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Last thread we made up more legends about Magos Clark and generally got nothing useful accomplished. Last thread here: >>29588343
First time making a thread, let's hope everything works.

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What about the writefaggotry? Don't tell me you're not hyped for the story.

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We need do recruit some niggas from the drawthreads.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some necromorphed versions of Mass Effect aliens.

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Well, posting on 4chan is by definition getting nothing useful accomplished.

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Well duh, that's a given, but we're talking in relative terms here.

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Calling my work as nothing useful? I'm just plain insulted.(id repost it but duplicate images)

Can we start brainstorming for what a viable system for a deadspace game would be?

It has to be a system that accounts for various limb targeting as well as marker madness. And how should loot be handled in a game? Should it all be found or bought using the DS1 and 2 system?

I'm personally thinking Dark Heresy, though it needs some serious changes to be made viable

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What do you think guys of Isaac Clarke modifying a Starcraft SCV?

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Alright, I've put up ads in our drawthread and /v/'s. Let's see how this pans out.

In the meantime, I just might get some writefaggotry that's been boiling in my head done.

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Is this a hint at drawfaggotry?

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just weld on some armor. replace the normal crystal cutter with super sized plasma one. and anything else you can think of.

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Are the threads finally petering out? That's kinda disappointing.

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Bump for more writing!

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I think we are just waiting for writefags now. Also it may be because it could be late for other people.

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Still we got this far didn't we? Pretty good for something that started out as a "stat me" thread.

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i need 12ccs of drawfaggotry stat!

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Ahh, I found this thread again!

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Minor writefag here. What would you like me to try?

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yes anon, believe in the me who believes in you.

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It is my plasma cutter that will dismember the heavens?

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The best part of Dead Space was the armours.
Everyone of them looked great.

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I didn't like a single one in DS3 except for the one Carver wears

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I didn't play DS3. What was wrong with them?

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They were big and awkward, like they'd taken modern day arctic suits and slapped RIG indicators on them. And they basically all looked like, you had none of the sense of variation you got in DS2

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So would anyone like some writefaggotry? I'm gonna need a little bit to work on

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go for it

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Issac facing husks if ME.
If 40k, Brother Clarke clearing A Necron tomb filled with flayed ones.

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He's asking for ideas.

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"So this place is called... Feros?" Isaac looked around with a kind of detatched interest at the massive amounts of alien ruins around him as he stood in the most ramshackle colony he could remember being in. "Yeah, this used to be a big trading hub for the Protheans." Shepard said as she walked next to him. "Huh. So what killed them?" He couldn't help but ask, that familiar sense of dread coming back to him once more. "That's what we're trying to find out."

Any other questions would have to wait however, as just then the alarm went out. "Geth! The Geth are coming!" Someone screamed from one of the vantage points before opening fire with his Lancer I rifle. Immediately Shepard became all business and drew her own HMWA rifle "Everyone take defensive positions!" She shouted. Isaac on the other hand just looked confused as he followed her. "What the hell are Geth?" He asked as he took positions next to Shepard, his trusty Plasma Cutter only recieving a cursory glance. "A cybernetic race from beyond the Veil. They hate organics!" She hissed at him.

Isaac raised an eyebrow. Murderous A.I.? That was a new one. Triggering his helmet with a neural command he took a peek over the cover they were behind once it had finished wrapping around his head. They looked like some kind of alien automatons with flashlights for heads, armed with similar weapons as those beside him. Shrugging once he took aim and pulled the trigger. The shields of the Geth platform flashed for an instant when the pulse-stream of plasma struck it and then it collapsed as it neatly bisected it as the ionized plasma burned right through its midsection. "Wow." Isaac mused to himself as he took aim on another. "These are actually a problem?"

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TBH I'm not completely satisfied with this, but I was having trouble coming up with a good time when he'd face one for the first time

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You have a problem with redundancy, you repeat yourself a little.

Usually immediately after you say something.

A few selections include;

>as it neatly bisected it as the ionized plasma burned right through its midsection.

A better way of writing it would be;

>With a hiss of evaporating moisture and the groan of metal, the ionized plasma tore it's way through every piece it touched, bisecting the thing in half.

Overall: C-, See me after class.

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Serves me right for trying to write something this soon after waking up, haha

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It was pretty good, don't get me wrong; it wasn't a failing grade.

It was just a little repetitive, and the exposition is a little wonky.

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Like I said I'm still a little groggy, had a crappy night of little sleep and I might still be feeling the effects of my sleep meds

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The ones I did yesterday (when I had a much better night's sleep) about Brother Clarke were a lot better

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"This is not necessary, Clarke-Engineer."

Isaac looked up from where he was elbow-deep into Legion's chassi, working to fix the enormous hole that made up a great deal of the left side of the synthetic's chest. "It's an important structural fault." The Engineer replied patiently. "Your internal components will suffer from environmental degredation if they're not properly covered." He made a small grunt as he managed to dislodge a piece of stubborn wiring which he then held up between them, his hands stained with white machine-grease. "Just look at this comm module, it's completely encrusted with silica dust and the wirings have shorted out." He said with a patient tone as Legion's head-flaps rose in the closest he could get in showing emotion. "We did not notice this fault despite routine maintenance. We shall attempt consensus."

Isaac sighed and put his hands back into the hole. He really knew he shouldn't have tried argue with an A.I., but whenever someone questioned his mad engineering skills, he tended to react almost instinctively. "Alright Legion, there's only one bit left and then I can start with the-" He didn't get any further. He never saw the spark that jumped between one of Legion's active systems and his hand, but he felt it. Then everything went black.

An eternity passed before the darkness receded, bringing him back to consciousness. Or whatever, since he was pretty sure that consciousness wasn't floating in a dark abyss, staring down countless trillions of green and red lights staring him down. "What the fuck?" Was his first thought and sentance, since this realm didn't seem to differ between them. "What the HELL is going on?!" He shouted.

WE HAVE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, CLARKE-MASTER BUILDER. Came the rumbling statement of the Geth Consensus.

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>five threads
>not a single mention of zero-g B-ball.

y'all niggas wack.

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Because this is all about how unstoppably awesome Isaac is with his l33t nerd skills, not some fucking ball game

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Yeah, man, Isaac ain't got time for that sporty jock shit. He's got calibrations to do.

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Once, Isaac calibrated the shit out of a flashlight he found in a locker. We know the result as a plasma cutter.

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It was several hours later that Isaac woke up, for real this time. And to Chakwas' confusion, his first action was to facepalm and utter some rather vile oaths. "God-motherfucking-damn it!"

Moments later, Chakwas came over to check up on him. "You had us quite worried Mr. Clarke, not even Tali was quite sure what kind of hazards were involved when working on an active Geth. You were carried in here when you just collapsed and we had to hold you down, you were spasming so much." She told him with that special look that so many medics had. Isaac simply groaned in despair. "The Geth wanted to talk to me, Doc." He rasped before accepting a glass of water. "I have no idea how they did it, but they did. I need to see Shepard right away."

- - - - -

Shepard stared at the tired man sitting across from her. Sure she and the rest of her crew had figured that Isaac Clarke was no ordinary man, even if you didn't count his strange hardsuit and the odd way he did things, every time she thought she had him pegged he did something even crazier. "So let me get this straight" she said, slowly to make sure she didn't rush and miss something. "the Geth Consensus somehow managed to hack their way into your mind through Legion's components, and then they declared you their savior?"

Isaac buried his face in his hand, and for a moment she was afraid he might actually start crying. "Yeah, and they were being pretty religious about it too" He muttered through his fingers. "They called me the Master Builder, and had some kind of fucked up trinity going on where I was the Builder, Forger and Father."

Shepard's eyebrows rose at this, the last time she'd heard of Geth worshipping anything there had been Reapers involved. Still, she felt pretty certain that the man in front of her wasn't a Reaper, mindfuckery or not. "I dunno Isaac" she said with a small grin. "most people would enjoy being deified like that."

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Bumpan with fan art

fuck you, and fuck your crucible!

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Got a pastebin?

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Thanks, I was actually struggling with that perspective, i wanted to have isaac look down, but couldnt get the curves right

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Issac convinces Engie to put stasis mods on the turrets to freeze enemies.

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After Isaac mentions his ammo problems, Engi shares his blueprints for the Widowmaker.

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mayve its me in my mostly asleep brain but wouldnt that mean that issac got some really fucking serious suport agints necros?
becaouse im sure that the geth wouldnt mind doing a favor to the MASTER BUILDER

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I like your art style friend, do you have any tutorials to share to tell us how others could do it?

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What would one call a tabletop version of dead space?

Markers & Hiveminds?

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I didn't make it tho.

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Cold and Dark.

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>"Look partner, we both know the elevator is a bad idea. Just trust me on this one"
>Isaac watches in quiet disbelief as Dell builds a sentry gun, stands on top of it, and uses a stream of bullets to propel himself onto the roof of the building
>this man was obviously insane

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For a moment, Isaac stalled, caught in a complete stupor. All around him, surrounding him on every side, at every angle, was a continuous sea of red. A blanket of crimson encapsulated his vision, and seemed to permeate every faculty Isaac could offer. Everything cast round about him has blanketed in an undulating ocean of velvet.

After what seemed to be an eternity of gazing at the surreal scene unfolding before him, Isaac snapped back.

Without even thinking for a second, Isaac clenched the switch in his hand, nearly smashing the button in its left side. Suddenly, the curtain of deep red gave way to bright, flashing light. It sparked in every corner, in every plane. All around him, the curtain fell and collapsed. It was like the universe itself was being reborn from a red nothingness. Light erupted like fireworks across an evening sky. Nearly deafened by the clamor surrounding him, Isaac retreated within the USG Falcon, the small vessel that provided him entrance into the red veil that even now, fell apart at the seams.

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For a moment, Isaac stalled, caught in a complete stupor. All around him, surrounding him on every side, at every angle, was a continuous sea of red. A blanket of crimson encapsulated his vision, and seemed to permeate every faculty Isaac could offer. Everything cast round about him has blanketed in an undulating ocean of velvet.

After what seemed to be an eternity of gazing at the surreal scene unfolding before him, Isaac snapped back.

Without even thinking for a second, Isaac clenched the switch in his hand, nearly smashing the button in its left side. Suddenly, the curtain of deep red gave way to bright, flashing light. It sparked in every corner, in every plane. All around him, the curtain fell and collapsed. It was like the universe itself was being reborn from a red nothingness. Light erupted like fireworks across an evening sky. Nearly deafened by the clamor surrounding him, Isaac retreated within the USG Falcon, the small vessel that provided him entrance into the red veil that even now, fell apart at the seams.

