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What would /tg/ pick?

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Blood and drain, assuming mana actually does something.

The winner of a fight isn't who does the most damage, its who survives.

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Good luck attacking, jerk.

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What the everloving fuck?
How is sticking extra junk onto the blade of your sword (and making it really shitty as a result) an Enchantment?

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It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.

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The first one. At the top. Magic can be countered or can fail you. Trust in good, honest steel.

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Spikes and Rage.

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Diamond and haste.
Faster attacks, more crits, lots of dead dudes.

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Blood+Ethereal heals you more. It increases it BY 1.5 times, not TO.

So Blood+Drain heals you 100% of damage dealt, but Blood+Ethereal heals you 125% of damage dealt.

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Haste and Death. I've made my decision, and I'm going all in.

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Explotion I suppose, because if I'm going to kill someone I at least want to make sure they're properly moisturized/ready to jerk off.

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Diamond and Ethereal would be godly.

50 + (50*1.5) = 125% crit rate, guaranteed crit plus 25% chance to double crit I guess. And on top of that 500% crit damage.

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>Explosion strictly better than thunder
>Thunder/lightning is my favorite "element" in games
Fucking. Dropped.

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Rolled 6 + 5


Why not Diamond+Ethereal?

75% chance of critting for 300% damage.

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Diamond is broken yes but, so is your math. [50*1.5=75] [200*1.5=300].

My choice is Diamond/Diamond. 100% Crit for 400% Damage.

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Blood and Lightning.

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If I have diamond and spikes if I deflect an attack do I have the chance to crit? If I deflect a crit do I get my bonus?

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Rolled 11 + 5


You know, your math was so bad that I actually had to use a calculator to make sure that I hadn't forgotten a basic rule of arithmetic...but you're math really was just that bad.

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Rage/demon dual wield

I must be the edge.

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you really can't into math can you? ethereal is a multiplier, no addition involved.
1.5*50 is 75% chance crit... and crit damage is then 300%

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See: >>29615372

It increases it BY 1.5 the original damage, not TO 1.5 the original damage dealt. Your math is increasing it TO 150% power, my math is increasing it BY 150% power, adding the original value times 1.5.

So given the wording used, my math is correct, though it could just be a fuck up on the part of the maker of the image.

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I laughed.

All about that DPS and Life Leech.

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I'm thinking Blood and Frost. I'll let them get a weak attack in so that I can strike them as well, and then once they are slowed I can dance around them and heal myself while they rage and cry and die.

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Well if you can double up on one, and they stack additively, just go with Ice/Ice. -100% attack speed mother fucker.

But you can't double up or else ethereal would be completely useless, since obviously a +100% bonus is better than a +50% one.

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I don't know what country you speak english in probably australia.

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Poison + Ghost

in most cases it seems ghost would be superior to haste as long as the ghost blade applied on hit effects, as it would be equivalent to 2x weapon speed compared to hastes 1.5x

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That is not how math works champ.

Double ice still leaves you vulnerable to spike effect.

And yes you can double up, totally legit RAW.

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depends entirely how status effects work in this game.
For example if i pick curse and hit an opponent twice do i cut his damage in half twice? Or did i just reset the original curses timer?

If status effects stack it makes Haste+Frost or Haste+Curse really fucking deadly.

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Given the description of poison and the 'explotion' enchantment, I think it's pretty safe to assume ethereal is supposed to be an additional 50% bonus, not an additional 150%.

Also, again, Ice+Ethereal for -125% attack speed is just dumb.

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Eh whatever I don't even give a shit anymore, you guys win I cannot into math at all. 75% crit rate + 300% damage is still OP as fuck anyways.

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Yeah, but you can still outlast them by taking half damage while they take full, and once they are frozen in place you can disarm them.

This is why doubling up is stupid, at least if it's additive -- the meta will end up with everyone taking Ice/Ice baby and everyone will just try and be the first to sneak attack the other.

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If someone says the price of an item has increased by 50%, do you think it has gone on sale?

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They'll never hit me.

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Spike only returns 50% of the damage though, so double ice will still kill anything except double spike.

