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Guys I have the means and the inclination to buy the entire IP of Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop. This is not a joke.

Not the miniatures, only the Black Library and the rights to the direction fluff goes.

Any suggestions to further improve the 40K universe fluff? Aside from changing the status quo?

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Assuming you're serious, how about not changing the status quo.

It's a setting, not a story, and any progression just ends in shit becoming shittier.

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>saves tumblr picture for gifs
>tumblr picture
>surfs tumblr


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You can't possibly want the Emperor NOT to die, or regenerate or do something different

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>I have the means and the inclination to buy the entire IP of Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop
No you don't.
> This is not a joke.
Maybe not, but it's not true either.

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You're very likely a fucking liar and this conversation is meaningless as a result. Prove what you're saying.

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>Guys I have the means and the inclination to buy the entire IP of Warhammer 40K from Games Workshop.

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>Any suggestions to further improve the 40K universe fluff? Aside from changing the status quo?
You could've just left your post at that. You didn't have to lie OP.

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As long as you let GW release the 6th edition Squats codex first. I don't want a takeover delaying these bad boys from hitting stores.

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Tau empire collapses and or tau are brought into extinction by a plague made by Nurgle. Survivors become Nurtaugle.

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you know, just doing a google search for a particular gif you never saved very very often turns up Tumblr.
So saving that image obviously will have tumblrshit in the title. Doesn't even >imply that he browses tumblr.

Because that's how 4chan.

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Have something good happen to SoB.

I think most of us abandoned all hope after that codex update. Don't see threads nearly as often.

Did that shit ever go physical? They said they would if it sold enough, and it also made the digital whatever facebook page go from under 1k to over 4k likes rather quickly, but I still have not heard anything about it.

Pic related is in my SoB folder as a reminder.

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Can't I just have it merhed with the Inquisition fluffwise?

Whats the appeal of SoB anyways, other than being a convenient appeal-shoehorn for female gamers

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I think we should humor this, for no reason other than a nice What If thread. (Sorry, OP, but it's a bit far-fetched) That being said, exactly HOW would you have this abundance of resource, for the sake of argument? Our input is largely dependent upon your own.

And why are you ruining my pipe dream: Tom Kirby's downward spiral into alcoholism and debauch - mirroring the state of the company - before his fateful car crash, after which he must learn to walk again and is taught how to love others and accept diversity and change from a plucky 10-year-old with Multiple Sclerosis?

Upon his return to the company, he looks over the board of directors and gives a rousing speech about the nature of the human heart. There is a slow clap. And then a standing ovation.

The company turns around inside of 6 months, drops prices, brings back Specialist games, and tries to be the company that it's fans deserve. And all for the heart of a child, a child with a win-win attitude and a box of crudely painted Dark Angels...

Roll to credits, and a newspaper headline where Kevin Rountree is dredged up from the Beck tied to a cinderblock and with a mouth stuffed with Yuan.

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This is now a Butter Golem thread.

How much Butter would it take to forge a Gargantua butter golem? Possibly for a children's party or stag night. I already have the toilet paper after I found an open supermarket stock truck nobody was watching.

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Its not that hard to find solid investors for a profitable company.

Say what you will, 3D printing will boost GW massively in the upcoming 10-20 years.

Drop down casting prices to insane levels.

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In my opinion no other faction fits 40k as well as the Sisters of Battle.

Nearly 8am and I have not slept, (probably) can't go into a long explanation, but the core reasons I like them could maybe be summed up easily.

Stereotypically they are the most zealous of all factions, they don't take shit from heretics for any reason, and they really really love fire due to its ability to purify.

They have what are in my opinion some of the coolest and most flavorful units in 40k; the Seraphim, Hospitallar (love those torture medics), Excorist, and the Repentia are some of my favorites. (I prefer my repentia to not be fetish bait however.)

They have much more style than most of the races, the gothic iconography fits them better than anyone else in 40k and they do it better as well, with their armor and weapons covered in seals and chains and tomes and symbols, including a lot more detail than the average space marine or guardsman. (or necron or eldar or ork pretty much) The Sabbat helms in particular look gorgeous on them.

Don't care much for religion in real life, but I am a very big 'fan' of Joan of Arc, and the SoB are an army of them with flamethrowers.

A few problems with them of course. Very little fluff, bad on tabletop, never updated, metal models forever, only exist in one vidya game, only a handful of books, everyone views them as the same order despite there being differences between them (which are rarely mentioned), and they seem to hold the idiot ball more often in books that do not star them than most. Also usually not taken seriously and dismissed as 'the faction for female gamers' as you have said, or just an excuse for smut.

Think I could have done a better job explaining this but fuck I'm tired. Maybe I'll try harder later.

Would really like to see more orders. I intend to paint my army as the /tg/ created Order of the Obsidian Mirror, and might play them in Killteam.


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No I understand your reasons.

But SoB is basically a perversion of what Space Mohammed believes and tries to undo.

The Emperor basically is utterly agnostic even atheistic to a degree, and SoB although nice, are frankly a faction he would execute and exterminate without a second thought if he were to heal or be reborn.

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Nah part of the grimdarkness of 40k is that if the Emperor ever came back, he would completely fuck over all of humanity if he told everyone he was not a god. Things have simply gone too far for him to stop it without fucking things really really badly.

And being the Emperor, he would likely understand this, and play along with it for the good of humanity.

Can't imagine how many billions would fall to chaos if the imperial cult lost all of it's authority, and they all realized they were running on lies written by someone who was later branded a heretic.

And besides, he probably IS a god by now with all those psykers sacrificed to him. And there is the matter of SoB performing acts of faith, with winged saints appearing on battlefields to aid them and such. Depending on who you ask they are either manifestations of the (now)God Emperor or some kind of mass psyker shit like the orks have.

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I agree with basically all of this. The SoB have a really interesting shtick going for them but tabletop-wise they're horribly under-represented. There's so much you can do with what you can essentially use as more human Space Marines; they're the elite, they're zealous and they're interesting.

I'm not saying "make them the flagship of GW" but I'd like an increased focus on them and their characters. I do get a bit tired of the Imperium oscillating between "you are a piece of meat for the glory of the Imperium" and the whole stick-up-the-ass attitude of the Space Marines.

New models would be nice too.

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Right, but the OP doesn't sound like "I have money and can play the long game of share percentages and handshakes," but "I'm Bruce Wayne and I want plastic Stormtroopers."

Kinda curious what we'd have to work with from a brainstorming perspective.

>Captcha: The ovaPet
Dammit, I told you to stay out of that drawer!

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>implying he wouldn't do it and restart his plans

Empy is nothing but a dick

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Would there even be an Imperium of Man left to enact plans for after that?

SoB are disbanded, marine chapters rebel, endless civil war between those who think the emperor did come back and those who don't, everything chaos said was true, humanity no longer united against the necrons or nids or orks or chaos, every other faction take advantage of all of this shit etc.

And this massive influx of emotion and violence and change... further strengthen chaos as well.

