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Post Barbarians?

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Isn't that just a civilized dude?

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not sure if it qualifies, but i like it

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Challenge: find me a gnome or halfling barbarian. Or an elf barbarian that isn't just a deliciously brown island elf.

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kind of fits. red sonja

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That's a nice throwing anus she has there.

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Has any real sword ever worked like that? Looks more like an oversized stabbing knife.

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I know he's a giant but he fits

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>>29536353, qualifying?

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>catchpa: admixtures [something]

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That's an oversized stabbing knife.

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>dem thighs

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Meant to quote


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If people want more monsters, I can post them. I cut out all but the most barbarianish, since a lot of giants and minotaurs and such can qualify but that's not really what this thread is about.

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Sweet, barbarians assemble

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Meh, not exactly what I meant by barbarian (it's still way too much of a classic feral elf), but close enough.

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you're an oversized stabbing knife

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Oakeshott type 22

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Monsters and non-humans are cool, go ahead.

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And maybe type 14 as well

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Your mom is an oversized stabbing knife.

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Eh, works for me. Not sure how I forgot about gladiuses (gladii?). Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem was one of my favorite games.

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Boartits reporting in!

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Is this the barbarian thread...?

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Fur bikini was better

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I sort of agree, but the new model is miles better.

I always use darkrider anyways so meh.

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Shit game (be honest, what the hell were you expecting from an XBone game), but fuck, this guys' design was cool.

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Nah, this is the bar-maid thread, barbarians are two threads over.

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Nah I heard dis be the mutha fucklin barbarian thread!

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baby cakes pls

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>Face so skinny that it ends up being wholly unrelated to the body it's connected to.
Nobody really likes fat chicks.

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no fat shaming !

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I've yet to play a Barbarian that I felt truly captured 'barbarism'.

I don't want rage mechanics. I want to feel totally alien and outdated. Give me AD&D 1.0 rules and errata while others are on 4.0!

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>I don't understand human anatomy
>Therefore fat shaming
S/Pol/S plz go

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Head is too small for the shoulders and is on giraffe-neck. Has nothing to do with fat and everything to do with bad drawing.

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>If I don't personally like it, then nobody could possibly like it, because everyone thinks exactly like I do

How mature.

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jesus christ art is bad sometimes

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That's an orc.

Garrosh Hellscream if I'm not mistaken, the dude eating the dirt is probably the former cow king whose name I've forgotten

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Whatever, unless your minotaurs are also tiny it could easily be a giant. Don't play WoW and it was in with a bunch of giants when I saved it.

Have a lizardman as an apology.

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Tauren are like 7-8 ft tall iirc. Garrosh is just pretty big.and the perspective is kinda weird.

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Dat doge. So fucking fluffy, and yet it looks like it'll be tough and strong.

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I love this guy's sneer.
>>Phillistine humans no deserve fine arts like these.

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I submitted that for character art for my new character not to long ago, and everyone in my group laughed. I didn't understand why though. I think it fits her well. She's a half-giant barbarian that can turn into a bear.

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So why do barbarians hate shirts and pants so much, anyway? Seems like the main requirement for being a barbarian is to never wear anything with sleeves or trouser-legs.

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This is one of the most consistently good dumps I've seen in a while. Thanks. Have a sexy primitive girl.

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i blame the gauls, the gaels, and the picts.... damn barbarian ancestors.

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Lack of restriction and freedom of movement.

Also, generally their tribes don't have the tailoring skills necessary to craft fitting sleeves and trouser-legs.

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Everyone laughed because the "art" is absolutely horrendous. Comically so.

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But real barbarians were notorious for wearing pants...

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Celtic people freaking loved their trousers, though. Unlike the Romans. So by that logic it should be the other way around.

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Thanks. I work on custom Magic: the Gathering cards and I recently made a lot of red cards, with a theme of "if I get hurt, I'm going to get mad and wreck faces."

Naturally, that meant I needed to find barbarians and shaman for the card images - and I haven't even posted the shaman pictures.