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Something was emanating from the black obelisk. A deep, low whispering in his head, like he had felt before, but this time, it felt different. It was coming from the Marker, yes, but it also seemed foreign, as if it was a separate entity within the marker itself. It was from within the marker, but not of it, almost as if it's source had been hidden away within. The voice whispered to Isaac in tongues only he understood. “Touch the stone. Take the stone. Touch the stone. Take the stone.” The familiar cries of “make us whole” where no longer Isaac's concern, as he had expunged the evil from him a little more than two years before, but these were new. These seemed to come from someone else, someone, or thing, trapped within the spires of the black marker that towerd before him, someone new. Isaac's will was strong, but he did not ignore the new voice. Something deep within him told him what was happening, that this was not the marker's usual malevolent trickery. His conscious failed to grasp it, but his subconscious, forever marked by the cursed influence of the marker, his blessing and his curse, knew exactly what to do. Time stood still as he entered yet another trance. “You know this” his subconscious told him. “You know what to do”. “but I don't know what to do”, Isaac said to himself, barely aware of his own actions. As he stared off into the collapsing sea of crimson, he was almost unaware of the fact that he was using the falcon's tethers to pull in the obelisk. Isaac fought himself in his mind. 'No, what are you doing... the marker, it's dying. I can't save it now... not after all it's done...”. “No... That's not what I'm doing.... I'm not saving it”, he reassured himself. “There's something else.... but what else?”

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko4k_Ya4n6w Come on and slam if you want to jam.

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Isaac shook his head and awoke from his self-induced limbo. He rushed within the Falcon's cargo bay where the marker now resided. It was cracking, crumbling, tearing itself apart. Isaac had sealed his mind off from its swaying influence, but even now, he could hear it screaming, crying in its death throes. It was dying. All it's brothers were dying. Every tether that held it together, all the millions of minions it had stationed below, all the corrupted life that called back to it, seemed to be falling into magnificent shambles, but the voice that urged him to touch the stone called him still, unaffected by the chaos that shrouded it. He had not steeled himself against it, and once more, it took him. He walked forward, hand outstretched each step taken with utmost deliberation. His conscious mind screamed for control, but was only successful in taking charge of Isaac's voice. He activated his RIGlink simultaneously to Carver and Ellie, both cheering wildly. “ISAAC! ISAAC, YOU DID IT, YOU CRAZY BASTARD!!”. “Holy shit, Isaac, are you seeing this? Dude, you've gotta get you ass outta there! That whole thing's gonna take you down with it!”. Isaac continued to march toward the dying marker, shambling like one of the very abominations that called it parent. “ISAAC! GET OUT OF THERE! YOU CAN'T DIE ON ME TWICE! PLEASE”, Ellie cried out in sheer desperation. Twice now, a brethren moon seemed to be collapsing on the love of her life, and she was lucky to see his face once more. She was by no means ready to see him go a second, and certainly final time. Carver survived a fall from orbit with him, but that didn't guarantee Clarke's luck, and he knew it. “ISAAC! Get your ass outta there! We don't know what saved us last time, but I'm pretty sure it's not coming back this time around! Fire that thing up and get out of there! NOW!”.

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Closer and closer, Isaac shifted to the cracking twin spires. Upon making physical contact with its runed surface, he uttered but one word:



A flash of light, a shockwave of unknown energy, a rush of unknown current, and the clamor of the world left Isaac. All was quiet. All was calm. There was nothingness. Nothing but a vast expanse of blankness. Isaac looked all around him, but saw, heard, or felt nothing. None fo his sense picked up a single anomaly. It seemed as if he had transcended from any state of existence. He reached out with his hand and felt nothing. He looked where he had reached, and saw not even his own hand. He spoke, but heard himself not. Time too. Seemed to no longer apply to his being. Has he been here for days? No, this just happened, this just came to be... or did it? No. There was no telling. A second felt like centuries, years seemed like minutes. Whatever manner of time was passing by had not registered to Isaac in ay way. By all means, he was utterly inert. When would this curtain lift itself? When would he see another face or hear another voice? When would he reach out and feel Ellie's hand holding his? When would he see the result of his victory? Was he dead? Comatose? Consumed by the marker?

Isaac feared that he may never know


Should I continue?

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You bet.

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you got it
After what seemed to be either an eternity or a millisecond (the difference seemed indiscernible to Isaac), slowly, but surely, blotches of darkness appeared in Isaac's eyes. The sound of the Falcon's displays once again permeated his ears. He felt the cold floor on his face and under his palm. Almost no energy was left in him, and propping himself back up seemed almost herculean. Isaac shuffled his way to the Falcon's cockpit, his sight returning to him in full. Multiple displays along it's small corridors rang out with alarm, fervently displaying warnings concerning the ship's uncertain state, calibrating every circuit and servo as if the ship had just been activated for the first time, running diagnostics and the like.

Isaac fumbled his way into the helmsman's seat and looked out of the transparent steel windshield. Was he going to see Carver and Ellie? Their ship, the USM Vengeance? The remains of the brethren moons? Straining to make use of his still hindered sight, Isaac squinted into the horizon. Small dots of light came into view. Were they more ships? The millions of lights that adorned the cramped cities of earth? No. Stars. Just the stars. Maybe he was facing the wrong way. Maybe if he turned the ship around, he could see the result of his triumph. After checking the displays to see that nothing obstructed his axis, he cranked the ships wheel to he right. Warning sirens echoed around the vessel, telling a nonexistent crew to fasten all loose objects and hold tight to whatever was within their proximity

Nothing still. Nothing still but more stars.

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Not really certain where this is going, but it seems fascinating anyway.

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I could see that showing up in a game. You get it for one area, get to fight a Brute with it, then fall down a huge hole. Said fall would have finally killed you, but instead totals the APU and leaves you bruised but alive (as is usual for those insane falls he takes).

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Confused by what he was seeing Isaac tapped into his RIGlink once more. “Ellie? Ellie ,come in! Ellie!..... Carver, what's your status? Carver! CARVER!”. Still no answer. “Maybe if I transmit to the Vengeance...”. Hurriedly tapping into the Falcon's comm units, he vainly attempted communication with the EarthGov ship, but to no avail. Looking on the radar, he realized that not a single ship was in range. Not even the long range relays were of use, as he couldn't even connect to them. Isaac started to panic. There's no way he's this lost, no way he's so far from home that even the long range relays couldn't pick up his signal. Was he really out for that long? Remembering his state of limbo, he looked at the clock. No. It had only been over an hour! There's no way he could've gotten this far, not even in shockspace. The farthest he could've gone in an hour, even with shockdrives at full speed, would be approximately halfway to Andromeda. Were the comms busted? Isaac rushed into the comms room, searched every communications receiver, both long and short range, and found nothing wrong. A sense eerie dread fell on Isaac. Where was he? The comms were just fine, and he could never have just flown so far away as to not be able to make contact with anyone. Making his way back to the cockpit, he thought of every situation in which a lack of communication could occur, but all fell to the power of elimination. Upon sitting back down in the helm, nothing short of pure dumbfoundedness overtook Isaac. He check every frequency, but nothing replied to him....

Save for one.

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Nah, you'd fight something bigger than a brute with that thing. Probably something like the beastie Isaac encounters near the mid point of DS2, when the unitologists all get blown up by that gunship.

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Isaac couldn't recognize it. Whatever was transmitting this frequency was nowhere in the ship's registry. EarthGov, Unitologist fleet, United Mining Ops, CEC fleet, no one. Not a single party on that list shared a transmission signature with whatever was broadcasting this, but that didn't stop Isaac from hatching an idea to make contact. Driven by a desire to get back home, Isaac went back into the comms room. Having remembered which transceiver was receiving the transmission, Isaac opened it up and immediately went to work. Without reconfiguring it, the transceiver could not display any audio output of the incoming transmission, but Isaac had memorized the patterns in the signature, and altered several key components to put an executable cipher on the signature, making it possible for it to relay audio output. It took several minutes, but a few burned fingertips later, and Isaac emerged triumphant. Running full speed into the cockpit, he wondered who exactly these people were. Who would transmit a signal that can only be read or heard by reconfiguring the system? Was it some sort of secret society? E branch of EarthGov spec ops? Unitologist zealots who were evading EarthGov? Isaac readied himself for every possibility and loaded his Plasma Cutter has he took the transmission receiver in hand. “USG Falcon to unknown vessel, this is Isaac Clarke, Concordance Extraction Company, does anybody copy? No answer. Two attempts later and Isaac is tempted to give up, when suddenly, a voice pops up from the receiver

“TRANSMITTING-ENGLISH*. USG Falcon, This is Tali Zorah vas Normandy aboard the Rayya. What is your status, over.”

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Up to you.

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I wounder how well Isaac would do in Dark Souls? The tech is way lower than what he is use to.

>> No.29641221

Isaac was once again taken by confusion. What kind of ship would be named the Rayya? A unitologist ship maybe? No, that name, what was it, Tali' Zorah? It didn't seem to match any cultural background he knew, but then again, he wasn't very well versed in fine culture. He slid the battery of his plasma cutter back and forth within the magwell while he thought of every possible situation. So many times has he cheated death, and he wasn't very keen on losing to it this time. The voice on the receiver interrupted his train of thought. “Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Falcon, This is Tali'Zorah aboard the Rayya, I say again, what is your status, over?”. Carefully planning his words Isaac replied: “Rayya, We are unaware of our location, and uncertain if we are trespassing. There is no other crew on board and there is hazardous material in the cargo bay.” “Understood. However, this vessel is clean and must remain completely uncontaminated. What is the status of your hazardous cargo?”. Suddenly, horrible thoughts rushed though Isaac's mind. What if they come into contact with the marker shards? What if they contract his madness? No. It's dead. It's gone. There's no way that the marker's influence can spread any further. The brethren moons were gone. Every marker was gone. 'Before running to the cargo bay, Isaac replied to the question with “Moderate radioactivity. Direct contact with substance is extremely hazardous, but indirect contact is possible. “We read you, Falcon, but we have little room or use for radioactive material. Your payload will have to be quarantined within your ship. How copy?”. “Solid copy, Rayya. Permission to dock”. “USG Falcon, Is your ship sterile?”. “No, the ship is not biologically clean.”. “Loud and clear, Falcon. Proceed to sterile docking cradle 18”. "Understood" Isaac replied.

