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This is your mount. He is loyal to you and tolerates your party, but he's kind of a bastard to others.

He also likes to eat horses.

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I think current thinking is still that Andrewsarchus was mostly an omnivorous scavenger, wasn't it? Like a really big hyena?

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Typical case of That Mount.

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These are mini-horses, of course.

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That's fine, I'll muzzle him and feed him Goblin meat, and just warn people not to get too close.

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I shall name him Andrew.

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It probably wouldn't have a problem eating them, just that in the wild an Andrewsarchus probably wouldn't be able to catch the damn things unless sick. But yeah, feed it horse carcasses and that's fine.

Also skull the size of a fucking child the things had. Heavy as shit jaws made for cracking bones.

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Hyenas are less scavengers than lions or leopards. More often then not they have to defend their kills against scavenging cats.

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Awesome mounts thread?

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Prehistoric creatures thread?

those are the same thing

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are you implying hyenas are primarily scavengers? because they aren't.

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I know that, but they are not built for running and pouncing fast prey the way leopards and lions can do (but don't have to do as often). So whereas a pride of lions could conceivably stalk and kill horses (they do with zebras), a hyena couldn't.

This of course involves a lot of guesswork about Andrewsarchus, but given its physiology it seems likely.

That being said, an Andrewsarchus is a good bit more intimidating than either a lion, hyena or leopard, I'd say, if just for the size of the damn things.

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This anon speaks the truth, lion king lied to us all, hyenas make more kills than lions do! And lions are more likely to scavenge a hyena kill

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Wait, are we gonna have another prehistoric animals thread? Because those are the best.

What kind of extinct beasts have you populated your setting with? Mine has woolly rhinos and terror birds and something that's basically what I imagine you'd get if Andrewsarchus had been allowed to evolve. Kinda like a huge bear-wolf thing with hooves.

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I saved this from the last prehistoric animal thread.

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Now we're talking about mounts.

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Excellent. I shall name him Walter.

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I love these pictures. For some reason I have a really hard time imagining the size of something just form hearing "x meters long"

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It dissappoints me somewhat that mammoths, sabertooth tigers and dire wolves show up pretty often in fantasy worlds (hell, it's kinda tricky to find a modern fantasy setting where dire wolves aren't fairly common), but a lot of other cool extinct mammals are nowhere to be seen. Not dissing mammoths, but there's too few giant sloths in fantasy.

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Aw yiss fluffy dinos!

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It makes me realize how fucking lucky we are not to have terror birds anymore. Swans and geese are assholes enough without having giant killer birds with a nasty temper and a tiny brain running about.

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Fun fact, if it wasn't for the common wolf, terrorbirds would have conquered all of the Americas.

The terrorbirds were making the giant wolf extinct, they were making the giant boar extinct, they were making the sabretooth tiger extinct, they were making the dire wolf extinct.

Except they couldn't deal with wolf packs, terrorbirds were loners.

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This thing used to hunt humans, before it went extinct. And it fucking flies.

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Fluffy dinos are awesome, I don't care what the butthurt naysayers think.

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Terror birds were also vulnerable because of the egg-laying, or so scientists theorize. Being predated on by wolves + probably just laying one egg at a time like ostriches = shit population recovery.


Fuck that thing. I've been hunted by an owl that was the size of my head, I don't need a giant fucking murdereagle.

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The problem is that so few artists seems to be able to pull it of. They seem to go out of their way to make dinosaurs look like overgrown chickens, instead of something like pic related.

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On my long, long, LONG list of games I want to run but probably never will is a campaign where the PCs go back in time to capture extinct animals. So a blatant Prehistoric Park rip-off. Which was a cool show, despite (because?) it was so cheesy. And it was strange how these supposed animal experts didn't know anything about animal behavior or natural history, which was odd. "Dinosaurs don't eat grass, a kind of plant that wasn't even evolved back then? I AM BAFFLED!"

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Or herds of diprotodons. Hey, they probably would have survived the coming of man if their continent hadn't suddenly decided OH YOU LIKE LUSH SAVANNAHS AND FORESTS HUH WELL FUCK YOU I'M GONNA DO A COMPLETE ECOSYSTEM FLIP AND GIVE YOU ENDLESS DESERT INSTEAD

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Lystrosaurus is the most inspirational extinct animal. When 83% of all genera were thrown out the metaphorical window and the oceans emptied of life, this motherfucker didn't blink. 90% of all land vertebrates were named Lystrosaurus. I have no idea what the fuck they did or why everybody else died, but come on, you wish you were this hardcore.

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Don't forget dinosaur-sized "komodo dragons" in Australia.

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So we have wolves to thank for wiping out the Rocs and shit? Huh. I guess I should start caring about the wolves being slaughtered in Wyoming or whereever it was.

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exotic mounts thread

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>They seem to go out of their way to make dinosaurs look like overgrown chickens

...never really seen that, there's lots of cool-looking feathered dinosaur art.

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You do realize you ARE a lsystrosaurus?

As far as I know, if those guys died out, we wouldn't be here anymore.

We mammals are born from the reptile-mammals.

We ruled the Permian age! We were king before the dinosaurs.

>and then 95% of all life on Earth went extinct

If shit had gone differently, mammals wouldn't even have existed.

Just birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Or even more likely. Dustball Earth.

Because the Permian extinction almost turned Earth to Mars, or Venus.

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Yeah Megalania prisca, though there's varying reconstructions on how big they actually were.

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Microraptors are among my favorites. Two pairs of wings, mothafucka.

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I was trying to work out this encounter for the very special day my party tried to brave the high seas, but they stuck to slumming it in cities and the woodlands, tragically.

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Well OBVIOUSLY, players NEVER get on the boat because they KNOW you're going to throw giant sea monsters at them.

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I suppose that's a fair point, but at the same time, why don't they avoid walking around for fear of giant land monsters or air monsters, hmm?

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Everyone does. Numbers don't translate well to the imagination

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my last

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I'm torn between my love of paleontology and my love of fantasy critters.

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What games have giant beetles? Just curious.

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I love the insane Barsoomian ecology from Burroughs' books.

Not so much the movie where everything was dirt-colored and looked like a dino.

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I dont think i would ever use this as DM. I dont really can see it working. but i like to keep the image :P

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have another then

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Apparently this is a conceptual art for Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

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If you watched the movie and thought things looked like dinos... I dunno what I can tell you, but those creatures sure didn't look like dinos.

Unless you're 50, and think that all dinosaurs moved like a stop-motion film.

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If videya counts, Age of Wonders. Giant beetles were some of my favorite units.

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Since we're talking exotic mounts, have this thing some anon made the other day.

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The old Palladium post-apocalyptic RPG After the Bomb had them. Since most "people" were bipedal, mutant animals, they rode insects (since horses riding horses is weird).

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>people complain about how every prehistoric world has animals that look like dinosaurs
>open a book
>see some strange bald scaly animals that look like dumb reptiles

Some people think so dumb.

