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Not sure if one is up or not but...

Funny warhammer images?

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Alright op.

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I've always wondered about this.
Thank you, Anon That Wrote This, this is fun.

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Thank you. You made my day with that.

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>Sanguinius was a woman

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Woah, it's the bee gun from Half life

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Oddly enough this picture popped into my head earlier today as I was walking past a convenience store and I ended up laughing the whole way down the street.

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Here's a drawing someone did of "The Horse"

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This one is mandatory.

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Good lord, I completely lost it at that one.

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Anyone have the image of the black Templar singin love is a battlefield?

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Case in point. Creativity beats equipment every time in table top rpgs.

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Ha, I like it.

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Why did he take damage in terminator armor?

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Pretty sure armor doesn't help against falling damage in the 40k systems.

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Somewhere there's a screencap of the thread in which /tg/ realised that a lfight of stairs could theoretically kill a marine in Deathwatch, because armour doesn't reduce falling damage.

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Cause falling damage ignores armor. Even if it didn't, terminator armor is only worth 14 points of armor.

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What's the source on this one, anyways? I saw a bit of it in "bold brathas" but never the whole thing.

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You mean this?

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Two things, my overwrought little loyalist. Firstly, the Chaos Gods do not reward failure. Abaddon has been Warmaster for ten thousand years and still hasn't been turned into a gribbly ball of tentacles. Does this speak of failure? I think not; you simply overestimate yourself and blind yourself as to our true intent.

Second, that man you extol would have gotten nowhere without being carried on the shoulders of a god who built humanity's empire for them... who himself had to stand atop other fallen humans. Your god is now a corpse and our gods remain strong and free. Your line holds only as long as we wish it to. Do you truly think that if the Chaos Gods took more than a few passing glances at this world to distract themselves from their struggles in the Warp, that they could not smash the Imperium like the piece of rotted fruit it is?

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No, though that one's pretty good.

I remember it was in one of the pdf copies of Death Watch Core, shared by /tg/. After the title page there's just a screencap of it.

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Now, Chaos, I feel yah. I know that you're trying an' all... But yah just can't top dat. 'Specially since you have a god of ADHD, a god that is constantly PMSing, a god that is into BDSM, and a god that is pretty much a sack of pus.

And Malice. Lets not forget Malice.

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It's true, the gods aren't worth much aside from occasional ascension. But that's the only worthwhile commodity in this whole rotten universe, so it's still infinitely better than the Imperium.

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You say that as if you have not seen the latest issue of Bolter Bitches.

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The thread was initially about Rogue Trader

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I remember when I saw this. One of the best trolls I have ever seen.

Haha, thank you Anon for reminding me of us.

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love the dickhead who comes in posting that the thread has potential yet doesn't fucking contribute.

Anyways, I best be contributing to this thread. Probably my favorite Dranon comic.

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Ah, I love that one.
It's a shame I'm not on my desktop pc, don't have much saved on my laptop,and it's basically all posted already.

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Quickly brothers, we must bring the spirit of Khaine-mas to this Maiden World.

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Sometimes things go wrong

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I like the Horse Heresy story, it is fun, lighthearted and fit well in with 40K.

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You know, that always reminded me a lot of Mad Magazine's cartoon style.

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>That brick became a super holy Demon slayer and I now carry it around in a hip holster

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This one always gets me

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Necrons are imba!

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It's taken from there, that's it.


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God damn

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The best detail is that Ork-Booth is identified as 'new warboss'

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So is it wrong to want to be part of this community, reading into all the lore as many books as i can find without like actually playing the game? Main reason holy fuck its expensive for a game i might rarely play. Second reason i can't paint.

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Why? It's overpriced as fuck and the rules are horrible.

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Well, you could just read the books from Black Library, and not bother with the wargaming nonsense.

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I love the 40k fluff but hate the table top. The RPGs are good too.

/tg/ is a good(ish) community. Just stick around, read the lore, make a chapter / warband / regiment / whatever.

Don't forget to stat yourself.

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I admit, I followed my liege on Isstvaan, then off, and embraced the Prince of Pleasure.

But when I picked up that magazine, that oh sweet, sweet nigh-heretical parchment...
I felt the Emperor's Light overtaking me.
That's when I shouted, "Well, smell ya later!"
And shot all my former prince of pleasure brothers into bloody air.

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That was... a much more welcoming response then i was expecting

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Its not the board that should not be named. Nor is it your LGS (Local Game Store).

Welcome to the board, newly minted fa/tg/uy!

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Good times were had in this particular thread.

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Phoenix Lords don't get enough love.

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I'm 1,200 and what is this?

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This seems related. Not that this is a completely unedited comic that was published in the papers just like his.

Bil Keane knows what 40k is.
Bil Keane knows what the Blood Ravens are.
Bil Keane knows who Tarkus is.

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I prefer this version

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Wait, what, Tarkus?!

D-does GW into ELP?

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There really isn't. In both GW and /tg/ related stuff.

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I find this adorable.

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His actual son is into 40k apparently.

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>You will never play a 40k racing game.

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...I'd play the shit out of that.

Deff Race 41k

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> What is Gorkamorka
Google it

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/tg/ exclusive

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I too can into /tg/ exclusive

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Linda Motherfucking Redshirt.

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I don't get this one

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Double extra special heretical

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He decided the tank needed some of his "special" machine oil.

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Oh. I actually thought that, but then went like "Nah, I'm just too childish. Can't be that."

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Oh Emperor dammit, that was nearly fucking perfect!

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Linda Redshirt.
Nope, just stopped to relubricate the hydraulics.

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Oh, a Carnifex is coming!

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Can't see shit

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The codex Orthodontics does support this action.

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>hive world marines

No. Their mostly taken from feral worlds.

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Thought the Black Templars recruited from everywhere due to their eternal crusade.

Why not from a hive world?

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But does he know who Tarkus is?

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Yeah, if you can chop up mutants in your sewer system you can probably also chop up heretics anywhere else.

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There's three main sources for marines: Feral worlds, the lower hives where marines will sometimes aid the Arbites and planetary enforcers in huge purges of the criminal underclass in return for captives of the young (who already have a primed killer instinct and no sense of mercy), and worlds with ridiculously strong military traditions.

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God. Fucking. Damnit.

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Please, get on my level.

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It's exoskeletons all the way down.

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Now shove that in a titan and we'll be golden.

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They looted a still-alive grey knight...

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Last one since I'm the only one dumping.

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I almost can't tell if that's Dredd or 40k.

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Are these tournament legal enhancements? Because I really want to do that to my Ork Boyz

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I'd say go ahead with it and give anybody who objects an atomic wedgie since they're clearly 13 years old.

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Same thing really.

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It's Judge Dredd as an Arbites.

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anyone got picks of that painted?

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I don't, but would love to see it. I think it would be awesome to come to a game and someone set that down on the table.

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Captain Shrike was recruited from an underhive

Damn, image limit reached so not pictured.

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New thread >>29660099

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A Dark Souls character inspired by a JoJo character inspired by a 20-minute Emerson, Lake & Palmer song about an armadillo tank named Tarkus who dies and regenerates as AQUATARKUS?

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OMG! Any more info on the spaced marines? Do they have a codex or something?

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Warhammer 420K?

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Hah, asked myself the same when I ran into the album a few days ago. Good shit, a shame I first heard them only now.

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If the rest of the parts are GW-legal it should be fine.

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