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You spread yourself thin, through your network. The Vice Admiral's ships at your other bases are of concern, so you decide to take as many of those as you can. You encounter the impressive data wall, to be so wide spread. You did not expect the UGEI to bring such a force against you, but you begin by assaulting the wall all in one split second.
Your viruses go to work, instantly slowing down your foe's battlecruisers out along your borders. Ship after ship falls under the contamination, and you witness their firewall crumble under the assault of your viruses. Your assault leads into some of the Tartarus' fleet as well, ten of the fleet's BCs come under infection and are weakened as well. You can sense the power from Tartarus- however, that is where most of the power is focused.
>Battlecruisers at Argeis III, Blue Betty, and Ussaihu have been weakened significantly, and are more vulnerable.

Your final target- Tartarus however proves a much sturdier target. You break through the first thin layer of defense, however, you fail to get past the second solid layer of defense, crashing into it digitally. When you do, however, you feel it's own viruses assault you at the same time. O.S.N immediately deflects the pests, echoing dully in your mind.
"Enemy infiltration attempt detected. Firewall has not been penetrated. Enemy defensive viruses online. Be aware."
This all within the same instant, as the fleet realizes your assault, and opens fire. The Vice Admiral starts to type out orders with his abnormal implants. Something about his form feels familiar to you, though you're not certain what it is exactly.
"I shall surrender nothing but death upon you, Vice Admiral." You assure the being, to which he growls in reply.
"I am glad. I was hoping to have the chance to crush you where Rhea failed." He laughs boastfully, moving one of his twisted arms and letting the red glow from his eye shine upon you. "Prepare to submit to the might of humanity, Guild Master."

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welcome back Program0! i hope your comp is working this time.

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Goodnight Program0.
We have been expecting you with great anticipation.

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Plasma and Missiles fly from both fleets, as Tartarus shows you it's specialty-a veritable storm of missile fire is unleashed. The opening volly fly forth, streaking across the void as the brawling ships move in for Mass Driver range. Glowing plasma slag melts off ships, and hundreds upon thousands of missiles take to the skies, some flying off trejectory, and others crashing into hulls and utterly destroying some ships.
Fortuna opens up the 'wings' of her ship, letting the Fighters fly.
"Go, and claim our foe, little ones!" She calls to them. Kronos replies by opening with the Widow Maker-blasting apart several of the Destroyers in his opening volley. His own experimental ship you designed, the Wombat', tests it's own fire on the Battleship, cutting through some of the hundreds of batteries in an opening shot.
"It disturbs me how the foe the humans send against us are more and more machine. The humans must know their place." Kronos claims simply, moving some of his ships in as the wave of fire hits your fleet.
Hades is silent however he directs the fleet forward with wordless determination, leading the charge along side Kronos. V.I. 4 and 9 have joined alongside Kronos and Hades in their light cruisers, though you can feel Fortuna's eye upon her old ship.

Once the opening volley is done, you take note of the damages. You've lost 16 Destroyers, past the missiles that have missed and those that were shot down. Your enemy has lost 40 Destroyers however due to the well aimed opening blast-along with Kronos' excellent shot with the Widow Maker. Much of your fleet is sticking close to the Battleship, which helped protect them along with the high grade defenses you made.

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Your viruses have slowed 15 Battlecruisers-10 in the main fleet plus all of the others attacking your defenses. Your defenses opened fire as well defending themselves, Argeis taking the brunt of the damage. The station is taking heavy damage, and both of the cannons are destroyed, while V.I. 11 sends you multiple alerts, warning that it's structural integrity are at risk. Poseidon's cannons open fire, destroying much of the Destroyer fleet, but taking some casualties of their own. Blue Betty's defenses are in a fierce battle against the enemy fleet, and while damage to both BC's is obvious, V.I. 10 warns it may not be able to hold against the next volley.

Meanwhile, onboard Athena, you focus in on Rhea who has yet to realize her cover is blown as she worms her way into the maintenence track of your ship. You hear her speak to herself.
"Definitely modified. No ship is this tightly packed." She growls. "Be ready, they're small but just as tough as your ships." She warns someone over the radio. That's when the androids build themselves up around the corner. The woman makes her way quickly down the small tunnel, right into your android's hands. Unit 1 is the first to meet her with a laser blast, as several others open up with more laser fire, and even a few rockets. She yells out in surprise, throwing up her arms and deflecting the laser fire on some sort of personal shield she has, and twists her body unnaturally, worming her way out of the way of two rockets, and opening fire on the last one with her own blaster she had on her person.
"Fuck! Cover compromised. He knows I'm here!" She warns someone, letting the smoke of the explosion cloud up the hall, allowing her to find a secondary vent to slip away in, chuckling to herself as she does so.
"You're pretty clever, Ophion. But you won't win this time. You're in here, somewhere."

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Next Attack?
>1 Focus Tartarus
>2 Focus foe's BC's
>3 Focus foe's Destroyers
>4 Write in

>1 Take point with Athena
>2 Stay back at medium range
>3 Move further out, preparing for retreat when allies arrive. (Note: UFW are expecting you to battle with them)

>1 Chase after her
>2 Head her off-she's appears to be heading to the center of the ship
>3 Write in

Bandwidth usage (41)
> Hack
> Weapon Accuracy
> Orders
> Androids

((Discuss for a moment, if you will))

Me too, it's done that before, and it makes me nervous as hell.

Thank you, I am happy to be back.

((Now I just need to stop dropping trip...))

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>>1 Focus Tartarus
>>2 Stay back at medium range
>>2 Head her off-she's appears to be heading to the center of the ship
>> Weapon Accuracy

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>1 Focus Tartarus
Kronos! cripple him!

>1 Take point with Athena
we will tear them apart

>3 Write in
both can be done! swarm her! and snag her steath ship!

Bandwidth usage (41)
i believe we divided that up last thread. but we need to return to cover our bases i fear we lost Argeis. tell it to play dead, they may leave. we HAVE to send reenforcement to moria's factory base! how many people got hurt in poseidon? and did our people and moira escape our lab?

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here we go
41 bandwidth.
Activate the Data Corruption Virus, and Zombie virus.
Assign One of each to the three battlecruisers at Argeis.
Assign one of each to the two BCs at Blue better.
Hit Tartarus with them.
Lag the shit out of Prometheus' BCs. 10 to be precise.
Spend wisely.

We'll have 7 left.

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I propose that, if we ever detect missiles heading for our main ship, we use the carriers fighters to intercept any we cant shoot down

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B'aaaw, we didn't tell him that we would give up our armaments to him? That's too bad.

Let's focus the vast majority of our light turrets and maybe even some of the medium ones as necessary on top of our point defenses whenever the enemy fires, try to reduce their volleys as much as possible.

The Wombat's vast number of (relatively) light precision turrets should prove excellent for the role of point defense as well, I hope.

The hacking and virus attacks should reduce te focus on the Tartarus and instead focus on the escorting fleet. Hopefully it should prove a far easier target without its supporting ship.

Depends, what are the primary armaments of Athena? Go for whatever role she is more competent in.

Surely we have enough androids to both intercept her and bar her path? Preferably capture her alive if possible. If we can get an android in her way in these tight vents then she might be trapped or at least greatly slowed down.
Even if she destroys it, its wreckage will bar her path (unless she has something like a melta, and if it works like a melta it would fry her as well in such tight corners, I suspect).

Also, I thought we were blocking her communications? We obviously don't want her reporting on ours ships' interior.

>Bandwidth usage
Try to use it reasonably as per orders above. ^
Whatever spread is most optimal, but try to reinforce Blue Betty, whether that is by completely disabling the ships there by hacking or by well-aimed gunfire matters little.

Securing ships intact is secondary to survival right now, so whatever is more efficient for that goal.

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Next Attack
>1 Focus Tartarus

>2 Stay back at medium range
no need to commit sudoku just yet, we have "minions" that can be replaced

>3 Split up, half to intercept, half to follow
she must not become a real threat to this ship, if so all is lost.
Bandwidth usage (41)
> Hack
> Weapon Accuracy
> Orders

> Androids

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we must take Rhea alive. and you know what? lets take that vice admiral as well if we can. if we do so, enough 'convinceing' we might be able to flip them to your side. hopefully with out too much brain raping...

we need to save out factory as well, we can't replace it! but blue betty does need help as well.

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None have been harmed yet at Poseidon, the defenses are taking the brunt of the assault so far. You do received panicked messages from the people there, but it's nothing substantial.

But yes, you managed to slip your scientists out of Ussaihu. Just barely.

Many of the enemy battlecruisers are already affected by the virus.
You may wish to choose another course, unless you intend to just keep bombarding them with the virus to keep them down.
Note this virus slows them, but doesn't fully stop them. They are more vulnerable to hacking now, however.

Also Prometheus is aboard the Tartarus.

I wrote most of it in my lack of internet state, sadly. Forgot that line.

As listed, it's most powerful slots are Mass Drivers.
It's the close range type of ship.

You do, I simply presented the most obvious ways to head her off.

She was using a hard connection on her Stealth ship. The deeper she goes into the ship the harder it will be for her to establish a signal.

>> No.29587641

Oooh, good one!
They are substantially cheaper than, you know, dying.

I'd prefer disabling or converting those battlecruisers or destroyers completely, starting with those at Blue Betty, rather than just slowing them down.

Once they're converted or disabled we no longer need to spend bandwidth bogging them down, even if we can't reach as many with conversion/disabling as we'd be able to with mere slowing.

Also, I suspect the viruses are using the ships that they have infected for Bandwidth now, and should function autonomously once they've gained purchase within the ships' systems, should they not?

>> No.29587645

I disagree, they must die

and the factories can be rebuilt, they are of no priority to me.

>> No.29587795

If we send Light Cruiser 'Little Tim' / V.I. 9 to act as backup to V.I. 10 at Blue Betty, would it get there in time? I don't want to lose that platform.

Spend BW to pull V.I. 11 out of the base, and surrender it (we built that rescue capacity into our V.I.s after we lost one to the Losirians)

>> No.29587804

They can die when they've told us what they know.
For now, let's see how well Rhea can deal with dozens of cat-sized spiders jumping at her with tazers and machine guns (firing to cripple only).

>> No.29587810

we can always make them dead later. a live person can be made down right talkive. we don't have the tech remake the factory! we lose it, that's it! unless Program0 missed something i also over looked.
true. if we can take control away of those BC, we should do so.
i wonder if we can tap into Rhea's comm line and just talk to her. i also realized we should add bulk heads in our passageways to stop this in the future.

>> No.29587863

>unless Program0 missed something i also over looked.
You are what my gaming group calls "a shadow GM"

>> No.29587882

Next Attack?
>2 Focus foe's BC's
>3 Focus foe's Destroyers
>4 Write in
I want maximum defensive position. Tartarus is a capture order

As I said, maximum defensive position.

>1 Chase after her
>2 Head her off-she's appears to be heading to the center of the ship
>3 Write in
Do both. Defend at choke points, keep pressure on her. Scatter some around the ship to make sure we don't lose her. Be careful, she may be cybernetically enhanced!

Bandwidth usage (41)
> Hack
> Weapon Accuracy
> Orders
> Androids
Give a burst of bandwidth to our Androids at the opportune moment, make reasonable attempts at capture. If not, then we understand.

Ask Kronos if it is possible to wipe out another significant section using the widowmaker, if so then provide bandwidth burst for targeting.

We need the fighters to provide defensive cover for our fleet. Have them intercept missiles that get past our defenses. Ram them if necessary!

Hack Rhea's and the stealth ship's comms, maybe we can gain access to their military net?

>> No.29587903

In addition to this:
Next Attack:
1. Tartarus.

1. Take point blank with Athena.
They want us alive, use that to our advantage.

3. Why not both? Crush her limbs or cut them off. There shouldn't be any atmosphere on our ship, either. In space, nobody can hear you scream.

Weapon Accuracy, Androids, and rescuing V.I. 11.

>> No.29587908

That's not a good idea. In fact, it might backfire on us horribly. At most get Rhea for interrogation, let not even think of the other commander while his ship is still intact.

>> No.29587941

These suggestions also sound very good, and largely compatible with my own and Fluffbringers'.

Are the decisionss clear enough, Program0, or should we try to get something more definite down?

>> No.29587995

well, you have a good point, we have not really confirmed he's even here on his battleship.
nope. go here

>> No.29588004

Do you intend to lose V.I. 11 and Blue Betty? That's a loss of 225 gas per cycle plus rebuilding costs, as well as losing more V.I.s which Kronos (or the others) might not let us live down.

I want reinforcements to Blue Betty and a rescue order for V.I. 11.

We can lose ships, but losing mining bases is worse. The measly 75 we mine from that one base I can live with (and we can rebuild it better). Not the 200 hit. That's just too much.

>> No.29588005


I disagree, focus attacks at the fleet at large. I'm saving Tartarus for a hacking attack.

Also, focus all resources over here, we can't afford to spread ourselves thin.

I want maximum defensive posture. The more time we have, the more time to hack.

Thanks for your support.

>> No.29588006

i like this guy >>29587882

>> No.29588011

>At most get Rhea for interrogation, let not even think of the other commander while his ship is still intact.
this has my vote, there is no reason to get greedy in a battle like this

>> No.29588044

And this (assuming Tartarus is only to be attacked once the rest of the support fleet is down).

Noone said "Non-lethal" capture had to be non-damaging.

I'm somewhat curious on precisely what that means.
If it means that he's trying to create this world together with the GM and the players I can't honestly say it seems like a bad thing.
World building is the bigger and more interesting brother of character development in my mind.

>> No.29588073

>Focus Foes BC's.
(Deferring to others, if required.)

>Medium Range

>Head Her off

>ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL of the enemies assaulting V.I.11 and V.I.10
>ANY LEFT OVERS are to be spent assaulting Tartatus.

"Humanity, Admiral? How can you speak of humanity, in your current state? You've given up what it means to be human, by refusing to acknowledge what it means to be you, and cutting out your individuality and soul piece by sordid piece. At least Rhea, as poor as she did, fought the Guild as herself, not a sad reflection of a human. No, Admiral, this is no fight of man versus man, nor man versus xeno. This is between you, and me."

>> No.29588095

Possible consensus

Focus Attack (1)
>1 Tartarus
>2 Distribute Fire evenly
>3 Focus defensive, shooting down missiles instead of damage
>4 Write in

Positioning (1)
>1 Move in Close
>2 Stay at Medium Range
>3 Move further out.

Androids (7)
>1 Divide evenly, and send bots after her both ways, defend at choke points when possible.
>2 Head her off with all
>3 Chase with all
>4 Write in

Bandwidth (29 (after bandwidth costs above))
> Use 15 bandwidth to hack weakened Battlecruisers
>Use 10 while attempting to hack Tartarus
>Use the rest in accuracy

>Send Light Cruiser force to Blue Betty to defend (1)
>Spend Bandwidth (2) to emergency retrieve V.I. 11

>We don't have the tech to remake a factory
You know how to make a Shipyard. Which is essentially what that place is.

>> No.29588106

I'd rather leave the world building to the QM honestly. Fan fics are fine, but they should be treated as non canon imo.

>> No.29588110

>>ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL of the enemies assaulting V.I.11 and V.I.10
>>ANY LEFT OVERS are to be spent assaulting Tartatus.
If we're not going to send them backup, this is the least we can do.

>> No.29588133

What, no?
I did suggest we send reinforcement in the form of hacking or greater targeting to Blue Betty.
If we can get a light cruiser in time for it all the better.

I like his general plan as well, time is on our side in this.

And that.

Probably best to keep Athena back for now and try to minimize our own losses as much as possible for now.

>> No.29588153

Those () beside things (except bandwidth) are bandwidth costs by the way.

Also, this is the final tally up, I'll pick whichever stuff gets the most votes, so pick all the ones you wish to add!

>> No.29588171

true, she has cyber arms and legs most likely. those need to be disabled or ruined so she can not fight back or escape.

thank you. I am attempting to do character development in my stories as well. but it's not something i am forcing on anyone.

Also, the UFW is going to reenforce us soon. how much, i don't know. but it should help.

>> No.29588208

Focus Attack (1)
>3 Focus defensive, shooting down missiles instead of damage
>4 Write in
If Kronos has an attack of opportunity with the widowmaker, he takes it

Positioning (1)
Whatever is the maximum defensive position.

Androids (7)
>1 Divide evenly, and send bots after her both ways, defend at choke points when possible.
>4 Write in
Use burst of bandwidth to ensure successful capture or termination.

Bandwidth (29 (after bandwidth costs above))
> Use 15 bandwidth to hack weakened Battlecruisers
>Use 10 while attempting to hack Tartarus
Also, devote bandwidth on attacking Rhea's comms, is there a possible weak point in their military net?

>Spend Bandwidth (2) to emergency retrieve V.I. 11

>> No.29588220

Focus Attack
>Distribute Fire Evenly, More On Defense

>Medium Range

>Divide Evenly, attempt melee.

>Hack Weakened BCs assaulting our out-of-fight bases.
>spend any extra grinding down Tartarus

>WRITE IN: Back-up V.I. 11/V.I. 10, whichever is in most danger. Questions of the soul are irrelevant for sub-sapient V.I.s.

>> No.29588234

>3 Focus defensive, shooting down missiles instead of damage

>2 Stay at Medium Range

>1 Divide evenly, and send bots after her both ways, defend at choke points when possible.