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It's at the level where if the emperor actually woke up, and didn't play his cards right in the eyes of those who actually run shit in the imperium, news of his reawakening would never make it out of the imperial palace.

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plz dont, i dont want /tg/ ruining this

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In my opinion that is grimdark done well, though I know many might disagree with me.

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i agree with you
you ,sir, are a scholar and a gentleman

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you use the expression "you ,sir, are a scholar and a gentleman"
therefore you're a faggot

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>No you don't.
How do you know?

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you post on /tg/

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are you name calling simply for the sake of arguing?

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I dunno, anon seems like a cool guy.

After all, they agreed with me, so how bad can they be?

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Right, because it's impossible for people with the means and inclination to buy IP to use a website that hosts a fanbase for that IP.

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no, for the sake of making you take off that fucking fedora, or at least stop posting on /tg/.

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what in the god emperor name happened to her waist?

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>implying fedora
>implying your words have any weight on me to quit /tg/
haha, ok
good luck with that

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Yes, because people with resources cannot waste their time this hard. It comes with having resources, you start considering your options seriously and you quickly lose interest in stupid shit like /tg/.

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You wear a fedora, you wear a waistcoat over a t-shirt, you collect fantasy sword replicas and the only Metal bands you know of are Dragonforce, Iron Maiden and Rhapsody of Fire.

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How would you know? If you had the resources to know the situation then you wouldn't be here to tell me.

There's also the fact you're assuming everyone with resources are the same.

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noice, what else?

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Your name is Mat Ward

>> No.29625997

cool, anything else to add?

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every human with resources is a human with resources.
Either you aren't human, or you don't have resources.

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I believe some GW employees actually do browse /tg/.

Several of the storys around here (love can bloom, grendal) get references or are hinted at being canon in books with art and quotes.

If anatomy is more important than art to you, I suppose you could say she got some of her insides scooped out and replaced them with compact bionic implants of some kind.

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logic fallacy, yo

>> No.29626025

Uh... Fantasy Flight Games is most certainly not part of GW.

>> No.29626049

did he mention FFG?

>> No.29626052

That would be a fallacy only if one of my premises was wrong, but they aren't.

>> No.29626068

google logical fallacy

>> No.29626073

yes. the people who browse /tg/, and publish 40k material. They're from FFG, not GW.

>> No.29626076

The only people who have made references to LCB and Grendel are FFG.

>> No.29626082

citation needed

>> No.29626085

You're the fedora'd one. You're the one getting pissy over a throwaway reference to Catcher in the Rye.

I bet you get upset at people who say Fortnight, too

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>I prefer my repentia to not be fetish bait however
>I prefer my fetish nuns to not be fetish bait
anon pls

>> No.29626088

Whatever, the point is that there is a fact: people who have a lot of money do not spend their time on internet sites for nerds, by definition. If you spend time here, either you aren't human, or you aren't rich.

>> No.29626097

now now, dont upset him more

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What? Shouldn't I? Shouldn't everyone get pissed at pretentious faggots?
How are throwaway references at modern literature on an animu site not infuriating?

>> No.29626118

well i guess i am not human and you are poor
hahaha, poorfag
do you also bitch about GW price raises?
plebus maximus

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>Modern literature
Catcher was written in fucking 1951!

>> No.29626145

dont mind him, he is pretentiously calling others pretentious or he is just pretending to be retarded

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My bad, I thought that was canon. Still, I am sure a few GW employees browse /tg/. Would be difficult for them not to have heard of us and gotten curious, then trapped like the rest of us.

Eh, not a fetish for me, just awesome.

I mean they often seem sexy to me, but that is not the reason I like them. Personally I would only field repentia models if I could get ones that look like: >>29625452

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Modern literature started for good in the 20s and ended in the 60s.
Damn right it's modern literature.

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For some reason I read that as dragonface. Well at least I know the name of my new band.

>> No.29626158

Make a slow metal band and call it Dragonfarce

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[Sarcasm]Comedy Gold[/Sarcasm]

>> No.29626172

Aww no, I didnt know that was where that saying came from. Thats a bit saddening.

>> No.29626175

>not Wyvernforce

>> No.29626196

We don't care about your feelings, shitstain.

>> No.29626205

Bro, if you think the unit which is a bunch of naked chicks being corralled by a "mistress" with a whip aren't fetishistic, you are delusional.

>> No.29626218

Or if you relate that with sex then you are fetishist...

>> No.29626223

>I thought that was canon
It is. They're still not GW employees.

>> No.29626250

I wasn't the guy who said it faggot, I am just a bit annoyed it came from such a shitty book.

It wont stop me saying it in the future either, especially if it annoys pricks like you.

>> No.29626263

>dominatrix with whip
That's the most vanilla fetish ever, up there with librarians, secretaries, and cheerleaders.

>> No.29626267

You havin a giggle m8? Really don't see the obvious BDSM thing here?

>> No.29626273

The Sisters of Battle are great for the same reason Orks are great: they're completely absurd (and in the opposite end of the spectrum of absurdity to orks - orks are a joke told with a smile and a laugh, while SoB are a joke being told entirely straightfaced). They're a great example of the ridiculousness of the setting.

>> No.29626299

Call me strange but I don't see anything sexy there.

>> No.29626310

you are strange

>> No.29626311

Yeah. Strange. Very.

>> No.29626313

The fetish stuff is the LEAST interesting part of the Sisters. The ridiculous up-to-eleven space Catholicism is the best part. The Ecclesiarchy is great (and is why I didn't like them being folded in with the Inquisition - the Ecclesiarchy as an organization needs representation on the tabletop).

Also, commando nuns with guns. That in itself makes them pretty great.

>> No.29626320

Have you ever considered the possibility that you're gay?

>> No.29626323

If you relate librarians, secretaries and cheerleaders to sex (even tho the act of sticking your dick into vagina involves no libraries, cheering or offices), then they are your fetish...same goes for whips and whatnot

its like those people who always feel a strong urge to make it clear to everyone that they are not gay...even when gays are not mentioned. going by psychology of "if i point fingers first, then nobody will point fingers at me"

in other words, if you can handle somebodies fetish, then you are just scared of somebody finding out you are fetishist yourself

studied psychology in middle school because i had nothing better to do

>> No.29626325

It's not ridiculous, it's extravagant.

If you want ridiculous, look outside your window, look at yourself, look at your parents.

>> No.29626333

The amount of shitposting and baiting in this thread is matched only by the number of people falling for it.

>> No.29626339


Eat shit. People crave progression. Companies crave a status quo. Please fuck.

>> No.29626340

It's not sexy because 40k art is deliberately drawn to be off-putting and at least slightly disturbing.

Repentia and Mistresses are pretty blatantly a BDSM reference, they're just more grotesque than sexy. Just like everything sex-related in 40k.

>> No.29626341

Thankfully, it's almost always compatible with fetishes.

>> No.29626351

YOU crave progression. i want my setting to stay as it is...not turn into wow shit

>> No.29626355


>> No.29626358

The extravagance is a crucial part of the ridiculousness.

