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You are Shax Bonemurder, a Raid Leader! You just cleared all kindsa undead baddies from a temple, and slew an ancient arcane abomination. As expected of you.

With the ruined temple clear of baddies, you began setting up camp. Here is the current roster: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

It's relatively quiet, and you know the army isn't going to launch the invading force proper for a few months. You don't wanna be considered lazy, but still... You got all this free time and a nice crew. Maybe you ought to take it easy for a little?

The temple ruins are near the edge of the forest. The Manderlin Plains, your objective, lay beyond. Your goal is to raid various villages and farms there. You know there is a quarry within the forest, as well as a witch's hut that gave your scouts the willies.

The ruins have one main building, a large basement underneath, and two small buildings. Your raiding party is holed up in these buildings.

What is the plan, boss?

>Let's take it easy! Work on fortifying the base and send out scouting parties to find interesting stuff.
>Work is work. Let's head out to the Manderlin Plains in force.
>Let's loot! Attack the quarry and get this raid started proper.
>I don't like having the heebee jeebies. Let's check out that witch's hut!

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>I don't like having the heebee jeebies. Let's check out that witch's hut!

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>I don't like having the heebee jeebies. Let's check out that witch's hut!

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>I don't like having the heebee jeebies. Let's check out that witch's hut!
She saw our scouts so she needs looking into.

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Can't imagine that vote being overturned in two minutes. Writing.

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dem heebee jeebies doe

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Is there a link for #4?
I was here for 1, and missed the rest. suptg I only see 2, 3, 5.

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is archived under something weird
try foolz

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I got misarchived


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The scouts were spooked by that hut. Maybe that isn't saying much, but still there was something about it according to them. You figure you gotta get more info from Baxut and Rund. After your morning drills, you head over to the corner they put their hammocks up in. They are creepy and sleep in the room with all the bones. You shake your head. There is just no helping those Devilooze boys.

"Hey, you two!" You shout, causing them to look at you from over the edge of their hammocks. Seeing that it is you, they hope down.

"What is it, boss?"

"Gimme some more info on that witch's hut."

They look at each other for a moment, confused. "We didn't say it was no witch, boss. Just a creepy hut."

Oh. You assumed... Creepy hut. In the woods. It's gotta be a witch, right? You ask them as much.

They shrug. "We didn't want to get closer than we had to, boss. Place was just plain scary." You look around the room. A place creepy enough to spook Devilooze boys? You didn't want to know what it was. At least there was no witch. Probably.

"I figure we oughta do something about it. You two know where it is at, so you're comin' with me."

The twins look a little nervous about it, but agree.

How many people are you taking with you?

>A small force: You decide. Tell the others to work on fortifying the base while you're gone.
>Roll out with the full party. Drop the hammer on whatever is there!

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Small force, devilooze boiz with whoop

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>A small force: You decide. Tell the others to work on fortifying the base while you're gone.

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>A small force: You decide. Tell the others to work on fortifying the base while you're gone.
Take Whoopaldookat and Milda 'cause she's sensible.

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>A small force: You decide. Tell the others to work on fortifying the base while you're gone

We gonna sneak.

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Small force.

Personally, it's because she's sensible that I think she should stay. Need someone to keep the others in line while we're away.

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Small force. Grab a fish cleric and one of the big goblins.

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I'll agree with this. We want someone that can fight pretty well but not a troll. Let's take Truz.

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I'd prefer someone we haven't seen much of so we can find their talent.

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Alright so, small force seems to be the choice, but who?

Whoop is coming, apparently, but who else?


People can have more than one talent.

>Big Goblin (not truz?)

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Nost? He's like kind of a troll kind of. Let's take Nost.

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Let's go with Milda. We might need some diplomacy on this encounter.

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>> No.29564700


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Let's take Mnar and Whoop. Milda can look after the camp while we are gone.

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It's a tie? Alright! You're taking both. Writing.

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Ya, I don't want to give Fouldrinker an excuse to make us roll for blowed-upness of our camp when we get back. Unsupervised sappers and cave trolls seems like a terrible cocktail.

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The twins follow you into base proper. Most people are still laying around in bed, but a few are assembling their own makeshift camps. Whoop and the fish guys have assembled their own sort of prayer circle kind of deal, and are currently hanging out in it being generally weird. "Greetings leader," Whoop says, slowly blinking his huge bulbous eyes, "What brings you to this one in the morning?"

