All down the line the Emperor’s finest smote down the heretic and the daemon there was a glow, a glow of power, rage and belief. The Sisters had felt it before, they were renowned for such things, but this surrounded all of the Emperors children, down to the lowliest PDF cook who had seen the drop and extermination.

There was only one small detail that was different; this glow was tinged in blue.

>> No.29705528

A month after the drop the planet was nearly cleared and the Marines, Sisters and Brother Clarke were recalled so they could be redeployed on more important worlds. It was on the journey back that the Canoness Preceptor was visited by ever one of her surviving Sisters, asking to be made into a Sister Repentia for failing in their belief in the Emperor. The Canoness herself knew what they meant. For she had seen the blue glow of belief from her fellow Sisters, the glow the same color of Brother Clarke’s RIG, the glow she herself knew she had emitted.

Upon reaching Ophellia VII, the Orders home world, the entire Preceptory, all 874 surviving Sisters, fell to their knees in front of their Canoness Superior and begged to become Sisters Repentia for failing in their belief of the Emperor.

But they were denied.

Word of the Victory had spread as far as Holy Terra and the Abbess Sanctorum had heard the tales of victory, as well as of Brother Clarke and what he had caused. She had spoken with the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights, as well as all in the system who knew of Brother Clarke, even those in the Mechanicus.

She had decreed that all of the Sisters were clean of sin, as Brother Clarke was so devoted to and gifted by the Emperor that it was near certain he had been granted his power directly and to believe in one such as him was to believe in the power of the Emperor.

The Colors of the Valorous heart are Black on Black, but in one Preceptory they allow a modification.

It is a small blue flame, placed down the crown of the helmet, in remembrance of those who saw what was wrought by Brother Clarke and the Emperor.

(Comments are appreciated, constructive if possible!)

>> No.29705721

Brother Clarke indeed knows well how to gently handle the Sisters. Sweet reading BTW.

>> No.29705960

Totally awesome. the might and glory of Brother Clarke is truly beyond scope.

>> No.29706068

Zaeed would get into one fight with Jessie Mk 2 and die.

>> No.29706254

Man, those were some good sopas. Back to writing.
There were only 17 people on board, Including Shepard and his team, but nonetheless, the clamor within the Falcon was deafening. Some were nearly screaming with excitement, others asking volleys of questions in an incoherent frenzy of inquiry. Shepard himself found it hard to ignore just how revolutionary this revelation was as he tried in vain to get his questions through to a fully surrounded Isaac. Tali begged to stay on board afterwords so she can look it over, maybe even cook up her own blueprints. It seemed that Garrus was the only one who remained silent, as he was more off-put by this sudden upheaval than he was fascinated by the new tech, though even he had to admit, the prospect of completely free travel was more than intriguing.

'Hey! Guys, settle down, one at a- HEY! EVERYONE SETTLE DOWN!” Isaac yelled, trying to instill some sense of order into the unruly crowd. “Look, I know this is very exciting for everyone-”

“Exciting?!” Tali exclaimed. “EXCITING?!! Isaac, this is INCREDIBLE! Do you have ANY Idea what you just revealed to us?! There's only so many relays that only go to so many locations, but now there's nowhere one can't go! The relays may span the galaxy, but one can only get so far from there! We can go anywhere thanks to you, Isaac! ANYWHERE!” As Tali continued to express her elation, other joined in, and soon the engine room once again rang with the sound of frantic and overjoyed voices.

Loud as the din in the engine room was however, things were about to get much, much louder.

>> No.29706315

Isaac Clarke got a Tali. I envy him.

>> No.29706369

i loved the dragon age armor for mass effect

>> No.29706412

i like it too, but i dont use it, i just dont like full suits, the feel underpowered (except the collector armor)

>> No.29706428

Indeed. One hell of a awesome design. And the helmet is even better.

It also reminds me when BioWare was still something compared to now.

>> No.29706462

can somone run ded space quest?

>> No.29706709

Jukebox why do you tease us with this?

>> No.29706802

calm yo tits, nigga
The entire ship rocked as a shockwave toppled nearly everyone to the floor, accompanied by a deafening blast. Panic ensued as the Falcon rocked to and fro. An automated voice blared over the intercom:


“Great.” Isaac said with baited breath. We've lost our docking connection to the Rayya. We're floating in open space!”

