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Classic /tg/ 40k fanart thread.

Anyone have the full Jubblowski collection? There's some great pics around but the foolz archived threads have broken pics for some reason, and she doesn't have a 1d4chan article.

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Aaaaand that's all I have of her. I know there's tons more, dozens of em. Commencing dump of other classics. Post em if you got em.

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that looks like Seras Victoria

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That's Krieg-Chan. If you want to know more about her, read her short stories, which are collected on 1d4chan.

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Calling TheCollector, all hail his mighty collection of everything /tg/ related.

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Out of Krieg-chan, onto Kasrkin-chan.

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Help me /tg/, you're my only hope.

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It basically is. /tg/ was never all that clever with names or appearances.

Have some Chink.

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>sans helmet
Worst waifu.

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Come on /tg/, I know enough of you are oldfags to have the full Jubblowski collection.

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I just have the shit I drew for /tg/ back in the day, sorry

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Don't hold out on me, you hear me?

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>the myr sisters
Awww yeeah.

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You know it.

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I'll take what you got, all art is welcome.

Though does anyone remember what the artist who drew Jubblowski's name was? I might have some luck finding some arcane stash of his work somewhere...

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otto shulte?

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I'm running an XCOM 40,000 game right now, this pic is totally accurate.

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Terror mission in the hive!

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Cultist-chan in da house!

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alright then, I'll post what I've got

As I recall, he went by "Drawfaggit" while he was drawfagging

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Really? Am I the only one posting at all now?

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little did I know this role reversal would become the norm for artwork in the Tyranid codexes...

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I know that feel, bro.

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speaking of the Tyranid codexes

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Unfortunately, it seems nobody but TheCollector has, well, collected the Jubblowski pics, and the last time he showed up on /tg/ was June of 2013.

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Pretty much.

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You aren't just pulling these off of Google images, are you?

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if someone is actually about to post the image set OP was looking for, should I stop so as not to eat up image limit prematurely?

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It's probably fine. If things go that way we can just make a new thread. This was meant to be a celebration of our rich heritage and culture, anyways.

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alright then

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this was actually the first thing I ever drawfag'd for /tg/

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You're really quite good. Do you do drawthreads? You should do drawthreads.

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I think that one may have been WHFB though

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I'm now imagining abbadon trying to use the porcelain throne while armless.

"H-hey guys? A little help here?"
"All right, who here is on Abbadon Duty today?"

>captcha: pleasure ecteXM
But that's heresy, captcha.

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It's been a long time. I usually just lurk threads and occasionally draw something or other. Thank you though

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Fukkit, here's where I'm getting shit from: >>https://warosu.org/tg/thread/21527729#p21528963

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404s, 404s everywhere

Same problem as with foolz. It stores the thumbnails but the images are broken.

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I traced the thread through foolz, too. It should work!

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Fuck, that doesn't work either.

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They stop working after a while, I think?

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These were all back from when /tg/ wasnt just newfags from /a/ making questthreads and loosely related /tg/ threads.

I miss those days

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Ok, I think that's all the 40k drawfaggotry I've done and deem worth reposting. Sorry I don't have the Jublowski stuff you were looking for.

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As do we all.

>except the newfags of course.

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It's fine, I saved like all of your stuff cuz it's great.

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Same here buddy. Same here.

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ok, one more

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We need more Dark Eldar like this.

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Ever notice they get all defensive and shit when you call them out on it?
Love that stuff man...

Hey I'll make another on of these threads and post some of my comissioned work. I got a picture of a steel legion girl sunbathing on a chimera you enjoy.

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That reminds me of that scene in brave little toaster

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Yeah, nah, you're a cunt.

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You know what, there's a major problem with quest threads

They're seriously the best part of /tg/, but ONLY when you are invested in the quest. I don't like any of this /a/ bullshit, but I won't deny that those people are probably having the time of their lives and to try and make that go away would make me a douch of the largest order.

