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Who are they best mounts and why are they lobsters?

>Impenetrable hide
>No slowing down with age
>Constantly growing
>Look fabulous as fuck
>Alert as shit

Find a better mount that Lobsters, I dare you. Pro Tip you can't

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Mantis Shrimps are better, but mostly because they're just upgraded lobsters.

As far as coolness is concerned, some of the best mounts are boars, dinosaurs, scorpions, llamas, giant stag beetles or other giant insects, things with antlers that shouldn't have antlers, and land versions of oceanic or sky beasts such as landbats, landsharks, or hovering skyrays.

But really, nothing beats guar. Guar are hands down the best animal ever, mounted or otherwise.

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Dire Pistol Shrimp

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>not wanting something fuzzy to cuddle with at nigh

Got to go with giant fox man

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Op clearly walks the path of lobster and I support his opinion

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>Implying you can't cuddle with a lobster
Maybe if you were not such a pussy you could.

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>not enjoying the smooth coolness of carapace
Get a load of this faggot

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Nope, too busy being a giant enemy crab.

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While I've always been partial to the noble frog myself, with its amphibious abilities, ranged grapple and ability to clear enemy fortifications in a single bound, I can't dispute that the lobster is a fine choice too.

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May His shell never crack and the water never boil.

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Dammit, I forgot to include frogs. Or Sloths.

Just imagine some psychotic motherfucker riding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSInv6LnZa0 and hunting your ass down.

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You faggots ruined thri-keen for me with your arthropod fetish.
Not sure if I'm mad, or find it hilarious. Possibly both.

That crab judge is part of the weirdness that is Eclipse Phase, and is one of the reasons I love the setting.

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God dammit, why didn't anyone tell me we were having a lobster thread. I've just been sitting over here >>29522774 alone like a loser.

Anyways, Lobster is best mount. May our children's children's children one day know the pride of riding the family Lobster into battle like mighty Shogun Warriors.

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I actually hate both Thri-fags as well as find Thri-Kreen boring as fuck.

In fact, I don't even really got the buglust all that much, though I do find insectoid races in most settings to be some of the more interesting ones, usually because creators are allowed to be more creative with them since they're usually the bad guys anyways...

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So if lobsters constantly grow, wouldn't the mounts by relatively young lobsters, used as outriders for nomadic tribes who live atop the tribe's ancient primordial lobster. Perhaps even worshipping it as an avatar of their god.

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Yes. All hail the Avatar Lobster.

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You forgot kawaii as fuck.

Fucking pleb.

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Yes, the Lobster knights ride the younger lobsters, with the older ones acting as heavy support carrying cannons and the like.

The most ancient of lobsters act as gigantic moving cities, capable of destroying entire countries with their massive claws.

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That's exactly what I suggested here:
Later posts cover the god stuff. Including one anon who came up with the idea of militant priests who fend off giant parasites to gain the favor of the FUCKHEUG lobster god that they built their city on.

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Seriously, where the fuck are all the drawfags?

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It ends up like pic related.

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>Who are they best mounts and why are they lobsters?
Eidolons shaped after some huge chitin armored shit.

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A very good question. Anyone know the summoning ritual for a fa/tg/uy drawfag?

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Plenty of decent people moved away when /tg/ evolved and became flooded with same useless threads like "this is how I", "State me", "character thread", "share thread", webcomics reposting and shit like that.

Currently /tg/ is a place you visit from time to time and it's bad for giving a shit about doing something for the board.

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I'd wave back. He must be friendly and his mount looks pretty sweet, and we can talk some pretty cool stuff.

Being schizophrenic to the point that everyone is your friend is a boon, sometimes. I have a greentext that I haven't posted about that, but there's no random encounters thread up.

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Why is it that, according to some, both boards I joined, the glory days are gone?
I'd like to believe that's just oldfags grumbling, but I worry. I'd like to believe we still get good content, but, 4chan being 4chan, finding the good stuff is like looking for a diamond ring in a landfill. (I metaphor I've used before, and an apt one at that.)

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>Entire society surrounding the lobster, and riding it.
>Weapons evolve to accommodate mounted combat.
>Dothraki meets Samurai style culture.
>Use every part of the lobster once it dies.
>Pole arms with claws on the end like spear tips.
>Curved swords made from the claws.
>Lances created from a leg of the lobster.
>Chitin armor
>Family banners on top of each lobster as well as war paints to represent family and house ties.

This is the face of war in 2594.

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Here is the full image, by the way.

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> the glory days are gone?
Far from it.