Moments later, Shepard receives a transmission from Joker. “Commander, the fleet is under attack! Batarian slavers. Evidently they overheard talk about some human popping out of a wormhole. Said they want him and his ship, no other conditions.”

“Must have been them that fired that warning shot. Where'd they hit?

“Rayya's hull. Her shields kept her undamaged, but the batarians are packing serious heat.”

“Wait, what? How the hell did they hear about me? I haven't been here a day.and so far the only people who know about me are the qu-”

“Isaac, news gets around fast, Mr Clarke.” said one of the quarians, bracing herself onto some of the piping. “We did hold off on it for a while, but we eventually decided to let word get out of your arrival after we decided that we'd let visitors to the fleet hold audience with you after a day or two.”

>> No.29706848

>Batarians being retards
They truly are That Guy: The Race of the mass effect series.

>> No.29706851

as in alex mercer?

>> No.29706853

I was expecting him to blast a stasis bolt into the mass of people and just float them out.
But SUDDENLY BATARIANS is great too.

>> No.29706884

It's stomping time!! Those Batarians don't know what they're asking for.

Nope. Not that Mercer. Dr.Mercer that went nuts and created the constantly regenerating Hunter Necromorph.

>> No.29706891

Nah there was a guy called mercer who was fucking insane on the Ishamura

>> No.29706892

>letting everyone in the big wide universe know that a person from another reality had appeared near the quarian fleet

>> No.29706910

How could i forget.
blocked it from my mind

>> No.29706927

How would Alex Mercer react to the Marker?
He's a sapient mass of Viruses.

>> No.29706940

He should yell at them and threaten to break their shit. Maybe pull out a little model ship and smash it against a wall, Picard-style

>> No.29706957

They want to gain the galaxy's favor, seeing as how it's been a century or two and no one's letting them live down the whole geth affair. Maybe providing technology from the mind of an other-planar visitor could earn them some points, especially if they could improve upon it, which is something they could definitely do.

>> No.29706992

300, to be picky

>> No.29707000

On the other hand there is a rulse 69 40K version of Mercer as a Assassin, but she's 1) /d/ personified and 2) very dead thanks to Lysander pounding her with his Thunder Hammer.

>> No.29707166

Now I really realized the accidental double etrende I did...

>> No.29707180


>> No.29707266

“Well, evidently, these slavers were in the neighborhood.” Said Garrus while loading his Mantis. “We're in the Armstrong nebula right now, and there's are a few problems concerning pirates around here in recent months, even after the Skyllian Blitz . Shepard, what's the plan?”

Before Shepard could reply, Isaac decided that whoever these “batarians” were, they'd have to go through hell and back to even lay a finger on him, especially given how much he's already had to deal with. The Markers, the necromorphs, the Brethren Moons, A new universe, and now, a small flight of rogue aliens who want him and his ship? No. That's not happening, Isaac thought to himself. Not in a million years.

“I'll tell you what the plan is.” Isaac said, Loading his plasma cutter. “These “batarians” want my ship? They're gonna have to fight me for it. Everyone come with me. This may be a mining vessel, but it has some tricks up it's sleeve.”

“Isaac, no! This is suicide!” Tali exclaimed, “This ship is unarmed! How do you possibly plan on fighting an entire flight of slavers?”

“Just follow me to the cockpit. I noticed we're passing by an asteroid belt, just off the keel of the ship. Believe me when I say that's all we need.”

>> No.29707291

Looks like Isaac played planetary annihilation.

>> No.29707306

Is he doing what I think he's doing?
Cause if so.
Rocks aren't free citizen.

>> No.29707364

Isaac Clarke will cause them Batarians nightmares.

>> No.29707369

I think I remember playing MA1, specifically this little DLC mission where some terrorists were gonna asteroid-smash a farming(or something) planet, and someone mentioned that doing specifically that is banned by space Geneva.

>> No.29707428

>> No.29707444

>> No.29707461

>> No.29707463

You tell him that. Go ahead.

>> No.29707478

Orbital bombardment of any kind is banned by Citadel law.

>> No.29707481

>> No.29707491

But they are the only weapon he's got

>> No.29707577

He's said to be many. He's just a simple Magos. And that's scary about Brother Clarke.

Still can't believe that they were so useless when fighting Necromorphs...on the other hand their armors are awesome.

>> No.29707579

Isaac took the controls of the Falcon. Hands clenched tightly around the joysticks. “Alright, I need someone to head over to the mining ops room. There's working comms in there that we can use for direct communication.”

