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This is how I Lawful Good.

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Stop making the subject about something it's not.

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>Implying Captain America is anything but LG.

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>implying Captain America is loyal to the decisions of the American government

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This is how I Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral.

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/pol/ pls you don't even know how to alignment.

This is how I chaotic evil: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fcbazH6aE2g

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Good thing Cap isn't a personification of what the country is, but what it should strive to be.

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this is how I assassin

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This is how I Blight Druid

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butthurt americlaps.
Have fun in your police state.

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For what it's worth, the cap from ultimates lines up better with real-life america.

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this is how i Lawful Good

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...nope, not even going there.

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this is how i true neutral

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Do you use special gloves to avoid cutting your fingers on your keyboard whenever you're edgy like that?

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He had a tablet but scratched up the screen to much. Plus side is he says a fortune on silver wear

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my female paladin of pelor has pretty much the same mindset and alignment as finn the human.
>super excited all the time
>hates evil/loves to beat up bad guys
>wants to help everyone who deserves it
>happy and cheerful most of time
>high 5s like its her job

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Cap was pretty horrific during AvX.

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Captain America's intentions are good but he is honestly very very very very very very very very very very very very very very stupid.
>My god they want to institute a law to stop something that is already illegal, vigilantism LETS FUKKEN MURDER IRON MAN
>My god the Phoenix Force is coming to Earth and the X-men have a plan to defeat it with no danger or casualties LETS FUKKEN MURDER THEM
>Okay that didn't work and now they have made the entire world into a perfect place free of suffering STILL MURDER THEM
Also anyone that reforms from being a villain is fine if they join the Avengers, but if they join any other team he constantly berates them.

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This is how I Lawful Law

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Deathstroke is LE when he's on a job, and NE otherwise. He really straddles the line.

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How I lich lorekeeper

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>implying that Cap embodies America as it actually is
Sweet Christmas you're retarded.

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Cap's only human. Superhuman, but still human.

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That's why Ultimate Cap is shit and 616 Cap is based.

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This is how I plot twist.

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Oh I'm not saying he makes mistakes.
I'm saying he makes SO MANY FUCKING MISTAKES.
I swear that's his real superpower, misinterpreting the situation and being an asshole.
Even Thor who grew up in a completely different society and isn't of our species understands people better than Captain America. If Captain America and Ultron had an empathy contest Ultron would win.
If Captain America played chess with Reed Richards he would win by getting the Avengers to have one on one battles with each piece and destroy the Baxter Building.
If Captain America had heard about the plan to shoot hulk into space he would have shot him into the sun.

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This is how I lawful Evil

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/pol/ is that way.

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This is how I chaotic lawful.

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This is how i Chaotic Evil trying to help Good.

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This is how I Questgiver.

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Shitty writing.

He's been getting assaulted by it for several years now, it's pretty vexing for his fans.

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral.

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Its been going on for fifteen years dude. Cap has not been a good guy since the early 90s. Its time to accept that this is consistent writing and its who he is now.

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This is how I fail an ago roll

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This is how I Realize
That you were just like me
Trying to make history

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>agi roll

Fuck you auto correct

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This is how i stealth.

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But in the end
I think we'll both agree
that Violence breeds Violence
but in the end it has to be this way

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This is how i shit all over liches.

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This is how I rules of nature.

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Is he kill?

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I disagree with your fundamental position, while still asserting that he's being written poorly by virtually all the major writers of team and event books (and his own titles have been getting increasingly "GOTTA MAKE HIM A COVERT OPS GUY WRAPPED UP IN BLACK BAG SHIT" for far too long for my taste, too).

When Cap is written properly, he makes the right decision because his moral centre is his greatest strength. When he's written poorly, he becomes a hamhanded authoritarian idiot. Doubly so when someone needs a convenient "BUT THERE'S NO REAL BAD GUYS IN THIS SITUATION GUYS BUT LET'S MAKE THE AVENGERS LOOK LIKE TOOLS" scapegoat for an event. Which has been happening far too often for my liking as well, but then, that's just part and parcel of the whole "avengers brand" shit that's sprouted up in the last decade or so.