Baxut kicks his feet awkwardly. Rund sorta scratches his head and looks around. They don't know how to get along with fish guys. You don't really either, but you seem to do well, regardless. "I was thinkin' about checking out that scary hut we the boys here found yesterday. I wanted you to come along."

"Of course," Whoop replies. "It would be my honor." He bows to you and goes back to his fish friends, discussing things with them for a moment before following you. Who else should we bring...? Well, you needed more muscle in that temple, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one of the bigger guys to come along. And who would be the best big guy...? Well! The head overminion, of course!

"Hey, Mnar!" You shout out to him as he eats some rations lazily. "You're comin' with me so we can de-spookify a house."

"'Kay." He glares at Baxut and Rund, and they hide behind you with a squeal. Whoop simply bows at him.

Well, that was easy. This should be enough, really, but, still... Maybe one more wouldn't hurt? Someone with a level head, but isn't afraid to speak their mind. Maybe you oughta be worried that that description only fits one person?


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Milda is in the middle of chastising her brothers over something. "-in her grave if she knew you were doin' something stupid like that!" You haven't known them long, but you've heard this rant before. And by Dorle and Mani's vacant expressions, so have they.

"Err, sorry to interrupt?" You say, a little shy.

"Ah! Howdy, Shax. I was just trying to teach these guys a lesson. You know how it is." Do you? No, you're pretty sure you don't. You barely knew your brothers, and most of them were dead. You'd feel guilty but they were probably too stupid to be taught. You're not sure you'd be a good teacher either. You don't even know what the lesson would be. What were you talking about?

"Oh, yeah!" You shout suddenly, "That hut that gave the boys the heebee jeebies," Milda gives you a blank look, "We gotta go make sure nothing crazy is there. You wanna come along?"

"...Sure?" She says, looking a little confused. "Just let me get my stuff ready."

"Alright, let me know when you're good to go. I gotta give instructions to the rest of camp." Milda nods at you, and you wave a short goodbye and head back into camp. You let the boys know what they oughta be doing in the mean time (mostly setting up traps and hiding better), and tell them if they mess stuff up you'll beat them up real good. They seem to take the threat more seriously than you thought they would and get to work.

After a bit Milda greets you and you head out.

>Roll a d20! Best of three. 1 is crit fail. You cannot crit succeed this check.

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Rolled 2


>> No.29565267

Rolled 20


>> No.29565287

Rolled 1

boo no crit succeed, but still crit fails
oh cmon

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So we critfail.

>> No.29565315

We just got the one result for this roll that can induce maximum anger at the dice gods.

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The dice gods have a twisted sense of humor.

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Wow. When I wrote that you can't crit succeed I was wondering if this would happen, but I dismissed the fact that players for my quest could possibly roll over a 10.

I'm gonna say these cancel each other out.

But you still get a 2! At least it isn't crit failing?

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Eh, that's kind of lame. Us getting worked up for nothing I mean.

>> No.29565481

A 2 is still a pretty shitty roll.

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I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't see a need to be especially cruel when you got the lowest possible fail result outside of crit fail as a "consolation" prize.

Still, I apologize for disappointing you.

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Fuck yeah, finally managed to join a OWQ thread.

A note: We need to teach our boyz to be able to sneak on their own and make up for our terrible rolls.

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whatever it is I vote we flee

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You head out into the forest following Baxut and Rund on your mounts. It's a slow pace as you begin trekking through the woods.

After about three hours of idle chit-chat with the crew, Baxut turns to you. "so, uh, Boss?" He looks around a bit. "I don't remember being in this part of the forest before. I think Rund has gotten lost?"

"Me?! I was following you! You were the one who led last time!"

"Nuh uh! I remember taking a nap last time, how could I be leading if I took a nap?" Somewhere, Milda sighs.

Mnar growls and lets out a shout, "Shut up! Both of you!" Thanks Mnar! Wait, shouldn't you be yelling that?

"Alright! You dumb ooze boys gotta shape up!" They glower a bit, "Yeah, I know you got confused but we gotta get back on track." You look around a bit. "Does anything look familiar at all?" You don't wanna get lost on your second day on the job.