They're completely absurd while being played entirely seriously. That's what makes the joke work. That's also what makes them my favourite army.

>> No.29626365


You seem to be confusing the term contemporary with modern. The modern era ended in the 60s. Idiots who don;t know any better keep using the word to mean contemporary enough that is decidedly not what it means.

>> No.29626366


>> No.29626378

in 40k, progression is deepening the 10000 years of history of the Imperium in details. Not adding more years to it.

>> No.29626388

Best post so far in this thread.

>> No.29626404

I dunno, the whole "worldwide campaign" business meaning that my tabletop games had a (very slight) effect in progressing the official setting was what got me into 40k in the first place.

And then they stopped doing that, and retconned the results of the ones they had already done.

>> No.29626406

No, actually that's what makes them genuinely impressive. If they hadn't been played seriously (see Orks) then it would be funny, because we all know that in the context of the setting, they are supposed to be.

>> No.29626418

That's not what progression means.

>> No.29626424

>If you relate librarians, secretaries and cheerleaders to sex, then they are your fetish
Yeah, I don't think anybody is denying that. All I was saying is fetishes are rather typical, especially those ones. I mean hell, nurse fetishes are referenced in like every sitcom ever.

Where are you from, Russia? Your view that fetishes are abnormal makes it seem like you're from a rather repressed background, no offense.

>> No.29626496

>repressed background
this is the country where people aim a machine gun at a bus to force it to pick them up and breakdance on top of 100m-tall cranes.

>> No.29626509

I think we're agreeing while thinking we're disagreeing. The point is the fact that they're blatantly absurd (from a real-life perspective) while being played entirely straight (as an example of how absurd the setting as a whole is) is what makes them great, and makes them a great counterpoint on the absurdity spectrum to Orks.

They're a satire of the darker parts Catholic Church, they wouldn't work nearly as well if they weren't being played straight.

Yes, Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition is great, but they wouldn't work well for the setting, and GW is not exactly Mmonty Python.

>> No.29626547

Russia is sexually repressed as fuck. As is Japan.

>> No.29626558

Russia is kiddiepornland

>> No.29626613

And rapepornland, both of which indicate that a substantial part of the male population is sexually repressed. Sexual sadism in particular correlates strongly with sexual repression.

>> No.29626681

Bring back the old batrep driven fluff and start from the Fall of Cadia.

Before GW went to shit chaos was supposed to take Cadia and start wrecking shit through the imperium.

>> No.29626696

Say that to my Black Templar

>> No.29626735

OP here.

I do have the means. Meaning several investors looking for new means of return of investment.

I'd go on and on, about Blackstone, about how GW is but a little sand speckle amidst hundreds of trillions of managed equities and funds, but you wouldn't understand.

Buying GW is pathetically simple for the guys whom I work for. I just get a minor commission to make a living out of it, and if necessary would prefer the pretty awesome 40K setting to be saved from the hands of morons who have kept it in story-stasis for 30 years.

-Keep solid fluff writers like Abnett and Thorpe
-Keep incredible artists who art the covers
-Bring in some good marketing and a couple of solid media dissemination

And that's it. You have another Warcraft.

In case you haven't noticed, WoW's film is being made by the best fucking director in Hollywood.

>> No.29626748

WoW has a film?

>> No.29626763

Am I the only guy who listens to Salve Regina when painting my Templars?

>> No.29626775

Black Templars are badass as fuck and fit 40k exceedingly well also, but I still prefer my flamethrower nuns. shame about the being folded into vanilla marines thing. really sorry about that.

And that 'desperate allies' rule? Fuck that, Sisters, Salamanders, and Black Templars are all total bros.

>> No.29626812

It's funny that this faggot actually thinks anyone believes him.

>> No.29626856

How's that bitterness because of an unsuccessful, unremarkable, totally irrelevant life going for you?

Not everyone is as poor as dirt or as pathetic as you are fatboy.

>> No.29626860

Then do it already. Most of the reason GW sucks is that they're beholden to shareholders. Someone needs a controlling interest in the company so they can take risks again.

>> No.29626880


>> No.29626884

Everyone on /tg/ is.

>> No.29626925

Its really sad how desperate and unremarkable most people on /tg/ are that they would discount anyone fucking investing or buying the 40k IP as much as they'd discount UFO sightings or anal probing.

>> No.29626950

Yeah, and I have a 36 inch penis and own controlling stock in ExxonMobil. Come at me faggot.

>> No.29626955

There are dozens of UFO sightings and anal probings reported every year.
And not ONE case of a nerd being rich enough to buy out a company.
face it, to be a nerd, you have to be a middle-class, incompetent dweeb.

>> No.29626984

I happen to think 40k would be massively profitable in the right hands.

Getting rid of assembly (but not painting)
and reaching McFarlane toys levels of molding

and then making it cheaper by releasing 3D models for 3D printing


>> No.29627000

>And that's it. You have another Warcraft.
I prefer stagnation to that

>> No.29627014

>getting rid of assembly
fuck you I want to be able to convert my shit easily

>> No.29627019

>implying i haven't masturbated to every type of sister and most types of space marines

haha, what a fool you are

>> No.29627033

>he still thinks /tg/ is impressed and shocked by any kind of sexual depravity aside from diapers
haha, what a fool you are

>> No.29627060

I prefer testicular cancer to that.

>> No.29627073

do it then fag. Dont post on an anonymous message board that you can, just do it if you already know how to make it great

unless you are just bullshitting.like everyone knows you are
if you are not plz fix tyranids. that is all

>> No.29627092

Can you feel the lolcorruption in your balls, anon?

>> No.29627097

fluffwise tyranids are perfect

I mean unimprovable

>> No.29627108

I feel the Warp overtaking them. It is a good pain.

>> No.29627113

they shouldent be shocked, that guy is just sayin' ma space nuns arent sexy. what a foolish fool he is

>> No.29627167

The newest codex has some pretty cool shit about them, too. They have a language, for one. Which makes sense, given the existence of Zoats.

>> No.29627188

I want my grimdark Kerrigan.

>> No.29627192


Assuming you have millions of dollars to invest in Games Workshop, enough to buy the company, here is what needs to be done OP:

First off, cut prices. Horde army models should be cheaper than elite army models, point per point. Codexes should go down in price, back to $30 USD and the equivalent, if possible.

DO NOT advance the storyline. Keep the setting as being in the Time of Ending. If you want to advance the storyline, run worldwide campaigns but don't include the results in later codex fluff: specify that the campaigns are only one of many possible canons.

Re-hire Mat Ward as a codex writer but forbid him from writing fluff. Fire Robin Cruddace.

Cease the production of Dataslates, continue Supplements instead but make them cheaper than actual codexes. Put them in paperback if you have to.

The following armies need attention:

Chaos Space Marines: Their codex is a joke. They need a new one, with better internal balance, perhaps using the 3.5 edition codex as a starting point.

Tyranids: Their codex is a joke. They need a new one, with better internal balance, perhaps using the 4th edition codex as a starting point. Bring back some sort of Mycetic Spore Assault.