So the game becomes a rock-paper-scissors of double ice, double spike, and double curse and none of the other options are ever relevant.

Actually, depending on your interpretation of spike, double spike can just never lose because you can't take damage when you're reflecting 100% of it.

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Blood and Curse; take less damage and make up some of it in healing.

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Aha! I have leveled the playing field between us! Alternatively, we could party together instead and you could be my Debuff and I could be the DPS.

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Rolled 43, 4, 11 = 58

Haste and demon together would be pretty fucking op. Just keep hitting, eventually you will knock a bit of health off

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Assuming the enemies are coming in like Dynasty Warriors, explosion and demon, makes quick work of them.

Assuming buffs and debuffs stack, frost and haste.

Else, fire and blood.

Also, how are you guys interpreting poison?
>25% chance for enemy to lose an two attacks

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>not picking fire and diamond and being the hardest hitter to ever hit

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Why do you assume we all have the same amount of health? Or deal the same amount of damage with our attacks?

It's only a rock paper scissors game if you're using generic and identical minions to do all of your fighting.

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Yes the game as written is just see who hits first and assume things. It would be interesting to see what the game would look like with a matching armor chart.

No, but then again I'm one of those rare individuals who know the definition of increase.

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That way, I'd be attacking 150% speed for normal damage, and then another 150% speed for half damage.

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Blood and spikes

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Haste and Demon

If I am not doing well, I get a strength boost

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And the entry says it increases by 150%. I'm 99% sure that's not what he meant it to be, but RAW that's what it does.

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Rage and demon because that sounds the most fun

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Explosion and blood wouldn't stack, would they?

Rather, I mean that the damage dealt by the explosion effect wouldn't trigger blood's effect.

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1 hit at normal damage with 50% chance to deal 200% weapon damage
1 hit at half damage with 50% chance to deal 200% weapon damage

Alternately, any of the status effect ones+ ghost gets the doubled stat effect (presuming it works that way) as well as 1.5 damage.

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Yes I know, which is why when you do the math you [50*1.5]=75 and [200*1.5]=300.

Note the increase.

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Blood+Haste. get rekd

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Demon and Rage. You just get stronger and stronger as the fight continues.

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Haste+Ghost would give you a constant 225% DPS. That sounds pretty good to me.

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Death+Ghost, duh.

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If I do Blood and Spikes, will the damage reflected by Spikes heal me?

If not, I suppose Spikes and Explosion to have a strong AoE game

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You make a good point. For what it's worth, I think you are correct in your semantic analysis but it's probably a typo on the part of the author.

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That is a 50% increase. Note the increase.
IF [50*1.5]=75 was a 150% increase
THEN [50*0.5]=25 would be a 50% increase.
Note the decrease.

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Yeah, I agree it's probably a typo, but we need to go for every advantage we can, no?

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drain + ghost would be rather potent
1 hit heals for 50% dmg dealt, then a 2nd hit at 50% healing half of its dmg dealt.

would effectively be heal 75% base damage, and deal 150% base damage.

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Ethereal and ghost.

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Look champ, it says increase by 1.5 times the effect, it literally tells you the operation to perform to get the answer.

You are bad at math.

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I'm not even the guy you're arguing with, but I just want to tell you you're wrong. According to your interpretation a 50% increase and a 150% increase are the same thing.

You understand why this is an ineffective set of definitions, yes? The operation 'increase by x' should be a one-to-one function.

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ethereal and haste would be better

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I mean... really guys?
Can't you into math?

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Still wrong samefag.

OP states, "Increase other enchantments effects by 1.5 times original effect"

The only part of this equation that is NOT a variable is [1.5*]

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>no Lust enchantment

Your wizard a shit.

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Ghost + Haste.

I'll call it... the Blurred Blade of Atatatata

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These niggas know where it's at.


Even though Rage really should be 2.5-3% because Diamond is objectively better since it does the same damage as Rage at 50% HP

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You seriously have no idea what you are talking about.
First off, it's not a equation, it's a formula. Learn the difference.
Now, let's get down to it
>Increase by
>1.5 times original effect

Now, when you simplify, you get

Now go to bed.