The two goblins look around a bit. A bit sheepishly, they confess that the woods are completely unfamiliar. You can at least make it back to camp by following your trail.

>It is a huge waste of time, but double back until the boys can pick up the way to the hut? It might be nightfall before you get there at that rate. Aren't witches more powerful at night? "We didn't say it was a witch, boss." Of course it is.
>No time to waste! Head in a random direction that you know isn't back! We might not find the hut, but some impromptu exploring could find something neat?

>> No.29565716

>It is a huge waste of time, but double back until the boys can pick up the way to the hut? It might be nightfall before you get there at that rate. Aren't witches more powerful at night? "We didn't say it was a witch, boss." Of course it is.

>> No.29565726

Rolled 8

>No time to waste! Head in a random direction that you know isn't back! We might not find the hut, but some impromptu exploring could find something neat?

>> No.29565741

>>No time to waste! Head in a random direction that you know isn't back! We might not find the hut, but some impromptu exploring could find something neat?
Sounds fun!

>> No.29565745

Go left. Last time we went with what we thought was right, we got lost in these woods! Logically, if we keep going left, eventually we will find whatever we want - like the witches hut!

>> No.29565771


>No time to waste! Head in a random direction that you know isn't back! We might not find the hut, but some impromptu exploring could find something neat?

>> No.29565883

waste of time
go back

>wanting to get stuck in middle of the woods at night with a scary witch stalking around

>> No.29565930

Okay. Random direction it is. Writing.

>> No.29566120

Well. You don't want to go to a witch's house at night. "Seriously, why do you keep saying there is a witch there?" But you don't want to waste this expedition and entire day doing nothing. So you turn to the small party.

"Alright, change of plans. Baxut, you stay here. Rund, you go out and see if you can find anything interesting. We're gonna go exploring!"

"What?" "Seriously?" "Why?" You wave your sword at the complaints.

"Do you guys seriously want to go to that spooky place at night?! This is why I headed out so early in the morning!" Mnar, Baxut, and Rund look at each other and seem a little relieved. Milda shrugs. Whoop stares into space like always.

"When you put it like that, boss... Alright." Rund nods and heads out on his spider.

You keep moving along at a slow pace, checking everything out you could for a while before Baxut calls you to a stop and slinks off his spider.

Shortly, he comes back.

"Hey, boss," he says, in a hissing whisper, "There is a small camp up ahead. Three, maybe four people. Couldn't get a good look at 'em. What ya wanna do?"

Rund ain't back yet.

>Wait for Rund, see if he found anything interesting.
>Well, no point in wasting time. Let's ambush these people! They're on the surface so they can't be friends.

>> No.29566190

Rund can fend for himself for a bit

>> No.29566194

>Well, no point in wasting time. Let's ambush these people! They're on the surface so they can't be friends.

Inb4 we ambush one of our own raiding parties.

>> No.29566222

>Wait for Rund, see if he found anything interesting.

>> No.29566254

>"There is a small camp up ahead. Three, maybe four people. Couldn't get a good look at 'em. What ya wanna do?"
Sounds like adventurers.

>> No.29566284

>Wait for Rund, see if he found anything interesting.

>> No.29566335


wait for rund
it is better if everyone is around here

>> No.29566371

>>Wait for Rund, see if he found anything interesting.

>> No.29566374

Break the tie? Best of three.

>> No.29566391

>Wait for Rund, see if he found anything interesting.

>> No.29566394


>> No.29566418


2 outta 3 is auto win. Waiting it is. Writing!

>> No.29566419

Tie? I count 4 - 2 in Wait's favour.

>> No.29566459


The fourth got posted when I posted.

There were three people voting for ambus-

Oh, I misread the third one. SORRY.

>> No.29566713

It's fine

>> No.29566847

You look around a bit. You don't see Rund anywhere. You don't wanna get into anything crazy while he's out. Guy might feel bad that you did some raiding without him. Wait... "Does attacking three people still count as raiding?" Mnar nods. Baxut nods. Milda cocks an eyebrow at you. Whoop stares into space. That is practically unanimous. "Well, I wouldn't wanna leave Rund out of it, then."