>> No.29641265 [SPOILER] 

There is but one who can stand against him...

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Yeah i don't think stomping will help with that one.

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The best suit in all of Dead Space was in 3, mang, don't you remember the Shephard outfit?

>> No.29641724

Finding the marker's shambled remains in the cargo bay, Isaac returns to the cockpit, turning his ship in coordination with the radar to see who he was talking to. Looking out of the windshield once more Isaac was taken aback by the stupendous sight of an entire fleet of ships. Each of them seemingly designed around a massive wheel like structure. There must have been dozens, maybe hundreds of them, all sailing in the same direction, aimed at some unknown destination. Awestruck by their form, Isaac merely leaned back in his seat and took in the sight. He's seen the CEC's fleet on full display for photo ops and christenings, having been on several of them for such occasions., but even the corporations massive planetcrackers paled in comparison to these sleek, immense, almost alien seeming vessels, flowing through the ether of space like a massive pod of whales, majestic creatures Isaac had only seen in grainy vids and logs from centuries prior to his own existence. For the first time in what seemed like ages, a smile adorned his face, born from sheer, enthralling wonder. Soon enough however, he realized he had no idea which ship the Rayya was. EH could spend days, maybe weeks just flying about this incredible fleet. His senses coming back to him, he re-initialized contact with the Rayya. “Rayya, This is Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Falcon. I am unfortunately unaware of which of these vessels is the Rayya. My ships's detection functions are not registering any of your vessels”. “.. Uhh, understood Falcon. The Rayya is the ship directly in front of your signature, largest ship in the fleet. Docking bays are amidships”.

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>> No.29642440

“Tali, are you sure this is a good Idea?” Commander Shepard said as he paced back and forth behind his masked subordinate. “A random singularity pops up within earshot of the migrant fleet and the Normandy, some mid sized vessel slinks out of it before it closes, and we just say hello and offer him a cup of coffee?”. “Yes.” Tali replied. “ Nomass relay was activated on his arrival. Whatever got him here had nothing to do with eezo or precision jumping. He's got something of his own making on that ship that lead him here, and whatever that is, the migrant fleet could make great use of it”. “So, we're just gonna use him? A guy with that kind of ingenuity ought to be treated with a little more respect, dont you think?” Shepard said. “Not very many outsiders are lauded as heroes around here save for you, Shapard. Whoever this man is, he deserves galaxy-wide credit for whatever he has invented. He may have created a way to bypass the relays, a way to go wherever you want without restriction. Whoever this “Isaac” is, he's about to get really famous. He's just going to get famous on the Migrant Fleet first. Heaven knows we could use whatever help he could offer”. “Well ,you know I've grown to respect the quarians, Tali...” Garrus said, twiddling the bolt of his Mantis rifle. “... But are you sure this guy does? He doesn't even have the fleet on his registry. Not to mention whatever radioactive material he has on board sure won't do anyone any favors should an accident occur, and on these cramped ships, I don;t suppose there's much room for accidents”. “A lot of ships don't have us on their registry, but that says more about the builder than the owner. Besides, whatever waste he has, I'm sure it has somethgin to do with whatever got him here. Just relax. We've been through worse than a small ship with one passenger, should anything get ugly.” An alarm sounded on the docking bay decks. “NOW DOCKING, CRADLE 18”.

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Will be back in the morning.

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Nooo, don't leave us you glorious bastard!

>> No.29642752

I gotta hit the hay, man.

Don;t worry. I'll be back.

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Spaceships & Slashers

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>> No.29642872

'Ardboy, Isaac, please grace us with your presence.

>> No.29642938

“Listen you paper boned ship monkey, I don’t give a damn if Shepard’s planet side, I’ve been paid, I’m moving on.”
“Gee can’t you cool it for a day or two Zaeed? You can walk out the airlock if you want out so bad. Second shuttle’s already prepping for a trip down to get supplies and you can swing the commander later…”
“You’re right kid, we blew up the boogiemen, and some of us get to relax. But if you don’t want to bring the Alliance a cruiser with a hull crack, you’ll swing the gates open when I fly it out of here.”
“The Normandy’s hull can’t be penetrated in the manner described Mr. Masani.” The vaguely anthropomorphic projection of EDI materialized. At her appearance, Zaeed slid a small stack of binders onto the projector, making her representation disappear.
“Well maybe all I’ll do is lower the property value, but I’ll warn you, my blood needs three kinds of industrial cleaner before it fully washes out.” Zaeed hardly looked like an old man as he walked away, but whatever was on his mind made him one.

>> No.29642997

I know Issac doesn't want to say what dangerous about the cargo hold, but wouldn't Marker material be classed as a biological and mimetic hazard?

>> No.29643163

Well Isaac didn't confirm nor deny that it was radioactive cargo. Tali is simply assuming that's what it is.

>> No.29643665

Yes. We need more 'Ardboy.

>> No.29648342

We definitely need more 'Ardboy and Isaac in this thread

>> No.29648619

Ahh, I see my little piece of writefaggotry caused more writefaggotry today. Good, good.

>> No.29650789


>> No.29651076

Isaac looked at the cradle's identification. There were several odd markings, each of them in different kinds of characters. He didn't recognize a single one of them. It struck him as odd, seeing as how he's never seen any language that used these characters. Just what was he getting himself into? At least the words DOCKING CRADLE 18 were written in English. The docking symbol on the Falcon's status displays went green, and an automated voice notified the ship that boarding was now possible, instructing “All CEC personnel to line up in an orderly fashion at the airlock and await further instruction”. Isaac braced himself at the entrance, almost reluctant to open the first door into the airlock, but there was no turning back now. As the airlock door opened, multiple situations played out in Isaac's head. Was there a squad of unitologists waiting for him? Not possible. Not a single marker emblem on this, or any ship in the fleet. Still, as the door closed, he couldn't help but be nervous. Who were these people? Why hasn't he ever seen or heard of this fleet before? Surely anyone with this kind of maritime power would make headlines across the charted universe. It started to dawn on Isaac that maybe there's something else at play here, but what was it? A slew of nervous thoughts shot across Isaac's mind as he approached the second door. He activated the holo-panel on its center, an the locks surrounding it began to fall away. It cracked open, streams of white light pouring out from the fissure. Slowly, but surely, the metal doors retreated into the walls, and Isaac stepped out into the light.

>> No.29651540

Isaac's helmet activated and formed around his face, ethereal trails of blue light emanating from the eye slits. The room was empty. Not a single soul to greet him. This didn't help the feeling of uneasiness that he was already feeling. That was, until another door at the right end of the room opened. They opened swiftly, as if the usual bulkhead doors of a CEC ship were put in fast motion. “Surely against CEC safety protocol...” Isaac thought to himself.

Then, out of those doors, came a sight Isaac wasn't sure he was seeing correctly.

Three figures, humanoid in shape, walked into the room. Each of them were dressed in shades of blue, red, and violet, swirling patterns adorning the cloth. Their faces were veiled in similarly shaded masks, white eyes peering out from their opaque visors. Their figures were slim and lithe, their knees bent at an odd angle, and their necks seemed unduly long. Each of them had two toes on each foot, clothed by a form fitting boot. It was here that Isaac realized that not a single inch of skin was showing on any of these figures. The one in the center carried what seemed to be a rifle, while it's fellows carried similar arms on their backs. It seemed more feminine than the others, as its hips were much more defined, and the chest seemed “fuller”, per se, that its fellows. It dawned on Isaac that these things were by all means, no one he had met before. Were they even human? It had to be. It couldn't be. Isaac froze as the center figure greeted him in some odd dialect. Not a single reply came from Clarke as the leader attempted to communicate with him yet again. One of her subordinates approached Isaac, hand outstretched, holding a small device. It seemed that he was offering it to him. Unsure of himself, Isaac took it from the three fingered hand. The creature pointed at his wrist, making motions indicating that the device be strapped on. As Isaac did so, panels of bright orange light encapsulated his wrist.

>> No.29651733

Go on, please.

>> No.29652153

A lexicon of languages appeared on one of its forearm panels, each of them a slew of different characters. Series of esoteric markings, lined row upon row, adorned Isaac's arm. At the bottom of the list Isaac caught the only word out of these symbols that he could make out; “English”. Tapping on the English option, the device, evidently named”Polaris” and manufactured by “Kassa Fabrications”, asked if he wanted to further configure it, resulting in one of the other subordinates tapping “skip” for him. Isaac had never heard of such a company as “Kassa Fabrication”, but the longer he looked at the device, and to the “people” patiently standing before him, it became more and more apparent that wherever he was, it was nowhere EarthGov or the CEC knew about. The female spoke up once again, this time (seemingly) in clear English. “Well, now that you can understand me,welcome aboard the Rayya, Mr Clarke. I'm Lieutenant Nezala' Verei”. “I uh....” Isaac stammered out. “... what are ... where.....”. He stretched out his hand towards her, making her recoil slightly. The others put hands on their holsters, but Isaac paid no heed. He was simply too fascinated, too awestruck by what he was seeing. He touched the leader's blue tinted visor, much to her confusion. “Uhh, sir?” she asked as Isaac continued to probe her suit 'what are you doing, exactly?”. Isaac simply continued to look at her, simply spellbound by her elegant form. He continued to touch the various parts of her suit, including the ornate hood that adorned her head, and the armor plating on her shoulders and forearms. Once his hands reached her hips however, the lieutenant had had enough. “Heh heh.... uhh, that's quite enough sir”, she said as she gingerly brushed Isaac's wandering hands away.