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Frost + Ghost = 75% slow

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>nobody has chosen Spikes/Rage yet

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Frost + Ghost would be better. Assuming equal attack rates, then your attack rate would be four times that of your opponent and you'd twice the movement speed.

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1 hit at 100% damage, 2 hits at 75% damage for 250% damage per hit.

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I'm pretty sure that Ethereal only effects the numeric benefits of the enchantment. It would increase the damage of the second strike given in numerals but not the number of strikes.

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Ethereal + Haste


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1.5 * 1 =/= 2

Since when have you rounded up in an RPG?

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>Dat blood
Aww yis. Nothing better than HP drain. Crowds of mooks are now irrelevant threats; hell I look at them and see a healing fountain.

Second enchantment should be offensive since that one is so defensive. Curse is good; my main threat is going to be big strong guys who I need to take out fast; curse can make them much weaker so I can tank their hits and heal back up.

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Rolled 1

There's no lightning you retard. There's a thunder, but not a lightning sword idiot.

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Haste + ghost


>> No.29616746

Am I the only one going blood + haste? your sword don't mean shit if I can eat you alive for health.

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I like that


All average out to 225% damage. Neat.

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My brother... I >>29616375 shall fight with you, back to back.

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Wait ethereal + frost makes them unable to attack...

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Ethereal and Explosion


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I was about to say that /v/ needs to leave, but then I realized what kind of thread this is.

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75% crit chance for 300% weapon damage.

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Curse/Death or Haste/Death

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You know, there is probably something more effective, but how could I pass up Haste+ghost and lose out on the chance to never stop cutting?

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Ghost Thunder

chain lightning all day everyday

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What's my baseline attack speed?

Actually, fuck that, that's a pointless question, more attack speed is always better. Haste + something. I'm thinking either Ethereal, Ghost, Blood, or Explosion. It depends on the rest of the system.

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Rage/Demon is Strongest

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Are you retarded? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fist_of_the_north_star

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Demon and Ghost because fuck yo couch

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I'd be taking Blood + Curse, critical hits are now worth... exactly as much as you would do normally.


Haw haw haw.
I assume/take in to account that the enchants are unique.

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He's already retarded.

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Blood and electricity.

If I find the way to control those I might just have free energy and rejuvenation in my hands. Plus stun is helpful for non lethal.

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Two is a number.

>> No.29617126

2 * 1.5 = 3

Where are you getting the 1 from?

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Why is no one taking Death? It seems like a statistical no-brainer? 1 in 50 strikes will kill. With Ghost, that makes it 1 in 25 strikes.

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...Get out of /tg/, and never come back.

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Haste+Ghost. Haste+Ghost. Haste+Ghost. Convert to the Church of Atatatata. We grow stronger by the day.

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Ghost and Haste.

Kill em before they can even attack.

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So? It usually does not take very many hits to kill an enemy.

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gambler's fallacy

it's just a 1 in 50 chance two times.

that's like saying if you flip a coin twice it's higher chance to be the opposite result

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Depends on the enemy. I have a 1 in 25 chance of killing any dragon, demon, or giant per strike. I need not be strong, merely skilled and fast.

>> No.29617243


You're not going to use 25/12.5 strikes on one guy before he kills your ass, and if you do he'll probably already be dead. If it doesn't proc then it does nothing. You're much better off with something consistent.

>> No.29617247

Well screw you too pal

>> No.29617255

Death is too random, 49 of 50 strikes do not kill instantly, assuming it's a 100% chance it does at 50, is just too damn of a low kill potential.

>> No.29617280

Assumptions. You can build an entire style around defensive tactics, needing not to strike for power but only to land a blow. This makes for a very different sort of style too, one many people will not be used to.

>> No.29617323

This is where system matters. Are we more likely to be fighting giants and dragons, or waves of mooks? Or each other? Anyway, I'm staying with blood+curse. I'd rather be invincible than fast.

Come to think of it, the Tank Battery can ally with the Church of ATATATATA. We are the anvil, you are the hammer. Between us none shall survive.

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If I pick Spikes and Drain/Blood, so I get to laugh every time someone attacks me?