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Probably the scariest dinosaur alive.

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I...I don't want to get on that.

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The vast, vast majority of dinosaurs never had feathers you know.

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Given time, it'll be pretty easy to turn a cassowary into a pseudo-raptor.

And from there, it's easily to turn that pseudo-raptor-cassowary into a raptor lookalike, or hell, even a tyrannosaur lookalike.

Because the two most ferocious predator families that ever lived on Earth both relate almost directly to birds.

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Yeah, and the majority of mammals never had hair.

Two can play that game. There are probably more hairless extinct mammals than there will ever be hairy mammals on the planet.

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no mammal is truly hairless, just hair-light. even whales have small amounts of body hair.

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And every bird has scales.

Because feathers are simply an evolution of scales.

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...what are you guys even arguing about here?

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It's hilarious.

Scientists have known for quite some time how scales evolved into feathers, and the first link on Google about scales to feathers is some bullshit Chistian shitcunt website full of propaganda.

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I was just correcting someone trying to imply dinosaurs were not reptiles and that the majority did not lack feathers.

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Those things are fucking adorable.

I want one.

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so far as we know only certain Saurischians had feathers. It is then easy to extrapolate that perhaps many other members of Saurischia had feathers as well.

Its hypothetically possible that some Ornithischia may of had feathers as well but because there is no evidence yet of feathers in these animals and there IS proof of scales means the proper baseline assumption for these animals is scales and no feathers until evidence suggests otherwise.

I love feathered dinosaurs but drawing every single species smothered in feathers is just as extreme as all the people who jam fingers in their ears and go 'feathers suck!'

In all likelihood, Ornithischia was probably feather free or feather-light and feathers were a predominately Saurischian feature.

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No you weren't correcting shit at all.

You're being dumb.

Which types of dinosaurs are generally statted in RPG's?

That's right. Theropods. No RPG company is going to stat a shitload of herbivores.

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To be honest, if dinosaurs hadn't died out, I'm pretty sure that sauropods, theropods and ornithischia would have evolved into three distinct species. Neither of them reptiles.

>> No.29658267

Also, I think people seem to draw too much plumage period on alot of them.

It doesn't really make sense for all of them to be bushy as chicks.

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that may be just your search results.

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You did not even mention RPG's, you said 'prehistoric worlds'. Also I see someone has not read GURPS Dinosaurs. Even HEX, an RPG specifically about pulp adventure and dinosaurs stats more herbivores than carnivores.

>> No.29658311

>He also likes to eat horses.

Best mount ever.

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I agree, everyone assumes feathers and just imagines a predatory peacock. Same thing happened in the late 80s early 90s when paleontologists were like 'you know, realistically dinosaurs probably all weren't brown and green" and suddenly everyone is drawing neon orange dinosaurs.

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'Reptile' is technically not even a valid grouping but dinosaurs are just as much reptiles as anything else in the group is.

>> No.29658367

>You did not even mention RPG's, you said 'prehistoric worlds'.

Now you're just being retarded. Seriously.

Prehistoric worlds. That should give you enough knowledge that we're talking about fictional places here.

How many prehistoric worlds do you know?

Exactly. There has only been one prehistoric world in reality. Earth's prehistory.

When I talk about prehistoric worlds, I don't talk about many Earth's out there. I talk about fictional prehistoric worlds.

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They're killing me.

>> No.29658393

I knew scar should have won.

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Would you dickbags stop arguing semantics at each other?

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Not theropods though.

Theropods hardly have anything to do with reptiles.

Sings like a bird. Thinks like a bird. Breathes like a bird. Light like a bird. Fast like a bird. Smart like a bird. Has warm blood like a bird.

Oh yeah, it has scales, and teeth.

So yeah. That's where the reptilian features end.

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>You'll never have a pet rapotor who chirps and clicks happily when you arrive home.

It'll be like having a dog-parrot.

>> No.29658445 [SPOILER] 

Small, fluffy dinosaurs does that to you.

>> No.29658447

>falconry with microraptors

Best thing ever.

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Your point is still incorrect, most dinosaurs including the majority of dinosaurs given stats in an RPG or depicted in a fictional world almost certainly lacked feathers. Acting undeservedly smug and superior while being wrong is stupid.

>> No.29658465

Your filename is wrong it's supposed to be

>The city of Ry'leth.

>> No.29658466

Fun fact, those seamonkeys you can buy in toy stores have three eyes.

Kind of like that living vacuum cleaner with 5 eyes.

>> No.29658468

make me

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>Niggeraptors attack a slutosaurus.jpg

>> No.29658495


The middle one is like : "HOLY SHIT, GUYS, THEY FOUND OUT OUR SECRET"

>> No.29658496

Well, at least you posted dinosaurs now, so I'm happy.

>> No.29658498

Shut the fuck up.

Tyrannosaurs, feathered. Raptors, feathered.

There. That's the majority of all dinosaurs given stats and used in RPG's.

>> No.29658508

>Sings like a bird.

Going to need evidence for that.

>Thinks like a bird.

A lot of evidence.

>> No.29658516

>It'll be like having a dog-parrot.

>I taught my dog to call the postman a wee dick.

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Now you are just wilfully ignoring the facts. You are a troll or an idiot, fuck off and stop trying to ruin this thread with your smug attitude. There is also little if any evidence to suggest T rex had feathers.

>> No.29658542

What, there's lost of evidence that pack-hunting raptors were fairly intelligent. The sings like a bird part I have to agree on tho.

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Tyrannosaurs probably didn't have fathers, they seem counteractive to it's size.

if it did have feathers, it was probably like >>29656112

And less like a traditional birds.

>> No.29658561

not that anon but that second one could be hypothesized and extrapolated from brain shape via ct scans.

>> No.29658568

Being smart and showing pack behaviour is not the same as saying it 'thinks like a bird'. He was also talking about Theropods in general, not just raptors.

>> No.29658572

>Going to need evidence for that.
>A lot of evidence.

Evidence for what? That dinosaurs sang? It's obvious that dinosaurs sang, because theropods became social around the same time birds showed up.
You can't be social without communication.

I do however applaud your noble stupidity and retardation in joining the Christian cunts on their anti-science crusade. They need all the dinosaurs-weren't-bird-cunts they can get.

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well, actually according to the cladistic classification system, dinosaurs arnt birds. it's the other way around

>> No.29658612

>Tyrannosaurs probably didn't have fathers, they seem counteractive to it's size.

>There is also little if any evidence to suggest T rex had feathers.

>he doesn't know the difference between tyrannosaurs and tyrannosaurus rex

Fuck you're dumb.

They fucking digged up HORDES of fullsized Yutyrannus in China with feathers years ago.

>> No.29658626

>equating anything mentioned in this thread with 'anti science Christians'

Yeah you can do better than that. If you are not trolling you have severe issues. Dinosaurs are not birds, birds are dinosaurs. There is a difference.

