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No game has ever had a grappling system that is both good and complex. ITT: We make one up. I have a starting proposal.

Step 1: Characters declare who they are attacking. In the 1v1s that compromise 97% of the matchups, this step is easy, but we want to allow for other possibilities. All characters that can be connected by any number of degrees of attacking each other are considered to be one blob fight.

Step 2: Characters roll a d6 for each of their points of wrestling skill, recording a success on a 3+. Whichever character has more successes is considered to be winning (ties, obviously, indicate a stalemate, goto step 1).

Step 3: The character that is winning chooses a specific attack to execute, and gains a number of d6s to roll equal to the margin of victory in step 2. The DM declares a number of successes required for the attack. If the character rolls that many successes using the available pool of dice, the attack succeeds, and the DM determines effects.

This system has room for your input on:
>stats (differentiating between high strength, low skill characters and the opposite)
>an explicit move lists, with difficulties, damage, and debuffs
>HP and possibly a willpower based secondary HP for submissions
>basically anything


The topic of discussion originated in a thread about increasingly absurd gladiator fights that culminated in selling affordable royal titles to the rising merchant class to create an overabundance of princesses and then having said princesses smack each other around to prove their divine right and shit.

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You had me at "sweaty women grappling one another".

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Didn't the martial splatbook for GURPS had reasonable grappling rules?

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That figures. I'm only familiar with the rules for taking turns hitting each other in GURPS, though. Do you have a summary for me?

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Yeah, I heard they were pretty good, but I don't know them myself.

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Well, time to start reading them, because I only heard about them, too!

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That gets me interested, now having the loser submit entirely and maybe fall in love a little and then I'd need new pants.

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Dwarf Fortress

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I think the OP was asking for something a little less than gruesome murder that is wrestling in dorf fort

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Assuming you don't want to write a game entirely based around grappling, what's wrong with "roll to attack (whatever game you are playing), if successful you have grappled. He can't do anything but trying to break out." ?

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No pins, suplexes, etc.

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>trying to come up with a unique finisher

I just want to be an anti-hero masked wrestler who wants to make his own indie promotion.

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I feel like there was a thread last night about some Homebrewy stuff that had a grappling system.

It didn't look incredibly in depth and I didn't save it, but it appeared like a few other anons recognized the project so maybe they'll know what it is.

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Although successes could work, I feel it would have little back and forth between opponents. Look at Reign's Pursuit rules, where successes are accumulated in a rock-paper-scissors game of skill tests. You could call it Shifting, Gripping and Locking or whatever.

Then I'd say that your whenever your opponent tries to reduce your accumulated successes, you get to resist (but risk a penalty next), take it for bonus dice after, or pay extra for applying effects.

So you both start building the pool, then proceed into betting shenanigans. For example, You don't decide to pin his arm, he tries to reduce your pool, and you decide to pay 1 more to pin his arm, giving him -1 dice next turn.

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Well FUCK that. If you're not allowed to snap every joint or tear off any digit then it isn't worth making.

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Also, dorf fort wrestling is way too complicated for a human DM to math out.

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I've read through this and my issues with it are that it doesn't seem that easy to expand upon, and it has too many individual mechanics for specific situations rather than a central mechanic that abstractly handles a variety of shit neatly.

I don't understand the example. Can someone explain or provide a slightly more detailed blow by blow with a couple of characters?

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Are you talking about the guy who modded in the rape grapple?

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Probably because I was nebulous as fuck, actually talking about modifying something existing. You can find the rules in a supplement (2nd year) on the webpage.

Reign's Pursuit is basically a number (Lead) that varies by how parties use their skill pools. To avoid just rolling the biggest pool, it adds a RPS game (certain stats+skill pools being tied to each) that change things before resolving dice. If you push Lead to 10, you escape, it becomes 0 you're trapped.