>> No.29617408

>Nobody likes haste+demon
Niggas can't handle my crazy upward curve.

>> No.29617413

Indeed. Why should we question what happens when the Unstoppable Force meets the Immoveable object, when instead we can act as one in order to lay the entire cosmos beneath us?

[spoilers]The answer is us. Suckers.[/spoilers]

>> No.29617430

Honestly, what I pick is based on what I'm likely to face. If I have to cut through large hordes of enemies, I pick Explotion (sic) + Curse. If single, tougher enemies are likely, then Ghost + Frost seems like a powerful combo. If I have to fight other enchanted sword users, then Blood + Demon would be a durable and potent combination.

>> No.29617446

Interpreting the description: You need to hit your attack and the Spikes are a passive reflection for a set amount of damage (50% weapon damage)

>> No.29617551

I'm sure you can make it work, but it's hardly a statistical no-brainer. If you go defensive with a 1 in 50 chance of killing sword it's going to be a drawn out battle and there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

>> No.29617561

As the number of strikes approaches infinity, the likelihood of instant death proc approaches 1.

So, depending on specifically what you're fighting against, Death might actually be better than all of the other options. Like, if you're fighting regular ants (and I mean *regular* run-of-the-mill ants), Death doesn't mean shit, because your sword will probably pulp handfuls of ants at a time.

But if, say, you're fighting a dragon... even if every blow you land does 0 damage, eventually Death will proc and you'll win (assuming you don't lose first), because the wording is "on hit", not "on damage".

Actually, shit, I take Ghost + Death (or Death + Death, assuming identical bonuses stack additively i.e. 2% + 2% = 4%) and attack my enemy's holdings. Like, say, their homeworld.

>> No.29617568

Because I don't know how to use a sword, haste and frost. I'll hit first and then be able to dodge the rest until I can figure this shit out/not die.

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I've got my choices cut down to six. Indecisive fuck, aren't I?

Frost/Curse, All those debuff's.
Rage/Demon, Powerful -and- thematically awesome? Sign me up.
Ether/Diamond, Math. 'Nuff said.
Fire/Haste, Simple, strong, effective.
Ghost/Explosion, Not so good in a one-on-one, but holy fuck it can clear a room.
Blood/Spike, I'm assuming you heal on a reflect, so this is the ultimate aggro-tank.

Also, I can't figure out what to do with Poison, thunder, or Drain. I'd need more info before I could judge them.
Death is just too risky.

>> No.29617617

True, but plenty of things can go wrong with LOTS of strategies. Perhaps it was wrong of me to say it was a no-brainer, but it does seem odd that NO ONE took it.

>> No.29617729

>Ghost + Death (or Death + Death
Jesus I'm retarded, I want Ghost + Death, because twice as many attacks still gets me the chance to kill things without relying on Death proc.

>> No.29617803

Blood + Rage.

The lower your health gets, the more damage you do, and the more you heal.

Damage and sustainability.

>> No.29617827

Fire and ghost is a pretty nice combo. I'd probably go Fire/Haste though because I'm assuming there's some finesse here and not just an exchange of stats, in which case heightened reactions are pretty potent.

>> No.29617878

Time and randomness are both issues for any strategy. One based on waiting around for a random effect is never going to be as effective or dependable as almost any other choice.

>> No.29617900

Lets say I take frost/ghost. We have the same attack speed. Let's say that you are guaranteed a Death proc by 50 hits. With my build you're running at half attack speed while I get two attacks per hit. Functionally I'm four times as fast as you and doing 75% of my full damage for the number of attacks.

>> No.29617909

Keep in mind it says hit, not wound. Meaning depending on interpretation, that could mean even blocking causes the effect to proc, meaning any time they block or YOU block you get a shot at it.

>> No.29617925

thunder is underpowered

its only 25% extra damage on average, and that damage is spread out to a hypothetical second enemy

thunder can only be superior in a situation where all targets die from any damage, no matter what

>> No.29617991

Could be useful in a situation where there's one big boss with a bunch of mooks, so you could focus on him rather than having to fight them all off first. Thunder+Explosion could be useful there.