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But not shirts.... they liked showing off the goods

And trousers were not the only thing one would wear on their legs, skirts and predecessors to kilts existed.

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It's because it slows them down.
But I like my barbarians in salvaged gear.

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Post shamans. Shamans are awesome.

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is that you Sven?

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shaman pics plz & thankee

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Roman propaganda

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what game?

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I'm pretty sure I've exhausted my barbarians, so starting on shaman now.

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With 'shaman' being 'any sort of magic user that maybe fits a primitive aesthetic.'

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No. Post-Barbarian is the current state of Central Africa.

Civilized people would be First and Second worlders, from the US on down to Nauru.

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Ryse: Son of Rome

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I'll also be posting barbarians I missed out in the first run.

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Dick goes where?

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Unfortunately the modern terrain in the background ruins the image, otherwise it'd be pretty good.

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they laughed because you didn't use Jora as her character art

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Got the full, non-cropped version of that?

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Original image direct from the artist's website

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Damn, so I must choose between tiny picture or cropped picture?

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This is barely related at all but it's the closest thing to a relevant image I have left.

I'll check over the last few scraps of my library but I think I'm empty.

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One last one.

Time to head over to the knight thread and do my part there.

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Cor blimey, mate.

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>I can't think of a decent rebuttal, therefore must reinstate my maturity on 4chan
How concrete.

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here's a bigger, recolored version

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one thing that always bothers me is the long open hair together with the rest of the appereance.
long hair means you have to put a lot of time and effort into grooming. if it isn't knotted it means people do it regularly. even dreads have to be taken excellent care of unless you want mold in your hair.
then the beards. it takes a long time to grow a beard that long, careful grooming and hell if you ever tried to braid beard hair you know it takes forever.

at the same time the popular trope of the 'uncivilized/feral' barbarian always shows them with well groomed and kempt long hair.

in addition to that they wear it open. always. it gets in your eyes if you move around a lot, which is painful and causes your eyes to water, which means you can't see. effectively blinding yourself. your hair might actually kill you if you wear it open in any "combat" scenario. add to that all the edged weapons. why does no dwarf ever lose his beard in combat if the entire front of his body is covered in hair? and that open long hair is the first thing you'd hold on to in any brawl.

So one should think the trope would be that those barbarians and fighter type characters should have short hair, shaved heads, wear their hair bound in tails or knots.
all of which is pretty much backed up by any historical reference you look at.

so why the long hair?

Seriously this is gonna drive me insane. I don't get it.

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>all of which is pretty much backed up by any historical reference you look at.

Not necessarily.

Vikings didn't typically braid anything. The accounts don't describe it as flowing like it is in the trope, but "shoulder length" seems to be the standard. As tacky as it is, you'd be surprised what a mullet can do for getting hair out of your eyes. Given that barbarians tend to parallel redneck shitkickers, it's not surprising how common that was.

The trope that tends to show them as well-groomed has a lot to do with heavy metal. It's less present in fiction before that. It's an aesthetic thing, like 99% of everything else in fantasy.

Also, you don't really need to manage long hair irl if you're a dirty unwashed savage. Good body and sheen to impress the ladies doesn't really matter if you're just going to rape them anyway.

However, it could have something of a comparative effect, considering vikings had a washing culture (saturdays) that was considerably cleaner than that of everyone else.

It's just aesthetics. So much of fantasy is jerking off a medieval cock with a fleshlight made of cool that to obsess over that iota of detail, of all the ridiculous nonsense that is fantasy, doesn't amount to much.

Don't let it bother you.

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Too easy

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>even dreads have to be taken excellent care of unless you want mold in your hair.
I doubt a barbarian would care. As long as it stays on your head and means you don't have to comb it everyday it's fine. It's the monthly retwisting that would get annoying, but I guess they can spend one day a month not raiding and pillaging something to get their wives/husbands/family to do it for them

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Because romans cut their hair. Fuck romans.

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it looks cool? All the reason you'll ever need

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Feral Elves are best Elves

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Stop being barbaric, damn it.