>> No.29658651

Well considering there's a wide variety of birds alive today of highly varying behavior and mental capability I'm not sure what thinking like a bird means.

>> No.29658661

Seems like every thread devolves into trolls and bitching now.


>> No.29658662

It is when you compare the raptor/tyrannosaur family brains to say herbivores or carnosaurs.

Hell, just compare a tyrannosaurus brain to a carnosaur brain.

Double the size nigguh.

Pretty much any tyrannosaurus was double as smart as a spinosaurus, or a giganotosaurus.

>> No.29658669

Bird singing is a little bit far.

You could just admit you mean dinosaurs communicated and be less of an adamant prick.

One Tyranosaur is not all of them. Judge it's environment to the others to see if it would have fur-like feathers or not.

Otherwise you can make the same leap and say Wooly mammoths and Wooly Rhinos mean Elephants and Rhinos are covered in fur.

I very much doubt All Tyranosaurs were fluffy.

>> No.29658689

That's my point.

It certainly superior to thinking like a reptile.

Which can easily be seen in the fact that theropods had massive brains compared to herbivore dinosaurs.

>> No.29658690

What's the max travel speed of a dire bat

also i'm an informant for an evil king trying to destroy a resistance

I'm neutral evil

my party is helping the resistance

how can i hinder the resistance while maintaining my party status and mole status at the same time

I also want to do a TPK with me as the only survivor

>> No.29658694

Maybe if we ignore them and discuss cool things, they'll go away.

So how about those carnivorous giant pigs?

>> No.29658713

Ah ah careful, you're falling into the "Brain size is intellgence" hole

It's brain structure that causes intelligence.

>> No.29658732

thread needs more Charles R. Knight.
Sure his dinosaurs aren't accurate by today's standards but his mammals are solid and they could be fantasy versions of these animals anyway.

>> No.29658736

>Otherwise you can make the same leap and say Wooly mammoths and Wooly Rhinos mean Elephants and Rhinos are covered in fur.

Well they are covered in fur.

You'd know if you actually got close to one.

>> No.29658765

Given the fact that the Tyrannosaurus is a descendant of protoraptors, and that Spinosaurus is a descendant of king retard the carnosaur family, I do say that the Tyrannosaurus is pretty much confirmed for being the smartest theropod that ever lived.

>> No.29658776

Actually, they're covered in hair.

Hair and fur has a different composition.

Most mammals have Hair, Some don't have fur.

The best way to think of it is like the down feathers on a bird.

>> No.29658779


>> No.29658793

Pretty fucking awesome, in my humble opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_HPxFg8V-g

>> No.29658797

*smartest big theropod

Because troodon is the smartest theropod.

>> No.29658805

Considering the Tyrannosaurus brain was basically a long smooth tube with squiggly bits on the end, the comparison of intellect we're talking is a Kid with downs, and a kid with downs who learned to piss his pants to get attention.

Either way, both were far from the most intelligent things on the planet at the time.

>> No.29658844

Hair, fur, it's all furry propaganda anyway.

>> No.29658860

I do not think I have ever read an RPG book that had a T.rex and a raptor but did not at least have a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops and some form of sauropod.

>> No.29658885

It's sort of the same with Dinosaurs really.

Did all those damn Nigger and Wetback dinosaurs have feather beards like those honest and hard working nothern Dinosaurs?

Probably not, they probably lost most of it.

I mean, Feathers on Dinosaurs would mostly be down feather-like.. closer to fur than the plumes we see on birds.

>> No.29658921

And you're forgetting that this is 65 million years ago.

If the Tyrannosaurus was a kid with downs, than the mammals at that point in time were retarded mongoloid low-functional autists.

People always forget that 65 million year part.

Troodon was at leas 10 million years ahead in intelligence to even the smartest mammal.

Troodon sapiens would probably have wiped out primates by accident before mankind could even evolve if that asteroid hadn't hit earth.

>> No.29658967

Sometimes I wonder how incredibly wrong we have some reconstructions based on only skeletal remains

>> No.29658989

Ah, then we get into "Super mario bros movie" territory of guesswork really.

Troodon were predators, and it's a little harder for predators to evolve intelligence higher than base hunting.

They'd need to become Omnivorous and get rid of egg laying.

>> No.29659031

Fun fact.

A triceratops using its horns against a tyrannosaurus would be in serious trouble.

Either he non-fatally wounds the tyrannosaur and breaks one or both it's horns.

Or he fatally wounds the tyrannosaur and gets a caved in skull from having a top predator drop onto it's head.

Really changed my view of the prehistoric world around.

You see it all the time in art, yet no one thought about if it could actually happen.

>> No.29659032

Evolution is not a glorious progression to intelligence, there is no reason to think a small omnivorous mammal back then was any stupider than a small omnivorous mammal today. Species only get smarter if the selection is there to push them that way.

>> No.29659036

>get rid of egg laying

Elaborate, please.

>> No.29659070


But that doesn't change the fact that the Troodon had far more chance to survive than whatever mammals ran around in the dark back then.

>> No.29659098

Basically, Mammals, specifically apes, evolve into a sentient, sapient species because of our measure of free time to change the surrounding and actually get thinking room for our nice big "adapted for hunting and gathering brains"

A predator needs to eat more often than an Omnivore, and an Egg layer needs to keep more time protecting the nest and defending the young, while live birth gives you the added bonus of carrying the "egg" with you at all times, meaning you can migrate easier AND defend the young easier.

It's why Corvus species of birds are so intelligent is they are Omnivorus, so they can get an easier source of carbohydrates and thus last longer without needing to hunt.

In short, Meat jump started the brain development, Grain kept it going.

>> No.29659108

Oh I am not disputing that Troodon probably ate mammals all the time and could have got quite smart. 'Predatory reptilian that gained intelligence' is a favourite alien race idea of mine even if it does get done a lot in science fiction.

>> No.29659131

Thing is, Mammals sort of evolved in weird and strange ways after the dinosaurs went kaput.

If Troodon was left during the extinction event, would it really evolve at all.

And would it have the strength to stop Homos sapiens?

>> No.29659136

There actually is a species of lizard that can lay eggs or give birth to live young depending on the conditions where it lives. Potentially possible for a dinosaur to develop the same adaptation.

>> No.29659138

Eh, I completely forgot that point.

>hunt very intelligent animals for their relative bodysize
>become some kind of rat-hunting einstein

Does it make sense to think that hunting mammals might have made troodon smarter?

>> No.29659150

>A triceratops using its horns against a tyrannosaurus would be in serious trouble.
Is that important, though? I mean, our triceratops isn't trying to hunt down that T.rex, he's trying to discourage him.

>> No.29659155

>Thing is, Mammals sort of evolved in weird and strange ways after the dinosaurs went kaput.

Before too.

People forget that the first reign of mammals happened before the dinosaurs.