>> No.29617995

blood explosion, gain health back for aoe damage.

>> No.29618022

That's heavily dependent on your enemy. One geared to do large amounts of damage per attack do a good job negating the benefits.

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>> No.29618043

Also "Blood Explosion" is a brutal title for a song.

>> No.29618078

Ethereal and Haste

Gotta hit fast

>> No.29618082

Sure, which is why I said

>So, depending on specifically what you're fighting against

Also, if I go Ghost/Death against your Ghost/Frost:

>You get two attacks
>I get two attacks at half-speed
>we both do the same damage per attack

Assuming no durations or stacking penalties.

>> No.29618100

Curse nerfed, booo!
Also Blood is now -ANY- damage done... interesting.
Death can not be reduced by resistances but would it be able to be reduced by Curse? Or is Pure damage simply good game?

>> No.29618114


Let's inject some context to this, shall we?

- Every fighter has 41 health.
- The basic sword does four damage.
- Every fighter can attack once a second before modifiers.
- You cannot take doubles of any effect.
- Any damage done (reflects/extra attacks) procs blood.

There are three basic types of fight.
- Peasantmasher; Endless duels against enemies armed with the default sword, you cannot choose blood.
- Duel; Fight against a single enemy also armed with his/her choice of sord enchantments.
Grand Melee; A random number of enemies between 3-6, in an enchanted sword free-for-all.

Which combo is the most potent in each of these three situations? Assume that every peasant killed in peasantmasher guarantees you more power, status and wealth in the afterlife.

>> No.29618115

We both do the same damage per attack, but I'm attacking twice as fast.

>> No.29618176


thats correct but I'm just point out how oddball the situation has to be, for thunder to be any good

thunder requires secondary enemies that die from a single (50% damage) hit, since under those circumstances you're getting 2 kills per swing, (half the time) which is clearly better than a pure damage boost.

If the secondary enemies don't die in one hit, then the math begins to strongly favor a single hit that does 50% more damage, which most of the other 'damage' enchants perform.

And its worth mentioning that explosion does this same thing, except it always works and can hit more than one enemy.

>> No.29618181


NOTE; This is for use with the V1 of the sword battle. I find it a little more endearing for its lopsided potency.

>> No.29618196

Much better. We still need to know more about mana though.

>> No.29618208

Yes, and? Assuming we both trade blows equally (I.e. I hit you once, you hit me twice, rinse-and-repeat), as long as I have enough health (i.e. I can outlast... 101 hits, I think, depending on who goes first in combat), I win.

>> No.29618227

>Mundane & Curse
>Mundane & Ice
>Ethereal & Lightning

Teamwork mode activate

>> No.29618231

Ethereal + death.
Hit someone 10 times, 45% chance of instant death.

>> No.29618269

Blood + Rage. The less health I have, the more damage I do, the more I heal.
50 x 1.5 = 75, not 125.

>> No.29618293

Blood + Diamond

So long as I'm swinging, I can never die!

Unless I get oneshotted, of course. But none of the enchantments would protect against that anyway.

>> No.29618361

With Thunder+Explosion, assuming that when either procs it also procs the enchantments, and rerolls the chance for it to happen, you could set off a massive chain reaction.
>Hit one guy
>Explosion procs, hitting 5 guys around (assuming hex grid)
>Lightning procs on 50% of those hit by explosion, avg 2
>Explosion hits again from those 2 targets, now hitting 10 or more targets at once

>> No.29618486

Have we decided that death+ethereal is the best combination yet?

At a 5% insta-kill chance, you just need to stack HP and get in an average of 20 hits to win any battle.

>> No.29618508

Extra clarity is nice. Toning everything down is probably a good idea to.

Sticking with blood+curse. Would like to roll blood+ethereal, but that makes me too vulnerable against enemies that do a lot of damage at once.

>> No.29618516

>78.125% chance for any damage dealt to chain to 6.25 targets for 156.25% damage
This is, of course, assuming the increased effect powers apply to all numerical values in the effect, and the percent bonuses are multiplicative, not additive.

Additionally, assuming the lighting can chain proc, this shit will get out of hand and FAST.

