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What ancient animals would be good for a campaign? What hordes would your BBEG use? Which would be best for mounts?

Pic very related.

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Dire Tardigrade.

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Awakened Giant Horseshoe Crab living-tanks

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>that fucking filename, my sides

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gotta agree with you, this fucker is one tough and I mean TOUGH sonuva bitch

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Also , an awakened one of these little guys would make for a good sidekick

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Aligator predecessors reporting in.

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Not sure what's up with the filename on this one.

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Dinosuars feel a little played out. What if we give them low metabolism and full body coats, like some current research seems to suggest.

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Fuck the kraken, sea scorpions all day erry day.

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Dire wolves not dire enough for you? A wolf relative.

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I never megafauna I didn't like.

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Imagine being plucked up like Hopper from A Bug's Life by one of these fuckers.

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Or just giant birds in general, really.

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Sorry, wrong pic. Not quite class aves but close.

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Okay, really where does it keep it's organs? It has limbs, those flappy things there that I assume are to help it swim or are gills, and then shell.

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And some other not quite aves things.

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Since it's an anthropoid, I'm assuming it's got a pretty simplistic organ set-up.

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10/10 would mount and lead cavalry charge with.

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that's a hoofed animal more related to sheep

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If that's not a freaking cold-drake, I don't know what is.


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is that a giant manatee or walrus or something?

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HAHA! time for one of the most horrifying scenes in film!


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that camel is pretty sweet

what the hell did that big narrow snouted fucker eat

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Looks like an outdated model of a plaesciousaur, so, fish I guess

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You're right; it's closely related to ruminants.

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You're right. Bears are about in that weight range so I was confused.

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Dire Hallucigenia.

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This thread is amazing.

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That picture is upside down.

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Love me some giant maggots.

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that scene always creeped the hell out of me. One of the best parts of that ridiculously long movie.

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>No mention of Megabrodons
Y'all niggers better hold onto your butts

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Jesus fucking Christ.

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I did not need to see this. Oh hey look, it's Jack Black

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messed up part, those "maggots" are actually descended from intestinal parasites

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Aren't they more like leeches?

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and their name translates to "Vile Meat Weasle"

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this is stated in the coffee table book, they are descended from internal parasites that found a home in the briny muck of those pits

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I've been on internets too long

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visit the vore threads on /d/ you'll find a home there

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man everything is dire on that island, even the rexes are at least twice as big

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>Parasites grow to several hundred times their size
Man, rex really got the short end of the stick huh?

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Rex was already pretty dire, them and the other dinos kinda maxed out the gage

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If rex was 100 times bigger they'd have to fight Godzilla, and that's a losing proposition if I ever heard one

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I don't know man, The World vs Mega Godzilla sounds pretty metal if you ask me. Just bring in some Jaegers and McClane and you've got yourself the movie of the year, all years

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Fuck your boats, this is my fleet.

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state fossile of Illinois

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I wonder, did mantis shrimps exist back in the day, and were they bigger?

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to my understanding the Mantis Shrimp is both new and highly developed

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Ancient? Bah. Modern dire hippo.

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Hippo skeletons are on the same page as sloth skeletons in the creepy anatomy book.

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This post made me realize I've never actually seen a sloth skeleton.
And then I googled and shat bricks. Jesus christ that's horrifying. Why aren't necromancers keeping these things as skeletal pets?

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No one suggested Paraceratherium yet? Largest land mammal in history reporting in.

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A few more suggestions and a size comparison since my first image didn't tell you anything about size.

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I was honestly about to, but I forgot what they were called.

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They're pretty neat, so it's indeed sad that they don't show up in fantasy settings like mammoths or sabertooth cats do.

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Dire sloth skeleton

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Terror birds are among my absolute favorites.

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Giant sloths are a lot less creepy than modern sloths, actually. The skeletons just look like a big, heavy beast with a tiny head, rather than some kind of nightmare demon that's come to drag me to hell with it's long, spindly arms.

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Dire fiendish anomalocaris.
Because Dagon is the best obyrith.

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This nigga gets it.

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Jump in a fire cunt.
They're spikes.
>ibn4 muh small markings on rock

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Also, colossal opabinias.
>tfw party thinks its a generic plesiosaurus
>tfw its not

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Any of the species of giant rhinoceros would do nicely, they're my favourite animals by a long shot. The ultimate in armoured mount.