“I volunteer”said Nezara. “Just hold on though, I have a better idea than using rusty comms. You still have that Omni-tool my associate gave you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Turn it on. I've already got mine connected with yours. When you need to speak to me, just use it.”

“Alright then.” Isaac said as the orange light cast itself around his wrist again, notifying synchronization with all nearby omni-tools. “Once you're in mining ops, contact me, and hold onto something. This is gonna get rough fast.”

“Clarke, you're not seriously planning on flying into that asteroid belt, are you?” Shepard asked, heavy pistol in hand as he and Garrus took charge of the remaining civilians.

“No. Even better. Just hang on...”

“Okay Isaac, I'm in mining ops. What's next?”

“Hang onto something. We're going in.”

Isaac jammed the throttle downwards, sending the ship accelerating towards the asteroid field. The quarian civilians held on to each other for dear life as the Falcon screamed towards the wandering chunks of rock and metal. Blips appeared in the ship;s radar. Five medium sized ships, seven smaller vessels escorting. These batarians were hot on Isaac's trail, but it didn't matter. Nothing could prepare them for what would happen next.

>> No.29707607



>> No.29707628

Shit is getting real.

>> No.29707635

Didn't Isaac switch the omnitool color to his RIG's teal color, or was that someone else's story?

>> No.29707639

>The V101-Core Extractor is a heavy duty tool designed for extracting core samples, described as being able to penetrate 65% of all known elements. The primary fire mode fires four plasma beams in a diamond configuration composed of four separate beams at 90 degree angles to each other. The alternate firing mode compresses all four beams together into a continuous stream.

>> No.29707656

>orange light cast itself around his wrist again
I thought he modded the color to be the same as the visor/RIG?

>> No.29707691

Disciple wrote that, but I can re-write it when i put it in the pastebin if you guys want.

>> No.29707695

Remember, folks: Dead Space tech is, in a number of ways, vastly superior to the stuff available in Mass Effect. Their -small- spaceships run on singularities contained in something the size of a large briefcase. They have gravity-manipulation technology advanced enough to use as deckplating, localised time-dilation generators compact enough to carry on your arm, efficient enough energy cells to not only power handheld particle accelerators (with enough force to pulverize solid rock), but provide power for multiple shots with said accelerators at the baseline. If you fluff the upgrades you do on your equipment as basically overriding the factory safeties, an experienced engineer who knows his way around the tech can turn even the lowliest of industrial tools into weapons on par with purpose-built military equipment.
Dead Space technology is hax on so very many levels. Mostly because it was made with gameplay coming first, but still.

He has a plasma cutter, although I don't think he'd be too keen about doing his usual thing on actual sapient beings who are neither insane or gibbering monsters. Isaac's methods would easily be classified as unnecessarily brutal and inhumane for dealing with anyone who would be subject to such considerations. They work wonders against Necromorphs, certainly, but an undead horror is quite different from a properly-alive, sapient being who will probably start screaming very loudly once they start losing limbs.

>> No.29707728

>Isaac, this is Dr. Mercer, one of Citadel's leading experts in -
>where the hell did Isaac go?
In the end they find him back at the docks, where he's built an oversized flamethrower out of a detached shuttle engine and a set of grav plates.

>> No.29707760

Mercer gives very few fucks for fire.and very likely fails to give fucks

>> No.29707768


>> No.29707856

It's not for (Alex)Mercer, but for what (Janus)Mercer may have created.

>> No.29707879


>The C99 Supercollider Contact Beam, also referred simply as the Contact Beam, is an engineering tool designed to pound and soften hard, raw minerals into smaller pieces.
>Sometimes miners need to dismember a stubborn rock, softening it to be later extracted. That's where a C99 Supercollider Contact Beam comes in.
>Like the Force Gun, the Contact Beam is an energy projector tool that utilizes kinetic energy. As its name suggests, it is a miniaturized particle accelerator intended for mining operations.

>> No.29707891

Maybe we should be going by first names....

>> No.29707972

Hunter suddenly out of nowhere!!!

>> No.29707977

“Still with us, Nezala?”

“Yes, but I can tell you've put your foot on the gas. What's next?”

“You should be seeing a terminal in there at the front of the room in it's own enclosure. I've already hit the greenlight, so all you have to do is press “confirm” when I give you the signal.”

“What's it going to do?”