It's just that 4chan changes with time. It's in constant flux. You can't simply expect it to be same for too long.

Currently some boards may be considered shit, but for others they are in their golden stage right now.

As for /tg/... Well... Let's just say its main purpose is now to amuse rather than deliver.

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I really want to use these lobster ideas for a campaign now. The PCs are all members of the same nomadic clan, guiding their clan's god-lobster across the endless rocky islands and archipelagos of their homeland, raiding, politicking with other clans, and seeking the blessings of their crustacean gods.

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>riding a giant lobster with a huge banner and warpaint into the battle
This would look pretty radical

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>The most ancient of lobsters act as gigantic moving cities, capable of destroying entire countries with their massive claws.
On a similar note.

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Yes, exactly the kind of shit we're goin' for. Like I said in the previous thread, I intend to borrow this idea for my DnD campaign.

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Suddenly Morrowind.

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Waving your tie does seem like a pretty good idea. It's colorful and gets good attention.

No idea why that lady has an extending safety beatstick. Is she blind?

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You rang? Crabomancy ho!

>> No.29534470

'tis just a wind... Must be just a wind...

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Are we going full lobster here? I would like to see there some good bad guys. U know, clan mutating lobsters to have more claws, so they can control the world. And scorpion tail would be cool i guess. Now what would be a good name?

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> some boards may be considered shit
Brother, you ain't a-kiddin'. I went to /mlp/ for about a month or two. Christ, when it wasn't a perverted fap/fetish thread, it was the same damn bitching and moaning over and over. I haven't been back since last year.

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>The flesh is made into a huge lobster stew, to be parted between all (from a family/clan to whole villages and cities, depending on the lobster's size)
>This is not seen as mere eating or feasting, but a religious, empowering ritual: they are, in a way, consuming the flesh of their gods

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I remember when /x/ would be a place Fox Mulder visits each day.

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Don't forget the sunwhales.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that CRABJUDGE can defeat all the lobster guys. Why? Because "fuck you I have a particle cannon", that's why. There will be ORDER IN THE COURT, and the next one to speak out of turn is going to get vaporized.

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...was. Sorry, sleep deprivation.

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>>Use every part of the lobster once it dies.

maybe the younger lobster-mounts and lobster-sub breeds like lobster hounds.
If one of the city lobsters dies (due to illness or violence sense the premise is lobsters don't die of old age) I imagine it'd be a great tragedy to those who lived there. perhaps they haunt the hollowed out remains, pariahs to the back-born city dwellers whose living homes are still in good health.

Every century or so, when population strain has become to great, they take one of the oldest and largest lobsters (not yet city sized) and elect a leader, some priests and some young folk to take to the back of this lobster and form a small village, so that one day it will grow into its own city.

Houseless knights and other folk will pledge themselves to this new living home until one day it to is a city.

>> No.29534570

We're talking something kinda tribal in here, I'm not sure induced mutation would be a thing.

The key to world domination is keeping your lobsters alive and weel fed, so that they can grow to crush the enemy lobsters (and maybe some small platoons of defensive horshoe crabs)

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Ok, sry. I thought you could spare some change :P

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Taking some clan names from taxonomical terms...
Scorpion Lobster: Hadogenes
(from Hadogenes troglodytes)

Other names might include Xiphosura, Limulidae, Chelicerata, Pycnogonida.
Plus, since these names are all Greek words and what have you, there's no danger of getting sued or anything. (Probably not going to be an issue, but for some reason, I always keep that in mind when I write stories.)

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>a month or two

What the fuck. Were you exiled from the other boards for that period of time or something?

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What a coincidence, you named one of my *other* favorite things from Eclipse Phase. Great minds think for themselves.

Prot tip: Smilies and emoticons are not advised, nor are they welcome on this site. Refrain from them if you wish to avoid scorn.

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You can (perhaps, should) add your ideas, just don't expect them to go uncriticized.


>> No.29534724

It started out okay. Just happened to be a cool thread first time I went there, but eventually they stopped appearing when trolls came and fucked up the one good thing going for it.
Didn't stay long after that.

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That sounds remarkably badass. I can see two daughter houses of a huge lobster constantly warring because one of them got something the other didn't, and while they didn't kill each other's city, they became two battle-hardened badass cities, and when one comes to threaten Papa?

They team up, turning their whole being from harming each other to harming the threat.

>> No.29534775

Wait... wait... I've got it. Lobster. Hamlet. The warring family members instead are rival clans of lobsterback folk. Perhaps this could be applied to other Shakespeare plays? Might take some work, but it might make for a Hell of an adaption.