Sisters of Battle: Plastic models, Battle Brothers with Grey Knights and Black Templars.

Black Templars: Supplement, so they can get their holy hand grenades and nigh-invincible Land Raiders back.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies that need love: Bretonnia, Wood Elves, Tomb Kings, Beastmen. And try to let up on giving every army silly new flashy monsters and arcane chariots, just write them good rules instead.

Don't necessarily continue the White Dwarf weekly plan. You could go back to monthly, but fill the magazine up with actual content rather than having it just be blatant advertisement all the time.

>> No.29627194

uh? that wasn't in the codex.
I'm pretty sure that wasn't anywhere at all.

>> No.29627195


Wait are zoats still around?

>> No.29627209

And you're wrong to want that.
Yeah but they should bring back the fluff about genestealer cults

>> No.29627221

mentioned in the two previous dexes

>> No.29627230

It's in the old and new codex.

Psykers who have their mind overtaken by the Shadow in the Warp repeat phrases in an alien tongue their mouths can not pronounce properly.

>> No.29627236

>Should a psyker attempt to use his otherworldly abilities, the cerebral cacophony worsens even further; the psychic sound of a billion alien thoughts scratch at his mind, and unless he is particularly strong-willed he will be pitched into an insanity where he will repeatedly utter phrases in a tongue too alien to properly pronounce.
Uh... yes? The 6e Rulebook has a picture of one, even. Along with a Vampire.
And Hive Fleet Colossus was mentioned as recently as 5e. Which was a hive fleet of "centaur-like creatures" who rode around in "conch-like craft". Zoats are still around.

>> No.29627246

Yep. (Picture related).

Its from the 6ED rulebook.

>> No.29627260

that's because it's not supposed to be actual voices, just thoughts they must express.

>> No.29627269

OP here. Sorry but the storyline will advance.

There is just too much potential.

Maybe not on the scale of the Empror dying or being reborn, but something like Lion El'Jonson waking up (he's the only totally healthy and present primarch).

Or maybe something like Tyranids actually assaulting Earth

Or I don't know something like the End Times Campaign in Fantasy, it has to happen.

Why would you follow the storyline of an unchanging and totally static campaign setting anyways, are you daft?

>> No.29627271

Yeah, I want my Genestealer Magus and Patriarch back.

The way I explain patriarchs and broodlords both existing is broodlords are what arise when the hive fleet approaches and patriarchs are around before that.

>> No.29627277

it's a Vampyr, not a Vampire.

>> No.29627281

>alien tongue their mouths can not pronounce properly.
or you know it could just be madness an shit
but the idea a tyranid mors code spread over the synapse is fascinating:
>ke keke keee kekeke keeek

>> No.29627288


Make it as far from Warcraft as possible in "look" and fluff. It's not about cartoony faggotry it's about grim darkness.

>> No.29627301

same here

Now in French they use a generic term for both.
Patriarchs were Patriarches
Broodlords were Genestealers Alpha
And now it's just Genocrates.

>> No.29627304

It's both. Original fluff called it just a Vampire.
I always liked the concept of Zoats being diplomats trying to sell people on the concept of being eaten. Space Marine rocked like that.

>> No.29627310


Yes, there is enough potential.

So do it AS A CAMPAIGN SETTING. That way, you can advance the storyline, but other people can speculate on different possible outcomes.

>> No.29627318

it's about the grotesque and the eldritch, there's potential for both.

>> No.29627319

Maybe you were not aware of this, but Vampyr is just Vampire spelled differently.

>> No.29627321

That's really gay.

>> No.29627333

Jesus, why are you still trying? No one buys it!

>> No.29627338

Then they would have used their own tongue.

>> No.29627349

no, they died after the crusade humans launched at them for invading their territory

but that doesn't mean isolated groups don't exist

>> No.29627353


This wouldn't fit into the fluff, except maybe as a Genestealer Hybrid who was mutated from birth into an alpha-level psyker. But don't do it OP.


Tyranids need a return to their classic 3rd-4th ed style of rules more than anything else. Fluff is good as it is.

>> No.29627362

Maybe you were not aware of this, but in 40k they are two different things.

>> No.29627364

I meant Warcraft as in the success factor.

Warhammer has tons of more content for a solid MMORPG.

It has TONS of more content for a good RTS, not that Dawn of War shit, an RTS exactly with the rules of the codexes, updated regularly.

It has TONS of content for good RPGs or action RPGs or what have you.

As for the miniatures, our society has become a consumer hellscape. People want to own privatized things, their own little trinkets as great devourers of capitalism, what better thing than factory custom painted, utterly perfect miniatures.

As long as GW delivery custom paints it for you for the same prices, and the models are NOT pre-assembled but piecemally pre PAINTED, who would have an objection to that bliss?

>> No.29627379

no, because tyranid thoughts are too alien for human languages

>> No.29627394

I don't want your pre-painted crap.

>> No.29627399

We can understand the meaning of being hungry.

>> No.29627411

AT 43 tried pre-painted miniatures, it was one of the only things that prevented it from working. Every time people mentioned AT-43 they said "... but the pre-painted thing sucks". That's bad publicity.

>> No.29627421

Their Hive Fleet was spotted again. It ain't ded.

>> No.29627430

there's much more than hunger though

>> No.29627445

OP again,

then 2 options

1) You either buy it cheaper unassembled and unpainted
2) Or pay a premium 200% price for assembly and paint. Another 50% premium for custom paint.

That would make all parties happy, and give GW a lifeline for making insane profits because people dont want to be assed with painting.

>> No.29627446


You have yet to prove that you have the capability of buying Warhammer out. But assuming you're not a troll...

A Warhammer MMO is already in the works. You could make it good.

Being able to pay GW to paint your models for you? Whatever you do, you must still let people buy unpainted, unassembled models. They'll probably sell better anyway, since lots of people want their models to be perfect according to their vision of how they should look.

DO NOT make Warhammer mainstream. Trust us, you do not want it hijacked by Social Justice Warriors. They will rage when they see the setting, and try to buy it out from under you. Just look at Magic the Gathering. You don't want people trying to insert their far-left beliefs into an intentionally far-right setting. Do not give in to the same pro-consumerism mentality that grips Blizzard Entertainment, EA, and other such companies. It's about quality, not quantity. DO NOT RUIN WARHAMMER!

>> No.29627447

From 5th edition onwards, the Patriarch and Broodlord seem to have become the same thing. However, when the latter was first introduced in 4th edition, this specific topic came up in a fan interview with Phil Kelly and Jes Goodwin:


>Q14. Shouldn't the Broodlord rather be called Patriarch ? Is there a difference ? Is there an additional model for the Patriarch in the Tyranids future, say in a campaign?

>Phil: The Broodlord is a completely new species. I always think of him as the Olympic athlete of the Tyranid race – tough, fast, and strong. He’s at the peak of physical fitness for purpose, that purpose being to smack seven shades of Grox dung out of any enemy characters that come his way, of course. I always think of Patriarchs as more like a king than a warrior, probably because of that classic model of the Patriarch on his throne with Magus attendant. Always reminded me of Don Corleone, that chap.