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>mfw people call the V Rex's in King Kong T Rex's around me

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Suddenly dire Dunkleosteus all over the place.

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In my homebrew setting that will probably never get finished, unicorns are heavily influenced by woolly rhinos. They're neat.

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Proto-Whales are scary.

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Whats the full name then?

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Woolly rhino mounts, fuck yeah!

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Very Rex?

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Ventrasaurus Rex

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These things in OPs pic are the great destroyers of worlds.
Sharks are the guardians of the sea and are trying to keep them from destroying the world.

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Where does dunkleosteus fit in this mythology?

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But they were pretty dire on their own.
Tired of generic crocodiles in your games? Try this instead!

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Oviraptor is beautiful.

>> No.29528638

eater of the world-eaters

>> No.29528664


Eaters of everything.
Beasts driven mad into a fit of endless hunger.
Never tired.
Never scared.
Only FUCKING hungry.

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What does a lower metabolism even imply for the animal? That they had to eat more?

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Don't listen to them. It's called a Vastatosaurus Rex.

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One of the most underrated dinosaurs. Especially after it turned out that the famous fossil they were named after wasn't an oviraptor trying to poach another dinosaurs eggs, but a parent looking after it's brood.

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Giant birds is creepy in a really unique way. It's like birds in real life always kind of look sorta calculating and loveless, like their eyes are just cold precision. Then making them not tiny and giving them power over the average man is all the more terrifying. They'd be like inquisitive psychopathic children, poking around in your new and, until now, undiscovered innards, cocking their heads and shit.

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People who pretend that dinosaurs were better before they were depicted with feathers are wrong, since the knowledge that some baby dinosaurs might have been born fussy and downy makes them so much cuter.

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>wasn't an oviraptor trying to poach another dinosaurs eggs, but a parent looking after it's brood.
Is that true? Damn you children's dinosaur books being wrong!

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Agreed, it and Dilophosaurus are some of my favorite dinosaurs. I love me some head crests.

>> No.29528736

It's a relatively newly discovered fact.

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Please, nothing beats tiny scaled monstrosities. Just look at them! No need for fluff!

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According to more recent finds, yes.

From wikipedia:

"Its name is Latin for 'egg taker' or "egg seizer", referring to the fact that the first fossil specimen was discovered atop a pile of what were thought to be Protoceratops eggs, and the specific name philoceratops means "lover of ceratopsians", also given as a result of this find. In his 1924 paper, Osborn explained that the name was given due to the close proximity of the skull of Oviraptor to the nest (it was separated from the eggs by only 4 inches or 10 centimetres of sand). However, Osborn also suggested that the name Oviraptor "may entirely mislead us as to its feeding habits and belie its character".[1] In the 1990s, the discovery of nesting oviraptorids like Citipati proved that Osborn was correct in his caution regarding the name. These finds showed that the eggs in question probably belonged to Oviraptor itself, and that the specimen was actually brooding its eggs, when it died at the nest."

Oh, and brachiosaurus probably didn't have nostrils on it's forehead. Sorry.

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I mean look at it, could you imagine riding this thing like a motorcycle and then blinding people with poison. And yes I know that there is no proof they spit anything, BUT A MAN CAN DREAM CAN'T HE!?

>> No.29528802

Keep in mind, it's still perfectly possible that oviraptors ate eggs, as their beaks certainly could have handled it. But we don't actually have any direct evidence that they did, either (now that we know the eggs were actually it's own), they could have eaten mollusks or something instead.

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>brachiosaurus probably didn't have nostrils on it's forehead. Sorry.
At least it existed. Brontosaurus, and Torosaurus got fucked over hard. You know, by never existing.

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One of my favorites is therizinosaurus. One meter long claws, motherfuckers.

>> No.29528832

That's cute too, but it's no fluffy baby tyrannosaurus.

>> No.29528838

Jesus Christ, I love Therizinosaurus.

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I always liked looking at Archaeopteryx as a kid. Was so amazed that it had feathers.

>> No.29528857

Say that to my faces fucker and not online

>> No.29528861

I know, right? I'm just a bit disappointed that they weren't in any dinosaur books when I was a kid, they're so awesome.