>> No.29618617
File: 377 KB, 1084x2167, v2.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I nerfed everything to make it less ridiculous, but I opened up more possibilities by allowing enchantments to work with ANY damage.

The pure damage is just another way of letting the insta kill work with enchants like Blood

Also, fixed some things, Detonation+Lightning can no longer end worlds

>> No.29618696

Detonation+Lightning I can understand, but Lightning itself not being able to proc multiple times kind of ruins the point of it for me.

>> No.29618737

fire haste

>> No.29618773

Shit could also end worlds. The nerf was sadly needed.

>> No.29618823

Then again, why would pure damage not be reduced by curse? Instead of 100% of my remaining health it'd be 75% of my remaining health. Which is still quite a lot.

Because as it is, in the v3 rendition that Death Pure Damage can't be reduced by anything, Death + Poison looks like my way to go. Damage over time with a chance of instakilling.

>> No.29618838

>>29618516 has 2 other guys helping him. Maybe change Lightning so it can also proc against allies?

>> No.29618924

As it's written doesn't Detonation go on for as long as there's two enemies within range of each other?

>> No.29618926

Very well done rebalance, just one question, am I missing something or is ice just objectively better than fire?

>> No.29618991

Even with just ethereal, you would get 50% to 4 targets, creating a doomsday device that would create bolts more frequently than it would lose bolts, until everything around was dead. The damage wouldn't jump up every time but hey, it'll still kill everything. Including allies if that enemy only thing was taken out.

>> No.29619106

I assume mundane can't boost mundane?

>> No.29619107

Chance decreases with each proc? So it's not always a doomsday device, but it does have a small chance to be.

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Makes sense.
Fire seems a bit bland
I like it.

>> No.29619388

anyone notice that spike is the best? its essentially a 50% decrease in enemy damage and 50% increase in your own damage. Take ethereal to deal 175% damage and take 25% damage. your 7x better than them

>> No.29619442

3 man party:
All three use mundane + ethereal + death

3 mundanes stack for 75% enchant boost. Each member gets 100% boost from their own ethereal. 275% of 2 is 4.5. Coordinate strikes so all 3 of us are attacking the same target at once, if we can sustain attacks we should be able to kill anything with HP in less than 8 seconds on average.

>> No.29619475


Why does diamond have to be flat out worse than fire?

>> No.29619664

Same as before, but now only 1 guy uses mundane and the other two use haste. Assuming the party focuses strikes, every 4 seconds they should be getting in 18 strikes (7 from the two with haste, 5 from the guy with mundane), with each strike having a 4.5% chance to instant kill. Every enemy should die in possibly even less time than the original plan.

>> No.29619665

If facing swarms:
Blood + Explotion
If facing general:
Blood + Frost
If facing fleshy boss:
Blood + Haste
If facing magic boss:
Drain + Haste

>> No.29619741

Diamond is hard to balance because of how it interacts with Ethereal.

>> No.29619783

Curse+curse. You wouldn't even have to block/dodge.

>> No.29619806

Then do something about Ethereal don't gimp the other enchants.

>> No.29619814

A good solution to that would be to change Ethereal so it specifically only effects one numerical value of the other enchantment.

>> No.29619846

Because fuck you, and fuck me, too.

>> No.29619855

You're boosting crit, not flat damage. So at base, fire does 25% extra damage, and diamond should average in at about 12.5% extra damage. But if you add ethereal, fire becomes 50% bonus damage while diamond now averages in at 50%, making it about equal. And if you then add a mundane to the party as well, you're getting 56.25% fire bonus damage, but you're getting 63.28% bonus damage from diamond.

So diamond sucks if it's alone but if you boost it it scales better.

>> No.29619882

>You and your opponent are at 50% health each
300% from Rage
200% from Demonic
500% damage bonus OP

>> No.29619924

Hi brethren


>> No.29619946


Second quote should have been>>29615546

>> No.29619953

Sure, that works great as long as your enemy can't drop your remaining 50% health in one hit.