“You'll see”

Isaac took the Falcon closer and closer to the asteroids, adjusting the ship's pitch until it was level with the asteroids, screaming at over seven hundred miles an hour only a hundred or so meters above the belt

“Clarke, you're insane!” Garrus said as they edged closer to the asteroids. “Hit one of those, and we're all history! Not to mention the fighters on our tail!”

“I know what to do with the asteroids, don't you worry. The fighters might be a problem, but it's nothing we can't handle. This thing has several asteroid defense cannons., and one of them sits right behind the quarterdeck. Head back to the monitoring station. There should be a door next to the one that lead to the crew's quarters. Hit the manual override switch on the seat and see if you can hold them off.”

“Since when did you command my crew?” Shepard said while still holding on to the guard rails behind Isaac.

“Since I'm about to save our skins. Garrus, head to the ADS cannon.”

“If it helps...” said Garrus as he rushed towards the quarterdeck.

“Okay, ready, Nezala? This is where it gets hairy”

>> No.29707986


>> No.29707991

No one thinks entirely clearly when they experience a Nope of that scale.

>> No.29708026

I loved the javelin gun in dead space 2

>> No.29708122

Greetings fellow regenerators. Mind if I join in?

Seriously Jukebox, I hope you will include the Necromorphs...

>> No.29708135

Forgot pic.....

>> No.29708145

All in due time.

>> No.29708185


>> No.29708187

Do you really mean it?

>> No.29708207

did we ever know why he regenerated like a motherfucker he was, and the 5 eyes?
hear something about being a special made by the marker or being some vessel shit

>> No.29708243


>> No.29708257


>> No.29708258

He looks like a mini-hive mind.

>> No.29708270

That would make sense.
The Necromorphs seem to become more organized when he appears.

>> No.29708299 [SPOILER] 

>> No.29708360 [SPOILER] 

>> No.29708382

meh nothing my completely overengineered seeker rifle cant handle with a couple of shots.

>> No.29708405 [SPOILER] 

>> No.29708408

Nezala hovered over the interface of the mining ops console. In bold, red letters, it revealed the ship's proximity to the asteroids, as well as a holo-display of what seemed to be some sort of apparatus underneath the ship. Right underneath it, a flashing “EXECUTE” command appeared in white.

“Waiting on you signal Isaac! We're really close to those asteroids....”

“Alright...... NOW!”

Nezala pressed the flashing command button, making the whole ship vibrate as six arms extended out form the bottom of the ship to rest themselves at it's sides. Immediately, they exuded beams of blue light that extended into the asteroids, which in turn seemed to be attracting towards the ship as the beams made contact.

“Isaac, that isn't really what I think it is....” Tali said

“”Okay, Nezala, it should say “freeze operation” on the console. Hit it.”

As she did so, the asteroids that were seemingly climbing up the blue “rope” extending from the arm system froze in place. Seeing this on the notification panel, Isaac Pulled directly towards his foes. The enemy fighters had just come within range, and Garrus was doing his best to keep them at bay. Needless to say, Garrus' marksmanship shone bright as it ever did.

“Alright, hat's two. Five more to go. How are we doing in the cockpit?” Garrus asked. “I see we've taken a little turn from the asteroids. Did we get hit earlier? I felt the ship shake for a bit.”

“Nope. Party's just getting started”

The Falcon continue to speed right at the enemy, six strings of asteroids in tow. The slavers were now looking at a strange vessel towing asteroids at its sides, coming in fast. Very, very fast.

>> No.29708441

Poor Garrus...it's going to be some wacky experience for him.

>> No.29708447

how do we exterminatus this here fucker?
any ideas?

>> No.29708479

cyclone torpedos followed with life eater virus bombing the planet it crashes on after that cyclone torpedo the planet.

>> No.29708484

The same way the Imperium did with the World Engine after the Astral Knights blew its shields. A hailstorm of Cyclonic Torpedoes.

>> No.29708511 [SPOILER] 

We would need something that can hurt a planet.
Maybe by cracking it open with some sort of vessel.
Do we have anything like that in the sol system?

>> No.29708533

Iron Sunrise. First, collapse the core of the sun into an extradimensional space. Then, without the radiation pressure supporting the outer layers, they will collapse inward, and collide. The shockwave of the collision will initiate fusion in the entire mass, burning up as much hydrogen as it did during the entire rest of its life.
Watch the pretty explosion from several lightyears away.

>> No.29708549

It may rip it apart...It may work. But will it not retaliate?

>> No.29708632


It would probably just swat a Planet Cracker like a human would a fly.