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I've always waned these creatures to be the inhabitants of the negative energy plane.

Basically that picture bu they're covered in tribal tatoos and shit and they feed on darkness.

>> No.29528869

Deinonychus motherfuckers

>> No.29528876

That's why Hitchcock's movie is so efficient.

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>> No.29528886

what the hell. I never knew ichthyosaurs got that big.

>> No.29528894

oh wait that turtle makes me thinks its not to scale. Dumb me

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Pretty much every theory we have about the extinct earth is the height of arrogance.

It all comes from fossils that tell us basically nothing besides the general shape of an animal, and every fossil together is probably less than one percent of the shit that actually happened.

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Oh god, I had the book that illustration is from. I wish I knew what happened to my dinosaur books.

>> No.29528910

It's a proven fact that crows remember human faces and can recognize them after extended periods of time. On top of this, they hold grudges against humans that have "wronged" them. Even crazier, they communicate with other crows, informing them that they have a grudge on a person. The new crows then develop the same grudge.

They're just trying to faze humans out, and they're picking off the dicks first.

>> No.29528923

It gets worse: there's a current theory that several species of Ceratopsidae (the family that triceratops is in) were actually just one species in various stages of growth. I.e. different horn shapes and such was just differences between adults and young animals, females and males and so on.

There's still a lot of debate over this, mind you.

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So do I anon...so do I. I had a super great christian dinosaur book that was super incorrect, in every aspect of everything.

>> No.29528935

No Archelon actually got that big.

>> No.29528941

So whats the ichthyosaur?

>> No.29528948

Sort of true. But making wild guesses is the best we can do, since there's no other way of learning about the prehistoric past.

Besides, it's kinda fun trying to figure this out from just a few bones, footprints and fossilized poop. It's arrogant to pretend we actually know something for sure about these animals, but wanting to figure them out is just curiosity. Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.29528949

Look up Shonisaurus.

>> No.29528954

We need a megalodon in this picture

>> No.29528960

seems to lack a fin in the wiki page. A shame the dorsal fin makes the ichthyosaurs look cool

>> No.29528964

My dad's a priest, so we had a couple of bullshit creationist books along with real dinosaur books. They were full with hilarious crap like "dilophosaurus fragile crests would have broken off if it tried to eat meat, so it probably used it's sharp teeth to eat fruits" and "stories about dragons prove that dinosaurs survived until modern time".

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>this thread

I didn't know so many other people enjoyed dinosaurs, and other prehistoric animals as much as I do. This was my entire age 4 to age 14.

>> No.29528966

Yeah, that's the only ichthyosaur of that size that I can think of.

>> No.29528969


Its not really 'making wild guesses'. From a dinosaurs bones we can see how its muscles attached, what diseases it had, get a good idea of how it moved especially when we also have footprints. Even make reasonable judgements on how its lungs worked and whether it was warm blooded or not.

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/tg/ fucking love prehistoric animals, since it combines our two passions: monsters and history. We have a thread like this at least once a month.

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Was that the one where it tried to prove Parasaurolophus breathed fire?

>> No.29528989

what about the Shonisaurus hipstalaris

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I love /tg/.

>> No.29529002

No, they weren't quite on that scale of bullshit. But it was still retarded new earth stuff.

>> No.29529006

Don't forget science. Like that one time /tg/ figured out how a dragon could breathe fire, in theory

>> No.29529008

Emo tardigrades?

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>> No.29529015

Damn, I'm trying to find someone who knows what it was called. I lost it, and would totally buy another. I haven't seen it since I was probably 10.

>> No.29529017

Triceratops is the only species in the Ceratopsidae family that does not have perforations in it's bone frill, while Torosaurus is exactly the same, only bigger and with a bigger crest that has perforations due to growth.

Although I'm not keen on the 'wow, a new species', since right now there are FIVE different species of the Rhino (the closest thing to the triceratops we have), and I bet their skeletons don't look all that different.

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That's been done before hasn't it? They have a flammable gas bladder, and some other chemical to ignite it, right? The gas bladder also keeps them light weight and helps them fly....theoretically of course.

>> No.29529056

That was Flight of Dragons, dragons eat calcium bearing rocks and use their stomachs to liberate gaseous hydrogen. They breathe fire for defence or to reduce their buoyancy and the wings are just for propulsion and manoeuvring.

