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Hey /tg/, I see a lot of art threads, but never any about robots. Can we have a robot art thread? Dumping what I have.

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Why are red scarfs so cool?

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I've been thinking about there being a race that is SUPER into technology and robots.
The race themselves are actually pretty docile; most crime is either petty retribution (like writing thousands of bad complaints about their co-workers online) or theft (which is a serious crime)
But I was thinking that they have a police force who are more like technicians, going around and finding defective robots and putting them down/fixing them.

Is that reasonable? I've never been interested in robots and sci-fi type stuff.

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I'd kill for a full body version of this.

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Do androids count?

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demons in post-singularity science fiction are best demons

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I have a few.

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I'm still not sure what this is

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Anyone have any robot looking spies or visual surveillance drones?

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And last.

Is there a place where character art threads are archieved, like sup/tg/?

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It's World of Darkness art, an angel of the God Machine, if I'm not mistaken.

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This: >>29586518
was aimed at >>29586344

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>all that tech
>those shitty jungle boots
immersion ruined

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Even in the future trench foot is a real possibility

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Statement: Indeed, I am most eager to engage in some unadulterated violence.

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Anyone got any more humanoid, or cyborg stuff?

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Thanks man, this stuff is great, and I can't wait to see any more.

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There's a startling lack of rad as hell robot art threads on this board.

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My last one. Will have to start scouring Google again sometime

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I'm a fan of Ashley Woods robots.

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Well, I picked it up in a Demon art thread, so that's probably correct. I've got a few more cyberdemon-y ones, if that's alright.

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Fuck yeah it is. I'll just go change my underwear first.

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Not sure if this one really counts, but I'm posting it anyway due to the electrical discharge

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And this is my last one

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Talk about Bukkake...

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Sure , go for it! I love how lighthearted it sounds.

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>No Atomic Robo

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It could be if the robots hold a sufficiently complex programming or are otherwise sentient or semi-sentient. Most would be no threat at all (a window cleaner sprays an office worker with soap) but some might be horribly dangerous and potentially cause a blood bath (some automated construction crane decides that the beam he is holding is actually half the length and weight it really is, or a security drone's IFF programming mistakes potatoes for hand grenades) Mostly I would imagine the more interesting part of the job would be hunting down robots that flee to the lower city (assuming a city this advanced would have a large subterranean network of maintenance tunnels and infrastructure)

Maybe the robots in question would hold a limited purview, and faults in programming could cause them to become fully self-aware and run off, posing a danger to the well being of others. I would imagine it would play out a lot like the auto-rav mechanics in Ergo Proxy, which, come to think of it, is almost exactly what you proposing.

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The state of military robot technology...

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Christ that is terrifying.

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Isn't that Knight Blazer?

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Didn't google buy that company recently?

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There are actually three tiers to robotics; the race lives in giant floating cities and a lot of what they have is automated by simple AI maintaining the cities floating mechanisms, water, food and things like that.

Then there are those who were created to do jobs that the race doesn't want to do (no one wants to manage the sewers) and do menial tasks; they've got enough programming to do their job and do some other things. Like you could ask one to turn on the light without encountering a error and it going on a murder spree.

And the third level of robot is sort of like... almost human. Very advanced programming and AI that they use to raise their young. (Because who's going to take time off work to raise a kid? Let the droids do it)

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Yup. Googlebots are coming.

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Yes it did. Google has deep pockets and thinks automation is the next big thing.

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Kinda cute honestly

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What is it?
I thought it was a cyber squid

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Does /tg/ know the power of Barbot?

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Reapers are cybersquids.

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Actual cybersquids, or aliens that sort of look like squids?

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But it looks too cute to be called a Reaper

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are there other races that they would need to defend themselves from, or other factions of this race? if so automated military units would be a potential danger if they malfunction, otherwise I would imagine the greatest dangers coming from the infrastructure AIs timing a red light wrong or a nurse droid going postal in a day care center.

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How do you feel about cyberspiders? Because I've got cyberspiders.

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Actually they were modeled after the Cuttlefish.
Almost a squid though.

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Uhm... No I don't think there are.
From what they have explored of their galaxy they have come to understand that they are the only sentient life in the universe.
And before the establishment of the World Government there was an issue of warring cities, but since the rise of The Leader those uprisings are a thing of the past.
Now war is more like.... games.

But there are giant monsters that populate the planet below.... Which is why they moved to the sky.

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Or for something more aerial...

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see, "giant monsters" would fall under the things you are supposed to mention first.

Anyways, what about an underground society of runaway robots that have become self aware and live in constant fear of persecution and summary execution by the organics who simply assume them to be glitches in programming?

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Or there's this

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The monsters are sort of a non-issue; they've sort of gone on a planetary purge. Over the years they've used their tech to wipe out the monstrous species that could fly. Now there are only a few left who have learned that the city defense systems will blast them out of the sky if they get too close.

Only those who live on the ground live in fear of the monsters (and there is a sizable number of them on the ground.)

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I did forget to say though that I like your idea though.
I see it being a cult made up of the more advanced parental units; they're pretty close to real life and they're not regulated by the government.

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This sounds neat, what's the setting for, and could you give some more details?