>> No.29619972
File: 152 KB, 1024x768, khorne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We Khorne now

>> No.29619986

>50% each
You mean 150% and 100%, so 250%
But what if it scales multiplicatively?
>600% damage boost
Shit would be craycray

>> No.29619990

I though Ice slowed enemy movement speed and attack speed

>> No.29620001

Rage - 50 x3 = 150
Demon - 50 x 2 = 100.
At max, with both at 1%, it would be (99 x 3) + (99 x 2) = 495%.

Is /tg/ just bad at maths or something?

>> No.29620013
File: 55 KB, 814x294, stalkerheresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29620043

We don't need math anymore

>> No.29620096

Warband of Khorne vs the Hammer and Anvil. >>29617323
Which team wins?

>> No.29620103

I dual-wield Frost Curse and Demon Blood.

>> No.29620125

I can literally hear Linkin Park while reading this.

>> No.29620175
File: 15 KB, 636x364, NE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29620230

Or it would be (1+1.5) * (1+1) = 5 times as much damage.

>> No.29620269
File: 396 KB, 1084x2167, v2.5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright I got this

Without Ethereal, Fire does 130 DPS while Diamond does 122

Now with Ethereal, Fire does 160, while Diamond does 190 DPS

>> No.29620311

The more that they damage us, we are more likely to break their anvil.
After anvil is crushed, we will still hold our bonus damage from self-damage.We bring ATATATATATATA skulls and Tank blood back to our demon world.

They win, because numbers.

>> No.29620322

>says 2.4

>> No.29620400


>> No.29620431

Explosion apparently doesn't hit the person you originally hit, which is an interesting thing to make a sword do.

>> No.29620647

Poison & Demonic

>> No.29621999

If it works how I think it works...


Attack enemy until you crit them

Your poison is doing 325 damage over 5 seconds

65 damage per tick

BUT there is also a 10% chance that a poison tick will do 146.25 damage

This has some interesting interactions

>> No.29622017

Ethereal Haste
Gotta go fast!
(The last stroke in a duel is often the first strike.)
>How has nobody else seen the obvious sanic logic of this?

>> No.29622044

I fucked up the poison tick, it should be 211 damage

>> No.29622356

You made Diamond op as all hell.

>> No.29622401

>Ghost - For any damage dealt by you to an enemy, a ghostly sword attacks them for 25% of the original damage dealt
>Detonation - Enemies within 10ft of damaged targest are cleaved with 25% of the damage

So, if I'm reading this right, assuming 1 enemy per 5ft, as per d&d spacing, then we have target 0 taking 100 dmg, and the other 23 targets take 25 dmg from the Detonation ability, and then every single target takes 25% of the total damage dealt, or an additional 168.75 dmg? Welp, found my shitling-smasher combo

>> No.29622588
File: 20 KB, 655x352, War_hammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What would /tg/ pick?
Because fuck swords, i want to be able to kill something if it wears armour.

>> No.29622790

poison + death = every tick has chance to kill enemy?

spikes + death = enemy has chance to die every time it hits you?

>> No.29622854

Yup. It's specifically worded so things like that can happen

>> No.29622921

Also I'm not sure what you are doing this for just for fun or whatever but things like spikes seem like armor enchantments so if your gonna expand on this that'd be cool.

>> No.29623002

Explosion, I guess. I was always a fan of Rave Master.

>> No.29623062
File: 275 KB, 462x504, 1388757111004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not picking your favorite Chaos God related enchantements
Poison and Demon
>picking Death without Haste
My brothers.

>> No.29623116

ghost + death = 4% chance to instant kill every round
ethereal + death = 3.5% chance to instant kill every round

1.5x is a 50% increase, ghost is a 2x or 100% increase. No brainer. All other choices are inferior.

>> No.29623128

>>3.5% chance

>> No.29623219
File: 19 KB, 635x612, FiyahDahmond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fire Diamond

>> No.29623450



>> No.29623494
File: 100 KB, 250x250, 1378864165844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood and Spikes

>> No.29623503


>Pick bonus hardmode. Difficulty of three-man party.
>Choose Rage/Demon/Blood


>> No.29623622

Blood and demon is better

>> No.29627104

Wait, lightning triggers ghost, and ghost triggers lightning, and BOTH trigger explosion...

