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You are currently twelve kilometers above the surface of an alien world. You are falling. This is widely acknowledged as one of the worst activities to engage in while visiting the lower stratosphere.

However, you are paid very well to do it. You are a fall guy, after all.

You reach up to check the environmental seals of your combat suit, the thick goo of the impact jello suppressing trembling fingers. The techies at NeoLogos designed their drop pods with several principles in mind. The pods had to be, in order of importance, cheap, disposable, accurate, and reliable. Impact gel that wasn’t a crippling topological neurotoxin was sacrificed for the sake of cheapness. Should any of NeoLogos' employees be contaminated by the impact gel, the ultra-corp would be on the line for millions of credits in comp. That's probably why everyone they send down in one of these things is a contract worker.

An icon appears on your visor, blinking softly. Corporate wants a word. Probably to get that sweet sweet deniability should everything go pear-shaped. You click it, and a woman’s face appears.

“Hello HIPR representative squadron Zulu-Epsilon. Today you will be engaging in some high pressure head hunting via leveraging hyper-lethal vectors during the recruitment process. Your primary target for aggressive de-integration is the Kagokushi Genomics Division. In particular, acquisition of Dr. Tachibana’s employment is considered a high priority actionable item. Corporate prefers that as much Kagokushi human capital be reappropriated as possible; however, elimination is permissible to maintain market advantage.”

You shut down the Handler’s comm-icon, despite knowing it will probably crop up in your performance review. You have better things to do than decipher her corpro-dialect. You fiddle with your gun idly, attempting to dispel:

>Options in next post

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>Excitement: After months of gene therapies, implant surgeries, and training, it's finally time for my first drop!
>Boredom: Christ, they made us run so many sims of this, I’m not even sure if this is an actual drop or just another test.
>Worry: Topological neurotoxin? Fucking fuck, I need to recheck these fucking enviro-seals… what the fuck was I thinking, signing up for this shit?

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We're a green rookie of course we would be excited about our first drop.

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Rookies come in all shapes of cowards

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>Excitement: After months of gene therapies, implant surgeries, and training, it's finally time for my first drop!

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Rolled 6

>>Excitement: After months of gene therapies, implant surgeries, and training, it's finally time for my first drop!

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Alright, it seems excitements have it.


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boo, no one likes the redshirt rookie

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Your thoughts are interrupted by a basso rumble as the retro rockets fire, slowing your descent from “Fatal” to “Probably a few broken knees”. The pod quakes and trembles as another set of retro rockets fire. A synthesized female voice announces in your ear “Unexpected impediment to drop. One Seconds to Touchdown.”

“Wait, Unex-” you say, somewhat too shocked to properly process what the nice lady just said. The spine crushing impact is kind enough to clarify her meaning.

The pod door pops off with a hiss of steam, disgorging a whole lot of class A Enviro-Hazard and a mercenary clutching his lower back in pain. “Oh… Oh… owwwwwww… Damnit…” you groan, stumbling forwards. The sudden impact has severely disoriented you. You shake your helmeted head a few times, trying to dispel the coating of lint that seems to have ensconced your brain.

After a few more shakes, you are sufficiently recovered and decide to take in your surroundings. And surrounded you are, by dozens of white collar peons, all staring at you in shock. A moment’s pause before you shout “Everyone! This is a drop pod assault! Stay out of our way and you will not be hurt!”

Your helmet’s translator does it’s duty, relaying your message in perfect japanese. There is a long delay while everyone stares at you, non-plussed. You’re just about to consider the possibility that the translator is busted when a large middle aged man sticks up his finger. He waits for your acknowledgement before asking, “Hurt us with what, Mercenary-san?”

You look down at yourself.

FUCK! You forgot your weapons back in the pod.

Scurrying back to the drop pod you clamber waist deep into it. After a few minutes of frantic searching you hop back out, bearing:

>Options in next post

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>The Bird Hunter Package: an MPSE 2093 Shotgun and a semi-automatic pistol
>The KaBOOM Package: a H&G OMP, Omniversale Maschinenpistole, and an explosive weapon to be voted on
>The Sniper Package: a Windcutter M73 Sniper Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol
>The Overwatch Package: a Type 82 Rhino Light Machine Gun and a semi-automatic pistol
>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on
>The Rifleman Package: an M24 Assault Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol

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>>The Sniper Package: a Windcutter M73 Sniper Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol

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>>The Sniper Package: a Windcutter M73 Sniper Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol

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>The KaBOOM Package: a H&G OMP, Omniversale Maschinenpistole, and an explosive weapon to be voted on

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>>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on
Gotta stick to the basics.

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>>The Sniper Package: a Windcutter M73 Sniper Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol

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>>The Rifleman Package: an M24 Assault Rifle and a semi-automatic pistol
fuck yea rifleman

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>>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on
I love me a good revolver

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Rolled 19

>>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on
I vote for a monomolecular edge sword.

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guys, we're assaulting a bunch of building and will be in closed interior environments

why the fuck do you want a long gun?

>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on

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revolver and pistol!!!!

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>I vote for a monomolecular edge sword.
I'm going to have to disagree with your choice of melee weapon

tomahawk is best melee, part blade, part axe, part hammer


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monomolecular sword OR a vibro blade

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Rolled 14

We are in the future dude, at least make it sound advanced or something.

Maybe a carbyne alloy tomahawk with kinetic amplifier.

>vibro blade
Oh god yes

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>We are in the future dude, at least make it sound advanced or something.
I leave that to others more creative than me at 4am

>Maybe a carbyne alloy tomahawk with kinetic amplifier.
See? much better

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It seems Like the CQC Package is the winner.

Please vote on the general shape of your weapon:
>Lance or halberd
>Entrenchment tool
>Write in

To everyone who's loadouts were not chosen, do not worry. You are in no way married to these weapons, and may have to use a different package depending on the mission. This is more to determine the MC's main/preferred loadout.

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>The CQC Package: a Model 223 revolver and melee weapon to be voted on

Tomahawk. Throwable, and short. Nice package.

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man, halberd is sexy, but hawk is so useful

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Rolled 19

What is a swordswordsword? Is it like some kind of weird triple bladed weapon?

I vote for monomolecular edge sword or vibroblade

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It's so handy and versatile.

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Guys were in a building, speed and maneuverability is key. Why the fuck would we carry around a heavy ass halberd?

>> No.29655732

It's a future halberd. It's probably made of nanotubes or something.

>> No.29655733


so sleek, sexy and versatile

>> No.29655742

Still too weak

>vibro blade

Get classy: Vibro katana

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What are you saying?

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makes it better, not smaller and easier to use in CQC

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Swordswordsword is just a sword of some sort. Nice and slashy.

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Specifically vibro sword

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Rolled 14

Even if its light, the problem with an halberd is that it requires a lot of room to use properly, which we don't have in a building.

>> No.29655809

It's reliable and light.

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Long combat knife. Plain, simple, effective.

>> No.29655837


It seems like the tomahawk has won by a hair over the swordswordsword.


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Nigga what? I thought you had to go do something?

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He is probably browsing 4chan from his phone on the train, whch sadly cannot be done with Akun.

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and now I must sleep, operate operationally for me fellow anons

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So this is a pussymode Section 8/DUST 514 quest with proper mercenary work?

Count me in.
This blueberry approves.

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Literally meant "run".
You got that right.

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We will be the most operating operator to ever operate during an operation.

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I loved the concept and design of Section 8.

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Concur. Operator Operation Quest is operating.

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I especially liked the lock-on feature (no retarded lying about dual-analog being anywhere near precise enough for an FPS) and the fact that the suit actually felt powerful.
In contrast to DUST, where your suit has less stamina than an unarmored human, despite your disposable body being supposedly vat grown for combat.

Also, drop pods are for pussies.
I actually recently saw some DUST trailers that are far more awesome than the main game. Like a drop pod that has the inhabitants eject a few kilometers above the ground, probably because dropping without a guidance system would be a retarded idea.

I like that we went for CQC. Seems like the best bet in the current situation.
Sniping comes later.

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Yeah, I'm hoping we play smart here and abduct maximum scientists rather than kill everyone.

We want to get promoted, you know?

>> No.29656196

>We want to get promoted, you know?
I really hope a promotion involves experimental loadout.

And I hope that OP intends us to collect cash and use that cash to buy equipment.

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The armour designs in Sec 8 were fantastic, and the stuff that you could get was brilliant inbuilt mortars and everything.
The lightning cut-scene in the first game was pretty cool.

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>abduct maximum scientists

Outer Haven here we come.

So what do you think they make on this rock anyway? I mean Genomics is a pretty broad spiel.

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How do we do that with only a pistol and tomahawk...?

Guys I think we don goofed.

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You clamber back out of your drop pod bearing an absurdly large revolver, the Smith & Weston Model 223 .50 caliber, and a tomahawk. Well not just any tomahawk. This bad boy’s got a tungsten-steel head and “Seismic Amplifier” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean or do. All you know is that when the guys at the armory let you take it out for the night, this little guy completely obliterated your bitch ex’s engine block in one swing.

...Thank fuck you got off world the day after.

Turning around, you’re pleased to see that the crowd of office workers has backed away a meter or two from the now armed mercenary. You repeat the statement you made earlier, this time backed by some lethal implements. The crowd begins to file out of the atrium, some taking pictures and recording video of the crashed drop pod and the (Hopfeully) intimidating merc standing next to it.

As the crowd disperses you see some important looking glass doors across the atrium. You are only a few step towards them when a comm-icon starts blinking in your HUD. The friendly smile of your senior drop officer greets you as you click it open.

