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So I heard someone say Ward is gunna be writing the Ork-Dex. Is this the last sputter before they go the way of the Beastmen of Chaos? Thoughts?

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If it's true, then rejoice, for Lord Ward, our Spiritual Liege, peace be upon him, will save your codex.

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Like he saved the Sister's of Battle?

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Like he 'saved' the Orcs and Goblins in 7th?

No thanks, I don't want some muhreen-babby fanboy writing this thing. He's going to do a shit job, mark my words.

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That was the cruddace

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honestly other than jervis hes the best crunch writer
people will point out DA but thats his only bad book IMO and its pretty obvious that gw was still testing the waters of sixth edition and kneejerking flier costs

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That was Vetock.

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>people will point out DA
That wasn't Ward.

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Sssssh OP. Let him write that all Orks are aspirants of the Ultramarines. As long as Shootas become S10 AP1 Assault 50.

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No he's not. His crunch is an unbalanced mess.

And Jervis' crunch was never any fucking good to begin with. Jeremy Vettock is the only dev who could do them justice, but he's basically the scum covering the cess-pit as far as codex and army-book writers go.

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>As long as Shootas become S10 AP1 Assault 50.

And 1200 points for 1, while still being T 4, 6+ save. And no, you can't split fire.

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Ward is the only one at GW that gets that 40k is suppose to be fun above balanced.

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I'd play it.

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Only bad 40k book perhaps.

He is the worst crunch writer in fantasy history though. Deamons single handedly ruined 7th edition.

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Question, I don't play WHFB, but I've heard how much rage they caused. What exactly made them so killy?

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>His crunch is an unbalanced mess.
His crunch is the only balanced crunch in GW.
>Jeremy Vettock
Made Dark Angels and Tau, the most UP and OP codices.

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Enjoy your stupidly expensive single model that kills 1 thing, before dying like a chump to a bolter.

Oh, and KFFs will be nerfed to 6+ cover saves, for 200 point upgrade.

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>1 thing
>not keeping it in a Battlewagon then mulching a squad of marines a turn
>Not keeping him in a squad of 30+ boyz for 29 more wounds
It'z like yer actually tryin' to muck about.

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The funny thing here is both that you're this bad at 40k and that you think Ward makes unbalanced options.
He's not Cruddace.

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His crunch is the BASELINE crunch from GW, because all he every writes is Marines. Which are almost always the first codices for an edition, and what everything else is based off of. And no, his crunch WASN'T balanced during 5th.

Vettock did Dark Angels and Tau, but he also did Skaven and 8th Orcs and Goblins. And did a pretty passable job on both. His writing for muhreens and goat-mans blows ass, but at least he's shown he can do a decent job for greenskins and rat-men. And 40k Orks are pretty much just a mix of those two army themes.

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>Being this bad at playing Orks
>me gob when you don't know how protect 1 boy
Do you not know what a mob of 30 are?

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>because all he every writes is Marines
And Necrons. And Iyanden. And the fluff for Sisters.
All of which he did a great job on.

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Wasn't he quoted as saying "Orks shouldn't even be all that powerful anyways?"

And his dexes seem to focus on having one or two broken units that are meant to simply stomp everything around them. When a weakness comes up its either forgotten 'cuz of Ward's ADHD or fixed in an FAQ.

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>Pretty much just a mix
Not really, but a few points yeah. I just hope Orks become slightly more stable, and WAAAAGH affects every unit differently. Like, Lootas getting Twin Linked, and Gets Hot! on the WAAAAGH turn.

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Matt Ward did 8E Orcs.

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>Shouldn't be all that powerful
Why shouldn't they?

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They should get more powerful based on how many of them you have and how tall and large you made each individual model.

>yfw 200 Ogre Kingdom sized Orcs

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>And his dexes seem to focus on having one or two broken units that are meant to simply stomp everything around them.
Has he ever written the #1 codex for an edition?

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A... lot.

7th edition fantasy didn't have a power-dice cap for magic. Ever wizard level in your army added 1 dice to your power-dice total, no random rolling to see how many dice you have. So... A typical army with a LvL 4 wizard, and a LvL 2 wizard, would generate 6 dice for wizard levels, plus an additional 2 for their army being there, plus any additional from items. Maximum total was generally around 12 to 14 dice depending upon magic items, and so forth. Do the math based upon that for a mono-tzeentch list...