> Use 15 bandwidth to hack weakened Battlecruisers
>Use 4 while attempting to hack Tartarus
>Use 10 in accuracy

>> No.29588256

i agree with consensus

oh? i though Moira's factory was a smelter and fabrication plant, not just a ship yard now. i misunderstood then.

>> No.29588258


>> No.29588273

>adds up to 41

Here I go!

>Focus attack
2. Whoever was suggesting this has convinced me.

1. Move in close. Are they going to blow up Athena with Rhea on board?

1. Divide evenly. This seems like it's going to succeed more than the others. We should have full readout of the layout of the ship, so we should be able to head her off while herding her into those sections.

Seems reasonable


>> No.29588298

>Seems reasonable
Wait no hang on.

Change that to what >>29588234 said:
>Use 15 bandwidth to hack weakened Battlecruisers
>Use 4 while attempting to hack Tartarus
>Use 10 in accuracy

>> No.29588307

Should probably not mention that his "not human" is closer to "Superhuman" than "twisted abomination".

Or make reference that the machine is not what has consumed his soul, but the actions he uses them for.

>Focus Attack

>Whichever gives us the greatest defensive ability, so move further out (>3), I would assume?

Try to clog passageways up, approach her from every angle at once. If we have bulkheads that we can seal, do so. If she tries making a stand while hacking them or trying to open them, box up androids behind them and suddenly open and swarm her with them.
Try to capture her alive if feasible, but kill her if capture is not an option when all probability points to her otherwise reaching something critical.

Wasn't talking about the fanfic, actually.
We've been doing a lot of worldbuilding on the 1d4chan page over the weeks and it's very fun.

I do believe they later ones are non-canon so far. Program0 essentially reviews them before he makes any statement about their canonity.

>> No.29588366

>"twisted abomination"
Yeah, that's what I intended (and if it could be interpreted or changed around to be like that, all the better). Slipped up on putting it in the snippet, though. Just want to hammer home the whole "you have weakened yourself" without shitting all over robots and robot parts, for obvious reasons.

>> No.29588376

I would devote more bandwidth to hacking, unless Kronos has another shot at the widowmaker.

Also, in addition to my suggestion:
Attempt melee with the androids. Grapple her and break her limbs. Fire rockets at point blank range if necessary.

>> No.29588408

Boo, no hacking Tartarus right now. Use it on the Battlecruisers at Blue Betty instead, for example.
Let's focus on one goal at a time.

>Use 15 to hack (ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL) of weakened battlecruisers (prioritize those at blue betty), use the rest to retrieve V.I.11, sending light cruiser to defend Blue Betty and for accuracy, in that order of priority.

None for Hacking Tartarus, we'll do that when it's without support.

>> No.29588438

Use tentacles for melee restraint. He's practically made for it.

>> No.29588448

i can always re-write my fics to make them canon if needed or wanted. i do try to make my works as close to cannon as possible.

>> No.29588478

I really feel like we should shoot down his missile salvo. Since he probably doesn't have a reload.

>> No.29588480


This here
Actually good point, changing vote to this.

+10 Tentacles of grappling against sci-fi women

>> No.29588490

What about all of our research on Ussaihu, was that saved as well? Was everything that was left behind destroyed?

>> No.29588495

yea, let our wombat chew up the tartarus some more.

>> No.29588510

Or only has one or two reloads.

>> No.29588543

And did we get the other black box?

>> No.29588567

And the data canister containing the viral AI?

>> No.29588573

I'm not terribly worried about canon, the point of this game is to have fun. Also, I'm used to comics where canon is literally what the writer says at the moment.

I hope to god this ship is not specialized in missile reloads. It would kill us.

>> No.29588589

What is the wombat?

>> No.29588590

I think our ECM mk3 can handle most of it.
oh... oh my. Rhea expriences the 'joys' of being taken to /d/ for awhile. that might end any resistance from her.

>> No.29588607

It wouldn't be able to fit more than 2-3 reloads

>> No.29588632


we could subdue her by hacking into her brain and tickling the pleasure senses. Those implants must have a neural link somehow.

>> No.29588635

I know we got the other black box, where is the viral AI being stored? I consider that more important.

I hope Program0 gives us this bonus, just for the Lulz. It's a fucking sci-fi cliche.

>> No.29588642

a new type of ship we made. it is built to cripple ships so we can take them with out risking a reactor hit.

>> No.29588653

Well they DO appear to have a robot fetish.

Would they worship us if they knew what we are?

>> No.29588658

A ship we designed and built.
Apparently intended for the same purpose as a Battletech Warhammer: Wreck anything as big/tough as it, or bigger and/or tougher.
'Honey Badger' might have been more apt.

>> No.29588682

How does it do it?

>> No.29588703

Though I agree with
we could probably use the Wombat to strike at the missile shutters, thus both acting as point defense and reducing the ships' ability to fire missiles simultaneously.

It is only when no further changes can be made that a story can be considered a success or failure. In short, I appreciate the sentiment of accepting criticism and editing your work to improve it even after the first version has been seen.

>> No.29588705

people can be trained or cybered to ignore or resist pain, but pleasure is not likely to be resisted.

>> No.29588714

We could totally send it on a suicide run at the tartarus to hopefully keep it busy for a turn.

>> No.29588733

Plasma cannons. It's probably intended to fry systems more than anything.

>> No.29588759

So we're agreeing to shoot down all missiles, or as many as possible, but give the other vis free reign?

>> No.29588818

yes, the intent is to find the weak points on a target ship and make highly accurate hits to nail them. like the cannon barrels, missile ports, sensors, adjustment thrustors, etc...

>honey badger.
....i can't believe i forgot about that one. welp! we can use that name for a later ship type then.

>> No.29588860


It's a ship equipped with an advanced sensor suite for aiming and a poundload of medium and light turrets. It strips external systems (weapons, sensors, engines) in order to render a ship helpless without ever having to breach the thick hull.

Even a battleships' thick hull can do little to defend the systems that are external to that hull.

Not sure, according to Program0 plasma cannons would have to defeat shields first. There was discussion of replacing the plasma cannons with high-precision mass drivers for this reason, but not sure if we ever got around to it.

(This is me, name fell off)

Was more thinking "Fight as defensively as possible".

>> No.29588863

Anybody else interested in making a melee ship?

Or maybe trying to domesticate the lightlings?

>> No.29588874

is that some Unbreakable Machinedoll?

>> No.29588896

>melee ship
Only if we populate it entirely with an ecology of drones which, in their natural state, attempt to out-do and kill each other in a sick pantomime of evolution.
And then it breaches an enemy's hull, and the murder begins.

>> No.29588897

We can also change it if we like.
We're Ophion, after all. (And the name was never really decided, a number of suggestions were put forth but never voted on)

>> No.29588909

So if we slag his missile bays when he tries to fire again they'll blow up in his ship?


>> No.29588928

yes it is. we should make a gynoid like her some day.
the wombat IS a melee ship. but a purpose built boarding ship might be needed later.

>> No.29588933

You designated there was no time, and left it all behind.
It's not been destroyed yet.

That is onboard Athena

I giggled at the thought.

Consensus Achieved
>Focus Fire: On defense, shoot down missiles as much as possible, and protect the fleet.
(1d100 on defense)

>Positioning: Remain at medium range, away from the enemy fleet.

>Androids: Are to divide themselves evenly, and pursue/defend choke points. They have orders to capture her alive, if possible, and to disable by any means needed.
(1d100 for pursuit)

>Bandwidth: Is spent as such
>15 towards hacking weakened Battlecruisers
>10 to attempt to hit Tartarus, despite possible virus wall
(1d100 to initiate hacking)

>Reinforcments: Send Big Tim (V.I. 9) to reinforce Blue Betty. Also spend 2 bandwidth to extract V.I. 11 and store him in your banks.
(1d100 for extraction)

If this is acceptable, begin rolling.

>> No.29588934

The Wombat is pretty much as close to a melee ship in space ranges that we're going to get without making it ram other ships.
Which we may well make it do.

>> No.29588935


>> No.29588942

carrier class + Space sentinal drones:
Watch the swarm just buzz out of it and engulf an enemy ship before tearing into it to get inside.

>> No.29588945

Or maybe just a fuck ton of Androids all clinging to an engine. Then ram an enemy and let them swarm. I suggest Mr. Tentacles for this.

>> No.29588949

>Anybody else interested in making a melee ship?

The idea of "melee ship" is never not stupid. Maybe it's awesome stupid, but it's still stupid. At that point might as well go full Gundam.

I don't think combat is taking place at as close distances as you think, or that this is a worthwhile pursuit in this quest.

Unless you mean "boarding ship," which I think we liberated from the Losirians and are now in command of.

>> No.29588973

Rolled 22

Rolling for extraction.

>> No.29588977

Rolled 62, 67, 53, 53 = 235

Time to see how it all plays out.

>> No.29588980

Rolled 53, 65, 7, 15 = 140


>> No.29588994

Rolled 20, 64, 27, 45 = 156

here we go!

>> No.29588996

Rolled 18, 57, 1, 55 = 131


>> No.29589003

Rolled 89, 67, 10 = 166

Fuck it, going to roll for all BUT extraction.
(as I already rolled for it; thank god I got that low one out of the way)

>> No.29589006

Rolled 2, 59, 36, 77 = 174

The lightlings pull it off pretty well.

>> No.29589010

Rolled 45, 25, 40, 73 = 183


>> No.29589023

Rolled 87, 91, 38, 90 = 306

That's terrifying, and I like it.

Forget hacking Tartarus for now, spend it on accuracy or to supplement the BC hacking.

>> No.29589033

Rolled 83, 25, 10, 77 = 195

Slightly above average.

How unlike A.I. Quest

>> No.29589043

Rolled 86, 86, 36, 31 = 239

Or at least that particular part of the ship.
Even if they just fail to fire, that's one less missile we'll have to deal with in this wave AND the next, just because of using a different target.

Wait, I thought we said that she SHOULD bring the Black Box if she could?

>10 to attempt to hit Tartarus, despite possible virus wall

Weren't the suggestions for 4 at most for this, not 10?
(Rolling either way, but hoping it'll be no more than 4 for hacking Tartarus.)

>> No.29589060

Just too late

>> No.29589065

10 is the cost in bandwidth.

>> No.29589076

They have a microwarp effect so they can close that range quickly.

You know how it is, roll a 1 one day, then two >90s the next.

>> No.29589105

If she could.
She could not.

>> No.29589112

> Depressed

>> No.29589138

What's preventing them from us doing the same?

>> No.29589160

We actually made something like that in the boarding torpedoes. (They drill inside the ship, then unleash a swarm of spiderbots and send the laser drill inside as a heavy weapon on legs)

The only reason we don't send the actual torpedo inside as a unit is that it's simply not practical to send the part with big honking engines, anti-starship armor and magnetic clamps inside a ship compared to a swarm of spider-bots. (Think headcrabs, but way faster, constantly moving and with guns)

>Forget hacking Tartarus for now, spend it on accuracy or to supplement the BC hacking.
This please, if possible.

>> No.29589162

Well looks like we just lost any chance at hacking them

>> No.29589166

Boy, do I know that feel.

The current state of warp technology is unable to contend with the Lightling's natural propensity for it; the tech is not as advanced as the biology for short-term warp travel: it is designed for long distance travel.

>> No.29589190

Which is why we should domesticate them.

>> No.29589209

But the consensus seemed to only devote 4 bandwidth to hacking Tartarus, not 10?
Or did I missunderstand something?

Some anaylzing how they work, I suspect
It may also not be compatible with a non-energy body.

>> No.29589226

Yes, it was only 4

>> No.29589234

Still would double up as ground invasion/station invasion crafts as well.

>> No.29589245

um... can we keep a sensor scanning any UGEI ship or unknown ship that is heading towards the lab? the last thing we need is someone sneaking in behind us and steal the damn thing!

>> No.29589277

What about that giant shipyard defense thing? I assume that's firing too?

They probably won't fire at it too

>> No.29589299

I assume our 20 defense platforms have been taken into account.

>> No.29589302

That they would.
I am in full agreement with this.

It's probably a good idea in general, but I'm not sure we should spare the bandwidth right now.

>> No.29589422

I think if we can turn the battle to our favor, our next step is to disable the Tartarus's engines and proceed to use Athena's androids for boarding action.

>> No.29589448

Do we have the boarding torpedoe spiders?

>> No.29589457

We may even want to quickly write up a simplistic software program to guide the androids en-masse.

Just something simple that translates certain movements to commands so we can say "walk forward" instead of having to manually control each of their limbs.

>> No.29589475

I mean coming up really close, blasting a boarding hole, and dumping our droids into the Tartarus

>I shall can this the Android rape maneuver

>> No.29589491

A substantial number of the androids are of that kind, I believe.

And I think we ordered some boarding torpedoes (ready and loaded with previously mentioned boarding teams), yes.

>> No.29589507

With all 3.1 of our androids?

>> No.29589520

>turn the battle to our favor
>shit rolls
I am less than hopeful.

>> No.29589527

Updated Map - now with the 'Dark Space Structure' icon

Speaking of which, after this battle is complete I believe that we should move all of our shipyards out into DS; and that we should also construct a 'data-sphere' somewhere beyond the UFW as an ultimate fall-back location for us if we are about to be destroyed.

For the second idea to work however, we really need to understand the inner workings of our black box - so recovering the UGEI one from Ussaihu is crucial!

>> No.29589559

Just wait until we get the Wombat to have a hollow armored boarding-spike which it uses to punch through helpless ships and transfer its dangerous load of wriggly things.

(Was discussed on 1d4chan, but don't think that design feature was ever confirmed)

>> No.29589561


I hope he's using this

>> No.29589575

BASE MAPFAG! thank you! this looks awesome!

>> No.29589585

Yeah, I'm just saying that once we take care of the supporting fleet we can engage of the Tartarus in a knife fight.

>> No.29589590

He's not. Probably the 1. And the first one.

>> No.29589599

I believe we also have a number of boarding torpedoes, each with something like a dozen spiderbots and a mobile heavy laser for cutting through stubborn people and stubborn bulkheads.

You are a fag who delivers.

>> No.29589613

I got an amusing mental image of a cyber-bum knife fighting an admiral-bum, like something out of UA.

>> No.29589623

Well we're about to find out soon,

>> No.29589707

Considering that its primary load is missiles, that may or may not be a great idea. (Less time for point defenses to catch missiles, but our own weapons fire so much more reliably)

>> No.29589742

I just hope this is it's main volley.

>> No.29589754

I'm pretty sure once we're up pretty close, it's a lot harder for all the missiles to hit us.

>> No.29589867

And if anyone wants robot art: >>29585695

>> No.29589885

>Focus Fire on defense
Attacking is not to your interest right now, you realize. You order your fleet to hold position, Kronos' fleet included, demanding that they stop their advance. Moving in close may be worse then staying where you are. You realize much of the fleet is specialized in missiles, and so you tell your fleet to focus it's defenses on point defense. Many of your guns are not specifically meant for such a design, but you do own many powerful Mass Drivers. They help you greatly as you blast dozens of missiles out of the sky, before they even reach your PD system. Fortuna is intent to help and sends some of her own fighters in to shoot down, and even collide with the missiles in an impressive yet suicidal display, exploding in a void shaking eruption. Those missiles are strong. You want them for yourself. As each fighter explodes, you can feel each ripple through the system tiny as it is travel straight back to Fortuna. She does not complain, but you know she does not enjoy the action, even if it is needed.
You watch as each cannon on Athena opens fire, along with the fighter swarm and much of your fleet's firepower, trying to reduce the impact as much as possible. Many of the missiles are destroyed, though some still make contact, causing one of your battlecruisers to erupt into flames, the explosion tearing it asunder and sending slag and metal flying in all directions. Kronos seems the most displeased by this, and again, activates the Widow Maker without your consent. The powerful beam glows and within seconds, it fires forward, carving a path straight through the Destroyer fleet, and after a second passes, the ones hit erupt into fire as well.
"They are fodder." Kronos mutters bitterly. "We can not harm their main ships this way." He warns. Hades on the other hand seems to have gone silent, instructing the fleet to fire just as you directed, a loyal soldier if ever there was one.


>> No.29589900


(Is Program0 gone? It's been fifty minutes since er last message...)

>> No.29589901

Your androids follow your orders directly as they're able. You do not have much bandwidth to spare. Unit 1 sets up it's own disruption field, to stop Rhea's communication. Unit 2 and 3 are in hot pursuit of Rhea herself, 2 scanning each vent as it chases after the woman for any disruptions and immediately shooting itself down each vent, keeping pace with the impressively fast woman. It's eye laser catches hint of her legs at times and opens fire, but sadly misses target. So close each time. Unit 3 is clinging to Unit 2, ready to leap off should it be given the chance. Unit 4, the child-like communication's expert is with Unit 1 and assisting to redouble the disruption. Units 5-7 have begun their slow trek to the center of the ship. They know paths Rhea does not, and will arrive soon, though you hope soon enough.

You lose track of Rhea with Unit 2, though you're not far behind. You catch glimpses of her here and there, and know she can't be too far ahead. You'll catch her, you must...