You wave everyone back, and after you've seperated yourselves from the party up ahead you signal everyone to wait. "No point in rushing in. We just gotta wait till Rund gets back, and then we'll have more than them even if it was four."

Strength in numbers was practically the only concept goblins understood. Of course you'd want to have more people than them. Still, it is starting to get dark... What was Rund taking so long for?

Suddenly, Rund bursts onto the camp on spiderback, and everyone draws their weapons, "Whoa, it's you guys!" He scared you half to death. "No time to talk, I walked into a camp of a bunch of people just now, and now they're all chasing me!"

>Minion Talent Unocked! RUND - Needs Improvement. I'm afraid if we don't see any progress in six months, we're going to have to terminate our contract. Sorry.

You get everyone mounted up. "Did you get a good look at them, Rund?" You ask, desperately.

He nods, "I was sneaking up real close to them when they caught me. It's a dwarf guy in heavy plate, a elven looking dude with a sword, and a woman who was real short and thin but she had a big sword." He looks at your weapon. "Not as big as yours, though."

Milda looks at you, "Probably a halfling of some kind. Any mounts?"

Rund shakes his head, "Not that I could see."

"Alright, what's the plan, Shax?" Milda asks, more excited than worried, "We could probably outrun them if we wanted to."

>Counter charge! You're on the mounts and they don't know you're here.
>Let's get outta here! Adventurers are dangerous!

>> No.29566920

>Counter charge! You're on the mounts and they don't know you're here.
Remember drow ladies advice, the dwarf might be a cleric so focus on him.

>> No.29566925

does Milda have explosives or is it only her brothers thing? We could blow them up.

Either way, they think they are chasing one goblin, we can ambush them, le them into a trap.

Do NOT counter charge

>> No.29566929

I think we can ambush them. Also any robed people or people in dresses? Remember, we gotta kill the magic guys first.

>> No.29566969


If you want to lay traps/ambush feel free to say so.

Never take my options as the only options.

>> No.29566995

Definitely ambush instead of just a counterattack.

>> No.29567002

Isn't counter charge an ambush? They come chasing Rund sensing an easy route and come face first with a bunch of other dudes.

It would be impressive if we actually planned it. Classic Mongol strategy right there.

>> No.29567060

What's the lay of the land like?

I want to drop an ambush on them, we want the high ground, them to walk into a pile of traps cutting off escape options and separating them from each other, and we charge in from the high ground and slaughter them.

Use Rund to draw them into the trap, they still ought to think he's alone and running so if they catch a glimpse of him running they'll chase him and play right into our hands.

>> No.29567066

so.... dos Milda have explosives add blowing them up seems like a great idea

>> No.29567091

They're chasing Rund RIGHT NOW. Why the fuck do people think they have time for trap-setting?

>> No.29567104

Flank them!

Rund can continue running to act as bait, we attack from the sides, and then Rund doubles back and attacks

>> No.29567120


In your esteemed goblin opinion the land is filled with trees and not rocks and there is a sky overhead so that's new.


She wouldn't personally handle an explosive. She likes living too much.

>> No.29567188

This. We've already (accidently) set up an ambush, just follow through on it.

>> No.29567208

In that case, have everyone but Rund stay behind some trees and bushes, they don't need to be particularly well concealed. As they come at him we jump them from the side and take extra care to beat up on the lankiest of them 'cause that's probably the mage.

>> No.29567240

The dwarf in the armor is probably a cleric. The other two are probably fighters though the Elf might be a rogue.

>> No.29567272

So the consensus seems to be using Rund as a form of bait while some combination of rushing/ambushing the adventures when they get to him.

Alright. Writing.

>> No.29567391

Goblins are practically designed to be bait. It's in their genetic code.

Does the word genetic have something to do with genies? It seems like it does. Goblins are bait because genies decided they should be.

>> No.29567429

You really got in-character for that one.

>> No.29567463


You may be surprised at how easy writing Shax is.

>> No.29567475

Goblin logic is fun

>> No.29567503

You think about it for a moment. They don't know you're here. All they know about is Rund. And they seem to be after him in a hurry. You wonder why? Regardless you get an idea.

"Hey, Rund!"

"What is it boss."

"Stay here, maybe run a little more, but not much. Let 'em catch up to you." He looks horrified. "No, no, don't panic. It's all pretty cunning, see? They chase after you while we secretly surround them, then when they think they've caught up to you... BOOM! We hit 'em from all sides. Got it?"