Add in wide-spread invulnerable saves, fear-causing blocks of unbreakable infantry, and super-killy or super-tough daemons. It was a toss-up as to what combination or mono-flavor daemon army was 'the best', but they were head and shoulders above anything else. The next rung on power-ranking were Gav's Vampire Counts (also fearless unbreakable), followed by Gav's Dark Elves of 7th.

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So I just make Nobs boyz?
>Matt makes a rule that says Boy Mobs of 30 ignore FoC
>Green tide is now a new kind of ridiculous
>GW Rolling in Dosh
I don't think he ever has.

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they should be, Ward might just be showing signs of the bias that will make him channel Cruddass with the nerfs he'll bring.

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>implying you still have Battlewagons.
>implying that 1 shoota is an independant character
It's like you don't even know how Ward writes codices...

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>mfw my boyz won't get to stomp things
>mfw when I'll be Tyranids Part II: Electric Boogaloo
>not putting the Super Duper Shoota at the back of the unit

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No, the funny thing is that you think he makes balanced options to begin with. GK were not balanced in 5th.

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Everything caused fear/terror (autobreaking enemies) and were thus immune to it, couldn't break from combat, massive number of powerdice, ridiculously strong special characters, everything hilariously undercosted, everything having wardsaves, best cavalry, best infantry, best magic, best heroes...

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Show me a source that he ever said that, because I've never seen one.
Especially considering he's been spending half his time writing shit like Wood Elves and Dark Elves.

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Didn't Matt Ward write the bit about Grey Knights tearing up loyalist SoB for their blood or something ludicrous?

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You're not getting a mob of 30 boyz each with a 50-shot Str 10 AP 1 shoota. No matter who writes the codex. GW's writers are shit. But it's not like any of the writers they currently have actually LIKE the orks.

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It's funny because you actually think GK were the strongest codex. Let me guess you thought Draigowing was broken because you are bad at the game.

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>mfw Oi 'ear dis zoggin' ruma every zoggin' day

Nobody knows zog about da Ork codex yet ya gitz. Anyfing ya 'ear before a month out is some git finkin' 'e's cleva and foolin a bunch a ovur gitz.

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Necrons are basically just robot marines.

And he didn't do anything to Iyanden beyond copy-paste the Eldar codex, and allow wraithknights to be an HQ choice. Oh, I guess he made up some shitty list of warlord powers, too. That must have been a real stretch for him.

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>no one likes the Orks
>mfw when have enough ideas to fill up a codex
This is a valid point. Only rumors right now.

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Ben Counter writes them killing innocent citizens to consecrate every single one of their bolts.
They make hexagrammatic wards with the blood of innocents too.

Can you point me to the problem with them using pure blood to protect themselves from daemon weapons?

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haha holy shit im dumb, sorry i got jervis johnson and jeremy vetock confused. i like vetock but now im wondering if even that is right

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Codex, or Army Book?

And yes, he did.

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Quick make your ward save!

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>Necrons are basically just robot marines
>Necrons are basically just robot marines
>Necrons are basically just robot marines
>Necrons are basically just robot marines

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You... know Mat Ward PLAYS Necrons, right.

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I have no idea. it's like people don't get that Grey Knights are not nice

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to be fair he's writing elves. thats proof enough he can't write orks.

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No, Draigowing was laughable, about as terribad as the Nob Biker list. GK were an unbalanced mess however, but not because of his pet marty stue. Purifiers however were fucking ridiculous. God help you if you were some fucking retard who built an ork army off of Black Reach sets, and some chucklefuck brought his GK list of 4 Purifier squads.

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>ork army
See, there is your problem.
Any actually good codex could bring hard counters to them.

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>"5 points to up your bolters by +1 S! sounds fair"

>> No.29668565

He's actually right. Originally in 3rd ed, they were Marines that stood back up. All Ward did was drop them down to 12 points a model, lower their saves (and lower the toughness on Immortals), and add in a bunch of wonky ass new vehicles.

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>Nob Biker
I hope you mean, in the sense that it stomps shit. I've been stomping my meta since 5th with it.