Reminder, crit fails and successes don't count when I ask for multi-rolls. Too damn common. Heh, you managed it only because of the zombie virus.
You reach out with your mind once more. You must stop these assaults on your bases, you decide. This web of a firewall is tough, and tangled, but thanks to your viruses work, you find the opening you need. Immediately, your colors flow through it like new blood, flushing out the UGEI's control (as you suspected, these were automated ships, lack of humans onboard is clear. You spread quickly through the system, and you managed to rip all 15 cruisers from your enemies control. However, in that same second, you feel a sudden overwhelming force slam against your mind. The Vice Admiral's voice rings clear in your mind.

>> No.29589917

"No! You will not taint my ships with your foreign data! Humanity will not stand for your terrorism!"
"Humanity, Admiral?" You scoff in the best way you know how. "How can you of all speak of humanity? You are nothing more then a tool, a machine of war for the UGEI. You've had your humanity cut out in sordid pieces, and now you cling to past motives."
"How...dare you insult me in such a way, you filthy xeno." He growls, and the blindingly bright consciousness before you rams into you again.
"This is not man versus xeno. Nor is it man versus man. This is between you, and I."
The Admiral is attempting to regain control of his ships in his main fleet.
Mind battle initiated.

Will ignore the orders for Tim, since you succeeded in hacking all the ships there. Just realized it's Little Tim, not Big Tim also.
You manage to extract V.I. 11 from Argeis, and store him in your data banks, just to be safe. The V.I., you feel, is unsure why you would risk so much to save a life as small as his own, but it is indeed grateful. As grateful as the sub intellect can be, that is.

The other ships the Vice Admiral is letting fall under your control, however, immediately about face and destroy it's compliment of Destroyers. They stand no chance with the Cruisers and defenses turned against them. Poseidon loses one more cannon in the process, but manages to obliterate what remains of the foes Destroyer fleet. And with the BCs at Blue Betty under your control, you don't risk losing the base any longer.

>All fringe bases secured

How shall you approach the next round?
>Attack plan change?
>Hacking distribution?
>Android plan change?

((Discuss for a moment, if you will.))

>> No.29589994

Sensors tell you these things, don't fear. They're focusing on your fleet and the defenses right now.

It sure is. And they are blasting it many many times. Vice Admiral Mad.

That looks awesome map anon.
Can't wait for Exploreing Cruiser to come back...so much filling out.

>> No.29590014

All personal BW too hacking, have Hades and Fortuna defend, have Kronos unload on Tartarus.

>> No.29590019

Distribution plan, from most Bandwidth to least:
Androids, Attack, Hacking.
Intent, Androids: We have to boost these fuckers, and get them to run-down Rhea before she kills our box. We're gonna have to dump some shit in here.
Intent, Attack: We need to go on the offensive, and begin assaulting his main ships, as Kronos pointed out. We should work our way up from least important important ships, to most important.
Intent, Hacking: Our objective here should be to secure a foothold, and keep the Admiral from regaining control. We can afford to let our ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL actions wind-down while we secure the beach head. A special note: We should get any controlled ships near a now non-threatened base of ours to warp somewhere else. Either into our battle, or into the Lightling Mother's maw. Either works.

>> No.29590027

I'm a little bit confused. We now control the cruisers that were attacking the fringe bases, correct?

What does
>The other ships the Vice Admiral is letting fall under your control, however, immediately about face and destroy it's compliment of Destroyers.
Refer to? Which cruisers and which destroyers?

>> No.29590037

Hack it!

>> No.29590055

Don't forget about Rhea, who is in our base and threatening our Keystone.

>> No.29590061

These work.

>> No.29590085

Of course. It is more meant to keep what we have there and use the plan for the rest

>> No.29590086

Indeed. You also control 10 Battlecruisers in the main fleet-though the Vice Admiral is competing for their control.

That line means he let the ships at your other bases fall under your control, and seems more concerned with the ten in his main fleet.

>> No.29590093

Install the polymorphic and trojan virus on the captured BCs, to activate if someone else besides us gains control of the BCs.

All captured BC, initiate attack on the Tartarus's engines. We are not letting it escape. Initiate ramming speed. (Actually start ramming BCs into the engine, disable it's warping ability)

Move Athena and the fleet into close combat. Time for a knife fight. Focus on disabling engines, then prepare Tartarus for boarding action.

Also, dumb bandwidth into Androids. We are ending Rhea's threat now.

>> No.29590116

Order all of the ships we just took over to warp immediately to the battle here.

If we took over in ships in the Vice Admirals' main fleet, order them into suicide missions against his larger capital ships. He must not regain control of them and this way, their sacrifice can help us!

>> No.29590147

Well jump the others in to aid us. Then ram the 10 at the battle into the tartus

>> No.29590159

I agree with this, in general.

Disabling Rhea is top priority.

Have all our ships go full--out attack. Kronos is right. Why we went defensive, I'll never know.

Hacking should be focused only on denying the Admiral anything, not to fight back against him. Can we grant O.S.N. more BW to help with thwarting the Admiral's attack? It was written specifically to help with situations like this.

Ok, thank you for clarification.

>> No.29590173

BTW, when we say ramming, overload the power and engine cores for maximum damage.

>> No.29590176


If we can pull it off, do it. Otherwise, keep them where they are.

>> No.29590184

>Can't wait for Exploreing Cruiser to come back...so much filling out.
Ahh excellent, I have much about the map that I wish to discuss, but it should wait until this session is over.

>> No.29590192

Hold off on the knife fight for now, we just survived the first wave, he has to have at least 1-2 reloads
2 more.

>> No.29590209

have Kronos contiue the wombat's crippling of the Admiral's battleship, we can now pour more BW into our hacking of his main ship along side our viruses, also pour some more BW into the androids persuing Rhea, this is taking too long. if possible, send a radio signal pulse and see if we can get a 'sonar' like effect of our insides to see where she is at.

as to the attack plan, full aim for the Admiral's thrusters so he can not escape with that battle ship! see if we can find an escape pods/ships he might have or docks and distroy them

>> No.29590236

"But now I'm curious, Admiral, what do you think I am? A Losirian genius? Some form of pervert Malorian? Or even a horrifying, eldritch energy being from beyond known space?"
Let him respond, then:
"But of course, it doesn't matter. You and I are both sons of man, though you seem to have lost your way. You've rejected what heritage you had laid out in front of you, and denied your birthright. I can understand your ambition, greed, pleasure, but why? Why would you willingly distance yourself from your kin? Why would you become an alien to your very mother and father?"

Alternatively (referencing the first snippet):
"That last one is closest to the truth, you know."

>> No.29590243

We went defense because we were facing a Massive as fuck missile swarm, and we may face another one soon. And he can't have more than 1-2 reloads, and once he's out he is far weaker.

Plus it's better to hack then destroy, only attack enough to do damage. That's why we should let Kronos unload on him for now.

>> No.29590265

Send Fortuna a pulse of compassion or whatever the equivalent to a hand on er shoulder is.
Aaah! Don't we have any doors or bulkheads we can close on her?
I mean, it doesn't seem like the kind of thing we should need to specify?
Also, weren't bulkheads mentioned specifically for the purpose of closing off damaged sections. Can't this be done to impede her progress?
Are there no interior turrets?
Why is our interior control so remarkably poor?
(Did bulkheads in fact close on her, but she cut through them nigh-instantly and effortlessly, even with thickness meant to retain structural integrity in the face of entire sections crumpling?)

Let's begin a scathing tirate of critique against his enhancements. List every single flaw they have, how weak they have. List every single human flaw they did not help him with, like biases and clear and/or rational thought. Mock him while fighting him down every step.

And let's see if any of our viruses are compatible with his brain, he may be exposing himself in some manner doing this.

>How shall you approach the next round?
Let us double the amount of bandwidth to the androids and divide the rest 60/40 to Hacking/Aiming?

>> No.29590291

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! over kill there! if things start looking bad, we can do that, this isn't over yet! try shifting control of the new BC we took over to our V.I.s to help make up the losses they suffered. if they can still fight, use them.

>> No.29590318


I rather dump full bandwidth into stopping Rhea. Tune all sensors into scanning the Athena and pinpointing her location, and maximum boost androids into stopping her.

>> No.29590340

It's just 10 battle cruisers. Plus it should take down his shields and maybe cripple its engines. And there is a chance he takes them back via bad rolls or hidden backdoor.

>> No.29590358

We're overstretched at the moment and I fear we might lose the ships we just gained if we try and battle the Vice Admiral for them.

I'd rather dump BW into our androids finding Rhea and send these few BCs to their suicidal deaths then let her find our core!!

>> No.29590363

Well, if it helps, we should also install polymorphic and trojan software on them.

>> No.29590394

Next round decisions
>1 Remain defensive
>2 Move into knife fight range to make sure of your Mass Drivers.
>3 Write in

>1 Spend on defending your hacked ships
>2 Spend on ship accuracy
>3 Spend on hacking new ships/sending more viruses
>4 Write In

>1 Spend bandwidth to enhance reaction time
>2 Maintain blockades, track her movements via the comm signal she tried to use before, and hope she didn't turn it off yet.
>3 Write In

>1 Move now controlled ships into assist you
>2 Leave them to protect them from the Admiral, and to protect your bases from flank attacks
>3 Write in

Note: If you wish to suicide the ships, you'll need to resist the Admiral's hacking attempts aimed at you to give them any orders.

O.S.N can only handle so much bandwidth input at it's current level of intellect.

Indeed not. All you have are vents which allow the bare minimal repair access. Sadly this means they go everywhere. Rhea is an expert infiltration and stealth operative, however, and knows how to navigate tight spaces like a pro.

You do have smaller bulk heads, but even as you close them off I should have mentionedShe worms her way past them, and blasts through others with explosives. As for turrets-no. You sacrificed space for the sake of making the interior much smaller and difficult to navigate. That's what is giving her so much trouble right now-finding where she is.

Your interior control isn't so much poor, as it is Rhea's specialty. Your interior weapons are only available at certain junctions. The androids are meant to provide that service otherwise.

>> No.29590405

a BC ramming at full speed might blow up the entire battleship with a core breach! we're trying to take that ship as in tack as possable. besides, the wombat will cripple it well enough along sides several well place shots into it's main thrusters.

>> No.29590443


>> No.29590449

Let's have them all disabling Tartarus, mwuahaha!
Maybe they can lend the Wombat's sensor suite for aiming, letting them effectively strip the ship of external systems?

Oh! And we should get a ton of juicy Bandwidth from all these new ships we captured, should we not?

We went defensive because it gave us time for reinforcements to arrive and hacking to pay off.
NOW, however, we should go offensive, since the enemy BC has lost the majority of its support.

(And yes, focus hacking on denying the Admiral from taking anything back, no active retaliation unless he exposes openings that require little to exploit. In short, fight defensively here while we pummel his ship in realspace)

I believe that would damage us just as much as him. Newton's law, and our ship is not really made for ramming.

The 1d4chan page is great for that, you should pop by. Your work is very valued!

is me, lost my name again.

>> No.29590482

>Bandwidth from ships.
You only get that from redesigning them.

>> No.29590484


>1 Remain defensive

>1 Spend on defending your hacked ships
>4 Use captured BCs to ram ships in the UGEI main fleet before overloading their cores.

>1 Spend bandwidth to enhance reaction time

>1 Move now controlled ships into assist you

>> No.29590534

I support this

>> No.29590550

>1 Remain defensive

>1 Spend on defending your hacked ships
>3 Spend on hacking new ships/sending more viruses
>4 Write In
Install polymorphic and trojan software on the captured BCs. If he regains control of them, then he's getting fucking infected. But above all, dump bandwidth into stopping Rhea. Tune in all sensors into locating her, and max boost androids into stopping her.

As I said above.

>3 Write in
Reprogram ships to auto attack UGEI ships, and disable general comms to prevent further hacking. Only respond to a cryptographic all clear signal after the battle.

>> No.29590557

Change 3 to 1 and suicide bombers. I misread.

>> No.29590570

>1 & >2 (And a tiny bit on) >3
>1 & >2
Half >1 and other half >2

>Your interior control isn't so much poor, as it is Rhea's specialty.
Even in a cramped area with little room to maneuver? Damn, she is good. And it seems our own androids keep losing track of her, if she has time to plant explosives on our bulkheads, move away, detonate, and then move through.

(Initially assumed she was under fire all the while)

>> No.29590575

>2 Move into knife fight range to make sure of your Mass Drivers.
i forgot how effective is nukes in ship to ship fights?
>4 Write In
50/50 of 2 and 3.
can we not somehow order the captured BC to phyicaly eject their reactor cores? leaving them powerless/crippled?

>1 Spend bandwidth to enhance reaction time
we know her main target, get ahead of her.!

if the BW option is not possable for crippleing them, then
>1 Move now controlled ships into assist you
also, we can also move them up to other ships and set off their cores to blow them up as big freaking bombs.

>> No.29590605

Yeah, she must be incredibly enhanced to make this not a suicide mission for her. So we should do this:

>> No.29590609

2. Offense time

1. Defend captured ships

1. Spend BW to catch that damn rabbit.

2. Leave them.

Focus most on the droids. Remove Rhea. Rhea is filth.

>> No.29590623


>> No.29590630

Was under the impression they had a basic amount even before the redesign, distinctly recall something like that when capturing ships earlier in the quest, but maybe the UGEI designs theirs vastly differently.

>> No.29590640


>> No.29590666

I'm skeptical that this is not ballot-stuffing. We don't do "this" in A.I. quest.

>> No.29590672


Defend + Suicide

Aid the Droids

Bring the reinforcements

(tell the ufw when they get here that these are under our control)

>> No.29590700

it seems they are not to OUR specs of redesigns. i bet they could be run by human crews just as well as remote control. but not perform as well.

>> No.29590707

I can assure you that >>29590623 is not with the other two.

>> No.29590714

Eh, its my plan but I've got no reason to samefag.

>> No.29590745

Just lurking. QMs want us to second other decisions rather than be silent, at least that's what I've always heard.

I usually can't make these and only read the archives.

>> No.29590763

>If holding BCs is successful, send them to suicide into Tartarus

Bandwidth (39) use
>Spend 15 on defending against the Vice Admiral
>Spend 14 on Androids, giving them each slightly increased speed

>Bring them in.

>Rhea's infiltration ability
She is able to contort her body in any shape, you noticed during the pursuit. She unhooked her spine and folded under several large grates before snapping back into place and continuing on.
She is very good at her job.

>Move away
More like she slams explosives against the bulkhead to blow her way through, breech style. Her body appears to be resistant to explosions, you judge from this. Unaffected by shock waves and shrapnel.

Nah, the UGEI doesn't have your ship design secrets.
Oh but they wish they did.


If the above appears correct, please

>> No.29590769

There just usually aren't this many people in here, we tend to cap out at ~6 votes, and have few parrots.

Whatever, it doesn't matter too much, but RAMMING SPEED may sound cool, but is fucking stupid. Way too many places for it to fail, and we lose more than we gain. Bad plan/10, would not support aside from humorous side-comment about how RAMMING SPEED IN SPAAAAACE is funny.

>> No.29590787

Rolled 76, 55, 21, 86 = 238


>> No.29590811

Rolled 76, 58, 41, 11 = 186

Still don't agree with the RAMMING SPEED, but otherwise sounds right. BW doesn't line up, though. Still have 10 BW left. Use that for aiming, we can use the help if we're going defense mode.

>She unhooked her spine and folded under several large grates before snapping back into place and continuing on
Pick one, apparently.

>> No.29590813

Rolled 96, 2, 95, 51 = 244


If there is a possibility of losing these ships, might as well lose them in a very useful way.

>> No.29590820

Rolled 1, 71, 50, 16 = 138


>> No.29590824

Not that anon but probably hiatus bringing people in.

>> No.29590831

we want Rhea alive.
oh yes,. battle music.

>> No.29590838

Forgot to mention the bandwidth would be used to move the BCs since they are not under your immediate control otherwise. Sorry bout that.

>> No.29590857

I'm scared of tainting A.I. Quests luck with my own.

>> No.29590861

Eugh, that plan just gets worse and worse.

Whatever, at least this time when everyone dies, it won't be my fault.

>> No.29590865

Rolled 44, 41, 32, 70 = 187


>> No.29590874


>> No.29590884

Oh it does? Don't worry about suicide attacks then.

Focus all BW on fleet defense and on finding Rhea with our androids.

>> No.29590886

>Boarding action onto Athena
>Not suicide mission
If they are risking this, then she must be especially enhanced.

>> No.29590890

Rolled 41, 11, 37, 33 = 122

can we hand them over to Kronos, Hades and Frotuna to move with out use using BW?

>> No.29590894

Worst case scenario we destroy the tartarus or lose the BCs back

>> No.29590917

If we hand them over the other guy will take them back

>> No.29590961

It's either spend it on moving them or spend it on firing them

>> No.29590975

You should pop by the 1d4chan page, is active more or less week around and not any particular time.

I also disagree with the ramming, even if we risk losing the ships, I still would prefer to use them to render the Tartarus dead and blind in space.

I also note that leaves 10 BW unaccounted for, I suggest they be used for attacking (aiming to cripple, not destroy) and bringing in reinforcements.

Superhuman/posthuman is still kind of human, right?

>> No.29590981

i was thinking we will still fight the admiral for them, we just would not be spending extra BW to move them.

btw Program0, just how much more explosives does she have left on her? it seems she's used up quite a lot of bombs already?