>> No.29659176

The answer is the same as it always is, 'do the environmental conditions put a selective pressure on the organism?'. If an animal is well adapted to the conditions and a large brain does not give a big enough benefit to offset the huge energy cost then the species will not get smarter.

>> No.29659181

Then again, the horns are not the weapons the Triceratops is using.

it's the huge thick skull shield it is using as a battering ram to smash the T-rexes leg bones in.

>> No.29659190

While I do see the connection between omnivores and inteligence, I think you might be mistaken about the whole time-to-eat thing. As far as I know, most herbivores spend most of the day eating, while carnivores eats a lot at once and then slack about for a while.

Although, now that I think about it, I don't really know how long an average "hunt" takes, so I could be worng.

>> No.29659223

Eating things with big brains does not make you smart. If hunting its prey successfully required greater problem solving abilities then evolution would favour individuals with them.

>> No.29659242

>If hunting its prey successfully required greater problem solving abilities then evolution would favour individuals with them.
Which is my point.

I wasn't proclaiming some voodoo-cannibal evolution.

>> No.29659260

The Carnivore spends alot of time resting because it often gluts itself to make due for the energy consumption while herbivores that often eat things like grass and leaves often need to eat constantly to get the energy consumption.

Basically, Omnivores can enjoy the middle road.

Good hunting? Much meat and fat to eat, stapled with grains for slow release energy to ensure you keep going a long long time.

Not good hunting? Luckily starch rich vegatables Ugg found mean we don't all die off.

You have to remember that Omnivores don't often each grasses or leaves.

They eat berries, nuts, roots and such. things high in carbohydrates that are good for slow release.

I can't stress how important Grain is for us being intelligent.

>> No.29659304

If it worked that way primitive man would have hunted whales for their delicious brains and Mensa members would be an endangered species.

>> No.29659311

But grain didn't become a large part of the human diet until fairly recently, our intellect evolved long before then.

>> No.29659320

I can't stop grinning, and my wind-dried lips are bleeding, and fuck man fuck my life my lips goddamn, fuck you man, I can't stop laughing.

>> No.29659327

Sucks for those people who are mildly allergic to wheat. Which is all of us if you listen to those paleo diet crackpots.

>> No.29659338

I think he talks about wild grains.

>> No.29659366

Are you sure? I'm talking more about wild grains and such, not the actual "grain" we have now.

Bah, I could be getting things wrong about grain, but a hearty, carbohydrate rich food is what allowed us to develop intellectually as it holds in our system long, allowing us to use the extremely high endurance of the human body for astounding feats that lead to our civilisation. That AND meat, because protein helps the brain develop.

>> No.29659436

So not only is violence the supreme political authority, its also the key to intelligence.

>> No.29659461

Pretty much.

Hell, why do you think Humanity won over the neadertals?

We bash them harder with rocks because our women liked their chiseled good looks while we looked like ugly monkeies.

>> No.29659463

My bad, I thought you meant agricultural foodstuffs. I can't say I know too much about "stone-age" diet.

But, carbohydrates holding long? Not to turn thins into a diet thread but I'm fairly certain fat is the way to go for lasting energy.

>> No.29659517

Someone needs to read the sticky!

Carbohydrates have a huge calorie count for how easy they were to acquire. I mean they literally grew on trees and popped up out of the ground, and where you shat, more grew!

fat was on animals you needed to hunt. it was a rare treat.

Thats why Omnivores could develop intelligence better, You had the best of both worlds if you were resourceful.. and resourcefulness requires intelligence.

>> No.29659542

/tg/ I am disappoint. All these cool old animals and megafauna and such, but no glyphtodonts? What's not to like about armadillos the size of small cars?

>> No.29659555

>Someone needs to read the sticky!

What does virtual dicerolling have to do energy effectiveness of food?

>> No.29659568


Aren't they also... a few million years appart from each other?

>> No.29659577

Hey now, we don't know why there is male neanderthal genes in the human genepool.

And we don't know why there is NO female neanderthal genes in the human genepool.

Perhaps it was violent and rapey. Maybe it was consensual.

All we know is that female Neanderthals and male humans for some reason did not produce offspring.

Also, when Neanderthals and humans met in Europe, humans were still black.

So yeah, looks like the patriarchy and rape culture was invented by the evil white Neanderthal.


>> No.29659589

Obviously we're talking about a Necromancer Dinosaur having to fight it's erstwhile minion.

>> No.29659603

>I wasn't proclaiming some voodoo-cannibal evolution.

God, that Hugarian's book that suggested just that was glorious. Shame that the E-text was deleted somewhere last year.

>> No.29659606




The "tyrannosaurus was a scavenger" theory was torpedoed with evidence of active hunting, triceratops with a healed tyrannosaurus bit.

>> No.29659629

I 100% go by the theory that Neanderthals were all just tall Fabio-like men who swooned human women off their feet.

or alternatively, they were like Asari, only males, and all the female "neanderthals" are just a Proto-tumblr species

>> No.29659651

Devastation Beetles are one of the most powerful monsters in D&D.

>> No.29659652

Seems anon thought he was on /fit/

>> No.29659660

Maybe the Tyrannosaurus just thought the triceratops was dead, but it was only sleeping.

Honestly, I say a Tyrannosarus probably did scavenge when it could.

I mean, why wouldn't you?

>> No.29659673

>All we know is that female Neanderthals and male humans for some reason did not produce offspring.

Not really. What we know is that we have no proof of such offspring. it's not the same as there being none at all.

>> No.29659685


Yeah, Too much talk of T-rexes.

>> No.29659718


Maybe a bit of both? Kills live prey when it's weak and easy to catch, and steal kills from other predators or scavanges scraps.

Question is, does it scavange first and hunt only when the easiest kills are available? Or did it try and hunt, and scavange as a last resort.

>> No.29659749

I think they scavaged the same way grizzly bears scavage: Wait for some pack predators to do the hard work of chasing and bringing down prey, then waltz over and claim it from them.

>> No.29659759

Actually, if you want to imagine a Neanderthal... imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As a dwarf.

Seriously. Neanderthals were short heavy bodybuilders.

And they probably looked ugly as fuck.

Because of all the broken bones. Neanderthals were a lot stronger than humans, but they couldn't throw for shit. So they hunted prey in ambushes with thrusting spears.

Can you imagine fighting a mammoth or rhino or whatever up close? With a thrusting spear?

If you're not dead, after a couple years, your face will look like I don't even know man.

Sure. Isn't there also this talk that a tyrannosaurus who often would eat carrion would get almost like a komodo varan bite?

Something about grooves on the teeth to make sure they get lots of bacteria growing on the teeth.

>> No.29659767

I see it as nothing more than a pragmatic animal.

Big enough to take down a nearby tasty animal? Do it.

Big Enough to bully away another predator from it's kill when no tasty animal is around? Do it.