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It's Japanese.
Only one thing comes in mind.

No, this more than enough.
Far better than a sniper rifle, at least.

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I wonder what our suit looks like. And what kind of functions it has.

I just hope it doesn't eat our inner organs.

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“Hey there rookie. Nice to see you made it down in one piece.”

“Sir, it was an unexpected landing Sir!”

“Hahahaha,” chuckles the veteran, “No need to be so formal rookie. Just call me Darius.”

“Uh… yes Si- Darius… sir.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Darius reassures you with a grizzled smile. “Now, I’ve commed you for more than sushi and whatever the hell else these Japs eat-” you hear a series of loud cracks over the comm link, followed by three loud blasts. “I ended up dropping right in front of a security patrol. Got my ass pinned down behind the reception desk near the front entrance like my kid’s old bug collection. Lend me a hand?”

The comm link shuts off and you consider your HUD. According to the stolen floorplans and tactical command, Darius is indeed in the main atrium, further back toward the entrance. There are quite a few paths to enter the main atrium from where you are. Do you:

>go up to the second floor and enter the main atrium on the deck overlooking the ground floor
>Bust through the double doors near the entrance connecting the two rooms
>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol
>Follow the blinking mission icon on your map, and leave Darius to sort this out himself

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>Only one thing comes in mind.

Think command will let us keep one?
Or six?

>> No.29656358

>>Bust through the double doors near the entrance connecting the two rooms
we're equipped for brutal close combat and speed

>> No.29656367

>>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol
Definitely flank them.
We've got a pistol and a tomahawk, not a minigun.

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>Bust through the double doors near the entrance connecting the two rooms

>> No.29656373


>go up to the second floor and enter the main atrium on the deck overlooking the ground floor

Best tactical position - we can then attempt to drop one or two of the guards with our Oversized Revolver and then maybe kung-fu drop onto the third guy with our Vibro-Axe.

It will be awesome.

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>>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol

Time to route some bitches! Well snap like five necks before they even notice us.

>> No.29656399

>>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol
CQC loudout means AMBUSH TACTICS!

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>All those murderfuck votes
I really hope that we can get something like pic related later on.
Or the playerbase will kill us.

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>>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol

>> No.29656421

>Go through the important looking doors and double back so that you come out behind the security patrol.

>> No.29656422

if you have more images like that one anon, could you dump them?

I've been looking for some good sci-fi action pics to attach to my combat posts.

>> No.29656430

Time to RAMBO

>> No.29656438

It's not like they have security measures waiting for us behind the important looking doors anon! They're there to be pretty doors.

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I just randomly collected a bunch of stuff.
The collection isn't all that big, but I'll post them during the thread.

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Unrelated but...

>> No.29656488

But " important looking" means story related.
It's time to meet our antagonist. Or at least a mid-boss.

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This quest will likely cause my collection to expand vastly, though. I like to collect appropriate images when I can put them to use.

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Recalling the lessons you picked up during the Synergistic Confrontation Techniques for Enhancing Employee Performance in High Intensity Situations course that all the rookies had to take you decide that the best approach to this situation is a flank and destroy. Eliminate the security patrol while they’re looking the other way. You bolt forward and surge through the doors, barely opening fast enough to avoid clipping you. You sprint down a series of hallways, your HUD map leading you true.

Eventually you arrive in another large reception area behind the main atrium. You scurry forward and take cover behind a large stone pillar. You peek around the pillars and into the atrium. It’s a large open room with white walls and floor, although the clean and futuristic atmosphere is marred by bits of glass from a large hole in the ceiling. Also the scorch marks. The room is a long rectangle, maybe twenty meters wide and about fifty long. There are two lines of blocks of greenery, raised white walls about waist high containing classy gardens with the occasional demi-bonsai growing in the center, placed along the outer sides of the atrium, spaced about five meters apart. At the other end of the atrium is a rather haggard looking reception desk.

The Security Patrol is separated into two groups of three, one group is standing behind a garden block two meters the the right and three meters ahead of the door you’re looking out of. The second group is taking cover behind a block further ahead and to the left, about twenty meters away from the door. The first group is laying down a steady stream of suppressive fire as the second group sneaks forward.

Neither of the two groups has noticed you yet, too focused on shooting up the reception counter.

>What is your plan of action?

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Stealth kill the second group. They are focused on the first.
If we attack the first group, we'll have the attention of the second.
We don't want that.

>> No.29656745

Toss the tomahawk into the first group, remove the suppressing fire.

>> No.29656750

Now, I'm sure most if not all of the people here have read how the combat in DAQ is supposed to work, but just in case, here's a link to a pastebin explaining how it all happens.


>> No.29656760

OP, how solid is our armor? I'm guessing we're not exactly top-of-the-line, since we're supposed to be disposable.

>> No.29656767

Take down the first group to help unpin Darius.
After that we can work with the boss to take the second group from both sides.

>> No.29656794


Stealth kill the suppressive fire team we'll decode our next move depending on how it turns out.

Reading comprehension. The second group is 17 meters in front of the first.

>> No.29656824

I agree with stealth killing the first group.

>> No.29656834

>Reading comprehension. The second group is 17 meters in front of the first.
Then kill whatever is closest.
The general idea stays the same.

>> No.29656854

Contact Darius first, tell him you're going to wait till the group 'sneaking up' gets closer, once in range bust the revolver out and blast people.

That'll distract the group throwing suppression fire. Darius is to start shooting then.

If someone primes a grenade, throw the tomahawk at them.

>> No.29656887

Rolled 5, 2, 10 = 17

Warn Darius of the second group sneaking up, and then use both of the other actions to take out the suppressing fire team

>> No.29656925

Your armor is better than most due to your CQC focus. These Security guards are armed with SMGs and other small caliber rapid fire weapons.

Unless it hits an unprotected joint you should be fine. However, getting hit by bullets will take the wind out of you if its more than one in a few seconds.


We seem to have decided on melee killing the first group (the Model 223 is NOT subtle) then taking cover to progress form there.

This will broken down into

>Alert Darius to our plan
>Run up to the first group
>Tomahawk the center one in the back of the neck
>Tomahawk the rightmost one while he is still turning around
>Eliminate the third guard either by tomahawk or revolver depending on how first two rolls go
>Take cover and assess situation

This will require 5 rolls of 3d10.

>> No.29656940

Warn Darius and then take out the security patrol covering for the other one with suppressing fire.

>> No.29656949


"Stealth" kill the 1st group laying down suppressive fire with our Tomahawk + Revolver in CQC - don't fire the revolver unless we fuck up our melee triplekill.

>> No.29656953


>> No.29656959

Rolled 3, 6, 6 = 15


>> No.29656971

Rolled 10, 1, 9 = 20


Sounds appropriately operator. Rolling a 3d10.

>> No.29656975

Rolled 6, 4, 5 = 15


>> No.29656978


>> No.29656985

>Model 223 is NOT subtle

Then it's fucking useless as a operational melee weapon. Fuck R&D

>> No.29656999

Rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13


>> No.29657002

No it's fantastic, you can blast holes through ANYTHING.

>> No.29657008

>Alert Darius.
Never forget to inform your comrades of your planned actions

>Tomahawk the middle guy and then shoot lefty and axe the right guy what the fuck he is doing..

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Rolled 8, 2, 5 = 15

Time for FUN.

>> No.29657014

Rolled 1, 5, 2 = 8


>> No.29657024


Then can we get a double kill with it?

>> No.29657025

We are expendable for a reason.

>> No.29657037


Five rolls. They are applied as follows:

>Run up to the first group: 15
>Tomahawk the center one in the back of the neck: 20
>Tomahawk the rightmost one while he is still turning around: 15
>Eliminate the third guard either by tomahawk or revolver depending on how first two rolls go: 13
>Take cover and assess situation: 15


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File: 76 KB, 353x337, Why not.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29657070

>tomahawk or revolver depending on how first two rolls go

Won't even need to use the hand cannon. Stealth intact.

>> No.29657081

We gon' do good!

>> No.29657101

20 and 15 out of 30, not 20.

>> No.29657108


What a favorable interpretation of our rolling, haha.

>not complaining, just pleasantly surprised.

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File: 307 KB, 825x825, 1350236679357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, I'm starting to organize my folder until I can reliably find action-related images.

>> No.29657142

Well there's only three left after this, right?

>> No.29657342

Hope Darius is a good shot.

>> No.29657419

You open up a comm-link with Darius and quickly relay what your plan of attack is. There a momentary pause before the vet responds. “Ha! That’s pretty ballsy rookie. Just don’t go getting yourself killed just yet.”

Not exactly reassured by the vet’s words, you take a deep breath, steeling yourself for the assault. You sprint out of cover and towards the first group of guards. The reception area doors slide open with nary a whisper. Your feet pound against the white metal ground, your arms pumping back and forth. The Security team seems too busy firing their OMPs to notice the merc bearing down on them. As you near the guards the sound proofers in your helmet engage and God hits the mute button. The cracks of SMG fire vanish, as does the guard’s roared profanities, leaving them grimacing with comically open mouths.

You swing your tomahawk in short hacking motion, cutting only deep enough into the middle security guard’s neck to sever his spine. Obviously, this is plenty deep. The man begins to collapse, his SMG firing up into the ceiling as dead arms stop resisting its recoil.

The middle guard hasn’t even touched the floor when you bury your tomahawk into the head of the right hand guard. This time there is enough resistance to trigger the tomahawk’s Seismic Amplifier. The burst of kinetic energy detonates the security officer’s head into fragments of bone and sopping red hunks of flesh.

