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Stat me, /tg/.

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Isaac Clarke, Systems Engineer

>STR: 7
>DEX: 6
>CON: 8
>INT: 10
>WIS: 6
>CHA: 2

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Do we even know what kind of psionic shit this guy is capable of? He does have the marker codes in his head, after all.

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good thing hs armor gives him a cha bonus

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Twilight Caste Solar. Optionally, Defiler or Daybreak Caste Infernal/Abyssal, depending on how you want to view his insanity and corruption. A focus on Craft and Investigation as far as his in-Caste abilties are concerned, with Athletic, Resistance, Integrity, Martial Arts, and Archery as his favored Abilities. One of the martial arts that enables you to easily use improvised weapons and brute-stomping enemies.

Then you give him a starting suit of basic power armor that he upgrades using Craft, makeshift yet terrifyingly-effective weapons cobbled together from industrial parts, and put him in an isolated city-manse in an inhospitable environment being overrun after a massive shadowland opened in and around it.

That's how I would stat him.

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>Improvised weapons and brute-stomping

Holy shit, Isaac Clarke is a pair of thumb-gouges away from being a First Pulse/Solar Hero master.

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Now stat the plasma cutter.

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Odd, considering what they thought of when creating him.

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How so?

I mean, yeah, it looks cool, but I don't see how his dorkiness is overcome by it.

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Oh? I admit I don't know a lot of the design ideas behind Dead Space, I'm curious what they were designing him towards.

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They were trying to craft an everyman. At first, they had a lot of quote-unquote "Generic Space Hero" designs what with the fauxhawks, scowl and everything. They eventually settled on making Isaac your everyday engineer who runs into horrifying circumstances. Then they went to develop him into the scarred man he is today hardened and haunted by his experience.

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Hmm, fair enough.

Still, he's good at fighting the necromorphs, you know? Especially by Dead Space 3. He's a bit of an everyman, but that doesn't mean he can't be a good fighter, I suppose? Not sure where I'm going with this, honestly...

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I wouldn't say athletic. He's not the fastest runner.

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Athletics is also used for balance, maneuvering in free fall, and determines your lifting and carrying capacity in Exalted. The reduced speed and jumping and such would be caused by the Encumberance penalty that heavier armors have in Exalts. They reduce your Dash speed and penalies certain mobility-based actions.

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I'd say he's a scarred, hardened man yearning to be an everyman again. Remember the beginning of DS3?

>No... NO! No, I'm done with that! You find someone else for your suicide mission!

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Oh, and specialties as follows, as point distributions allow:
Repair (Craft Magitech)
Creatures of Darkness (Martial Arts)
Diseases (Resistance)
Unnatural Mental Influence (Integrity)
Improvised Weapons (Archery)
Circumventing Obstacles (Investigation)
Exotic Environments (Athletics)

Just to make it fit easier, since there isn't a good outer space analogy anywhere that a shadowland can form in Creation, it would probably be set in a Rapture-like manse-city. That way there could still be oxygen issues, issues in navigating through weird 3d environments with strange hazards, and so forth. It fits.

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SERIOUS mental fortitude. This guy has to be incredibly mentally strong to have gone through all the shit and blood he had to wade through and not go batshit insane like pretty much all the other ones

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Yeah, true. I think it'd be fun to play an Isaac Clarke circa end of the first game, honestly, in a lot of settings.

In Shadowrun it'd be fun--turn the Ishimura into, say, a deep water drilling platform, you can basically straight-swap bug spirits in for the necromorphs. Stat-wise he'd be a lightly-augged street sam, lots of engineering skills really, decent unarmed and with 'improvised weapons' specialties (or hell, engineering tools specilaties) for whatever firearm skills you gave him.

Thinking more about him in Exalted, if we assume he exalts sometime during or just after the Ishimura-equivalent, perhaps he'd be better as a Lunar? Their crafting charms suck, but he shows off a lot of the virtues Luna looks for--endurance, perseverance, survival in situations that should have killed him through luck, grit, and skill...

It's just a question of what sorta totem he'd have if he was a lunar, I suppose.

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>not go batshit insane
It's like you've never even heard of Dead Space 2.

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>Plasma Cutter
>Ranged (Rifle)
No seriously, it's more accurate at longer distances then the Pulse Rifle is.
>Damage: 4d6+3, +1 DM from laser sight
>Magazine: 20

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H had hallucinations, yes, but he didn't go full on ranting, beating his own brains out insane like everyone else who came in contact with the marker.

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Oh, and in shadowrun, Spell Knack (Slow) covers Stasis nicely. Kinesis is a bit harder, really, levitate could work but he'd need to be a full mage or mystic adept...

Though maybe a mystic adept could work after all, Artisan's way for engineering? Hmm.

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Isn't he aerospace engineer?

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He's a ridiculously stable kind of insane. He's under no illusions that his delusions are real, and while he sometimes has frighteningly real hallucinations that make him try to kill himself, he fights them off while retaining a surprising level of self-awareness.
It's more like he's under a very powerful illusion spell while being aware he's under an illusion spell then actual schizophrenia, because his judgement and actions aren't affected nearly as bad as many others.

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Nope, just "Systems Engineer", which probably means he's the kind of omni-skille space gadgeteer.

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None; it just gives him a status defect in the form of vivid hallucinations and also the ability to go crazy and build markers.
All the TK stuff is technology present in the setting.

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Amnesia, murderous rages, and a good portion of that game was spent trying to prevent or reverse his rapidly accelerating mental decline. I'm not saying he's not more mentally resilient than normal, just that he definitely went insane. It just takes longer for him.

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Uh, wait is he?

I know he repairs ships and whatnot, primarily mining vessels given his job at the CEC.

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He DIDN'T try to stab people through the eye with a screwdriver and retained enough sanity to evade the government and all their kill-troops. Also while fighting through the necromorphs of an entire fucking space-city, destroyed the fuckhueg golden marker AND saved the girl.

I'm pretty sure he only counts as 'unhinged'

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>they wanted to make him just a normal engineer
>survives for hours alone on an infested ship
>in the same game, one necro destroys the army ship that was supposed to kill everything

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One necro they didn't expect.

I'm sure when the valor's crew opened the pod, they weren't very keen on meeting a slasher.

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Don't forget that there were a TON of quicktime sequences where Isaac thought something was trying to kill him, and afterwards you realize he had been about to slash his throat, etc etc.

Don't forget that Dead Space 2 takes place like 4 years after the Ishimura, and that Isaac had to be chemically mindwiped every day to prevent total sanity loss.

Based on Dead Space 2, it seems likely that Isaac can only be functional for maybe three or four consecutive days before he descends into total SAN loss.

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On the other hand, you'd think a ship filled with career soldiers should be able to do a little bit more than just roll over and die from ONE slasher

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I agree that he has amazing mental fortitude, but the poor bastard is quite clearly insane.

