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Let's have a filename thread

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>Ork logic

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It's depressing to me someone every weekend makes and posts in these threads. With the same filenames, no less.

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I'd say that's a poor shoop as the lighting doesn't match, but then the image would be a bit too subtle I guess....

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>completely invisible until the shot impacts
Clearly, that's critically succeeding a perception check, not failing a sneak roll.

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What if he made a sound when he was invisible, I mean he is made out of metal after all?

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Terraists is a stand in for the space marine, right?

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That's some sweet echolocation then.

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You son of a bitch



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Holy fuck, I've had that part of the song stuck in my head all day and I didn't remember who sang it until I saw that. Cheers.

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It the thrid time I hear this joke and yet everytime it gets me.

Fuck You sir.

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Damnit 4chan, stop swapping my images!

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Somewhere, in a thread on /m/ or /b/ or something, someone is very confused about the /tg/ that's creeping in.

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>in the 41st Millennium: there is only smurf

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Well, imagine you had a sweet bonus to your stealth roll due to being completely invisible.

You still fail it.

What other explanation could there be?

Obviously he heard a sound; the invisibility didn't matter because Doom has infrared vision, probably, if he wanted to

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not sure i get it, is it the colours bit where there is a person where it says brown?

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Look at the N.

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Obama is the picture for something beggining with N.

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New president, obviously.

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HA. Nice.

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sauce please

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>100 luck.gif
>not 100 dexterity

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thanks I'm not much into anime having only watched hellsing and mirai nikki

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GIS is google image search

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bluh sorry thats what I get for posting at like 5 AM

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Good guy orc wants to be a wizard.
Has a plan, sticks to it, even when complications arise.

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I thought you meant Ghost in the shell...

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Was not expecting that

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I don't get it

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She wears the skin of the nerd so that she may receive attention
It's an analogy
hehe anal

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>I don't get it
She does.

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You bostonrd.

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No idea why I quoted that

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>sellotaping butter to a cat's back to generate power
Wasn't that a Pratchett joke?

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Probably, the joke has been around since someone dropped toast, I imagine.

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I usually don't feel too impressed about this whole dubs thing, but that is pretty good.

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>censor bars

How pathetic.

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>the depiction of the USA in every political setting

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Anyone have a sauce for this gif?

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>USA negotiations with Iran.gif

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Legend of the galactic heroes

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Why the fuck is "art" like this popping up more and more?

Why the hell is white girl doing beastiality cropping up more often than a few years ago? Is the artist that pathetic?

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The decadence of the west.

We're embracing sexual deviants such as gays and transsexuals, so the beast fuckers are getting braver.

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known as porn m8

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Fucking animals is not pornography.

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>mental disease patients dictate what is pornography and what isn't

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We have our own collection of beast fuckers you know.

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Do your fellow Amish know about your internet connection?

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I keep it hidden in the basement of the last barn I raised.

Along with my huge collection of dice, D&D books, hookers and blow.

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>1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

>some random shmuck on the internet dictates what isn't porn

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But she scratched on the eight, so she loses.

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Just for you, man.

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Isn't that air control rather than water control?

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Hmm... Maybe.

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>not "sinking points into Pyromancy.jpg"

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Noble leader

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>Buizel used Water Pulse!

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Is Vintage a card game or something?

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I think it's one of like six rulesets for Magic: The Gathering. Why a game has so many alternate rules, I have no idea. Maybe creeping banlists or something.

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MtG tournament format.
Though I don't get how pic is related.

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It's an MtG mode I believe

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Need a better file name

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fuck you now I need insulin

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>FATAL Modern

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Least restrictive in card choices, meaning that it's dominated by brokenass combos from across the many, many sets and expansions that go off on turn one or two or three at the latest.

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>Chaotic Evil
You activated my trap card, anon.

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... Why is "white girl" even relevant here? I'm not objecting, really, I'm just confused. Are you implying you wouldn't care if it were non-white girls, or that you wouldn't care if it were white non-girls, or both?