His eyes widen before he gives a grin. "That is pretty cunnin', boss. Alright."

Baxut is a little upset. "Why you gotta use my brother as bait, boss? He ain't done nothing wrong." Everyone gives Baxut a flat look. "Okay, maybe a little."

You start to shout out your gruff leader voice before you remember where you are. Then you shout whisper, but it comes out sounding more like a squeak than gruff and tough sounding. You're worried you sound a little silly. "Alright, everyone got the plan down, then? Let's head out and get these guys!"

The party scatters, the underbrush rustltling slightly as your respective mounts head off in seperate directions. You hope it doesn't take long as you are already getting real nervous.

>Roll a d20! Best of three. 1 is crit fail. 20 is crit succeed. Let's see if your dastardly plan works!

>> No.29567559

Rolled 1

inb4 nat 20 followed by nat 1

>> No.29567561

Rolled 2


>> No.29567582

Rolled 18


Oh shit.

>> No.29567586

Rolled 2

Being Shax is suffering

>> No.29567599

Rolled 10


>> No.29567601

Rolled 15


>> No.29567613

... you motherfucker.

>> No.29567616


I don't know why I expected anything different.

>> No.29567649

What did Shax do to anger the dice gods so?

>> No.29567670

She's small. She rolls small numbers.

>> No.29567672

I'm starting to wonder if this is your fault. Did you steal from a witch doctor or something?

>> No.29567674


I think 4chan is somehow adding in the stat modifier of an actual goblin's stats somehow.

>> No.29567758

Shax really is not very good at this.

It's almost like the dice are trying to roleplay.

>> No.29568126

You're pretty sure everyone is in place. You ready your sword and tense on the mount for a full speed charge at the first thing you see. Suddenly, the basilisk jerks under you, bucking you forward as you feel a sharp pain down your back. You hear someone curse from behind you as you fall off the lizard. You scramble to get onto your feet and ready your sword just in time to see an elf darting at you, thin blade in hand. He gets another good stab on your arm as you scramble back, letting out a gasp of pain. Ow! This guy is fast!

He tries to follow it up with another lunge, but you bat his sword away, losing your footing a bit in the process. His eyes widen a bit and he gets some distance. "What the...?" He seems to have just noticed your sword. It takes him aback for a moment before he narrows his eyes and dashes at you again. You give the sword a wide, quick swing. The elf rolls back on his heels for a moment, avoiding the arcing blade before dashing in and skewering you through the shoulder.

Your vision flashes red as agony lances into your head. Gah! You're in a tight spot! You'd cry except you don't really wanna die right now. Maybe it was meant to be? You manage to bring your sword down at the elf in a shallow blow. It got him off you, but it probably didn't do much damage to him... You square your feet and look at the guy. He's got long dark hair, light skin, wearing leather armor, and has one sword in hand.

You're hurt bad, and bleeding. You can't count on someone to rescue you. It's time to press your luck!

>Roll a d20. Best of three. 1 is crit fail. 20 is crit succeed.

>> No.29568152

Rolled 3


>> No.29568165

Rolled 15


>> No.29568171

Rolled 13


>> No.29568176

Rolled 15


>> No.29568222

We finally managed to roll over 10 without crit failing. I'm more depressed then happy for realizing that.

>> No.29568228

Oh my god Shax didn't critfail

What is going on

>> No.29568259

We only need to get one good hit to chop this elf in half. Start with a low swing, around knee level for him, try to force him into jumping away, once he's in the air he can't change his trajectory and we can continue the assault and hopefully gut the pansy.

>> No.29568267

Writing. You didn't die. Yet!

>> No.29568499

You grit your teeth. You're sure you're going to die up here. But not now! You've still haven't eaten a single chicken yet!

You ready the sword. He still hasn't seen you go all out... and he's probably pretty confident. To be honest, he should be. You've taken a few rough blows. But, you're just a goblin as far as he is concerned. He doesn't even know you're a raid leader, you bet. You'll show him why you're the boss! You kick off the ground, your shoulder shooting pain through your whole arm as you put your weight behind a savage crossways swing, the tip of the blade catching the ground and sending a spray of clay and dirt through the air in a wild arc. The elves eyes widen noticeably as the earthen wall comes cascading towards him. He raises one arm up, blocking his vision momentarily as the debris rains over his body. He misses you pirouetting on one leg, part swinging your sword and part being drug along with it as you come around in a wobbly circle.