A T-rex hardly seems like the animal to make things complicated


>> No.29659768

Fats. Fats allowed us to develop intellectually. Our brains developed because of dietary fat.

>> No.29659794

Yes really. If the genes aren't in the genepool, it never existed.

Or it died in the womb.

>> No.29659795

They weren't THAT short, nor were they that ripped

>> No.29659854

>Neanderthals were dwarves.



>> No.29659856

You don't need to be able to take a predator 1:1 in a fight to be able to make the predator decide you're not worth the risk.

>> No.29659873

Consider for a moment, tyrannosaurs took care of their young, nests have crushed eggs all over the place.

Young tyrannosaurs are pretty much big raptors.

They also can run fast and fall on their face without breaking their neck, because well, they're tiny compared to an adult.

See where I'm getting add?

You don't need to chase pack predators away.

You send your fucking kid after the prey, wait in the bushes and then you ram 20cm teeth at 40kmph into a triceratops side.

>> No.29659885

That's dumb. You're dumb. You think neanderthals were sustaining the muscle mass of professional bodybuilders who (while in their prime) were on truckloads of steroids?

>> No.29659926

I'm describing a stereotype.

I'm not giving an accurate visual look at neanderthals you fucking retarded cocksucking shitmongling faggotlord.

If you're too autistic to read english, shut the fuck up.

>> No.29659932

I'm being way to primitive in the dietary reasons.

But it was both.

Fat wasn't nearly as abundant as we would need to wholly gain the protein and lasting energy needed to get the spare time to think.

However, a omnivorus diet rich with Carbohydrates subsidised alot of the energy needed, meaning protein could be kept and used to promote brain growth.

Fat helped our brains develop, but carbohydrates gave the energy for our bodies to allow that.

>> No.29659946

I don't care if that's highly theoretical; that's fucken adorable.

>> No.29659954

>hunted by an owl
Tell us more, anon.

>> No.29659959

I think he's more saying Neaderthals had a different muscle and skeletal system and kept this by hunting fat rich, red meat.

Do you complain when a Gorilla or a Chimp has stronger muscles?

>> No.29660013

>Describing a stereotype

>Acktyualleee neanderthals are blah blah
No, you were just being wrong and stupid.

>> No.29660028

So you're autistic and you can't read English.

Good to know. Now fuck off cunt. Go hang yourself or some shit.

>> No.29660042


Look. If you think someone's wrong. Tell them that. Explain why. But don't be such a goddamn dick about it.

>> No.29660059

Chimps are pretty ripped though

>> No.29660074

>you'll never go hungry again!

scar was trying to feed the impovrished masses that the cruel lions kicked out of the pridelands where they can get food

>> No.29660088

Do you have more like that, with people?

>> No.29660095

Fun fact: because of their absurd muscle density, most primates are to dense to float. Humans are an exception.

>> No.29660115

Wait is that a bearded vulture or someone's impression of what a velociraptor (can't spell it for shit) looked like?

>> No.29660116

>Getting this upset.
Wow, calm down buddy. You can cling to your primitive (omg lol pun INTENDED) view that neanderthals were dwarf bodybuilders, but that makes you retarded. Just saiyan.

No, you.

>> No.29660129

I guess that's what people mean with "swimming ape theory" then.

>> No.29660139

Looks photoshopped, so both probably

>> No.29660145

Impression of dinosaur, by the looks of heavily inspired by bearded vulture. You'd notice the snout being way to toothy and not-beaky for a proper bird.

>> No.29660160

I didn't say that neanderthals were dwarf bodybuilders, you dumb autistic retarded shitcunt christshit.

I said neanderthals can be seen as dwarfish bodybuilders.

>tyrannosaurs were as long as a schoolbus

Just shut the fuck up.

>> No.29660166

What about the savage land-squirrel?

>> No.29660204

I always laugh when I see a tar pit.

It's just so hilarious.

>> No.29660230

A swole neanderthal, or any primitive man really, would have probably looked more like the bottom than the top of pic related

>> No.29660244

>I didn't say that neanderthals were dwarf bodybuilders
You're saying basically exactly that
>neanderthals can be seen as dwarfish bodybuilders
Are you arguing semantics or something?

>> No.29660262

No fucking shit, artificial steroids weren't even invented yet. Anyone understands that.

>> No.29660280

>And they probably looked ugly as fuck.

Dressed up wouldn't raise a brow in the subway. They're basically hominids and their general shape is very well in line with what a homo sapiens can look like.

>> No.29660288

yes please storytime

>> No.29660292

For fucks sake. You autistic retarded fucking cunt.

When someone says that a tyrannosaurus is as big as an autobus, they don't mean that a tyrannosaurus is an autobus. They simply mean he's as big as an autobus.

Learn fucking English.

>> No.29660302

>Imagine Arnold Schwarzenneger
>As a dwarf
>Seriously. Neanderthals were short heavy bodybuilders.

That's what you said.

Most bodybuilders ARE dwarfish manlets, anyways. Arnie is like 5'10 and was ~250lbs in his prime, btw.

>> No.29660315

If you hunt animals up close everyday, your face is going to look like that of a British "professional" pub fighter.

It's not going to be pretty.

>> No.29660331

Its like you don't even know about my triceratops-based howdahs.

>> No.29660334

There is no need to be upset

>> No.29660348


Learn English, you autistic cunt.

You ever heard someone make a scientific observation that starts with imagine?

Exactly. So shut the fuck up.

>> No.29660349

So basically your average chav

>> No.29660351

>Learn fucking English.
You'd make an excellent English teacher. Have you ever thought about yelling at small children as a profession and complaining to their parents that "They just don't get it no matter how much I scream at them"?

>> No.29660364

>He also likes to eat horses.

I don't blame him. The stuff isn't bad...

>> No.29660367


>> No.29660376

>Saurisuchia is the one that had the lineage of birds
>But Ornithosuchia is the one with bird-like hips
You can't explain that!

>> No.29660390


>> No.29660400


>> No.29660405

Saying neanderthals were dwarfish bodybuilders is hardly a scientific observation.

I was pointing out the fact that it's laughable that any neanderthal would be a hulking ~250lb muscle man. You can scale it down to ~200lbs for a neanderthal as tall as a dwarf if we're 'imagining' dwarf sized men.

>> No.29660430

Why are you talking lbs? No one was discussing weight, and no one was discussing some obscure third world shit measuring unit.

>> No.29660431

I wish.

>> No.29660466

>Also, when Neanderthals and humans met in Europe, humans were still black.
Wut brah? The original homo sapiens was swarthy, not black.

>> No.29660486

As a man that despises the imperial measurement system, allow me to say that your tone is needlessly hostile and won't get us anywhere.

pic to keep it relevant.

>> No.29660495

I shall name him Scrumplethorpe Warlywood

>> No.29660502

Weight and height are very important measures in bodybuilding, as well as body fat percentages.

A physical description, beyond dwarfish bodybuilder, helps put things into perspective as well.