By now the last security guard in the first group has noticed that something has gone very wrong. He is part way through turning around when your tomahawk smashes into his sternum.

The Seismic Amplifier triggers again.

The guard coughs up blood before he drops to the ground.

You take cover behind the garden block.

>Quickly! Do you:
>Push the element of surprise and attempt to attack the second security team?
>Take a moment to comm with Darius and work out a new plan of action?

>> No.29657436

If you guys want, I can explain HOW all of this was decided. I'm sure some of you are wondering why everything worked out so well.

>> No.29657456

Rolled 2, 4, 8 = 14

>>Take a moment to comm with Darius and work out a new plan of action?

>> No.29657458

Haha, oh wow. That was perfect.

By all means, please do.

>> No.29657473

>Take a moment to comm with Darius and work out a new plan of action?
Let's get a veterans take on things, da? Time for learning.

That'd be nice, you can do it now or wait until the after thread meta time for answering other questions.

>> No.29657474

>Push the element of surprise

>> No.29657483

>>Push the element of surprise and attempt to attack the second security team?

I would like to know more.

>> No.29657491

>Push the element of surprise and attempt to attack the second security team?

Break their cover.

>> No.29657496

>Take a moment to comm with Darius and work out a new plan of action?

No need to rush, it's 2v3and we have better guys and equipment.

>> No.29657500


Turn around and lay down a few shots with our bigass revolver - maybe we can catch another guy in the crossfire. Relay to Darius that Group 1 is dead.

>> No.29657501

Ask Darius what equipment he's got and take cover.

>> No.29657502

>Push the element of surprise and attempt to attack the second security team?

I think it's worth it. Make sure to tell Darius that we're going after the second group.

Don't just charge them, use cover as we approach, if we don't see a good opportunity to get close enough to use the Tomahawk shoot them with our revolver or toss the Tomahawk right in their stupid face. Don't give them a chance to realize and respond to their suppressing fire suddenly disappearing. We have some momentum, make use of it.

I wouldn't mind in the least. Please, do go on.

>> No.29657546

It would be lovely to hear all the nice little nitty gritty details from you!

>> No.29657548

>Take out the second security team
Be sure to inform Darius. If we get spotted, he might be able to take a few potshots while the security team is distracted- if he has prior warning.

>> No.29657561


>Push the element of surprise and attempt to attack the second security team?

There's a 17 meter distance between us and them, you better mean attack as in "fill with bullets from cover".

>> No.29657594 [DELETED] 

I hope so. Especially since the third group in cover behind the garden block is gonna pay attention to us the moment we spring from cover.

>> No.29657615

Alright. So basically there were 5 DC checks. I'll break them down and explain the reasoning for each one.

>Run up to the first group
Rolled:15 DC:7

Not a hard DC, but most movement checks are very easy. The only challenge was not letting them know that you were coming, but the suppressive fire helped with that a lot.

>Tomahawk the center one in the back of the neck
Rolled: 20 DC: 10
A very easy melee check. You had the drop on the guard and he has very little armor outside of a FUTURE cuirass sort of thing.

>Tomahawk the rightmost one while he is still turning around
Rolled: 15 DC:15
A simple pass. Slightly harder since you just axed this guy's buddy in the neck.

>Eliminate the third guard either by tomahawk or revolver depending on how first two rolls go
Rolled: 13+5 DC:17 for tomahawk, 12 for revolver

This is the interesting part, and perhaps the key mechanic to this quest. The action chain. You see, when you tomahawked the first guard you initiated an action chain. An action chain is a series of actions done in very close proximity to each other. Every time you pass a DC check in an action chain, the amount you beat the DC divided by half is added to a failed check later in the action chain. So while you rolled a 13 here, there was a +5 bonus due to the 20 earlier.

>Take cover and assess situation
Rolled: 15 DC: 5

Simple cover check. Very easily passed.

>> No.29657623

Well, we have a tomahawk that can crack an engine block apart, so we should just toss it through their cover.

>> No.29657640

What if they toss it back?

>> No.29657669

How modded are we? Can they even throw it?

>> No.29657689

How can a single sentence be more saccharine than than Potemayo.
I imagine everyone is thinking of a bayonet charge.

>> No.29657695

How does the second group not notice the absence of the suppressing fire that was covering them from getting attacked by Darius?

>> No.29657697

They'll probably be too concerned with the fact that they're being riddled with bullets.

>> No.29657722

>run several meters into enemies with a melee weapon when we can shoot them from behind with a great vantage point


>> No.29657731

To be fair it's been all of 3 seconds since the last one stopped firing. But I expect they're already noticing.

>> No.29657742


Agreed. We just made a shitload of noise, and Team 2 has their backs to us. We should use our gun and try to drop a couple of them right now.

>> No.29657744

How modded you are will be determined later. Right now I'm assuming some mods for the purposes of this tutorial.

Also a clarification since we seem to be at a tie, or close enough to one anyway.

Pushing the element of surprise require immediate action, so you cannot coordinate with Darius. It is a high risk high reward option

Comming with Darius is lower risk but also eliminates the possibility of an immediate solo victory.

Choices you make in combat will reflect on the MC's personality. Aggressive choices, aggressive character, etc.

>> No.29657747

Then running into them from this distance would be pretty risky, yeah?

>> No.29657754

Speed is key! GO! GO!

>> No.29657756

Let's do it.

>> No.29657763

Let's surprise them with gunfire from behind (while in cover). That's always a great surprise.

>> No.29657778


Voting to hang back in coordinate.

Remember, guys - we're highly trained operatives. We don't do high risk unless it's absolutely necessary.

Charging a second team of guards who are 17 meters away with our melee weapon is legitimately stupid

>> No.29657784

>Push the element of surprise. High risk = High reward. We can really impress Darius if we pull this off

>> No.29657787


>> No.29657788

Surprise them with gunfire from behind cover. Darius provides crossfire.

>> No.29657808

>Take a moment to comm with Darius and work out a new plan of action?

Talk to Darius, work out a plan to catch the sneaky group in a crossfire.

Also, can we pick up the SMGs that the enemies were using? They might be more effective for this than the tomahawk or revolver.

>> No.29657810

I agree.

>> No.29657819


Lot of votes and discussion here. I'm going to say that we take some potshots from cover. It will be broken up into the following action chain

>Shoot da gunnnnn
>Shoot da gunnnnn
>Shoot da gunnnnn
>Get back behind cover.
>Comm Darius

This requires four (4) rolls.

>> No.29657823

Going with surprise gunfire. More aggressive than calling Capt. every two seconds. Less stupid than Berzerker charging.

>> No.29657834

We don't have to charge them per say just shoot them before they have time to react

>> No.29657841

I choose the option were we can fire with our big fucking gun while behind cover.

>> No.29657848

Rolled 14, 3, 19, 10 = 46


>> No.29657851

Rolled 2, 2, 2 = 6

lets do that.

>> No.29657859

Rolled 5, 6, 5 = 16


>> No.29657860

Rolled 1, 9, 10, 2 = 22


Rolling for potshots with a 4d10.

>> No.29657864

Rolled 8, 8, 7, 9 = 32


>> No.29657871

Rolled 20, 8, 9, 3 = 40


>> No.29657873

Rolled 3, 1, 2 = 6


>> No.29657880

Rolled 3, 8, 2 = 13


>> No.29657883
File: 29 KB, 490x368, 1383845871492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 7, 1, 10, 3 = 21

Bang bang fuck you bang

>> No.29657896

Gyah, I mean 4 rolls of a 3d10!

My bad there, should have been clearer. I'll just drop the lowest rolls from the 4d10s to make it up to ya'll

>> No.29657900

its just 3d10 not 4d10

>> No.29657907

Rolled 10, 6, 5 = 21


>> No.29657923


No problem, brah. First time QM, we get it. Good quest so far, btw. I like the combat mechanics.

>> No.29657924

Rolled 8, 8, 8 = 24


>> No.29657940


Which gives us:

>Shoot da gunnnnn: 6
>Shoot da gunnnnn: 16
>Shoot da gunnnnn: 21
>Back into cover: 25

>> No.29657969

Our best skill would have to be hiding.

>> No.29657982
File: 368 KB, 1920x1088, 1378938213288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit the first one is terrible. We must not be used to a hand-cannon.

>> No.29657984
File: 261 KB, 1600x1200, Starcraft-Game-Wallpapers-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So we alert the fucks, then headshot two and comm our contact man to tell him that he should kill the last guy because we made a distracted.

>> No.29658012

Looks like we have a corrective aiming upgrade with that curve.

>> No.29658014
File: 178 KB, 800x1020, 184_max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But we do learn quickly, according to that.

>> No.29658206

Immediately upon falling behind cover several thoughts flit through your mind. The biggest one being that the rookie with the most impressive performance report will be starting off a pay rank higher than his or her compatriots. You attempt to spit on the ground as you rise up from behind cover, to seal your resolution. In all of your excitement you forget that your helmet comes with a face mask. Distracted by the slimey droll now dripping down your chin your first shot with the Model 223 goes wild, shattering a glass panel on the second floor observation deck above you.

The group of security officers turn towards the source of the gunshot. “Idiots don’t know jack shit about cover,” you mumble to yourself as you depress the trigger once more.

And apparently you know just as much about firing a gun, as your second shot goes wide, although not as badly as the first one.

You clench your jaw furiously and bring your other hand up, switching to a more supported grip. “Why the fuck didn’t I do this in the first place?” you wonder as you pull the trigger a final time. You don’t have time to see the results of your final shot, as you immediately drop back behind cover upon firing the last round.