"Shit!" You hear him curse momentarily before you hear a sickening crunch as your sword catches him full in his side. The sword gains an odd sense of weight before you send the elf spinning into the undergrowth. You desperately dip the blade down to careen to a savage stop in the ground. You suck in a desperate gasp of air. You shoulder really really really hurts. You hear groaning from the underbrush ahead. He's still alive? Your arm right arm is practically limp. You glance about before you remember the knife Milda gave you. You draw it quickly and run over to the elf, prepared to finish him off... only to find his eyes glazed over. Must just be death spasms?

You hear the sounds of a few other fights. You don't see Rund.

>Roll a d20!
>Head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568506

How old is Shax? I know she's not an adult but what's the exact number?

>> No.29568541

Rolled 7

A raid leader can't leave her men behind!
>Head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568542

>Head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568549

Rolled 3

>Head towards the noise of a fight!
No man left behind!

>> No.29568557

Rolled 15

Sneakily head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568571

Rolled 8

>Stab the elf again anyway just to make sure


>Head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568572

Rolled 20

Into the fight

>> No.29568577

Rolled 16

>Head towards the noise of a fight!

>> No.29568612


I'm hesitant to put a number on that. Goblins age faster than humans, so they are considered adults at a much younger age. She'd be the equivalent to a nineteen to twenty one year old in human years, I guess is the best way to put it?

Also, writing.

>> No.29568635


Wot don't kill ya only makes ya stronger. Unless it don't.

>> No.29568666

So she's physically an adult but not mentally?

Kind of weird she's considered an adult since she was described as a young girl in the first thread and people seem to act like she's just a kid.

>> No.29568700

Well, she is a goblin.

>> No.29568731


Very young adult.

You could consider her immature for her age.

And it isn't like goblins are exactly a fountain of wisdom.

>> No.29568737

True. It's just kind of hard to tell how much of her naivety is just from being too young and how much is just being a dumb goblin so I wanted an exact age to get a better idea.

>> No.29568738

Mentally I'd say she's a goblin

>> No.29568914

You wanna lay down a bit and take a nap. But that'd be a terrible idea! Who knows what would happen! You gotta help your friends. You're the boss so they're your responsibility, right? You wince a bit and hold your arm. Who knows how much help you'd be? Still, you sneak off in towards the sound of a fight.

You see some flashes of light in the distance. Looks like someone is fighting... with spells? The lady said to always kill spell casters first! You hurry up. You see... Milda fighting the other dwarf. She seems very mad. And also larger for some reason? Like noticeably larger. The dwarf tries to throw a lance of ice at her, but she just bats it aside with her shield before swinging her mace at him. Though it looks like she has the upper hand, she's noticeably getting worn down. However, the dwarf is covered in armor. He can't really notice you sneaking up on him while dealing with Milda.

You manage to get the drop on him, and get him good with the knife. He barks out a cry of pain and spins to face you... only to get brained by Milda. He collapses to the ground. "Thanks, there. He was startin' to wear me down." You check the dwarf. He isn't dead. Maybe it'd be a good idea to keep him as a prisoner? Still you go check on the rest of the party.

...Baxut is dead, Mnar says. He got there just in time to see the halfling finish him off he fought her for a bit before Rund showed up. She ran away when she got out numbered, and Rund is chasing after her.

Mnar is pretty badly hurt. Whoopaldookat showed up in time to stabilize him, but no serious healing was done. The situation is not great!

What's the plan, boss?

>Heal up. It sucks, but Rund is on his own till you can get everyone back on their feet.
>Chase after Rund! Milda and Mnar will guard the prisoner while you and Whoop try to help the lil' guy out.

>> No.29568953

>Heal up. It sucks, but Rund is on his own till you can get everyone back on their feet.

>> No.29568956

Rolled 8

Get healed real quick and give chase.

>> No.29568973

>Chase after Rund! Milda and Mnar will guard the prisoner while you and Whoop try to help the lil' guy out.