I think back to dorf quest, ruby quest, Zeon quest, and I know one of my best friends LOVED lamia quest.

The thing is these one's need to fucking end. I mean Zeon quest used to be the longest and it went through the entire UC war, for 120 or so threads. I think magical girl noir is at 170+? That's just too long, you got to end it.

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that was from the Disney 40k thread in ancient times. It's the tape recorder from the scrapper's workshop fallen to nurgle, so that coming to mind is a good thing

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I think... I think that sometimes people need to let go. Let go of the things of the past that act as leashes, that keep us bound to nostalgia-fuelled delusions that things can go back to exactly the way it was...

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Nothing will be accomplished by desperately clawing at the past in an effort to regain what we found glorious.
But what if... what if we looked for the good of today? We can be more than just an elitist club that only people with a certain knowledge can be in, what does it matter if you're an oldfag or a newfag so long as you post something that isn't mindless babble?
We look for any divisions we can, but we lose sight of what DID make us great in the past.

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Girls und Panzer is one of my biggest complaints.
While the show is intresting we dont need abunch of /a/fags fighting about schoolgirls in tanks.
If I could axe one it would be either the AI quest, Villian quest, or the Peter Parker quest. Despite the fact we share alot of users with /co/ I cant say it passes. Thankfully it isnt as posted as much anymore.
Next time someone brings up Gamesworkshop once making great models and being less cheap, I want you to remember saying this.

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Link to the thread when you've got it up, please.

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>They're seriously the best part of /tg/
I prefer worldbuilding and the like.
>one of my best friends LOVED lamia quest.
Tell him he has shit tastes.

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We got some cute Lelith pics, but not old ones.

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>Nothing will be accomplished by desperately clawing at the past in an effort to regain what we found glorious.
He says, posting the oldest, stalest /tg/ meme

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When people say that /board/ gets shit done, they usually are talking about what a certain thread did or a topic that appeared in a few of them displayed.
What do you think would happen if we tried getting something done... as a board? Newfags, oldfags, writefags, drawfags, we can all contribute a personal touch that makes us who we are. Remember the Angry Marines? Of course you do! They appear in almost every 40k draw thread, it seems! They were made a long, long time ago, but they're still the big thing... right?

It's time to let it go. Cast off the bindings of the convoluted and bigoted, ignore the cryings and the rantings, and look at /tg/ then. What do you see? I see a place that is filled with creative minds the likes of which no other board can rival. We have dragons, guys. We have necromancers, barbarians, paladins, technicians, assault troopers, terminators, cops, monsters from beyond your wildest fantasies, all contained within a packaged wrapped with a neat bow named /tg/. I love you guys. You--we, we are, from questthreads to storytimes to drawthreads to edition wars, we ARE /tg/.
And know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. Because that is who we are. We argue over which module we support more and the merits of each. We argue over the silliest of things and yet still manage to solve problems related to issues against editions, making a greater understanding of ALL DnD editions.

( >>29523754 yes I know that's the point. )

Forget your ingrained hatred towards pathfinder, 4th edition or third. If there's a problem with an edition, find a solution that works with the PHB instead of making an entire homebrew retcon and avoiding the core issue.

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>that broom
somebody post the screen cap that goes with this

>> No.29523871

>yes I know that's the point
>I'm just pretending to be retarded!

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But NO, says the people who protect the old, WE DO NOT WANT YOUR NEWFAGGOTRY!
This prevents you from seeing new things and having new ideas, then.
But NO, says the people that push the new, EVERYTHING BEFORE WAS BAD!
Ignoring the past can only lead to disappointment in the future. Doomed to repeat it, and all that buzz.
Ignoring your flaws is not curing them. It only lets the wound fester and rot.
We look to each other with defensive, mistrusting eyes, and jump at each other like starved sharks, ready to eat whoever shows a moment weakness and tear them to shreds. We don't look at our flaws until they are staring us in the face.

