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I need some classic Warhammer art, can /tg/ share? I'm looking for colour art in particular, because 90s GW was all about being as eye-searing as possible.

40k and WHFB equally welcome.

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My god... They're so fabulous!

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It's about to get real 80/90's in here.

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Oh god 90s Eldar are fucking metal as shit.

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Sadly this is all I have of the old school art style OP. Hopefully someone else will have a better dump.


I know right?

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Featuring the battle report that created Tycho and Ghazghkull.

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I miss Codpiece 40,000

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>those jockstraps

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>That fucking gold baby face marine

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models are also acceptable

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I'm not sure how much colour stuff I have, but I'll post what I can find.

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>squat stronghold
Your article appears to have a misprint, anon. You should take care of that.

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dude, i made some scans back in the day, coming up.

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>dat crotch-beak
Old 'nids were best 'nids. The new ones are just dinosaur-lizards with chitin welded on.

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Squats, Humans, and Astartes all standing in the trench together.
As it should be.

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Thats CAPTAIN gold babby face Tycho to you, skrub.

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>smash the empire

>the one big one

>Marines just chillin in a bar

God, would love to see a modern take on the marines like that. Modern art style but in relaxed/weird situations like that.

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What would happen if you showed current miniatures (default GW paintjobs) to the people back then? Would they consider them ugly, boring?

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Is that supposed to be a pic of the big e in the top left of that pic? Also tried for many years to get that figure...

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here's 200 pictures or so.


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Got anything involving beastmen?

I wasn't even aware this of this game when they were around, and I still have trouble wrapping my head around the concept of them being Imperial Guard.

>captcha Heres
-yeah I know.

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It is the Emprah.

I remember that mini. It would be really fun to do an old school conversion of this.

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No, I don't think so. The sculpt quality has increased by magnitudes since then, and a lot of the "but they have so much character!" comments largely boil down to nostalgia, IMO. I've got a soft spot for a lot of the old Tyranid models, but they're gawky, awkward, and generally inferior to the new ones.

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I just realized Noise Marines don't have electric guitars any more. I know that's the ultimate slowpoke but I've never played anyone who fielded them so my only memories were a white dwarf issue I read probably 15 years ago.

I don't know how to deal with this.

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I don't think they're actually marines. The pic is from Rogue Trader and it's just captioned 'Human Renegades'

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The really oldschool Ork art is pretty creepy.

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it sucks because I want to do a set of figures based on dethklok as rogue chaos terminators dedicated to slaanesh. I have to completely scratchbuild their guitars and bass...would have been a lot easier with the old school noise marine weapons.

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yes, yes thats him.

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god damned GW will NEVER release knight titans...

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Are those dwarves talking to a Skaven or is this from another game?

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You can actually still get it off ebay, just look for oop blood angels captain.

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>Ian Miller art is pretty creepy.

Fixed that for ya m8e

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dont know what that is, some kind of ancient ancestor or demigod i guess.
its whfb though.

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The sculpt quality has improved dramatically, but current colour trends aren't to my taste. The standard today seems to be gritty and subdued, and while it's fine if you like that, you also need to appreciate what you have here - a popular sci-fi setting full of primary coloured commandos and garish aliens, in a genre otherwise dominated by generic tacticool sci-fi and airsoft nut wank fantasies.

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Yea, it's just weird seeing stunted, grotesque Orks forcing a line of chained, blind human slaves into a giant furnace. Rogue Trader must have been a hell of a trip for the people who got to play it.

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open dooompta

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Looking for a piece in this art style, it's of a samurai looking inquisitor on a spaceship handing what looks like a genestealer patriarch head in a jar to another inquisitor.

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I can understand that. I'm not sure I'd call modern 40k colour schemes 'gritty and subdued' - they're still a lot brighter and more colourful than a lot of sci-fi franchises around - but can see how someone who'd gone through the Red Period during 2nd edition would view things that way.