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Killing a Lobster would be the greatest crime a man can commit since you are basically killing the avatar of a god

>> No.29534782

>In any way relevant in this age of Ballistic Chainsaws.

Pleb, get on my level.

>> No.29534825

Actually causing irreparable damage to a city-lobster is probably entering blasphemy territory, with reactions ranging from the priesthood demanding compensation to keep you in the good graces of the gods through to a full-fledged holy war being called depending on how powerful and influential you are and how much shit you can get away with.

>> No.29534827

Ballistic chainsaws ain't got shit on Giant City-Lobsters, the very avatars of the Gods themselves

>> No.29534831

Feh. I'm gonna stick to my chaingun shark.

>> No.29534847

> :P
a-are you a girl?

>> No.29534849

Everyone thinks that... until thy hit it's weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Oh, and real men, ride goddesses.

>> No.29534859

speaking of horsehoe crabs did you know that they have blue blood and can see UV. they also moult as they grow and i could see their capacies being pretty damn good sheilds.

>> No.29534861

The lobsters are godesses.

>> No.29534868

Which is why they only do skirmishes. No siege weaponry, no crippling attacks, none of that, just straight up 1v1 lobsterfights with people jumping from lobster to lobster in a giant game of 'fuck you this is football, I hope you get FUCKED UP IN THIS FIGHT'

You can tackle the shit out of someone, but you can't yank their helmet, you know?

>> No.29534912

The Palinuridaes and the Homarus. Two warring clans that battle to the death atop their colossal lobsters.

10/10 would watch/read every day forever.

>> No.29534937

You shut your whore mouth when in the presence of the great and powerful Lobster!

>> No.29534939

Yep. Their blood uses copper instead of iron like we're used to think; didn't know about the UV sight, though.

And I don't know if they keep on growing forever, like lobsters, or have a maximum size.

>> No.29534945


In Soviet Brazil, Frogs ride stag beetles!

>> No.29534983

That's big enough for a shield.

>> No.29534984


extrapolating on this, cultural identification and ritual would probably be based on the gender of the lobster.

Male cities tend to have a smaller population, are rarer and the 'lobster baggage train' ususaly only made up of knights, retainers and their mounts. Many of these would be foreign retains gained through alliances with female living cities for breeding rights in exchange for a number of her current offspring.

Female lobsters on the other hand generally have a large following of children, but the males are generally singled out as knight-steeds and some eventually leave to pledge themselves to a new living city.

>> No.29535008

as far as i know they dont grow forever. neither would lobsters irl, if they did continue growing theywould eventually crush themselves under their own weight. but none of this should stop good fantasy.
side note horseshoe crab blood could be made into an antibiotic. it is used for research puropses in the biomedical industry and sells for ~$15 per quart

>> No.29535029


Isn't that from when House Randoran basically cast "raise exoskeleton" on the big fucking crab the house big wigs lived in in ald-ruhn to defend them against the angorian invaders?


Wasn't there a thread about octopi wearing horseshoe crab moultings as body armor a few days ago or did I dream that?

>> No.29535060

Octopi are super cool too. As are squids.

>> No.29535146

Oh that picture cannot end well...

>> No.29535204

Every large lobster has a Cathedral on the top of the lobsterhead. It houses all the priests and only the priests are allowed in the cathedral. The secret is that they have the brain hooked up to a device used to controll the lobster. This is necessary so that the lobster doesn't accidentally drown the population and that the lobster walks to the designated destination.

>> No.29535238

Lobster? That's a great way to name your Spider Op!

>> No.29535257

>"raise exoskeleton"
Just raise undead in general.
>angorian invaders
Actually, it was to fend off daedra from Oblivion Gates during the Oblivion Crisis. It worked, too, and they had even clogged some gates with the sheer number of daedra they murdered.

Then the moon fell on them while a volcano erupted.

The argonians, meanwhile, actually invaded the Oblivion Gates and started to colonize hell. Hist, not even once.

>> No.29535271

B-but...what about the gods? Is it not the avatar of fate itself? Do we not prosper because we worship them?

>> No.29535295

No one must know anon....

I think there was a doctor who episode kinda like that

>> No.29535297

I am now imagining alchemists crafting potions out of horseshoe crab blood.

>> No.29535320

Agreed. But, one problem, there is no way you'd survive long enough against a Mantis Shrimp that's large enough to use as a mount.

They're technicolor death incarnate.