>> No.29529061

Like a big axe spray can and a lighter? Ha

>> No.29529068

I believe the solution was that dragons have enormous spleens, and they have to eat constantly in order to produce the flammable gases for their breathweapon. Something in that area, I wish I had the cap

>> No.29529093


I loved that show. Why couldn't there be more?

>> No.29529125


Those are all pretty similar. Basically it's a chemical bladder system. I'm pretty sure Reign of Fire used the same theory, and from the looks of it, so do the Wyverns in Game of Thrones.

>> No.29529132

Because God doesn't love us anon.

>> No.29529141

It sprays two fluids that mix outside it's mouth and combust.

>> No.29529143

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsupial_lion These things are absolutely terrifying.

>> No.29529593

Glanced over that book at my friend's house when I was a kid. Been looking for a scan of it recently because it intrigued me way back then, but all the links lead to the movie.

>> No.29530038

Because Nigel got eaten in Primeval

>> No.29530623

They look like some sort of fucked up nightmare turkey

>> No.29530789

It seriously weirds me out that those things are more closely related to scorpions than they are to crabs.

>> No.29530845

I'll take a fleet of these boys in dire form, thank you.

>> No.29530862


No, creatures with a lower metabolism have to eat less.

>> No.29530871

Haast's Eagle anyone?
An extremely large one could have gotten up to 40 pounds with a 10 foot long wingspan. Fuckers were so huge they fucked with moas.

>> No.29530884

Forgot pic.

>> No.29530913

>The feeling of rust against my salad fingers...

>> No.29531016

If there was ever proof that there is no god and that the universe is an inherently hostile place that wants to kill you, Therizinosaurs were it.

If there was ever proof that there is a god and that he is inherently malicious, Therizinosaurs were also that.

Also, the one on the left knows how to strut its stuff.

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>> No.29531106

Please just do this with every picture in the thread. I find captioned extinct megafauna to be strangely hilarious.

>> No.29531116

>what's an online

I lel'd

>> No.29531130

Every kid likes dinosaurs, anon. They're like, psychologically attuned to 'em.

>> No.29531164

But this extensively. I mean every kid likes T-Rex, I thought I was the only one learning genus names of every dinosaur known to man.

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>> No.29531202

Seriously, this.

This is why Jurassic Park is still loved by every kid who was alive in the 90s.

>> No.29531211

Jurassic Park is what sparked this.

>> No.29531267

*intangible noise from the aether*

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>> No.29531327

She is.

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>> No.29531346

Sheeeeit, man. 5th grade for was basically

>paralophosaurus is so damn cuuute
>deinonychus kicks all the ass
>fuck you guys, pachycephalosaurus a best
>d-dilophosaurus is pretty cool, right

Dinosaurs were the great equalizer. The unifier. There were no black kids, mexican kids, rich kids, poor kids.

There were only dinosaurs.

>> No.29531368

He is anon. I promise.
Damn, I wish I had cool friends in middle school. Or you know, any friends.

>> No.29531391

Hells yeah.

Except that one weird fucker saying "nuh uh guys, brontosaurus is the best".

>> No.29531394


>mfw I used to play dinosaurs as a kid with my sister, and the other neighborhood kids.

While the game itself was basically a more elaborate form of tag, it was still tons of fun.
Few of us were predators, while others were herbivores.

The goal of the herbivores was to get berries from my family's berry bushes, while the predators patrolled the area, or laid in wait for ambushes and shit.
The nearby woods, and playground were ideal playing field for us.

Those were the days.

>> No.29531413

He later brought a gun to school, fled the state, and became an overweight gay trucker.

>> No.29531418

>only one
The fuck you were, nigga. Brachiosaurus was my fifth word.

>> No.29531428

those tiny hind legs...

>> No.29531437

>> No.29531466

I WAS HOME SCHOOLED DAMMIT. I didn't know many other children. The ones I did know thought there were only four dinosaurs.

>> No.29531468


they need psychic abilities :3

>> No.29531541

Motherfucking, truck-stopping, dino-stomping,


>mfw some little girl no more than four feet tall leapt into the air and raptor-kicked my fatass best friend in the neck and backflipped off of him making him faceplant in the dirt

I have never laughed so hard in my life.