>> No.29652429

We all do, you're doing perfectly fine

>> No.29652455

Once he gets used to it, Isaac just HAS to 'fix' the omnitool so that it glows teal instead of orange

>> No.29652498

“I... you're not... human, are you?” Isaac said looking her directly into her quicksilver eyes. “Oh, of course not! You've never seen a Quarian before?”. Isaac momentarily stopped his probing utterly frozen by her response. “Wh-what... Quarian... I've never...“. “Heard of Quarians?” she piped up. “That's odd. Not even in news vids on earth?”. “Ma'am....” one of her subordinates spoke up. “I have a feeling wherever he popped out of wasn't council space”. “Okay, maybe the terminus systems?”. “That's not what I meant, ma'am.”. Isaac was dumbstruck once more by this “Quarians” suggestion. “W-what?! Popped out of? What did I pop out of? The hell are the terminus sys.... Wh- what council space, what are you guys talking about?”. “Hmm, I see. Come with us then, Mr Clarke”. “Hold on..” Isaac said, doing his best to regain his composure. 'Where are we? Andromeda? Crab? Milky Way, where?”. “Uh, Milky Way or course? It's literally impossible to go anywhere near those Galaxies, Mr Clarke”. “What? You guys don't have shockdrives?”. “Shock-what?” Nezala asked. “I've never heard of a “Shock-Drive”. Is that how you got here?”. “No ma'am. I'm not even sure how that happened yet.” Isaac answered. 'Well, in any case, Tali'Zorah will want to see you”. “Tali? Isn't she the one who I was speaking with earlier? Is she another one of you... uh, Quarians?”. “Yes and yes. Follow me, sir”.

>> No.29652861

The Quarians did not know nor understand until much later, but this moment, this first contact, would change them forever.

>> No.29653033

“Tell me Mr. Clarke, do you know of any of the other races? Turian? Salarian? Asari? Drell?”. “N-no! I've never heard of any of those! Just how many races are on this fleet?” Isaac said, completely started by the implications of not just one, but multiple alien races. “Oh, just us Quarians here in the migrant fleet. All of us, as a matter of fact”. “All of you?” Isaac said with a hint of concern. This “Migrant Fleet” was certainly impressive, but an entire race floating amongst the stars? Surely there had to be major logistical problems, and trying to feed every hungry mouth on these vessels would surely be a problem, to say the least. Heaven knows it was when the CEC sent out a prospecting formation, and that was only a single light planetcracker plus a few scanning vessels and two or three escorts. This was the entirety of the CEC fleet times ten at least. “Yes, all of us, Mr Clarke. There are more than a few thousand outside of the Flotilla, living their own lives or on pilgrimage”. “Ah... anyways, what do i have to know about this “Tali”?”. “She's the daughter of one of the former admirals. Her and her captain have just returned for some sort of mission on their own accord.“. “Admirals, huh? Those are the guys in charge, I assume?”. “That's correct”, Nezala said as they walked about the corridors leading to the main plaza. “Now, when we enter the plaza, Tali and her captain should be waiting for you”. “Yes ma'am”. “Oh, and, promise me something, between the two of us...” Nezala said, arms folded. 'Yes ma'am?”. “Make sure you resist the urge to touch everyone's hips”, she said holding back a laugh. “Yyyyeah, got it....”, Isaac said sheepishly, as the doors to the plaza opened.

>> No.29655226


>> No.29655390

Moar. Also bump.

Further, Isaac is probably in the Arctic Survival Suit, though I'm going to be picturing the Advanced in my head.

>> No.29655503

Nope. EVA

Anyways, I'm back. Imma try to write it all in bulk so it may take longer to see the first continuation, but you'll see it come together more frequently. I just just gotta grab lunch and I'll be back to writing.

>> No.29655588

I say Arctic Survival because you HAVE to switch to it, or atleast unlock it, to move past that first outside area, and I can't think of an in-character reason for him to switch back to EVA.

Either way, I'll still be picturing the Advanced in my head.

>> No.29655660

Alright. This unit looks forward to receiving further data, Jukebox-Author.

>> No.29655668

Ehhh, you know what, you're right. I guess I just like the EVA suit better. Besides, I still haven't mentioned what RIG he's using in story, so I guess I could make it work.

>> No.29656064

Can I suggest you make use of the 'each new line of dialog has its own line' rule?

>> No.29656439

You know what threw me off from the RIGs in DS3?

They all had this weird backpack thingie for the health, as opposed to the first two games where it looked like it was integrated into the spine. What was up with that?

>> No.29656537

besides the EVA suit aren't most of the ones you find ingame pretty much 200 year old salvage from the original colony there? could just be older bulkier tech

>> No.29656559

Yes, these things are integrated into the spine, but, as I imagine, these "backpacks" connect to the spine-integrated part and work instead of it. And yes, most of the suits are 200 years old, what did you expect?

>> No.29656620


I did like it when it was a spine attachment. Wet-ware makes sense in the gruesome future of Dead Space, where everything is seemingly overly dark, gruesome, and most human technology is inherently unstable (a faulty grav-plate will fuck things up!).

As a backpack? Well, it would have made more sense if you got that when you suited up, using the standard RIG before that. You aren't actually using engineering suits or lightweight security suits like in DS1 & 2, which could make a case for integrating the RIG. The DS3 suits are built for hostile environments, be they space or freezing cold planets, so it'd be logical to add an extra layer over that.

>> No.29656747

It is known that Brother Clarke's suit of power armor is one of a kind invention that many Techpriests would love to examine.

Called the R.I.G. by Brother Clarke, this suit is the epitome of practicality.

At first glance it looks like a rare suit of personal power armor with a helmet with glowing visors (which are the Magos' symbol). In reality, it is something much more.

The suit incorporates many technological marvels that other Mechanicus members widen their eyes when they see Brother Clarke in action.

The suit is hermetically sealed, a life-support system, has small rocket engines and magnetic footing that allow Clarke to operate perfectly in zero gravity conditions and in void space.

Thanks to the reinforced servos and mechadendrites, Clarke can utilize most of his personal arsenal simultaneously with what he has in his hands (or leave said hands free to work on what he's currently doing, while the servos and dendrytes shoot or hit his enemies).

The suit also includes the dreaded stasis field generator and gravitronic gauntlets that Brother Clarke has either created personally, or he reverse-engineered from existing technology.

The first freezes everyone and everything that Clarke targets, while the latter allows him to manipulate objects with such ease that normally it would be required to have the strength of a Bloodthirster to successfully move said objects.

Apart of having these techno marvels, Brother Clarke has one Necron artifact, which is a cube with a extremely spacious pocket dimension that allows him to store weapons and items of various sizes.

It is rumored that apart of his suit that he currently uses, he created many other variants build for various uses (some even being as big as Terminator Armors).

>> No.29656904

After seeing that image, I'm going to make a MEC trooper and call him Issac Clark, or Magos Clark, give him the power fist and just think he's just power stomping sectoids/babies.

>> No.29656909

Did anyone else prefer the zero-gravity mechanics of the first game? I thought it was a lot more unique and fit with the rustic tone of DS1 as opposed to the more futuristic DS2.

>> No.29657637

To the irritation of his more traditional tech-priest superiors, Magos Clarke tends to forgo the red cloak of his station, preferring to wear it only on ceremonial occasions.

Borther Clarke (as he is more widely known) appears as though he has achieved to a fuller extent than most the merging of human and cybernetics. His R.I.G.'s glowing exo-cortical implant provides a simple display of his general health, indicated in the glow as a "meter". Why he chose to have it displayed on his back is explained by his knowledge that if he were to be injured on the battlefield, he would need medical attention by those behind him, for if he is ever behind another in battle, then he should not be getting injured at all.

>> No.29657899

I enormously preferred the free-floating mechanics of DS2 compared to the jump-and-hope-to-hit of the first game

>> No.29658113

As Isaac stepped into the central plaza, he almost froze in his tracks again. Before him, multitudes of Quarians went about their daily business, mundane to them, but extraordinary in Isaac's eyes. Multiple levels going up and down, dozens of paths and walkways, each of them filled with denizens of this mysterious race. Yet again, this alien spectacle entranced Isaac, who was meandering amongst the crowded throng, He looked at every Quarian who passed him by, so intrigued by their presence alone. Meanwhile, the suited denizens of the Rayya took an odd fascination with Clarke as well, albeit not to the same degree that he took in them. As they went about their daily business, they couldn't help but notice the human, clad in some odd, fuzzy suit, teal light emanating from his mask and spine, wandering seemingly aimlessly around the plaza. Nearly dazed by curiosity and astonishment, Isaac didn't really pay much attention to where he was going, resulting in a collision with a young female Quarian, sending her to the floor

“Oh crap, I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention, here, lemme help you up.” Isaac sputtered.

“Ugh, no, It's alright. I was in a hurry trying to mee- Oh! It's you”

“Me? Oh, are you Tali? That one I was speaking with on the Falcon?

“Yes, that would be me.” Tali said as she brushed herself off. “It's good to finally meet you, Mr. Clarke.”

>> No.29658140


“You too..... Man, this place is.. it's....

“Cramped? Overcrowded? If that's what you were going to say, I'd agree with you...”

“No, no, it's.... incredible... Tali, where I come from, humanity is alone in the universe. I never thought I'd talk to someone who wasn't human. You have to
understand, this is something out of a dream for me.”

“Where you come from”, huh? That's... interesting. Anyways, I'd like you to meet someone”.

As they made their way through the multitudes and into an elevator that would take them to the upper levels, Isaac stifled his curious eye long enough to start asking questions

“Who would that be? One of your admirals, I presume?”

“Oh no, they're for later. For now, I'd like you to meet My captain”

“I figured that the admirals would be the ship captains.”

“Oh no. I live away from the Flotilla most of the time.”

“Okay, so who is this captain of yours? Military?”

“Yes. Well, he used to be Alliance military, but after literally being killed, let's just say he's been discharged. A human military cell, Cerberus brought him back. I'm not so keen with their organization, or how they attacked us once, but Shepard is a good man. Me and him have been through... a lot together, to say the least. He's saved the galaxy twice over now, and both times I've been grateful to serve at his side. I remember how he saved my life when we first met... I don't know what I'd do without him...” Tali's voice started to get more and more light and affectionate, and Isaac could sense it.

“Uhhh, Tali? You alright? You were drifting off for a second... like I should talk...”

“Oh! Sorry. I just... we... Yeah, keep that little slip up between the two of us, alright?”

>> No.29658176

The elevator stopped at level 13, their destination. The two stepped out into the room, several other Quarians were present, all surrounding some sort of holographic display. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be the falcon, still in the docking cradle. A feet feet off to the left was the first, and so far only other human on the ship.

“Found him, Shepard. He was sightseeing off in the main plaza.”

“Was he now? Name's Commander Shepard. Good to meet you, Isaac.”

“You too. Anyways, I'd like to.... Holy crap.....”

“Yes, Mr Clarke?” Tali asked curtly.

“What is he?” Isaac said, pointing at Garrus. “He looks like he's been through his fair share of trouble...”

“I can hear you, you know.” Garrus responded in his usual, facetious voice. “My fair share of fights, huh? That an insult, or a compliment?”