A hail of bullets passes through the air you occupied moments previously. As you roll onto your back you open up the comm channel to Darius.

“Nice headshot you crazy motherfucker! Got their asses nice and distracted for me.”

>Plan the final attack with Darius

>> No.29658240


Rookie of the year, All years.

>> No.29658261

Darius just said the plan. We've distracted them so he should be on the attack, once they try going behind cover from Darius' attack we'll attack them with our super revolver by blowing holes through the cover.

>> No.29658262

He lays down suppressing fire on the enemies, killing them if they pop their heads out or anything like that.

We approach the enemy, taking cover as we go, and look for a good opportunity to either pop out and charge the rest of the distance and chop them into bits with our tomahawk, or we just shoot them with the revolver.

>> No.29658264

That 21 was me! (Am i important now?)

Apparently the boosts for failed rolls work inversely the more we fail our shots.

Plan: Wait until they turn to fight Darius, then blast away. Be wary for reinforcements.

>> No.29658275


Reload our revolver.

"How to do you want to play this, Darius? You want be the hammer and I'll be the anvil?"

>> No.29658286

>You want be the hammer and I'll be the anvil?
Worlds best pickup line.

>> No.29658303


Yes. For the love of reload!

>> No.29658315

Rolled 6, 4, 5 = 15

Open fire on them and I will assist you.

>> No.29658320

Throw the Tomahawk to distract them.
Then shoot a split second later.

>> No.29658321

second reloading

>> No.29658331

If we say this I swear to God I am voting chick

>> No.29658344


>> No.29658363

Hahaha, this. And we're a chick now. It's decided.

>> No.29658370


We're already a man, dude.

>> No.29658371

how many shots do we have?

>> No.29658374


>> No.29658388

Actually taking an axe to our ex's engine sounds like a chick thing.

>> No.29658395



It's a revolver, six.

>> No.29658397


No, we're a guy.

>> No.29658399

We have not made this decision and it was never specified

>> No.29658420


Whatever, we'll hold a vote then, even though we should be male.

>> No.29658421

Our gender has remained ambiguous up to this point.

We could just as easily be an axe-crazy chick or dude.

>> No.29658429

Rolled 3, 4, 10 = 17


Seems like anons want to reload, drop a one liner, and then flank the enemy while Darius opens fire. Action sequence will be broken up like so:

>Comm with Darius
>begin to flank
>Fire revolver
>Close with tomahawk

This will require three 3d10 rolls. I'm going to roll for Darius' action as well

>> No.29658444

"Fall guy."

>> No.29658450

>Our bitch ex.

You generally don't call a man a "bitch" and, for fuck sake, no more Lesbian Quest

Kind of ruins the whole point of playing a chick if you're just playing a dude with tits.

>> No.29658451

Rolled 10, 2, 3 = 15


>> No.29658453

Rolled 9, 8, 9 = 26


>> No.29658456

Rolled 10, 2, 7 = 19


>> No.29658460

Rolled 7, 4, 5 = 16


>> No.29658462

Rolled 2, 6, 1 = 9


>> No.29658467

Rolled 9, 9, 8 = 26


>> No.29658471

Rolled 3, 3, 6 = 12


Rolling for us.

>> No.29658473

not bad, nothing under half.

>> No.29658478

I call men bitches all of the time. And if we're chopping their engine block open we probably didn't think highly of them, and might very well consider them a bitch regardless of gender.

And I would rather we be straight, no matter what gender we are.

>> No.29658489


Couldn't agree more. Also I feel like every Quest has a female MC nowadays, a male MC would be a nice change of pace.

>> No.29658509

>You generally don't call a man a "bitch"

Why not? I do it all the time? Actually I don't think I've ever called a girl a bitch.

>> No.29658519

And we just pretty much decided to flirt with this guy and you worried about lesbian quest?

>> No.29658527

I vote eunuch.

>> No.29658533

I wholeheartedly support eunuch.

>> No.29658534

>Male MC
>Change of pace

Pfft~, what? Not supporting the Girl MC thing but that;s just stupid.

>> No.29658536


It was not a pick-up line.


>> No.29658544

There are a lot of male mc's I think it would be refreshing to play a straight chick for once

>> No.29658555

I vote shapeshifter

>> No.29658562

OK this would be badass

>> No.29658567

Eunuch is only choice

>> No.29658575


>> No.29658577

And kinda OP

>> No.29658596

> you don't call man "bitch"
Let' be straight but very butch. Just the girl for the job.

>> No.29658604

We could make it a minor thing

>> No.29658618

shapeshifter planeshifting magitech warwizard techpriest echelonangel shagohad gear seven longshot tankmucas gets my vote

>> No.29658634

Why lesbian?
The one-liner is flirting with a dude.
And I'm just as sick of lesbians.

>> No.29658636

Why does this shit always happen? Can't people just focus on the quest?

>but we're having fun!

fuck off

>> No.29658637


>write speech dialog referencing famous military tactic
>/tg/ sees this as a crude pickup line and demands for MC to be female


>> No.29658643

It's Shagohod

>> No.29658664

/tg/'s gonna /tg/ no matter what happens.

>> No.29658667

It's what happens when we get bored. It can't be helped.

>> No.29658678

I support being a lesbian just to fuck with the straightfag who brought it up in the first place.

>> No.29658695

I severely regret making the joke.

>> No.29658705


>> No.29658707

Alright, back on topic. Think QM will let us loot the bodies for security key-cards and shit?

>> No.29658718

I support being a girl, but the lesbianism is obnoxious.
Straight female MC would be a change of pace.

>> No.29658735


I really regret referencing one of the greatest military tactics of all time.

>> No.29658739

We should be paid enough by our employers that we don't need to loot bodies.
Keycards are a good point, though... As long as we can spoof PIN and biometric identification.
High security systems will need more than a keycard.

>> No.29658754

I don't care either way, but the anti-yuri brigade has been downright obnoxious lately. Every quest I've seen that has even a hint of female character interaction brings them out braying like donkeys.

>> No.29658756

Rolled 10, 3, 8, 8 = 29

>old veteran black guy
> new young hotshot

Guys we could turn this into Lethal Weapn

>> No.29658757

So key-cards and eyeballs, got it!

>> No.29658764

It would be a good idea to check the security guards clearance levels as well and unlock all the doors we need, we'll up our rookie ranking like no other with foresight like that.

>> No.29658777

Because we've been on /tg/ for more than five minutes. Every quest ends up with a female PC, who they play as a dude with tits. It's boring.

>> No.29658781


We are so going to get a pay raise.

>> No.29658796
File: 260 KB, 900x1375, SecCom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lying on your back, you slide three rounds into the Model 223’s chambers before clicking the cylinder back into place with a jerk of your wrist. That felt nicely badass. You consider Darius’ comm icon before speaking.

“Hey, Darius. You’ve got something that can lay down a bit more firepower than me, right? How about you suppress them for a change and I’ll flank and destroy.”

There is a pause before Darius responds “Sounds good rookie, nice initiative.”

Darius’ comm icon closes, but not before you hear him mutter “Goddamned thing, how do you modu-”

You wait for a moment before poking your head above cover, waiting for Darius to start suppressing these assholes. You see both of the security guards huddled behind a garden block completely exposed to you. One of them taps his buddy on the shoulder pointing towards you.


>> No.29658804

>dude with tits
I think you haven't been around many women who work in physical fields.

>> No.29658812

Let's go full eunuch, then.

>> No.29658822

Do we get a snazzy theme?

>> No.29658834
File: 37 KB, 900x425, RailgunTier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The two of them are about to bring their arms to bear when there is a series of “thooping” noises spaced so closely together that they sound like one continuous hum. The two guards, the cover they’re hiding behind, three or four garden blocks behind them, and the wall at the opposite end of the atrium all vanish in a haze of dust. It quickly clears, revealing a scene of absolute devastation.

You stand fully upright, your mouth agape, your revolver and tomahawk hanging limply by your side. You can only gawk at him as a heavily armored man jogs up to you, carrying a strange gun.

“Hey, sorry about that rookie. I’ve got a real hard time modulating the power output on these new fangled railguns. Didn’t mean to blow all of them to shit like that.”

“Wha- wha- what the…?”

“Didn’t mean to KS like that,” continues the man, rubbing the back of his helmet guiltily. “Bet you were going for the bonus too.”


“So, come on, let’s get moving. The other two actually landed in the right building. I won’t have Take Out getting all uppity just cause they landed in the right place and his rookie got the better review.”

Darius trots ahead of you, and you fall in behind him, still somewhat numb.

>What do you do?
>Talk to Darius
>Open up a comm-link to:
>>>”Take Out”- Choi Lei
>>>Fellow Rookie- Elda Acerbi
>Just shut up and run

Sorry guys, I forgot to include the "hammer and anvil" line.

>> No.29658861

Manowar - Expendable
It fits us SO MUCH.

>> No.29658867

>Just shut up and run
Gotta get that performance review.

>> No.29658877

Just shut up and run.

I want that bonus.

>> No.29658879

>Open up a comm-link to:
>>>”Take Out”- Choi Lei
>>>>Fellow Rookie- Elda Acerbi
Check up on our other squad members

>> No.29658882


Don't worry about it, I didn't mean to unleash a minor shitstorm

Open comms to Take-Out - see how our boys are doing and coordinate.

>> No.29658883

>Just shut up and run
Play the objective!