>Jes: No, Yes, Maybe, but not necessarily in that order ;-]


>Q4. Have there been any plans to resurrect the infamous Genestealer Cult in the form of a codex or White Dwarf article with rules for them?

>Phil: Ah, that old chestnut. We do get a lot of people asking, several quite highly placed in the company, and myself and Jes are interested in revisiting them. They will never get their own Codex – we just don’t think they are all that appropriate for the battlefield (after all that’s what the main Tyranid list is for) and are more suited to smaller games like Inquisitor and Killteam. I wanted the main 40K list to be 100% alien, and not have any human auxiliary stuff – it would dilute the alien nature of the Tyranid army.

>Jes: What he said, but I think that they would make a logical adversary for the Alienhunters.

>> No.29627453


>> No.29627470

40k online.

Computer version of the tabletop game, locked to multiplayer. Handy things like models eye view with a click, and premeasured distances. The base game is free and downloadable from your account settings on the new GW social networking site.

When you buy a model from GW, the box also comes with a code, which you can link to your account to unlock the models you bought for play in 40k online. Maximum insane jewery in the true vein of GW, but still something that would let people like me who have no local club actually play the fucking game.

>> No.29627488


>> No.29627497


>> No.29627500

>that's because it's not supposed to be actual voices, just thoughts they must express.
That's not true at all.

Borshak had started to sweat. The strain of contact with the alien thing was starting to tell. "I-it's a weapon a-and i-it's alive. The bullets are alive. The firing mechanism is a-alive and the gun's alive. It's a kind of symbiotic organism l-like the martian tree-crab. I-it's alive and we-it hates you-us."
Kryptman's mind reeled. A living weapon? A living rifle? He tried to think of how such a creature might evolve? It was madness - weapons were designed not born. "Try psychometry - find out what happened on the Hammer."
"We are picked up by the sensitive one, the one who speaks at distance. He senses our hate and he responds. At first he is curious then he grows to know and love us. He is united with us. He senses our bloodlove and we hunt- we hunt the meat-things, the enemies of our makers. He knows our need to plant our seed within them. He knows we hunger to spurt forth the little hungry ones who eat the meat. He carries us and we seek our prey through the red dark of the long-long corridors."
Kryptman noticed how agitated Borshak had become. The gun had started to throb in his hand. The fleshy muscular sacs pulsing like the valves of a great exposed heart. He sensed that something was wrong.
"Put the thing down, man. It's doing something to your mind."

>> No.29627503


I got the perfect formula (OP here):
Your online collection updated with encrypted codes you receive from purchasing real life models.

You dont HAVE top buy them (the physical miniatures), but hell why not.

Fuse online and tabletop, and you will have a winner, like the Emperor, both in one realm and the other, and a full part of neither.

>> No.29627504

This is OK, aside from the part where lowering prices on models doesn't get him run out of town under a jeep.

Don't lower prices, that's not the way of the world, unfortunately. Just make it so the prices we pay are WORTH IT, for god's sake.

>> No.29627513

All I want is that you let John Blanche and Jes Goodwin have an almost supreme and very active creative control over the design of miniatures.

>> No.29627514

"We h-hunted the meat-things, to lay the young-eggs within their flesh. Again and again we send them forth, pleasure bursting through us mixed with the pain as we send the little eaters out their way. Fire them out to bore through the meat."
Borshak swivelled the huge gun to bear on him. Kryptman threw himself to one side. The thing in Borshak's hands spasmed. There was a terrible tearing grinding sound. Kryptman remembered that Borshak had said about the grubs being chewed up and spat out. There was a sound like a man vomiting. A burst of mucus sprayed out. Something hard cracked on the wall behind him. A stink, as of excrement mixed with bile, filled the air.
"Yes - yes, we hunt the meat - things - but they flee into the great dark and they trap the ship - soon it is hard to breathe but the meat-thing, our carrier, our partner, places us in stasis so we might live. Now we have new partner. Groupmind complete."

>> No.29627517

OP here, LOL, hadn't read your message fully.

>> No.29627527

Screen-capping this in case in real then I can say I was here in the future

>> No.29627540


Blizzard and EA are good examples of where Warhams shouldnt go, correct.

OP, for reference, Blizzard used to be good but has become a soulless money machine ever since WoW. Their Diablo III has little regard for actual game design, it's just an auction house simulator more than anything else. They don't care about what made Diablo I and II good, they just care about using the name recognition for a fast cash grab.

Or look at the Starcraft franchise. Blizzard is raping the lore, turning it into a cliche'd clone of Warcraft lore. They aren't even trying to make a worthy storyline at this point, because they know people are buying it just for the multiplayer.

EA does the same crap with Call of Duty, releasing new ones every year with minimal changes just to grab money.

Modern gaming companies are scam-like, they release good products and then release "upgrades" and "sequels" intended to "appeal to a casual audience." These sequels are poor quality cash grabs and usually hurt the previous games due to lore rape.

40k should not be dumbed down, simplified, or have its lore retconned into something boring and generic. This will basically destroy it for what it is.

>> No.29627543

Okay, I really hope you're a troll and you're not actually doing this.

There is no "storyline" in 40k. It's a setting in which any number of stories can be played out, and creating one canonical path for it to progress down would ruin that. Keep it more or less as is - a snapshot of a galaxy poised on the brink of a major turning point.

This way, it can go any way people speculate. Maybe the nids attack Terra, maybe the Emperor wakes up, maybe Cadia falls.

Then release campaign settings to cover these possible outcomes, but make it clear they're only possibilities. That way you can keep coming back and showing what would happen if things went just a little bit differently. Maybe you even do some campaigns set long after one of these outcomes, to show the long-term consequences of, say, the Tau and Eldar uniting.

And for the love of christ, show Fantasy some more love and scrap the Tolkein line.

>> No.29627551

>tfw faeit had a rumour about an Inquisition-based boardgame with 'Blanchesque' miniatures
>tfw it sounded too damn good to be true
>tfw it was


>> No.29627562

nah, people made it themselves, called it inq28
it's still in the works though
and John Blanche plays it.

>> No.29627567

OP here, you guys are making such a big deal about this. GW isnt even an expensive company.

Vivendi had bought Blizzard at its peak for a couple of billion dollars.

My patrons wouldn't even want the entire company, just the fluff control. Im writing miniature stuff just to brainstorming. That would be much more expensive.

But all in all, I don't think a 51% controlling stake in GW is worth more than 500M-1B dollars, TOPS.

Its peanuts in the world of investment if profits are more or less guaranteed. And with 3D printing, GW's profits are ASSURED in 5 years.

They'll just suffer for the time being, and we might capitalize on that. Might.

>> No.29627571


If you sell pre-painted minis, make sure you have enough painters to prepaint them so that at least a thousand or so people can get the pre-painted models without delay. And a hotline to report bad painters who shipped customers bad paintjobs.

>> No.29627581

Hang on

>> No.29627589

Hurt the Ultramarines and Grey Knights. Make both chapters take heavy losses during each battle. Also bring back the squats.