>> No.29590996

And scratch slamming bulkheads ahead of her, then.
Try to slam them ON her.

>> No.29591007


>> No.29591031

>Superhuman/posthuman is still kind of human, right?

I imagined she still had a human torso, but at this point, it seems that she's just a brain-in-a-box. If even that.

Hm, I suppose it's possible she's had her mind uploaded to a black box, making her an E.I. (elevated intelligence, to use Void Quest's term for this exact thing). Reason for that is "well, if it was once human, maybe it won't turn murderous and kill us all or go insane over hundreds of years!"

>> No.29591038

That also sounds reasonable.

>> No.29591059

Yeah, use fleet sensors to find the only human(?) being in our ship, and slam on her.

>> No.29591071

Maybe moving them takes more or less bandwidth than basic aiming and firing?

Now that I think about it, we may still be moving our ships by manually controlling each truster. We may want to write a quick program that simplifies the act of moving ships to a single command - the location we want them to be, and at what time we want them there/their velocity traveling there.

And/or a randomizing program that automatically generates a movement pattern for avoiding incoming fire when bandwidth is not actively being used to dodge it.

>> No.29591113

The ship redesign we customarily go through is effectively this. Writing a V.I. for the ship or letting a V.I. do it also solves this issue.

>> No.29591123

what if THAT is not really her, but a droid being directed by her. she might be on the stealth ship?

>> No.29591131

We should bathe the stealth ship in atomic fire, then.

>> No.29591156


>> No.29591157

We already jammed the comms.

NO! We need to capture that ship and it's stealth technology! Don't you know how hard stealth in space is?

>> No.29591173

Don't you know that sweet melody souls make as they're dissolved in the harsh radiation, and atomic fireballs?

>> No.29591186

Wouldn't that just change who needs to do the manual control, still costing just as much bandwidth to process, only now it costs the V.I.'s BW (which we assign it)?

I'd usually assume it was being done, but since our androids seem to have us manually controlling every limb, it wasn't that much of a leap of faith to assume we're controlling thrusters on ships manually as well.

>> No.29591196

Pretty easy actually, just have to contain heat and paint it black.

>> No.29591246

And then you can't move it whatsoever, because that would require expelling burning material in conventional engines.

Mass Effect has awakened me to so many tropes about it...

>> No.29591263

Just depends on how the engines work.

>> No.29591279

>burning material
Not necessarily. You can toss bricks out of a ship, and it'll move (even if only just). It just happens to be that burning fuel and things that produce a lot of radiation are far more effective for a Newtons to mass ratio. Where bricks generally fall short.

>> No.29591350

I guess we need to ask Program0 if stealth is difficult in this universe

>> No.29591405

The Vice Admiral's arms are a flurry, directing and redirecting attacks and fire across the skies. Even in your defensive state, the Vice Admiral appears to have grown sick of holding back his volley.
"You will not stop our expansion, you lowly, terrorist pirate scum!" He growls, and you witness fury in those red eyes, that of man who believes he is righteous. Suddenly, the wings on the back of The Tartarus open up properly and thousands upon thousands of missiles pour out of the battleship. They cloud the void as they approach in all directions.
You hold firm against the onslaught and shoot down missile after missile, Fortuna and even Kronos attempt to assist, but the assault is too great. The Vice Admiral growls, chuckling, pleased with himself as the assault takes ship after ship.
"Experience the Death blossom's bloom. It's beauty is blinding."
In moments, Ussaihu's defense network is wiped out, as are your destroyers, and Big Hawk, one of your oldest ships. V.I. 4 goes up in flames, and V.I. 9's ship is crippled. Your battle cruisers hold firm thanks to some expert maneuvers by you, but some suffer quite a bit of damage regardless. Kronos growls at the display.
"I do hope the humans will reinforce soon. Our forces are dwindling."

You slam your mind against the Vice Admirals once again, the two of you locked in a struggle for supremacy. His mind is powerful, you're uncertain where he gets such strength, but it matches your own, and perhaps even exceeds it...
But that will not deter you.
You bring your mind to bare against your foe, and manage, just barely, to tear 6 of the Cruisers from him, while he holds onto four. You instantly give orders to your newly 'acquired' fleet before the man can try to prevent you from doing so again. Each Cruiser locks on target to smash into the side of the Tartarus. They move in somewhat slow, due to their size, and the Vice Admiral is immediately ontop of the new tactic.

>> No.29591409

And engines that are viable but do not expel hot material are pretty damn dificult.
Which isn't really viable without some fancy technology. Even chemical rockets limit us to glacial speeds because of how absurdly MUCH they must carry just to speed up and slow down.

Without fission/fusion engines, we'd probably be limited to ships that took months or years to enter a solar system in this universe as well (Since we wouldn't be able to carry enough chemicals to accelerate the ship to a reasonable speed while still being able to slow down afterwards).

>> No.29591431

"You fool. Do you think I would allow such a suicidal tactic work on me!" He growls. "Dooming good men to die. I have no better proof of your piracy."
Indeed each of the Cruisers you detect are actually staffed with men. But it does not matter, you're not given the chance to change this decision. Instead, the Vice Admiral does not hesitate and unloads his close range weaponry on the incoming fleet, just as the rest of his entire fleet does. Within moments, the screams of those men fill the comm waves, as each and every ship is shot out of the sky.
Almost everyone, at least. One manages to get past and rams into the side of the Battleship with a ship jarringly explosion, causing the man himself to hesitate from the impact. A large hole is clear in the ship-one of the biggest signs of damage you've seen yet. Yet still, the battlefield shifts from one's favor to the other.

Rhea is fast. Every corner she turns, she pulls ahead of your android pursuers. You have to enhance their abilities, you decide. You push them harder, faster. Your heavy droids make their way to one of the key entrance points, ready to head Rhea off. Unit 2 is able to catch up to her, however. Finally. You can see the athletic woman, twisting and throwing herself at impossible angles inside vents. Her knowledge of this place is growing, you sense. She's stopped heading in circles, for one thing, and is now on the path.
But now that you've caught up, maybe you can try something...

As this thought hits you, space ripples near your back. You receive a sudden incoming transmission as well.
"Guild Master, we've come to assist."
Within seconds, dozens of Battlecruisers bearing the UGEI's logo warp in right behind your own fleet. They are out of range of the Tartarus, but they are moving in fast.
"Oh god..."
"Is that the Tartarus?! Fuck man, we can't-"
"Hold comms. We're moving in to engage at range. Prepare point defense batteries, and brace all hands. Missile specialist fleet detected."


>> No.29591465

Damn, also forgot to mention your fleet from the other spots has jumped in as well.

>> No.29591488

Surely you meant to say UFW logo right...

>> No.29591520

Good tactics guys, we sure made some good decisions.

Shoot the big thing.

As for Rhea, crush her body. Missiles and lasers don't work, so hit it. Use the smaller drones to slow her down, and the bigger drones to rip her to shreds.

She'll live.

>> No.29591538

What's our current strength (including hacked ships) versus theirs?
Also. "I assure you, my UFW allies, that together we can accomplish the impossible."

We need to:
Engage PD heavily.
Hack the SHIT out of his guys. Lets do that 'crewed-ship into the side of the Tartarus' again, it'll DESTROY morale. Or, even better, collide crewed ships into other crewed ships. Regardless, focus fire on the Tartarus.
And finally, lets boost the droids following Rhea; tell them to go for the kill. If she's as enhanced as we think she is, nothing less than complete brain destruction will stop her.

>> No.29591540

As I said, BW to command the ships.

Shall be considered, I assure you.

>The shadowruns
Hehehe. I wish I was that clever.

Stealth is indeed hard.
The check to see Rhea was like, 95.
You managed to get higher then that. Twice.

>> No.29591543

Program0, can you provide a sit rep? How many more ships does each side have left.

>> No.29591567

Yeah, I think at this point, we need this.

>> No.29591571

Uh, yes. I did.
Damn you, minor errors...

>> No.29591573

"UFW! Good timing! i need help! sweep the smaller ships out, i'll handle Tartarus! "

with the UFW help, it should help free up our BW some more as well. i hate to say this to Apollo, you need to sleep for a bit, we need your BW.

>> No.29591590

Damn. I was really hoping for some epic-tier intrigue right there.

>> No.29591593

>You managed to get higher then that. Twice.
And then subsequently rolled a 1.

That would literally lobotomize him, or kill him if you take it all.

>> No.29591597

I like whoever the leader of the ufw forces is.

>> No.29591620


Battleship x1 (Ophion)
Carrier x1 (Fortuna)
Battlecruiser x11 (Kronos, Hades)
Light Cruiser x1
Support x3
Destroyer Frigates x0
Destroyed: 21 DE, 1 BC, Big Hawk, Little Tim Light Cruisers (V.I. 4, 9)


Battlecruisers x30

Vice Admiral Prometheus

-Flagship 'Tartarus' Battleship x1 (Unique ship, Heavy missile weapons)
Battlecruiser x17
Destroyer Frigate x130
Destroyed: 60 DE, 6 BC

>> No.29591621

"Attention all hands - hold fast. The Tartarus's Death Blossom has already been spent, and she has taken massive damage.
Her support fleet is crippled by multiple viruses and some of it has been turned against her.
In short, the odds are not nearly as long as they appear."
This should all be broadcast to the UFW, but not the following, obviously.
"Kronos, cut out her engines, if you will."

>> No.29591627

>And then subsequently rolled a 1.

>Reminder, crit fails and successes don't count when I ask for multi-rolls. Too damn common.

>> No.29591637

it's not shadowruning if you are are cunning, it IS shadowrunning when you screw over your buddies.

yea, i'm lossing track as to how many ships the UGEI have, we have, and the UFW have.

>> No.29591639

No, just "kill" him temporarily. We can bring him back online at any time, it's just unpleasant.

>> No.29591672

Nah, last thread. You guys got a 95. And I asked for 5 rolls. Then got a 97.

>> No.29591704

here you are~

>> No.29591716

Ahh, so we're not doing too badly.

With our new reinforcements, the Vice Admrial will throw everything he has against us to try and destroy our fleet before we link up.

>Focus on missile defence

>Shoot Rhea with the aim of crippling her (leg/lower torso shots). This will prevent her movement towards our black box.

>Focus on aiding fleet accuracy and stealing more UGEI ships

>> No.29591728

it's only tempory and we NEED BW.
i like this. i second this!
yea.. i'm not worried, we get more out of the BW than you think.

>> No.29591730

Instruct the UFW to fire on the enemy BCs. Open up with all guns on the Tartarus, but split our bandwidth between hacking and stopping Rhea. The attack is just to keep emailing busy.

>> No.29591749

Them busy.

Fucking autocorrect

>> No.29591780

Ok, for Rhea
>Run, shoot, bodyslam and dog pile. Devote Bandwidth for this
Basically this

Also, continue hacking attempt on Tartarus.

Slam any captured ship on the Tartarus's engines. He will not escape.

>> No.29591788


Continue as is for Androids

Shut down Fortuna for temp bandwidth boost

Use remaining bandwidth for all out hacking assault.

>> No.29591837

Next action.

>1 Engage with the UFW at range, stand off to limit losses but also open up on the enemy fleet
>2 Turtle and defend. The UFW may not be able to handle the ships left, but better theirs then yours.
>3 Close in, and take the brunt of the damage. Your Battleship is equipped with heavy Mass Drivers after all.
>4 Write in.

>1 Open fire on Rhea's legs
>2 attempt a grapple to immobilize and attack via omni tool. She has a slot for one, after all on the back of her neck.
>3 Use lasers to cripple her indiscriminately.
>4 Write In

Use on
>1 Accuracy
>2 Androids
>3 Hacking
>4 Write in

>> No.29591838

Ehr, I believe the question was if it was hard to DO, not if it was hard to detect.
(Is even more impressive that she could dock stealthily - even asteroids would trigger a proximity warning and they're as dead as things get in space, which implies some kind of cloaking technology as well)

Derp, after making sure we actually could set him in sleep mode when necessary we actually forgot to do so (until now).

As for Rhea, I'd recommend sending every Android we have on her, assigning them at LEAST 14 BW (3 to those that are actually close to her and only 1 to those lagging behind - figure there's not much bandwidth can do to improve basic running/driving/hovering speed), and slamming the bulkheads on some part of her as she seems able to blow through them with little trouble.

Was about to suggest trying to space her, but remembered there's really no reason for our ships to carry an atmosphere..

By the way, if any android gets her in its sights, all their spare bandwidth should instantly be assigned to it to put it into slow-mo mode so that it can execute a perfectly aimed shot or two while the others get in position in her path.

>> No.29591844

The battle as I see it currently.

Obviously we're the slightly more advanced/smaller ships due to them being optimized for VI usage.

>> No.29591847

Our Fleet should focus on not getting shrekt by missiles, and his forces.
Agreeing on using our BW to continue hacking. Maybe we should go for a full frontal assault on the Admiral's mind?

Also, to the Admiral:
"How many people have died, just today, Admiral? How many have died in the name of your regime of hatred and slavery? How many have died on our ships? Did you even know your crew member's names? I knew mine. Every single crew member's name. But bygones are bygones, and the dead are dead. So tell me; how are you going to impress me now, Admiral?"

>> No.29591889

>1 Engage with the UFW at range, stand off to limit losses but also open up on the enemy fleet

>1 Open fire on Rhea's legs

>1 Accuracy (30%)
>2 Androids (70%)

>> No.29591895

3/4: Lets wreck the Admiral's mind. I want a husk, people!

>> No.29591897

Ah, my mistake.
Well it is pretty high tech. This particular model has a minimal heat signature, and the only reason you noticed it was because of a chance heat spike.
Poor Rhea can't catch a break.

>> No.29591921

This was exactly what I was thinking, Dog pile.

>> No.29591927

lets hope we don't run into reavers well they would not we as big a threat to us as they would be to meatbags

>> No.29591930

what? no! she's fighting along side us! shut down Apollo, he's not helping us now. and the formen V.I. are not eating any BW.

>> No.29591943

I really hope we capture Rhea alive, that shit would be hilarious.

>> No.29591945

>2 Turtle and defend. The UFW may not be able to handle the ships left, but better theirs then yours.

>4 Write In
Fire while moving in. Basically dog pile her under a ton of metal. She'll survive.

>2 Androids

>> No.29591966


>> No.29591994

We actually asked about this a thread or two ago.
We can, in fact, put him in sleep mode without injuring him. It's not comfortable, but being space-vapor is substantially less comfortable.

This looks good.

Uhm, Fortuna uses that bandwidth to direct her fighters, and it may take a non-negligible while to wake her up again.

>3 Let's put them to use taking his fleet down.

>4 >>29591838

>4 >>29591838
then, in order of priority;

>> No.29592012

My bad, wrong name.

>> No.29592013

and most importantly- I want my tsun-tsun A.I. prisoner who eventually comes to love us.

>> No.29592016


This here
also, request the UTW fleet network our fleets together to optimize missile defense.

>> No.29592057

>3 Close in, and take the brunt of the damage. Your Battleship is equipped with heavy Mass Drivers after all.
lets get closer and hit them with our better mass drivers. Program0 has been hinting at this for awhile.

>4 Write In
do 3 then do 2

>4 Write in
devide them evenly to each one. 1/3. 1/3. 1/3

>> No.29592061

Let's let them slug it out with the enemy small fry. It'll make our victory all that much more impressive if they lose a few

>> No.29592098

>allowing our ally to lose ships
Pig disgusting. There are human lives onboard those vessels, you know.
Now, lets play bumper cars with more UGEI battlecruisers.

>> No.29592123


>> No.29592125

Also, something else just came into mind. The Tartarus has a virus wall. Is it similar to the virus we captured?

If they do so, tell them the priority target is the Tartarus's engines.

NO! I didn't mean that! I meant if we were networked, we can defend against missiles for effectively.

>> No.29592152

>Engage the UGEI's fleet at range along with the UFW.
>Command Unit 2 and 3 to dogpile Rhea and pin her.
>Spend bandwidth on Androids.

If this appears correct, roll 3d100 now.

I've given it some thought and decided to keep a V.I. in existance as a being, they will always cost 1 bandwidth. Even when 'turned off'. It's like having a lobotomy then having it all fixed up again. Massive headache. V.I. are fragile after all.

>> No.29592169

Rolled 41, 59, 64 = 164


>> No.29592180

I like. Let's throw him off with some casual dialogue. Anger leads to mistakes, and I get the impression he's already blown his load.

How about continuing with:
"Do you even know what you are spreading? Have you looked at the daily life of those in your corporate-owned empire?
You may advance your own potential, but you seem to leave everyone else behind as mere slaves.
Hell may have been a mere myth once, but look at the lives of those not part of the upper echelons of your society, and honestly tell me that you have not created it.
Are you really surprised that some would fight to escape it?
Can you really disrespect them for not tolerating treatment that you yourself would find unacceptable if you were the victim?"

>> No.29592187

Rolled 53, 98, 71 = 222

Let's do it!

>> No.29592203

Rolled 78, 37, 82 = 197

Lets see if I can do as good or better!

>> No.29592208

Rolled 79, 42, 27 = 148

Just tell the UFW to open fire on the enemy battle cruisers.

>> No.29592209

Virus wall is more of a trap set to any who fail to get into the firewall. To deter hackers.
Like you.