>Exploding lightning ghost

>> No.29627177

although I realize that this loses to spikes+death almost instantly.

>> No.29627196

diamond and ethereal? 75% crit chance and 300% crit damage.

Doesn't really matter all told. Not like we have a framework for which to base our decisions anyway.

>> No.29627359

>Poison + Death
>every attack triggers 5 ticks of potentially fatal poison damage.

Honestly another player with 1000 hp is going to die in ten attacks anyway though, so this would mostly be useful for kiting really scary bosses.

>> No.29627434


Thank you /tg/, made my day a little brighter

>> No.29627559

Blood diamond (critical heals). Diamond is best 1vs1 damage, assuming that effects don't stack. Otherwise ghost + any of the stunning ones(ice, poison), because OP stun is OP.
Also if massive army combat, blood+explosion anytime you got mote than 5 attackers around, you heal 1 swords worth of damage.
Really depends on what are you fighting, an if you objective is to survive, or kill tings.

>> No.29627573

I want a 25% chance for enemy to lose an two attacks.

>> No.29630351

rage and blood
hit stuff and receive hp
if I am more in need to hp, this means I will deal more damage and so receive more hp

>> No.29630447

one question to pick my choice, how damage dealing work with it.

imagine I deal at average 100 hp damage
now imagine a ant max hp is 1. if I hit the ant I will give 1 hp or 100?

>> No.29630499

Blood+Drain heals you for 100% of weapon damage and does half damage to mana. That's just good maths. The best way to win a fight is to outlast it. Ethereal clearly wasn't meant to more than double the effect, it's a typo. Is Ethereal+Diamond supposed to crit 125% of the time for 500% damage? Of course not. That's absurd.

>> No.29630648

ps: with that I can hit jungle animals and increase my hp.
who cares about going to the doctor (that may not cure you) or going to the gym.
just hit a animal and you will be cured.
the only problem is if someone hit you with a car, you have a car accident, some sniper kill you.

actually hunting is illegal in my country but fishing is not. I just need to have alot of fishs

put a fish in a table, hit it, heal my hp (since you can die by disiases, I am assuming hp means desease stuff to).

>> No.29630874

the formula if I got it right
r= % of total hp will be ressed
d= damage without the rage modifier
h=% of total hp I have

>> No.29630926

>if I am more in need to hp, this means I will deal more damage and so receive more hp
actually maybe the amount of normal damage I will not deal because I have less hp will be less than the rage effect will increase

>> No.29630988

Blood and death, tank build.

>> No.29631059

Rage and Ghost.
Damage out the ass.

>> No.29631948


>Support: Mundane, Ice
Ice is a solid ability on its own, even unboosted.
>Tank: Blood, Detonation
Tank gets 31.25 HP/hit, plus 7.8 HP for each extra enemy in range.
>Support 2: Curse, Ethereal
Target deals 62.5% less damage if mundane/ethereal stacks how I think it does.

>> No.29634200

How to blade dakka.

>> No.29634304

Rage Daemon, we glass cannon now son.

>> No.29634885

Frost/Fire. 250% weapon damage, and once I land a hit you aren't going anywhere or hurting me all that much.

>> No.29635593

If you have Blood/Spikes, does the damage done by the spikes heal you?

>> No.29635849

What worth is steel, compared to the hand that wields it?

As for OP's question, Ghost plus Poison. The frequency of poison stuns with that build is massive.

>> No.29636824


This has the biggest DPS. Say you do ten damage. You do ten, then drop your opponents life by some percentage. Well Demon says your next attack will be at double that percentage, so you will add 20 to the second hit, plus 50% weapon damage. so 10+25= 35.

>> No.29638761


Haste/exploitation. I play in games where one hit pretty much equals a kill, or close to it. So Haste lets me get that crucial hit in first and fast. Exploitation means that if I'm facing many enemies, possibly with guns, then a good hit will probably kill many enemies.

HP be damned. Killing someone isn't like chopping down a tree. It may take a few hits to kill, but that's more a matter of hit placement and skill than brute power.

>> No.29639210

Ethereal Drain


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