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Question, /tg/. In Deathwatch, your Dark Angel dood can get a Watcher in the Dark to run around at his heels and be his bitch slave, as Watchers are wont to do.

Thing is, Watchers are aliens and the Deathwatch is an Ordo Xenos deal. How does one reconcile this?

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Say it's an itty bitty Servitor. Don't let anyone look under it's hood.

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By lying and saying they're abhumans

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So, just do the Dark Angel thing and lie through your teeth?

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Pretty much

Dark Angels are lying scum, you gotta channel that

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I love Watchers in the Dark. Best part about DA lore.

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Alright, I can see this fitting in nicely. Thanks, mang.

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They're so cute.

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I want one as a pet...

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Though they're also kind of incredibly obvious about things.

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Wouldn't a Librarian or any Psyker detect it? Other Marines might smell something is wrong with their heightened senses.

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Well Space Marines just arent that good at being subtle..

They try their hardest but Emperor bless their little hearts, they just cant pull it off

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Considering it simply does not exist in the Warp? No.

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Well, it's simple:

Be a Dark Angel.
Be an important Dark Angel, or at least one destined for greatness.

You now have a pet Watcher.

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Also, there ARE "sanctioned" Xenos. Likely still get a lot of flack for having an alien servant, but he IS serving mankind... The watch commander might allow it, but you also might have to sleep with both eyes open, watching out for your Xenos buddy.

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The problem is Dark Angels dont exist right now..

I could go into cryo until the 40th millenium +1

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Well, that's what's going to have to be necessary.

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I'll send the Ordo Chronus back for you guys when I make it

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Thanks, bro!

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There are a whole lot of creatures in 40k that latch onto people destined for greatness. I remember those weird cherub-like things from Necromunda did the same thing. Caryatids, they were called. Little blue winged psychic babies who're attracted to people soon to be great.

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Watchers cannot be harmed physically, and can sense when an attack is coming, and have immunity when it comes to all things warp.

Basically they're indestructible and no one knows who/what they are. And to answer OP's question I think they'd only appear to you when you're alone and will probably vanish if there's others around that might harm it. I don't think psykers could sense it, it being a null and all.

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>Watchers cannot be harmed physically, and can sense when an attack is coming, and have immunity when it comes to all things warp.

Then why don't they hand them the bolters and send them to fight?

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Cause they'd brain themselves with the recoil

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They're not violent. How exactly do you plan on forcing them to fight?

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