We don't even know how many of these fuckers there are, other than "enough to have wiped out all other sapient beings besides mankind".

>> No.29708676

yea the made more tan a few galaxies of Dead Space

>> No.29708696

Still it would be awesome to see Issac return to where his journey began and use the Ishumura for good.

>> No.29708701

We'll never know how Clarke and co. will defeat them, since there will be no DS4...unless EA will get its shit right.

>> No.29708745


>Get its shit right.

>> No.29708799

I know that it's merely wishes...

>> No.29708811

>imblying EA will just have a sudden change of heart
post ending in 5 says yes

>> No.29708817

I feel like there is one competent guy at EA who is slowly becoming like Issac emotionally

>> No.29708848

Actually, Isaac does work in EA. And he ain't liking it.

>> No.29708872

I'm pretty sure most people who work at EA are like Isaac emotionally

>> No.29708878

>implying the moons arent a parody of EA

>> No.29708904

I see what ya thinking, and I'm liking it.

>> No.29708992

It didn't take much time for them to realize just what Isaac was doing, and the medium sized cruisers were starting to take evasive maneuvers, steering to the sides, trying to get out of range of the Falcon's new-found weaponry. Their situation was deteriorating fast, and they knew it. Garrus had already shot down nearly all of their fighters ,as only one, burning fighter remained, trying to evade the ADS fire. Whatever maneuvers they could take were too little too late, as Isaac and the Falcon sped at them much faster that their yaw could adjust. The Falcon's occupants huddled close to each other, looking at the batarian ships that even now seemed to be coming closer by the second.

“EVERYONE HOLD ON!” Isaac shouted as the notification monitor warned him of his proximity to the batarian vessels. IT didn't matter. What happened next was something that would imprint itself into the minds of all on board forever.

Flying at almost thousand miles an hour, no less than one hundred and twenty asteroids, towed in lines in excess of seven hundred feet, smashed into the hulls of the five cruisers. One of the larger asteroids struck the cruiser farthest to starboard, ripping it in half instantly. Another cruiser was hit in the side, smashing its starboard hull and sending it careening into the cruiser just port of it, which had already lost both its engines to the asteroids. The last two cruisers suffered full on frontal collision, exacerbated tenfold by repeated impacts from several dozen asteroids, tearing them apart like cloth on a bed of razors.

Seven minutes later, five light cruisers and seven fighters floated in ruins near the migrant fleet. It had been no more than forty minutes since they fired the warning shot at the Rayya. Not a single survivor made it out of that flight to tell the tale..

>> No.29709034

Why is Isaac so based?

>> No.29709045

that rocked

>> No.29709074

Cool. more

>> No.29709076

>It is at this point the Quanari engineers devolved into a mass orgy from realizing the sheer technical fuckery involved with what just happened.

>> No.29709146


while you're reading

listen to


>> No.29709159

im expecting a few "are you free later?" mail on his omnitool

>> No.29709213

>we'll bang, okay?

>> No.29709245


>> No.29709257

Hold on are we dealing with femshep, or manshep?

>> No.29709300

pretty sure its manshep

>> No.29709302

It's just a quote. c'mon folks.

>> No.29709394

Alrighty I have 'Ardboy on tumblr. Does anyone have the pastebin on the other guy two threads ago?

It was the one where Isaac tried to teleport a mini marker into the sun and instead got into the ME universe. Also it was based after DS1.

>> No.29709641

It's actually from Garrus.

>> No.29709949

ho boi.

Okay, I'm back. Gimme ideas.

>> No.29710047

scratch that, just had an epiphany

feel free to still lend ideas, tho.

>> No.29710067


I c wat u did thar

>> No.29710422


>> No.29710492

one of the quarian engineers snuck into the cargo hold

>> No.29710655

can you read minds? I've been thinking of that.

>> No.29710757

Different anon, it's not that hard of a conclusion to come to.

>> No.29711061

>> No.29711223

Considering Mercer's usual MO, he'd probably try to eat it. I've a worrisome feeling that he might succeed.

>> No.29711236

After Greene, I doubt he'd want to eat any more hive minds

>> No.29711266

with how much he has eaten his voices may be enough to just drown out the marker voices. just another drop in the bucket for him.

>> No.29711395

>> No.29711689

>> No.29711922

Wow. I've never felt happy to recognize a microwave before.