>> No.29627595

OP here, I'm guessing Tolkien shit is what keeps them afloat.

Especially during Jackson movie seasons.

>> No.29627604

google it
all the miniatures published in Blanchitsu over the past years are made by inq28 players

>> No.29627612

>Space Marines taking heavy losses in each battle
That barely makes sense unless you make the chapter sizes more realistic, i.e. larger. Get 100 marines in a single place, drop an atom bomb on them, and you've literally decimated a chapter.

>> No.29627614

well you'll see that.
wait a second, so you won't be the guy who owns it, you'll make your company buy it?

>> No.29627623


>> No.29627636

I think you, and some of the other anons in this thread, have the right of it. The setting should stay fixed in place.

But, I think the best way to open up room for infinitely more models, and a more flexible storyline writing space, would be to have many different "canon" endings. Just as with the fluff as it stands, where there are unreliable narrators, everyone could choose and play through their preferred story, or all the stories if they so chose.

And then we could get more information on what the game designers had in mind with the horde of loose ends and plot holes in the 40k universe.

I know there needs to be some room for mystery, so any GM can make up whatever he wants for his party, but JESUS the sheer number of things left unexplored drives me insane. There's a difference between assisting GMs and being fucking LAZY.

>> No.29627641

Make it happen, anon

>> No.29627647

>Hurt the Ultramarines and Grey Knights

What is Behemoth?

For the Grey Knights.

Every major Daemonic incursion?

>> No.29627649

Think of my job as a genestealer, and the investors as different hive fleets.

Thet give huge funds for a fund which purchases IP or profitable ventures. They dont touch the crew or the employees (unless they utterly suck) which GW doesnt.

They can't be bothered with reading the fluff or playing the miniatures so they choose a guy who's in the loop to run things. May be me, or some other fan, or even the old owner.

Yeah kinda like a nice Tyranids. But theyre in it for the money obviously.

My theory is that 40k has been handled like shit EXCEPT for the recent Horus Heresy book line which has been performing spectacularly

>> No.29627655

That's awesome stuff, thanks. If it's been going on for years, I'd guess that's where the rumour came from.

>> No.29627660


so much this


keep the fluff as a setting, do not update the main fluff but rather run campaigns speculating on possible futures: you'll make most fans happy this way

If you control fluff not miniatures, you might have a shot at taking control of codexes. Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, and a lot of Fantasy armies need updates desperately.

>> No.29627670

pretty much yeah.
The last two good publications they made were the daemon codex (fluff-wise) and the dark eldar codex.

>> No.29627671


That's pretty much why Crimson Fists are in such dire straits bro.

>> No.29627698


>> No.29627699

okay, but, more importantly
can you make Jes and Blanche more involved in the design of miniatures instead of the new hacks?

>> No.29627704


>Using meme arows

>> No.29627713


Then make sure your investors are trustworthy companies and appoint someone good to run it. If WotC or EA are your investors, and they appoint one of their own people in charge, the fluff will find itself sodomized for decades without privilege of lubrication.

>> No.29627723

Jonah Orion?

You live?!

>> No.29627731


wrong chapter

>> No.29627734

OP here, main fluff has to be updated

youre afraid because things might be "ruined"

thats a weak reason, and a foolish one because epic things and great schisms and event are what define this setting and a pointless ever-the-same situation would just made it dull

think of how great Horus Heresy as an event was. Why not make a permanently canon event on the same scale.

Show each faction love, but at the same time be brutal, show that no one is safe, no hero, no chapter.

Yeah people will whine and bitch, but strike the right chord and the fluff will transcend its medium and become incredibly memorable

>> No.29627746

Yeah, because you'd come to 4chan for ideas on this.

Why are you so full of shit?

>> No.29627753

>Implying that armor is not gifted

>> No.29627754

As a matter of fact that's an excellent reason, it's the reason why you want to be in charge in the first place.

Just think: either you stay true to the fluff, and everyone dies, or you take some liberties and a new status quo emerges except nobody died so it didn't matter in the end.

>> No.29627758

>OP here, I'm totally a rich and important person who can buy GW and make major changes in it, that's why I'm on /tg/ bragging about it to neckbeards

Uh huh.

>> No.29627762

OP here, why not?
Can't I also be a fan of the setting?

Legitimacy during the purchase of an IP is crucial. But think what you will.

This potential things is a couple of years off. GW has to go further in the shitter for easier swoops.

>> No.29627779


What would you want to see out of 40k, then? You could have all your campaigns run as one epic consistent canon, but leave it out of the main rule book: that way it would be main fluff, but alternate universes would be plausible.

40k is full of mystery and speculation: if you wake up the Emperor or something, it would break a lot of that mystery. So if you were to do that, it needs to be something players can ignore based on other fluff if they wish. To forge their own narrative.

>> No.29627784


In the great scheme of things /tg/ represents like 5% of wargaming at best.

Sad but true.

>> No.29627785

Look, no one is ever going to believe someone like what you claim to be is going to come to /tg/ for ideas. Suck my dick.

>> No.29627787

I bet you're the guy from the other thread who wants the emperor to be reborn as a SoB and to give tyranids personality and to turn eldars into a super-power who killed the hivemind.

>> No.29627810

leave it open ended. 40k works great as a setting, changing any part of the setting eliminates a lot of possibilities.

eg. - if you kill the emperor, I can't reveal him as a chaos god, or a god of mankind that embodies all of our traits, good and bad.

stop asking for progression. explore the tens of thousands of years and the infinite possibilities before the 41st millenium. to bring about huge change to the setting could potentially hurt the ip.

>> No.29627823


dammit if OP does anything like this I'm not buying his new fluff at all, his campaign will go straight into the trash

Wait, is OP actually Mat Ward incognito? Have I the privilege in speaking to my Spiritual Liege?

>> No.29627843


>> No.29627854

OP here

I'm thinking along the lines of the new World of Darkness, where they do let the story advance, but leave reasons, or mythos always slightly ambigious.

When you look at the entire story of 40k, its just a great and flavorfull amalgamation of Heinlein, Moorcock and a touch of B Liddle Hart.

Its like the Steve Jobs of settings. An awesome setting which is a sum of its parts.

>> No.29627881

>advancing the setting without explaining why

>> No.29627895

Do you actually buy this shit?

>> No.29627908

i'm just explaining him how retarded that would be, it's no different from explaining it in any other context.

>> No.29627919


Well what you could do is bring back the old 13th Black Crusade canon:

>Eldrad is kill
>Abaddon goes on a rampage
>Cadia is ravaged
>no hope left for teh galaxy

Actually, come to think of it, they did advance the Imperial Fists/Iron Warriors setting where the Iron Warriors are in control of the reactor section of the Phalanx, and are trying to use it to besiege Terra.

Tyranids attacking Terra could be a good campaign also. Possibly bringing back Lion'el Jonson, Leman Russ, have the old rivals bro it up and duke it out with Lorgar Aurelian and Angron in an epic battle for Terra?