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So... they're not Marines, then. Any more than any MEQ unit is.

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>"No one I knew had missile launchers or played TH/SS Termies at launch"

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Throughout the book it openly says the grey knights are immune to daemonic influences and routinely do bullshit the angry marines do as jokes like crash battle cruisers into Doombreed's pool.

Suddenly they need to take possession of a daemon sword so they butcher the only people more holier than thou than the holier than thou ward marines and perform blood rituals that would make khorne pop a boner so they could be the masters of a daemonic weapon.

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Eh, I think the fact he's been able to write fairly good army books for armies so different is a good sign.

>> No.29668627

They did, and still do. I roll retardedly well for my FnP. Also, Missle Launchers aren't shit with a 4+ then FnP.

>> No.29668632

It wasn't only Orks. GK in 5th were a swiss-army-knife of options for everything. They're not any good now, but during 5th they definitely caused a problem. Not IG level. But still one of the more unbalanced codices of the edition.

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>>"5 points to up your autocannons by +1 S sounds fair"


>> No.29668674

>not marines
>Marine EQuivalent

>> No.29668681

Define "actually good"

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Then your meta is shit. And nobody used TH/SS terminators, missile launchers, IG, or GK.

>> No.29668712

>Throughout the book it openly says the grey knights are immune to daemonic influences and routinely do bullshit the angry marines do as jokes like crash battle cruisers into Doombreed's pool.
That... never happened, but okay! Especially considering Crowe has the Blade of Antwr specifically because it would corrupt anyone else.
>Suddenly they need to take possession of a daemon sword
That never happened.
>so they butcher the only people more holier than thou than the holier than thou ward marines
Many had been corrupted by the Bloodtide, which is a daemonic nanite weapon, where the fuck did you did "daemon sword" from. The rest were slowly dying to waves of bloodletters.
>perform blood rituals that would make khorne pop a boner
Mixing blood with holy oils to make holy wards would give Khorne a boner!
>so they could be the masters of a daemonic weapon
So that they could kill Ka'jagga'nath, the master of the Bloodtide.

Are you retarded or have you just not read the actual codex?

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"storm ravens and land raiders HURRRRRRR." was a phrase that came up a lot at my LGS.

>> No.29668718

They're... Grey Knights? Whatever blood they scavenge how can it possibly ward better than what blood they already have, the blood of the Emperor himself? How is that more effective than the psychic cannons and halberds and shit designed specifically to kill hordes of things from the Warp (and succeeding many times in the past) they already have?

>> No.29668726

MEQ does not mean they are marines. It means they have similar saves.

>> No.29668736

they mean "Any shitty ward-dex so I don't have to think"

>> No.29668759

>Whatever blood they scavenge how can it possibly ward better than what blood they already have, the blood of the Emperor himself
The blood that is miraculously immune to a daemon weapon. That is what.

>> No.29668760

>staning for some of the least popular GW fluff ever

>> No.29668761

>My meta is shit
>2 Tau players, 1 BA, 1 any army (Srsly. He has 1 of every. All unpainted though.) 1 Cron/Spees Wulf, 1 Space Wolf, 2 IG, 1 Ultramarine, 2 GK, 2 Necron
>My meta is shit
Would you like to show me on the doll where the Nob Biker List touched you?

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you'd have to be retarded to read the codex.

>> No.29668779

Have you seen how much errata Skaven have? It's twice as big as everything save the BRB. It's a mess.

>> No.29668797

The time of the orkz is upon us.

>> No.29668800

Because 90% of Orc fluff is theme just being canon fodder

>> No.29668802

Oh, and a Chaos player that allies Tau to take 2 Helturkeys and a Riptide.

>> No.29668812

Skaven are a 7th ed codex, still. Of course they have several pages of Errata. Everything from 7th does.

>> No.29668816

So somewhere... there's a city's worth of Imperial citizens whose blood is more resistant than that of the Emperor's?

>> No.29668832

>Just being Cannon Fodder
That's Grots. Boyz can take a metric fuckton of punishment, can survive head transplants, squig brain swaps, can be sewn back together after being ripped apart, and don't age. They're three hundred pounds of muscle and fuck you git. I don't think that constitutes cannon fodder.

>> No.29668851

to ward it does.