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Maybe it's white girls more often.

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What movie is this?

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Awesome page.

I remember the following page where he goes "Oh no, Teammate Wonderman have been struck down from behind." while smashing a blunt object into the back of his head.

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Obviously he wouldn't care if it were non-white girls. It's the bestiality that shocks him there.

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Peter Jackson's version of King Kong. Yes, I'm sure. No, don't double-check, it's not worth it.

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Peter Jackson version of King Kong?

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She is completely white. Like she was some kind of ghost or something.

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Because she's solid fucking white you spastic. He didn't say "a white girl" but "white girl".

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Is that Pam?

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Never did watch it. Do the bugs tear the guy apart?

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Well King Kong is really the least of their problems.

There are eleventy billion bugs and creepy crawlies that eat half the crew.

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Admittedly Secret Wars was very kind to Spider-Man. But he also have a lot of decent superpowers that synergise together very well.

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It's a middle age myth of witches you dumb fucking inbred shit.

Jesus Christ I hate you ignorant motherfucking cunts so much

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>Not even cursed! Pinky swear.
Gets me every time.

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why the hell would anyone be that spiteful?

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what's this from?

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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>in JoJo
U wot m8?

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JJBA had plenty of guns, bro. At the start of P2, JoJo shoots up a storefront with a tommygun. Same part has GERMAN SUPER SCIENCE GUT GATLING GUN

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>Looks *REALLY REALLY* close.
Finally see that they replaced the picture on the letter "N" with a picture of PotUS

OH! fer Negromancy!

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Yeah, it had a handful, but they were very rare.

The two you mentioned, the spirit gun in 6, a small handful in 7, and that's about it. And it certainly wouldn't have a scene like that with a gun being upgraded.

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but I play and am never that stupid

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More power to you.

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Why is he fighting stormtroopers?

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Silly anon, stormtroopers wouldn't have even hit that house if it were them

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Vile Lies!!

Canonically housesized objects is the one thing Stormtroopers are good at hitting.

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>youshouldbeabletosolve this.jpg

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Oh. Well that's way more sexist and pathetic, then.

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To be fair, its amazingly improbable that anyone in this thread would have better accuracy than the stormtroopers did in the movie. They were not bad for hip shooters.

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[email protected]
Pretty boring show. I completely forgot about it

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I've spent so much time in /v/

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You know that /k/ and /tg/ have a reasonable amount of overlap, right?

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Its pretty apt.

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No, that's this one.

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I have it saved as something like "overarching goal"

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should have ripped the newgrounds version

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What, to make sure someone goes to hell when you kill them? Haven't you seen Hamlet?

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It looks like he already got shot though.

>> No.29607077

You forgot about The Emperor, which is a Standgun and a pretty cool one at that. And then Mista in part 5 uses revolvers (and a semi as backup) because they mix well with his stand.

>> No.29607094

Yeah, true, but they're still very rare.

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What in the fuck

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Take your gore out of here son, this is a blue board. You don't have to be edgy to impress /tg/

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>google image search this
>top of the page

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Its a pellet gun, the guy was being retarded.

>> No.29607187

I was in the Armee, that's specifically what I was expecting. Are you some sort of hip shooting expert?

>> No.29607208

The other one certainly wasn't.

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Wheres this from? Sauce?

>> No.29607233


He's like the only superhero villain that actively makes me angry, because he's a godlike being that's apparently necessary for the cosmic balance, etcetera etcetera.

>> No.29607245

Little Witch Academia

>> No.29607257

Welp. Natural selection at work.

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It's a pretty apt way to sum up a sexist and pathetic concept. "Clearly female geeks WANT us to be creepy fuckwits towards them, so it must be that they're only PRETENDING to like the same things we do in order to have this glorious experience. Gosh, how pathetic, let's mock them."

...Actually no, it's not even that apt. The "fake gamer girl" concept doesn't involve murdering an actual geek to be born.

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It's a joke, dude.