>> No.29531550

My sides. Fuckin saved.

>> No.29531554

true, but only if you have at least partialy complete skelettons. unfortionately, in many cases all we have is like a toe, 3 teeth and half a rib.

>> No.29531618

I never cease to be amazed at how freakishly HUGE some prehistoric creatures. Especially those colossal sauropods. What was so different back then to make life so spectacularly large?

I remember hearing somewhere that the atmosphere had a different oxygen content, or something to that effect. Was that it?

>> No.29531640


I know that's the case with insects, not sure about flesh'n'blood creatures.

>> No.29531656

Oh nice, Alligator Descendants come from Tigrex. Good to know.

*Swallows gun barrel*

>> No.29531704

Do you guys remember the show Dinosaur King and how it was basically Pokemon. I mean seriously. Alpha Gang? Regardless I fucking loved it because I was 12 and anything with the word dinosaur in the title turned me on.

>> No.29531771

Meet Helicoprion, also known as Spiral Saw. Sharks have some freaky ancestors and relatives.
I feel like God was more creative before humans evolved. On one hand, we'd never survive with beasties like this hanging around, on the other, a trip to the zoo would be terrifying and/or awesome.

>> No.29531805

Seriously though, fuck Helicoprion. That's just not fair.

>> No.29531807

I've seen documentaries about this guy. Did anyone ever find some convincing evidence as to what the heck its jaw-a-majig was actually for/what it actually looked like?

>> No.29531825

I love giant insects

Don't know why

>> No.29531841


>> No.29531848


>> No.29531849

I don't have ancient animals but can I post bugs?

>> No.29531867

Anyone scared of snakes?
Meet Titanboa.

>> No.29531874

Maybe because they're fucking rad?

>> No.29531894

>> No.29531895

That would be terrifying scaled up. That mouth, man! What is that, exactly? Looks like a dragonfly larvae?

>> No.29531899

I've heard lots of claims of bullshit about that one.

>> No.29531905

Yeah it's a dragonfly nymph

>> No.29531907

>> No.29531913

I thought that was an old, outdated reconstruction?

>> No.29531933

That's adorable.

>> No.29531940

My mistake then. Oh well. I will still consider using it for DnD. It need not be paleontologically accurate. It's fantasy after all!

>> No.29531942


>> No.29531943


>> No.29531945

The whole "lel armor" part kinda ruins it.

>> No.29531976

Giant spiders will make your players fear forests

>> No.29531977

Tolkein's Giant Eagles. They were real!

> "Legends from early settlers and native Maori had it that these eagles could pick up and devour small children."

>> No.29531980

I disagree.
>physique that is still vulnerable to sharpened anything
got me

>> No.29532004

Roll san

>> No.29532006


>> No.29532014

Say hello to Purussaurus.

>> No.29532020

>> No.29532038


>> No.29532058


>> No.29532068

Jumping spiders are a miracle of the universe.

>> No.29532074

holy fuck someone used my pic!

>> No.29532083


>> No.29532093


>> No.29532110

never saw it, but I do love me some Fossil Fighters
delicious alien dinosaur waifu

>> No.29532114


>> No.29532120

the thing with insects is that they dont have lungs so they cant get oxygen to their body effecently the higher O2 content ment that larger insects could exist without suffocating.

>> No.29532140

That's some Lovecraftian nightmare right there.

>> No.29532144



>> No.29532153



Be a shame if something cerebral bore'd them.

>> No.29532154

I do not have a picture to accurately depict my level of NOPE.

>> No.29532170

Keeping with the theme, how about this?

>> No.29532172

That is one swag-ass protein right there.

>> No.29532189


>> No.29532217

It is from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKW4F0Nu-UY

Cells are really fascinating.

>> No.29532222

And just think, there are countless of these things inside of you... right now.

>> No.29532245

I like where this thread went.

>> No.29532262


>> No.29532267


>> No.29532270

If we're going for horror now, let's not forget the ever terrifying candiru asu.


>> No.29532300

Least appetizing catfish ever.

>> No.29532340



>> No.29532354

wtf they can get that big?

crustaceans are terrifying man. lovecraftian horrors made real

>> No.29532368

a whole ecosystem inside my body, and they don't even know I exist...