I guess there's a lot of stuff you could add without explaining the true nature of the Emperor, the Ethereals, the Warp, etc.

>> No.29627934

> GW in the shitter

so you're just the typical GW hate-tard that believes his own bullshit and lives in a fantasy world where GW is one quarter away from going bankrupt, eliminating this product or that, blah, blah, blah prices, I can write better rules.. etc.. etc....

when you don't like the reality you live in, just create your own reality right?

>> No.29627936

OP here
You do explain why, just not by spoonfeeding things.

Let me give a better example, you know how Warcraft's mythos was developed by one epic showdown after another and one incredibly insane bad guy after another, well this would NOT be like that.

No 14th Black Crusade, no fucking "in the nick of time" rescues and "We were able to save Calgar, we have the means"

Fuck that.

I just want some permanence in the fluff. You see, they DO have it in HH era, and its turning out beautifully. Nobody even likes 40K era as much compared to 30K because 30K era has balls to permadeath characters and brutally plot-armor no one.

>> No.29627946

Seriously op, don't play with my feelings. GW is going down the drain taking WHFB and 40K with them, and the best we can hope for is that some equally shitty company with even less respect for the IP buys them.

So stop pretending that you are somehow you have power to buy it and save them since you are clearly just a basement dweller neckbeard trying to have a jolly time.

>> No.29627952

The fact that they are a speck to the supernove of Blizzard shows how mismanaged they are in every arena, fluff, products or games.

Nothing shocking there.

>> No.29627975

But that's because it has no impact on what happens later!
That's not why we like 30k, we like it because it's just written better!

Once again: if things do matter, then some armies get completely fucked over, because that's the kind of thing that's at stake.

>> No.29627995


I like both eras.

I would like a grim, somewhat inconclusive ending to the current plotline, with a Song of Ice and Fire sort of attitude behind it all. However, I don't want it to interfere with other people's narratives, which is why the optionally canon 13th Black Crusade is a good example of what to do: make it happen in a campaign, make it canon, but don't reference it in the rulebook fluff. That way, individual players can easily do an alternate universe without it appearing out of place and gimmicky.

40k is all about customization. Custom storyline, custom models, custom armies(although Chaos Space Marines and Tyranids need big rules updates to return to being customizable on the tabletop)

>> No.29628009

Also they referenced Boonequest's main character.

>> No.29628015

>not that Dawn of War shit, an RTS exactly with the rules of the codexes, updated regularly.
I'm not at all sure you aren't retarded.

>> No.29628034

Pretty sure he was confusing Modern lit with Contemporary lit.

>> No.29628041

>fluff mismanaged

Your views are subjective. By definition GW is successful in every arena. why you're comparing them to blizzard is...

Nevermind. Youre obviously well-versed in economics as well as being a talented art critic.

>> No.29628091


OP, you asked us for advice, and this the advice we're giving you: don't update the fluff in the main rulebook.

Return Tyranids and Chaos to how cool they used to be, make Fantasy better, ditch the tolkein products.

Cheaper codexes, much cheaper supplements, no more dataslates.

>> No.29628121

>ditch the tolkein products.
Funny, everything I've heard about these is that they function much better as actual games than either Fantasy or 40k.

>> No.29628124

Except he may have actually spoken to the leader of the Brides of the Emperor and her five officers and gave them his consent.
And the Adeptus Custodes, that ONE faction that would even know of the Emperor's true plans any more, publicly spoke in defence of the Ecclesiarchy and the Sisters.
And even now maintain close, strong, personal and friendly ties with the Sisterhood.

So... Yeah.
Adepta Sororita is Emperor Approved.

>> No.29628132

>Return Tyranids and Chaos to how cool they used to be

What's wrong with Chaos and Nids?

>> No.29628148

their rules

>> No.29628149


Have you browsed /tg/ at all over the past year?

>> No.29628182

Honestly I would relegate SOB into the background fluff with the exception of perhaps a couple of models in the Grey knight/inquisition list and introduce the Mechanicum as a proper army to replace them.

>> No.29628193

Daemons are doing okay. CSM are average.

Tyranids are okayish all the whining about them is overblown hot air.

>> No.29628247

I can't see how you'd be able to buy the IP and not the rest of the company. They couldn't sell it or they'd be finished. Plus Tom Kirby is one of the majority stakeholders iirc and he won't let his mitts go of it while he can still make money.

They need to scale the game back down or introduce another skirmish game and support it.
You can't get many new customers in at the size of games that are currently played.

>> No.29628250

>Daemons are doing okay
Screamerstar is more than okay.

>> No.29628271

Send space wolves back to their old, viking-inspired roots, none of this wolf of the wolf wolf crap. AND NO THUNDERWOLVES! Though, if there's still a need for a similar style unit: bear cavalry; still viking, not wolves, and bears.

>> No.29628276

>Re-hire Mat Ward as a codex writer but forbid him from writing fluff.

What's wrong about Matt Ward fluff? Dude writes the best fluff in 40K.

Compare his fluff to other writers. It isn't even a contest.

>> No.29628282

Everything's rules are fucked when some units are must haves to win and there are units that are wastes of points.

>> No.29628326

>none of this wolf of the wolf wolf crap
Dude... that's almost as old as Leman Russ as a character.

>> No.29628361

But its OTT now, just compare the "wolf" references between the latest 2 codices, the latest doesn't seem to even understand that there are other creatures besides wolves! Just doesn't seem very grimdark with the latest codex, more like an army for kids who's parents never let them have a pet

>> No.29628374

If you take the werewolf aspect out, then you are completely missing the fucking point.

>> No.29628391

but that's not what he's asking for!

>> No.29628405

no, the werewolf aspect is awesome. But just because they have werewolves doesnt mean every special thing in the codex has to be wolf-related

>> No.29628417

The werewolf aspect used to consist of dudes having long teeth and one dude with red facepaint and anger issues, now every squad can have a guy with mark of the wulfen. Its like hey olaf, how's that wolf rash treating you today? I heard erik has the same thing.

>> No.29628422

Yes, it is.
Fenrisian Wolves being units is also fairly old. I really don't see the issue with Thunderwolves.
If you are fighting alongside werewolves, wolves, and everything in your codex is named in that fashion (come on, this is 2e shit), then having them ride bears is just fucking incongruous.

>> No.29628423

OP I think you're full of shit but might as well talk about improvements. Make big national or international tournaments a proper thing again and make them have an impact on story progression. Specifically things like old good L5R tournaments.

>> No.29628425

There are other Viking influences they could include besides wolves. It reeks of didn't-do-the-research, lazy ass writing.

>> No.29628441

>now every squad can have a guy with mark of the wulfen
Wut? That's 3e shit!

>> No.29628497

Id watch this movie.

>> No.29628513

I like the viking flavour of the army, hell thats why i've stuck with the for over 10 years, but it just seems corny to look at no other aspect or mythology besides wolves. The only other aspect that seems to even be touched upon is metalwork. Fenrisian wolves I can live with after having them accompany characters and after the 13th company business, but thunderwolves just struck as a step too far. And as for the bear cavalry, that was tongue in cheek, purely because bear cavalry

>> No.29628540

Nah dude. One dude per army could take mark of the wulfen in 3e, and he couldn't join squads.