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What is that? Is like a drone attached to a ship or something? Or... wat?

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It's just stuff I came up with.
I sort of ended up adopting a fanrace a friend of mine created for a homestuck game. So I've been having fun making up things about them?
I've never done a lot of things in sci-fi settings before so its just been something for fun.

I don't really have that much...

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Hey anon, sorry that your date bailed on you. Maybe you can spend the night with me?

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Geez way to kill a thread

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Starship Titanic?

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This looks strangely like that really shitty MegaMan X demo FPS that was being made years ago.

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>rounds in drum backwards
>gun must be pointing backwards

So the robot's French?

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I'm not sure if this is a robot or not; it looks like one so let's just pretend

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It seems like the start of a good setting though. Defiantly worth flushing out.

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Genuinely my favorite fictional "race." Always loved robots that were obviously not human, but still looked like people.

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Text says eldar aspect warrior, and there are eye holes on the head part. Eldar robots don't have eye holes.

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Oh god, oh god, oh god no...
>tfw I've been to the bottom of this particular rabbit hole

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What, is this a particular erotic fanfiction, or somesuch?

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Dammit, why did they cancel City of Heroes? The game was fun and had decent enough plotlines.

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Just this wee subset of robophiles into geth into particular. Literally tripped over a related tumblr, WON'T NEED EYES WHERE I'M GOING

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sauce on that?

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God, no kidding. Most fun I've had in an MMO.

At least someone was kind enough to tear the hero creator out of the coding, so I can play with that whenever I want.

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No fucking clue buddy. Full page attached, good luck finding it. Though maybe Google Search has gotten better at finding shit...?

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>battle angel alita last order
thank you

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Ho ho, that sounds like a romping good time.

I never cared for the geth, aesthetically.

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Sadly, there were several reasons they canceled it. One, GW was doing badly and running in the red when they were pushing to release GW2, so they needed to trim things to funnel money towards their bottomless moneypit. Two, they wanted to release their Korean game Blade and Soul or whatever in the States and didn't want an American production(which was one of the only games they had running in the black continuously) overshadowing things. What makes that second even more fun was that the game they wanted to release STILL HASN'T COME OUT IN THE US.

What made the whole situation more of a kick in the crotch was NCSoft claiming CoH wasn't really making enough to keep going, yet valuing it at such a vastly overinflated worth when people expressed interest simply so that nobody would purchase the franchise(without being allowed the original CODE even) and this be competition. A wonderful "FUCK YOU!" to everyone, wasn't it?

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I can't even have fun with the hero creator since the fun of making new characters is overshadowed by not being able to to play with them in the game.

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Well, guess Google did indeed get better at finding shit. Last time I tried was...oh...nine months ago? Somewhere in there. Oh well.

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Damn, I know about CoH not bringing in enough cash, but I did not know about NCSoft focusing on another game. And them overinflating the worth is just infuriating.

I remember reading about when they released City of Heroes in Korea, and the game was a complete 180 compared to Korean MMORPGs in that character death wasn't that big of an issue and you could level up easily with many different characters. So it was seen as too easy.

Maybe it is me getting older, but any other superhero game just falls short.

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Ya'll hear about the Project Awakened Kickstarter? The promo video they had gave me nothing short of a hypeboner at the concept of an action game with CoH's hero creator and PHYSICS.


But noooo, nobody cared.

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Best musical number in a Fox show or BEST musical number in a Fox show?


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The neck pentagram is a nice touch

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I am weak in the ways of weeaboo. If
is supposed to be a bad thing, then I wouldn't know. I keep that page because it's just too fuckin' good to pass up, ya know?

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God damn those games are awesome, High Moon really knows how to make a good Transformers game, I hope they make a third one where they arrive on Earth.

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no weta workshops? my disappoint

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artists to look up: greg broadmore, aaron beck, and some other dude i'll look him up later

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aah now i remember his name! ben mauro or something. ben mauauaursomething

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I love these

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Everything from here down is sexy as shit.

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I've always had trouble with pictures in Archive Foolz sometimes working, sometimes not.

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thanks~ it's all me except for "i love these" and that /a/ssfriend

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Eh, those have just always looked to... impersonal to me. Too boxy, too military, not enough like people-but-not-human.

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done, got one last thing though.

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I like this pic a lot, that robot has a lot of personality and looks combat ready.

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Love this one for the personality the characters are showing. Also love the chain drives in the legs; a creative way to transfer force without needing to install servos at each joint.

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Last image...

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now i CAN'T because IMAGE LIMIT

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Start a thread.

toilet bot is best anyhow.

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Too late, I got to it. HA


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Wait, this was in Last Order? Weird, I don't remember it.

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Metal Gear?!

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Internal politics. Paragon was an American studio, it was running as a small profit (Profit, as in they were still earning more than they spent!) with a loyal fanbase.
Parent company by that point was Korean, as were their primary studios.
They wanted to focus on their own studios and pretty much burned Paragon down, fired everyone and shuttered the doors and asked an absurd amount for anyone else to buy it lest it compete with their own stuff.

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Hell, that game spoiled me for any other MMO, period.
All those character customization options vs 'choice of 4 to 6 faces and the same looking gear as everyone else'.

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