>> No.29668860

That's still not saying anything. Tau sucked ass during 5th, when Nob Biker 'ruled'. And apparently none of your marine players ran TH/SS termies, nor apparently does the IG player know how to shoot a big ass cannon and kill a pile of 50+ point bikes.

>> No.29668865

Ward did Orcs & Goblins though, which are pretty shit.

Skaven are extremely powerful uncomped.

>> No.29668880

>not allying Chaos to Black Legion for 4 Hellturkeys.
>not fielding 3 Riptides

Yup. It's shit.

>> No.29668888

I'm talking about the Battle Sisters. They kill the innocent citizens for their blood. Dead. Can't really do that with a Grey Knight.

>> No.29668895

>They started Tau this edition, hell, started when their update came out
and the IG player does. I just close the gap really fucking fast.

>> No.29668901

>playing gw games
>not just theorycrafting lists and counter lists and national metas
>not realizing everyone is both bad at 40k and annoying about it

>> No.29668915

Back to OP's original question, How fucked are the Orkz?

>> No.29668917

We usually play 1850, and he likes his Noise Marines too much to not take 2 Squads worth.

>> No.29668922

Ward did 7th ed Orcs and Goblins. Which were hideous shit.

Current hard-bound 8th ed copy of O&G was written by Vettock, and is a lot better than 7th was. And compared to other books written for 8th, about par for the course balance-wise.

>> No.29668936

Probably not at all.

>> No.29668944

He's still not fielding 4 hell-turkeys.

>> No.29668945

To be fair I theorycraft lists no one in their right fucking minds would play. Name one tourneyfaggot on this list who would drop his 6 land raiders for 10 Deff Dreads.

>> No.29668950

When he wrote Grey Knights they were the most powerful in 5th.
When he wrote Necrons they were the most powerful in 5th.
When he wrote Deamons they were the most powerful in 7th.

>> No.29668955

To which I am very thankful.

>> No.29668960

Skaven where a late 7th ed codex, written explicitly with 8th in mind, and they still not only manage to have several pages of errata, they have the most errata. Twice what Dwarfs have. Twice what Wood elves have. They even have twice what the 40k BRB has; even by the standards of 'old armybook' it's excessive.

>> No.29668963

Fairly sure Orcs was his first book. So it's pretty unfair to consider it par for the course.

>> No.29668970

sisters have really mixed fluff. iirc ive read some stuff where they acted fairly beneficent to imperial citizens, generally on the pretext of spreading the holy word and making them glad of his glories. ive read others where they burn people just for being in the same city as a heretic.

but the general theme is "angry, fanatical, likes fire and bullets"

>> No.29668976

And Relic

all the DoW games and Space Marines has orks as a foe you kill en mass and whip them out for the real villains to show up

>> No.29668984

In the fluff they're written as being far more powerful than a human.

>> No.29668987

IG were the best in 5th. Fuck what you heard. Only thing is no one could afford the best lists so they went with the cheaper ones (Vendettas and Meltavets)

>> No.29668989

And apparently he starts within 24" of you, and fails every roll for shooting. The warbike list can handle the old template-spewing IG from 5th no problem. Nob Bikers couldn't so much, because they traded numbers for super expensive models that have just as much survivability. And all the power Nob Bikes have over regular warbikes, is lost against Guardsmen.

>> No.29669006

Hence your meta is kitten gloves, and very much shit.

>> No.29669026

Because them's a shit.
>implying taking a Big Mek with Tellyporta and a metric fuckton of boyz wasan't great, and Squigoth was just icing
>Start 12 inches close, in my deployment zone
>Go first, go 24 with a turboboost into LoS blocking Terrain
>turn 2, drive into a combat
It's not rocket surgery.
One of the Tau players takes 2 riptides and Farsight. That's gotta be something.

>> No.29669032

they'll be fine. really, they will. at least based on what we know thus far

definietly expect them to lose units. like half the special characters at least and probably 3 other units. wouldn't be shocked if looted wagons get the boot

>> No.29669033

>When he wrote Necrons they were the most powerful in 5th.
They were pretty average actually. It was 6e that the Necron's Flying Circus showed up, and they were still pretty average outside the one list.

And now that people actually have AA, Necron's Flying Circus isn't very impressive anymore.