>> No.29658886

>Talk to Darius
please tell me there is a handgun version of this

>> No.29658890

>Just shut up and run
Want that performance review

>> No.29658895

>Just shut up and run

>> No.29658898

OP?! Pretty please?

>> No.29658899

Talk to Darius whilst running.

>> No.29658906

A railgun that is pistol sized? Man, the miniaturization tech for that would be pricy. And worth it.

>> No.29658909

>Sorry guys, I forgot to include the "hammer and anvil" line.

Don't worry, you did good.

>Open up a comm-link to:
>>>”Take Out”- Choi Lei
>>>Fellow Rookie- Elda Acerbi

You get pay-raises by thinking ahead not ramming into shit.

>> No.29658912

>Just shut up and run

Bonus here I come!

>> No.29658929


shut up and run!

>> No.29658934

You must be very isolated if you haven't realized /u/'s antics.

>> No.29658969

At least they don't gum up the thread.

>> No.29658976


Why can our badass Spec-ops rookie not run and talk at the same time?

>> No.29659005

How about pretty much a sawed off shotgun, but with a railgun.

Packs a punch, maybe it can choose between flechette and slug.

>> No.29659012


It seems like we're just gonna sprint behind Darius to the next objective. Writing.

Also, since there's been a lot of speculation in this thread about the MC's gender, the MC is currently a male.

This is for a few reasons, in order of importance:
1) I'm not sure how well I could write a female MC biggest reason by far to be honest
2) A lot of quests with female MCs seem to get defined to a certain extent by her orientation. I'd just like to avoid that problem entirely Not nearly as much of a consideration as the first one

>> No.29659033

Best quest on /tg/ right now.

>> No.29659051


You are now my favorite QM.

I'm serious. Rock on, FG. You have earned a dedicated player.

>> No.29659063

>admits doesn't know how to write girls so doesn't

You a good one Charlie Brown.

>> No.29659071

Best possible reason to make that choice. Good on you QM

>> No.29659073
File: 19 KB, 355x328, 1388253879375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have now become automatically bro-tier Fall Guy.

>> No.29659087

A round of applaus e for OP's epicness .

>> No.29659092

I have no objections to male, and I completely understand your reasons not to do it.

Time for epic mercenary bromances. And if we waifu a girl just make sure she's useful in a fight.

>> No.29659099

I like this. Thank you Fall Guy.

>> No.29659111

I still vote eunuch - he cut his own genitalia off to not be seduced or distracted on missions.
Also, OP, we can haz theme song?

>> No.29659124

Eunuch seems a bit extreme.

>> No.29659130

>I still vote eunuch - he cut his own genitalia off to not be seduced or distracted on missions.

Or cut it off to replace it with a minigun.

>> No.29659142

Yeah, let's not.

>> No.29659164

Weaponized Cyborg Genitalia. Hmm, I've heard of this before...

>> No.29659199

Nice quest OP, lurkan for now.

>> No.29659204

Id really rather not

Captcha: cause nescon

>> No.29659250

Rolled 6, 3, 3 = 12

Briefly considering the comm icons to Elda and Lei, you decide not to open the channels. You don’t really know Lei that well, although the one time he guest lectured about explosives he seemed like a pretty nice guy; and Elda… well Elda is Elda and you’ll just leave it at that. Besides, there seems to be a bit of a competition between Lei and Darius. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

You fall in behind Darius, at a steady trot as the two of you make your way to the Kagokushi genomics building, where Dr. Tachibana is supposed to have a corner office. “Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize,” you mutter to yourself. If you managed to nab Dr. Tachibana without the assistance of Elda and Lei that’ll probably look real good on your performance review. However, your eyes keep on wandering over to Darius’ railgun.

“Wonder if that comes in pistol form…”

After a few minutes of movement Darius stops, holding his hand up to order a halt. You are both standing outside of a tram station, doubtlessly leading the Genomics Building. Your suspicions are confirmed by the presence of another squad of security guards.

The Tram station is a wide and open area, with limited cover in the form of benches and a few ticket booths and security checkpoints. It seems to be an open air structure, with a canopy hanging above the station. Your map indicates that there is another entrance to the Tram Station about forty meters ahead.

Options ahead

>> No.29659262

Deniable Assets Quest: The denied assets were Tits and Ass.
Couldn't resist.

>> No.29659379

As you look around the hallway leading up to the tram station you can’t help but notice an unmarked metal door standing a few meters back. You walk over to it and try the handle. Locked. Then Darius walks up next you and waves a bloodsoaked security badge in front of a nub on the door. A light on the handle turns green and the lock opens with a tiny click.

You look back at the large mercenary, who opens up a comm link with you.

“Gotta remember to loot rookie. Best way a merc can pad his pockets.”

>What is your plan of attack?
>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes
>Try a flanking maneuver with Darius through the two doors
>Bust through the first door and bum rush the guards

If the latter two options are chosen, please describe actions taken for the attack.

>> No.29659393

>>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes

>> No.29659406

>>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes

Don't we already have a floor plan for this place?

>> No.29659422

>>>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes
Is this not on the floor plan we have?

>> No.29659432

>“Gotta remember to loot rookie. Best way a merc can pad his pockets.”
Called it hard.

>Try a flanking maneuver with Darius through the two doors
Be a team player.

>> No.29659443


Ah right, I completely forgot to mention that the door did not appear on the floor plan.

In the future, feel free to ask me for more info when I gave you the "Tactical Assessment". It's the basis for the plan of attack and I don't want you guys flying blind.

>> No.29659447
File: 1.32 MB, 1920x1080, AM_ScramblerPistol_Blog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Follow unmarked door.

Also, I'll be very eager to see the equipment that we can choose later on.

>> No.29659450

>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes
Mysteriousity ftw.

>> No.29659468

>>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes

>> No.29659469

>door not on the floor plan

Science labs here we come.

>> No.29659473


We have the element of surprise on the security guards and we should eliminate possible resistance - the more hostiles we kill now, the fewer hostiles that can rescue scientists and fuck up kidnapping later.

>flanking maneuver with Darius through the two doors

Darius has better hardware - he should attempt to use his assault rifle and lay down suppressing fire - as he does so, we can sprint out into the yard and dive behind some ticket booths.

If we're lucky, we can creep up on the guards while they're returning fire and add some kills to our Axe Murder count.

>> No.29659503

This, on second thought. THEN see where this goes.

>> No.29659525


Close, but it seems like MYSTERY DOOR has it. Writing.

>> No.29659527

>Follow the unmarked door to see where it goes

>> No.29659529

This >>29659473

Get our murder on before we start exploring.

>> No.29659533

..Well that does sound logical. Seconded.

>> No.29659552

Nah. Our rump is nice and shapely. Nobody can take that away from me.
Even supposedly straight/gay colleagues like touching it.

>> No.29659686

Maybe we should comment to Darius about how the door isn't on the floor plan? So we're not just walking off without saying anything and get bonus Rookies Poitns.

>> No.29659713

I certainly hope we do, we aren't that stupid, right?

>> No.29659715

This so very much. I must have left my common sense at school for not realizing this earlier.

>> No.29659743

I'm with it. Maye he has some ancient veteran wisdom pertaining to random unmarked doors to nowhere.

>> No.29659745

Yes this. I figured we'd say something about this

>> No.29659800

On an unrelated note. Does anyone know is you can fix the thread refresh timer so that the countdown doesn't keep increasing indefinitely?

>> No.29659826

Maybe something under Monitoring in the Settings window changes that.

>> No.29659843

If the latter two options are chosen, please describe actions taken for the attack.

“Wait up si- Darius. I’m gonna check this out. This isn't on the floorplan.”

Darius inclines his head slightly in acknowledgement. “Alright rookie. I'm gonna guess this is a maintenance passage, shit isn't usually on the floorplans that Intel is able to snag for us. I’ll just be waiting by the door in case you need me to put the fear of God into their hearts.”

You don’t reply as you walk into the unmarked tunnel. The floor is concrete instead of the imitation bamboo of the hallways outside. Wires and cables line the walls in bundles while fluorescent lights hum dimly overhead. You hurry down some stairs and continue down the hallway. It takes a few minutes of walking until you come across a ladder. Deciding why the hell not, you climb up the ladder and unlock the trap door over head. The door slides silently back as you poke your head into the open air.

You are standing in the trench that the trams run in. The security team is standing a few meters away from the trench that your head has popped up in. They are facing towards the two doors on the opposite side of the Tram Station, talking amongst themselves nervously in Japanese.

>Plan of Attack

>> No.29659900

How many of them are there?

>> No.29659902

Sneak up on them, and take them the fuck out.

>> No.29659909

Consult the floor plans to see where those doors lead.

>> No.29659933

Alert Darius.

Prepare a pincer attack.

>> No.29659939

If we know Japanese listen to what they're saying.

How many are there? What are they armed with? Are they all facing about the same direction? Consult the floorplan, where are they facing?

We'll want to sneak up on them and get our murder on. Axe and pistol the goons from behind.

>> No.29659941

>Silently close hatch, quietly comm up Darius, plan double attack - he loud we full Assassin.

>> No.29659958

>How many of them are there? Com Darius about what we are seeing and our position. Have him start firing at them, then run up and melee while they are distracted.

Also is a ground pound with the tomahawk possible?

>> No.29659972

Have Darius come in guns blazing, use that moment to rush in and cut them down in the confusion.

>> No.29659978

by ground pound I mean smash the ground and knock them over/destabilize them

>> No.29659979

>Also is a ground pound with the tomahawk possible?

It blew a man's skull apart, I don't think it causes earthquakes.