“I-I dunno... Both I guess? Wow...” Isaac said as he approached the Turian sniper, a hand outstretched.

“You're not touching me.”


“Nezala gave us a very detailed report of her little encounter with you. You're not touching me, buddy.”

“Oh... yeah.”

“Sure you're not gonna go for his hips, Mr Clarke?” Tali said, giggling.

“You're a riot, tali.” Shepard said. “Now, Mr Clarke, Nezala told us you were a little hazy coming out of the Falcon. Do you remember how you got here?”

“No. I have no clue. Last thing I remember, I touched the mark- oh no... the Marker...” Isaac paused. He remembered how the marker lay in pieces in the cargo bay, but it didn't make it any less dangerous. He remembered watching that video-log of Stross back at the sprawl, and how he contracted the same madness as Isaac by just touching a shard of the same red marker. The last thing he wanted was to spread that madness to an entire race. He had to do something fast.

>> No.29658179

Brother Clarke rarely takes in aspiring Tech-priests to have them examined for their final preparations to become fully fledged members of the Mechanicus.

But him taking in disciples of his own is something even rarer than the first.

Nowadays he did take in a single disciple. A very young child that is the offspring of a friend of Clarke. A Skiitari guardian by the name of Weller sacrificed himself while battling Nurgle minions to save many Mechanicus members in a heroic last stand, including his wife and unborn child. Now the child is Magos' Clarke's disciple.

The only problem for Brother Clarke is that he doesn't know how to refer to him...or her, since the rascal is so tightly robed that nobody can figure is the child is a boy or a girl (not to mention that it doesn't have a name apart of his father's last name).

Thus Clarke calls his disciple Ishi. A short from the ship that he purged after defeating Arch-Heretek Mercer and his Nurgle empowered creations.

>> No.29658828

“Is everything okay, Mr Clarke?” Shepard asked.

“No, no it's not okay. Was anyone sent to the Falcon? Anyone at all? Guards or quarantine crew or anything?

“No sir, but we were about to have a team of mechanics join you and Shepard's crew to examine your means of travel” said one of the Quarians at the holo-display.

“Don't send anyone in there. Not yet. I've gotta check something. Badly”

“Has it anything to do with that radioactive material you mentioned earlier?”

“It has everything to do with that.”

Isaac rushed back to the docking bay, Tali, Shepard and Garrus following suit. Dodging and weaving through the immense crowds, Isaac had but one thing on his mind. Get to the Falcon. Get to the falcon. He rushed by a Quarian holding several packages, knocking him over. No time to say sorry. Got to keep moving. Dropping a package full or computer software is much better than seeing symbols on the walls and visions of the dead. Got to keep moving. Soon enough, he found himself at docking cradle 18. Nezala and her companions were guarding the entrance.

“Ah, we were expecting you, Mr Clarke. You and the engineering team here?”

“No, just me, Tali, Shepard, and that one, uh...”


“Yeah, the Turian guy.”

“You know, we're right behind you, I can hear everything you're saying”

“Let me in. Me only. It's urgent.”

“Why can't we come along, Mr Clarke?” asked Shepard, arms folded with a furrowed brow.

“Believe me. It's for your own good.” Said Isaac as he entered the falcon and Locked the door behind him.

>> No.29659059

Hmm. I'd love to write something about how Brother Clarke keeps an Avatar of Khaine in his reactor as an alternate power source, but my tired brain won't supply me with words

>> No.29659318

Once when fighting Eldar, Brother Clarke faced an Avatar of Khaine.

It was Techpriest versus incarnation of a god of war as the two clashed.

Despite the visible differences between the two, the fight was matched. Finally did the Magos used his stasis field generator, yet this time he nearly caused it to explode as put all the power into it to freeze the Avatar.

After the battle, the Avatar was taken to Clarke's ship where he uses the Daemon as both a emergency power source, as well for meting metals.

The Eldar to whom the Avatar belongs constantly are trying to retrieve their physical god from him...

>> No.29659353

You also know how the Avatar constantly drips molten iron? Maybe he collects it, makes something out of it. You can be damn sure that something like that would have some sort of power

>> No.29659412

Brother Clarke used the drippings to forge a new R.I.G. suit.

It's called the Magmacore Armor. Utter immunity to everything that is hot (up to melta).

>> No.29659475

Forged with sanctified carbon to form Magmacore steel, it remains glowing as if red hot yet remains cool to the touch. Eclipsing even the mighty Ceramite in its heat resistance, anything forged from Magmacore will stand firm in the face of any heat-based weaponry

>> No.29659604

Brother Clarke really loves to make new armors.

Once he even got hold of Necrodermis.

And thus the constantly self-repairing armor known as the Cryptsteel Armor was created.

Glowing with green Imperial symbols, no matter how much damage it will get, it will always repair itself.

>> No.29659644

Get some drawfags in here, THAT right there needs to be illustrated!

>> No.29659663

Honestly? I dislike Tech-Priest Clarke.

The mechadendrites, the excessive use of implants... I don't know.

Isaac's whole thing is that he's just flesh, and flesh is weak (for example, any time you die in Dead Space). Isaac's thing is that he's just a guy, a regular guy, who does excessively well in desperate circumstances.

>> No.29659695

The only cybernetics of his are the eyes. The mechadendrites and servos are integrated into his armor, not his body.

>> No.29659734

I just enjoy thinking of him as Brother Clarke, because it's so much easier to justify him doing over-the-top awesome things if he's also a space marine

>> No.29659865

He actually has fewer implants than any other tech-priest of his rank, and fewer still than most acolytes.
His exo-cortical R.I.G. is the most apparent, keeping track of his general heath and providing power to his stasis and kinetic modules; his helmet also folds outward from the top of the implant to cover his head with a thought. He also has two biorealistic eyes due to an incident involving needles. Needless to say, he doesn't want to talk about it.

The rest is all his suit, which is removable.

>> No.29660005

Once Brother Clarke got a entire DEldar weapons cache into his hands.

After researching the pain and fear inducing weapons, he got to work on a new armor.

The results of this was the Feelblocker Armor.

A purple-black suit with a snow white helmet, this armor cause the user to have some of his brain parts deactivate (those that are responsible for fear and pain). The armor protects the user from agony and terror.

>> No.29660219

He is just a regular guy and except some cortex implants that let him control his powered armor and mechadendrites he is completely human, of course nearly no member of the mechanicus knows this and those who do would never admit this because it would be too shameful for them that a simple human could outclass all of their technologically enhanced brainpower and no one would believe them anyway.

>> No.29660271

Except Isaac Clarke is literally one of the last people who would ally himself with the Imperium.

>> No.29660358

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe he'd consider them the lesser evil or maybe he'd go hang with the Eldar or something. His choices aren't exactly great when it comes to the 40K universe.

>> No.29660388

At least he'd shoot himself than go on with Chaos.

>> No.29660392

Its kind of hard to view the Imperium as the lesser of two evils when they are the bloodiest and most cruel regime imaginable.

>> No.29660417

>lesser evil

Save for very few chapters of the space marines the IoM is entirely evil. They are the most evil species that aren't chaos aligned.

>> No.29660469

Nah, truth is that among them there are actually decent people who won't kill you on the spot.

>> No.29660483

Compared to all other regimes?

On a strictly scientific level, all humans actually -should- appreciate and revere the Emperor for what he does for humanity every waking moment, keeping the warp in check and allowing for FTL travel.

>> No.29660487

As was just mentioned he'd rather shoot himself than join with Chaos. Orks are right out, as are the Dark Eldar, Necrons and the Tyranids. The Mechanicus would be extremely suspicious of him but they're a possibility, HE would be very suspicious of the Tau so that doesn't leave him with very much.

Maybe he'd come across some independent faction, but considering the sheer mass of the Imperium of Man the chances of him coming across them first are pretty high

>> No.29660530

And I'm sure there are some Daemonettes who wouldn't kill you on the spot. That really means nothing when population is well beyond the trillions. IoM as a gestalt entity is worse than any other non chaos faction.

He hates power cults more than he hates anything else. What is the IoM again?

>> No.29660570

Not to mention the only contact Issac has had with other alien species was of the 'kill and consume' variety, and in fact because of the Brethren Moons humans are one of if not the only intelligent species in the local galaxy, so his universe is grimmer than 40k in some respects. To him, humans are the only species worth trusting.

>> No.29660598

Except that's not the case. Because humans are the ones who keep fucking him and everyone else over. He has reason to distrust humans more than he does aliens.

>> No.29660637

What do Daemonettes have to do with the Imperium?

>> No.29660657

They don't. That anon was just using the case that some people may not be grimdick. Which was the point. It's an outlier.

>> No.29660680

>IoM as a gestalt entity is worse than any other non chaos faction.
What? Orks have a universally psychopathic urge to fight and kill, spreading like a virus across the cosmos, Tau are space communists with a penchant for mind domination of all dissenters, Eldar would never allow him into their society on principle, and don't get me started on the fucking Necrons.

Wrong. The only aliens he's ever encountered want to eat all life. Or are you seriously trying to argue that the Tyranid are a better choice?

>> No.29660728

especially anyone from a imperial cult.

Clearly issac's armor is something from the "dark" age of technology and he has several functioning STCs.

the ad mech would be the major enemy issac.

>> No.29660759

And the IoM wants to kill anybody who doesn't fall into line fullstop. They offer no alternative.

> The only aliens he's ever encountered want to eat all life.

Necromorphs are a result of human stupidity and greed. Isaac has put down several outbreaks only for them to happen again because people are incapable of learning or looking beyond their own self interest.

>> No.29660771

Issac would be a fucking major pain in the Tyranid hivemind's collective ass.

>> No.29660803

Imagine the hilarity of this.

>> No.29660855

>forms close interpersonal bonds with others of his own species (because that's what humans fucking do) and has made at least a few friends even after his plummet into the shithole of the necromorph plague
>a few humans in very powerful positions screw him over constantly

>Necromorphs are a result of human stupidity and greed.
No they're not. They would have found humanity anyway because the Earth Marker has been on planet for millions of years prior. I'm pretty sure the majority of people would have revolted if they knew what the Earth government was doing. Besides, it's suggested that Luna has been one of the Brethren Moons the whole time, so your point is moot.
>people are incapable of learning or looking beyond their own self interest.
Xeno lover pls go.
What about all the other humans who helped Issac? What about Ellie? What about Carver? What about all the friends he's made in life?
The only good things that have come out of his life were the direct result of humans. Indirectly the bad in a couple of respects, but directly it was the result of terrible alien eldritch abominations. Not humans.