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I like to imagine that warlock's mere seconds away from throwing up the horns with their left hand.

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rolling along in my open dooompta train on this tipical orky day.

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More like glam-rock.

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>Delicious pin-sharp, high-res

Very nice - thank you!

Oh, I think I know the one you're on about, but I don't have it saved. Saw it in an old issue of WD once, IIRC...

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Jess Goodwin to the rescue

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Oh boy the native american Dark Angels

Do the Deathwing terminators still have native american themed feathers and stuff?

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I love this shit so much you have no idea.

It also brings to mind the lyric "Fire all of your guns at once and / explode into space", because fuck, they aren't even aiming or pointing their guns at anything in most of these pics, they're just MAEK DAKKA

This Eldar, on the other hand, is being supremely badass with their aiming skills.

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i so fucking love that bloodbowl coach.

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So why did they tone that down anyway?

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You can play it now, anon. Buy or download the book, it's pretty cheap second-hand if you don't want a pristine copy, and talk people into a few small games. It's worth the effort!

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I believe so, yes, but it's a lot more subtle now. They aren't native americans in Terminator Armour, they've just got a few feathery/tribal fetishes hanging from their armour or worked into their heraldry.

>> No.29681447


Cultural appropriation is bad plus they pretty much wanted to make the Dark Angels standard knights in space

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Talk about an example where the models actually looked better than the source drawing.

But Escher was my favorite Necromunda clan to play. Back when CC was still fun

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How dull.

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If they were actual native americans it wouldn't be appropriation though.

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I wish the plastic Imperial Guard kits looked more like this. The Cadians and Catachans just don't look weird enough for 40k.

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old hive city stuff

>> No.29681542


Ultrasmurfs/Cadians becoming the default models in 2e was pretty much the end of quirky

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aaaawwwwww sheeet Disco fex

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Oh, hell yea. I paid through the nose to get a few of the old Escher models for my Inquisitorial Warband, but it was totally worth it. The Heavy with the Plasma Gun is a beautiful little figure. It's a crying shame how GW discontinued them.

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>literally CODEX ULTRAMARINES edition
2e wasn't as bad as some people say, especially for small-model-count skirmishes, but it was a step back from Rogue Trader as a game. It was a massive step forwards in terms of attracting young nerds though, and had some glorious codices.

>and excellent necrons

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Cadians are fine for generic as fuck light infantry but Catachans are dated as hell.

Mordians would be my choice for a theme army to bring back.

I never really liked the Tallarn or the Valhallan scuplts and the Pretorians sucked.

death korps is cool but Elysians are meh

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good old land raiders and rhinos used to come three in a box...

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>b...but...fans.... we can't do robes in plastic....
The fact that people bought the lie that they couldn't make plastic Sisters.....

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Plastic Vostroyans. I'd sell a kidney for plastic Vostroyans. That's what the Imperial Guard should bloody well look like - giant fuzzy hats, weird gas masks, pointlessly ornate uniforms, and wooden flamethrowers.

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It's mainly just the Deathwing now, reason for it in lore is cause they recruit from more than one world now.

>> No.29681638


I still have my full Escher gang but most of my other Necromunda stuff is lost now.

I think I still have the basic Goliath and Orlock gangs though. Shitty sculpts. Kinda wish I had cawdor and redemptionist gangs now

>> No.29681662

Whats wrong with Native American Knights?
What if in the real world, one native nation learned how to blacksmith and conquered most of North America?

>> No.29681670


Vostroyans are kinda cool, I wouldn't mind something built around the Scintilla Fussilers (from only war) or the Armageddon Steel Legion

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>dat eldar blocking a blow from an ork in power armour

oh god, he has a pincer in place of a penis.

>Hey guys, can we stretch into an even more ridiculous and exaggerated pose? Didn't think so!

>Flat top
>on a helmet
>in gold
Oh god, why did things have to change?

The marine looks really exasperated, like
>Dave, I can fucking see your legs. Don't pull this shit again.