>> No.29628551

Tell that to the 13th Grand Company!

>> No.29628582

Or even the 13th GREAT Company!

>> No.29628598

Eh, shaddap. I have Iron Warriors on the brain.

>> No.29628616


>> No.29628630

Everything's been named for wolves since forever, brah. Wolf Guard aren't exactly new.

>> No.29628639

And they were singularly special because of it. Now that all space wolf detatchments are watered down with hairy dudes it makes the 13th company less interesting.

>> No.29628647

wolf guard isn't new, but WOLF LORD WOLF WOLF OF THE SPACE WOLVES RIDING A GIANT WOLF AND EQUIPPED WITH WOLF CLAWS is new and fucking ridiculous

>> No.29628700

Eh, hardly. They still are organized very differently.
Yeah, it's not like Raven Raven of the Raven Guard who lives in the Ravenspire and flies likes a raven and has raven hair and quotes "The Raven" and made the Raven's Talons isn't ancient fluff. Get over it.

>> No.29628720

i won't get over it, it's precisely the shit that needs fixing, for the Raven Guard and the Space Wolves alike.

>> No.29628732

Yeah you bought the eye of terror codex and pewter werewolves because of their force organization.

>> No.29628767

What the fuck are you talking about? The whole point of the "far right setting" is to point out how shit it is.

>> No.29628787

do you think the tumblrfags will accept that excuse?

>> No.29628800

Do the Space Wolves fight alongside Wulfen packs even now? No, the mark just means he's struggling with it.
Iron Hand of the Iron Hands who has Iron Hands and all the Iron Hands have an Iron Hand.
Blood of the Blood Angels who is an angel and thirsts for blood and all his sons thirst for blood too and dress like angels.
Death of the Death Guard, the legion that specialized in killing lots of people.

Need I go on?

>> No.29628825

If you can't wrap your head around it, I doubt they will. Either way, I support more players joining the hobby because that's what keeps it alive. If that means going mainstream and having no contact with tumblr (oh wait I already do that), then so be it.

>> No.29628829

>everyone does it
>therefore it's okay
fuck you
also no chapter does this nearly as much as the space wolves.

>> No.29628882

Yes they do? Read the Dark Angels codex and name everything with "Black", "Death", and "Dark" in the name.

Read the Blood Angels Codex and tell me everything that has a name related to "blood".

I'll wait.

>> No.29628934

Streamline the game by removing silly and redundant factions like sister of battle and wolfmarines. Dark eldar and Necrons can also go, nobody would miss them unless you can figure out how to make them not boring.

>> No.29629035

>i don't like these factions
>they should be removed

Fuck you

>> No.29629072

>nobody would miss them unless you can figure out how to make them not boring.
So in order to make a non-boring game you'll remove all original elements from it?

Do you even stop to think about what you say before you say it?

>> No.29629077

>ctrl+f Lamenters
>0 results
I am disappoint

>> No.29629085

Spikey Eldar and terminators aren't actually original.

>> No.29629118

Nothing has a name related to blood, unless you consider the color sanguine to be related.

>> No.29629177

Sisters of Battle are actually complete shit from design viewpoint. If guy plays them, he's gonna be seen as creepy fuck who faps to minis and if a girl palys them, she's gonna be considered female uncle tom (I am sure tumblr has a more proper term for that).

>> No.29629195

Which... it is by definition?

You're also forgetting The Blooded, The Blood Crozius, Blood Song, Blood Talons, and the Blood Chalice. Also Deathwatch added the Bloodfist.

>> No.29629199

Considering buyouts don't work that way, what's wrong with just another "hey what would you change?" thread?

>> No.29629206

So the fuck what?
If somebody wants to at them they should have the option.
There is no reason to remove them except perhaps if they don't sell.

>> No.29629207

How about a reformation arc for the Dark Eldar?

>> No.29629210


>> No.29629319

SJW please go.

>> No.29629372


(blood fists are actually codex as well)

>> No.29629385

Ah, right. Aren't there also "blood" psychic powers?

>> No.29629419

Yeah, there are. I remember mostly Blood Lance, the magical bouncing blood laser.

>> No.29629426

Blood Boil too, I think.

>> No.29629980


>Batman playing WH40K with Alfred
>Alfred plays Inquisition
>Batman plays Night Lords

Never have I wanted something so badly.

>> No.29630063

Regarding Space Wolves, I think they are going the way of Turkic cultures.

Turks venerate wolves to an insane degree, like 2000xRoman mythology levels.

Harm a wolf and you're toast in central asia.

They dropped the Viking thing a long time ago except the names of the characters

>> No.29630115


>Scrap the Tolkien line

Are you stupid? That whole thing is about to see a resurgence in popularity due to The Hobbit movies coming out. You don't shoot your prize pony as its about to win the competition.

>> No.29630185

Yeah, dude I see where you're coming from. >>29626763
Huh... I'm not sure how to respond to this.

>> No.29630220

The... chant? Which was popular with the Knights Templar?

>> No.29630236


>Sisters of Battle are disbanded

And reforged into a new force that fights not for the Emperor as god, but for the Emperor as figurehead of mankind.

>Marine Chapters rebel

Uh, no? Most of the Chapters don't revere the Emperor as a god, because some of them still have Marines around that were alive back in the days when the Emperor said "don't fucking worship gods." Those that don't have live specimens to provide evidence doubtless have records. Regardless, their devotion to the Emperor is so absolute that even if they believed with their hearts and souls that he was a god and he told them no, they would immediately accept that.

>endless civil war

Already a reality. Worlds are coming into and going out of the Imperium all the time as renegade planetary governors rise and fall.

>everything chaos said was true

The fuck are you on about?

>humanity no longer united

Again, already a fact of life. Humanity hasn't been properly united since the Heresy.

>> No.29630239

Guys! What about the old 'tournament driven' fluff expansion? Players were more involved then and the story actually had a good reason to progress: People played more! A shitton more!

Have we forgotten that the 'Green Crusade' was due to a bunch of ork players saying 'Fuck you! I will not be shoehorned!', or that Cadia was going to fall before the management buy out?

I mean shit was actually worth doing back in the day.

>> No.29630289

>Specifically things like old good L5R tournaments.
Last I remember the L5R RPG being beholden to tournament results was awful for everything.

>> No.29630333

You mean this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B91RUv2lI8

That's perfect, I just would have expected Death Metal.

>> No.29630366


>implying anyone else in the Palace could stop His leaving

>> No.29630600

>Not the miniatures, only the Black Library and the rights to the direction fluff goes.

The more things change the more they stay the same.
War war never changes.

>> No.29631749

Tits or GT...err, I mean post pile of gold with timestamp or GTFO.

Also, changing Black Library books doesn't do much. The Codexes are what decide the units and thus fluff.

>> No.29632060


>> No.29632615

leave the lamenters alone FFS

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