>> No.29607349

It's not the greasy actual nerds chick want, it's the Matt Smith type "nerds".

>> No.29607365

Its sort of amusing to see someone so riled up by a single renamed image, though you also forgot another key element of the picture in that from the gamer girl's perspective, its also bestiality.

>> No.29607369


>doesn't involve murdering an actual geek

Wait it doesn't? Shit.

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>> No.29607389

I'm just going to go ahead and save this as "druid uses wildshape"

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Matt Smith is a fucking mutant.

>> No.29607430

White girls aren't actually having more bestiality, they're just being more open about it because of the internet. There have always been white girls into bestiality.

>> No.29607432

>> No.29607451

You'd almost think skin color doesn't influence that kind of thing. What a tweest.

>> No.29607452

I don't think its stupid. His dad's killer murdered his padre, and then got an Atonement to weasel out of it.

As a final way to spit on the dude's ashes as he is being tortured in Hell forever, I'd do what my dad's killer did, and receive an Atonement spell.

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>> No.29607469

So fake geek girls want fake geek guys?

Have... have they been informed?

>> No.29607482

And I'm calling bullshit on the assumption behind the punchline, try to keep up.

Apologies, good sir. I offer this amended summary:
>"Clearly female geeks WANT all but the ugliest of us to be creepy fuckwits towards them, so it must be that they're only PRETENDING to like the same things we do in order to have this glorious experience. Gosh, how pathetic, let's mock them."

No that's what I THOUGHT the joke was. Geeky gal ruthlessly pursuing her fetish. Which was a little weird but gave me a chuckle, because THAT is damn true- just like it is for geeky guys, and we joke about that too (just look at any monstergirl thread on /a/).

>> No.29607502

Calm down, dude.

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>> No.29607552

I have heard that trolling people with renamed file images was potentially effective, but I've never seen anyone go on a multipost long rant due to it.

>> No.29607583

I'm not even involved here, but let's not pretend this isn't what people believe.

>> No.29607599

Its a terrorist tho, and a bloodless image, nothing edgy about it.

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>> No.29607610

Oh dear god I remember that thread

I just about died laughing

>> No.29607648

That's from Monstergirl Quest, right?

>> No.29607653

This is probably the best one I have, because it's an actual photograph.

>> No.29607658

>> No.29607663

The problem is that it's a real person being shot and killed.

>> No.29607675

>assumption behind the punchline
Fucking hell man, all punchlines aren't what you expect them to be, that's why they're funny. If the punchline was literal then the image would've been a girl saying "I like gamer guys. I don't like games, but I pretend to so I can get guys".

Haha, what a good joke!

>> No.29607686 [DELETED] 

Not sure it counts as a person, and its certainly not gory or bloody.

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>> No.29607717

he does in the full gif.

>> No.29607718

What's that a reference to, by the way?

>> No.29607726

Just because there's no blood doesn't mean it's not gore. It's a person getting shot, which isn't SFW so doesn't belong here.

And don't be an idiot, for all you know he's a guy defending his home from a foreign invader. Regardless, he's still a person.

Grow the fuck up.

>> No.29607764

An autistic white knight. I can finally tick it off my checklist.

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>> No.29607784

No, this is.

>> No.29607789

Are you playing Internet Scavenger Hunt?

>> No.29607793 [DELETED] 

>real person

>> No.29607794

Does /tg/ have its own bingo board?

>> No.29607799

Just get the fuck out you oversensitive ninny. What the fuck are you doing in 4chan?

>> No.29607803

Metal Gear Rising.
Curaaazy Hack 'n Slash.

>> No.29607805

>He's not white so he's not a person.

And this is why the world hates america.

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>> No.29607827

I didn't think blackhole vagina could be improved, yet here we are.

>> No.29607837

Fuck yeah, Stroheim.
Best fictional nazi?

>> No.29607848

I don't care about dead people, I've seen them all before and I'm bound to see them again.

I'm just sayin' them's the rules man, if you don't follow the rules you don't belong here.