We see each other as idiots, yet we still end up dancing the same old dance, laughing at each other for doing what we do ourselves.
We try to avoid the bad, but in doing so we avoid who we are.

>> No.29524120

Remember the good! Remember the bad! Move forward from our failures and let's try to embrace /tg/ as a whole, to be who we really are!
We routinely come up with entire UNIVERSES, and all for our ENTERTAINMENT! We build up worlds and send them crashing down at our whims, just to advance the stories we tell. We are unto gods of our own realms, and we forsake that identity when we squabble amongst ourselves like the underage b& kids do over on /b/. We're better than that. We're better than mediocrity and stagnation, and we can improve ourselves by improving everyone here as a whole. We divide ourselves into our separate threads for the sake of organisation, and then when someone goes and hops threads it's all of a sudden the largest faux pas of the century! Does it matter if someone likes quest threads over draw threads? Should it?

>> No.29524254

These posts are heresy

>> No.29524255

If we walk down the path of self-destruction, there is no fate but to die alone and screaming. And in space, nobody can hear you scream.
Instead, push off from the attachments towards what the Norm used to be, let's take off our shoes, and hope to every god possible we don't step on a d4, and sit down and LIVE AS A BOARD! Embrace who we are! Lead yourself like you would want to be led, and others will follow suit. Set a good example for the newer people to this board,, let them know that /tg/ isn't just a place for Traditional Games, but that
/tg/ Is A Place For Traditional Gamers.

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We have come so, so far since this board began. Let's continue along that path, shall we?

Goodbye, Fuklaw. You won't be forgotten.

>> No.29524420

>We have come so, so far since this board began
Yes, we have. Too bad we been goin nowhere but down.

Also, fuck you for eating images up with your copypasta faggotry.

>> No.29528758

I wasn't around for them. I've seen brief references, but...
What was their deal, anyway? Other than being Sexy Blueberry Twins. (Or was that it?)

>> No.29528786

I like how they chaosified the parrot by adding spikes to him.

>> No.29528899

Not him, but I happen to like Fuklaw and the Angry Marines. Hilarious, when I was in Army basic, had a psycho ass fucking Drill Sergeant who reminded me of Fuklaw, couldn't stop laughing when I found out his name was Critchlaw

>> No.29528918

I also ment to post a picture, but I'm an idiot.

>> No.29530218

Mediafire is being a shit, so I can't seem to locate my files. It'd take a fuckload of time to reupload them, so I want to ensure that they're still there.

I'm not the Collector, but I do have most of the 40k pictures from the first 5 years of /tg/.

Including all of Jubbs and the M'yr twins.

>> No.29530343

Ok, seems my modem just needed a reset.


That should contain every Jubbs picture created before 2010. Many aren't worksafe, even though nazimod is gone I'd rather not risk another 3 day ban even if things are starting to look like they're going back to the old /tg/ mantra of "if there's no penetration then it's safe for work."

>> No.29530381

Bless you, anon.

>> No.29530426

You can always just post imgur links too. As long as it isnt actually posted on the thread itself its free game.

>> No.29530500

While we're at it, this is my Tau folder. Yes it contains the M'yr twins.


And this is my cheesecake factory.


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>> No.29530581


Angry Marines predate /tg/ don't they? I thought they began with Warhammer Wednesdays back on /b/.

>> No.29532883


/tg/ delivers.

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>> No.29533498

Anyone willing to dump?

>> No.29533551

Why not just get the download?

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>> No.29535335

I suppose I could also upload my Cultist folder.

Or I could do the whole Chaos folder, but that folder is dangerously Slaanesh.

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>> No.29535966

Sorry about the wait.

Chaos folder. Cultist-chan and Slaanesh await.


>> No.29537178

Talk about railroading.

>> No.29537594

God damnit, Carlos.

>> No.29537633

Why would Slaanesh damn that?

>> No.29537753


You just said what I could never put to words.

Thank you.

Bit of a shame I might be the only one who cares though.