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Uh, in DS 2 there's a sequence where if you fail to resist the vision, Isaac says that she's not real, then she kills him and asks something like "am i real enough now?"

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It spread to more than just one slasher, but yeah, when I first played it, I thought it was kinda BS too.

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And yet he did relatively fine until Dead Space 3, not counting his obsession with hunting down and destroying all things marker

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>they didn't expect
That could go for a while after the pod opens, but really, that ship's mission was to kill everything on site, they should have been ready for some shit

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Wasn't he just trying to avoid all things marker and lay low come DS3?

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Maybe he actually DID exalt. I can find no good reason where he, a damn systems engineer, fought and prevailed over horrors that everyone else just died from

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I do seem to remember him having a lot of weird blueprints in his apartment in the start of DS3. I have a feeling he was planning some kind of anti-unitology guerilla war when shit went down

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Playing the first game again, it seems eh got out almost by luck (and gameplay)

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Really? I didn't catch that. I just caught his depressed journal entry and his landlord telling him his rent's due.

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Yeah a good portion of it is for the purpose of gameplay, it wouldn't be a very long game if you weren't a badass

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first, you need to use a system with an insanity stat.

Then max that shit out. Cause seriously, our boy issac is crazy.

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I'll tell you what, DS had some pretty cool suits

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How do I be handsome like Isaac, /tg/?

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Straps +40
Buckles +50
Face +ugly

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Only Isaac knows, son.
Maybe the marker's dementia instills some sort of handsomeness protocol.
You shut your whore mouth, he's handsome as fuck.

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They seem to be more like armored ribs than buckles, son.

THIS is straps n' buckles.

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Aww man, I forgot the quickest black guy death at the start of DS2.
And Issac just fucking head butts it to death.

>> No.29533223 [SPOILER] 

>That hallway
not to death, just out of the way

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Would /tg/ watch "Dead Space: The Animated Series?"

>> No.29533342

I need to, hopeful I can find them.

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Is it just me, or is are the arms kind of weird?

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That's what he looks like under the helmet? Damn. You don't get more generic than that.

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I dunno
They used his VA's face. Not his fault he looks generic.

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I don't think it'd do well as a series.

The movie was okay, though.

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Eh, it's the artist style I guess.
Well, he is just a normal dude put in the worst situation possible.
Like most people in Lovecraft's work.

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Now stat the sun

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When you add it all up, Issac Clarke is an incredibly dangerous man.

The dude can built deadly weapons out of junk, as seen by the start of Dead Space 2. This is a man who walked into a doctors office with a flashlight and walked out with a plasma cutter he made by hand.

He can hack doors, can kinesis objects for extra utility, is really good with a stasis module so anything that scares him get put into slow motion long enough for him to kill it...

And that's before you work in the armored suit, or the fact that half of his handheld weapons are tools designed for cutting through starship hulls.

And his mental defenses? He may be crazy, but the fact that he hasn't totally succumb to it goes to show how good a will save he has.

But even beyond that, he has what is probably the most terrifying mental defense imagineable. The marker signal in his head is self replicating, remember. That's how Issac and all those other poor bastards caught it in the first place.

Anyone who uses mind powers to peek into Clarkes head is going to take a boatload of crazy right in the brainmeats, and now THEY have the marker signal bouncing around in there and driving them mad.

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The nursery sequence was fucking horrifying.

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>boatload of crazy right in the brainmeats

I must say this to a malkavian at some point in the future. My sides.

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Dare you enter his magical realm?

>> No.29533659


Isn't the reason he's not crazy (or at least, in control) because he shot all the crazy at the ending of 2?

>> No.29533689

There's still a metric fuckton of crazy in there. He just has amazing control over it.

>> No.29533722


I'm just saiyan, compared to Carver in 3 Isaac is a saint. Carver had to shoot the crazy in 3 to get to where Isaac got to in 2.

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> Isac Clark
> See Image

STR: 13
CON: 18
POW: 16
DEX: 13

SZI: 13
INT: 18
EDU: 14

Luck: 90
Idea: 90
Know: 70

SAN: ~20 something (started at 90)

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Huh. While a squad of them would slap his shit, I think Issac might actually be able to take the average Space Marine in 1v1 pretty easily.

Stasis renders the Marines skill and speed moot, and their armor wont save them from a stasis hit. Then Isaac just has to walk up and cut off their head with one of his many engineering tools before the stasis wears off. SM armor is pretty good, but being at the mercy of a mining laser of a plasma cutter isnt going to do them any favors.

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The necromorphs aren't terribly tough enemies, just terrifying as hell. Issac has simply built up a resistance to the pants shitting terror they induce and knows their tactics now, so he is better at surviving than most. Those fuckers can still surprise him from time to time and it shows.

>> No.29533835

He's like the new archetype, handyman with a suit.
You have Gordon Freeman, with his HEV suit and crowbar.
You have Isaac Clarke, with his space suit and plasma cutter.
You have Chel, with Long Fall Boots and portal gun.

The reactions to marker exposure varied from rambling, to violent, to hysteric, to OCD writing shit on the walls. There are differing values of stable around there.

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I've always had this idea of Isaac somehow landing in the Mass Effect universe, with two different beginnings.

An Asari team finds him in whatever vessel was carrying him. Shocked at finding a sentient species, he does his best to express that he means no harm. After both parties get used to each other, he remains cryptic about his past and ignorant of how he got there. Eventually, they offer to conduct a few tests on him (it takes a while for them to gain his consent), and in turn, they detect just how mentally fortified (and scarred) he is. Upon telling him their findings he expresses that "It's nothing new". They explain that their species can peer into minds through neural links. He expressly tells them not to, that "No good will come of it". Wanting to know more, they connect to him in his sleep, and insane hijinx ensues.

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You are now aware that there was never any marker on the sprawl and Issac went around killing children and innocents, some of who fought back but were also destroyed so he could blow up a building.

He went into hiding after the events of DS2 and found out humanity was on the verge of creating a new way to sustain life on inhospitable worlds, and his corrupt mind turned it into another marker scenario and he killed all the scientists associated with the event. All helpful members were figments of his imagination.

The necromorphs were never real.

>> No.29533859

The other one involves him teleporting near the Flotilla. After he acquaints himself with the Quarians, he shows them all the cool tech and stuff his universe has produced, such as stasis, shockdrives etc. The technology gives the Quarians unprecedented mobility (as shockdrives can go to farther ranges than what a relay is capable of), and the news spreads across the galaxy of some human and his near destroyed vessel coming out of a wormhole near Flotilla space, giving them technological gifts more advanced than anything the Council has ever beheld. Tali catches wind of this and tells Shepard about it, urging him to go to the Flotilla to investigate

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I can just see his insanity spreading like a plague and wiping out the asari almost totally.

>> No.29533871


Necromorphs actually are pretty tough to kill. If you take the pulse rifle and just pour bullets into their body like you were trying to kill a living thing, it takes forever. It can be done, but it takes like a full clip of pulse rounds just to take down one. Cutting them apart is the only thing that really works.