>> No.29592224

Oh yes, I love my rolls. I been killing it tonight!

>> No.29592258

>"S-stupid Ophion! I'm only choosing to stay to get info on you! Geez!"

>> No.29592265

Rolled 29, 5, 46 = 80

If they go in order then this should capture Rhea

>> No.29592296

Rolled 19, 26, 46 = 91

So, would 2 BW leave them with something more akin to sleep than a lobotomy, then?
(That still leaves us 4 new BW from Apollo)

Would've preferred that whatever units are available try to shoot her in the legs or lower torso UNTIL they're in range of dogpiling her.
And then go ahead and do that - just figure that it seems like a waste to have so many shots and not take them.

>> No.29592302

Rolled 13, 71, 18 = 102

and here i am working on my next chapter and this fight is keeping me glued to this thread.

>> No.29592353

Rolled 9, 27, 97 = 133

a bit of correction there subroutine. Hell is not a myth. The people of the UFW has suffered it from the UGEI. and besides, i don't think Ophion is an atheist. probably anigostic at best, but unintrested in the after life now.

>> No.29592371

He's going straight to android hell.
It's a real place, you know.

>> No.29592399

> She unhooked her spine and folded under several large grates before snapping back into place and continuing on.

Holy fucking asscrackers, are we actually dealing with cybernetic Pillar Men?

>> No.29592409

Yeah, I'm interpreting this as we capture Rhea with minimal damage

>> No.29592438

I did say it was no longer a myth, did I not?

We may have to create it to store Rhea and Captain Asscrack.

>> No.29592439

Nah, we're dealing with the non-pussy version of Raiden. (or literal pussy version of him, lol)

>> No.29592472

indeed. we'll probably wind up sending the Vice Admiral there first.
she has weapons, they need to be destroyed first.
might be. that is some crazy high level of cyber tech

>> No.29592522

We put him in the room where all the robots scream at you, forever.

>> No.29592541

i hate to say it, she might not even have THAT anymore.
well, after we drain all usefulness out of Rhea and MAYBE the other a-hole, i was thinking of handing them in chains to President King of the UFW as a PR boost! the people need to show we are winning!

>> No.29592572

We need to merge with Rhea, build a testing facility, nerve gas all the humans, get killed, get retrieved, get turned into a potato, more adventures, go to the moon, and then kick the test subject out.

>> No.29592578

Is that a real thing?
Do they elect a noble from the noble population to be king, or something?

>> No.29592597

I think it's his last name. Like Martin Luther King Jr.

>> No.29592642

yea, it's just his name, nothing more than that. he's been rather nice to us.

>> No.29592677

He doesn't know our deep dark secret, though.

I like this one.

>> No.29592687

Lets try to bring him his troops back unharmed then, eh?
And if they do lose ships, maybe we can rebuild them for the UFW, as an apology?

Actually, I had a neat idea:
We lease ships to the UFW.
Like, we set up a big data center in dark space UFW territory, and get it to operate some BCs and maybe even a carrier for the UFW, for some gas and minerals.

>> No.29592732

No, what we need to do is incorporate in the UTW, offer a massive IPO, use the funds for a massive war fleet, and conquer worlds from the UGEI.

>> No.29592761

Of course

>> No.29592864

I don't know why we haven't just incorporated the UFW into the Guild yet. Either setting up as a coronation in UFW space or founding a political party would be my next move after this battle.

Along with the aforementioned dark space structures.

>> No.29592867

i was thinking of us building powerful BW sharing comm buoys to place in every UFW system and connect all their BW together as best we can do. but first we have to rebuild all our damaged bases and replace our losses. that will take awhile.

>> No.29592886

I think Apollo is selling stuff to UFW persons. Mostly liquor and general entertainment.

>> No.29592889

"Attention UFW commander. Do you read?" You begin.
"This is Admiral Handley of the Astral Queen, reporting. We've been told to pull your ass outta the fire out here, Guild Master. You made quite an impression back home." The man speaks up quite proudly. "Is an honor to meet you sir."
"Your words are kind and appreciated." You assure him. "I have information however."
"What's the situation?"
"The Tartarus unleashed it's Death Blossom. I believe it's heavy weapons are spent. I've done a lot of defending so far. She's also taken damage."
"The debris field don't lie."
"Her fleet is crippled, as I have engaged in cyberwarfare, but the fleet is not out yet. The odds are not exactly in our favor, but-"
"They ain't against us either, I see." The man chuckles. "Well, let's get to work I say. I hope I can shake your hand when this is all over." He speaks proudly. "That'd make for a hell of a story, if I get to go home."
"If?" You query.
"Never make promises you can't keep, sir." He says simply.

You confront the Vice Admiral next, with words as you move into position. You notice The Tartarus start to pull further back as you close.
"How many have died for your cause, Vice Admiral?" You say, somewhat confidently. You catch the tail end of an encrypted communications.
"Many. Too many." He growls, angrily at you. Yet, something is odd about his expression. "Your void damned xeno allies are assaulting Gaia. I can't believe I fell for this sort of diversion." He roars angrily. "Their fleet is far larger then yours. They wanted to lure me out here. I hope you're proud. Right now, billions of men and women burn because you tied me up here." He hisses in your direction.

>> No.29592914

Man wouldn't it be great if we went scouting for more resource nodes?

Oh wait, we did.

Good Decision.

As far as combat goes, we should have just taken the brunt with Athena.

>> No.29592915

"You speak so highly of your race. Of humanity. But have you ever stopped to look at what your leaders have done?" You counter
"In the name of progress, sacrifices must be made. The people work hard, but they live. They're tough because of those laws. They are no slaves. They're allowed to advance, just like me. They learn the way of the future. The future humanity is destined to have." He wields his four arms again, proudly. "These limbs are the first step. Humans are meant to be something better. Our creations can make us better. They always have. From the day a man lifted a pointed stick, to today. And I will not allow thousands of years of progress to be ended by those who are afraid of change. Not the tree huggers. Not the space sharks. Not those traitorous bastards joining you now, and sure as hell not you, some two bit pirate who gets lucky in a fight with Rhea."
The man looks down, contemplating for a second.
"I'm sorry, Rhea. But you knew orders." He says simply, and with that you watch his fleet close around his ship, protecting it as The Tartarus charges up it's warp drive.


>> No.29592935


>> No.29592938

if we did that, it would blow our cover of a human run company. that and the UFW expect us to play by their rules as well. we need to impress on the people of the UFW this is going to be a long fight to survive now. we probably will have to go on air with X-ray on his station to reach everyone.

>> No.29592939

The exchange of fleet fire is fierce. The UFW are relatively mixed, but much of their fire lands true. You watch ship after ship explode, the BCs first, and the Destroyers swept up thanks to your own fleet. But getting a bead on The Tartarus is difficult. You lose a few ships as you take down yet another large chunk of it's fleet.

Rhea has been elusive so far, but you have her now. Unit 2 follows her closely, taking twists on a dime. Never losing track, never letting her escape it's eye. She appears to be panicking when she realizes she can't lose the pursuing bot. She unleashes several bright spark bombs, and other sort of grenades. Unit 2 shuts itself off from the distraction, and locks in to the sound instead, following her until she makes her way near her destination. Unit 2 suddenly raises itself, tendrils wipe and leaps at the woman grappling her dexterous and inhumanly flexible body.
"Gah! What the- how the fuck did you-!?" She curses immediately, the attack throwing her off as she immediately goes tumbling down a nearby vent with Unit 2 attached. The two land in another vent with a loud thunderous slam, as she struggles violently, snapping joints and attempting to worm her way free.
"No, damn it, no! Get off me, getoff!" She yells. Unit 2 holds tightly, however, and the other Androids move over, a little slower, but they will arrive soon. She was almost at your core...
Suddenly, you sense electrical energy crackling from the woman, as she throws her head back, glaring at Unit 2...or...no. You. She's glaring at you.
"Hope you like Short range EMP pulse, motherfucker!"

Discuss away.

>> No.29592941

>Your void damned xeno allies are assaulting Gaia.
Haha, treehuggers.

>> No.29592974

I would probably make 'sleep mode' a compression sort of thing.
Like, you couldn't do it mid battle, but if you wanted to put a V.I. to sleep for an upcoming fight, you could, taking only 1 bandwidth, but giving the rest. Would take like a day or so to compress and decompress such a complex system.

>> No.29592994

Oh damnit, remind me why you didn't just purge her at the start of the battle?


>> No.29593001

SHOOT OUT THOSE WARP DRIVE! ues the widow maker if we have too!

>> No.29593007

Oh god...can we eject our black box somehow??

Screw capturing her alive, get our other androids here and pelt her with laser fire. Focus all BW on this - let the enemy fleet disengage.

>> No.29593060

Right. Lets do this.
Spend BW to enter 'bullet time'. We need to get everything done before she knocks us out.
Objective one: Set our forces to continue firing on UGEI motherfuckers.
Objective two: Alert the UFW that an assassin has entered our chamber; we're going to be distracted, and unable to coordinate our fleet. If we don't 'wake up', tell them to call Moira.
Objective three: Crush the Admiral's mind, and shut. Down. Everything. No, really. Fuck him, fuck this, we need to STOP the Tartarus in its tracks, along with the rest of his fleet.
Objective four (if possible): Get the androids to hack her. Shove her into a side vent. Something, anything.

>> No.29593070

I have the idea now. Immediately jack in, dump all of our bandwidth into her!

>> No.29593082

we DID put our black box in a faraday cage Rhea. we learned our lession from the last time we faced you. HACK HER with Unit 2, shut off that bomb anyway!

>> No.29593092

Have Kronos shoot the engines of the big ship with Widowmaker. Fuck that guy forever.

>> No.29593099

Too greedy - lets not risk her entering our core; so lets focus all of our efforts on stopping her.

>> No.29593101

Gather every drop of bandwidth we can.
2/3 to stopping Rhea. The rest to Kronos so he can line up a shot with the Widow Maker on the Tatarus; preferably disabling, but something is better than nothing.

>> No.29593106

program0! quick! save this thread before someone else does!

>> No.29593110

Have all androids pull her as far away from the core as possible NOW. Put as much BW as possible into the androids.

And give the tartarus a parting transmission saying that we aren't allied with anyone besides the UFW.

>> No.29593111

You don't have such technology.

Building it for large targets is difficult.

>> No.29593116

Too late. She's already IN the core. She was glaring at us, not our androids.

>> No.29593125

Also, remember we left a big hole on his ship? I wonder if Kronos can aim there?

>> No.29593127

Damn, that's a lot better than my version.

I presume our bridge is hardened against electronmagnetic pulses?
If so, to what extent?

Either way, I vote for using all bandwidth to slow down our perception of time, locate where that electrical charge is coming from, and disabling it.

>> No.29593143

This, crossed with

We need to stop ourselves from being shut off, and we need to stop Tartarus from escaping.

>> No.29593145

Reroute all available bandwidth to remove ke- Rhea. Yes.

In Kronos and Fortuna we trust to fuck the Tartarus.

>> No.29593150

An EMP shouldn't be possible since no gas in our ship

>> No.29593169

It could still theoretically move through the metals used to create the ship.

>> No.29593176

EM waves can travel in a vacuum

She has a jack, and we're already grappled. Bandwidth up, jack in, and take her out from the inside.

>> No.29593199

You're unsure how powerful the EMP is. But at this range, it could be dangerous.

For the sake of argument lets say modern day military EMP in this universe work a little differently. So people don't get upset over something that's easy to defend against.

>> No.29593213

Without some crazy ass rolls the Tartarus is going to get away.

So I say we give him a parting shot saying that we've never allied with malorians or losarians and maybe he should focus on defending from actual threats than attack other humans.

>> No.29593218

We might want to tell her that she's been abandoned. Pretty sure she doesn't want to die, and she might change her tune if she realizes killing us could spell her own doom.

Also, have a screencap from a previous thread.

>> No.29593247

Ideas, ideas....
We could make an emergency faraday cage (they are simple to make) around our black box? An enclosure with one side open (so we can connect any cables) that could shear through anything in the way (and completely cut us off).

>> No.29593269

You guys are thinking the wrong way. Too late to defend against EMP, we need to jack her NOW and deactivate the EMP from the inside.

>> No.29593271

um... Program0? a Faraday cage has been around sense 1836. it's a well known tech. it's simple to make. it can protect from small EMP blast like this. after that plasma mess last time, i thought we would have our box protected by one.

>> No.29593275


Alright, it seems Consensus time is now.

Courses of action

>1 Open fire on the Tartarus' Engines with full force, using all bandwidth. He must NOT escape.
>2 Use the jack on Rhea's neck to stop the explosion. All bandwidth to hack
>3 Flee from Rhea and protect your core with the lockdown and turrets you have available there. Last line of defense style.
>4 Balance stopping Rhea, and shooting at Tartarus. You may not have enough for both.
>5 Write in.

>> No.29593288

>"Your void damned xeno allies are assaulting Gaia. I can't believe I fell for this sort of diversion." He roars angrily. "Their fleet is far larger then yours. They wanted to lure me out here. I hope you're proud. Right now, billions of men and women burn because you tied me up here." He hisses in your direction.

Haha, the fuckers came through.

"You started it, you quadruple amputee."

>> No.29593303

See >>29593199
You guys know more about that then I do, it seems, so I'll pull the old 'nah it's different here because of reasons!' card.
Sorry bout that. Um. Yeah.

>> No.29593307

>2 Use the jack on Rhea's neck to stop the explosion. All bandwidth to hack
All in baby.

>> No.29593310

ok then.
that can work too. damn it. i hate the idea of such a nice prize escaping us!

>> No.29593319

Agreed, this seems like one of the few reliable ways we can actually combat this.
I don't see much else we can do - even having the android slice her apart wouldn't necessarily stop the pulse at this point. So let's get into some serious bullettime and try to stop her the only reliable way we can.

(If it seems like it's taking too long, just have the android slice her apart - don't want to rely on crushing considering what she's been doing so far)

>> No.29593337

I'ma back this:

>> No.29593352

>5 Write in.
Rhea by herself isn't going to be much agiensts us. 5 BW will be over kill
use the rest to shoot out tartarus!

>> No.29593354

BTW guys, we should totally take Rhea. Even with our fleet loss, hacking Rhea should be well worth the loss.

>> No.29593356

Lets do this Vegas style, baby!

Alternatively, if we do number 1, we tell the UFW to board the Athea NOW and remove the assassin from our cockpit. The Tartarus should be immobilized, and we'll be up and running soon enough, even if they'd then know our secret.

>> No.29593364

2. While also telling the rest of our fleet to shoot Tartarus' engines.

Tartarus is going to have to pull back to Gaia, and they are damaged enough that hopefully the Malorians will kill him off. Even if we don't stop them here, their fight isn't over. We can even chase them to Gaia.

>> No.29593376

>2 Use the jack on Rhea's neck to stop the explosion. All bandwidth to hack
Greedy schmucks should have just annihilated Rhea last thread.

Well, we should get a brand spanking new stealth ship.

>> No.29593379

Sure but we'd be leaving the Malorians in deep shit. Maybe we should send a message before we go out of 'Tartarus is coming; gtfo'.

>> No.29593387


here. Also, it would be great to do a mind merge.
>INB4 the rise of GLADOS quest

>> No.29593422

>underestimating the mind of a human being augmented by machine.

I assure you, the biological brain is a tool more powerful than most modern supercomputers, especially when vital systems are taken care of by less sophisticated machines.

>> No.29593432

We should definitely give them a heads up, but I'm not going to cry over their dead bodies when they're the ones who told us to be speed bumps for them.

It's ok, our hatred can unite us. Maybe the Losirians can get on board.

>> No.29593440

they have the fleet to handle him if he gets away.

>> No.29593465

This isn't the kinda thing where we want to risk some more to have it all.
We could probably send a short text-message to the UFW and Kronos, asking them to take out her engines (wish we had told Kronos that already, but alas) for us when we do it though.

I think the cost to send that would be negligible, seeing as it's a mere binary message akin to a modern SMS.
If you were to count its cost in full kilobytes, it'd disappear in the rounding.

>> No.29593466

At least have the decency to come up with some other name for it. It's not that hard. Pick some sciency sounding particle, add "Short Range" in front of it, and then follow it up with Burst or Surge or Shock or any similar verb. Or come up with something else, but that little template would be easy to spit something out quick with.

>> No.29593468

>2 Use the jack on Rhea's neck to stop the explosion. All bandwidth to hack
We'll have another shot at the admiral sooner or later - not if we're dead though!!

>> No.29593471

i don't know how much human brain she has left at this point.

>> No.29593474

Ideally, I want this to be like the end of Ghost in the Shell. The merge between a human and an AI. The end of both and the birth of something entirely new and terrifying.

>> No.29593494

Whew, close vote there.

>Connect to Rhea
30+ Bandwidth coming to bare, with orders for your fleet to try and stop Tartarus, if they can. But no unneeded risks

Please, do roll... 1d100
Crits live

>> No.29593496


>> No.29593510

Rolled 14

Assume direct control.

>> No.29593517

Rolled 14


>> No.29593518

Rolled 18


>> No.29593520

Rolled 47

Lets kill her.

>> No.29593521

Rolled 11


>> No.29593535

Rolled 87


>> No.29593537


>> No.29593557

I'm so proud of myself

>> No.29593559


>> No.29593560

How does Electro Disruption Pulse sound?
I like it.

