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So I'm interested into Black Crusade and wanted to hear /tg/'s thoughts. The game seems really highpowered, more so than RT(though I did like RT) and the splashbooks archtypes seem to push that even more.
I was thinking about running a game with only humans on a Hive World based of Turn-of-the-Century New York. Anarchists in the lower hives. Steel jaws of machinary, various scum cults.
What think? Thoughts on the system and idea?

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Posting the SFW images of her

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spess > humans, even with the "compensations."

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BC is a system with some neat ideas, but suffers from absolutely atrocious editing and internal consistency. Entire portions of the BC core book were copy-pasted from RT, including references to "profit factor." And there's a ton of other anomalies and such that typically require a bit of houseruling to gloss over.

Did I mention that the BC character sheet is also missing two skills entirely?

That said, if you can gloss over or deal with the mechanical failings, its a pretty fun game. Though it does require a certain kind of party to get the most out of it. Namely one that's both willing and able to deal with inter-party conflict in a mature manner. Plus, playing a human requires you to think a bit outside the box to really be useful, since you'll likely never be as powerful in direct conflict as a CSM.

Also, the Flesh Shaper from ToE is exploitable as all fuck.

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Yay they should be in segragated games. I don't get how they would even mingle

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The general idea is that CSMs provide the combat monsters, while humies are more social/skill oriented. Not to mention that in any situation involving regular human/Imperial society, the CSMs are gonna be giant walking magnets for largely unwanted attention.

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Thats another thing
I get the spy feel of the cultist but I'd need some good ideas if I did CSM

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oh salesgirl I'd buy your product anyday...

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That's how it's SUPPOSED to be, until the 1kSon mind controls everyone and the Alpha Legionnaire summons 1d10 plot bums with his ability to find the next plot point.

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Make a plot to get Abby arms back from Tryazan

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oh! You should have your players and there characters killed by the glorious forces of the Emperor for being traitors

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And then the human Flesh Shaper makes an unstoppable army of unswervingly loyal minions by frankensteining together a bunch of underhive scum. Did I mention they're all 6 armed Spidermen with Unnatural Everything 6?

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Any word of a Nurgle tome?

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>The game seems really highpowered, more so than RT
The characters themselves are high powered, but you have to take into account that in RT you start with a space ship, while in BC you do not.

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Not if you don't play that Slaneshi pirate prince, you don't...

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I like how the two options they give are "Handwave it and suck off the GM for nice things" or "Buy books from another system to use in this one."

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Who drew these?

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Why don't Rubrics just use magic to re-flesh their dongs?

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>buy books

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Because the Rubrics themselves aren't wizards and their Aspiring Sorcerer handlers want all the sex for themselves

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Miss Morden I presume?

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Here's an experiment. Take a hotdog. Cook it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. See how it burst? Take a needle and thread and stitch it back together into Frankenweenie. That's a 1ksons dong fleshcrafted back together. Except possibly even more horrifying.

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I'd like to ride this train

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Once I get into a BC game I'm going to be play a caster who works as the right hand / subordinate of a CSM. Go full caster and support the shit out of the CSM. Until it is time to betray the shit out of him to ascend to Daemonhood.

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I want to play a champion of chaos like this
"It seems the only one left to betray *clicks gun* is my self" and pulls the trigger

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I thought all the 1k sons were?

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>*clicks gun*
Cocks. That noise is the gun cocking. Which is basically a useless gesture at this point with gun technology the vast vast majority of guns are self cocking.

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"Can I get the Surprize but with tits?"

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Now for spacewolves

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Ahriman didn't like how the Thousand Sons were getting all mutated because of worshiping Tzeentch, so he cast a big spell to make them stop mutating. It worked fine on all the real wizards, but everyone who wasnt wizard enough got turned to dust. Thats the story as I understand it.

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His attempt to make a character was sad.

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