>> No.29660952

Good points.

>> No.29660956

>forms close interpersonal bonds with others of his own species (because that's what humans fucking do) and has made at least a few friends even after his plummet into the shithole of the necromorph plague

The only humans who haven't blatantly betrayed him were Ellie and Carver.


Altman tried to get word that they should destroy the marker. Guess who got the message but decided to exploit it?

>What about all the other humans who helped Issac?
See above.

>The only good things that have come out of his life were the direct result of humans.
No. The good things came about because HE did something. Ellie and Carver are the only people who haven't betrayed him or planned on using him to get to the marker.

>> No.29660993

Also good points.

>> No.29661033

>And the IoM wants to kill anybody who doesn't fall into line fullstop. They offer no alternative.
That's not even fucking true. If you have something significant to their efforts to contribute, they're surprisingly accommodating as long as you're not Chaos corrupted or if you don't revere the Emperor (who for all intents and purposes, deserves every bit of reverence). Issac would be looked upon as a valued asset for his skills.

>The only humans who haven't blatantly betrayed him were Ellie and Carver.
...that we have seen in the games. He's pushing 40 years old, you short-sighted dumbfuck. He's had enjoyable experiences with humans in the past, most notably with Nicole. She never betrayed him. She just wound up as the form the Marker took in order to manipulate Issac.
But not all humans are bad. You don't even deny that yourself.
>The good things came about because HE did something.
He would have died on numerous occasions without Ellie and Carver.

>> No.29661051

>>296608self pity.dering all this, Isaac Clarke would be no ones ally.
Actually, he would find a ship, round up willing people, no matter the species, and travel away from milky way.
Let evil wallow in selfpity

>> No.29661092

Man, Issac just wants to survive. He also wants to save people when he can, for example when he decides to fly back to Earth to warn them about the Moons. He's a decent person deep down, but he gets little opportunity to show it.

>> No.29661113

Definitively good point.

>> No.29661135

>But not all humans are bad. You don't even deny that yourself.
Where did I even imply that? Humans as individuals are separate from Humans as a species. Stop strawmaning.

>..that we have seen in the games. He's pushing 40 years old, you short-sighted dumbfuck. He's had enjoyable experiences with humans in the past, most notably with Nicole. She never betrayed him. She just wound up as the form the Marker took in order to manipulate Issac.

Way to look outside the presented canon. You must enjoy getting into arbitrary semantic arguments.

>He would have died on numerous occasions without Ellie and Carver.

Why do you think I pointed them out explicitly you dumb ass.

>That's not even fucking true.
Unless you have a dissenting opinion. Or you are a latent psyker. Or looked at an inquisitor wrong. Or said something off about the High Lords.

>> No.29661170

>Way to look outside the presented canon. You must enjoy getting into arbitrary semantic arguments.
Wow. Okay, you got me. 10/10 trel

>> No.29661246

You were talking out of your ass. And if you actually did pay attention to the characterization. The issue was that Isaac felt he betrayed her.

>> No.29661272

>Unless you have a dissenting opinion.
I didn't see them carting off Captain Titus for "having a dissenting opinion" about the Codex Astartes. He was taken away under suspicion of Chaos corruption.
>Or you are a latent psyker.
Pardon me? They regularly employ psykers. I guess it sucks if you're one of the thousand selected to keep the Golden Throne running, but if it DOES stop running, all of humanity might as well slit their own throats anyway.
>Or looked at an inquisitor wrong.
No one likes the Inquisition. Not even the Inquisition.

But he didn't in the end, and neither does she. And that still doesn't prove Issac had no friends growing up, which is such an idiotic claim that I cannot even fathom your stupidity.

>> No.29661306

>And that still doesn't prove Issac had no friends growing up, which is such an idiotic claim that I cannot even fathom your stupidity.

That's entirely outside of the argument because there is no place it's presented in the canon. In canon he didn't have friends because his mother and his father were batshit insane.

>> No.29661339

Correction: His mother was batshit insane. His father and he were driven to poverty because she donated all their money to the Church of Unitology.
This still doesn't prove he had no friends. Everyone has at least a few friends growing up. Issac's social skills are not indicative of someone with any kind of social phobia.

>> No.29661370

It was during the Siege of Teufort that Magos Clarke first encountered Warboss Konagga. The outcome of their duel is known only to them, but the aftermath was comparable to Exterminatus. Agents of the Cadillus Temple have since reported that the warboss is attempting to force another battle with Magos Clarke, who he considers a good friend.

>> No.29661413

Whether or not he had friends is still outside of the presented canon. It has nothing to do with anything and it never will because his relationships were never expounded upon.

>> No.29661421 [SPOILER] 

If they do make Dead Space 4, you will obviously want to destroy the brethren Moons.
But how do you hurt something that size?
Why it would require something capable of cracking open planets.

>> No.29661512

Are you really going to push this point? You're saying essentially that a man who has no problem forming close interpersonal relationships in his late 30s had no positive social life in his younger days, all in an attempt to make people think Issac would rather join a different faction than the Imperium of Man were he ever suddenly in the WK40k universe?
That's incredibly stupid.

He's had positive experiences with humans. He's had negative experiences with humans. This is canon.
He's had NO positive experiences with aliens. He's had negative experiences with aliens. This is canon.
Do you understand?

>> No.29661619

And you are ignoring the fact that he has expressed a massive distrust of humans by the 3rd game. You are completely ignoring every aspect of this argument except for the parts that matter. I am not saying he would join a different faction. What I'm saying is he would be equally distrustful of a human faction composed entirely of a cargo cult with absurd power as he is with unitologists. And there is nothing he distrusts and hates more than unitology.

>> No.29661707

I'm not even sure why this scenario comes about in the first place. Issac comes from another universe. That alone puts him at a serious disadvantage. Every other humans in the Imperium has been raised to know all pertinent information about how shit works in the WH40k universe, and he could very offend people if he just pops up out of the blue.
Maybe if he had someone to provide context he'd have an easier time, but getting anyone to believe his story is a challenge for ANYONE given this scenario.

>> No.29661745

Shit, I must be tired.

Every other human in the Imperium*

and he could very easily offend people if he just pops up out of the blue and speaks to someone*

>> No.29661780


>> No.29661825

Well I've been getting pretty uncivil in my arguments anyway so it's probably best just to drop it.

>> No.29662058

>Bisecting the thing in half.
>In half.
>After chastising someone for redundancy.

>> No.29663588

Gonna finish these hamboigahs, then start writing.

>> No.29663742

God, I'm jelly. I just finished off my last one, and now I'm out of both burgers and hotdogs.

Damn, could I sound any MORE american?

>> No.29663772

Lamenting running out of bbq would be a start.

>> No.29663803

Well, if you were enjoying a nice side of FREEDOM with those franks and burgers, then maybe.

>> No.29663830

Maybe you should start clapping.

>> No.29663865

HEB-brand Ruffles. You know what they say. If it ain't HEB, it ain't free.

>> No.29663871

>Running out of food
How unamerican.

>> No.29663889

No, no, I got plenty of food.

Just not 'merican food.

>> No.29663910




>> No.29663927

I am now picturing the moment of realization followed by that look of absolute despair on his face as he realizes that he has to board that ship for a third time.

>> No.29663935

I work at Papa Johns.
Last night at around 8, we got an order for the breakfast pizza (which is a custom thing one of the other drivers came up with; no sauce, double cheese, bacon, canadian bacon, sausage, and covered in syrup) and a special request: spell "Marry me?" on the pizza with canadian bacon.

This guy proposed via sliced heart attack in a box. That's America.

>> No.29663973

That is the cutest thing ever.

>> No.29663993

Opening the cargo bay doors, Isaac once again saw what was left of the black marker. Shards and large pieces of it filled the hold nearly to its brim. He remembered the warm, trembling feeling he got when reading marker-scrawl, yet as he approached the marker's remains, he didn't feel it I the least. With a trembling hand he reluctantly reached for a shard. He held it in his hands, closed his eyes and tried to detect any signs of the energy that once resided in it, yet felt nothing. No ringing in his ears, no voices, no symbols. Nothing.

It was unbelievable. Twice now the marker threat seemed over. Twice now has he stood seemingly triumphant. Could it really be over? Wherever this was, could there be other markers? No. That was over. It had to be. The greatest marker of them all lay in ruins before his very eyes. A shard of it lay in Isaac's hand, no maddening signal radiating from it. It was over. It had to be over.

Isaac made his way back tot the airlock, but not before hearing chatter in the cockpit coming from the comms receiver. “Mr Clarke!. We know you're in there! What have you got in that ship? Answer now or we will enter by force!”

>> No.29664055

Not really. She said no.

>> No.29664104

Poor Isaac has to deal with their shit now.

>> No.29664272


>> No.29664412

Understandable, though. I mean, who the hell proposes with a pizza? Call me old fashioned, but I'd want to make more of an event out of it than fast food at home.

>> No.29664490

Fair enough.

>> No.29664743

Look what I found.

>> No.29664747


Hurriedly opening the airlock doors, he was immediately greeted by Shepard, Nezala, and all their respective compatriots, each of them with firearms out and pointed to the door. Isaac could do nothing but raise his arms in submission.

“You have seconds to tell us what you're hiding in there, Clarke.” Garrus said in a low, growling voice.

“Settle down, Garrus.” Shepard said as he motioned the team to lower their weapons, Nezala following suit. “Now, what was all that about? You mentioned a “Marker”. Just what is so important about it that you had to run away full speed through a crowd of Quarians to check on it?”

“Not to mention knocking over poor Veetor”, tali piped up. “He's now terrified of some “Hairy, blue eyed monster” that apparently knocked the wind out of him.”

“Okay, look...” Isaac said, worriedly stepping forward. “It should be safe now, but if you go to the cargo hold, Don't. Touch. Anything. I really can't stress that enough.“

“Right.” Tali said. “You said something about radioactivity before.”

“I was lying. It has nothing to do with radioactivity. It's mimetic. Any direct contact with the contents of that hold has extremely bad effects on the mind. There's no signal coming from them however, so I guarantee that indirect contact is safe” Isaac said, opening the second door of the airlock. He was lying when he said guarantee, but what else could he say to make sure he didn't get a bullet in his head? At this point he wasn't sure if he was saving himself, or digging his own grave.