Stating Arnie's height and weight (and knowing how muscled he is) gives you a pretty good idea of how retarded your idea is. Given that Arnie trained intensively for years to acquire that body mass while on a shitload of hormones makes your dwarfish bodybuilder neanderthals idea fucking retarded.

Maybe relevant to your interests:
Here, this may be relevant to your interests.


>> No.29660541

wait, really? You have a source/compelling explanation for this?

>> No.29660545

Black, brown, swarthy... It's all the same colour man. Somewhere on the spectrum of brown.

Hell, I even say white people are also on the spectrum of brown. As a half African from a big family in Europe, it's rather funny how my brothers and sisters seem to be randomly picked from north-europe, the mediterranean, north-africa, and finally west-africa, me being the darkest of all.

It's all the same genes man. And one time my mom plonked out dark and the other time white. Genes be crazy mon.

>> No.29660586

But neanderthals have NOTHING to do with bodybuilding beyond the cultural concept of muscle.

For fucks sake, why are you such a dumb autistic cunt who can't understand English!

Can't you read between the lines? Is hyperbole completely wasted on you? Are you too retarded to live, but too rare to die?

>> No.29660608

>makes your dwarfish bodybuilder neanderthals idea fucking retarded.

But it's a scientific fact that neanderthals were small and heavily muscled compared to homo sapiens.

That's a scientific fact.

Just because you fail to understand a visual example doesn't mean the guy you keep replying to is wrong.

>> No.29660630

You were saying neanderthals were as muscular as bodybuilders, using an example of a very well known body builder. I gave you said bodybuilders stats to PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE how retarded it was to say what you said. You're the one who doesn't understand.

>> No.29660672

Why are neanderthals referred to as a separate species when they could've just been a race of squatty humans that got genocided/bred out?

>> No.29660689


You autistic cunt.

I said that you can imagine a neanderthal like a short bodybuilder.

Just like you can imagine a tyrannosaurus as an autobus.

Just like you can imagine a microraptor like a raven.

Just like you can imagine a Eurypterid like a shark.

Just like you can imagine something, doesn't mean it actually is.


Your stupidity has made the whole of /tg/ dumber.

>> No.29660711

But they are not as small as dwarves or as big as bodybuilders. His analogy was a gross overestimate, and because of that it was wrong

>> No.29660716

Small and heavily muscled? Like a bodybuilder? No. No they weren't.

You compared them to Arnold. Arnold was ~250 pounds of pure muscle. I'll let it slide that a neanderthal could have been ~250 pounds, but it's at a much higher body fat percentage and looks nowhere near like Arnold like you said.

also the link posted before
>Considering the body build of Neanderthals, new body weight estimates show that they are only slightly above the cm/weight or the Body Mass Index of modern Americans or Canadians.


>> No.29660723

Because they're no humans.

They're neanderthals. They are a completely different species.

If they were another race, we'd have female neanderthal genes in the human genepool.

But it's not there. So they're another species.

>> No.29660734

>Wut brah? The original homo sapiens was swarthy, not black.

Swarthy is black enough for an US board, yanno.

>> No.29660745


How difficult is English? Are you from Brazilian or Phillipino slums or some shit? Are you a creationist?

I don't understand how you can stay so dumb.

>> No.29660761

Races of humans have virtually no genetic differences. Neanderthals had notable genetic differences, hence were labelled as a seperate species

>> No.29660764

that's a dunkleosteus m8.

>> No.29660778


Fun fact: paleontologists define 'species' differently from modern biologists. If it looks pretty different then it's probably a different species, maybe.

>> No.29660789

>Just like you can imagine a tyrannosaurus as an autobus.
Like a Transformer? Are you talking about Beast Wars or what?

You'd have been much better off just saying something along the lines of, "Neanderthals carried more muscle than the average human we know today."

They are nothing like bodybuilders in terms of muscle mass (or single digit body fat percentage).

>> No.29660802

Because you can usually see those coming.

>> No.29660834

Oh and


If you are of European descent and have red hair genes, you may have Neanderthal in your blood somewhere.

That includes me, I guess. Neato

>> No.29660839

>Small and heavily muscled? Like a bodybuilder? No. No they weren't.
But they were small and heavily muscled.

And who says they were like bodybuilders? You fucking retarded cocsucking faggot christian autist cuntshit. Bodybuilders didn't even exist back then, because who the fuck has artificial steroids in prehistoric times, YOU FUCKING RETARDED CUNT!

>You compared them to Arnold. Arnold was ~250 pounds of pure muscle. I'll let it slide that a neanderthal could have been ~250 pounds, but it's at a much higher body fat percentage and looks nowhere near like Arnold like you said.

I didn't compare anyone with Arnold, you fucking retarded cunt. I used Arnold as a visual example. Just like people use cars and planes to compare dinosaur sizes.

>> No.29660843

So it is, It seems I've been sloppy.

4chan is pretty international by this point.

>> No.29660877

whoa mate I don't know what you're fighting about but you need to chill out.

>> No.29660880

Wikipedia, so of course take with a grain of salt.

>eanderthal anatomy differed from modern humans in that they had a more robust build and distinctive morphological features, especially on the cranium, which gradually accumulated more derived aspects, particularly in certain isolated geographic regions. Evidence suggests they were much stronger than modern humans,[64] while they were comparable in height; based on 45 long bones from at most 14 males and 7 females, Neanderthal males averaged 164–168 cm (65–66 in) and females 152–156 cm (60–61 in) tall.[16] Samples of 26 specimens in 2010 found an average weight of 77.6 kg (171 lb) for males and 66.4 kg (146 lb) for females.[65] A 2007 genetic study suggested some Neanderthals may have had red hair and light skin colour.[66] Neanderthals are known for their large cranial capacity, which at 1600cc is larger on average than modern humans.

>Evidence suggests they were much stronger than modern humans,[64] >comparable in height
>Neanderthal males averaged 164–168 cm (65–66 in) and females 152–156 cm (60–61 in) tall.[16]
>Average weight of 77.6 kg (171 lb) for males and 66.4 kg (146 lb) for females.[65]

>Male; 171 lb

>> No.29660887

They're pretty big differences, especially considering africans lack neanderthal DNA and europids have it.

>> No.29660891

Nice pop-science articles.

Fun fact, just because a male Neanderthal and a female human can interbreed doesn't mean they're races of the same species.


Also, the total amount of Neanderthal genes in the genepool is like 4%.

That's absurdly low. That's actually so low, those genes are probably mostly inactive. In fact, the only genes that have been proven to work, are genes that protect you from common localized European diseases like the flu or whatever.

>> No.29660903

All things in the Genus Homo are different species of human.

>> No.29660912

I just throw random insults in there. You know, it's kind of like just carpetbombing the grey areas on the map in C&C Generals.

You don't know if you hit, but hey,,, if you hit, it's all okay and happy.