>> No.29568990

Why are we taking him prisoner? That's an awful idea.
How about we heal up and have Milda and Mnar go to help.

>> No.29568996

The chase is on!

>> No.29569006

>Chase after Rund! Milda and Mnar will guard the prisoner while you and Whoop try to help the lil' guy out.
End it, then clean up.

>> No.29569031

gotta avenge our raid brother

also, please please pleaaaseee do not take any fucking prisoners. we were warned about this, they clearly said to take no prisoners. Taking prisoners is only inviting more trouble.
kill the dwarf tal quick. Have someone finish off the elf

>> No.29569037

>Chase after Rund! Milda and Mnar will guard the prisoner while you and Whoop try to help the lil' guy out.
We can let that damn midget get word to others. We're screwed if that happened

>> No.29569055

I can't believe I missed 2 sessions of this! damnit I hate having to work...

>> No.29569079

Looks like we're chasing after Rund! Writing.

>> No.29569101

>Chase after Rund! Milda and Mnar will guard the prisoner while you and Whoop try to help the lil' guy out.

>> No.29569214

Chase after Rund. Kill the prisoner, people who would pay for the dwarf probably wouldn't deal fairly with goblins, anyway.

>> No.29569415

You whistle like the animal tamer taught you and wait a bit. It takes a while, but your lizard comes back. That's good. You were worried you'd lose it. Whoopal nods and gets on his lizard as well. You tell Milda to hold onto that dwarf for now. You know you're not supposed to take prisoners, but you wanna interrogate him before you kill him off.

It's pretty weird being all ruthless like this, to be honest, but you don't know what else you're supposed to do.

Anyway! You can't let Rund get himself killed, so you race after him. It doesn't take long to catch up to him and the halfling since they are on foot. Your arm is still down for the count, but you got enough fight in you to still get some stabbing in.

The two are in the middle of a fight, and it looks like Rund is worse for wear. Whoopaldookat tosses a javelin at the halfling, catching her off guard. She swears and tries to scramble away... but Whoop just runs her down. Wow! That's pretty hardcore.

Rund looks a little disappointed he didn't get her himself. With a little reluctance, he gives a half-hearted, "Thanks, boss."

Well. It's time to clean up, you guess. You head back to where you left Milda and Mnar. Milda is washing her hands and the prisoner is dead. "Talked to him a bit. Turns out there were guardin' something. Some sorta shrine. He wouldn't give me the details. Didn't last much longer after that."

Well. That's interesting you guess. Still, you let everyone know that it's time to head back to camp.

The journey there is pretty quiet and uneventful.

>> No.29569486

We should pay a visit to that shrine later then

>> No.29569506

Alright! Thanks for playing. That's all for tonight.

Sorry it got so serious. I prefer lighthearted stuff! Ideally I can play again early next Saturday.

You guys were great, and it was a lot of fun! Though I hope we can get to more wacky adventures instead of serious fights for survival. I don't know how to write those too well! But I guess that comes with the turf of being mean little goblins raiding the surface.

My heart can't take that sort of thing! If you'd rolled under a 12 against that elf... I shudder to think!

>> No.29569581

You know you really could have avoided that kind of thing if you wanted to just by running with it differently but whatever.

Sucks that Baxut died. That could have been played of comically if he was more treated like a statistic over a character but now we have a grieving brother to deal with.

You really can't just go back to lighthearted now.

>> No.29569603

Thanks for running, you're the best!

>> No.29569612

It wasn't that serious, and still fun

>> No.29569617


You may be underestimating how many goblin siblings die per month.

>> No.29569671

I guess that solves that then.

But really, it's all in presentation. I only brought up that because you seemed to not want to get serious but that's how you went about it anyway. Kind of weird.

>> No.29569678

whoa whoa hold on
what about the elf?

>> No.29569713


dude is dead

dead 2: hyper dead

dead 3: the quest for dead

>> No.29569807

really? seemed like he was alive when we left him.

Anyway, would eating them be an impasse? Did we loot them?
Dwarfs armor would really be nice for us? I think the bracelet of capacity would key is wear it with little problem. If not, we could give it to one of the big goblins

>> No.29570512

Ave Nex Alea.

>> No.29574618

Taking a trophy from the elf would seem appropriate.

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