>> No.29532379

In not SovietAmazon, catfish eat *you*!

>> No.29532389

I love crustaceans.

>> No.29532391

I remember it was full of bullshit that they tried to sell as fact, I'm fine with bullshit on dinos, just don't treat it like fact is all

>> No.29532419

That's incredibly common in TV, with >>29531867 being one of the most recent poster boys.

>> No.29532420

I genuinly want a pet crab. I bet they would great fun. Brown crabs can live up to 3 days out of water, so if I give him a tank of salt water to sleep in, and some mussels to eat every couple of days, I can play crab tag all day!

Then one day I get too confident and crab buddy gets one of his pincers on my finger, applying enough force to crush concrete.

>> No.29532430

Maybe they worship you as God. Think about it, you are their entire universe!

Ooh, maybe their colonizing other cells, or fighting religious wars over your nature! Diseases are basically alien invasions.

>> No.29532431

I liked Dinosaur Revolution for being very tame in that reguard

>> No.29532439

It is less that they don't know that you exist and more of that they don't have the capacity for thought.

>> No.29532451

I want a pet lobster, so I can walk my pet lobster.

>> No.29532455

i karate chopped a cocaroch in camp onece and three of those fucking things came out of it, i thought they were it's guts. so we grabbed a daddy longlegs that had a couple legs missing and put them on top of each other so that they woud fight.

>> No.29532456

This seems like the right place to ask. I'm trying to remember a series of books on prehistoric animals from my childhood and I'm hoping someone here may have read them too.

each of these books was hard cover, and inside there would be a couple of sections.
Each section basically told a 'day in the life of' story of the specific prehistoric animal, and they were usually accompanied by a seriously detailed beautiful paintings of the animal in an environment.
I remember one about a saber toothed cat, one about Tanystropheus which had a painting of it sitting on a rock with a stormy sea in the background etc.

I can't remember what the book series is called, all I remember is how unique a format it was for an educational book series. anyone here ever seen them?

>> No.29532457

Am I kawaii onii-chan?

>> No.29532459

Kinesin is mah nigga

>> No.29532462


>> No.29532480

It's weird everyone thinks of Pinchy, but my first thought was when Millhouse lost his glasses and pet a horseshoe crab after mistaking it for a dog

>> No.29532488

Lobsters are mean motherfuckers.

Crabs take ages to close their claws, so you really don't have much chance of having your finger turned to dust, but lobsters can snap their claws shut in a faction of a second. While they can't apply quite as much force as a crab, lobster claws are sharp on the inside.

A crab will crush your finger into dust, a lobster will just cut it off.

>> No.29532492

Well, I was about to go fap, but that just launched a figurative tactical nuke on my boner.

>> No.29532501

is there an elemental plane of Wasps, in my next DnD game I want to be a Vespamancer

>> No.29532517

and the crab squeaked back...

>> No.29532518

So we get him some of those fly claw bands all the kid lobsters seem to be wearing these days.

>> No.29532522

>Wallpaper sized closeup of a crab female

Is this crab porn?

>> No.29532529

It is now.

>> No.29532537

>Banding your lobster buddy

But then he can't hunt his own food, or help out in the kitchen.

>> No.29532545

Some videos help visualize what goes on when a virus infects a cell. It is basically the result of an evolutionary arms race between the virus' ability to use the cell's mechanisms against it and the cell's defenses against them.

>> No.29532546

>> No.29532555



>> No.29532567

no it's called Pron

>> No.29532568

Go with hornets.

>> No.29532574

A whole bunch of shit bouncing around randomly that just somehow managed to fit at the right moments.

>> No.29532575

Oh god, /tg/ is going to give us a new fetish.

>> No.29532605

Ghost crab MILF getting dirty

>> No.29532624

Dammit you're right. Hell, who even needs fingers? I mean, I'll have to give up playing the guitar, the only thing in life that makes me happy, but I'll have an attack lobster in return. If anything, it sounds like my fingers are holding me back. I should probably just cut them off now....brb.

>> No.29532628

I sea what you did there.

>> No.29532631

Rolled 5

I hope so, rolling.

>> No.29532646

Nope, not today.

>> No.29532650

To shell with you. Puns aren't funny.

>> No.29532655

Helloooo sailor!