>> No.29669042

And Orks for 40k have a hefty fucking amount of errata, too. Pro tip: 'Written with next edition in mind' is a lark, and those books almost always need a metric fuck-ton of errata fixes. Hell, Orks went 2 fucking years without a definitive answer as to whether or not Deathrollas inflicted their hits when the vehicle rammed another.

>> No.29669064

No his first book(s) were for Lord of the Rings.

>> No.29669082

If it was about "fun" people would be bringing green army men and paper towel tubes to tournaments. So don't tell me about "fun". They make enough God damn money to get this shit right and do a good job on what is a very expensive chess match.

40k is competitive, it expects monetary investment, they're not holding up their end of the bargain.

>> No.29669085

And that's what we can expect from Ward, or anyone currently employed in GW's studio.

>> No.29669102

you're joking right? that was the main list but running 3 annihilation barges, warriors, ghost arks, and wraiths was not "average" and could take most armies handily. this changed when tau could destroy their fliers with ease and their troops and land vehicles before they could get in range without much trouble

>> No.29669103


When Nob Bikers launched, krak missiles would inflict Instant Death on them, negating FNP. You'd get a 4+ cover and that's it.

It's better now in 6th, but you can't play musical chairs with wounds any more, which is what really broke Nob Bikers.

>> No.29669129

And again, apparently he forgets to shoot during the shooting phase, at the army consisting of only two units of overpriced and extremely fragile Nob Bikers. Unless of course you were retarded all along, and aren't actually running the Nob Biker list.

>One of the Tau players takes 2 riptides and Farsight. That's gotta be something.
Still not 3 riptides

>> No.29669132

Also, I can roll a 4+ like my life depends on it. I've lost 2 total in my 40k career to Krak Missles.

>> No.29669134

you seem kind of mad

>> No.29669165

>Were retarded all along
No anon, retarded is taking 2. You take 1 with your warboss, and fill the rest out. I ally Dark Eldar with my Orks.

>> No.29669173

>Guys, it works because I pass all my saves when statistically I should be failing half of them!

You don't say...

>> No.29669176


He also co-authored Wood Elves. I believe that was the first WHFB army book he worked on, though it's not as notorious as his next two.

>> No.29669177

Well, I don't know what to say. Using the 5th or 6th edition space marine codex, in 5th or 6th edition, I've lost to Necrons a grand total of twice (and one of those losses was the one time I played against the Flying Circus.)

And I'm 1 and 1 against them in 6e with Chaos Marines 6e.

It's subjective, but my personal experiance has left me thoroughly unimpressed as the alleged "brokeness" of non-flying circus necrons.

>> No.29669185

Yes I do say. What do you play anon?

>> No.29669193

Then you are not running the Nob Biker list. You're running Orks, with a unit of Nob Bikers. Big difference.

>> No.29669224

Did. Past tense. I played Deathskulls and biker Evil Sunz.

>> No.29669243

>ally dark eldar with orks

ok im really fukken curious now; post a list or two for the love of god i need to know what this is

>> No.29669267

What point limit?

>> No.29669296

1850 if you can, 1750 if you regularly play it.

>> No.29669313

And the Ork codex is seen as pretty weak. If you're justification for the Skaven Armybook not being needed to be taken out back and shot is "it's errata is only as big as the errata for the two oldest 40k codexes stapled together" I think that proves my point.

>> No.29669319

Which is a different ruleset.

>> No.29669322

i dont know what to say to that either. until new tau i had lost a grand total of 3 games since six edition and a total of 0 after buying everything for my 2k list. people at my GW called me a cheesemonster or whatever. i wouldnt call my list broken but it was good and i knew how to play it and most of my opponents were playing pretty shit armies or were bad and played tournament armies and threw fits when i told them what tank hunters does or read them the rules for mindshackle scarabs.

>> No.29669437


When are people going to get it through their thick skulls that no one person is in charge of writing the codexes, not for a while possibly. Crediting the design team with writing the codexes isn't some cover up, it's the damn truth.