>> No.29537790

It's well known that Slaanesh despises terrible puns.

>> No.29537931

I care, too.
In fact, someone should screenshot it.

>> No.29537975

Why would Slaanesh damn railroading?
Because it's making things go straight.

>> No.29538105

I see whatcha did there.

>> No.29538249

>I think magical girl noir is at 170+? That's just too long, you got to end it.
>Implying creativity is bad
>hijacking threads to bawww about quests.
0/10, you're a spoiled cunt. Don't like a thread ?
Skip it, like everyone else.

>> No.29538418

This. I ignore 99% of the threads on 4chan. That doesn't mean those threads shouldn't exist.

>> No.29538492

Found it. Special Delivery.

>> No.29539161


>> No.29539312

For the DARK GODS, I assume?

>> No.29539347

That wasn't even a joke.
Neither was this one.

>> No.29539683

We are dealing with a very subpar Carlos here.

>> No.29540624

I care as well.

>> No.29542169

My dry humour is matched by no one in the cosmos!

>> No.29542346

This is just cruel and unusual PUNishment.

>> No.29542748


>> No.29542884

You're the kind of people that let Macha lose her virginity.

I'm totally cool with that by the way

>> No.29542972

No he isn't. Those anons actually bothered to do something instead being little slimy fuckstains who talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. Fuklaw Faggot uo there is just as bad as the nostalgiafags. Worse even, since he takes credit for all innovations done to the board whilst contributing nothing himself.

>> No.29543648 [DELETED] 

>> No.29543801

No, in fact, I don't take credit for ANY of it.
I'm saying what /tg/ has done. And frankly, I doubt you contributed anything at all either, and you certainly haven't helped this thread at all because you didn't even post a 40k picture.

>> No.29544419

>you certainly haven't helped this thread at all because you didn't even post a 40k picture.
I actually posted a few earlier, but since I didn't put a name on, there's no way to prove it. Then again, that's the whole beauty of 4chan - doing something for the sake of doing something, not to forge a legacy or be acknowledged or any of the other attention whorey bullshit you spewed. Hell, I -could- list OC I have helped with and wank my own ego off the way you've been doing like you tried to bait me into doing, but that would not only make just as bad as you, but it would also go against the very shit you were posting about.

Which in a way, makes you a bit of a hypocrite since you were trying to appeal to past accomplishments, now doesn't it?

>> No.29544482

>> No.29544556

>> No.29544880 [SPOILER] 

And guess what, Sherlock, I didn't namefag either, yet I posted shit too. You must feel so special and superior to me, that just because you can call someone an attention whore that you're in fact better than them. I posted something, and had pictures of Fuklaw coming, and then leaving. It wasn't meant to be a circlejerk, it was meant to be a fucking kick in our collective asses to get away from what pretty much happens routinely every single day and has been that way for a long time. I have never seen anyone else speak up about the stagnation we're in, and when I do point it out from a point of view that is meant to mean something to the reader, you come in stroking your dick all over the place about how it's all faggotry.
When I said you didn't post a picture, I meant in that single post. If I gave a shit about the other posts I would have said so, yet I still said that you're a little bitch because all you did was whine and cry.
tl;dr: grow the fuck up and act your age.
.gif heavily related to you.

>> No.29544936

will the both of you faggots just shut the fuck up and post warhammer pics already?

>> No.29544991

You know what? Both of you are acting like whiny little shits, and as far as anyone here can tell you're both newfags pretending to be oldfags. If you really had been around that long, perhaps you would know how not to get so riled up over nothing.

>> No.29545027

meant to be a shut up and sit down pic, not a 40k pic

>> No.29545130

> I have never seen anyone else speak up about the stagnation we're in

I have. But the thing is that nobody gives a shit about it. /tg/, like any good servant of Nurgle, has long since embraced its stagnation, and you should too. Don't like it? Then quit wasting time with poorly written motivational speeches and create OC like there's no tomorrow!