>> No.29664883

Dragon Age Clarke?

Cause that looks sick as fuck!

>> No.29664950

Something like that.

>> No.29664990

That fur trim reminds me of the main promo armor of Dark souls 2.

Also it is sexy as fuck

>> No.29665520

“Why did you lie before?” Tali said as everyone climbed into the Falcon. “We hare no immune systems, Isaac. If there's anything virile on this ship, the results would be catastrophic!”

“I'm sorry I lied, but I had to be careful. There's a long, horrible story behind what's in that hold, and it's not something you wanna divulge to a large, and presumably armed fleet. I just panicked, okay? I didn't want people freaking out until they were all up to speed. You have to realize, there's no easy way to break something like this, especially if the only guys you can break it to are the ones rescuing you from deep space.”

“So, the hold is full of some sort of material that turns people's minds inside out... bit of a step-up from seizing a red sand shipment isn't it, Shepard?” Garrus said as they entered the ship.

“Excuse us!” a voiced chimed from the hall. “aren't we invited?”

“Oh, the engineering team!” Tali replied. “Isaac, you wouldn't mind giving them a tour of the Falcon, would you?”

“Long as they stay away from the hold, they're golden. What exactly are they expecting to find?”

“Oh, it's not just that, It's what we found only minutes ago!” one of them said excitedly, bringing up a holo-display with his omni-tool. “Mr Clarke, you said before to the lieutenant that you have no idea how you got here, but we just found out how! Well, partly, that is.”

Now more than ever Isaac needed answers, and those words sounded like music to his ears. “Alright, you have my attention.”

>> No.29665549

Make Us Whole.

>> No.29665718


>> No.29665768

You, uh... borked that link a bit.

>> No.29665858

Never heard that one before.

>> No.29666063

You've never heard the term "borked" before?

>> No.29666193 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29666383 [SPOILER] 

pic related
“About an hour before we established contact with you, some sort of singularity popped up near flotilla space” said the second member of the engineer team said as they entered the ship. We monitored it for a while, watching for anything that might come out. Come about thirty minute later, and some mid-sized ship slowly edges it's way out of it. The admiralty board wanted answers, as did the Normandy and her crew. Being a military ship, they wanted to know if there was any threat apparent. That's when Tali here decided she wanted to make contact.”

“So I came here through a wormhole?” Isaac said, checking the systems diagnostics aboard the Falcon. “What exactly does this insinuate?”

“Isn't it obvious?” the third and final member of the team replied. “The physicists aboard the Rayya saw the energy signatures coming from that singularity and saw that it was coming from a source from within the fissure! I'm no physicist, and I couldn't tell you the details if I tried, but our readings and their interpretations don't lie! Isaac, You're from another reality!”

>> No.29666500

Poor Isaac.

>> No.29666574


>> No.29666658

It is at this point I imagine Isaac, who at some point retracted his mask, simply stares at these strange beings like a deer in headlights.
The silence that ensues lasts just long enough for it to get to that level of awkward where you know you should say something, but no one has any idea what to say, then Isaac's mask slowly forms into place.
Then he blacks out.

>> No.29666794

His suit would be sealed at all times, Quarians have very strict decontamination protocols and im suprised they even let him with the fuzzy mop that his arctic survival suit is on board

I really like the witness suit btw, same as the arctic survival suit only with a blue and black pattern and completely covered in marker scribbels and symbols.

>> No.29666944

if he was wearing the arctic suit you think he would be a walking bio hazard considering he is probably caked in dried on necromorph bits

>> No.29666971

I'm certain Quarians have extensive decontamination procedures aboard all of their ships.

>> No.29667073

>not superior Galo-Slammin'


>> No.29668127

So in Dead Space are necromorphs what killed the dinosaurs?

>> No.29668237

>Necromorph dinosaurs

>> No.29669025

Bumping for moar.

>> No.29669594

The USG Falcon is a prospecting vessel. It's designed to scam planets for valuable materials, as well as have enough cargo space to hold a sizable amount of said material. That way it can be analyzed and mineral buildup can be dated. That way, the CEC can make accurate approximations as to just how much of a resource is on the planet, allowing the corporation to deploy the correct vessel(s) for the job, whether it be a planetcracker for full-blown planet-cracking, or a small detachment of light surface-extractor ships to extract what resources they can from the planet's immediate crust (up to 100 feet into the crust at any given point). To ensure that no samples are contaminated, many of the ship's passageways terminate in decon-stations. Needless to say, Isaac has passed through several of these. He's clean as a whistle.

>> No.29669681

wait, nevermind. It's way late.

I'll be up bright and early tomorrow.

>> No.29669754


>> No.29669816

Get my hopes up why don'tcha?

>> No.29669931

>Bloody Slam

But Galo-Slammin' isn't bad. I think the editing of the two songs need a bit more work. Now i want to make a video for dead space with the songs but stomping not slamming. Maybe i will pick them up for pc and do it later. (don't have the recording ability for x-box.)

>> No.29671684

Bumping in hopes that 'Ardboy and "Isaac" will grace us with their presence tonight.

>> No.29674132

nother bump

>> No.29674739

Haven't seen Ardboy in a few days now

>> No.29675174

Is there still anyone on here besides me?

>> No.29675221

Me, but I'm just waiting for 'Ardboy

I hope he's alright

>> No.29675241

i'm here too but i'm mostly off raging in 40k threads at the GW shills and feeding them their assholes over fucking my army over completely a second time in a row.

>> No.29675266

I am. Probably won't post any tonight, but I'm sorta working on some "Isaac's advice saves Shepard from indoctrination" writing. Any opinions on when it would probably occur?

>> No.29675296

how about have him talk about necromorphs and how he dealt with him, and have it so shepard actually did issacs loyalty mission which also involves them.
all that PTSD and paranoia would probably be stupidly beneficial towards telling the reaper indoctrination to fuck off.

>> No.29675320

>Reaper is indoctrinating entire party. Everyone writhes and cries blood trying to resist it.
>Isaac completely unbothered, Reaper so baffled it decides to go somewhere else

>> No.29675325

Oh, yeah, I meant about where in the timeline. Probably doesn't matter a whole lot, at this point it'd probably just determine what kind of enemies they're under fire by. It'd probably make the most sense to happen during the in ME3 during the Reaper Invasion, though.

>> No.29675362

honestly having clarke in starting at 2 would be hella interesting TBH
then go from there.

>> No.29675374

Brother Magos Clarke knows many things, but it was when fighting Necrons where he became a feared individual.

He actually found out how Necrons phase out after being destroyed or badly damaged.

When that happened, Clarke used this to capture Necrons for study. The first Necron he studied was a Overlord who dared to attack a Imperial Agri-World.

When he was captured by Brother Clarke, the Overlord thought that he would escape by simply phasing out.

If he had a normal fleshy face, then his expression would've been a mixture of confusion, shock, surprise and utter horror.

Since then the Necrons fear and respect Brother Clarke.

>> No.29675406

>implying brother clarke after studying all he coulf from it didn't melt it down into a marker and teleported it onto a necron tomb world for hilarious irony.

>> No.29675419

He did that too. The Necrons felt fear after those billions of years.

>> No.29675441

>necron PTSD from what sounds like the war in heaven restarting in microcosm with necromorphs
i....... kinda want a drawfag for this.

>> No.29675602

Necrodermis Necromorphs

>> No.29675629

I still don't get what improves a suit that can handle the extream cold-heat of space, is improved by adding FUR. Just seem like "it's cold! he should wear actic gear!" it make sense if he hadn't already had an iconic suit that had handled all that.

>> No.29675632

just absolutly horrifying bullshit.

>> No.29675649

Necrodermis is living metal, if it is living it can die. If it can die it can be affected by the Marker signal.

Horrors ensue, Brother Clarke feels more at home than he has in centuries.

>> No.29675660

While space is cold, doesn't it have virtually no way to actually leech heat from your body? The RIG with fur could have been designed specifically for low-temp atmospheric conditions which would probably be very different from the protections needed in space.

>> No.29675687

Well I figured the story itself would start just a little before Shepard's mind comes under attack, and I'm not sure if that would happen pre or post-Reaper Invasion. It'd probably be a lot shorter than 'ArdBoy's or Isaac's, y'know, to kind of stretch my legs.

>> No.29675705

Most likely the arctic suits just added an additional layer of insulation and heating. As the only thing you really need in deep space is cooling

>> No.29676217

Oh my god...

>> No.29676800

Nah. The Marker would drive the Crons completely nuts, but it wouldn't turn them into Necromorphs.

The real Necromorphs are the Nurgle empowered genetic creations of the Arch-Heretek Mercer.

Even after Brother Clarke slew him and many of his minions in a epic fight that nearly killed Clarke, the horrid legacy of Mercer still pops out from time to time in random places in the galaxy.

Brother Magos Clarke swore that he'd wipe Mercer's creations from the face of the galaxy. He actually hates those things thrice as much than the Mechanicus abhors the Iron Men.

>> No.29676874


...So he should actually have one hell of a repsheet with the Ordo Malleus and the SoB. Perhaps even to the point where he doesn't get mindwiped when the Grey Knights pop up.

I can just see a Paladin and Brother Clarke being back-to-back badasses, both shouting litanies and bringing Emperor-Sanctioned smackdown on the 'morphs.

>> No.29676905

They're like, "Halt! This is Inquisitorial business an- oh wait, that's Brother Clarke."

>> No.29676911

>The USG Falcon is a prospecting vessel. It's designed to scam planets for valuable materials
>It's designed to scam planets for valuable materials

con men in space

>> No.29676944


"Brother Clarke."
"Master Draigo."

And everything unholy is already fucked, they just don't know it yet.

>> No.29676963

I'd also imagine Brother Clarke letting them use his inventions and creations to battle the Nurglemorphs that range from Plauge Zombie sized ones, to monsters the size of a Warhound Titan.

>> No.29676985


I can actually see Brother Clarke being the Q equivalent for the GK. If he's got something new that the Knights might find interesting he just ships it over to Titan.

>> No.29677002

Including his armors, such as the Magmacore, the Cryptsteel and Fellblocker armors...and many more.

As well all the awesome stuff he's manufacturing in his private sanctuary of a Forge World (or forge station).

>> No.29677042

Brother Clarke suffers from a deep-seated affliction extremely similar to the Black Rage of the Blood Angels, which seems to trigger every time anyone mentions Heretek Mercer or Necromorphs. It differs greatly however as instead of going on a blind killing spree, he is instead spurred on towards building things with furious abandon and a speed that frightens some tech-priests.