>> No.29669470

People will believe what they wish

>> No.29669476

I usually run a Warboss with Klaw, Squig, boss pole, and Bike with a retuine of Nobs that have Klaws, a Painboy, and a WAAAAAGH Banner. I give them all Kombiskorchas.
Troops, I run 1 unit of 19 Grots, and a Runthearder base. Then, I add in 3 Trukk Boy mobs, Shootas, and a Bosspole Klaw nob. The Trukk has a ram, and Red Paint Job.
2 Squads of 15 Lootas.
Then, for the Dark Eldar
I usually run Duke, because he's the best utility HQ. Really good for any situation. I take him, in a Raider with 9 Kalibaite Trueborn with Blasters. Then, 2 Squads of Haywire Wytches in Venoms. Finally, a Void Raven base for Anti-Tank.

>> No.29669552

While I would probably split the lootas into 3x10 so they can go to ground, I can't fault the list.

>> No.29669554

Not blasters, Shardcarbines.

>> No.29669569


That's obvious when reading this read, perfect example of why half the time anything 40k related on /tg/ is painful to read.

>> No.29669590

Thanks. I usually run it because the Trueborn Raider hatefucks something with 27 3+ shots, rerolling it's misses.

>> No.29669696

Especially 'quotes' that no one has ever provided a source for, and 100% UNBIASED AND TOTALLY ACCURATE fluff from 1d4chan.

>> No.29669843

its not bad but the dark eldar half just feels lacking. you could be running hellions and the duke to really drive home that speed freak feel.

>> No.29669889

I don't need Speed Freak, when I can Deep Strike with Duke's Low Orbital Raid.

>> No.29669970

>fluff for Sisters.
>he did a great job on.
No, he really didn't.
What was Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v from the previous dexes was cut down, Celestine became Sanguinor with Boobs, they continue their losing streak and the only clear victory they have is when a small scouting force of Chaos Marines attack the one of the three planets where Sisters are more or less the PDF.
and it takes place years before that specific chaos warband ever even came into existence.

So no, he didn't do a good job at all.
Mediocre at best.

>> No.29670131

Sisters are getting squatted. Going to have to wait for Raging Heroes to make Not-Sisters to get new models also

>> No.29670142


>Sisters are getting squatted.

>> No.29670254

>Celestine became Sanguinor with Boobs
Instead of being dead.
>they continue their losing streak
They do not.
>the only clear victory they have is when a small scouting force of Chaos Marines attack the one of the three planets where Sisters are more or less the PDF
Not even just a lie, a blatant one, since for one, "small scouting force" is never mentioned and for two that isn't the only victory. Fuck, you people are whinier than Tyranid players.

>> No.29670295

It's far from a scouting force. it's a strike force from a chaos space marine warband that planned to raid and ravage the entire planet.

>> No.29670309

>Inb4 we find out he was an an Ork player before necrons and the people he lost too were Sister's of Battle

>> No.29671607

4 Heldrakes is a bad list. Good in theory, but horrible in execution. Enjoy getting raped by any army with adequate skyfire.

>> No.29672300

>4 Heldrakes is a bad list.
Especially if they don't land on time.

or your playing someone like this:
Eldar (1850/1850pt.)

HQ [ 1 ]

Autarch (150pt.)
>Warp jump generator; Reaper launcher; Mantle of the Laughing God;

Troops [ 4 ]

4x - Dire Avengers (800pt.)
> 5x - Dire Avenger
> 1x - Wave Serpent;Twin-linked scatter lasers; Twin-linked shuriken catapult; Holo-fields;

Fast attack [ 3 ]

3x - Crimson Hunter (480pt.)
>Bright lance (x2); Pulse laser

Heavy support [ 3 ]

3x - Fire Prism (420pt.)
>Twin-linked shuriken catapults; Holo Fields;

>> No.29672343

You'd have to be retarded to complain about things you haven't read.

>> No.29672380

Calgar soloed an Ork horde for a day and night.

There is many examples of Marines crushing Ork hordes.

There is an example of a single Tau slaughtering groups of Orks and then murdering their Warboss with a spear.

Orks can't fight their way outta of Squig bag. They rely on numbers.

>> No.29672480


Armies tend to get their main positive fluff from their codices. Orks haven't had a codex in six years, and they're largely exempt from the secondary source of positive fluff, Black Library, because no-one wants to do books with Ork protagonists (even though I'd buy every single one).