Seriously, the fact that the fucking porn thread is the best place to find non-sucky OC these days says a lot about this board.

>> No.29545301

>> No.29545318

>. I have never seen anyone else speak up about the stagnation we're in
Actually, in just about every thread like this one where op asks for some old pics, some faggot like yourself feels the need pip up about how its everyones fault but his own that /tg/ is in the state that it is.
>when I do point it out from a point of view that is meant to mean something to the reader
No, you do it to stroke your ego about how everyone is so dumb except for you.

Now have some cheesecake and shut the fuck up, you gigantic, narcissistic, egotistic, self-obsessed, pretentious whiny babby

>> No.29545561

what happened to shut the fuck up and behave do you not understand? all we're hearing is BITCHBITCHBITCH from the both of you, now seriously, stop responding to them. And to the other guy, shut the fuck up and don't respond to that.

>> No.29545644

Not either of them, but I think they're just newfags pretending to be important.

>> No.29545656

>both of you
I aint even the anon in question, holmes. I'm just sick of those condescending lecturing types showing up in each and every thread like this and acting like they have any right to lecture us when all they do is drag the board further down with their whinging and cajoling.

>> No.29545707

bitching about them is still bitching.

>> No.29545747

Fair enough. Though at least I can say I'm posting cheesecake along with my bitching.

Still doesn't excuse it, though.

>> No.29545951

i'd powerfist her if you know what I mean

>> No.29546001


>> No.29546002

That is a tau hand.

>> No.29546030

Aww... they're so innocent...

>> No.29546123

Clearly somebody has not been introduced to Faptau.

>> No.29546168

Still get a chuckle out of that.

>> No.29546259

Look at the symbol on the forearm buddy. If you're gonna innuendo, use the correct faction.
I have no clue where you got that impression.

>> No.29548567

A bit too shiny for me.

>> No.29549702 [DELETED] 

I luv you too /tg/

>> No.29549786

Aww, c'mon, just try the shiny!

>> No.29549808

It's fine with robots, but on anything organic, it's just doesn't look good.

>> No.29549834 [DELETED] 

I don't know why I love a woman's clitoris so god damn much.

>> No.29549885

they were implying that it wasn't a power fist but a tau's glove, instead of the fisting maneuver.

>> No.29549908


>> No.29549984


This photo never ceases to make me laugh, the look on his face is priceless

>> No.29550002

sides GONE!!

>> No.29550066

just to be the one who has to do this...

>> No.29550303

Drat this is the oldest one thats not on my external drive.

>> No.29550394

>that Commissar

>> No.29551566

Hey Candy, have you actually gotten that Coghead to fuck you yet?

Delicious Girl Abs...

>> No.29551624

Anyone have the image of that group of korean guys done up in different 40k factions? They were all really happy or laughing about something.

Haven't seenit in ages.

>> No.29554767

>> No.29555281

As one of those people, I can say we aren't quite that likely to go into textwall territory.

>> No.29555778


>No idea how to screenshot

>> No.29556043

>No idea how to screenshot

>> No.29556064

This pic's been floating out there for, like, forever.

>> No.29556412 [DELETED] 


>> No.29556425


>> No.29556459


>> No.29556489


>> No.29556498


>> No.29556545


>> No.29556547

>The full Jubblowski


>> No.29556562


>> No.29556610

OrkyArmahisnotintendedforrecreationalpurposes.PleasecontactyournearestMekboyforassistancewithwearingandassemblyoftheOrkyArmah. ThisadwaspaidforbyWarlordTeefsnatcha.

>> No.29556917

>> No.29556986

I miss him.

>> No.29558237

Miss who?

>> No.29558573

Scriptarius - the maligned and berated poster who would kit bash tons of minis for the fuck of it. People tired of him; some say out of jealousy, some say out of pettiness, and others say out of elitism. Whatever.

>> No.29558882

Never heard of him. Sucks to hear that though.