>> No.29535327


Two sets of two words.

>Mantis Shrimp
>Water Bears

Google them.

>> No.29535339

The Beast Below, 2nd episode of Matt Smith's Doctor. Except, of course, in the episode it is a huge space whale that's carrying the UK (minus Scotland because they are separatist like that) through space on its back.

>> No.29535356

the space whale thing?

>> No.29535358

Little late to the party.


beat you to it.

>> No.29535388

>But, one problem, there is no way you'd survive long enough against a Mantis Shrimp that's large enough to use as a mount.
Which is why you get it on your side. Talk to the Sea Druids or something.

Speaking of, if I were a sea druid, I would probably just wild shape into a mantis shrimp and get high off all those fucking colors.

>> No.29535429

Good point.

Imagine a Sea Druid wild shaped into a giant Mantis Shrimp with a dire Mantis Shrimp companion.

>check fucking mate

>> No.29535448

>please kill me it hurts to live

>> No.29535520

City Lobsters wouldn't be able to breed any more without destroying the city, seeing as how lobsters actually roll each other over and have penetrative missionary sex.

>> No.29535537

stat me

>> No.29535569

Str: Technicolor Death
Dex: Technicolor Death
Con: Technicolor Death
Int: Technicolor Death
Wis: Technicolor Death
Cha: Double Technicolor Death

>> No.29535570

>Giant stag beetles
>Things with antlers that shouldn't have antlers
>Land versions of oceanic or sky beasts

god-tier taste/10

>> No.29536014

This setting really does require drawfags. Images of everything from bloody lobster to lobster skirmishes through to peaceful scenes of people fishing sat on the edge of their city-lobster in the coastal waters.

>> No.29536308

The Mobile Suppression Palace!

>> No.29536361

okay, so a race of Frogmen riding on giant bugs
Vs Vikings Riding on giant Ice age beasts
Vs Samurai riding Diresaurs

who wins?

>> No.29536448

the player's/veiwers?

>> No.29536474

>big sauropods charging Dire Mammoths as they get hit by swarming ants

>> No.29536497


Well, this thread inspired me to start drawing this, but I am afraid that it won't be completed in many hours, as it is almost 1 am here where I live, and I ought to sleep.

Keep in mind that this is just the initial concept, and noway near the finished drawing.

>> No.29536517

do giant bugs include crustaceans ect.?

>> No.29536681


You know, I think the people making this show might have gotten quite a lot more leeway than normal with the whole censors thing.

>> No.29536919

Great job drawfriend.

>> No.29536959


>> No.29538741

Frogmen, ofc.

>> No.29538772

What about combining yourself with a lobster?

>> No.29538791

Simic, please

>> No.29538814

lobster people lobster peole
look like lobster
taaaaaaste like people

>> No.29538873

So would a setting with many different giant animal riding cultures work, or would it be gimmicky.

Just wondering if a setting combining this talk of riding lobsters, sloths, insects etc. would be a possibility.

>> No.29538898

>> No.29539673

Too much would look bad in my opinion. Maybe 3 odd mounts would be best.

>> No.29539923

How did they pierce that crabs claws? just asking...

>> No.29539964

Orks will loot anything.

>> No.29540176

Do they do this on land or in water?
land crushes stuff but water we can work with

All buildings are made waterproof
Male city hosts a giant party where everyone from the female city comes over and parties as their cities get it on.
offspring are divided between the two cities.

>> No.29542262

You'd want to work the giants into some sort of cohesive ecosystem. So maybe you have giant lobsters in the coastal waters, big lizards in the plains and deserts, and some sort of giant mammal (super elephant?) and/or insect in other places, giant mantas/whales in the deep ocean, etc. Give them a lifecycle, interactions with each other. Ecologies, not just the human ones, built around these behemoths.

Remember to include middleweights. The Emperor Lobster might be the king of the coast, but it will have competitors, that might be a third to a half its size. Greater White Sharks, giant octopi, etc, who are prey for the Emperor Lobster, and in turn prey upon young or infirm Emp Lobsters. In this system those ancient supersharks and Tyrannosaurs are lightweights, who have to band together to survive.

Boom. Megafauna ecosystem, just add humans - and depending on how you want to run it, monster-slaying heroes (or not).

>> No.29544246

I think I know who you are, but I won't be sure until the lineart is finalized.

It's been too long since you've last built a new setting, /tg/.

>> No.29544489

I remember a setting where there was a race of merchant lobster people.