>> No.29659990

Okay, we'll definitely want support for this.

Close the hatch, coordinate with Darius. We want him to get their attention, maybe shoot through the door and fuck them up, and then once they're distracted by that we can sneak up behind the group and axe them a few questions.

>> No.29660009

Call up Darius and have him start firing while we fill them full of holes.

Just why do you all think we can melee SIX people without getting ganked?


>> No.29660018


There are six men in a Kagokushi Company security team/squad

The Tomahawk lacks the ability to execute a ground pound attack in any meaningful way. It'll make the floor rumble, maybe crack concrete, but that's about it.

Melee weapons later though... well you saw what Darius's railgun could do

>> No.29660029

>Just why do you all think we can melee SIX people without getting ganked?

Because there's precedent.

>> No.29660034

Plot armour, MC Power and The Dice Gods Favour The Badass.

>> No.29660043

Yeah, don't be in the direct area when Darius is shooting.

We have a big ass pistol and the trench is a good place to to fill them with holes from.

Just make sure we don't get hit by a tram.

>> No.29660052

Challenge the Nips to HONORABRU SINGRE COMBAT!

>> No.29660055

Good call. Let's do that as well.

Pincer attack with Darius then. We'll fire from the cover of the tram trench with the revolver.

>> No.29660057

Okay I figured as much.
And watch out for the TRAM!
Because they are freaked out someone is shooting at them from the front and we are about to assrape them.

also >>29660034

>> No.29660063


Have Darius open fire on the six guys and draw their attention.

As they scramble into position, CAREFULLY aim and drop a few more with our revolver and then drop back down in the trap door and reload.

DON'T attempt to melee six guys in succession, that's stupid when they all have assault rifles.

>> No.29660080

Seconding this hard.

>> No.29660082

Rolled 5, 5, 8 = 18

And everyone else, too many to link I love having this problem

It seems like we will adopt the following plan of attack:

Comm Darius, wait for him to fuck some bitches up, ambush survivors

Rolling to see how well Darius shoots

>> No.29660120

Rolled 5, 8, 5 = 18

Do we roll for us now?

>> No.29660151
File: 41 KB, 326x387, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 2, 7, 8, 3 = 20

Please have the MC look like this, please

>> No.29660164

Rolled 1, 3, 1 = 5


>> No.29660175

Rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12


>> No.29660177

Rolled 5, 8, 8 = 21



>> No.29660194

Rolled 9, 6, 3 = 18

rolling anyway

>> No.29660212

Darius shoots averagely for him. Which mean extremely well by any other metric.

The bullets will kill three security guards in the middle outright and scatter the rest.

I assume you guys will want to resolve via revolve so the action sequence will be as follows.

>Get into cover in trench
>Shoot gun at guards
>Repeat this tactic until ammo is expended or all guards are dead.
>Maybe melee the guard on the left, who is alone and closer to you.

Will need one more roll of 3d10

>> No.29660228

Rolled 2, 3, 3 = 8


>> No.29660233

Rolled 7, 3, 6 = 16


>> No.29660235

Rolled 3, 9, 9 = 21


>> No.29660253

Rolled 1, 9, 2 = 12

Watch out for the tram.

>> No.29660582

So after we clean this up can we all agree that looting the non-disintegrated bodies is in order?

>> No.29660594

The game is called Vanquish. Play it if you want to be a powersliding badass.


>I rebuilt everything, every organ
>I've made a low-amp electrical wire pulse designed to drive women crazy with pleasure

>> No.29660621

You clamber up into the trench without alerting the security team. Pressing yourself against the concrete wall, you comm Darius. “Hey Darius? Door lead to a maintenance tunnel, just like you thought. I’m in a Tram trench about four meters east of the security team.”

“Good shit,” replies Darius over the comm-link, “You want to pull a pincer attack?”

“You scatter them, I wipe up the survivors.”

“Good call rookie.”

The link goes dead. After a few seconds pause you hear the distinct thooping hum that indicates Darius is putting the pain down. Before he even stops firing Darius opens up a comm-link with you. “I managed to gib the three in the middle, you’ve got one closer to you and two further ahead!”

You pop up from behind the cover, looking towards the two hostile dots that Darius has marked on your HUD map. Determined not to make the same mistake as last time you grip the Model 223 with both hands and fire. The first shot contacts with the security guard’s torso armor, shattering the ballistic ceramic into a thousand glittering pieces. Shit’s rated for semi-automatic caliber’s at fifty meters, not a goddamn .50 RR from seven. Drops of red joins shards of ceramic in the air.

Your next two shots at the other security guard go wild as the man stumbles away from his comrade. However, your third strikes home, tearing holes in both of his unarmored legs.

You duck back into the trench just in time to avoid a burst of fire from the final security guard. You wait for a few seconds as the man empties his clip into the concrete of the Tram Station floor.

The clunk of a magazine falling to the ground.

You take your chance and leap into action, vaulting over the trench. You sprint towards the final security guard, struggling to insert a new magazine into his OMP. Just before you reach him the man drops his gun and magazine, putting both hands into the air.

>> No.29660646
File: 268 KB, 2336x2152, Scott_Revolver_Concepts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are a few seconds of silence as you consider each other. Then Darius walks out onto the platform. “Hey rookie, I don’t give two shits what you do with this guy, just make up your mind. We got places to be.”

>What do you do?
>Finish him
>Leave him be
>No matter which option you choose, better remember to loot!

>> No.29660662

Finish him

>> No.29660664

>The game is called Vanquish. Play it if you want to be a powersliding badass.
Guess why I posted those images in that context.

>> No.29660666

Drag him with us. Interrogate/human shield.

>> No.29660704

Rolled 8, 5, 10 = 23

>>make him run

>>No matter which option you choose, better remember to loot!

>> No.29660713

He isn't a scientist, is he?

Anyway, leave him be. We are a deniable asset - Our affiliations won't be damaged by this.

>> No.29660724

>Interrogate then Knock him out.

Killing surrendered combatants doesn't look good on any review.

>> No.29660725


He's just a guard. Doesn't have any value, but we don't have to be a dick.

Knock him out, leave him be.

And then loot.

>> No.29660727

Point the gun at his groin and motion him to give all he has. Then whack him in the head.

>> No.29660730

Take his communicator.

>> No.29660731

>Finish him

I really don't want to drag him around, it seems like he'd be inconvenient pretty quickly and slow us down.

Chop his head off with our axe.

>> No.29660744

>Take him with us. We will interrogate about amount of forces as we continue on. Then kill. Make sure to take any sort of communication device.

>> No.29660758


>>Leave him be
Knock him out.

>> No.29660765

Why the fuck would you take him with us?

Also, I don't want this to turn into Syndicate Quest.

>> No.29660766


Seconding this
But also loot

>> No.29660779

>Interrogate him
"Where's Doctor "Name", how many other security teams are around the area? What defenses does the the doctor currently have"

>> No.29660788

You guys do realize that a blow strong enough to knock you out for any appreciable length of time can easily kill you?

>> No.29660809

In real life, sure. But this is Sci-fi.

>> No.29660810


>> No.29660812

OP, do we run on movie physics?

If yes, is it 90s movie physics? Gotta love randomly exploding cars.

>> No.29660819

Considering the alternatives are to let him rat us out or kill him? I'll take the chance.

>> No.29660825

We might, but the MC probably doesn't, and once we leave the area will we ever know if he ever dies? Probably not, so what's the problem?

>> No.29660844


Take his communicator, gun and security badge. Tell him to stay put or he'll be killed (yes, he's Japanese, but say it anyways)

>> No.29660852

Finish him

>> No.29660869

He's Japanese, we'll punch him in the stomach and hell wake up in a few hours. It's like a special skill they have.

>> No.29660874

Eh, just finish him off.

>> No.29660876

So the options are to either kill him or give him a chance to survive a knockout hit to the head. I choose to see how resilient he is. Maybe have an ending credit roll on his fight against brain damage.

>> No.29660895

>Leave him be
>loot him

>> No.29660944

Alright, I'm feeling that the largest minority of you guys want to knock this guy on the head with your revolver and get going.

>> No.29660957

Remember to interrogate and loot him.

>> No.29660964

Don't forget to loot the bodies and steal a com

>> No.29660972


This please>>29660957

>> No.29660985


Well, he probably doesn't speak English, so let's just take his commlink, gun and security badge.

>> No.29660990

This too

>> No.29660995


>> No.29661002


Oh, good point. Ignore my post, everyone.

>> No.29661283

You look at the security officer, he looks at you, eyes pleading.

You consider him for a moment, then speak. “Where is Dr. Tachibana?”

The guard squints at you. “Who?”

“Dr. Tachibana, you know, like head of the Genomic Division?”

The guard merely shrugs and replies, “I am not sure, [ANTIQUATED TERM, BEST TRANSLATION: MY LORD]. I am merely a humble security officer.”

“Figures,” you mutter to yourself. You look guiltily at the security guard once more. “Sorry about this.”

You flip your revolver in your hand so you are holding it by the barrel. You bring the butt of the gun to bear on the security guard’s head, careful to modulate your strength as to avoid killing him. The weapon strikes with a hollow thud. The guard blinks at you for a few seconds before hunching of in pain, gripping his head.


“Aw damn, that was supposed to knock him out.”

You notice that Darius is standing next to you. The vet looks up into the sky before shaking his head. “Jesus rookie, knocking people on the head… if they’re out longer than a few seconds you’ve probably made them retarded. Terrible decision.”

In response to your unasked question Darius pulls out a comically small semi-automatic. He fires one round into the guard’s leg, and immediately the man’s hands transfer from head to thigh.

