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What is your opinion about Fantasy Flight?

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They tend do some good stuff.
Other than that WFRP board game.

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They've released some of my favourite board games. The LOTR LCG is one of my favourite games of all time.

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No complaints, here

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Pretty good. They've managed to not really fuck up anything too big, and the games they put out are reasonably high quality. Product support is good, and they've sneaked in a couple of /tg/ references in their products, so I imagine they look here from time to time, which means that at least some of all of them care about tabletop gaming.

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Their co-op games and solitaire games are awesome. Sometimes more fun to play a 'non-competitive' game with your friends.

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They plainly care about RPGs and have their heads together, which is good. I admittedly haven't seen their recent stuff, so maybe this is fixed, but my biggest complaint is the way they do layout and the apparent lack of editing. Dark Heresy is/was a mess in that regard.

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They make so many god damn good board and card games

It breaks my heart that the only good FLGS store around here boycotts them. No netrunner/x-wing leagues for me, I guess I'll just consign myself to nothing but MtG

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Why would they do that?

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>they care!
>they're great!
they only care for 40k, don't delude yourself.

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From what I hear there was another company that was putting out Star Wars minis that were really similar to the X-Wing game that he sunk a lot of money into (looking aound the store I believe it, the place is FILLED with Star Wars merch), right before they suddenly cut support and made the new one

So the owner is vindictive

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>Arkham Horror

Billions upon billions of tokens.

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Epic game, but have to agree. I also don't have a big enough table to cope with any expansions...

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I used to really like them, but recently they have been doing stuff that has kinda annoyed me. Most notably the stupid high price of their EotE dice and charging $5 for the EotE die rolling app that someone likely whipped up in an afternoon.

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Have you tried Eldritch Horror?

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That's not true, they put out a lot of other games. Of course their big on-rent IPs are the ones that are most visible, but they have put out original games too.

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LCGs are pretty much the only thing that can save diversity in the card game format that is so dominated by MtG

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I like them. I live the shit out of Netrunner and AH.

Is the original Android game any good? It looks a bit like Arkham Horror, and I enjoy the flavor of Netrunner quite a bit.

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They make two of my favorite board games, Twilight Imperium and Descent (I prefer 1e).

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Has anyone here played Descent: Journeys Into Darkness? And would anyone recommend it?

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I don't like the books they've been bringing out for the last year or two. It's all fluff and no substance which makes preparing for games more time consuming.

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Competent games company with unfortunate lack of experience/confidence and concept of how to produce working RPGs.
Every one of their RPGs has very obvious flaws that could easily be fixed by some thought put into it.

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It's great but avoid the shadow dragon if possible

I'm not saying it's OP, but I've played the game with three different groups and every time the game has gone swimmingly until the overlord drops the shadow dragon and the game grinds to a halt while the frustrated heroes try and get their lucky roll against it. Has ended the night every time I've played

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I like their Game of Thrones boardgame, and I like Arkham Horror (and now Eldritch Horror). They're a solid company on that front.

I love the loving shit out of their LCG model. I really...REALLY like that I don't have to buy boosters or pay out the ass to make a fun deck. Paying $15 for every card in an expansion is great.

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I love android, x-wing and their various RPGs.

only real complain is whoever does the layout for their rpg books needs to be smack upside the head.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm thinking I'm going to buy it next month, but undecided between that and Mage Knight at the mo.

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8 page errata.

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I think they did a decent job converting fluff to rules.
Their unique fluff though as been pretty hit and miss though with the Achilus Crusade being the pinnacle of their sense of scale being totally out of sync with GW's even if it is more realistic.

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I'm working on an illustration for the next LotR LCG expansion (Flight from Moria Nightmare Deck). I'd like to include a small /tg/ reference - what should I include?

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I think they're a good company with no editors whatsoever.

Seriously, dem typos.

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A joke about Dragons vs Wyverns or maybe a Dorf Fort reference since it is about Moria the quintessential Dwarf Fortress.

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It's good fun with friends.

You need to put in a simple AoO\Flank houserules if you want the combat to be more interesting for both the overlord and the heroes, tho.

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I really want to get Cosmic Encounter, but I have a few other games on my "must store away on top of my cupboard and play once in a blue moon" list

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I enjoy X-wing and hate anything Warhams so...
Incredibly 'eh, not wasting my money on you'

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With the exception of WFRPG 3rd edition (terrible compared to 2nd Ed) the group likes most of their games, the 40k line and Starwars stuff. Also played a couple of their board games which are ok too.

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I went full autist trying to cope with that one

Enjoyed every second organizing it so it became nice and tidy. Now, to actually organize some games with it...

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For a company that loves to make games with tons of fiddly bits, they sure do love providing no good way to store them in the boxes with materials provided.