The marines still looked tired and sad.
>This bolter is too loud
>Those orks were mean to me
>I want to go home.

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>> No.29681706

The problem wasn't just that they couldn't do robes in plastic, it was that they couldn't do robes in such a way that the models could be assembled in a sufficient variety of poses. Look at the sleeves on the current metals - they'd all have to hang in a certain way, which would mean the arms could only fit on in a certain way without them looking weird. It was as much a design as a technical issue.

The Cawdor and Redemptionists are pretty cool as well. I remember a series of articles in WD where someone converted a Van Saar gang to look like the Borg, which was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I think that's me out. Enjoy, guys.

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That's bullshit. They have tons of plastic figures in robes or tunics.

What they might have meant was that they can't do sexy looking plastic kits.

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Personally I'd love for Cadians to become a more specialist style theme and something else take centerstage. and I am a Cadioboo

Hive cities actually make sense to me. Allow a city to develope for 10,000 years with limited space and infinite resources and I GUARANTEE that they will happen.

>> No.29681744


Van Saar were the most boring of the boring.

Orlocks you could at least pretend were out of a bad 80s gang movie. Van Saar were basically Fremen with shitty sculpts.

Why the fuck doesn't GW release an updated Necromunda? People would by it just for the terrain.

>> No.29681768

Why not just redesign the robes then?

>> No.29681770


The major problem with hive worlds is that most hive planets can't generate enough food and warp travel is too slow and unpredictable to actually support import of that much food.

But rule of cool

>> No.29681773

>> No.29681777

They already do/have sort of existed.


>> No.29681798

>Why the fuck doesn't GW release an updated Necromunda?

It's the same story for all the specialist games - a Battlefleet Gothic reboot would sell fantastically, Epic's ruleset IIRC is considered to be one of the best GW's ever written, and Blood Bowl still has a huge fan-following despite being out of production for years.

Apparently GW just hates money.

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>> No.29681829


Blood bowl is the dumbest one to ignore because it offers a low cost way of introducing people to the hobby.

Seriously you can sell the boxed set for $70-$100 and teams for $60 and people would just eat that up. I know I'd go back and buy all the teams I'm current missing

>> No.29681848


I'd also love to get a copy of Warhammer Quest because that's the one game I neglected to really invest in back in the day.

>> No.29681851

Thats the thing, after a while they just hit a point where they can't sustain themselves, but keep growing. These are real issues faced by real cities.

As soon as someone finds a way to make a second " street level" in the air, its game on for Hive Cities

>> No.29681865

That's not what a scavenged power klaw looks like...was the lore different about Yarrick's weapon back then?

>> No.29681894

no that was the power klaw/glove he took. Ork equipment look rather different then.

>> No.29681906


I think the major problem I see is that the warp is too unstable to support interstellar trade in food so hive worlds would have to be supported by an agri world in the same system which certainly isn't impossible but should be much more rare.

Either that or the way they've been describing warp travel really only impacts some of the areas far away from Terra or close to the Eye of Terror and you can actually rely on big ships arriving daily in most hive worlds.

>> No.29681924

Well I've got to say it's been a change for the better.

>> No.29681947

>they just hit a point where they can't sustain themselves
Currection : they hit a point where they can't grow anymore. I assume that hives are 100% solyent green, piss water and shit sandwich efficient in term of food.

>> No.29682172

ah, the leviathan transport. I still have plans to build one soon enough....

>> No.29682209


how fucking huge is that tank

>> No.29682229

its ok. catachans are getting dropped and cadian equipment is becoming "standard issue generic regiment" equipment in the next update.

>> No.29682233

>ork in power armor

i wish 40k had never turned into bullshit grim dark and remained the funky fun and awesome shit it used to be

>> No.29682260

But anon, we still have Orks in power armor, they're just called magnobz now.

>> No.29682280

.....er, meganobz.

>> No.29682360

moar escher?