>> No.29544825

probably just after it shed it's exoskeleton and before that new exoskeleton had hardened.

>> No.29547419

Is standard casting attire bikinis?

Not trying to fetishize here, but seriously, starfish bikinis and such because water is hard to move in.

>> No.29548600 [SPOILER] 

>Not trying to fetishize

But Onii-Chan, don't you think I'm kawaii?

>> No.29548734

>Is standard casting attire bikinis?
Only if they're Shantae style starfish bikinis.

>> No.29549034

Whelp. This is a pretty good mount. Less swagtastic, but you don't have to worry about it eating halflings and sprogs when you are grabbing it some feed.

>> No.29553604


>> No.29553790

Slippery squid assassins, anyone?
Crusty crab warriors
Awesome-ass Anglerfish mages
Ludicrous Lobster Lancers
I. Love. This. Setting.

>> No.29553831


Is that starfish... groping her?

>> No.29553865

....wearing something that eats by extruding its stomach on your body is a good way to suffer some really horrible injuries.

>> No.29553909

you forgot The Great Shrimp Express and Jellyfish merchants

Deeppunk must definitely become a thing.

>> No.29556071


Progress has been quite slow, due to real life stuff, having to get used to my new tablet, and studying lobster anatomy so that I can draw the thing at least semi accurately.
There was also some trouble with how to design the armor.

This is still heavily work in progress, but getting input on it at this stage will help me modify and improve it easier, than it would be if it was ready.

>> No.29556256

Absolutely awesome so far! Keep up the good work!

>> No.29556971

I love it. So glad to return from work and see this thread still up.

>> No.29558093

That would explain the smug look on his face.
Its Shawntey, shes fiiiiine.

>> No.29558115

Then you went and killed it by giving it a fucktarded -punk name.

>> No.29558604

I'd really like to fuse this with the tropical setting /tg/ was creating the other day.

Sharkogre vs the Dire Shrimp anyone?

>> No.29558900

Didn't most of /tg/ drop those because they were fucking dumb and pretty much just orcs again?

In fact, I think only one person was even pushing for them.

>> No.29559284

I actually created a race similar to the shark ogres in form and size. I gave them a very heavily Polynesian-inspired aesthetic. They are also known for being a very cosmopolitan race, including foreign species like stork-people, plant/dryad folk, and a race of hippy robots.

It was a project me and a few other dudes worked on for about a year and half. We eventually got a sort of creative fatigue about it, but I'd be happy to elaborate, maybe some of the concepts could find a new home in either the tropical setting or this lobster-city setting.

>> No.29559304

If you're having trouble with the armor, draw inspiration from mounted samurai warriors, as their armor is similar to that of a lobster. They were also proficient in mounted combat, which is what we're going for.

Keep it up anon, it looks great.

>> No.29560460

What sort of world do these lobster riding people inhabit?
Lush and fertile, filled with forests, plains and so on, or a harsh and barren world?

>> No.29560673


>> No.29561661 [DELETED] 


Primary lineart ready.
Additional tweaks, details and colors might be added tomorrow, after I have slept.

Feel free to criticize and offer input.

>> No.29561715


Primary lineart ready.
Additional tweaks, details and colors might be added tomorrow, after I have slept.

Feel free to criticize and offer input.

>> No.29561747


Perhaps the banner should actually be attached to the lobster rather than in the hand of the rider. That way, even if the rider is killed, the owner of the mount is known.

>> No.29561774


Good point.
Though, I could perhaps ad some sort of paint markings that have same symbols as the banner to the lobster's carapace.
You can after all, strip down a banner attacked to the lobster too.

>> No.29561818


Fair turnabout. I trust your artistic vision, I just think that marking the lobster itself is a grand idea.

>> No.29562013

Gorgeous. Brings a tear to me eye

>> No.29562092

the biggest thing about how useful they'd be is that they'd superheat the air around where they punched, making mini-nukes wherever they went.

What the hell kind of CR do you even put on that thing?

>> No.29562279

CR: Technicolor Death

>> No.29562551

Do the priests even know the details and interpret it that way?

I mean, in order to worship the god one must open their head at the appointed mark of the cross, sink the altar into their very tissues and make it one with their body. Then there are specific libations poured across the altar in different circumstances. If the right libations are not correctly offered at the right times the god may become angry and drown the city!