For all my FF games I've had to break out ziplock bags and invert or remove the standardized divider that comes in the box to fit everything.

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Same here. Some rubber bands are nice, too

Or alternatively, >>29535423

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They sure are a company that makes games.

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They gave WFRP a modern, creative ruleset at last, so thanks for that. And I like the game of thrones LCG. Their board games are pretty crappy though.

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X-wing is pretty cool.

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I bought a 100 pack of rubber bands off eBay just so I'd have something to keep all my various card games together.

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FFG are generally high quality with a good track record for good games. But they clearly have some kind of Playing Card fetish and I wish they would stop taking us along for the ride.
That aside, I generally really like their stuff.

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>and they've sneaked in a couple of /tg/ references in their products,


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Livii and Taldeer in artwork and quotes. The phrase "Sup /tg/" hidden in random computer codespeak at the start of a report. Direct references to Brother Grendel.

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pic related, 1/3

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"If the enemy is within the firing arc of this Basilisk, it is your sacred duty to charge it. Why do you think the Emperor sees fit to issue you baynoets? Now affix steel and RAM!"

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all that's all the ones I know of

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I like it.

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They make some pretty good games and the components are generally just as good, but they're hit or miss as far as rule writing goes. However, they don't support their translated games.

FFG, I would like to know in advance if you're going to translate a game and not bother with its expansions.

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>The phrase "Sup /tg/" hidden in random computer codespeak at the start of a report

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I really, really like them.
Sure some (most) of their stuff as some pretty bad formatting and quality control, but I really enjoy the RPGs and Board Games they've brought out.

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I stay away from their games because you can be sure that the a month from release, there will be so much errata and FAQ rulings to properly play any of their games.

You can practically throw away the rulebook that comes in the box as it becomes VERY outdated almost instantly.

Fucking annoying that you either have to memorize or keep referring to an FAQ sheet just to play any of their games properly. And that's only for situations that have been found out. In their big games, new situations can pop up each time you play.

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They need better editors, and their books are horribly organized

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What kind of rules do you make? Things always went pretty good with the base rulebook in our games, except for sea of blood. I need to figure out some house rules for that expansion, so that its possible for the heroes to win (As the OL, you can just keep running away from the heroes on the overworld map with your lieutenant and its a forever game of "chase-the-lieutenant" for the players).

And if they do manage to catch you, you can always just escape with the lieutenant.

It this a dick move? Maybe, but I have always played as hard as I can as the OL and my players appreciate that I'm challenging them. The sea of blood rules, when played as hard as possible by the overlord, are totally fucked in this regard.

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Just came from my first game of Eldritch Horror with seven players. Game took three hours, five minutes from beginning of explanation (With four new players, including myself) to the moment everyone died. The game felt significantly more streamlined than Arkham Horror but still contains a bazillion and one pieces. That said, I'd consider it a solid improvement over Arkham Horror.

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For Tannhauser, Ijust gave each character a ziplok bag and put them in a nice box. Each bag has the unit card, equipment cards, equipment token, and rulebook if applicable. Miniatures went in a different box to prevent going smoosh.

Actually worked REALLY well.

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>translated games

Sit on the stove all you want, but don't complain when your ass gets fried.

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They currently make the Best RPG today!

>>pic very related

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I hesitate to ever call any one thing "the best" but it's certainly my current favorite.

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Seconding this, I went to their site and almost all their recent games in the past few years have a fucking list of errata and/or clarifications.

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They introduced my friend group to Twilight Imperium, and their events center is fucking awesome.

They're alright by me.

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They really need to find some better proofreaders.

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>Eldritch Horror
Mah nigga

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>3 hours
>7 players
Holy shit man. Fucking amazing.

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What an assclown.

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If you need a second rule book to explain or clarify rules in the original rulebook you're doing it wrong.

I'm pretty sick of having to look up something completely specific about something that's a big part of a game and not finding it anywhere. No chart, nothing. Just to find it later in a completely unrelated part of the rulebook nonchalantly.

I like fantasy flight games, but their rulebooks need help.

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That doesn't seem like Ulthwe to me.

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Yup, this is why I'll never buy a game of theirs if it has errata.

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I was thinking about that. But couldn't find any place that has a variety of ziplock bags. Strange, I know

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As I said, just basic AoO + Flank rules to make combat a bit more interesting than "Walk your guys forward and hit the other guys".

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Just ran a campaign of it, and I gotta say... advantage is kinda useless other than for adding additional blue dice to the next person in initiative. It always seems like you'll have more uses for it, but a lot of the bonuses it gives are very situational.

I like the concept a lot, but its not so great if you want to involve interesting or unusual combat scenarios.