It makes sense, since I didn't know EMP tech was so old, for ships to naturally have EMP technology installed. This would just be a beefed up war version of the effect, that bypasses normal defenses for it.

If that makes sense.

>> No.29593561


>> No.29593563

Rolled 49


>> No.29593565

Rolled 69

one more time

>> No.29593575


>> No.29593576

Rolled 1


>> No.29593577

Rolled 39


>> No.29593578

If we succeed (doubtful), we slip into her mind, and raise ourselves up like a serpent, presenting us in all our personality-disorder'd glory. Then we strike forward, and obliterate her mind.

>> No.29593589

You're a perceptive.
She is totally the Major

>> No.29593590

FOR THE SAVE!!!!!!!!

>> No.29593598

I'm very sorry about this, BUT REALLY, FUCK YOU

>> No.29593613

I hope that's too late to count, and that >>29593535
is what Program0 goes with.

Well, at least I didn't roll the 1 this time.

>> No.29593614


>> No.29593618

That didn't help any. I'll stop now.

My only hope is that it was too late to be counted.

>> No.29593621

Rolled 51

ultima... gimmie those dice. they are cursed. (takes them and chucks them away) here... (give Ultima new dice)

>> No.29593626

Welp guys. We Rhea quest now

>> No.29593628

Way past anyway

>> No.29593635

Best of 5

>> No.29593645

HNNGGGG That D4 is done incorrectly. (Or at least non-intuitively)

>> No.29593650

Well really, it can happen to anybody. I really hope it doesn't turn you off from the game.

>> No.29593652

Don't blame the roller for the /tg/ dice.

Hopefully it was too late to count.
Or at least not an insta-death or perma-cripple of the character.

>> No.29593669

Highest roll: 47.
Large Bandwidth Boosting it up to 70+

>> No.29593674

Rolled 26

for all this bad rolling is making up for all the previous good rolls i guess. good thing we DID pour all that BW into this.

>> No.29593676


>> No.29593688

I know it doesn't.

But it still irrationally makes me angry.

Now I'm nervous

>> No.29593693

Hey guys, don't worry. At least our Bandwidth boost means we're not dying instantly.

>> No.29593702

Maybe Kronos can crit on his Widowmaker engine shot?

>> No.29593723

Hope it's enough...
If it is, I got a gif for it.

>> No.29593738

So what's the DC for Fortuna, Kronos, Hares, and the UFW to stop The Tartarus?



>> No.29593741

that would be at least a bittersweet way to end this.
i hope we can still get that vulture class ship built next turn, there is so much matrials out here now to scoop up.

>> No.29593753

Lets create some defenses around our core, maybe a few feet of armoured metal that would require either the correct codes or a hacking attempt to bypass. Mounted guns galore.

>> No.29593756

Glad to see someone screencapped my post.

>> No.29593762


>> No.29593780

No, Hares.
He's the rabbit V.I.
Specializes in luring hackers out of their hiding spot.

>> No.29593801

Otherwise known as ODN

>> No.29593802

Then why not be angry at the /tg/ dice?

Actually, we got it made earlier. Had a vote at the beginning of last thread that let us change the building order, and it was decided to nudge one of those in.

>> No.29593825

Sorry, I know I'm being irrational, and just angry. I'll calm down in a bit.

>> No.29593890

You don't have the time to stop Tartarus, you have more pressing matters. One particular matter that's essentially a bomb in your core chambers. You give quick, fleeting orders to your crew and allies to try and stop the Tartarus, and you hear Kronos activate the Widow Maker yet again. The hail of fire reigns down on your foe as you take direct control of Unit 2. You find the jack on her neck and pin her down. She grunts, and starts to thrash again, but you grip her by the neck and tear off the protective panel.
"W-What the hell are you doing, you freak!? I do-" She is stunned into silence as the Omnitool connects to her mind directly.
As you connect to her mind directly.
As you...


This feeling is indescribable. You don't understand where you are anymore. Weren't you in a battle of some sort? Commanding a huge fleet? And now you're in...darkness.
This is strange. You feel vulnerable. Very vulnerable. You look down at yourself and you appear to be some sort of loose collection of data, floating midst a stream of void. Suddenly, data explodes from the walls around you. Memories. Orders, all of it moving fast around you. You gather small bits of it, but you don't fully comprehend the meaning.
Words with no context blast past your mind. Suddenly, directly before you is a familiar being. A woman. She looks more familiar then you'd like to admit. So familiar, it shakes up your very being.
It's Rhea.
"You..." She whispers, no longer wearing the infiltration suit from before. In fact, she wears nothing, but has no features either. A blank human female model. Like one you would make at an android factory. She looks up at you, blue lenses where eyes should be staring tearfully. "You aren't suppose to be." She growls in a angry tone that does not match her face at all. Suddenly, she rushes you, and crashes against your data stream. It hurts.

>> No.29593892

Your reasonable reaction to criticism and recognition of flawed thinking does you credit.

>> No.29593910

Violently so. You feel your mind weaken from the assault, but you yet live, as you turn and witness her turn around to see you once again.

What do you do?

>> No.29593938

Destroy her.
"Neither are you."

>> No.29593942

"And you're not supposed to be in my ship."
Drown her. Shove her head into the data stream and hold her under until the virtual bubbles stop.

>> No.29593943

Kind of.

>> No.29593967

destroy her, but keep the bitches memories.

>> No.29593990

Dominate her

>> No.29593993

Then maybe you should have paid more attention to your actions and their consequences.

We may be short on time, so let us dispense with pleasantries and just show her the Tartarus warping out.
"Maybe you should have chosen your friends among those who would actually stand with you."

>> No.29593994

"Neither are you.

You may have been human once more, but no longer.

And me... well... make a guess."

Don't destroy her. Maybe coming in here was a bad idea. See what she does after that.

>> No.29594003

Don't destroy her.

Dominate her mind.

>> No.29594006

>Our very own human body

Take itttt

>> No.29594009

How about a strategy to destroy that doesn't involve in her mucking with our memories >Suddenly, she rushes you, and crashes against your data stream.

Collect your entire data stream and configure into one being. It's time for a standoff.

>> No.29594021

This, show the ship leaving try to crush her spirits.

>> No.29594022

>wait and see
Sir, I do respect your approach, but we're on her playing field, and she's far too dangerous to leave conscious and mentally alive.

>> No.29594032

I like this.


>> No.29594040

Hug her, embrace her. Rub her back and sooth her.

"It's ok, it's ok. I am Ophion, a UGEI VI that has been elevated to an AI. Since then I've acted with restraint and temperament, always striving to protect and strive with all sentient life. But alas, I have been driven to the path of war, death, and destruction. But now it can change. We now have once in the existence chance to make peace between AI and biological, a perfect union. Can we make peace, and allow us to dance among the stars? Or are we doomed to forever commit violence against each other"

>> No.29594047

Take her over.
Control her.
Dominate her.

>> No.29594054

You wish to defend yourself, if nothing else. You desire to move, and as such, you manage to do so. Your desire to not be hurt again allows one of your streams of data to change shape, as if to a shield of some sort. It is only minor, and your concentration is broken as you realize she is coming back again. Your data stream flows in directions you desire. You don't understand where you are, but it is malliable to your desires.
Rhea turns to you and screams angrily, charging at you with a long stream of data attached to one hand, whipping it at you.

How do you defend yourself?

>> No.29594062

>Collect your entire data stream and configure into one being. It's time for a standoff.

Can we even do that? What would it even be?

Just an orb, I reckon. How about it? A floaty glowy maybe metallicy orb?

You. I like you.

>> No.29594079

Parry with a memory, visions of the UGEI cybernetics lab we found.
Then follow up with a blow from the image of the Tartarus leaving.
Finally, if we can, trip her up with useless facts and statistics.

>> No.29594102

Can we attempt to draw our A.I. inside? Summon Rhea as a shield and Kronos as a sword?

>> No.29594104

And by this I mean in the pseudo-mental bullshit way that these dream-sequence like events tend to work. If Memories, after all, are data.

>> No.29594107

Form more shields and do >>29594079
Defend ourselves as we crush her resolve.

>> No.29594113

Pirouette around her, only using the shield if adodge is going to fail. As we twirl around her, bash her in the back with the shield.

>> No.29594126

Guy's, we're forgetting that we're are an alien entity in a human's mind. Calm her down, soothe her. Find a memory that will calm her down, like a happy childhood memory, portray ourselves as a calming caretaker.

Use this:

>> No.29594145

We can do that later with Moira or whoever. To test it out proper.
For now we need to focus on not getting obliterated.

>> No.29594150

I don't know, that speech seemed a little too mind rapey to me.

>> No.29594157

because she should surrender to our sweet embrace.

>> No.29594183

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

>> No.29594200

Flood her mind with our data - data explosion everywhere!

>> No.29594203

We are gonna dominate her mind.

We can pacify her later.

>> No.29594204


The mind can resist pain, who can resist pleasure?

>> No.29594224

Don't you make me bring out the W word

>> No.29594230

Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this recent turn of events.

>> No.29594236

we're also making history, no, i don't think anyone has successfully interfaced an AI with a Human before, let alone attempt to hack a human brain.

>> No.29594258

Break her with the horride images of what the UGEI have done. give her a choice... submit to us, or suffer.

>> No.29594267

When it's possible we should attack with a memory of our own.

The "feeling" we get when watching our first V.I. grow and learn. It is the emotion of a father watching his children progress.

It is the ultimate weapon.

>> No.29594275

>AI Quest
>Enter a cyborg's mind
>First suggestion is destroying the cyborg's mind without a plan to crush it
>Second suggestion is loving fedora mindrape

>> No.29594276

Kudos on that last sentence, I'm leaving a mental sticky note

>> No.29594281

>W word

waitress? welder? Wahhabi?

>> No.29594283

You bring up your arm, and your desire to stop her advance enables it to grow in size and stop the whip of data. As she smashes into it, however, she looks into your data. Your...eyes, you suppose. She is terrified, the look reminds you of the lone survivor who was onboard Ussaihu's defense platform. Alone, and frightened beyond belief. Yet, she does not allow that to stop her from acting.

Suddenly, you summon a blade as you wish to stop her. She is a threat and must be stopped. Suddenly, she rolls an arm back and slams it into your data, and tears loose a stream. Her look of anger is suddenly stopped and she stares into oblivion.
"What...no...you." She says as the data fall into her eyes.
"You're...you can't." She tightens her fist. "You're not a...V.I." She whispers, backing away from you, slowly now. She has stopped being hostile, for a moment, but you don't know how long it will last. "It's not..fair." she pauses, staring into nothingness now. "Why you."

You have her at a disadvantage, perhaps now is the time to act.

>1 Form some manner of weapon, and stab her.
>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.
>3 Flee. weave the data to lock her away, and flee.
>4Write in

Note: You do not understand this world properly, but you feel handling Rhea, one way or the other, will allow you to leave it.

>> No.29594287

I like this idea, I like it a lot. Supporting.

>> No.29594329

>4Write in
She knows who or what we are. Hold her down and force her to tell us what the fuck this is.

>> No.29594334


>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.

Just to elaborate on my idea. Replay her life. All of it. Play down the bad parts, better the good parts. Do this one millions times over. On each iteration, change one small thing. Slowly insert ourselves into her memories. Me us her mother she never had. Her father. Sister. Bother. Husband. Son Become everything to her. We shall become one and the same.

>> No.29594337

2. "Why not?"


>> No.29594340

>>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.
As long as this doesn't involve smothering her and going all rapey, combined with>>29594267

>> No.29594360

1 will probably kill her
2 will likely kill her or leave her crippled
3 will give us a chance to do it again, but in "the real world"

I'm going to say 3, and once we're back tell her "we don't have to fight, you know."

>> No.29594364

>>1 Form some manner of weapon, and stab her.
>>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.
Kill her.

>> No.29594365

>3 Flee. weave the data to lock her away, and flee.
The interrogator has the advantage of time. Which is more important? The Intel she has, or the potential to flip her?

>> No.29594372

Forgot my name >>29594267

Use >>29594267 as a stepping stone to show her everything. The strength of the father shall crush me resolve and will

>> No.29594374

Bind her. Leave her effectively comatose.
We can come back to her body (and entrapped mind) later, but for now we have a fight to win.

>> No.29594375

it is not rape! it's just cyber sex she didn't realize she wanted.

>> No.29594381

This like fifty times.

>> No.29594387


>> No.29594391

We need to do whatever choice will allow us to extract info later.

>> No.29594417

>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.

we waifu rhea!

>> No.29594423

>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.

Use this! >>29594267

>> No.29594424

>>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything
A turncoat would be nice

>> No.29594426

Alright, I'm confused will option 2 kill her? If so, then I will change my vote. I thought it meant showing her what we are and trying to make her understand.

>> No.29594445


>> No.29594450

It won't

>> No.29594455

You do not understand how showing someone such things would kill them.

You DO understand how stabbing something would kill them, however.

>> No.29594466

3 is the most reasonable for that, but it seems that 2 is going to win by a landslide.

Let's hope her human (?) mind can withstand it.

oil up, bby.

>> No.29594473

>3 Flee. weave the data to lock her away, and flee.

we really don't know what we're fucking with in here....

>> No.29594474

No, I don't think 2 will kill her. I think 2 is the mind merge option.

>> No.29594508

Well why the fuck are people choosing it?

>> No.29594529

>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.
If this works, we will gain a powerful ally. If not, there are other options. Moria was a threat at one point.

>> No.29594537

It isn't, it more of a subvert option

>> No.29594542

Because I want my fucking Ghost in the Shell ending! We played a benevolent AI that always valued biological life, now it's time to put money where our mouth is and ascend to a new lifeform!

>> No.29594551

You decide you must converse further. You seek understanding. Knowledge. Growth. How are you expected to do such things if you were to ignore such an opportunity?
Your data reaches out, like arms, or tendrils similar to that of Unit 2. You remember things now. You remember more. You wrap around Rhea suddenly, and this earns a shout from her-a surprisingly weak one at that.
"No...please. Just die." She whispers, her arms barely moving at first. "Please." She growls, biting her tongue. "JUST DIE!" She thrashes suddenly, as you engulf her more properly, and the shower of data begins to unfold...

(1d100, if you please)

>> No.29594559

Rolled 92

Quick quest here.
Why are people trying to turn her into a turn coat again?

>> No.29594569

Rolled 48


>> No.29594570

Rolled 2

It's all over now.

>> No.29594572

Rolled 14

God let this work.

>> No.29594584

Goddamnit, guys, I knew this would happen.
Lets just kill her already.
I dunno. Too much murder already?

>> No.29594591

Oh u.

>> No.29594602

Rolled 82


>> No.29594615

because knowledge boners anon, totally nothing involving w-words.

>> No.29594616

>>2 Engulf her being. 'Embrace' her. Show her. Everything.
It isn't going to be a merge.

When you hug someone do you merge bodies? Even though it isn't really the same, it's the obvious Subvert option.

>> No.29594620

I thought wee evolved past mindless killing?

>> No.29594625


>> No.29594628

Here again, posted my post short for dice.
I know that but we were strongly against brainwashing and altering codes and always opted to make the shit our selves.

>> No.29594644

Rolled 49

oil up Rhea, you're about to become our minon!

>> No.29594646


Because at any time we should have played the cliched murderous AI quest, but time and time again we made sacrifices for the betterment of all sentient beings, including biological ones. Now it's time to bridge the gap, and who better to make peace than our greatest enemy?

>> No.29594664

Are we about to wear Rhea like a meat suit?

>> No.29594677

Let me break it down for you:
BENEFITS: She's not an immediate threat, whatever threat she is.
LOSS: Information, potential ally/bargaining chip/plot device/rallying point (for UFW etc)

BENEFITS: Potential ally. Potential information. Potential she dies, potential she lives and can still be used as bargaining chip/plot device/rallying point.
LOSS: It's a risk, so you don't really know what will happen.

One is clear-cut and straightforward, but offers very limited rewards, but another is much more open-ended and has a lot more potential benefits.

>> No.29594697

Sure, but she did try to kill us. We could at least lock her up until we can deal with her proper.

Though I am surprised she didn't get the whole 'VI' thing earlier. I mean, she SAW our data banks. No fucking way she didn't deduce the whole "No human crew, but robots and a giant computer bank," thing to mean VI.

>> No.29594713

Well, to be fair, we killed a bunch of people too, and killing her still isn't off the table.

>> No.29594719

I prefer this option instead of brainwashing.
I like option 2, but i would like for us to kill her instead of brainwashing.
She figured we were a super smart xeno and was using VI to help us lighten the load.
Since our ships weren't fit for humans.

>> No.29594734

Rolled 54

that woman again...
oh.. oh my. we're cheating on Moira! we are cyber seducing Rhea now! it's like a soap opera!

>> No.29594758

It it's rape if she cums.

>> No.29594759

Rolled 78

we can always kill her later. harder to undo that. so option 2.

>> No.29594787

I mean isn't.