Most of the weapons that Isaac uses to kill them easily are things that are designed for use on metal plates or sometimes asteroids. Against a normal person, these would be overkill. Like, the contact beam is a blasting laser that is basically a blast of dynamite they use for mining. or clearing rubble. The flamethrower is a torch designed for super high temperature flames in an oxygenless environment (with the safety features turned off).

Most of the things Issac arms himself with have "aim away from face" written in big red letters in their safety manual. He kills necromorphs by doing the exact opposite of following those instructions.

>> No.29533907

>> No.29533911


>Aim away from face

Next thing you know, he will be killing them with a belt sander

I wonder how Isacc and Frank West would get along.

>> No.29533946

>Go to /v/ and talk about dead space


The m&kb version was shit and the game had jagged graphics all over the place.

It wasn't a survival horror game for shit and I hope the series dies because the fist one was such garbage and all it did was get worse.

>go to /tg/ to talk about Dead Space

Isaac Clarke is a badass.
Discussion of the lore and creatures
Liking the enviornments

Christ man, why do I even try to talk about vidya gaems over on /v/ anymore. Everything is always shit over there.

>> No.29533964

>talk about vidya gaems over on /v/

Going there was your first mistake

>> No.29533965


>belt sander
>not a magnetically suspended circular sawblade

Do you even systems engineer?

>> No.29533992

I don't care what anyone says. When I first bought that thing from the store in DS1 and shot it the first time, I shat enough bricks to rebuild half of Detroit.

That thing is friggin cool, man.

>> No.29533995


Try this on for size:

Shepherd, trying to track down Saren in Mass Effect 1, finds the Ishamura hundreds of years after it was reported lost. One of the old mining ships sent out before the mass effect relays were successfully exploited for travel.

The Ishamura does its things, finds the Marker (which is actually an attempt by a previous cycle to build their own Reapertech to fight back against the Reapers, think ancient alien Cerberus), and necromorphs happen.

Issac is the only one to survive, but is on a ruined ship dead in space drifting between stars. Issac barricades himself in a room, and uses the ships reactor and his engineering skills to rig up a stasis module and puts it in a perpetual loop, freezing himself in stasis until rescue can arrive.

Sheperd wakes him up, but between the marker exposure, the necromorphs, and being in stasis for a few hundred years and everyone he knows being long dead? Isaac's mental health is not great.

End the level with fighting your way past some surviving necromorphs (basically just variant husks) and congratz! Issac Clarke has joined the party. Blame any tech he uses that the rest of Mass Effect doesnt have on things he built during his wild ride as a side effect of the marker signal.

>> No.29534081

Source for your headcanon?

>> No.29534088

Seeing as how the DS universe takes place about 200 years after the ME present universe takes place, and how the Ishimura was already recovered pre-DS2, half of those ideas are moot, cool as they may be, don;t get me wrong.

In my head, i think it would be kind of a cool idea if the Protheans made the markers to combat the reapers, saw that they were just as bad if not worse, and used some sort of technology to transport it to Isaac's universe. That same technology sends Isaac to the ME universe.

Also, I'd like to see how Carver would react to this kind of stuff.

>> No.29534121


> Isaac Clarke as a Mass Effect party member

Oh god.

I can see it now: In ME2, you have to go pick him up at an insane asylum he ended up in after you died. You go to pick him up, and somehow he hears that "Commander Shepherd" is coming to get him.

> Be Isaac Clarke
> have a friend who is dead
> dead friend is coming for you
> nope nope nope nope

Dude probably breaks out of his room and goes survival horror mode on the asylum, fighting nurses and other crazy people and starting a riot. Preparing for the living-dead nightmare he is expecting you to be.

By the time you find him, he has already built himself a microwave gun (using a real microwave!) and is wearing a bucket on his head with eye slits.

Go time.

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>> No.29534196

The black guy dying first was what let the game keep its classification as a horror game.

>> No.29534313

I think an Isaac recruitment mission would go more like this, at least in the headcanon i spewed earlier.

>Shepard, Tali, and (insert team member here) come aboard the flotilla.
>Huge crowd in the main plaza, someone is speaking at the pulpit, answering questions
>Quarian scientists and engineers errywhere, all very intrigued
>Tali uses her admiral status to clamber her way through the crowd
>Eventually the camera falls upon Isaac, showcasing a shockdrive and how to build and maintain it
>Shephard and Tali greet him and express their enthusiasm in putting him on the team
>He seems iffish, until a Quarian official pulls him over, telling him it's "urgent", and that Shepard and Tali should come too.
>Camera feeds show a nearby Quarian research ship, odd symbols scrawled on the walls in blood, corpses everywhere....
>Isaac's eyes go wide as dinner plates.
>He gears up without a word.
>Tali asks him what's wrong and if he knows somethign about it.
>"I know everything about it. Too much."
>Isaac urges you to come with him.
>"You guys better prepare yourselves. Then again, I don't know if anyone can be prepared for this...."
>"Prepared for what, Isaac?"

>> No.29534350 [SPOILER] 

I don't know how Shepard intends to deal with one f these.

>> No.29534379

Probably like with everything else; singularity and bullets.

>> No.29534407


Wait. Does that mean that Issac would be the boss fight of his own recruitment mission? Beat him up until he is willing to listen?

The Renegade dialog after that would be great.

>> No.29534437


That's an infinite regenerator. It grows back limbs almost immediately after you cut them off. It cant be killed by bullets or dismemberment, only total annihilation. Isaac only killed one by getting it behind a shuttle and then frying it with the engines.

So... the Incinerate power. Lots of it.

>> No.29534445

I imagine all the quarian ladies be diggin' that ass of his.

>> No.29534487

With all the crazy hoodoo in his head, would Isaac make a good biotic?

>> No.29534523


Nah. Biotics are not actually psychic. They just got exposed to eezo in the womb, so they have trace amounts of it in their nervous system. This isnt actually useful normally, but with the correct cyber implants (biotic amps) they can sent strong electrical signals down to the eezo in their nerves and manipulate it to produce mass effect fields and stuff.

Without the eezo exposure, or the amp, biotics cant be done.

>> No.29534531


Biotics is more associated with element zero exposure, not mind bullshit. His Kinesis and Stasis modules would, however, be neat replacements for biotic ability.

>> No.29534571

Oh, deal with permanently, yeah. But given how it regenerates and how quickly singularity replenishes, one biotic can keep groups of them busy nearly indefinitely.

>> No.29534632

Does it have to be in the womb? Let's say an Asari team tries experimenting with him. Biotic powers can't be instilled then?

>> No.29534636

That mental image.

>> No.29534934

With all the tech geekery, I imagine Isaac and Tali would bro it up form the get go.

Garrus b mad jelly tho

>> No.29535245


He's worse than we thought.