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>> No.29607871

Happy-go-lucky satan is best satan. I always run the Lord of Darkness as a chill motherfucker who appreciates the little things.

Angry evil and serious evil both discredit evil because they make evil seem like the kind of thing that has to be worked for to get. Happy evil is the most frightening because not only is Lucifer not having a hard time getting shit done, he's having a damned good time doing it.

>> No.29607880

But... most of us don't think like that... :(

I apologize for my offensive countrymen. This board is for games, not politics. Have a tiny whale.

>> No.29607883

>not Avatar of the Culinary Spirit

>> No.29607886

Straight from /k/

>> No.29607955

I always love when Satan is portrayed as like that, and then in little asides or the character catches him being evil but in a reaaaalllly petty way.

>> No.29607957

>> No.29607967

Trying to find the one gif from the one show with the devil painting in a parking lot
In the meantime

>> No.29607976

You have to repent to atone.

>> No.29607980


I'm not sure what is the specific allegation, but its not unusual for gamer girls to fall into the depths of turbo-sluttery, (and we all know about Rawk Lawbster): one gaming girl (my ex wife, specifically) became a meth enthusiast sex worker, another gaming girl from our group became a public use meth enthusiast for her nerd colony, and a third never did drugs or prostitution, but did, by her own admission, give it away to strangers freely until she went legit. She's actually really cool. Surprisingly, all three also had rape fantasies.

That being said, they were all legitimate nerd girls, so I think the falsehood is that sluts pose as nerds to get dick: its more like some turbo-sluts happen to be gamer girls.

>> No.29607984

Say I post an image of a cartoon where someone refuses to believe the sky is blue, and the filename is holocaustbelievers.jpg, and then I made a subsequent post (a la >>29602921) explaining that yes, the joke is that people think the holocaust was real.

If people called me on my bullshit, would your post be an applicable defense?

>> No.29607990

Protip: /tg/ is not your personal fucking playground. Get the fuck back to /b/ if you want that.

>> No.29608004

Yup. Which is why its poetic justice that his killer would weasel out of hit in the same way he did.

>> No.29608005

>If people called me on my bullshit, would your post be an applicable defense?

Pretty big if there sunshine, considering you're the only one in here upset.

>> No.29608013

Gonna be hard:
1/ it's posted elsewhere
2/ we just hit image limit

>> No.29608016

The falsehood is that anecdotes are not evidence.

>> No.29608019


>> No.29608043

What's this from?

>> No.29608046


>yes, the joke is that people think the holocaust was real.


To answer your question, staying mad at it for four posts would still be pathetic, yes.

>> No.29608059

This would be a very good joke among people who believed the punchline. The gamer-girl stereotype is well established already so the joke was funny, because even if you don't believe it you get it.

Sort of like "why are black people so fast? Because the slow ones are in jail."
No, not all slow black people are in jail. No, not all black people are criminals. But the stereotype is there, which means so is the humour.

>tl;dr get over it, it was a joke m8

>> No.29608065

Sneaking into the good king's bedroom at night, putting a Symbol of Uncontrollable Diarrhea on his face set for 500 HP, sit back, and watch the fun.

>> No.29608080

I never met someone who wasn't white, not even on the internet, that fucked animals.
I seen some Brazilian porn though, if you want to count that.

>> No.29608083

>anecdotes are not evidence.
But isn't evidence just anecdotes from a man who writes it in a paper?

>> No.29608096


>> No.29608098

I could link a video of two brown girls trying to fuck a chimp right now, or a black girl fucking a horse (both on the same site) but I won't.

Just know they're out there, and a google search away.

>> No.29608102

Any casual viewer would not automatically assume he died, or even assume it wasn't just fake.
There's nothing indicative that he didn't just get injured, and casual viewing is what SFW is all about.
Let's be honest here; If someone at work, with authority over your job, is having an in depth look at you browsing 4chan, you have MUCH bigger problems than the guy in the gif dying.