>> No.29532671

Rolled 10

Yes today! I'll roll all day if it takes it. I want my god damn crustacean porn!

>> No.29532681


>> No.29532685

The atmosphere was thicker, warmer, and wetter. And yes, richer in oxygen.

We had megafauna during the ice age, too. Short-faced bears and dire wolves and such.

>> No.29532688


>> No.29532715

Damn, now I want to play HL2.

Goddamnit Gaben, when will you get off your ass and release HL3?

>> No.29532718

This one's a bit shy

>> No.29532729

Where do I even?
How the fuck? No, really, how the fuck?

>> No.29532743

Hey, just relax. You can call me Sandy. I'll take real good care of you.

>> No.29532759

Do those legs go all the way up?

>> No.29532760

Here's a demonstration

You're the coconut

>> No.29532764

Also, enormous Columbian Mammoths.

Frankly, the Wooly Mammoth is pretty damn overrated, considering how many ancient elephants and mammoths were much more impressive than it.

>> No.29532773


>> No.29532778


>> No.29532786

I like em when they're cute and innocent.

>> No.29532857

And American lions, and smilodon, and ground sloths, and the savage land-squirrel.

Why did we get left with all the gay animals?

>> No.29532864

Some of these are just horrible. I can't even imagine what prehistoric parasites would be like. I don't even know if they left fossils.

Worst animated gif concerning parasites involves a vet squeezing some kind worm or larvae out of a dog. It was so fucking bad. Oh my god.

>> No.29532904

We got Dire Wolves.

So that's something.

>> No.29532916


>> No.29532919

now someones going to find it and post it you monster

>> No.29532931

>and the savage land-squirrel
Please tell us more.

>> No.29532936

Also, lobsters are practically immortal. They do not die of old age; they keep on living, and eating, and getting bigger. The fuckers also suffer no ill effects from old age, and get more aggressive and fertile the older they are.

iirc, there was a commotion a few years back about some restaurant making some promotion to cook a huge lobster that, turns out, was around 150 years old.

>> No.29532941

Okay, so what changed? Where did all that extra O2 go? The climate changing I get, happens every so often with the Earth, but what caused the atmosphere to change?

>> No.29532953


>> No.29532956

I want to get a lobster hatchling, and have it as a family treasure.

In 500 years, my family shall rule the wold atop our 50 foot tall lobster.

>> No.29532973


>> No.29532988


>> No.29533010



>> No.29533012

the birth of lobster-knights.

In the post apocalyptic wasteland those who has the largest lobster-steed is king.

>> No.29533044

coal. when the forests died and got buried the oxygen that was in them got locked up underground.

>> No.29533045

> Families/clans each having ancestral lobsters to their name.
> cities on giant lobsters
> city guard with horse-sized lobsters

Well, as a DM, I know what my players will be facing someday.

>> No.29533061

Now I'm gonna go glue an ultramarine to the top of a lobster, and show up to my next game claiming this is the future of combat.

>> No.29533076


I feel like a lobster that old should be used as breeding stock more than anything else.

>> No.29533084

new IG rough rider model confirmed

>> No.29533085

In the grim-darkness of warhammer 40k there are only lobster-marines

okay, if lobster minis would exist I could make a fucking lobster-marine army

>> No.29533091

High oxygen levels means fires are bigger, hotter, stronger, and spread more quickly.
The oxygen level was so high because of the amount of plant matter pumping oxygen into the air.
Do the math.

>> No.29533098

Put a whole squad on it and make it a counts-as Land Raider

>> No.29533110

Holy shit. This entire fucking thread is fantastic.

>> No.29533120



> search: little plastic lobster

>> No.29533131

It wasn't cooked, some eco-activists managed to take him to a nature preserve. The bastard will probably manage to outlive the activists' children.

>> No.29533133

>It just fucking crawls around out of turn
>knocks over models
>generally doesn't give a shit
>other player gets mad
>reaches to move it
>loses three fingers.

>> No.29533139

city priest-warriors tasked with slaying giant parasite beasts off the lobster to earn its favor.

>> No.29533142

Aww, look how they love each other. Sweet romance.

>> No.29533144

fucking AWESOME

>> No.29533154

Why aren't there any drawfags all over this shit?

>> No.29533159


Machines Spirits, bitch. Can't hold them down.