One Inquisitor remarked at one point that "He designs and constructs as if the Emperor Himself stood beside him, telling him what to do even as the Arch-Traitor bayed at his door."

>> No.29677099

And everything he builds in this state is both destructive and efficient in the extreme.

Such is his hate for the abominations. It is not only because Mercer betrayed the principles of the Mechanicus, but also that he took someone from him.

Such is the tranquil fury of Brother Clarke for Mercer's creations.

>> No.29677223

Nobody truly knows what horrors were caused by Heretek Mercer that fateful day. For nobody but Brother Clarke survived it, and every time anyone dares ask him he gets this horrible look in his eyes. As if the Warp itself tore itself asunder within the confines of his mind, and all their horrors spilled forth.

Many of those who asked are also dead now, all by the hand of Brother Clarke. Not for what they asked him, but for what they became after they looked too deeply into those haunted eyes.

>> No.29677268

dammit, I hate typos
Isaac just stood there for a moment, replaying those words in his head over and over. You're from another reality. You're not just several light years form home. You're from another reality. You will never see Ellie again. You're from another reality. You will never live a normal life again. You're from another reality. On and on, it repeated itself, as if Isaac simply couldn't comprehend it, yet he understood it perfectly. Bit by bit, it sunk in lie a blade to flesh, and the implications that this revelation insinuated shook Isaac to his core. He sat down in the helmsman's seat again, hands on the interface, all while remaining absolutely silent. Everything was silent for what felt like an eternity. Concerned about the now shaking man at the helm, a member of the engineering team spoke up, trying to wake Isaac from his seemingly catatonic state.

“Mr. Clarke, are you okay?”

“Rizea, I don't think it was a good idea to-”

“Shut up” Isaac said, still gripping the edge of the pilot's console. “Everyone just shut up.”

“Mr Clarke....” Shepard said, trying to see if he could get the trembling engineer to calm down.

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Isaac roared at the top of his lungs. Standing up from his seat, Isaac couldn't stand the sight of anyone near him, at least for the moment. “Everyone, just get the hell away from me. “

“Mr Clarke-”


>> No.29677290

Man with a dark and tragic secret. He doesn't even tell it to his disciple Ishi Weller.

He/she/it...whatever gender Ishi is (the child is that tightly robed and doesn't speak too much), doesn't ask this the Magos. All Ishi knows is that whenever Clarke remembers that horrid day, he either has all emotions killed in him but anger, or he turns morbid and sad.

Being Isaac is suffering.

>> No.29677318

He has suffered so much, and suffers to the point every day that if he ever got over it enough to weaponize it, Brother Clarke would sit down on the Golden Throne and no one would ever be the wiser

>> No.29677359

Brother Clarke replaces the Emperor after HE gets out of there.

His suffering keeps Chaos at bay while Big E fixes the Imperium.

>> No.29677386

The closest thing I've got to that idea.

>> No.29677387

His mind is filled with such chaos, suffering and PURE MOTHERFUCKING WILLPOWER that it gives the Gods of Chaos nightmares. And daymares.

>> No.29677453

his suffering creates a fifth god in the warp, a god that just wants to prevent everyone no matter what rave from suffering as he does and so he turn all of his suffering, rage and sadness to the destruction of the four for they where the ultimate cause of it all, they never knew what hit them and to this day the great mourner watches over reality and ensures that nothing ever has to suffer again through the machinations of chaos!

>> No.29677479



And yet another /tg/ homebrew ends, not in a bang, but in puerile fantasy retardation. You just had to ruin it.

>> No.29677487

so in short: grueling, horrifing, mindbreaking battles but no lootin,rape,pillage and/or general chaos?

>> No.29677503

The Emperor would pay his respects to Brother Clarke.

And after Chaos is sealed away from realspace, Brother Clarke will finally rest.

But now, he must go on. He must take the fight to the Forces of Chaos. He will never rest. He will never tire. Such is the inner strength of Brother Clarke.

Whenever The Omnisiah Emperor sees his struggles and determination, he weeps a tear of both joy and sorrow for the Magos.

>> No.29677507

I have to draw the line there, he isn't Malal.

>> No.29677529

Actually he isn't even a psyker, he just takes the whole 'Armor of Contempt' to extreme levels

>> No.29677923


>> No.29677956

Clarke would be an Enginseer, not a Magos

>> No.29677962

He'd be both.

>> No.29677970

Enginseer is a rank. Magos is a rank, which is higher. You can't be both.

>> No.29677971


He defies class definition by the Mechanicus, being such an impossible badass. They refer to him as Brother becasue of that, unable to find a better title for someone of his vast skillset.

>> No.29677983

No, he's Enginseer. He's a Mechanic. He fixes things. He's not a researcher or an experimenter.

Enginseer's fix, build, and maintain. Magos contribute to the pursuit of knowledge. His combat ability with tools is irrelivant.

>> No.29677987

I guess he's simply so bro that they can't imagine thinking of him any other way

>> No.29677990

Or a Magos that both looks for STC, helps with repairs...fights warp abominations and more.

>> No.29678020

>Looks for STC

This never occurs.

>helps with repairs

>Fights warp abominations
The duty of any faithful Imperial

Isaac was a great character, where is all the wierd autismal wank in this thread coming from though? Clarke is an Enginseer with a talent for using his tools as weapons and higher than average combat stats for his class. The Kinesis and Time Flux modules could be considered Archaeotech, but in the context of his universe those are normal tools.

>> No.29678034


No, hes an Artisan that refuses to stay and design. He needs to get out there, in the field, doing what he can for Mankind and getting that hands-on experience that he loves. If that entails doing the duty of an Enginseer, so be it.

>> No.29678070

...No. He's an Enginseer. At no point in any of the games does it suggest or say Isaac designs machines or performs research.

Where is this shit coming from?

Why is there a mass effect fanfic in the middle of the thread?

How the hell did this get two threads long?

>> No.29678075


>> No.29678083


Two threads? This is thread number FIVE. It started out as an ME/DS crossover idea, which expanded into Clarke in 40k.

Go search Foolz or SupTG.

>> No.29678119


Well, still, if all you want to do is stat Clarke in 40k, he's a Enginseer with low WS, high BS, Average S, High T, Low-to-Average AG, High INT, Low-to-Average PER, High WP, low FEL

>> No.29678125


>> No.29678165

This all began when someone posted this picture right here some three threads ago. This instantly spawned great and glorious writefaggotry about Brother Clarke and how awesome he was

>> No.29678305

from it went pretty much
>pic related

>> No.29678364

The truth about Brother Clarke is as confusing as the many stories that every Imperial. From civilians and Guardsmen, Sisters and Marines, to Inquisitors and Custodes tell about his awesome exploits.

Some say that he's a mighty Magos of a Techpriest. Others that he's a Master of the Forge of some powerful Space Marine Chapter or even a Grey Knight.

Truth is that Brother Clarke is all but this. He's simply a Techpriest with very little cybernetics, a creative mind, and titanic willpower. Yet despite this, he makes feats of greatness so big, that even Grey Knights raise their eyebrows.

He repairs that what needs repairing. He invents new kinds of armors and weapons. He travels the galaxy with Skiitari Veteran Carver and his disciple Ishi Weller (the child of Skiitari Warrior Weller), helping out Imperials in need, fighting the enemies of the Imperium, and fight the legacy of Arch-Heretek that are the dreaded Necromorphs of Nurgle.

Many hold him in ave and respect. And equally many fears him and are jealous of what he can.

Brother Clarke does not care for this. When shit needs to be done right, then no matter what...SHIT WILL BE DONE RIGHT!

>> No.29678365

I actually prefer the Mass Effect stories to the Brother Clarke stuff but both are pretty fun to read.

>> No.29678382

Heretek Mercer. Forgot to add.

>> No.29678432

I enjoy both in equal measure, none is above the other in my eyes

>> No.29678600

Oh yeah, don't forget his personal forge world-station. I think I'm gonna refer to it as his Symphony of Steel... it sounds catchy

>> No.29678648

Not to mention he can summon Draigo thanks to his willpower.

>> No.29678692

It is 40k canon that if you summon a demon, there's a slight chance that you summon that demon while it's being killed by Draigo. He just perfected the summoning of those killings-in-progress

>> No.29678773

Which some Inquisitors (especially the Radicals) envy him.

>> No.29678800

i still think thats hilarious
picture it!
>be a small time cultist having your own coven somewhere in the underhive
>try to impress dem coven girls by summoning some miniature warp spawn with no mind of its own
>commence ritual everyone is chanting and everything is going according to plan
>warp rift opens you can see the fiend oozing out of the crack in the world to possess the small mammal you sacrificed
> suddenly something goes wrong ITS MOTHERFUCKING DRAIGO!!
> he bursts out of the rift looks around facepalms and you hear him mutter "this small time bullshit isn't worth my time i have bloodthirsters to wrestle"
>Draigo turns around and leaves through the rift while you and your coven just stand there in shock
>the next day you renounce your affilations to chaos, abandon the coven and start living an emperor fearing live like he would want you to.

>> No.29678818

Chaos is not worth it in the end.

>> No.29678867

That does actually happen. It's like the definition of a critical fumble, where instead of a demon to do your bidding it's a fucking Grey Knight Grandmaster and YOU are wearing chaos colors

>> No.29679126

Now that's Tzeentch dickery.

>> No.29679598

And this happens With 40k...
Hint hint hint.....

>> No.29679845

I'd put bets on Ceogorach, myself

>> No.29680241

Or both I'd say. Add the Deceiver and Emperor and we have a full.

>> No.29680395

Shit, guys. Can we go back to discussing what horrible things would happen to anyone that tried messing with Clarke's brain?

I was pondering right now what would happen if he went up against someone or something with psionics as their main gig. Like I wouldn't want to be the Illithid that tried checking what his mind was like

>> No.29680514


>> No.29680562

We gon hit page 8 soon.

Should we make a net thread, or call it a day?

>> No.29680577



>> No.29680585

Absolutely. He'd be some kind of anti-Ardat Yakshi that they tell horror stories about to keep their kids from going nuts

Def new thread, we need more writefaggotry

>> No.29680602

Should I do it? I've done it every time save for this one.

>> No.29680628

Sure, why not. Then maybe we can try bounce the rest of that story of yours out between us or something

>> No.29680640


>> No.29680768



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