Also, somebody should start a thread for this, since we're hijacking this one from the 'best mount' guys

>> No.29562597

>Let's just say its main purpose is now to amuse rather than deliver.

come on man, I did the time wizards storytime a couple months ago. people are delivering quality content, it's just hard... because most times, it isn't quality--but at least it's content.

if anything, the fall and winter months should be /tg/'s shining point. lots of time for inside hobbies and activities. just gotta be patient, bro

>> No.29562751

Well that thread has gone 404, so unless they started a new one, I don't think we're in danger of stealing their thunder.

On a similar note, what should we call this concept? Lobsterbacks (after the name the colonists called the British soldiers) perhaps?

>> No.29563142

No, I mean we're stealing _this_ thread which isn't actually meant to be about Glorious Lobsters!

>> No.29563758

But what about lobsters with wings?

They're arthropods right, so maybe take it from beetles?

>> No.29564247


Lobsters with wings are a heretical notion, and any true priests or knights of the Endless Walkers, the Antediluvian Gods would smite you for even suggesting it.

Did not the Walkers carry the faithful upon their backs during the Time of Salt? Did they not give their very blood that we might survive the rise of the seas and drink the sweet waters of their flesh? Even now, is it not their endless Walking which outpaces the Great Tide that will consume us utterly if we lack faith?

Wings indeed!

>> No.29564556

Do go on, humble anon.

>> No.29566183

Was just saying that they'd carry the faithful even better if they were able to fly, swim, and march across the land.

>> No.29569342

Great work man.

>> No.29569945

Here's the setting.

A few people after coming up with the idea on 4chan, bought lobsters to pass down in their families. In 2360 the world started to flood, and only the family's with great ancestral lobsters could survive. This is known as the age of the seas. The lobsters protected their cities by carrying them on their backs. They acted like giant floating cities. In the year 2400 the water began to recede. This will be known as the time of the great salt. The lobsters returned to the dry land which was now solid salt and sand. Not having any where to grow crops (the only reason they returned to land in the first place) they begin to travel inland, looking for fertile land. As they traveled during the age know as the great voyage, year 2430, they meet other tribes of humans who discovered other ways to survive. All the while the men of the lobster face several challenges, like dwindling resources, raids by hostile tribes, and over population. A small religious sect begins causing trouble. They believe that the current prophets were wrong to leave the ocean. That they have doomed us all and the end will come in the God forsaken salt desert. They are known as the Oceanics. As of now, they are a minority, and are only mentioned in whispers. It isn't exactly excepted to blatantly disagree with the prophets. This could all change though.

>> No.29571861

Assuming they descend from aquatic lobsters, how do they breathe air? Lobsters do not possess the book lungs that similar creatures have, requiring water.

Also, apparently lobsters excrete urine forwards. Built-in ammonia cannons?

>> No.29571892

Large water respirators. As long as we keep it moist, it'll be fine.

>> No.29571997

Good thinking. I'm not going to get into technical details, because overthinking will kill the ideas.

>> No.29574559


>> No.29574689

Dire motherfucking Tortoise

>> No.29575239

I want to try a mounted archery build with a Dire Tortoise mount one day. Would be pretty cool, being all safe and secure on top of your Huge tortoise raining arrows down on folks.

>> No.29578559


>> No.29578635

Best mounts are Phase Spiders.
Prove me wrong, pro tip.

>> No.29578684

>Doesn't even have [email protected]

Come one anon, step it up. Get a lobster like the rest of us.

>> No.29578708

If it aint a guar, I just don't cuar.

>> No.29579095

Thanks /tg/. I wasn't sure what to do for our campaign tomorrow, and now I know. What better encounter for our one piece/gurren lagan/spelljammer/master and commander game than to run into a nomadic space civilization on the back of a collossal mantis shrimp!?

Why, their special chiten crafted swords and armor could be the perfect counter to the laser cutlesses everyone is so fond of (one might call them light...sabers?). I'm thinking they could be highly resistant to energy, so while they aren't nearly the damage dealing potential, but the extremely hard to duel with.

Oooh, think are going to get good. Thanks for delivering TG.

>> No.29579392

We do our best, anon. Glad we could help, we fa/tg/uys have gotta stick together, you know?

>> No.29581242

/tg/ got your back son.

>> No.29581800

The lobster is now mostly finished.
Any ideas for the color of the warrior's armor and the banner?

>> No.29581908

Holy shit that's beautiful. Do something vibrant. Keep it from getting too muddy on top of the lobster. You should also carry the sigil you put on the banner onto the lobsters shell. Sort of painted on.

>> No.29582291

Jesus Christ how wonderful.

>> No.29583926


And done.