>> No.29682538

i that looks like a fantasy battle army going against a 40k one. what the fuck were squats even about

>> No.29682572

Shame all new Ork gear needs to be boxy or jagged now.

>> No.29682642


Also tricycle motorcycles.

>> No.29682683

That's kinda what Mantic Games seems to be doing. They are former GW developers making the games GW refused to.

Hell, I think Dreadball is getting a third suplement because it turns out people like sport games with a twist.

>> No.29682917

This picture still is the one see in my head when I hear 'imperial guardsman', even twenty years later. Amazing.
And this when I hear 'Leman Russ'.
It's strange how much one picture can become so entrenched on one's memory.

>> No.29683076

Squats in 40k? Space dwarfes and trike-riding rockers. Sorta meh, to be honest.
Squats in Epic 40k? Landtrains and airships and giant drills and VTOLs and loads of other cool shit. They were awesome and unique. Shame GW never managed to combine these two takes in one cohesive whole.

>> No.29683587

It's probably more reliable than what /tg/ seems to think

>> No.29683808

So what should I change if I wanted to put my DW and OW games in 2nd ed?

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>> No.29683858

>> No.29683875

>> No.29683897

>> No.29683909

I'm pretty sure Warp travel is like oceanic travel. Its stable as long as you stay on the shipping lanes, or don't get hit by a storm. Start blazing trails and you WILL get lost and die.

Also avoid the Eye of the Dragon Triangles

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>> No.29683970

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>> No.29684015

I have that model, holy fuck

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>> No.29684034

>> No.29684035

>> No.29684044


I have a bunch of 2nd edition scorpions and they're fucking adorable. They're an entire head shorter than the current ones so I just have this little group of babby scorps filling out my squad.

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>> No.29684053

>> No.29684073

>> No.29684077

>> No.29684103

2nd or 3rd? 3rd were the really hunched ones 2nd look almost the same as the 4th ed ones.

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>> No.29684132

>> No.29684157

>> No.29684164


Whichever one these are.

>> No.29684176

>> No.29684180

>> No.29684193

>dat upside down front armour on the Razorback

>> No.29684200

>> No.29684206

>> No.29684221

>> No.29684223

These were actually painted this year.

>> No.29684231

>> No.29684243


2nd edition. I really like the 2e eldar sculpts tbh.

>> No.29684245

>> No.29684253

>> No.29684267

>> No.29684278


>> No.29684279


I miss the days when every battle was fought on a lush, perfectly mown lawn...

>> No.29684286

>> No.29684301

>> No.29684302


Dark angels as native americans?

>> No.29684305

>> No.29684310

But Commisar Fuklaw. GW confirmed the Squats do exist. Look into the 6th edition rulebook in the abhuman section.

>> No.29684317

>> No.29684320

>> No.29684345

>> No.29684354

>> No.29684367

That feel when there is no Dataslate to make your own Harlequin Army...

>> No.29684370

>> No.29684394

>> No.29684404

One day the Squats will come back. Not too soon...but they will come back.

>> No.29684409


>implying GW will let anyone make a 30 model no vehicle army anymore

Gotta keep the playable armies expensive, now buy some more IG superheavy tanks

>> No.29684414

>> No.29684419

Imperial Jetbikes!!

>> No.29684425

>> No.29684442


Heresy! next you will be pulling out Rogue Trader Imperial Robots

>> No.29684444

>> No.29684453

>> No.29684458

>> No.29684476

>> No.29684487

>> No.29684491

>> No.29684513

>> No.29684528

>> No.29684540

I think Deathwings were the Native Americans?

>> No.29684564


The actual metal paints have made the far more detailed models look more realistic. I'm not sure the old, cartoony style would work well on the new models but it's worth a shot.

>> No.29684576

>Image reply limit reached

Dammit I had 74 more to go.

>> No.29684585


You can make them have guitars if you want to. Even in the novels they use instruments as weapons.

>> No.29684612

I missed the 90's as far as 40k is concerned.