>> No.29533167

Vote for archive?

>> No.29533171


Cool, perhaps in time it will be worshipped by the more primitive lobsters, until there is an entire lobster culture based around the Great Lobster, who came to the land in smoke and thunder.

>> No.29533178

You've got my vote.

>> No.29533196

> This is how Tyranids got started.

>> No.29533217


>> No.29533238

aye, I too vote for it

>> No.29533255

and my axe!

>> No.29533267

im new to /tg/ where is the archive?

>> No.29533284

Well, they could probably run you over, instead of vice versa.

>> No.29533301


>> No.29533304

>Dire Hallucigenia.
I'm glad that nature drew a blank on water to land animals. I thought mine looked retarded in spore.

>> No.29533307

This is going in my next campaign.

Lobster Knights, preferably with Chitin armor like the Falmer.

>> No.29533308

Biosphere changes. Mass extinctions. Normal atmospheric loss and loss by solar stripping.

The moon was much closer then, too. Tides would've been terrific.

>> No.29533319

>Many, many years ago, there was a seafood restaurant
>It wasn't big, or particularly fancy, nor had notably good food
>It was a restaurant like many others, its purpose to create material wealth for its owners
>Like many other restaurants of the sort, it also had a lobster tank, so they could claim their product was always fresh (even though all their food was pre-bought; the lobsters just went into a tank in the back, and were relocated to the hall tank when the dorrs closed)
>One dark night, annoying eco-activists entered the place, and were overtaken by dread when they saw the caged lobsters
>In a fit of rage, they took the tank away, and emptied it on the the ocean, inside a nature preserve
>And, there, they spent decades, centuries, millennia, growing, growing, feeding on toxic waste and malice, until they grew enough in intelligence and power to become what we today call Tyranids
>And that, young guardsman, is why the Emperor hates hippies

>> No.29533333

1.) In your browser, click File - Save As and save the page as a "complete webpage" (to include the necessary CSS and thumbnails).

2.) Use DownThemAll! to save all of the full images from the thread. Place them in the folder created by your HTML save, usually something like 123456_files.

3.) Open Notepad or another editor and go to the Replace function. Replace http://zip.4chan.org/tg/res/(thread number).html# with # and replace http://zip.4chan.org/tg/src/ with 123456_files/. In-thread links and links to the larger files will now work.

>> No.29533362

OP here, thank you so much for this. I don't have a gif to express how I feel, but know I'm fucking ecstatic.

This is my first time getting archived, so forgive me

>> No.29533366

I have that green crab somewhere!

>> No.29533368


>> No.29533432



Goddamnit anon, now I'm going to be stuck here trying to remember the name of the series.

>> No.29533461

Come on guys, vote for the thread.


>> No.29533581


>> No.29533615

because they were too hard core for us to want to bother with, so all our ancestors basically said, "Let's go kill all the cool predators"

>> No.29533725

is there a new thread?

>> No.29533831

I don't think so, it just kind of died after being archived. Seems kind of anticlimactic.

>> No.29533926

This might count since it was inspired by this thread


>> No.29533934

It was already past the bump limit when archival was proposed, though.

>> No.29534049

Hoplolichas tricuspidatus Spectacularly Spinose Lichid Russian trilobite

>> No.29534177

So you're saying they're radscorpions?

>> No.29534207

well shit, im used to /mu/ were everything gets archived automatically. thanks though

>> No.29534490

Flippin real life mothra all up in here.

>> No.29534510

Technically you do, well your body at least.

They are as much part of your mind as you are, Yes anon, you are the multi-creature hivemind being. You are a walking hive of beings.

>> No.29534546

Am I the only one that thinks riding a giantscorpion would be risky buisness? Or at the very least ineffective. Cause you'd have the giant stinger hovering around your head at all times, so if it doesnt somehow sting you by accident it wont be able to jab things with you in the way.

>> No.29534585

No glyptodons up in here? C'mon siege-skellies.

>> No.29535386

This thread needs more woolly Rhinos.

>> No.29535716

Christ, what is that?

>> No.29535956

It's fake, all computer animation and shit. The actual insects that get into your brain are less noticeable, and they eat if from the stem so you'll die a vegetable. You'll find it in pork that's not been inspected thoroughly.

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