So don't hide behind rules to cover for you being an oversensitive bitch. Where was the moral outrage when this >>29606852 was posted, if you genuinely gave a fuck about the rules?

>> No.29608109


>> No.29608112

Wait what? Why did he do that?

>> No.29608115

Holy fuck you're such a disgusting normalfag. If you can't scroll past things that you don't like, why are you even on 4chan?

>> No.29608121

It's Occam's Razor at work. If some girl's wearing a nerdy shirt or whatever, the chance that she just likes it is bigger than the chance that she's some sort of slutty Terminator built to infiltrate the nerd ranks and steal all their attention.

This is like the main thing the average fanboy needs to learn: not everything revolves around them.

>> No.29608132

Not sure what to tell ya. It happens quite frequently, in any case.

>> No.29608134

>silencer on his rifle
Why does he need that for rats? Or is it one of those government things so he doesn't cause a noise violation?

>> No.29608140

What question are you answering?

Also, is it possible for someone to say "this is false", and then continue to stand by that statement, without being mad?

>> No.29608144

This being said on /tg/, where metathreads bitching about other threads is the order of the day.

>> No.29608150

So how is that okay with you but not >>29607003

>> No.29608163

To avoid the crossed breaking when he enters the car without paying attention to heigth limits, duh.

>> No.29608167

>If some girl's wearing a nerdy shirt or whatever, the chance that she just likes it is bigger than the chance that she's some sort of slutty Terminator built to infiltrate the nerd ranks and steal all their attention.
Yes. I agree, that's what I was saying. If you see a blonde girl, odds are she isn't totally stupid. But the stereotype is still there regardless.

The sort of people who genuinely believe that all gamer girls just want to sleep with them are the same as people who believe all sorts of stupid shit.

God damn guys, it's a joke, of course the premise doesn't have to be true.

>> No.29608170


The very definition of false analogy. Only one of those actually happened to a real person.

>> No.29608171

He hit that cow so hard it blessed it and made it kosher.

>> No.29608174

There's obviously a hinge. It would've scraped the ceiling otherwise.

>> No.29608182

He's firing it in an enclosed space, that will make it a lot easier on his ears, protection or none.

>> No.29608190

Why not? A few weeks ago in the lab I observed the Hall Effect on a Germanium semiconductor. Does that mean, because I'm saying it now, that Germanium does not undergo the Hall Effect?

>> No.29608197

Isn't the golden rule of comedy to punch up, not down? Laughing at stereotypes being reinforced is kinda the lowest form of humor.

>> No.29608214

Holy shit, you guys are so fucking dense you don't even get what the whole "fake geek girl" stereotype is about.
It's not about them wanting to have sex with nerds, it's about them wanting to have sex with the same people they always do, but they use pop nerd things to get their attention.

>> No.29608225


Oh I see. The idea isn't that its false that there are tons of nerd girls who are MEGA DEGENERATES, but the laser like terminator motivation. Gotcha.

>> No.29608240

Conducting an experiment != "someone did this, all of them must be like that".

>> No.29608252

People being graphically torn to shreds is going to be far worse if the boss happens to walk past.
You could easily pass the other one off as a news report.

It's almost like you deliberately missed the point and hoped you wouldn't get called out on it, but I'm sure I'm just being cynical.

>> No.29608258

Addition: it's also girls who want cheap attention hanging around men who they know will definitely give them that attention.

>> No.29608267

>implying anyone would repent for justice

>> No.29608270

Nothing wrong with using humor to knock people who take themselves blistering seriously down a few pegs.

>> No.29608289

It would only be the player who could really appreciate it in this case.

>> No.29608290

>I could link a video of two brown girls trying to fuck a chimp right now
Please please do this.

>> No.29608307

No, this is more the result of the nerd community being so self-depreciative that they legitimately believe nobody would associate with them unless they wanted something from them.

Once again, they need to learn that the world does not actually revolve around them.

>> No.29608321

No, they're both just images on 4chan. One is rendered more accurately but that's the only difference.