>toothed vag-beak

I don't feel like I missed out on much good stuff

>captcha: never diokshe
>never indeed, captcha.

>tfw captcha's machine spirit is a psyker

>> No.29684647


Old school 40k was pretty cool, lots of flavorful armies instead of tourney lists all day erry day

>> No.29684808

Just start a new thread dude

>> No.29685299

Then make a new one.

>> No.29685312



That's a lord of skulls

>> No.29685360


It would have been the exact same thing if the internet had been wide spread then.

>> No.29685424


rec.games.gameworkshop was more focused on debating the fluff than developing lists iirc.

Especially because that was the time they were teasing us with the possibility of space skaven

>> No.29685824


It's not so much that in the olden days this was intentional, but there was just no static grass, there were no metallics or washes and everything was much closer to the concept art.

>> No.29686077

I can't tell if this is fantasy or 40k.

>> No.29686225


Honestly I hope not

>> No.29686581

It's a fantasy cover.

>> No.29687083

>Raping Clown aspect warrior

>> No.29687321

oh man that is beautiful

>> No.29687353

now that is art
and creepy as fuck

>> No.29687566

now the beegees are playing in my head

>> No.29687717

so this is what is going on at the local game store/club

>full blood bowl tournament with 2 seasons a year for at least the last 4 years
>battle fleet gothic rogue trader campaign with 10 guys started up after xmas
>playing my 6th game of epic this year on thursday, counting the three games played lst weekend in a tourney I nicked 2nd in
>the history buff guys talk about how cool it would to be to play old man o war again

if gw just released models for these games, 100% of my model money would go to it

>fuck 40k/whfb

>> No.29688041


AAA wargaming is all GW cares about.

>> No.29688242

I think its just mister Paul Bonner ripping off Dark Crystal

>> No.29688298

It's a good pain.

>> No.29688342

wasn't that how hrud was supposed to look originally?

>> No.29688394

I thought Hrud was just space Skavens with Star Wars Java outfits?

>> No.29688461

>google images "hrud"
I don't know anymore...

>> No.29688506

they already have. Just no new models.

>> No.29688591

It's just fantasy art heavily influenced by Dark Crystal which was released the year before.
There was a time White Dwarf didn't just advertise Games Workshop/Citadel stuff exclusively and anything of a fantasy SF nature was acceptable. I can remember adverts for Fighting Fantasy and TSR games too.

>> No.29688663

whoever is shittying up this beautiful thread with modern eldar pictures please stop

>> No.29688697

that was hours ago and imagelimit is reached, slowpoke

>> No.29688739

ok, um "Whoever shittied up this beautiful thread with modern eldar pictures, I'm glad you were stopped" thanks for correcting my indignation stranger

>> No.29688773

ah I agree with you though

>> No.29688808

I wish we had more classical fantasy art these days but a lot of people seems to be more obsessed with standing out with style rather than skill.

>> No.29689132

Best thread 2014/10

>> No.29693163


Look up Tony Hough. The guy has a gallery of his old GW 40K art on facebook (of all places). Him, Blanche, Miller and Russ Nicholson were my touchstones for "THIS is what the dark future looks like" back in the day.

>> No.29694190

Someone should license The Warriors and make a necromunda out of it. It'd be a licensed game, but it's a property that's had good licensed games in the past...

>> No.29694288

Fire Dragons have tiny heads.

>> No.29696855

Does anyone know where to download first and second edition book? I would post a image of what I have and try to upload them, but image limit.

>> No.29697105

Some of them look happy
This cannot be

>> No.29700146

Some of that older shit, the black and white stuff and ian miller stuff in particular... that shit is fucked up man

Add in that fuckin freaky ww1 looking Ork picture and you have just an entirely different setting to what 40k is today

>> No.29701004

I still remember that pic from the story and the battle report that featured the Ultras and the PDF fighting nids on Macragge, carnifexes going through the ice...good times for a young kid.

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