I based the color of the rider's armor on blue lobsters. I figured that coloring it red would raise unfortunate implications, as these people apparently worship the lobsters, so I doubt that they would think highly of boiling them.
Also, boiled armor would probably be weaker anyways.

>> No.29583978

The red lettering was a nice touch, as well as the gold pictogram.

Now if only I could convince my GM to involve this.

>> No.29583997

>find thri-kreen boring as fuck
>I do find insectoid races in most settings to be some of the more interesting ones

So what makes thri-kreen boring? They're actually pretty damn weird, canonically.

>> No.29584236


>> No.29584259

Rolled 14

Anon, I hope the hottest girl you know opens the door on your room RIGHT NOW and sucks your cock.
You deserve it.

>> No.29584272

I disagree. I go to /b/ to be amused. I come to /tg/ to be amused some but mostly because I love what /tg/ does. I love the crazy ideas. I love helping other DM's out. And you guys have helped me out quite a bit. Even this thread, my next character is going to have a lobster mount, and the next place my PCs are going is onto an island that is actually a giant lobster or crab, possibly even a turtle. I even love how terribly we do paladins and how terrible we are at magic.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.29584310

This is my wallpaper now, screw whoever thinks I'm weird for having a Lobster Knight protecting my desktop, they'll be the first ones to fall when the Age of the Seas comes/

>> No.29584522

10 out of fucking 10 anon. My first born child will take your name.

>> No.29584553

May our children's children see the great salt anon.

>> No.29584596


Damn, now I kind of want to draw an actual background for that picture, but it would take quite while to complete.
Might try to cook something up tomorrow.

In any case, I am glad that you guys like the picture. Drawing it was quite fun for me too.

>> No.29584637

I like your style. Or at least the fact that you're willing to draw weird/interesting things. Got some sort of art site profile to look at?

>> No.29584728


Unfortunately I do not.
I have only really posted my stuff on /tg/ and /v/, though I might have to make some sort of account somewhere, if only to just have a gallery of extra copies of my drawings so that I won't loose them all if something happens to my computers.

The last drawing I did before this lobster one was for those fusion threads that were running on /v/ and /co/, pictured here.

>> No.29584789

I'm guessing this is your's then.

>> No.29584799

Last I knew, the didnt.

You hear that, Nad? Get somewhere to post your drawings!

>> No.29584813


Is that an Elemental in the bottom right?

>> No.29584863


>> No.29584872



>> No.29584893


Yeah, it is.
I did the armor one, that one, the one here (my personal favorite), and one involving protoss, eldar and an etheral.

The time might be right to make one, though I don't really know any good sites, outside of deviant art.

Someone on /v/ suggested that fusion, and I really liked the idea, so I drew it.

>> No.29584950

DA is... surprisingly good. At first glance you only notice the shitty userbase, but if you know how to look you can find fantastic amounts of good artists there. And function-wise the site is actually pretty damn solid.

>> No.29584964

Wait, what?

>> No.29584984

Do you think this is a fucking game?


>> No.29585027


Yeah, I am aware of that. It is just that you kind of have to dig trough piles of crap in order to find any good stuff.
Some of my favorite artists have DA accounts though, like this guy:

>> No.29585089

Rolled 4

dA is more "professional" and has a built-in donation button, but tumblr reaches a larger userbase. If you use tumblr remember to use the right tags, so people interested in the sort of things that you draw can find them.

>> No.29585092

Love that guys aliens.
Have you tried the "more like this"-function? Applied on the right picture, it can produce a fucken goldmine of good art with minimum crap to filter through. Not always reliable, but worth trying.

>> No.29585206


I have never really been that much to Tumbrl, and from my brief ventures there, I have grown to somewhat dislike the weird layout of that site.

Thanks for the tip. I had never noticed that button before.

>> No.29585259


>> No.29585470

>superheat the air
No. Fuck you. On land, all they can do is punch really fast. The whole superheating thing is because of the cavitation bubble collapsing, no ocean, no cavitation bubble, mantis shrimp a shit.

>> No.29585677

What about the Flyers of the North? Their wings allowed them to raise their people above the volcanic ash during the Trial of Fire, and clear the ashen dust when the Age of Cinder began. Would it not be to our advantage for our lobsters to have wings? What if the undersea mountain awakens once more, and the waters boil and the steam outpaces us? Are we to withstand the shrieking of our ancient friends simply because we were too blind to see the necessity of wings? I remember watching Great Nephrops scream as the white mist engulfed him. I remember the cracking of his protective shell, nearly exposing those of us who used his mighty form for shelter. I will not relive such pain.