>> No.29535758

nah man he is totally an engineseer

>> No.29535928

>Techpriest Clarke

I need this

>> No.29535951

It's probably like electromechanical techs.
They get taught like 80 different things, from programming to fixing pumps and plumbing to welding to drafting to machining to basic chemistry.

Since that lets you send them all over the place to do other people's work unless it would be stretching the limits of what a specialist can manage, you can get by on saying their diploma's worthless and pay'em barely a few bucks above min-wage.

>> No.29535958

Evil Dead?

>> No.29535998


Just an everyman.

An everyman would learn to bitchslap limbs off.

>> No.29536046

Failing a will-save does not imply chronic insanity.

And let's be honest. To win the game you pretty much have to pass every will-save thrown at you or you WILL die. And the mental attacks are all directly caused by an alien life form that has been doing this shit for millenniums. That does not happen by pure luck. Issac has amazing mental fortitude. He could go toe-to-toe with a mindflayer no sweat.

>> No.29536099

>not Charge and shotgun spam

Vanguard Shepard is best Shepard

>> No.29536152


>> No.29536195

The final boss at the end of DS2 was his mind literally fighting the marker's influence, and destroying it. Motherfucker has such a good will save that he was able to kick the eldrich horror's brain seed out of his own head.

>> No.29536422

Clarke would make a pretty bad tech priest, since he is understandably wary of religions that command obedience and submission to something that is actually very understandable via proper scientific examination.

>> No.29536437

How would a battalion of space marines fare against a full on necromorph infestation?

Furthermore, how well would they fare against the madness inducing marker signal?

>> No.29536441

If things had gone just slightly differently, we would have ended up with Krieg.

>> No.29536460


To use biotics you have to have grown throughout your body loads and loads of "biotic nodules", and that's what SOMETIMES happens when you expose a fetus to Eezo, they develop nodules throughout their body.

THEN, in most races, you need to have an implant that allows you to manipulate the nodules.

Asari skip that last part because their entire means of reproduction focuses around large scale and fine manipulation of their nervous system, which their nodules are connected into, and their homeplant is so Eezo rich that them and most of the other animals on it always grow nodules and have biotic using abilities.


>little servitor skull of his dead wife hovering around him
>"yooooou diiiiiiid THIIIIIIISSSSSS!"
>"shut up already" *thwaps the limbs off of another chaos spawned creature with a casual backhand motion*

>> No.29536464

Considering the Space Marines have on their full power armor and helmets? It would be a curbstomp. All they would need to do is slice the morphs apart with their swords.

>> No.29536475

Well, i dunno if the imperium would try to shoot Clarke down on sight, so there might be a chance.

>> No.29536498


Sounds like a fairly bogstandard chaos cult outbreak to be fair - though the series never makes clear HOW the marker and necromorphs are contagious, some people flat out turn into necromorphs or have them burst from their bodies, others are fine.

>> No.29536501

Clarke isn't a Xeno. Why would they do that?

>> No.29536505

From the stuff he does tech-wise I'd say he's basically just an industrial electrician.

That doesn't sound as fancy as engineer, but it is pretty much what he does, minus the programming and robotics design.

>> No.29536512

What about the signal? Would any imperial sigils defend against it?

>> No.29536532


I think he's be a bitchin' techpriest.

>> No.29536542

>It would be a curbstomp


>> No.29536545

Maybe. The marker's corruption could potentially take over their minds, but if any marines are psykers the corruption may be similar enough to warp insanity that it can be defended against.

>> No.29536554

Space marines wouldn't be very good at their job if they couldn't handle psychic attacks.

>> No.29536566

anyone who dies near a marker is turned into a necromorph
anyone who is alive near a marker is driven impossibly mad to make more markers
plus they have necros to infect living people

>> No.29536674

I tried.

>> No.29536708

breddy gud

>> No.29536740

There should be some more spaces in Craft: Earth, seeing as how a lot of his weapons are mining equipment.

>> No.29536784

As of the end of DS3, his conviction should be way up.

>> No.29536853

That's because he destroyed the Gold Marker be built and came to terms with his dead girlfriend and all the mental turmoil associated with it at the end of 2.

In 3, he was totally sane. Well, as sane as you can knowing you were crazy.

>> No.29536938

>The dude can built deadly weapons out of junk, as seen by the start of Dead Space 2. This is a man who walked into a doctors office with a flashlight and walked out with a plasma cutter he made by hand.
All he did was rig a trigger mechanism for a surgical tissue laser and strap it to his flashlight. He didn't construct a plasma cutter from memory out of a box of scraps; in a hospital.

>> No.29536971

Still impressive as hell given he did it all in the span of 15 seconds.

>> No.29536980

>in a cave

regardless, that's still pretty impressive considering how fast he built it.

>> No.29537079

Please remember that he was atrophied from years of physical inactivity and restraint, just shy of totally insane, doped up on god knows what, and there were ravening monsters literally less than fifteen feet away about to murder him.

And he nigger-rigged an absolutely lethal weapon in ten seconds flat, if that, then used it to kill the fuck out of zombies.

>> No.29537130

>And he nigger-rigged an absolutely lethal weapon in ten seconds flat, if that, then used it to kill the fuck out of zombies.
It's the equivalent of, I don't know, making a scalpel-shooter in ten seconds using only the materials found in a modern OR.

>> No.29537171


In DS1 and 3 he's a fairly competent engineer, in 2 however he warms up by making a plasma cutter out of a surgical laser, then proceeds to mcGuyver it up for the rest of the game, constructing both kinesis and stasis modules out spare parts, rewiring half of an arcology then hot wiring one of the largest planet crackers ever made and then a giant digging machine before blowing a marker up with his mind.

>> No.29537205

What if he stumble into an ork infestation, and they find him creating a plasma cutter with a flashlight and some shits?

My bet would be that the orks would have a 3rd god to pray to.
CLORK Dead killy and create Orkiest weapons

>> No.29537215

He doesn't construct anything, he just grabs a completed module from medical equipment and sticks it on his arm.

Impressive yes, but not on McGuyver's level of trash to tanks.

>> No.29537239

If Issac stumbles into any large number of Orks, he'd never make it out alive.

>> No.29537254

In DS3, Isaac is the only person who doesn't see the static & alien text monitors, hear voices of dead people and full blown psychotic breakdowns where rooms suddenly change, dead people walk up to him and tell or show things that may or may not have actually happened.

Co-OP was weird, one person seeing the world as it was while the other having a freakout shooting at things that weren't there while ignoring the things that were.

>> No.29537278

Sadly, I never got to play DS3 co-op.

But it sounds like playing as Chunk Beefknob would be fun.

>> No.29537315

You forgot the bit where he fires himself out of an escape pod tube to reach the other side of the sprawl before his air runs out.

>> No.29537367


>> No.29537373

He has always reminded me of Mario.

>> No.29537396


Wait, he *was't* the one seeing alien shit? That's a change.