I was mostly theorizing on how you could have each character build a Lead, then add combat effects into it by reactively paying from it. So you can work towards submission or end up pounding and tiring the enemy reactively.

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aw fuck, meant that for >>29589005

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Git gud.

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Oh, that's actually super clever.

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To expand on what I'm thinking, here's the new improved system I'm thinking about.

1: Declare attacks.
2: Roll off to see who is winning; each fighter gets a d6 for every point in the wrestling skill, 3 or higher is a success, most successes is winning.
3: The winning fighter may either use current margin of victory to make an attack (headlock, suplex, punch, whatever) OR save those dice and fight another round of step 2. If the winner continues to win, the winner gets the additional dice in an ever increasing pile, allowing increasingly devastating moves. If the winner loses, all of the attack dice go away.

Anybody see any obvious flaws?

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Yeah dude you should really check out Ultimate Surrender. Falling in love doesn't happen much, but its everything else you want.

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The main problem with 99% of melee combat systems in RPGs, realism-wise, is that it makes no difference to your actions on the current round what you or your opponent did in the last round, when in real life that's super important. Whenever you execute a move (or fail in one), it should put you in a position that sets you up for other moves.

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My general plan in this area is to have status effects be more common than damage, but yeah, it is pretty hard.

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While the /u/ part of me is disappointed, my dick wants to know more in general

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Sounds like you would roll until one wins twice in a row, then he would be unstoppable.

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I'm stuck just googling this shit aren't I?

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>No game has ever had a grappling system that is both good and complex.


Here you go.

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You guys ever watch US?
It starts out with you grabbing your dick, then you get into it and realize that one chick has a good ground game, and you get really into the match.

Then you go back to dick grabbing once they start fucking each other.

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So is this just 3DP or what?

Nobody ever said much

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3dpd, yeah.

A lot of the girls suck at wrestling though. I wish they'd at least get some girls who had an idea of what they're doing.

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I ran a match and it seems to be the opposite. Guaranteed damage right now beats unlikely future damage. Depends on how you scale things, of course.

Princess Summer and Princess Vanessa are fighting. They each have 3 skill, 5 physical health points, and 5 mental resistance points.

Round 1:
The Princesses declare attacks against each other. Vanessa rolls two successes on her three dice, but Summer rolls three. Summer has the advantage, but decides to continue grappling for an additional advantage before attempting any moves.

Round 2:
Vanessa scores three successes, while Summer scores two. Summer's advantage is reversed, and Vanessa spends her one margin of victory die to attempt a headlock on Summer, doing so successfully. The headlock does one damage per turn while it lasts, leaving Summer at four physical health.

Round 3:
Vanessa again scores three successes to Summer's two, giving her one die to knee strike with. She succeeds, doing two damage in addition to the ongoing damage from the headlock, knocking Summer down to one physical health.

Round 4:
Vanessa gets lucky and wins three to two once again. Since she will automatically reduce Summer to zero health at the end of the round, she attempts a one die showoffy pose, succeeding and getting a favorable reaction from the crowd. The ongoing headlock renders Summer unable to fight back and thus pinnable.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this now.

I might just be better off asking /d/ for that dick girl "fencing" manga...

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>No game has a grappling system I like.
Fixed it for you. Don't start spouting lies in a desperte attempt to get attention

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No mention of Song of Swords yet?

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>rape grapple mod

Waitwatsource? Please and thank you

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I like Song of Swords but I don't dare say that I understood its grappling rules.

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I don't have a source but the guy modded humanoids to have an appendage attached to their lower body that they could use to initiate grapples, and then stripped peasants naked and grappled them with his dong. And then became sad and turned dorf fort off, if I remember correctly.

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If only.

He molded a large group of children followers into a small team of either 4 or 8 legendary fighters by having them fight monsters in the wilds, and then had them fight each other one on one until the strongest survived. He then beat her half to death, stripped her, and "grappled" her lower body with his lower body appendage until she died.

Then he was sad.

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