>> No.29585834

These are all pretty damn awesome.

>> No.29585959


Thank you.
I might as well post the first fusion I drew, though I think that it is not really that good.

>> No.29586241


One thing I have been thinking.
How much does the Sea itself have part in this setting? If I understood correctly, these lobster riders, and cities built on giant lobsters, are located on dry land.
Is sea, and sea life in general, just a motif for all this stuff, or does some of the action actually take place in the seas?

>> No.29586483

>Is sea, and sea life in general, just a motif for all this stuff, or does some of the action actually take place in the seas?


On second thought, let's not go there.

>> No.29586946


Why would anyone be against including Lobster knights to a game?

>> No.29587025

But, no four armed people thanks to ethereal

>> No.29587188

I'd say coastal, or at least inland but relatively near the sea.

>> No.29587262

Not against them, just tricky to put them into the nature realm that only got populated with humanoids in the past decade or two. We're trying to close that realm off from ours, and put the things from the universes that crossed over back where they came from, or put them down in the case of a certain cult.

>> No.29587283

Was for >>29586946

>> No.29589250


Are lobsters capable of swimming?
I was wondering if they could be used as steeds on both water and land.

>> No.29589557

Lobster jet-skis? I'LL HAVE TWO DOZENS

>> No.29589750

Yes actually. And they are ridiculously fast both forward and in reverse.

>> No.29589818


I am now imagining a band of lobster knights emerging from the waves and storming a port town, as their mighty steeds push themselves out of the water, climbing atop of the piers and crushing the defenders with their massive claws.

Lobster riding raiders.

>> No.29590013

>Giant pistol shrimp

>> No.29590047

this is how I centaur

>> No.29591654

got your best mounts right here.

>> No.29591869

fucking fantastic, anon. so stealing this for the mounts of my arthropod-people in my setting.

Now we need to go deeper!

>> No.29595835

Jesus Christ that thing looks terrifying.

>> No.29595964

>Going to /mlp/ for any amount of time

Jesus christ, do you hate yourself or something? I'd think a bullet to the brain would be more tolerable than visiting that hell hole.

>> No.29596842

What. Best mounts are panzer IVs.

>> No.29598617

Castle snails best mount

>> No.29599320

Since (if we're getting slightly more science-y here) all these megafauna are around, that implies a highly oxygenated atmosphere, more so than current. Maybe humans themselves could be larger, though really that'd have little effect since everything's scaled up anyway.

>> No.29600314



>> No.29601196

If we can upscale Lobsters, could we upscale Krogan to use as mounts?

I feel that it may end poorly in the mount arms race.

>> No.29604476


>> No.29604956

Are those winged rancor?

>> No.29605092

you betcha. 20 tons of fuck-you-on-wings.
incidentally i saved that image because i enjoy the two main flavours of dragons (ancient sentient beings that are incredibly powerful, and flying beasts that are a major nuisance) and having giant ugly dragons flying around seemed like a good theme for a nuisance race.

>> No.29608397


Krogan, as in the Krogans from Mass Effect?

>> No.29608591

>could we upscale Krogan to use as mounts?
Those already exist, sort of.

>> No.29608831

If gears of war did one thing right it was the locust. To be fair, all the troops started to blend together as the games progressed, minus a few exceptions, but I enjoy the stock model they originally came up with.

I like to pretend the lead art director plays 40k. Shame the game took itself so seriously in the bad kind of way.

>> No.29609389

>Shame the game took itself so seriously in the bad kind of way.
Yeah, Cliffy became a huge cunt about being seen as an artist instead of just a game developer or something and killed Gears in the process.

That said, Gears had beautifully designed locust - and COG, for that matter. I loved those fucking power ranger suits - for the first game and not too shabby for the second. It really fell apart on 3, though. My personal favorite thing about the Locust was those weird spider-eye masks everyone had and the general biotech vibe they had going on.

>> No.29609789

>Yeah, Cliffy became a huge cunt about being seen as an artist instead of just a game developer
The story wasn't even good in the artistic sort of way. Which is disappointing dive it had such potential. The other main problem was the shit third person controls. I give it that the environment stuff was kinda new, but it was meh in the first game and they did no improving.

Regardless I love the eyeless mask look, so the theron guard are rad. Wait a minute, what thread is this? Oh yeah lobsters. Sorry for derailing, polite sageing.

>> No.29612819

>not riding a giant monkey through the canopy of a jungle

>> No.29612983

I prefer giant sloths

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