>> No.29660920

saying "imagine neanderthals as a dwarf bodybuilder" and then getting mad when they imagine neanderthals as similar to dwarfish bodybuilders doesn't make it look like you particularly understand english all that well yourself.

Regardless of all that, neanderthal weren't anywhere near the typical dwarf's height, nor even close to an extreme bodybuilder's typical physique. Your analogy was simply too fucking disparate from actual neanderthals. chill the fuck out

>> No.29660928

>Nice pop-science articles.
But both of them reference the published studies...?

>> No.29660942


>Actually, if you want to imagine a Neanderthal... imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't compare them. You explicitly stated that if I wanted to know what a neanderthal looked like, I should look at a picture of Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger because he's a modern day neanderthal.

>> No.29660950


There's only one autist here dumb enough to fail to understand what imagine means.

So yeah, you chill the fuck out, autismlord.

>> No.29660970

Get a hugbox boy.

Because you're getting high-functional here. Bazinga.

>> No.29660980

>Take any two unrelated humans today, Pääbo noted, and they'll differ in millions of places in their genetic code. But the Neanderthal genome varies on average from that of H. sapiens in only about a hundred thousand positions. Pääbo and his colleagues are now trying to figure out the consequences of those differences.
It's like you didn't even read the articles.

>> No.29661023

>Actually, if you want to imagine a Neanderthal... imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger.

>As a dwarf.

>Seriously. Neanderthals were short heavy bodybuilders.

>And they probably looked ugly as fuck.

>Because of all the broken bones. Neanderthals were a lot stronger than humans, but they couldn't throw for shit. So they hunted prey in ambushes with thrusting spears.

>Can you imagine fighting a mammoth or rhino or whatever up close? With a thrusting spear?

>If you're not dead, after a couple years, your face will look like I don't even know man.

I just copypasted the post you refer to, because obviously, you failed to read that post. As is common with autistic non-English posters.

As you can see, the text only refers to Arnold Schwarzenegger once. And bodybuilders once.

In fact, it focuses much more on the short stature, and their strength.

You're fulla shit, and you can't read English kiddo.

>> No.29661053

It's like you don't even understand how genetics works.

The Neanderthal genome only differs from humans in a hundred thousand positions because it's an incredibly tiny genepool.

>> No.29661088

Then could you explain how genetics works in this context? I am merely a rocks and sand scientist, I know nothing of the weird squiggly things crawling about my glorious planet.

>> No.29661123

>it focuses much more on the short stature, and their strength
They weren't dwarfishishy short either though. See:>>29659795
They were only like a head shorter. The only thing your post got right is that they couldn't throw for shit

>> No.29661171

>Focuses on short stature
Mentioned twice when you likened them to dwarves and short heavy bodybuilders.

Alluded to when referencing Arnold and likening them to short, heavy bodybuilders and once more when you said they were a lot stronger than humans but had a low dex score.

Wow, yeah, I guess you did focus on short and strong, which is summed up here
>Seriously. Neanderthals were short heavy bodybuilders.

So, again, the idea of neanderthals being short, heavy bodybuilders is retarded. Shorter than modern day humans on average? Strong possibility. Stronger? Yeah, definitely. Bodybuilder (much less Arnold)? No.

And for someone commenting on 'non-English' posters and not being able to read English, you have poor grammar yourself.

>References bodybuilders once
Twice. You referenced a specific bodybuilder once and bodybuilders in general once more. That's two bodybuilder references total.

>> No.29661187

The smaller a genepool is, the more genes look the same.

Consider this part.
>Take any two unrelated humans today, Pääbo noted, and they'll differ in millions of places in their genetic code.
Fact is, most people today ARE related.

Compare say, a Japanese guy and a French-Canadian, and you'll discover very soon that they have genetics in common.

Why? Quite simply, the human genepool is fucking shallow.

Most of the human genepool went extinct somewhere a few ten thousands years ago.

For example, if you compare two chimansees that live maybe 2km apart, you'll see taht those two guys have more genetic variance than the French-Canadian and the Japanese guy.

Because chimpansees never experienced a genetic bottleneck, a near-extinction.

Now we can look back at the neanderthal genepool. Neanderthals are extinct. But they left a genepool in mankind.

The majority of the neanderthal genes have probably already been bred out of the human genepool.

Only a few remain, and that's that 4%, those hundred thousand positions.

It's like a tiny half-starved pool, inside a pool that technically also is tiny and half-starved.

>> No.29661207

A head shorter sure sounds like a dwarf to me.

Sorry if you're a manlet, but I guess you're just part of the 4%... The neanderthal descendant percent.

>> No.29661226


>> No.29661236

It is not the terror bird you should be afraid of.

>> No.29661249

>Alluded to when referencing Arnold and likening them to short, heavy bodybuilders and once more when you said they were a lot stronger than humans but had a low dex score.

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to do with strength you dumb cunt?

Everyone knows that bodybuilders aren't strong.

>> No.29661251

According to Wikipedia (yeah I know), neanderthals were on average 164–168 cm, or about 5'5". That's not a dwarf.

>> No.29661265

>Bodybuilder (much less Arnold)? No.

no fucking shit you retarded autistic cunt.

artificial steroids didn't exist in the stone age.

>> No.29661287

That's as tall as my mom.

My mom is tiny. They're dwarves.

You're not big until you go beyond 1,8m anyway.

>> No.29661316

Looks like you left you car would be a shame if something HAPPENED to it

>> No.29661320

>164–168 cm

I dunno about you guys, but that certainly sounds like a dwarf to me.

Especially when you consider that this was before farming. So most tribes hardly ever experienced famine, and therefore most human tribes would be pretty tall.

>> No.29661336

Aren't those guys from New-Zealand?

I hear tthey like dicking around with cars.

>> No.29661346

Yeah, that's why the bushman are such god-like people.

>> No.29661356

Yes, bodybuilders are usually strong. Relative to their body weight, powerlifters, or Olympic lifters, they aren't strong. But that's RELATIVE.

Relative to any normal person, they are.

However, Arnold comes from a time when bodybuilding competitions were held AFTER oly lift competitions and the bodybuilding judges awarded the bodybuilders points for performing well in in oly lifts.

Arnold's Personal records

Clean and press – 264 lb (120 kg)
Snatch – 243 lb (110 kg)
Clean & jerk – 298 lb (135 kg)
Squat – 545 lb (247 kg)
Bench press – 500 lb (230 kg)
Deadlift – 710 lb (320 kg)
Yeah pretty fucking weak huh? Man I'd hate to be as weak as Arnold oh man that would suck, he's so weak man.

>Saying bodybuilders aren't strong
>Saying neanderthals are like bodybuilders, but oh yeah they're strong
What the fuck?

>> No.29661377

fuck the police

>> No.29661384

Steroids are besides the point retard. Some other retard said that's how big neanderthals were.

It's not a dwarf though. That's just a manlet. Dwarves are ~4'10".