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Spoilers for Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.
This is how i Chaotic Evil Bard Villains

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That is how you wash away the sorrow
All the stains of time

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He doesn't get good writers any more though even in his own books. When all the stories are consistent about his character, that's his fucking character.

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Yes, but which is you?
Also, this is how I real life.

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I don't know which one in the picture is desperately hiding?

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This is how I NPC

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral.

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until you find your dreams have disappeared

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There is traditional hiding then there is Krod hiding.

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This is how I raise the difficulty level for the party.

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Ah, damn, you're right. I suppose Sam's theme is The Only Thing I Know For Real

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Let's be honest, if you get hit by a myconid, you need to turn off the game, look in the mirror, and think about how much of a failure you are.

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This is how I Genasi Unarmed.

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Jesus fucking Christ, OUCH

Also, how I Diplomacy.

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For all the wankery about how "super retro hardcore" DS is supposed to be, it's really not all that difficult. The game just punishes the player exessively for every misstep.

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This is how I corrupt the DMPC into being a villain.

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This is how I make some encounters "more difficult than normal"

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>ching chong
>ping pong
>ding dong

Well I'm sure that means something, allright.

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This is how I Create Greater Undead.

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>"Krod choose surprise!"
Every fucking time.

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You have infinite lives and healing potions. How does it punish you?

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>I'm sorry, we're still in the middle of preparations...

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By sending you back and taking away all your humanity, which has a significant influence on item drop rates and your defense. You also drop all of your souls along with the humanity, and dying before reaching your bloodstain causes them to be lost forever.

Then again, death is more of a setback than a punishment.

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And it somehow turns into tentacle rape and corruption from then on in. No I'm serious

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By making you wade throuh the same dozen enemies you've probably beaten a few times already.

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This is how I Chaotic Good.

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Yeah so... you only lose anything if you make two mistakes in a row. Because you pick up humanity when you pick up your souls.
Yes, unlike say Mario, Megaman, Quake, or any other game with the concept of levels or checkpoints.

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>Yeah so... you only lose anything if you make two mistakes in a row. Because you pick up humanity when you pick up your souls.
Unless you went human.

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You can't just say that and not provide the source. It's against the rules.

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Then you lose one.
Just one. Of a replenishable resource. That is intended to make the game harder whilst it is being used as it causes other players to try and kill you.

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>Yes, unlike say Mario, Megaman, Quake, or any other game with the concept of levels or checkpoints.

These however tend to have a relatively more even difficulty curve during a given level and/or checkpoints shortly before harder parts. In DS with its relatively large world, sparse checkpoints and slow, defensive-minded fighting you're oftenlooking at five to ten minutes of tedious slaughtering of enemies that pose no challenge just to get another crack at a situation that actually does. It effectively punishes you by being unfun until you're back at the point where you died.

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This is how I lawful chaotic Dickhead

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If it takes you that long to get to your bloodstain, you're a terrible player.

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He probably missed the hidden bonfire in Darkroot Basin or something and that put a chip in his shoulder.

That or he's thinking of Blighttown or the Tomb of the Giants and Catacombs, which are pretty much Hell.

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Eh, Blighttown's an endurance run, but if you choose your gear smartly you're gold.

Tomb's monsters have annoyingly high attack, but at least the zone is compact and has plenty of bonfires.

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This is how I Rogue Trader

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The Pixiv ID is right there.

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This is how I Aasimir

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>Blighttown's an endurance run
Unless you take the back door through Valley of the Drakes, or hop down to the ruins with the master key and take the back door that way.

Learn to saucenao

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You funny mate.

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Yes, he is kill.

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RIP in peace

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The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

We all should be so lucky.

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Ironically, he's written true to the original intent of his creators in the movies.

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This is how I 4e

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this is how I CE.

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