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They pay me to write rules. its awesome!

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Didn't need a variety. Just used medium-sized ones that were just a little bigger than needed for the cardboard stat cards.

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I loved 40k Relic and The Elder Sign, can't wait to buy Battlestar Galactica!
Nowadays, I'm completly sure that it's a good game if it's when FF's logo is on the box.

...I sound like a fanboy about the subject.

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once they make an android tabletop game, i don't know if i'm really gonna be playing anyone else's games honestly

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Why do people go loco for Android like that? And, weren't there already one out?

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It's based on some of the most OG cyberpunk there is.

There is an Android board game, so maybe that anon means a miniature-type game.

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i mean a tabletop RPG.

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i don't know if you can even call the android universe "cyberpunk". it's really clean. it has a different feeling than Cyberpunk, or definitely different than Shadowrun.

I just know i like it!

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>I love the loving shit out of their LCG model. I really...REALLY like that I don't have to buy boosters or pay out the ass to make a fun deck. Paying $15 for every card in an expansion is great.

Yeah that's what sold me on Netrunner. I really wanted a card game to get into, but I can't get into buying random booster packs, or expensive singles.

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it is REALLY cool that someone can win the world championship, and pretty much anyone playing the game can go "ok cool lets try that" and immediately build that deck.

>> No.29554941

Not to mention you can pretty much exactly balance your game budget and still be completely competitive.

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yeah, I love that! I actually do like Deck-building but I actually think it's better to get the actual playing of the game down with a fully functioning deck that has clever synergy with itself first.

Being asked to deck-build before I've really gotten the game down almost feels like being asked to build a car before I learn how to drive.

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I really hate having the thought of "My deck will be good... when I get 1 more of X card". Netrunner is great about that, other than the whole Core-Box thing which I have come to terms with.

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Alright, the old star Wars star ship game was rubbish, bad rules, terrible minis . Maybe if your FLGS owner actually tried X-Wing, and invested in it intelligently, like, buy a couple boxes, and restock if/ when they sell out, he'd be happy.

As for FFG, I used to hate them when they drove UFS into the ground, but since then, Everything of theirs Ile played has been great. So, no hard feelings. They ruined old my favorite competitive game,and gave me my new one, X-Wing.

Onylwish they still had UFS rights, because it would fit beautifully into the LCG format,

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the intro decks aren't built... it's literally : "to Play this game, take all the cards of (blank) color , add all the white non- faction cards, shuffle, play"

It's not like they give you just a pile of cards and with you luck, laughing maniacally, it's really straight forward

And all the starting decks are within their own Corp or runner faction, so... FLUFF

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Yeah dude, I've played the game. The intro decks aren't terrible, but they don't use influence and have really rough weaknesses and shit like only 1 copy of crucial cards.

For me it's better to start with a tournament deck that was purposefully crafted and "just works" right out of the box. I guess I have a problem seeing the Trees for the Forest so to speak. I can analyze two cards and figure out which one is better for me, but when I see a new card my brain doesn't immediately go "Ohh shit, that will combo with X card from 4 sets ago!"

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They do some really clever and creative board games. Some are just pure "Cones of Dunshire" rule wanking (Oh Hai Starcraft!), but they try to do new things with them as a general whole. Android is a good example with its "narrative board game" deal.

Ditto for their card games, and I'm glad to see Netrunner is finally getting a lot of love and support.

Their RPGs... like their other stuff has good production values. The habit of splitting off popular mechanics and portions of the game instead of just giving us everything in rules and then sell their precious settings is a pet peeve of mine.

Of what FFG really needs are a team of editors who can boil down a set of rules and create a quick play chart for beginners, complete with appendex. If someone is going to pay 60-80 for one of their games, it should be as painless as possible.

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>not spending it to make enemy's checks more difficult
>not spending it to disable enemy's capabilities somehow
>not spending it to add additional information that is advantageous to the scene
>not spending it in a way that's unique to current situation

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I'm just saying, if you're not going to translate the expansions don't bother with the base game. I don't think it's far-fetched to expect them to support their translations.

>> No.29559009


>expecting a company to translate expansions when the translated base game doesn't sell well

>> No.29559079

Even that wasn't that bad, it had clunky dice mechanics and wasn't what anyone wanted. But it's actually not that bad a system.

>> No.29559092

Anyone have scans of the Dust Warfare Rulebook the game has always looked like it could be fun.

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So is it just me, or is there not nearly enough condition cards in the game? I mean, you can get a spell that doles out Blessings left and right, but there's only three Blessing cards.

>> No.29564567

I think I noted that two of the blessings even have the same back. Still, though, the spell can be useful even if you've gotten all of the blessings out to get the back effect of the blessing.

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