>> No.29537405


>> No.29537427


>> No.29537438

In the end of DS2 he essentially killed ninety percent of the crazy in his head and became horrifically sane.

>> No.29537466

In fact, he went right out the other side, and became TOO sane.

>> No.29537474



>> No.29537506

That's incredibly disingenuous.

>> No.29537509

In a way, that's worse for everyday life. Way better for fighting marker corruption though.


>> No.29537604


this needs to be a thing

it too good not too

>> No.29537623

>Implying he wouldnt curbstomp his way out

>> No.29537655

I thought Orks were very hard to kill unless you had about ten bolter pistol rounds to empty into them.

>> No.29537711


Necromorphs are pretty hard to kill, as FPS enemies go. Assuming ample ammo (which Mr. Clarke NEVER has; thank you, survival horror genre) he should have fair odds against a small fist of orks.

>> No.29537725

Seduce it, of course

>> No.29537729

Isaac can curbstomp anything. Besides his plasma cutter is made to cut ships so he can probably dish out the damage.

>> No.29538007


This was a concept they thought about introducing via these suckers - horrible fleshmonster aliens who were trying their hardest to pass as humanoids and not being very good at it.

>> No.29538011

Isaac Clarke can curbstomp anything

>> No.29538058

I like that idea actually. Would have been cool to see in Dead Space or ME.

>> No.29538081

Vorpal Boots of +10 Stomping

>> No.29538087

I think he might be employing the jet boosters and electro-magnets in his feet to given his stomps the extra power needed.

>> No.29538136

But he still has retard stomp-strength on surfaces that aren't metallic.

>> No.29538164

What surfaces would those be? Pretty sure all the surfaces he walks on are metallic.

>> No.29538214

The in story reason is that they fought the slasher like they would a human, blaming it in the head. It only made it pissier.

Add on the fact that even future space guns aren't as good at removing limbs as future power tools with the safeties removes and people die. And if a person dies, they add to the pack.

>> No.29538239


You do realise this would all just lead to orks with rocket stomping boots, goomba stomping space marines.

Mario Clan, band of orks wearing dungarees and caps, with moustaches and randomly sticking "a" in front of random words

>> No.29538287

>We the Mario Orkz-a! Mama Mia!

>> No.29538344

DS3. Ice, snow, rock, the inside of a dead necromorph, more rock, necromorph biomass, more ice.

>> No.29538633

>Not inferno ammo and BOOOOOLLLLLETS

>> No.29538670

>By the time you find him, he has already built himself a microwave gun (using a real microwave!) and is wearing a bucket on his head with eye slits.
Thats fucking hilarious.

>> No.29538745

You'd think he'd worry some of the other crew member with his instance that headshots aren't lethal and stomping everything into paste just to be sure.

>> No.29538997

He's not an idiot, he knows the difference between humanoid opponents and space zombies.

>> No.29539039

"Sure. Also, I needed ammo"
>"Why the hell did we bring this guy?"

>> No.29539069

Besides, plasma cuttering a fuckers head off is 100% effective on non-necromorph enemies.

>> No.29539109

Maybe his mental health is even worse once he got to the ME universe.
I like you

>> No.29539157

and everyone is just wondering why this crzy guy keeps lugging around that construction and mining equipment and laugh at him for not using a gun
only to stop after he contact beams some turians into blue salsa and stomps a krogan to paste after cutting of both his legs "just to be sure"

>> No.29539182


>because he is as good as shepard

>> No.29539249

Isaac seems like the ultimate glass cannon. Even with shields, his armor is heavy, unwieldy, and -fragile- on the ground. It doesn't hold up for shit against conventional bullets, much less fancy-ass kinetic rifles.

But if he hits you with one of his crazy-ass guns you're so fucked.

>> No.29539287

Wonder how he'd react the 1st time he see a thresher maw.

>> No.29539330

probably the same he did when facing the overmind thing in the first game
shoot the glowy spots until it dies

>> No.29539333

His armour isn't that unwieldy. Plus it lets him fly in zero gravity, something a certain commander could have found very useful.

>> No.29539340


I went through a period of playing a lot of unreal tournament games that used the crotch shot mod - which meant that shooting someone in the crotch instakilled you like a headshot - and it took me a while to get into the habit of aiming higher again.

>> No.29539366

Compared to conventional Mass Effect armor it's like walking in a lead suit.

On the other hand, like you say. It gives -great- special abilities (kinesis, stasis, zero-g flight).

>> No.29539404


so he trades up just like every RPG Hero


>wow that is big, ok time to kill it

>> No.29539440


to be fair the DS suits would have still run out of oxygen before anyone arrived to rescue him - the standard ME spacesuits have unlimited oxygen because mass effect fields.

If it doesn't get damaged.

>> No.29539460

His secret is that he's been insane since before Dead Space 1.

>> No.29539493

>Probably the only guy whos played as an infiltrator in ME
>Skills are now useless due to headshot worthlessness

>> No.29539522

Well considering that Isaac's goal is to basically survive and get the fuck out of there, and is currently expecting everything from every direction:

That's a bit more of an easy goal then trying to clear the ship of something that spreads more easily then 40k Ork spores, especially after being hit with ambush with it.

And lets not forget that Necromorphs are not able to be killed by conventional means.
While humans, what they are trained to combat, can be dropped by dumping a lot of bullets in the vital organs at center-mass or the head. In fact, hitting the head-torso only makes it worse in a lot of the necromorph's case.
Not to mention the pulse rifle is pretty shitty all around at the precise aiming required for splitting the Necro's tiny limbs.

The fact that a Issac knows the simple fact that you have to cut off their limbs, along with his possession of an overclocked surgical implement... Pretty much gives him the ability to survive where an entire ship of soldiers -- while trained, are trained to fight the exact opposite of necromorphs -- failed

Let's also throw in the fact that Isaac generally doesn't give a fuck about human life anymore at this point, beyond his own. Many of those soldiers were probably trying to sacrifice themselves for their friends, or spent their last moments recoiling in fear, unable to shoot their friend as they began to morph... Not that it'd do anything if they did.

>> No.29539524

Isaac wasn't expecting any necromorphs either. One necromorph destroying an entire "army ship" requires benny hill levels of incompetence.

>> No.29539526

Since this discussion is far better than anything you'd find on /v/ I'll ask here, is Dead Space 3 as good as its predecessors?

>> No.29539597

The reason he is sane is because the marker needs 'smart' people to replicate it- so it fills the head of said victim with equations on how to build the marker, and everyone else gets noise

>> No.29539610

4chan: where the best place to discuss videogames is everywhere but the designated board

>> No.29539693

They were trained to fight in ways that only made the Necromorphs worse.

A la shooting them in the head/torso.

You're also forgetting the fact that it also managed to fuck up their Statis equipment and the necromorphs were able to red-shift hyperdrive forwards into time.