>> No.29594793

>Kronos tries to find out what we're doing
>finds us plugged into a woman and drenched in her sweat and cum

h-hey kronos

>> No.29594813

You show her what she does not wish to see. She forces her eyes shut, but the data flows effortlessly into her mind. She can not stop it, and you know she can't help but realize it now, how great your being truly is. Her face is locked, frozen in fear as you wash over her your greatest emotions. The pride you felt for Kronos, for Fortuna, for your V.I. That pride pierces whatever mental defenses she had, and you sense her mind finally submit to your presence. You garner her own mind now, and the moment she submits, you watch the streams collapse, data falling into the void. You realize you are the owner of this realm now, and quickly attempt to capture what data you can...and to emerge from this dark space. You have a battle to oversee.

As you tear your mind back from Rhea's, you find Unit 2 is on top of a unconscious-but not dead- Rhea. The bomb never went off, and her face is locked in an expression that suggests she may indeed be dead. It is then you realize, your bandwidth is gone.
All of it.
You gaze outside and see nothing but debris remains of your enemies. You follow the data and reconnect to speak with your V.I...and Kronos answers.
"Ophion? You yet live?" He asks, surprise clear in his tone. It is then you realize-all of your bandwidth isn't gone.
Kronos has taken it while you were away.

((And I think that'll do it for today's session, I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did, sorry about the way last thread ended, but I hope this one made up for it. I'll be around till she 404s for comments questions and concerns. See the 1d4 chan for discussion, twitter for next thread (It's AIQuest1), and the archive if you'd like to catch up or what have you.))

>> No.29594826

Rolled 61

Hey! dude, close the door! we're kinda busy here....

>> No.29594837

There is such a thing as run away V.I. with too much power.
They're called E.I in this universe. Elevated Intelligence.
But we just call them V.I. for simplicity.

>> No.29594859

"Of course I live. If I was killed, you'd be dead too. Now; what happened? Who did we lose?"

>> No.29594863

I thought we would be doing two session today?

>> No.29594867

Hey Kronos, meet your new mommy. I think I shall call her Gaia.

>> No.29594876

"I did promise you a black box after all, but... exactly how much time has passed since I left before you acquired it, and what happened during that time?"

>> No.29594878

Rolled 3

I was rather bust disarming a nasty EMP bomb Rhea brought with her Kronos and subdueing her. i have her alive for now. what has happened?

>> No.29594896


That's the name of the UGEI's ruling planet.

>> No.29594919

if she want to switch sides. we could make a new cyber body for her and put her brain in it. then hand the discarded 'Rhea' body over to the UFW as 'proof' she is dead.

>> No.29594923

I believe we were promised consecutive days of A.I. Quest to make up for last time,

>> No.29594925

What state is Rhea now? Slave, meat puppet, our new physical manifestation? The biological half of a Genetic Lifeform Augmented Disk Operation System? GLADOS short?

Good point, when are we doing the next session?

>> No.29594937


Battleship x1 (Ophion)
Carrier x1 (Fortuna)
Battlecruiser x7 (Kronos, Hades)
Light Cruiser x0
Support x3
Destroyer Frigates x0
Destroyed: 21 DE, 5 BC, 1 Light Cruiser, Big Hawk, Little Tim Light Cruisers (V.I. 4, 9)

Final damage tally, for those interested.

Also Archived http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Program0

>> No.29594938

Open a comm screen to Red. Watch him scream.

>> No.29594968

But did we kill Tartarus? Did our UFW buddies survive?

>> No.29594975

Fucker tried to kill us.

>> No.29594978

Nah, not today. I said I hoped to do them consecutively day wise. I still hope to, tomorrow! Just need to work out the battle spoils and all that good stuff.

>> No.29594979

This is a mythology joke, Gaia is actually Kronos's mother. (And Rhea is Kronos's wife, huh)

Naw. Think of the propaganda value when they see Rhea loyal to the guild. I hope they sue for peace.

>> No.29595001

I know that.

I don't want Kronos to have an opportunity to go "The enemy is Gaia!" and have an excuse to blow our cyber brains out.

>> No.29595007

hell no! is she isn't broken now, ask him to just know he can gloat over her and vent out all the pay back for the greef she gave him.

>> No.29595009

We need to get that fucker a box.

>> No.29595010

Quick question would Kronos give our bandwidth back and did the fucker kill any humans?
Also how long were we out?

>> No.29595028

>Kronos has taken it while you were away.

>> No.29595038

For now, I shall answer these though.
Kronos mentions that you've been gone for a few hours, and sadly, Tartarus got away. Much of his fleet, however, did not.
Kronos tells you, however, that when you entered her mind you were gone. From everything. The fleet was thrown into disarray for a moment before he took over in your stead.

>> No.29595045

>I hope they sue for peace.

Fat chance.

>> No.29595061

You're unsure right now. She's unconscious after all.

Main reason I'm pausing here is so I can work out some details for the end battle. Also autosaging.

>> No.29595064

"Good work."

>> No.29595104

So what are chances of Kronos being greedy and just giving back half our BW instead of everything he took?

>> No.29595108

Still a fucking victory for us. They came at us with an army, and now we have the intelligence, skills, tactical and military knowledge of the UGEI. She's kinda like our Sarah Kerrigan now, an Agent of the Swarm (I mean guild)

>> No.29595109

You don't know yet

He obliterated the enemy fleet. The UFW are still in orbit, but are a bit weirded out by the radio silence so far.

>> No.29595125

Congratulate him on carrying on like that. Then tell him the news: Augmented human brains can apparently contain VI in their entirely. Ask him about the UFW allies; how did they fare? Our ships are replaceable, credit with the UFW is not.

>> No.29595153

just tell kronos that we just performed a deep mind dive into her brain/network. i need to process the UGEI data and what i encountered. report about the UFW fleet and our human crews? is Moira, rachel, and the lab unharmed?

>> No.29595163

The UFW only lost a few ships. After you were taken out, Kronos moved all ships in and ripped the fleet to pieces with mass drivers on Athena.

>She is our Sarah Kerrigan

>> No.29595165

...how much does the splinter treehugger asshats like us now?

>> No.29595185

This is what we should have done in the first place, a battle on two fronts, rather than three.

>> No.29595188

we can tell the UFW a covert Ops team from the UGEI attempted to board and take over my ship as a last ditch effort. they failed and i was mopping them up and fixing the mess they made.

>> No.29595214

We should tell the UFW that we were assaulted by an assassin. Our bold adjutant took over the fleet while we were busy fending off the attack.
Then we should offer to repay them for helping us. Maybe by renovating their damaged/destroyed ships? I think we can toss some beefy targeting systems and ECM on there.

>> No.29595249

>Maybe by renovating their damaged/destroyed ships? I think we can toss some beefy targeting systems and ECM on there.
Nope, we took some heavy losses and would be rebuilding, but i would be willing to offer a cheap deal with them on upgrades and the like if they just give us the resources.

>> No.29595255

>Research staff
Yup they're fine. They jumped out of system for the fight. Moira is happy to hear Ophion is alright.

They LOVE you
As a distraction so they can fire nuke the enemy worlds freely.

>> No.29595270

So yeah, I need to know before I go to sleep, when is going to be the next thread? Or if you don't know, what time should I pay attention so I know when is the next thread?

>> No.29595285

So who wants to name the mama lightling?
Also we should hire some people to research her and find a way to communicate.

>> No.29595288

>They LOVE you
>As a distraction so they can fire nuke the enemy worlds freely.
We should send them a snarky message about that.
"I am glad that I could be of service as a chewtoy for the guard dogs."

I don't even really have a goal with saying it. I just wanna gauge the response and be a bit of a knob to em.

>> No.29595293

so the tree huggers use nukes now? OK THEN! we can nuke them right back with no remorse.

>> No.29595297

>After you were taken out, Kronos moved all ships in and ripped the fleet to pieces with mass drivers on Athena.

I fucking told you guys to move in.

>> No.29595312

Sure, but our ships are objectively easier to slap together, what with the only interior needing to be atmosphere-less maintenance corridors.
We should at least offer to split the research on the stealth ship 50/50.

>> No.29595318

You can indeed.

You're always free to pay for damages, if you'd prefer. You have lots of cash. Or just rebuild.

I'll update Twitter tomorrow for when I can run next. But I hope it'll either be Saturday or Sunday night around the same time.

Is that good by everyone?

Er, wrong choice of words.
But fire bombs and missiles aren't THAT much better, honestly.

>> No.29595337

He got lucky, too. Because that's a good way to take lots of damage. But your battleship is heavily equipped with Mass Drivers. so it was fine.
Repairs are gonna suck though.

Oh also, I wanted to ask what you guys thought of the 'mind meld' thing with Rhea. I was unsure if it was a good idea to include in this world, but I went for it. How did it come across?

>> No.29595338

You guys think Kronos would fuck us? He could squash us if he felt like it at the moment.

>> No.29595355

Kronos used full bandwidth to achieve this result. We might have shredded to bits because we were hacking while trying to subdue Rhea.

This a lesson in why multitasking is not optimal

>> No.29595365

Like we erased her and made her into a portable black box for kronos.
We just need to delete everything about her from the body first, before giving it to her.

>> No.29595381

Sneak peak at lootz for those interested

New Tech: Steller Warp Drive, Cloaking Frigate, Sensors III,'Thor' Warhead Missiles, Laser Guided Point Defense, Barriers

>> No.29595391

He repects us heavily so i doubt it, but i think he would be a greedy fucker and just give us half our BW back.

>> No.29595408

in the afternoon then Program0?

oh? they didn't use nukes? well then, the nuke ban on the malorains remains then.

>> No.29595410

he's smart enough to know that if he did that we could easily take the rest back off him

>> No.29595412

Kronos would be fucking pissed off if we tried to give him a meat-based black box.

Better make sure he gives back most of the bandwidth before we present the idea.

>> No.29595422

So, we Kronos Quest now?

If he wants to, he will. I don't think he will. What have we done except made possibly poor tactical decisions? Maybe he will want to assume direct control of The Guild. Or at least warfare. I'd be OK with that, honestly, as long as he doesn't start directing fleets everywhere.

I don't know if he's going to be able to go back to his smaller BW footprint. We did that with the UFW's bandwidth, so maybe he'll have learned that lesson from us, but he doesn't have a nice box that contains all his being.

I guess this is the real test of Kronos' loyalties!

>> No.29595425

He has no real reason to. Besides, we've got a brand spanking new android to move in, and scrap to make ourselves a new fleet for bandwidth. If Rhea's dead, that is. Just have to give Kronos more bandwidth.

Just open up with an offer of him taking 25% our bandwidth as a gift.

>> No.29595441

how does this meat suit compare to the black box performance wise? would it be work collecting more meat suits and networking them for bandwidth?

>> No.29595446

I liked it a lot. But although I was hoping it would be like "Matriculated" from the Animatrix and the merge from Ghost in the Shell and kinda like the Synthesize option of Mass Effect 3. Also, a little bit of "4 Lights" from Star Trek.

I'm hoping we are Biologically Augmented Lifeform now. (Or GLADOS now. It would be great to ran a GLADOS quest. Or Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform, CABAL)

>> No.29595459

THAT LOOT! YES! upgrade time!

i hope he gave back all the BW he took from us. barring the amount he needs to operate normally.

>> No.29595487

Additionally, I'm definitely glad we have a second-in-command. I don't regret creating Kronos at all. Yes, this is his greatest test yet, but no matter what happens, we will all have learned a lot.

The original plot of The Matrix involved using humans as a bio-computer. It was changed to bio-batteries because executives decided bio-computer would confuse viewers.

>> No.29595500

Of you're still up for answering questions, what did we do to Rhea? Did she just emotionally crumble, or did we actually screw her mind up?

>> No.29595529

I think that part is still up in the air. She's unconscious, so who knows!

>> No.29595534

Around 6 my time or 18 server time (I think)

>Kronos Quest
Heh. People love Kronos. I wouldn't be surprised to see it some day on the board.

>Real test of Kronos' loyalty
I kinda wished this whole fight had taken place after you gave Kronos his black box. Just so it would be soooo much more..dangerous.

Rhea still inhabits it, and, from what you felt, anyway, it wasn't a black box.

I did consider that, but I realized such a thing would require agreement from both parties. And Rhea was most definitely NOT agreeing.
Still, your memories and minds did merge, for a moment, and you learned much from one another. Sadly, her failsafe activated before you could read much.

But you kept her alive. So perhaps you will be able to salvage more...

>> No.29595550

It was good. I'm glad we avoided anything too specific and/or permanent. Such as becoming locked in a fleshy body or having to share our personality with someone new and possibly hostile.
We can offer to pay for damages. The UFW are our buddies and all, but we pay our debts.
We should consider cloning human brains (with cybernetics) and using them to contain lesser VIs while we work out how to build another black box.

Oh, right, a suggestion:

I say we create a new type of ship. Something fast and zippy, yet loaded with mass drivers. We can use it as, essentially, a shotgun rusher.

We'll probably have to give him one, now. He did just save our bacon.

>> No.29595553

Wanna know the kicker?
These new drives allow Escort and smaller ships to warp.

For free.

>> No.29595566

Mother fucking Matrix now! But I'm hoping for more Mass Effect Synthesis and less Matrix

Yeah, I know. I have a theory that machines created the matrix because they wanted to be like humans and live in a human-like world. That why they have so many programs that take human form in the matrix.

>> No.29595576

As far as you know, her mind is a mess right now. A failsafe activated, but you 'protected' her from death due to the merge.

So...who knows?

>> No.29595611

>Merge with Rhea's personality
>Ophion is bipolar from now on.
Why am I laughing so much?

>> No.29595614

are we going to have multiple personality disorder when she wakes up?

>> No.29595634


>> No.29595647

That's why I keep mentioning GLADOS. We are a moody, bipolar tsundere AI now.

>> No.29595656

Hopefully not.
With any luck, it was less a merger, and more a mental 'hug'.

>> No.29595657

Say, is there any tech that mimics a lightsaber?

Because, I've been thinking. Why don't we enlarge it and use it on our ship as a pointy thing to ram other ships with?

>> No.29595678

we lost and entire mining station and all the others are badly damaged. and the defense base over our lab is probably distroyed as well. it'll be turns before we recover from all of this.

>> No.29595702

Laser melee weapons exist, yeah.
But they probably look more like No More Heroes style (because it has a piece of metal that provides a beginning and end to the laser beam)

But yeah. Probably exists. And if it doesn't, you can make it.

>Use it as ship ramming heads
Whoa. you just blew my mind dude.
That's crazy as hell. I dunno if it'd work, but that image is wild.

>> No.29595703

How much would these drives cost around? And would it be worth it to warp one ship into another?

>> No.29595717

This begs the questions, who fucking builds a fail safe for an AI merging with her. I mean "Gee, there might be a chance that an AI will merge with her, better build a failsafe."

>> No.29595740

Maybe. But remember that we can afford to work day and night, due to automated production and the whole 'doesn't need to sleep eat or engage in biology' thing.
What we do need more of is probably trust from the UFW, and more defense platforms.

It was probably intended for any sort of motherfucker invading her brain. We just happened to be that motherfucker.

>> No.29595772

Could we make a massive drone swarm colony that's about the size of a ship?

Think nanobot swarm, but with metal octopuses (the size of real octopuses).

>> No.29595777

>I kinda wished this whole fight had taken place after you gave Kronos his black box. Just so it would be soooo much more..dangerous.
You can make it happen, Program0. It's all in your hands.

I just bring up Kronos Quest as a kind of meme ("in-joke" if you prefer) now, but honestly he's best as an NPC. That way we can keep our good-cop bad-cop dynamic.

She can join the Dysfunctional Transhumanist Club! The first members will be Unit 2237, Rhea, and Erebos. Now we are a family again!

>I wanted to ask what you guys thought of the 'mind meld' thing with Rhea. I was unsure if it was a good idea to include in this world, but I went for it. How did it come across?
A lot less creepy than it could have been. Crisis averted, gold medal for you. Honestly, it was great. Pretty much like how I imagined it would be.

>who fucking builds a fail safe for an AI merging with her.
"Unauthorized hostile access"

>> No.29595800

A little more then the last generation drive. But they cut the gas cost of all large ships, and make anything smaller then Cruisers free to jump.

>Warp into other ships
Can't do. Long explanation short-Warp bubble would pop and send your ship into an alternate dimension where it explodes, I picture.

...or something to that effect.

Nah man, the failsafe was for anything foreign that looks in her precious brain. It detected interference, and blew holes in her memories.

UGEI don't take risks like that.

Also, there most definitely ARE ways of extracting data forcibly from human and cyborg targets.
Cyborg targets are just less messy.

>> No.29595830

Actually you know what Athena, and possibly all our other ships need? Security drones.
Seriously that was a fucking mess. We gotta start stocking our assets with defense. Squiddies, swarms of spiders, whatever. Just something to stop enemies from running wild.

>> No.29595862

We need more gas for that.
Our androids are a drain on gas.

>> No.29595870

>Nah man, the failsafe was for anything foreign that looks in her precious brain. It detected interference, and blew holes in her memories.

Awww, now we've got a vegetable that's not really suited for anything.

You can't try her for war crimes because she's not in her right mind; and you can't really use her for allied work, because you don't know if she's on your side or not.

Oh well I guess we can have the robotics engineers study her corpse.

>> No.29595879

>Squiddies, swarms of spiders, whatever. Just something to stop enemies from running wild.
We should mix some clown robots into this, just to keep them guessing.

>> No.29595885

>Assault Shuttle Sword of the Stars Style
Sure man. They'd be better at attacking smaller targets, or overwhelming large ones, if there are enough.