>> No.29711945

damnit gordon
half-life 3 isn't here yet

>> No.29712016

Does anyone have that Dr.Who in Rogue Trader pic posted a thread or two back?

>> No.29712190

But does it say anything about throwing them at other ships?

>> No.29712281

They are trained to aim for center of mass, which necromorphs give zero shits about.

>> No.29712571

The Falcon circled around back to the flotilla, asteroid cargo absent form the mechanical arms that began to fold back underneath the ship.. As it made its way back to the docking cradles, the occupants finally let go of their respective moors, be it a guard rail, wall piping, or even another quarian. Garrus made his way back to the cockpit, dazed after having shot down no less than seven batarian fighters. Nezala returned from mining ops. Still wondering what in high heaven she just helped Isaac just pull off.

“Okay... Okay, I think that's all of 'em..... Everyone all right” Isaac called out, as the battle weary party got back on their feet.

“Isaac... that was some of the craziest shit I've seen in years.” said Shepard as he caught his breath. “Has anyone ever told you you're completely insane?”.

“You don't need to tell me twice....”

“Well, don't blame us if we do.” said Garrus.

“Say, Isaac...” said Tali. “Have any of us seen your face yet?”

“Aside for that Chambers girl you guys sent over earlier, no.”

“Can we see it?”

“Huh? Yeah, sure. We're not aboard the Rayya anymore.”

>> No.29712596

The sectioned helmet hissed compressed air as it separated its fore and aft plates. Bit by bit, in a matter of seconds, Isaac's helmet disassembled itself. Plate latched under and over plate as it descended in a perfect symphony of clockwork, until finally, two halves retreated inside the console on Isaac's chest, as well as the top of his RIG's spine, revealing a haggard, unshaven man with dark circles under his eyes, and a tired, but triumphant smile on his face.

“Okay, I'm not going to lie, that was pretty cool.” Garrus said.

“Yeah, glad yo-OW!” Isaac yelped as a three-fingered hand slapped him clean across the face.

“Isaac Clarke, you are the craziest bosh'tet I have ever met, do you realize that?” Tali said, shoving her helmet-clad face into Isaac's.

“Look , it's not the fir-OOW!!!” Isaac yelled again as yet another three fingered hand struck his cheek. 'STOP THAT!”

“That was brilliant.... Absolutely brilliant. You and me. We're having words later. Aboard the Normandy.”

“Tali, isn't that my call?” Shepard asked.

“Though it was a foregone conclusion, given our friend's penchant for..... Keelah, I don;t even... Yeah. Isaac, we're definitely having more words later.”

>> No.29712606


and then they nod at each other and go on their way

there is no rest for the weary

>> No.29712662

Words or "words"?

>> No.29712706


>> No.29712712

Don't fire up those shipping engines, just yet, comrade. She's a quarian, and an exceptionally gifted one at that. All that technical muckery, plus the new tech he showcased make for a very colorful conversation.

>> No.29712727


>> No.29712781

Alright. We're on page 6 and losing altitude. How much longer do you guys thin till i have to start us a new thread.

Also, any thoughts on the fic?

>> No.29712815

My goggles may be calibrated for yuri, but I can still see this ship in the drydock.
Depends on /tg/ We've probably got a few hours more at the very least.

>> No.29712823

Pic related.

>> No.29712833

Welp, my post counter says 310, and that's the bump limit, so unless we wanna ride this ship to its grave, I say new thread.

>> No.29712848

Glorious and masterful. I'm overjoyed with your work and hope you keep the pastebin updated.

As for new thread? Let's wait till... eh, page 8? Might do to go ahead and make a new thread, though.

>> No.29712863

it's typically in good taste to wait for the thread to nearly fall off the board before starting a new one.

>> No.29712878

Like right now?

Up in this hizzy?

Fo realzies?

Cuz I'm more inclined to go with

This nigga right here.
We usually do just fine like that

>> No.29712890


its is fantastic

>> No.29712965

Yeah, now that I think about it, let's go with these guys' (>>29712848, >>29712863) ideas.

>> No.29713037

Okay then. Lemme cook up some more ideas.

Give me a minute. In the meantime, have this size comparison.

>> No.29713133

Gimme a to scale Normandy alongside Ishimura and then I will be happy.

>> No.29713185

I'd say the Normandy is about half the size of the Valor right there.

>> No.29713537

Okay niglets, page 8. We new thread now?

>> No.29713579

Go for it.

>> No.29713651


>> No.29713824



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