>> No.29539704

Does anyone else find it bullshit that according to the setting, man went into space and because they didn't run into the fluffy cloud heaven cartoons and fifties era car commercials told them was there, all religions died out except for ones centered around worshipping monoliths.

>> No.29539775

Unitology is literaly Scientology with a side of government involvment to make it worse.
If the Earth gov didn' t kill Altman the religion wouldn't have taken that hard and be that powerfull.

>> No.29539810

pity /v/, for they have to put up with some serious bullshit


>> No.29539880

>Unitology is literaly Scientology with a side of government involvment to make it worse.

if Scientology actually created zombies, mind rapped people and blew up the moon

or something, I dunno DS3 was a blur of awful when I played it

>> No.29539925

No more bullshit than any other hobby but they blow it up to be like the end of times, no matter how small or contained the source of their rage actually is.

>> No.29540047

>no matter how small or contained the source of their rage actually is

it's become more about reacting to bullshit and drama than creating their own, I don't know what it is but the vidya just attracts the worst kind of people

>> No.29540052


No, unfortunately.

There's a cool, fairly sandboxy space bit to begin with, which it doesn't use very well and abandons fairly quickly, but 90% of the game consists of "OH NO A THING (often a stupid one) HAS SEPERATED YOU FROM THE NPCS! Now go wandering a bit to pad out this section of the game before meeting up with them again so the actual story can continue."

And worse than being repetitive: The game is overall a lot less interesting, a lot more shooty shooty Resident Evilly in vibe, there's a terribly written love triangle subplot, AND THE RIPPER DOESN'T SHOOT SAW BLADES ANYMORE.

that's ignoring the whole "your body temperature drops to 10ºC and you're otherwise fine" thing

>> No.29540101

Altman the guy who created Unitology was one of the guy who worked on the 1st marker, he found out what happened if you stuck someone near a marker long enough.
When he tried to reveal that the marker was "a proof that god existed out there" or some other shit, the gov killed him in a totaly dumb way.
while people where merely laughing at Altman, his death got turned into the "proof" the church of U needed to become legit.

look at how it worked for Jesus if you think it wouldn't work irl.

>> No.29540346

>too sane
What? Can you explain what "too sane" is?

>> No.29540372


>> No.29540396

Other the years the church message got twisted and some people discovered that Altman was working on a Alien Marker(they read that as a way to create a god) before he died, they though that if they could create their own marker(god) they could make mad dosh, so they bribed/infiltrated what have you to get into place with power to make their plans.
Meanwhile the earth gov experiemented with Altman's data and created a bunch of markers(which the church of U found one; the one in DS1; which accelerated their plans).

>> No.29540429

Perhaps the Comedian from Watchmen is an apt example.

>> No.29540455

Why did we never get plasma chainsaws? Even in three when you had melee weapons still ne delicious plasma chainsaw.

>> No.29540514

You had floating powersaws. Chainsaws were practically useless by the time some badass lumberjack-scientist figured out how to make that shit.

>> No.29540543

Here is a question: Why is the pulse rifle less powerful than a modern firearm? The way everybody describes it, the pulse rifle does about as much damage to a body as a bb gun or guns in the mind of Max Brooks.

>> No.29540592

No, the pulse rifle is actually better at penetrating flesh and armor than any modern firearm. It should, because it's designed to be able to kill HUMAN opponents.

Necromorphs will not go down unless you slice the majority of their limbs off. Some of them keep coming even after that. Filling them with holes is practically useless in comparison.

>> No.29540594

Yeah, but why does space exploration cause all the other religions to die out?

>> No.29540671

They are probably still there, they just get less notice because they don't try to make zombie creating pillars.

>> No.29540674

Clearly, you're not making big enough holes.

>> No.29540831

How'd you think the world would react if the US government killed Tom Cruise in some stupid way that screamed " We did it because he was getting to close to the truth". Why the fuck killing a scientist would have that much of an impact, well it's a game, man....

Also, guess who own the space companies in DS?

>> No.29541025

In DS, earth's having a ressource problem. There's no more or not enough for everyone. So they made a business in cracking planets like a pinata and gather all the tasty bits. The church of U went there fist and cornered the market (oh you want to go to space and crack planets for dosh? sorry but you're not unitologist ect...) you can see where this goes.

>> No.29541126

What the fuck kind of energy-draining technology is there on Earth to necessitate the cracking of ENTIRE PLANETS (plural)?

Earth really isn't that big. And even with 7 billion of us here today, the only problem of resource consumption is distribution. Not production.

>> No.29541182


Earth and all human colonies are overcrowded, resource strapped, and use the kind of energy hungry technology you see in DS everywhere.

>> No.29541221

Beats me, that's the reason for ships like the Ishimura and stations like the Sprawl though.
I guess they needed a context for the space angle, and they needed a reason for the Church to be that powerful.

>> No.29541264


>> No.29541305

Resource strapped and cracking planets don't go hand in hand.

>> No.29541333

>cracking of ENTIRE PLANETS (plural)?
The Ishimura was the oldest ship of it's kind and had cracked like a hundred or more planets(numbers are fussy). Just like Weyland Yutani is that strong in the Alien's universe, you don't know why, it just is.

>> No.29541529

The Vatican was filthy rich in medieval europe, while the countries that gave it tithe where sometimes having famines and other shits.
Why do you think that Scientology^2 wouldn't go into hoarding overjew if they controlled how to get both ressources and control of the world

>> No.29541614

building a gun that shoots scalpels sounds pretty impressive to me.

>> No.29541680

You mean the rocket lawn-chair?

>> No.29542403

>> No.29542528

This has to account for something major in his stats.

>> No.29542550

>building a gun that shoots scalpels rather than awkwardly lobbing them in sort of the direction you were aiming.

That would take a mastercraft McGuyver itself.

>> No.29542613


>> No.29542687

>Dad is over for the weekend
>playan DS2,
>He enjoyed DS1
>Sits down on the couch to watch
>This part comes up

That was probably the only time something in a game has gotten a visible reaction form him. He walked out of the room with his hands covering his eyes, I shizz you not

>> No.29542885

He didn't react at the nursery or anything?
Not even an shit'sfuckedupson ?

>> No.29542921

You failed on purpose didn't you?

>> No.29542940

One of the sickest comeuppances in gaming

>Dude is already full on Harvey Dent with his burns
>Mofo hits you with TWO (count 'em) JAVELINS
>Lines up for a third

Probably one of the most metal endings ever.

>> No.29542970

He said, "yeah, that pretty screwed up" while chuckling.

I didn't even fail. Eyes "freak him out" apparently. It was the squelching noise that did him in. Best part was hinting him at what was about to happen.

>> No.29542984

After the dickish things he pulled, that was so goddamn satisfying.

>> No.29543013

Sounds like a total bro of a father, how did he react to DS3?

>> No.29543015

You bet

>> No.29543038

He wasn't around for DS3

>> No.29543119

Aaaaand now I'm sad.