>> No.29661419

Do you even know what a dwarf is? Dwarves are really short, like rarely breaching 5' short

>> No.29661449


All you have to do is imagine.

>> No.29661486

>this was before farming.
>so most tribes hardly ever experienced famine.

>> No.29661487

Guess I'm in an evil campaign, then. I'll try to be the honorable sort of evil, the kind who is a worth opponent to the hero and gets a touching death scene.

>> No.29661554

Hey you christian can you even imagine that you're a neanderthal? no you cant because neanderthals cant read or speak english, just like you

>> No.29661560

>Dwarves favor earth tones in their clothing and prefer simple and functional garb. The skin can be very dark, but it is always some shade of tan or brown. Hair color can be black, gray, or brown. Dwarves average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans.

>Dwarves average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans.

That's the d20 SRD, not that guy you were arguing with, but I ask you to name what fantasy source you are referring to when you talk about "the height of dwarves in fantasy."

Sexual fantasies of yours don't count.

>> No.29661571


>> No.29661597

Who's Christian?

>> No.29661616

Some faggy actor

>> No.29661623

I'm sorry, anon was being sarcastic there.

>Hard to tell who is and isn't retarded shit posting though huh?

>> No.29661650


>> No.29661657

I don't think the villain riding around on an aggressive horse-eating cheetah-boar gets a 'touching' death scene. You can aspire maybe to dramatic, or one where at the very end of the campaign the camera pans to the site of your death and your hand punches out from under a pile of rubble.

>> No.29661687

Kea love some coffee

>> No.29661700

>if dinosaurs hadn't died out
Birds are still a thing, y'know.
> I'm pretty sure that sauropods, theropods and ornithischia would have evolved into three distinct species
What? I just what?
>Neither of them reptiles.

>> No.29661731

Hey I don't need your anti-science christian antics you autistic cunt

>> No.29661758

Sod off Linnaeus, we use phylogenetic taxonomoy now, not your weird physical features one. You realise that a pigeon is more closely related to a crocodile than a crocodile is to a lizard, right?

>> No.29661763

All dinosaurs are one species, anon, that's why all triceratops are boys and all stegosauruses are girls, and velociraptors are just baby t-rexes.

Didn't you take biology in school?

>> No.29661779

We have found scale imprints for Tyrannosaurus Rex bellies.

>> No.29661800

Did they..did they hold hands?

>> No.29661827

Yeah, from all the birds the T-Rex ate.


>> No.29661835

>thinking like a reptile
Crocodilians and varanids are smarter than most poultry and lots of other birds.

>> No.29661865

"Tyrannosaurus was a kleptoparasite" was never even an actual theory, and its only alleged proponent only brought it up as an example of why it's bad to make assumptions on prehistoric life based on emotions.

>> No.29661867

I'll call him derp face. On account of his derp face.

>> No.29661900

Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside! Armadilloes!

>> No.29661938

No, they couldn't hold hands on account of their stuby t-rex arms. And without hand holding all the dinosaur sex they were having was immoral.

Which is why God killed the dinosaurs. Even the baby velociraptors.

>> No.29661979

>This is a scientific fact.
Prove it wrong, fuckers.

>> No.29662081

In case you forgot.

Bushmen live surrounded by farmers.

In the stone age, everyone was a farmer.

Famine didn't exist until people invented farming. When a hunter-gatherer can't find food, he can just move to a new land with more food.

For fucks sake learn some shit.

>> No.29662114

>You realise that a pigeon is more closely related to a crocodile than a crocodile is to a lizard, right?

Yes. Of course. Archosaurs.

>> No.29662125

Nothing you said made any sense in a scientific manner. Half of it didn't make any sense in a regular manner. And you're calling me the anti-science Christian autistic cunt here. I think you need to take a good long look in the mirror.

>> No.29662193


I don't know who you're talking to but I just left for the store an hour ago.

Whoever you're insulting... it's not me.


>> No.29662279

I don't get where "Christian = Anti Science" shit comes from.

I do realize that there are crazy fundamentalists out there who are anti-science, but I mean fucking come on, I'm sure not even a majority of Christians are anti-science.

People like this faggot are no different than those fundamentalist zealots, and the hilarious part is that they don't even realize it.

>> No.29662297

>scientific community
>neanderthals were strong and short
>some guy makes a quick post summing up the primary body characteristics of neanderthals
>"dwarf bodybuilders"
>entire thread devolves in some pissed off guy crying about how it's a completely wrong concept to see neanderthals as short and strong

Seriously. Some people just need to learn to read between the lines.

>> No.29662299

I don't I was the person you were arguing with. You have better grammar.

>> No.29662336

>People like this faggot are no different than those fundamentalist zealots, and the hilarious part is that they don't even realize it.

Yo kiddo.

You should start reading posts instead of putting words into people's mouths.

>> No.29662428

When you hardly interact with pop-culture, I can certainly imagine someone non understanding the concept of a "dwarf bodybuilder" when referrring to a Neanderthal.

You do need a certain... connection with the hyperbole for it to make sense.

It's like explaining to an South-American tribesman that the Quetzalquatl is as big as a plane.

"What's a plane?"

>> No.29662463

But he was wrong on the internet. That's a serious offense.

>> No.29662520

Its like the one dickish kid playing Zoo Tycoon somehow got in charge of the world.

>> No.29662551

As someone who read the whole thing, it was more like

>How exactly are you relating a 5'6" neanderthal to 250 pounds of pure muscle at 5'10?

>> No.29662580

But that's the dumbest comparison you can ever make.

Because even a neanderthal woman would probably pack more muscle than a bodybuilder.

>> No.29662677

You're joking, right? A neanderthal woman weighs 250lbs at like 5% body fat after being dehydrated? Do you know how much muscle that is?

>> No.29662762

>not this thread again...in the same thread...

>> No.29662778

Newsflash, neanderthals weren't more muscled, as much as that they had different muscles.

Neanderthals couldn't run, they couldn't throw.

They had fundamentally different muscles as we humans.

>> No.29662863

That's a perfectly acceptable thing to say, I guess. But

>pack more muscle than a bodybuilder
Is not.

>> No.29662892

This is /tg/.

Not /sci/.

I'm not going to grab my books and rewatch my docus for a thread.

>> No.29662934

Also, it would be easier to agree with if you guys compared neanderthal strength and muscle to an average human, not Arnold or other bodybuilder.

>> No.29662966

You can be wrong anywhere, not just on /sci/

>> No.29663535

Why are there no dire monkfish in any book?

>> No.29664547

That picture is really nice except for the tentacle tails

>> No.29665548

>One guy compares Neanderthals as short and strong
>Two assblasted people are so mad they shit the entire thread up

Shouldn't tried to show science to /tg/. It's like trying to show cavemen how glass is made.

>> No.29665639

That manatee is way oversized

>> No.29666034

that's not a manatee, it's a Steller's Sea Cow

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