“Best way to handle it in my opinion.”

As Darius fiddles around with a computer terminal near the Trams, you pat down the incapacitated guards.

+1276 credits
+2 OMP submachine gun
+200 OMP compatible rounds
+1 Kagokushi Security Comm-link.

After looting the bodies you walk up next to Darius, who seems about done with the computer terminal. The huge man steps away from the terminal and faces you.

>> No.29661308


>> No.29661311

Oh. Realism.
Things just got more dangerous...

>> No.29661330

>“Aw damn, that was supposed to knock him out.”
Personally, I think we're awesome.

Called what? No one said shoot him in the leg.

>> No.29661372

This was me>>29660788

>> No.29661374

We should probably get a tranq gun for next time.

>> No.29661411

Or get a hand upgrade that allow us to deliver a stunning handshake.

>> No.29661415

Maybe we can buy one from a really nice old man with a pet parrot?

>> No.29661423


I vote we bring along some simple zip-ties for next time.

Not everything has to be high-tech.

>> No.29661453

Note to self: Loot zip-ties.

>> No.29661454

I'll second this.

>> No.29661463

>Stunning Handshake
Mysides.exe has crashed

>> No.29661464

We blew in here on a drop pod for our corporate sponsors, we can't do anything low-tech. That's dumb.

>> No.29661476

Getting a bit kinky there anon.

>> No.29661490

I'm favor of tranquilizers in our hands.
Remember, we are wearing a suit (is it powered?). Just give it a mechanism to knock people out with a handshake.

>> No.29661523

that would be badass

>> No.29661562

Or a mechanism to potentially knock out/stun anything via our hands, which could be used for more than... handshakes.

>> No.29661569


Nah, if we really must have suit tranqs, I say something not in the heads is best. That way if we are restrained we can still use it. Maybe a helmet dartgun or a belt-taser or something.

>> No.29661590

Shoulder mounted dart guns.

>> No.29661607

Okay... thats better that handshake ones

>> No.29661611

>Shoulder mounted dart guns.

Even better:

Shoulder mounted net launcher.

>> No.29661617

A dart mounted shoulder gun!

>> No.29661644


A gun mounted dart shoulder!

>> No.29661682
File: 23 KB, 178x172, 1384551738679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not both?

>> No.29661688
File: 154 KB, 900x842, Striking Scorpion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Face mounted dart guns
>Big-ass pistol + CQC
>"Subtle" ambushes
We full scorpion now

>> No.29661692

“Listen rookie, never whack a man on the head unless you want him dead. I assume you wanted to leave him alive right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Good. Killing a surrendered enemy… I’d hate to have to throw you to the HR department but that’d be some disturbed shit, ya feel me?”

“Shit… yeah… no… that wouldn’t be good.”

A tram pulls into the station. The pair of you board it. Darius stretches himself out across a whole row of seats, lounging luxuriously. You merely rest your feet on the seat opposite your own.

You are about to rest your brain for a few minutes when a high priority comm from Corporate comes in. Sighing you click it open.

Your vision is filled with a huge e-form. Scrolling around desperately you are almost relieved when your Handler’s comm icon appears in the upper left hand corner of your vision.

“Hey, you the jackass who shut me off, right?”

This may be the same woman as the one you ignored on the drop down, but she’s a completely different person.

“Listen dicktits, don’t pull that shit again. Just be grateful I don’t get to decide who gets the bonus payrank, alright?”

There is a moment’s pause before you stammer out an affirmative. “Good. Now on to business.”

Suddenly her demeanor is pleasantly professional once more. “Alright, HIPR representative, welcome to the StrikeOut corporation, proud providers of mercenary services for more than one hundred years. As you already know, the StrikeOut family has been more than happy to provide gene mods and even some cybernetic augmentations to our new employees. Please select all of the following gene mods and cybernetic implants that you, the employee, have received from StrikeOut facilities.”

You immediately scroll to a list of options on the e-form.

>>>>>>>>>Upcoming posts details possible gene mods and implants. Rules about choosing starting upgrades will follow

>> No.29661739


>> No.29661752

OP we're getting close to autosaging so keep that in mind. You may want to make a new thread and post the link here before it dies.

>> No.29661777



I vote rawket lawnchair. Because that solves all problems. ALL PROBLEMS.

>> No.29661787

Yeah, we're on page 9. Assuming you intend to keep on for more than 30-45 or so minutes you'll want another thread.

>> No.29661809

You have a good point there anon. Bit less than an hour now, I suspect these will be the last posts till new thread.

>> No.29661810

Fully agreed. If corpsec and law enforcement have a large enough market, find the kind that'll withstand a blowtorch and heavy mechanical agitation-- Fuck aug users.

Also, assuming we get this shit, we cuff two per person-- One on the upper forearms, one on the wrists. Would rather risk fucking up their arms permanently than having a dude with crazy augs come at us from behind.

>> No.29661812

Trying to archive it here.
What should the description be?

>> No.29661828

Hey, guys, I have an idea:

They extend from our back at waist height and move upward in a fluid motion. They retract when they reached shoulder height.

Will remove any non-sophisticated restraints.
Make sure to put them on a redundant power and control system. They should work even with a disabled suit.

>> No.29661839

Let the OP archive so he can get all the tags he wants.

>> No.29661842

Only the infinite ones. Otherwise they're just vendor trash.

Considering how we play, If there's a stealth perk I say we jump on that shit.

>> No.29661862

"A nameless rookie mercenary gets his bearings on a personnel acquisition mission."

>> No.29661863

>Neo Hemoglobin: an enhanced form of normal hemoglobin, transfers more oxygen, allowing muscles to work harder and longer before becoming tired. Required for most gene mods.
>10,000 credits

>>Neo Hemoglobin Service Pack 1: Enhances the clotting factor of Neo Hemoglobin, reducing risk of bleed out.
>2,000 credits

>Myocyte Pack Ares: a Gene mod that replaces muscle tissue with a superior alternative from Breckinshire Tech Labs. A superior version of human muscles. Requires Neo Hemoglobin upgrade. Allows operation of high recoil guns, such as the Model 223.
>5,000 credits

>Immuno-Metrics Service Pack 1: A suite of cell reinforcing gene mods that increase resistances to diseases, toxins, and cancers. Can survive Level 1 biohazardous situations indefinitely, extends survivability for higher levels.
>Increase hazardous combat survivability
>8,000 credits

>Nan-Carb Skeleton: Weaves carbon-nanotubes into the skeletal structure, increasing resistance to breakage and fractures. This is a basic requirement for most strength enhancing gene mods.
>6,000 credits

>> No.29661882

Well, we DEFINITELY want the skeleton.

>> No.29661893

Yeah, it's perfect for CQC and later punching through walls.

>> No.29661912



>> No.29661915

How much credits do we have?

>> No.29661919

DeAss Quest.

>> No.29661928

We are stuck with 4 gene mods already, only the immuno-metrics pack is not required for handling our BFG already and considering we haven't broken a wrist or anything yet I think it would be sensible to pick them for the sake of consistency.

>> No.29661929


I think these are implants we already have, based on our choices in this game.


>> No.29661949

I'd go for the Neo-Hemoglobin first. You never know when shit's going to hit the fan. I think we should get prepared.

>> No.29661957

Actually, only two.
Neo Hemoglobin and Myocyte Pack Ares.

>> No.29661964

We're only saddled with 2--Neo Hemoglobin, and Myocyte Pack Ares.

>> No.29661972

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares

>> No.29661974

>Hirosata Processor: The stock implant processor. The human brain can only handle so much input from cybernetic implants after all. That's where the Hirosata Processor comes in, executing programs that might otherwise rely on the brain's computational power. In case of spare proceesing power, the Hirosata may also improve reaction times and thought processes.
>Processing Power +20
>4,000 credits

>Falconian Eye: A gene mod improving vision in general. Helps with aiming and increases rolls on perception checks. Includes a clear secondary eyelid for adverse visual conditions, such as under water or eye irritants.
>2,000 credits

>Dopa-SYNTHoid: A gene mod that controls dopamine releases in the brain. Helps stabilize shooting and rapid decision making abilities. Improves reaction times.
>5,000 credits

>Kodiak Eyeware: The human eye can assemble images as large as 576 megapixels. A Kodiak Eyeware ocular implant reaches resolutions of 1000 megapixels, and allows for a variety of zoom functions. Shame the human brain isn’t built to handle that amount of information. A strict improvement over the Falconian Eye.
>Processing Power -4
>9,000 credits

>Ceramic Dentition: Replaces your teeth with gleaming white, maintenance free, ceramic copies!
>500 credits

>Boze Auditus: A gene mod that enhances your auditory abilities. Hear longer, hear louder, hear better. You can hear things from further away and may selectively shut off your eardrums to protect them from loud noises or sudden changes in pressure. If used alongside a Processor Implant will allow you to better triangulate things based on sound alone. and to process two conversations at once.
>8,500 credits
>-4 processing power if applicable

>> No.29661989


>stammer out an affirmative

Oh great, we're a sniveling little bitch. Wonderful. Should've guessed this the minute it became apparent this was a "realistic" cyberpunk quest.

>> No.29662002


>> No.29662005

SYNTHoid and Ceramic dentition is definitely for us.

Let's keep the environmental hazard stuff to our suit at first.

>> No.29662031

They don't even give us a drop pod without neruotoxin in it, do you really think we have hazard suits?

>> No.29662032

There's five things that I want.