Once Orks get a new codex there should be some good stuff in there. Tuskar alone made the 4th edition codex fluff awesome.

>> No.29672711


Still probably won't change that a single Ork Boy is no match for a Space Marine. Don't really see why this is a problem.

>> No.29672962

>Counteract lie with lie
'Strike Force' is an oft used term used to refer to roughly 1000 - 2000 pt SM forces. Chaos and Loyalist.
A 1000-2000 pt SoB army is a 'Mission' the smallest formal organisation they have.
A scout force.

It doesn't say they intended to ravage the entire world and it also said they were unprepared for retaliation.
It's one of three worlds in the entire Imperium with the highest concentration of Sisters and this isn't exactly a secret either so the only reason they were going there is really to commit suicide by cop.

Top it all off, it takes place BEFORE they even exist as a warband.

>> No.29673082

>Playing an NPC faction

>> No.29673159

>Orks can't fight their way outta of Squig bag.

Whatever happened to "Anzion is right!", Carnac?

>Think of the possibilities for training our own fighting forces if we could alter their genetic make-up so that they instinctively knew how to strip and clean a weapon, fight in close melee and had a rudimentary knowledge of strategy and tactics. Even with the genetically engineered Adeptus Astartes, it takes almost ten years of intensive therapy and physical alteration to perfect what an Ork knows instinctively! Bellator Natus.

>> No.29673160

>1 Ork Boy isn't a match for a SM
Depends on the Klan.

>> No.29673203


Goffz pls go

>> No.29673216


I severely doubt it makes much difference

Orks are generally a horde army, their strength is in numbers, quantity over quality.

>> No.29673233

>imployin' oi'z ain't a bad moon
>imployin' my supa shoota wif dakkamatic mode, undermounted squig cage, 500 feet of railz, 14 lazerz, 3 big shootaz, and fuzzy dice won't krump a stoopid 'umie
Tell dat to my AP d6-1.

>> No.29673260

Don't forget the Cain books have a whole mob get wiped by one guardsmen with a lasgun ok it was Jurgen but still

>> No.29673295

>500 feet of railz

Fuck I lold

>> No.29673315

>"Anzion is right!", Carnac?

Still right. I recently found more evidence for it but I am gonna keep it for later.


What I meant they can't fight their way outta of a squigbag compered to other races. A space Marine can continue to accumulate battle experience and knowledge across his career. Most Orks, however, will be stuck at that basic knowledge of theirs.

This is shown of the battle field when Marines and other members of races deal with Orks in huge numbers and defeat them.

>> No.29673340


Could you please use a trip?

>> No.29673381


Smells more like a meltagun.

>> No.29673382

>Using a trip on an Anonymous board

Just no.

I am not here for attention.

>> No.29673412

Carnac, you are my greatest ally.

>> No.29673420


Most people know when it's you. It'd stop all the "who's carnac?" posts and would be a bit nicer to newfriends who get confused arguing with you

>> No.29673444

I dunno, I respect his decision to not tripfag.

>> No.29673446

nope it was a lasgun

it was in Death or Glory

>> No.29673454

Tyranids are the NPC faction

>> No.29673466

Then who are the GM faction?

>> No.29673491 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29673526


>> No.29673529

There are trips for a reason. When there are me-mes aboit you and you've been named by the community it's time to trip

>> No.29673557

That's not his fault at all. People told me to get a trip backduring the Ward bandwagon when I would refute blatant lies like the one about the "Chaos dreadnought" killing all the Sisters of Battle.

Do you see a tripcode here?

>> No.29673694

Space wolves, because the lead of the design team loves them

>> No.29674436

Better him than Cruddace, at least.

>> No.29677123

>complaining about fluff
>it turns out you don't know anything about it
>"hurr durr you'd have to be stupid to read it anyway"

>> No.29677493

space zombie terminators with a touch of mummy to be exact.
deepstriking? it only takes one miss to stop that from ever happening again. I remeber deep striking a LR full of Ternies and missing, not played either since that day either.
Theres nothing like seeing te face of someone who has never played against orks before, and you just close the 24 inch gap in a single turn.
>putting boyz on your doorstep since 2000.
I'd even read it if it were written in broken first grade engrish
Isn't anything?

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