>> No.29608328

I don't understand why "looking for attention" is a common assumption over, say, "is into this kind of thing." And also I guess why the standard test is to interrogate them on trivia when a lot of people are fans of things without being obsessive scholars of them?
Maybe I'm misperceiving this whole issue though

>> No.29608346

Anecdotes are just events.

Evidence (scientific ones, not legal ones) are events that have been repeated enough in a controlled way to be reasonably sure that repeating them again in said controlled way would yield the same result.

Basically, an anecdote can not reflect the general situation. If an evidence doesn't reflect the general situation it's supposed to, someone screwed up somewhere.

If someone comes up with "evidence", you can either trust their work or do your own. If someone comes up with "anecdote", well, various people have various lives.

>> No.29608360

You can't actually be this solipsistic. 2/10.

>> No.29608361


Ever shot a gun indoors? It is not healthy for your eardrums.


What the whole point of his bitching being NSFW being moot is that this whole website is for 18+.

We have a gif of a guy being sucked into a vagina, bestiality, a bunch of guys getting killed by monsters, other being almost cut in half, one with a dildo gun and much others with sexual and violent undertone but one gif has someone being killed because he was shooting out of cover and suddenly a shitstorm happens because someone was offended.

>> No.29608368

I have never met anyone who fucked animals: on the other hand, its a case of white privilege that white people are around more dogs (for example) that haven't been eaten yet (just as an example, no offense intended) and video cameras to record said dog fucking. Hypothetically if a culture views canines as food, they are less likely to have intercourse with them (again, no offense intended to dogfuckers).

>> No.29608413

>recognizing that nobody actually gets shot whan a gif of a person getting shot is posted to 4chan
You're right that image is literally murder.

>> No.29608414

>fictional people are the same as real people
Are you Australian or something?

>> No.29608432

>I have never met anyone who fucked animals:
I bet you have and just never knew it.

>> No.29608439

A tie between him and Brocken Jr I'd say

>> No.29608456

no, you're not crawling away from the main point of NSFW, no matter how hard you try.

If your boss walks by, without knowing the context of either picture, the cabin in the woods gif is going to look a fuckton worse.

>> No.29608477


Nah, who am I kidding. That faggot is just shocked because someone forced him to be exposed to "real life". We're all on 4chan for a reason, his is allergy to reality

>> No.29608484

>one image
>entirely fictional

>other image
>person's death recorded on camera

Do the math.

>> No.29608515

>referencing CP laws
Real CP is considered problematic because demand begets supply, and real CP can only be created through child abuse. It's not illegal because the picture itself is somehow inherently harmful. This is an image of an actual combat that was going to happen anyway, that man was not shot to fill demand and more people will not be killed because we post it. Therefore, an image taken from real life is not functionally different from a drawn one in this case.

>> No.29608524

>ITT: 50% /tg/ jokes, 50% complaining about a joke.


>> No.29608552

Don't even start this "board culture" nonsense.

>> No.29608558

Zero people have been harmed by these images.

>> No.29608562


Hell, I'd be more worried if my boss saw me seeing >>29607784 while he passed by.

>> No.29608573

>the cabin in the woods gif is going to look a fuckton worse.
Yeah, because looking at a clip of a movie is totally the same as looking at a clip of a real life warzone.
If your boss sees a clip of Cabin in the Woods and thinks "holy shit my employee has secret footage of an underground base full of monsters" then you're in trouble for different reasons.

Stop trying to defend how edgy you are.

>> No.29608575


The actual death is a lot less bloody and "shocking" than the fictional one. The only thing that makes it more disturbing is it being "real".

Basically, you are desensitived to violence, just got reminded of what it actually means and are now bitching about the fucktard who dared popping your bubble. Man up.

>> No.29608605

No, he's going to be wondering why the fuck you're pissing around watching movie clips when you should be working.
Watching a real life clip from a war zone would give the assumption that you're watching a news report. Not much better, but better than watching violent movies.

take your double standards to wherever you crawled out of.