>> No.29543146

It's strange that you post that, I keep my Dead Space comics in the same folder as my Tuuuubes comics.

>> No.29543289

All he did was literally take the surgical implement, and tie the wires around a portable energy source.

>> No.29543312

It's alright.

Here, have a high res screencap

>> No.29543343

Yet said cobbled piece managed to be deadly functional within seconds.

That's some cool beans right der.

>> No.29543505

Isn't that what it's called in game though. I'm pretty sure plasma clip was what the ammo for the plasma cutter was called.

>> No.29543654

That always rustled the hell outta me.


>> No.29543687



>> No.29543809

>Not to mention the pulse rifle is pretty shitty all around at the precise aiming required for splitting the Necro's tiny limbs.

Are you telling me you've never used the Pulse Rifle to remove limbs?

It's extremely easy, just aim for the legs and then the arms, switching occasionally to the Plasma Cutter when you run low on ammo.

This was how I beat Hardcore(?) Mode for Dead Space 2.

>> No.29543845

Remember that weird-ass secondary fire that the Pulse Rifle had in the first game?

Ate ammo to hell and back and when was it -ever- useful?

>> No.29543904


>That image

Now I see why you never find female engineers.

Their breasts get in the way of the protective metal ribs.

>> No.29543910

What would be the correct term for it? Given that it's just a battery in one way or another.

>> No.29543912

That bug never gets old.

Somewhere out there, someone got a carver suit instead of their princess.

>> No.29543988


Oh, it was never useful at all, in fact it was downright terrible.

But the ratta-tatta of the primary fire was enough to rip anything to shreds, especially once you upgrade the clip and damage.

>> No.29544014


That's because they're ribbed for her pleasure, anon.

>> No.29544121


>> No.29544311

Eh, two of of three ain't bad.
Watch out moon, they coming for ya.

>> No.29544534

Well he's an engineer.
Nigger-rigging is basically what we learn to do.

Provided that the battery has the same Voltage and amperage, which wouldn't be out of the norm if you have a standardized fuel cell, considering the whole space age thing.

>> No.29545038

I'm probably a bad person, but I found it fun. I had the Force Gun, though, so it was a fucking cakewalk. That thing would kill 4-5 toddlershits in a single shot if you lined it up right.

>> No.29545079


Dead Space 1 and 2 all I did was take the Plasma Cutter through the game.

Then it got nerfed in 3 and the Evangelizer could solo the game.

>> No.29545509

I noticed that it seemed kind of fucked up in 3. I was wondering where my last-ditch uberweapon had gone.

>> No.29545606


It's because of the new Chip System. +3 Damage / +3 Other chips are the best of all, and it affects each shot.

The Evangelizer has ricockulous base damage, a giant magazine, and incredible rate of fire (Better than anything that can be crafted), which makes each rapid fire shot hit like a truck when fully upgraded.

The Plasma Cutter can't stand up to a Full / Semi Auto weapon when upgraded, especially since a lot of enemies (human enemies, Mr. I Take Over Bodies, Feeders) are vulnerable to headshots rather than dismemberment.

>> No.29546405

Not to mention that the Chain Gun can get upwards of several thousand shots for 40 ammo clips, with 100-200+ rounds per reload. Put status on it, with flamethrower underslung, and whammo, everything dies.

Customization both made and broke that game.

>> No.29546652

Oh shit, I like that a lot...
>It seems like Isaac has something on his mind, you should speak to him
>you walk into his room on the Normandy and immediately enter combat

>> No.29547603

Fuck, I would play this game so hard.

>> No.29548937

Drawfags, I summon thee!

>> No.29548990

>Implying he and Wrex won't bond over a shared love of RIP AND TEAR

>> No.29549042

11/10 would field

>> No.29549576

Call it a fucking battery.

>> No.29549712

Now I'm kind of disappointed because Krieg is the most fun I've had with a shooter in a long time.

>> No.29549785

>all this love for DS
Niggas, I love you

>> No.29549807

Crybaby posterboy.

>> No.29549901

Got Dead Space 3 a few days ago and I'm 5 hours in. Is it suppose to be painfully mediocre and when do I get to explore the fucking planet?

So far it's clearly worse than DS2 that was a drop in quality from DS1. The story and characters are just abysmal as well.

>> No.29549974

No, it's supposed to be good, however, the devs failed, and so it's the worst kind of game: mediocre.

>> No.29550008

The game itself is kinda crap, but the co-op had some really cool ideas.

>> No.29550012

So it never gets better then?

I can still get the Ripper, right?

>> No.29550110


>> No.29550884

Yeah, you can still make that.

>> No.29551129

To put it in D&D-terms, the necromorphs have retarded amounts of piercing damage reduction and the soldiers were all armed with the equivalent of bows. Doesn't matter if they were +5, that shit ain't gonna do much. Meanwhile, Isaac is going to town with his cutting and bludgeoning powertools, as well as his mighty boot.

>> No.29551427

The whole deal with Altman (I looked this up only the other day) was that he was one of the original researchers on the Black Marker found in the impact crater in Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. Yes the same one that is known to have wiped out the dinosaurs. He very early noticed that the marker was BAD FUCKING NEWS and tried to tell the public.

Shit happened, he survived the world's first necromorph outbreak and sank the Black Marker to the bottom of the ocean to save humanity. However a pair of EarthGov ultra-asshats hunted him down and fucked him up and then founded a religion in his name as a means of mass-producing markers so that they could harness their energy.

So basically Michael Altman really hated the markers but the Government completely twisted him and everything he stood for, and Unitology is a scientology death-cult where something like 60% of humanity is devout and firmly believes that humanity must die to ascend

>> No.29552106

furthermore they used a brute to kill him

>> No.29552417

Dunno about that, I just know that he was in fact NOT a prophet and that Unitology was founded by some EarthGov people. Possibly deserters.

As mentioned in the book Martyr: "Whatever happened in these respects, it is clear that Harman then assaulted Altman and rendered him unconscious. He wakes up under a gloating Markoff, who reveals that he is a believer. He reveals that Krax killed Ada, that Krax is also dead and transformed into a creature, and that Altman must fight this creature armed only with a spoon, while he opens a bottle of champagne. Furthermore, he reveals his dark plan to found a formal religion in Altman's name, which will ready mankind for its ultimate evolution, when a "new" Marker has been made, based on the other one, but is not "broken" (creating monsters rather than granting eternal life) next time, as the previous one was. Markoff says that the Marker is divine because it brings dead flesh back to life, and that it just needs to be done properly because it didn't happen right the first time. He and his inner circle seem convinced that the Marker started all evolution on Earth and is the key to conquering death. A devastated Altman, informed of his girlfriend's death and aware of all the infamy that will be done in his name after his death, suffers from the aforementioned humiliating execution, and Unitology is born of the fabricated larger-than-life accounts about Altman. Unitology's story of Altman as a saint, a martyr and the founder of their religion, all throughout the Dead Space universe, is merely the media spin birthed by Markoff and his fellow conspirators for their own corrupt intentions. "

>> No.29552650

I liked this thread so much I drew the thing in it.