Neo Hemoglobin, the strength increase, the carbon nanotube bones, the dopamin controller and shiny teeth.

>> No.29662033

we better get those damn teeth

>> No.29662038

>>Hirosata Processor
>>Processing Power +20

Hold up, exactly what does processing power do again?

>> No.29662071

It is environmentally sealed, though, as seen after our drop.
Same goes for under water vision. That will only be useful if we go without suit.

Wait, didn't it also block out sound during the first fight?

>> No.29662087

How much do we have to spend?

>> No.29662089


It gives you power to process.

>Wait, didn't it also block out sound during the first fight?

That it did.

>> No.29662102

Those 5 are my favorites as well. So i'll second

>> No.29662120

>Wait, didn't it also block out sound during the first fight?
I think it was the helmet that did that.

>> No.29662133


Alright, really quick you guys, the rules:

I started writing this quest with the assumption that you had Neo Hemoglobin and Myocyte Pack Ares. You can decide not to have them if you so please. This is sort of like leaving Goodsprings in Fallout New Vegas.

StrikeOut is willing to provide new recruits at most 4 implants or upgrades.

Each one you choose you will be charged for a certain amount of credits. You started off with 5,000.

Going into debt is normal and expected. Just plan to pay it off as quickly as possible.

There are more upgrades, some of which you can access immediately upon completing this mission. Others will unlock if you find them in missions or go up a paygrade.

Please respond to this post to vote for your 4 Upgrades

>> No.29662137

It seems like quite a few of these functions are already done by our suit.
This implies that we will work without a suit at some point.

OP, how important/common are suits for us?

>> No.29662141


>Neo Hemoglobin: an enhanced form of normal hemoglobin, transfers more oxygen, allowing muscles to work harder and longer before becoming tired. Required for most gene mods.
>10,000 credits

>Myocyte Pack Ares: a Gene mod that replaces muscle tissue with a superior alternative from Breckinshire Tech Labs. A superior version of human muscles. Requires Neo Hemoglobin upgrade. Allows operation of high recoil guns, such as the Model 223.
>5,000 credits

>Nan-Carb Skeleton: Weaves carbon-nanotubes into the skeletal structure, increasing resistance to breakage and fractures. This is a basic requirement for most strength enhancing gene mods.
>6,000 credits

We need these

>Ceramic Dentition: Replaces your teeth with gleaming white, maintenance free, ceramic copies!
>500 credits

Why not?

>Dopa-SYNTHoid: A gene mod that controls dopamine releases in the brain. Helps stabilize shooting and rapid decision making abilities. Improves reaction times.
>5,000 credits

Sounds rather useful

>> No.29662154


We already have the first two don't we? It's redundant.

>> No.29662171

Am I missing something? Wouldn't ceramic teeth be like ceramic knives? Fragile to chipping and cut up the mouth if any ever break?

>> No.29662192

So we keep the two and add the Dopamin thingy.

>> No.29662204

I'll vote for the Hirosata Processor and Nan-Carb Skeleton then.

>> No.29662206

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares
>Nan-Carb Skeleton

>> No.29662217

exactly what I wanted to suggest

>> No.29662224

And we go into debt for teeth.
Gotta need dat bling. Living the dream.

>> No.29662233


>> No.29662238


Mandatory Upgrades:
>Neo Hemoglobin
>10,000 credits

>Myocyte Pack Ares
>5,000 credits

>Nan-Carb Skeleton
>6,000 credits

>Hirosata Processor
>4,000 credits

>> No.29662240

Neo Hemoglobin, Myocyte Pack Ares, Dopa-SYNTHoid, Nan-Carb Skeleton.

And I don't mind picking up teeth as well, they are shiny.

>> No.29662247

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares
>Nan-Carb Skeleton
>Hirosata Processor

Keep our first two, add damage resistance/strength enhancers and quicker thoughts/reactions.

What's not to love?

>> No.29662275

Suits are important and armament upgrades will be a major factor in DAQ later.

Right now your suit protect you from damage, protects you from topological neurotoxins, and has a few other functions like data storage and carry pouches.

The helmet has an information control suite, with communications, maps, and status read outs, as well as a sensory management system. It can protect your sense from stuff like loud noises or bright lights, but does not enhance them.

Processing Power is used for the management of cybernetic implants. At your stage it doesn't matter too much.

>> No.29662276

This. Both the Dopa upgrade and processor improves reaction time, and I think the processor is more useful.

>> No.29662278

I agree tentatively with this guy. We really want the skeleton to avoid broken bones putting us out of action.

But how badly in debt is -21,500cr compared to our salary?

>> No.29662286

I think I get how processing power works.
We get twenty points. Implants lower those points.
If we are in the positive points, we get better reactions.

>> No.29662310

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares
>Nan-Carb Skeleton
>Hirosata Processor

>> No.29662314

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares
>Nan-Carb Skeleton

Now in debt with 21k creds, shiete.

>> No.29662315

>But how badly in debt is -21,500cr compared to our salary?
Considering we just picked 1,500 of three security guards. Not very much.

>> No.29662327

What is a normal payout in our line of work?

>> No.29662337

It would be really nice if you could pastebin this stuff in a kind of always-updated character sheet, so we'll always have a reference.

>> No.29662346

>-21,500 credits

Honestly, not that bad at all. In retrospect I should've made the upgrades more expensive. I'm hand waving it as a special sale for the rookies.

In the future everything will be much more expensive.

>> No.29662373

Agreed. Maybe the dopamine implant will prevent us from spitting inside our faceplate.


>> No.29662374

It seems like we all agree on the two basic upgrades and new bones.

So it boils down to either processor or Dopamin.
I'd go for dopamin, because I'd prefer not to cyberize before...

>In the future everything will be much more expensive.
Let's take the most expensive things.

>> No.29662377


Dopa-SYNTHoid Vs. Hirosata Processor

Dopa-SYNTHoid :
Ups reaction time

Hirosata Processor:
Ups reaction time
Ups thinking ability

>> No.29662400


Don't forget the Processor also allows the use of more complex implants in the future.

>> No.29662415


>> No.29662424

>Neo Hemoglobin
>Myocyte Pack Ares
>Nan-Carb Skeleton
>Hirosata Processor
Processor over Dopa since things will be more expensive in the future

>> No.29662427

Most expensive path:
- Neo Hemoglobin (10,000)
- Immuno-Metrics (8,000)
- Kodiak Eyeware (9,000)
- Boze Auditus (8,500)

This would likely leave us with shit reaction time, though.

>> No.29662442

That's certainly something that's gonna happen anon. Once the intro threads are done, that is.

No need to worry, it's not THAT much more expensive anons. I just realized that some of these choices are too cheap. Others are much closer to what the new price lines will be.

Generally its a matter of scale. Dopa does reaction time very very well. The Hirosata, only somewhat.

>> No.29662443

The processor can be shorted out by EMP for a while... wait shit I don't want to give OP ideas.

But with stuff getting more expensive I'd switch from dopamin to processor

>> No.29662448

Cheap Sale on ALL Upgrades? BUY BUY BUY! Forwards, into capitalism! Sell your future for Shiny Teeth!
Frankly, I think we'll want both eventually. And since they're on sale, why not both?

>> No.29662457

I'm willing to bet that the rate is much different between the two

>> No.29662481

Guys, let's stay biological first.
We become a cyborg when it becomes necessary.
Until then, let's try to be squishy and fleshy. Might give us an edge against certain types of situations.

>> No.29662502


>> No.29662508

>Let's pick all the expensive options because the QM made a hasty error!

Go with the character, anons, don't game the system. That's just cheap.

>> No.29662511

>And since they're on sale, why not both?
We can only carry four. And everyone agrees on the two starters and the bones.

>> No.29662549

>Not buying everything on sale is in character.

We're a greedy merc. Anyway, we have a 4 upgrade limit. Don't want to waste it on teeth.

>> No.29662561

Don't forget that the processor is less effective in the short term.
It shines when we get cyberware to tax it.

>> No.29662587

You say that now, but when we're choking on our shattered teeth, you'll be regretting that.

>> No.29662627
File: 24 KB, 600x295, GrenadeTier1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright Everybody!

I'm gonna work on the OP for Deniable Assets Quest and the next story post, to be made when this thread 404s. Feel free to use the remainder for a Q and A and discussion.

I'll be here for any questions you might have.

>> No.29662650

How much long are you going to run this before you call it for the night?

>> No.29662653

When will the next Deniable Assets Quest be?

>> No.29662661

What, exactly, are we? Just some guy who answered a craigslist ad to get aug'd up and turned into a corporate merc?

>> No.29662689

>Someone fucked up the tags for the archive.

Nice job.

>> No.29662693

Rolled 10, 8, 2, 2 = 22

Can we name the main character?

(Obviously Martin Riggs because this guy will be lethal weapon)

>> No.29662695

I intend to run until we finish this first mission. So... no idea.

well, another will be up right after this one dies. I'll be posting twitter information in the OP of the new thread.

I imagine tuesday or wednesday though.

>> No.29662723

>well, another will be up right after this one dies. I'll be posting twitter information in the OP of the new thread.
Shouldn't you use the same twitter as OGQ?

>> No.29662740

That will be determined at a later point by player choices. By choosing excitement in the OP you established a sort of outline for the background. Details will be filled in as needed

Yes you can. It'll be coming up right after you officially choose your four upgrades next thread.

I do/will

>> No.29662747

tag on archive is >Collectivegame
Really guys? Really?

>> No.29662788

>Tell the guy to wait for the OP to archive it.
>Lol, nope.

Damn it.

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