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so tell me which weapon would you choose if you were a warrior in a fantasy setting.
personally i would choose an axe, swords are for noble assholes and heros wannabe. axes are the real weapon of choice for a real warrior.
pd: you can also choose weapons that are not in the picture

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>no polearms

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I had discussions like this all the time, when I was 11.
great thread op.

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What did you pick back then?

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Lucerne hammer, fir reasons that should be obvious.

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>pd: you can also choose weapons that are not in the picture
I choose a gun, specifically a lasgun that can be recharged by a wood fire. You can't stop me.
>That's not what-

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Well I choose a sword made out of a railroad that shoots trains at my enemies when I swing it.

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>Attacks per round
negative 5.

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>Absorbs 5 trains into your sword per round
Just have to line up your target correctly and they get ran over either way.

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if i cant have a polearm then i guess a shortsword or small axe coupled with a large shield

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Any sort of spear or polearm type weapon.

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My ideal weapon would be a Morning Star polearm.

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Yeah, a nice sturdy shield is the way to go no matter what, unless you also get super awesome armor. As for the other hand, probably either a sword or a nice flanged mace, depending on what kind of amor my opponents will likely wear.

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>all swords are the same size
>no curved swords


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I would choose a mace or morning star. Nothing beats crushing your enemies with the mighty weight of a mace.

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>specifically a lasgun that can be recharged by a wood fire.
laser guns have less penetration, range and damage.
Their point of them is that you would be able to recharge the weapon.

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>Dat elegant brutality.

Though straight swords can be pretty sexy, too.

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>not fists and or gauntlets, plebs detected.

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A gun that shoots las-morning-stars that can be recharged by trains.

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Simple, sturdy axe, something easy enough to maintain, nothing too swanky.

No axes left, gimme a spear. Again, nothing amazing, no flashy hero weapon, something that'll just fucking work.

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A morning star is actually just any kind of mace that features long spikes. If you're thinking of that ball-and-chain dealy, that's called a flail.

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>Imperial Guard Master Race detected
First rank fire second rank fire some motherfuckers!

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No I'm not feeling a flail. I don't fancy swining that bastard around, although it would be mildy amusing.

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Every time.

Shame it's not a more popular weapon. I can't even find decent pictures of one.

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Polehammer. It's like a spear... Except it's a hammer.

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A very sharp shovel.

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Yeah, I think there's a reason why they weren't all that common (outside of peasants re-applying their agrarian tools). You can usually get a similar amount of impulse/maximum force from a simple "stiff" mace, which tends to be more controllable and precise.

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It's a refined metal bar which may or may not include ridges or spikes. Its simplicity might just not do it any favors.

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Too simple for there to be as many fancy variations as a sword, hammer, axe, or polearm is it?

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Uh, where are the polearms?

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In your heart.

Seriously, place your hand over your heart and summon it.

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Alternatively, grasp the several feel of wooden pole jutting out of your chest and tug.

Then drop dead, because OP was too much of a faggot to not give us polearms when other people did have them and thus the advantage of reach.

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