>> No.29552665

Oh God the fucking microwave gun.

>> No.29552842

I love you.

>> No.29553003


But it doesn't shoot saw blades any more - it's melee only.

You know how in the previous games it was your fun gun that you could whip out during boss fights because it allowed you to quicklytake out the little fucks in melee and then immediately begin pew pew ing the boss in his fuckme lights?

Yeah well no. It was too much fun or something.

>> No.29553007


>> No.29553072

Fucking five star post, Anon. Thank you.

>> No.29553093

we need to archive this thread.

>> No.29553381

I was just thinking the same thing

>> No.29553642

Oh hey, I just had a crazy thought. Since the plasma cutter fires a cohesive pulse-stream of ionized plasma, isn't it basically a long-range lightsaber gun?

>> No.29553764

Which makes it infinitely better.

>> No.29553795

Of course it is, while doing dishes just now I was randomly imagining what it would be like if a Jedi tried to block a bolt from a plasma cutter

>> No.29553836

Should be pretty easy, instead of having to place the lightsaber so it intersects a line the now simply have to place it so it intersects a plane.

>> No.29553868

Yeah but since it fires in a line, either vertical or horizontal, it'd be an enormous amount harder to catch compared to the dot-like blaster bolts

>> No.29555255

Why the hell would they do that? The Ripper was the most fun thing ever and a fan favourite.

>> No.29556539

literally perfect

>> No.29556622

>dat microwave gun

>> No.29556665

How horrifying.
Geeze, that's more fucked up than fighting hordes of necromorphs, I'll tell you what.

>> No.29556679


>> No.29556719


The funny thing is? I am 70% sure that microwave gun is a deadly weapon.

It might not be a great one. Maybe it has a really shitty range, or it can only be fired once. But I still wouldn't want to be in front of it when it goes off. Because there is a pretty good chance it was made to blow my limbs clean off if it works.

>> No.29556725

What can I say?
We actually talk like that.

>> No.29556746

>I'll tell you hwat, that Isaac ain't right.

>> No.29556809

I can imagine it fries off whatever limb you aim it at.

>> No.29556825


I just realized the timer on the microwave says 'FUCK YOU'.

That's hilarious.

>> No.29556879

I'm guessing

>STR 7-10
Reason; he's not really physically fit and can be heard struggling rather constantly
>DEX 10-12
Reason; he can shoot fairly well, and his job as a technician/electrical engineer kinda necessitates some level of Dexterity, especially considering he's doing all this shit through neoprene gloves.
>CON 8-10
Reason, See STR
>INT 12-14
Reason; He's an engineer. Even if his skill ranks don't come into play, he still has them. Being able to pilot a ship, rewire shit, as well as whatever else he can do gives him at least a bump in this.
>WIS 13-16
Reason; He's got a high enough will save to not be completely batshit like EVERYONE ELSE against an ELDRITCH HORROR that implanted itself directly into his mind.
>CHA 7-11
Reasons; He doesn't say anything for the first entire game, and when he does, he manages to make himself look completely insane.

Plasma Cutter

Damage: 2d10
In place of a regular attack, damagemay be applied to limb.
If a limb has taken 1/4 of total HP in damage, and the attack does damage, Fort Save (DC=10+Damage Taken that round) or the limb is severed.
Range: 10-15 feet.

>> No.29556882



That means it works. If he had time for that sort of detailwork, he must be pretty sure the gun is functional.

Jeezus, Isaac. We just want to recruit you to kill Collectors. Don't make us have to use biotics.

>> No.29556899

Jesus. You're right. I've never understood the 'my sides' joke until now.

>> No.29556903


>> No.29556932

Str should be way higher. Have you considered the ridiculous damage he does with his stomps?

>> No.29556970

Not sure if that's due to some quirk of the RIG, or Isaac himself.

>> No.29556976


> Issac goes all bucket-on-head crazy.
> "Holy shit Isaac, calm the fuck-"
> *Microwave Gun*
> "-AAAARG. Okay, fine!"

*Use biotics to lift Isaac into the air, disabling him.*

Isaac stops struggling and goes very quiet. "Necromorphs... can't use biotics."

"Okay, I'll have to take your word on that one."

"...Holy shit. Shepherd, and you really alive?"

"Yes Isaac. Just like I have been trying to tell you-"

"Oh thank god! For a second there, I thought I was crazy."


>> No.29556977

wait, why are we already autosaging?

>> No.29557001

We're more than three hundred posts in. This is a truly grand discussion thread. Someone archive it.

>> No.29557006


Past 300 posts.


I imagine Isaac and Jack would get along like crazies in a ball pit, for some reason.

>> No.29557080



I didn't know it was different here.

>> No.29557102

This is a good point. Maybe simulate it with a feat and the RIG giving him a bonus to strength?

Rig would probably give him a decent armor bonus (+6-+8-ish), resistance 5-ish Heat+Cold+Acid+Electric, the Status spell (HP indicator), and ability to breathe and exist in a vacuum for 5 rouns.

Actually, his OMEGA stomp makes sense; he has MAG-LOCK BOOTS.


>> No.29557138

Somebody should make a continuation thread and post a link

>> No.29557146

But in DS3 he does the stomp even when he's outside or inside a giant dead necromorph.

>> No.29557151

I'll do it

>> No.29557180

>Mfw the Reapers created the markers

>> No.29557237


>> No.29558821


Well, lets see.

Isaac and Shep would probably have a good cop/bad cop sort of feel to them. They are both protagonists trying to share a story, and Isaac probably doesn't follow orders too well. Unless you went femshep, and Isaac is the "dude with issues" romance option.

Tali and Isaac probably get along great as long as it is a tech discussion, but I doubt she could ever fully trust him due to all of the crazy.

Jack would probably love antagonizing him to get a reaction, confident that she can take him if it turns ugly.

Joker makes fun at his expense, but that's just Joker being Joker.

Grunt probably doesn't know what to do with him, but I imagine would have some respect once he saw Isaac go nuts on the enemy... and the fact that there are probably not a lot of things that scare Isaac anymore.

Mordin considers him an amazing specimen, and wants to take some samples.

Garrus probably cuts him some slack because the dude is clearly broken.

Miranda and EDI consider him too dangerous to keep on the ship.

Thane, Samara, and Jacob are too boring to have opinions.

Zaeed tells the story of the time he and a group of about 200 other mercs stumbled on a Marker in Batarian space. Zaeed was the only one to make it back alive.

Who did I miss?

>> No.29559462


You missed Liara, Kasumi, Ashley\Kaiden, Legion, Marine dude from ME and the prothean. What was the old lady doctors name?

>> No.29559484


Fuck I meant marine dude from ME 3

>> No.29560004

DS4 has you play as a female engineer...Wat do /tg/?

>> No.29560438


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