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I couldn't really find a more appropriate thread.. But if I make it extremely clear that my fighter/barbarian/warrior dude REALLY likes a good battle and wants to die honorably in one, he does, and the other party members ressurect him...... Am I an asshole if my dude goes berserk and starts killing things randomly? This dude has been like a Khorne Berzerker in every session we've had.

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sounds like you are playing a dwarf slayer tbh. tell the other party members your character doesn't want to be revived? it's against his beliefs or something?

if they don't respect that the next time you die i think you are justified in going berserk with your char.

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I haven't spoken out of character as of yet, but my character is constantly talking about the "red angel" and dying gloriously on the battlefield, doing what he loves.

>> No.29553837

if they other player characters don't listen to your character they can't really complain at the resulting conflicts.

it's a role playing game after all, play out your character according to his motivations.

sucks if it leads to internal struggle, but it's also kind of a dick move to ignore your character's wishes if he has explicitly stated them. why shouldn't he be angry? especially if it is about something his warrior honor or afterlife or some other spiritual belief.

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So, I heard there was a barbarian thread.

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>> No.29554183 [SPOILER] 

do i continue?

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Go ahead

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Last one.

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You forget that there ain't much to do back in ye olden times. So I can believe that barbarians would have no problem grooming themselves once a month with no problem. If it is part of their culture that shit won't bother them at all

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As someone who watches way more BBW porn than he should, thin faced fat girls are a real thing.

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Halfling barbarian.

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Characters can refuse resurrections. Its even in the rules.

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First off, I don't think he even said which system he was playing. Secondly take second and think about what a roleplaying game is and what it should do for the player or why a player might decide to play it in the first place.

>A role-playing game (RPG and sometimes roleplaying game[1][2]) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting or through a process of structured decision-making or character development.[3] Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.[4]

My point is the rules should provide help in structuring the narrative in such a way as to enable character to perform their actions, not restrict or force players to do or not do certain things.
In practice that means a certain degree of leeway in respect to the rules when it emphasises the roleplaying aspect or is in the interest of the narrative.
That is why you usually have a DM and not just a rulebook.

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Goddamnit. Septum piercings ruin everything.

>> No.29555313

Edit it out?

>> No.29555319

She's eye-level with your balls, raging, and swinging an axe. frankly, if I were you, the aesthetics of facial jewelry would be the last thing on my mind.

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I had elf barb pics once, then my computer died.

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>>post barbarian thread
>>bunch of barbarians
Seriously people, I don't see one fucking post-barbarian in this thread.

>> No.29555509

I'm pretty sure, in D&D at least, that you have to want to come back for resurrection to work.

>> No.29555521

Im not sure why you felt like making that post. No system that I know of forces characters to accept being resurrected by whatever way that is achieved. The second part of my suggestion is also pointing out in case the other players or DM say otherwise. Nothing you posted counters or goes against what I said. So why?

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attribute that to a lack of sleep and hallucinating words that weren't there. I have no idea either.

>> No.29559549

Really? Quite interesting, I will keep this in mind.

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Well, post more then. And no tryhard faggots.

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>You forget that there ain't much to do back in ye olden times

Depends on what culture they're from.

In a sedentary society, there was shitloads to do. Most people were farmers and the only raiding they did was when the crops were already taken care of, as a sort of supplementary income. So you're doing backbreaking, ceaseless labor for 3/4 seasons. That's hardly "nothing to do."

In a nomadic society, then yeah, they'd have a lot of time. They'd have some herds they'd keep together and follow around, and then go raid somebody for some money to afford things that they need that they don't produce, and then go back to wherever they like being the most, which was usually the same area. When nomads aren't cooking, eating, sleeping, or tending herds, they're generally loafing, playing music, that sort of thing. But most barbarians in fiction aren't really nomads, so I dunno.

Fantasy "barbarians" are just there to feel cool. It's not really good to look too closely.

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Just like the woman. Thick but strong girls are my absolute favourite.

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