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Keep on processin', robo/tg/uys

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You just reminded me that I need to keep organizing my pictures.


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Here's some robogirl lesbian smut for inspiration!

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I will not nod at you until you post the other three companion fics.

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Three? All I have is this one. Sure as hell wouldn't mind getting my hands on the others, though!

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More like four.

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Well, and this humorous one, but I don't think that's what you were talking about.

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Okay it might actually be more like five.

And yes, I meant fics. There's many more silly screencaps like that one that have been pretty good.

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Carry on, gents. I'm curious to see if there's any more robot art that hasn't been posted yet.

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God damnit, /tg/, I didn't want to start my weekend off with a new fetish.

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I'm wondering if anyone has any art of animal-style robots.

Also, contributing a little.

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This is totally animal shaped.

Right? Right guys?

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You know you like it.

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Do augmented turtles count?

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Is that a metal gear?

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You know you like it.

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Don't think so. They were probably going for the same sort of style, though.

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Y'know what I love? Pacifistic deathbots.

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>Sword arm and spikes are the only heavily stained parts
I have some bad news for you, anon.

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Robots protecting lil' kids is also awesome.

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then you must like...


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It may or may not be one of my favorite movies.

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That reminds me of an old zoids model I had of a turtle tank with a canon coming out the shell.

I think it's still in my garage somewhere. I should go look for it some time.

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I found a picture of a newer version of it.

Makes me sad that I'm shit at building models because this thing looks pretty cool.

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still working on this

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wtf happened to the cropping fuck

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Fix your cropping, son.

Also I don't know why everyone wouldn't pick basic chassis, herkimer battle jitney, robo-maiden, and big white space. That is like the perfect combo right there.

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can you help me balance it out then? it's my first CYOA

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No love for the bulky-yet-functional?

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Well, I meant it more as my-choice-is-god tier sort of thing.

Given that the lasercannon is only 6 points that is probably balanced. A medium frame with the operator upgrade and lascannon could probably put up a good fight against the giant-xbox-hueg vehicle, I'd imagine. It's probably fine as is.

Much love.

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I prefer my robots to be sleek.
It just looks more functional and advanced.

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Yeah, but that just leaves so little room for personality, you know?

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Bulked, Operator, E-Frame, custom guns and laser. And a big fukkin white space.

I have the rock; I stay noided.

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shit wrong image

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Completely expected some "deal with it" glasses to follow the stack.

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I actually take that back.

I'd go basic, take two robo-maidens (so I get a second pair of genitals on my head or something), and big fucking white space. Maybe guns also. I don't know.

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Basic, two babes, custom guns. Give the guns to the girls, you've got two bodacious bodyguards.

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Time for a few cutebots

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I'm the guy who dumped a shitload of images in thread 2. If anyone needs it here is my link for the mechs+ a few humanoid robots.

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Yes, that was REX and what you just posted is IRVING/GEKKO

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forgot to mention that there are around 400 images in the zip.

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Just one question: do mech suits/armor count, or are we talking full-on robots only?

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Sure, why not?

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Metal is metal, it all works for us

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aww sheeit nikka

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Are... are all those people dead?

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No they've just been turned off.

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If it wasn't for the holes in their chests, they could be mistaken as merely incredibly hungover.

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Huh, never noticed that. Guess they didn't tip well enough?

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Whoever screencapped that didn't reveal the spoilers and it irks me way more than it should.

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I think it's more the fact that the little guy just goes about his programming without realizing his buddies have been deactivated


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Uh... that was not Rex. Rex is bipedal.

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Fuck yeah, Michael Whelan!

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