>> No.29608691


The only problem with seeing either one of those while working is that you're watching crap on the internet instead of working.

I've hardly seen anyone get outraged because someone saw a picture of a dead person, for the fucks sake during the Boston Marathon bombing I checked news channels on-line showing pictures of legless people. Tonne down you sensitivities and learn to not give a fuck

>> No.29608697

Part of the issue is that people cherry-pick such individual examples and use them to justify them passing judgment on a whole group. "There are black criminals" is a true statement. "black people are criminals" is not. Constantly elbowing your friends about "all those black criminals amirite" and then being (or acting) shocked when people say "wow, that's racist and pathetic" is pretty stupid.

If I am *ironically* posting holocaustbelievers.jpg (and ironically explaining it's funny cause people believe the holocaust happened), then yeah that's pretty funny.

We can see it's pretty damn likely that that this wasn't the case in this instance.

>> No.29608775

>Tonne down you sensitivities and learn to not give a fuck
He could also get his priorities straight and bitch about fictional violence too. Not that I would particularly enjoy him becoming another Paladin Defender Of The Morals, but at least it would consistent.

>> No.29608791

I can't speak for others, but I didn't find it disturbing. As many have said, it's quite bloodless.

I just found it disrespectful to circulate the recording for the sake of entertainment.

>> No.29608842

I think you're really in the wrong community.

That I can agree with. But nobody here actually knows the guy.

>> No.29608994


>I just found it disrespectful to circulate the recording for the sake of entertainment.

Wait, just take a look at your browser and remember which website you're browsing. This types of things are posted daily in most if not all boards.


>> No.29609055

Because they grew up hearing most people (those women included) ridicule and belittle them for having those hobbies. Sudden changes of heart usually aren't trusted across the board of human experience.

The reason "looking for attention" is the assumption nowadays is because suddenly there are all these girls claiming to be just like nerds. But they don't talk to actually nerdy guys about these nerdy things, they talk to the regular guys they would have pursued anyway. It works the same way in the other direction, too: guys only talking about how much they love comics after they saw The Avengers, and regular girls fawing all over them for it.

The whole "answer this question about minutiae" probably exists because that's what a classic nerd was and is: someone who took their hobby to obsessive lengths.

>> No.29609155

>I think you're really in the wrong community.
I'd like to be in a community where people who try to make sexist jokes get called out for it. That's a pretty achievable milestone, only took one post.

>That I can agree with. But nobody here actually knows the guy.
Does that matter? I don't need to know a stranger to respect them.

I meant disrespectful towards that person's death.

>> No.29609185

>I'd like to be in a community where people who try to make sexist jokes get called out for it.
Exactly. You're in the wrong community.

>Does that matter? I don't need to know a stranger to respect them.
The stranger isn't here either.

>> No.29609256

The fact that he's tripfagging for no reason is reason enough for him not to be here.

>> No.29609609

At this moment, I am in a community where people who try to make sexist jokes get called out on it. It just happens to be me who was doing it.

>The stranger isn't here either.
Is it okay to disrespect someone if you're doing it behind their back?

>> No.29609803

I'm just going to say that maybe labelling yourself might be counteracting whatever change you might want to occur, due to 4chan's weird culture. It might be better for you to go undercover as anon, and be our silent defender. Our dark knight. Or something.

>> No.29609876

If you really cared about changing the culture, you wouldn't turn yourself into an easy target with your trip.

Anyway, you'll get pic related if you participate in threads about angels.

>> No.29609924

Doesn't even have eyes.

>> No.29610124

Actually, yeah, I agree.

I've just been using this trip on /tg/ since... god, I dunno, 2007? Several months after the board began. It's an accountability thing, i.e. you leave it always on so you don't shitpost.

>> No.29610217

Took me a while. When I first saw it, I thought it meant "No".

>> No.29610397

go back to tumblr

>> No.29611218

DIY warp drive

>> No.29611834

Cabin in the Woods

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