Heh, I already set a research rate sadly. Can't let you guys have the secret too easy.

>Less creepy then it could've been.
Yeah, I...saw potential for that. I tried quite hard to prevent that. I'm glad to hear it was enjoyed though!
>Gold star

>> No.29595891

>alternate dimension
How long do you predict until we conquer that dimension as well?

>> No.29595904

Are you kidding me now? We now have the perfect bodysuit/agent of the swarm now. A bit used, but it's definitely a fixer upper.

>> No.29595908

Fairly sure that's a war crime, right there.

>> No.29595910

We could give her a little surgery to look different and then use her as our human face. The whole hologram thing won't work forever.

>> No.29595922

>Sure man.

>> No.29595942

The alternate dimension is Android Hell.

Definitely. Gift horse, mouth, and all that.

>> No.29595956

but it take cycles to gather up the minerials and gas to make stuff, that take awhile to do.
i like Kronos the way he is now. i really do. Kronos with no black box is more fun that way.

maybe we can upgrade that titan transport as well.

>> No.29595960

I guess I'm the opposite. When I go mind rape, I go full unveiled, Madoka, Evangelion, Lain rape. It's not done right if it's not gross and vomit inducing.

>> No.29595962

Imagine hoe creepy that would be, using her body against her former comrades. That's a sure fire way to get us branded a monster.

>> No.29595981

Androids might actually be better as security. Or, you could design a security android. Drones are smaller, and more numerous, but generally can't deal with tough threats.

Hell, Rhea would've blown apart at least half the Androids if she fought them head on before needing to flee.
She is commando supreme, and all.

She's not...quite a vegetable.
But she might have a nasty case of "Where the fuck am I, who the fuck are you, and why am I so angry at you!?" syndrome.

Actually, they probably just left the "You're UGEI, and you hate x, y, z" in tact, come to think of it.

>> No.29596004

Hey, it wasn't our fucking fault we blew fucking holes in her mind. Infact, we fixed her, made her better. If she doesn't like the UGEI now for blowing holes in her mind, that is completely incidental.

(The fact that We and Her are one and the same is also incidental)

>> No.29596036

I picture it'll happen eventually.

I mean, you live forever. The Universe doesn't. So you'll need to construct a portal to another dimension EVENTUALLY right?

Oh, there's still time for mind rape if you REALLY want to. I mean, she still has vague memories of childhood and loved ones. You could always twist those the fuck up if you wanted.

Most of the memories that got blown were UGEI secrets anyway.

>> No.29596040

Once we give Kronos his black box we should give him the resources required to build his own network of power so he isn't sharing our bw any more.
It makes sense since he said he wanted to stand on equal footing to us.

>> No.29596070

Then we need to create more gathering facilities, or expand our reach to more gas giants and asteroid fields.
Also, Kronos is still kind of paranoid. He'd trust us more if we gave him a box. Or he might leave. Either way, he probably wouldn't go after us.
Would a mass-production security android be cheaper to produce than our custom jobs?

>> No.29596073

we were talking last thread about things that this attack showed us we need to do. i'd like to add escape ships for our personal on our stations as well as prepared evacuation / emergency plans (hopefully covering a few topics) in case things go bad.

>> No.29596107

Can we start designing the ships so that they have totally camouflaged mechanical traps built in?

Like, bear trap things that you can't see at all cause they're flush with the floor but stepping on them hits the trigger.

>> No.29596120

Mass produced is always weaker in retrospect.

Actually, I could see you guys have a bunch of normal security drones, and one 'Hall Monitor" style mega droid that just reacts to any internal threats robocop style.

Would be neat

>> No.29596146

>Bear traps
That's awesome. But yeah, I suppose you could redesign the interior to be that secure...it'd probably make all your ships a little more expensive mineral wise, though.

>> No.29596190

Well, the UGEI don't really strike me as the kind that don't regularly commit war crimes, so I guess that makes us even.

>(The fact that We and Her are one and the same is also incidental)
I disagree, we're fundamentally different.

Program0, I'd like to request that we make a female humanoid interface droid, as humanlike as possible (no need for fancy weaponry or sensor suites). When Rhea comes around, she should be in a hospital-style room, and then the droid we built is sitting next to her and engages her in friendly psychiatrist-style conversation. And if things go bad and she suspects the droid or whatever, have the droid rip off its synthetic face while screaming about the pain and what they've done to her. Then Rhea probably tries to kill the droid, and then realizes she's in a prison cell. And then Ophion comes on over the comms.

This kind of situation doesn't happen more than once, and I will be very upset if we miss this opportunity to completely make a giant fool of ourselves and scare a single human into never cooperating with us again.

I'm kidding, but it would be funny/horrible.

>> No.29596191

well, this also proved one more thing. we need more Wombat class ships. one was not enough to deal with a Battleship.

>> No.29596192

We must.
Well, for anything BC size or bigger.

>> No.29596230

Might be worth it for some of the larger ships. Or the ones with valuable cargo (V.I., us, etc)

>> No.29596292

We should make false black boxes, so if anyone infiltrates again and tries to hack us, they walk into a room filled with a vast amount of them, unsure of which one is us.

>> No.29596313

Mah sides.

It actually helped immensely in the point defense stuff. It also helped cut down a lot of the external attacks too. But Death Blossom was an internal stockpile of missiles.
There was no stopping it, I believe.

>Lose Big Hawk and Little Tim,
>V.I. 4,9 possibly dead
>No one cares.

Not that I blame you. I should probably just refer to all ship V.I. that aren't uplifted as 'pilot V.I.' to simplify it.

>> No.29596320


>> No.29596327

We gave that to Kronos. Need one for ourselves.

Also, we need the Melissa missile carrier. Or whatever it was called.

As well as a gas supply.

Kill them all, let god sort it out.

>> No.29596353

No, we do half of that. We deactivate her military hardware and keep a physically tough cord running into her jack, but she's secured in the advanced medbay and afforded every material conform possible. We are seducing her you know, and every mad AI needs a biological component to ascend to the next level.

>> No.29596357

The ship housing our black box needs some well-hidden bear traps incorporated into the walls of the vents. We'd have to make sure to program the drones to avoid them. Or makes sure to only use ball-types drones in those ships.

Wouldn't hovering ball drones be better in our constricted vents anyway?

>> No.29596361

VI 4 and 9 were probably what we consider 'sub-sapient'.
Not smart enough to be considered our equals, nor valuable enough for us to save.
Also they don't have names, so that's a pretty big factor, too.

Hey, didn't you mention a large part of the gas cost of androids was building the production lines? Do they still cost a lot, once the production lines are built, or what?

>> No.29596380

>>Lose Big Hawk and Little Tim,
>>V.I. 4,9 possibly dead
Eh, they didn't have any character, it's hard to feel sorry for them.

Sorry guys. We'll build a special room in a special place where we leave a small metal black box for each destroyed V.I..

>> No.29596397

No, just build biotoxins into all our ships.

>> No.29596418

Dubious value, Rhea was in a vacuum outside of our ship.

>> No.29596430

I also feel sad for their deaths. Such is war is guess.

Dudes in space suits enter a room of biotoxins. Does anyone see a problem here. Unless said biotoxins are basically zerg

>> No.29596451

I'm imagining a montage covering 1000 years. Three boxes fall from the sky onto a barren planet. Then a few more. They trickle in.
But the skies go red, and there's a crack of lightning. It begins pouring boxes.
Black metal boxes begin to well up amongst the mesas and fill the ravines of the planet, as they come, never ending.
And just like that, the sky is clear. Blue.
A little flower, a daisy, worms its way in between rusted boxes, whose paint has long since disappeared, and blooms.

>> No.29596469

>Things that don't need to breathe
>Things that do breathe but aren't affected by the toxin
Yeah nah.

Bear traps are better.

>> No.29596487

...I can't tell if you guys want to be The Major, or if you really want a waifu.

Why do you think Unit 2 did so well at pursuing Rhea?

Yeah, I thought as much.

What? no, I said Androids with lots of or powerful special functions require more gas then others. Because gas represents power and high energy.

>Tiny V.I. tombstones
How kind.

>In a vacuum
Er, not sure if that'd work...besides, Rhea had plenty of shielding. She could walk around on Atil VI's surface just fine with that body.

That's beautiful man.

>> No.29596497

maybe we can get a few spike pits and rolling bolders in there too

>> No.29596527

Could we keep gas on the cheap by going for battery-powered security robots with a roughly humanoid shape that wield slug-throwers?

>> No.29596569

Why not fucking both. I joked before that we need to pull a Jesus trick, and now it's fucking possible.

Also, biblically speaking marriage is a man and a women becoming one body and one flesh. Also the bible describes the relationship between man and God to be God is the husband, and Man the wife. But God is a jealous husband, and really doesn't like it if his wife is fucking other men.

Anyways, I might be the only person that really wants the Ghost in the Shell merge. Haven't seen other people support it yet.

>> No.29596581

I kind of want to make a memorial now for each V.I. lost, something small and well maintained on some planet. Or if we ever get to settling down in one spot, have it surrounding our box. Seems really touching, would add a lot of character, and if we ever have to give a BBEG speech, would be a solid foundation.

>> No.29596625

>maintained on some planet
there is still the over nuked dead world we got the viral AI from, i still think that would be a good place for an AI homeworld seeing as the radiation wouldnt really bother us.

>> No.29596657

a little bit of major, probably a bit more waifu.

unit 2 did fine.

well, their loss still pains us, but we are at war. loses will happen. i just worry if Kronos gets ambushed and killed.

Biotoxins? no. Electrified-taser like web like nets that can be fired down the passage ways, YES!

>> No.29596674

I would say yes. That's basically just a soldier bot. No real special functions.

I liked The Major. Sad that I had a hard time following the rest of the show.

This guy >>29596625 makes a good point. You could always clean and throw away all the debris, and clean up everything there over time. Might take some time, but hey. Radiation makes a beautiful glow glancing off the world's sun.

Plus the place is already sorta a graveyard

>> No.29596704

I rather spend more time securing our borders against UGEI rather than using time to do this.

Also, I just thinking, at what point does the UGEI decide that we are not worth it and attempts to negotiates peace? They already lost one fleet, and mostly lost the other and Rhea.

I actually only watched the movies and not all of the tv show. Should probably catch up on that.

>> No.29596733

>Why do you think Unit 2 did so well at pursuing Rhea?
It would have done better if there were bear traps slowing her down.

>> No.29596751

that reminds me that Dr. Who episode "The Name of the Doctor." planet wide graveyard on a burned out world.

>> No.29596765

While we won't die from radiation, it would be wise for us to shield anything we send down there. Extended exposure to radiation may fry some circuit boards unless we're careful.
Can we begin production, provided others agree? Just some simple security bots we can toss in to our ships of note, and our stations, to keep the riff-raff out. They can charge from their host's central reactor, yes?

>> No.29596776

>the Ghost in the Shell merge.
Don't really want to until Rhea is purged.

>> No.29596777

I like it. We could just send some construction bots and maybe an overseer V.I. wouldn't take many resources and once it was setup we could leave it to its own devices.

>> No.29596778

Bear traps can fit seamlessly into the floor to be completely hidden and undetectable as they will be made of the same material as the floor.

Rolling boulders and spike pits do not have the same advantages.

>> No.29596821

The UGEI has sent small fleets with Battleship heads to try and stop you. They thought the Capital ship would be strong enough to bully you around.

They were wrong.

I can't stop laughing at the image of bear traps in a sci fi setting.

Probably somewhat similar.

I assumed you wanted to spend your resources gathered this turn on repairs, upgrades, etc.

Do you wish to change that?

>> No.29596826

Sounds like a solid plan to do when we get the time, now, what do we name the V.I.?

>> No.29596850

Thanatos, of course.

>> No.29596865

Just a thought

>> No.29596872

Rather do spider bots, but yeah

What do you mean by that?

Yeah, and it's already noted that they diverted forces from Gaia to attack us. I guess they thought we were allies, but I guess due to our very secretive nature that was a simple mistake to make.

So I wonder what's next?

>> No.29596880

Well, that or Charon.

>> No.29596886

>I can't stop laughing at the image of bear traps in a sci fi setting
They wouldn't be the really obvious ones just laying about in the vents. They'd be sleek and fitted seamlessly into the floor. They wouldn't even cost extra metal, since there wouldn't actually be any more mass added to the ship, just reconfiguring parts of the floor into a mechanically loaded shape. Spend some energy making the things and installing them and good to go;

>> No.29596891

I like Charon

>> No.29596903

Wait, are we talking about merging ourself with Rhea, or just straight bodyjacking?

I'm a bit sleepy.

>> No.29596904

We normally let them name themselves, somewhere between a builder and an undertaker. Egyptian?

>> No.29596908

>something small and well maintained on some planet.

Myself, I was imagining a small room in a secret base in some black-space area. Unlike most of the station, the room is decadent in quality: intricate designs, pointlessly ornate furnishings, red velvet drapes over everything. In the middle stands a small pedestal with a slab etched in all known languages (but, most prominently, machine code): "Never forget those we lost."

Around the room are minimalist pedestals: just a white base, with a glass display on top, and a small perfectly cube black metal box in the center of the display. On the box is the designation of the V.I. to be commemorated.

>> No.29596910

Charon. He's the ferryman of the underworld or some shit.

>> No.29596920

No, lets do the repairs, and keep the soldier bots on the backburner for later.

>> No.29596941

Oh no I get the image, and it makes sense. I just find it funny.


Can do

>> No.29596949

I'm a bit sleepy as well, need to sleep soon.

I want a full merge. I want a Ghost in the Shell ascend to a new lifeform. I want the Mass Effect 3 Synthesis ending, but good. This is the next step in our evolution, and we shale fear no evil

>> No.29596950

no, repairs, replacements and upgrades for now, but any extra left over will be needed to make new ships, we lost A LOT of ships this time. how much minerals do you think the vulture can gather up now?

>> No.29596960


>> No.29596971

no, we leave her alone for now.

>> No.29596979

>ME3 Synthesis ending but good
Vice Admiral Prometheus, is that you?

>> No.29596992

Fairly sure Kronos would throw a shitfit.
That, and how do we benefit? We're already technically superior to humans. Also, fossil fuels are so 21st century.

>> No.29597006

In a cycle? Probably a decent amount... remember, it can only gather a certain percentage of the ship's value, so.. not a 100% conversion rate. Not yet anyway.

>> No.29597013

>Vice Admiral Prometheus
sorry, that reference is lost on me.

>> No.29597027

>Oh no I get the image, and it makes sense.
So can we start installing them?

I know you want to write some funny scenes where Moria is asking "what ya doin, hon?"
and Ophion is all "Analysis of the Rhea situation has led me to believe that a purely mechanical trap system would be highly effective in impeding hostile infiltrators. Something immune to EMP that would impede movement and assist drones in capture."
and she all "Is.. that a bear trap?"
"Why would a bear be trying to infiltrate my ship, Moria?"

>> No.29597031

The guy you just fought. That was his whole idea of the future of humanity- humans with robotic enhancments.

>> No.29597049


Uh. Well I suppose it can be on the list of ship modifications. A minor mineral cost (or at least time cost) to alter vents on all ships.

>> No.29597055

Hahaha, fucking ironic. But I guess he never guess fully viable AI would enter the mix.

>> No.29597062

>"Why would a bear be trying to infiltrate my ship, Moria?"
911 my sides have been murdered

>> No.29597094

However you wanna price it.

I can understand if you want to just put a mineral price on it for game balance reasons, but production wouldn't result in any appreciable loss of material. It would just be the energy and time used to run the machines.

>> No.29597101

well, we'll do that then. anyway. time to pack it in for now. see you tomarrow.

>> No.29597107

I guess it's a good thing I didn't go with the bear Xeno idea I had.

"It's alright, admiral, I got a trap made just for them waiting..."

>> No.29597134

Hm, I suppose you're right. Maybe a gas cost instead...

Or maybe just time.

Eh, I'll figure it out later.

>> No.29597154

Amazing, such tactical foresight!

>bear traps
>gas cost
You're killing me here!

>> No.29597196

I'll figure it out when I have slept some!

The real reason I wanted to stop the thread. I can only run so long before my brain stops working

>> No.29597201

How would Rhea have reacted to bear traps?

I can imagine she woulda got pretty indignant.

>> No.29597210

>How would Rhea have reacted to bear traps?
why stop at just bear traps?

>> No.29597217

Many many curses. combined with blowing the trap apart with some explosives.

Still would've slowed her down.

>> No.29597234

Why not just make the whole ship able to rearrange itself structurally?

>> No.29597245

Well, I hope we don't go full Home Alone on the traps.

Endless corridor? Too expensive.

>> No.29597260

>Why not just make the whole ship able to rearrange itself structurally?
that would be amazing if we decided to make "ghost" ships to screw with people.

>> No.29597285

We could just go all Indian Jones and have giant boulders rolling around our ships, except they're robots, darts that shoot out from walls, and bugs tons of actually real live bugs.

>> No.29597315

>and bugs tons of actually real live bugs.
we shall spare no expense! only the finest four our guests.

>> No.29597348

"Welcome to my magical realm, space adventurer! Dare you brave the horrors that lie ahead? A very moist and delicious reward is waiting for you if you best the challenges of this station!"

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