>> No.29559210

>> No.29559324


I had almost forgotten about her. What happened to us /tg/? We used to make original characters all the time. Now the newfags don't even know who Cultist-Chan is.

>> No.29559728

Who the fuck doesn't know about cultist chan.

>> No.29560090

Dat her-assy...

>> No.29560173

Not really; while he had some good ideas (he was bound to, considering his lack of selectiveness and the huge amount of kitbashes he did) the results were often mediocre. He was also unable to clean miniatures before assembling them, to sculpt green stuff even a little, or to paint.

>> No.29560192

Anti-waifufags came along, claiming to be oldfags, thus scaring all newfags into thinking waifus aren't a deep-rooted tradition on this board.

>> No.29560258

No, it'd just that quests are just as good at generating waifus while allowing a way for fa/tg/uys to "communicate" with tbem. You can't talk to a picture.

>> No.29560513

I miss Jeanstealer. She was fun and her art was cute.

>> No.29560600

I think it's a combination of the rise in popularity of quests combined with our harsh reaction to most of our drawfags.

>> No.29560881

What? Most us like them. I know I do.

>> No.29561101

There's always that one faggot who spams as many threads that he can about how QT's suck and should be banned from /tg/ and everyone blahblahblah, and scares the newfriends into believing that it's what a lot of people think; they then end up in a mob mentality without even taking a step into a quest thread. I miss the times when there would be a day without Faggotry, an entire DAY without it.

>> No.29561218

>You can't talk to a picture.
You obviously weren't there for the thread that created Jubblowski.

Then again, those silly sort of drawthreads like that where /tg/ gets to interact with the picture would be labeled as a quest these days. Much like Marcia, in fact.

>> No.29561242

I meant the drawfags. I'm indifferent to quest threads- the push the definition of traditional games a bit far, but for now they're here to stay.

>> No.29561269

That's because that DID turn into a quest.

>> No.29561354 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Heretical Love was pretty good, though.
Spoiler for nips.

>> No.29561436

It turned into one, yes, but even the first thread was being called one even though it was just silly drawfaggery on the same level as Jubblowski.

>> No.29562052

Who is best girl and why is it Krieg-Chan?

>> No.29562143

Because on Terranis there is naught but Love and Krieg.

>> No.29562178

Actually, that specific image was from a request for a krieger that looked like seras victoria.

>> No.29562254

>I had almost forgotten about her. What happened to us /tg/? We used to make original characters all the time. Now the newfags don't even know who Cultist-Chan is.

People lost their innovation and replaced it with hostility. This place used to be able to talk about whatever the fuck, get help making systems, ideas, whatever.
Then the NaziMod era came forth, and drive away pretty much all the good ol creative folks in the great blue-board ur-banning.
We used to have writing contests challenges, pieces of fiction, honest to god feedback without the word fag and waifu being thrown around constantly.

but most importantly? The oldfags grew up.

The current generation is a pale imitation, so driven by rage at things they hate about the board (quest threads, waifu-shitters, namefags, etc) that they have forgotten how to have fun, and more importantly, respect other people's fun.
You know the (F)LGS stores that are all full of the the same, shut-in, jingoistic neckbeards that play their favorite stuff and aren't tolerant of new people playing in 'their' store?
We've fallen to That Store. Except online.

How do we fix it?
I don't know, but moving the board away from the blue/sfw would be a good place to start. a lot of creativity was blown away by nazimodding, and making that kind of player want to come back is the first step.

My personal hate, though(and i'm not ashamed to admit it), is people who use the word Waifu. The neckbeards of this board have always been the kind who cannot into deeper relationships and feelz very well - but its given everyone, even the people who are moderately socially inclined - a word to bitch about/with, instead of using other, better, more different words in their stead - and thats where the heart of good storytelling lies. Its a big red bloody thorn in the side of not just character development, but the potential for it.

>> No.29562605

What happened is the /a/ kiddes started crossing over after /a/ started banning all the CYOA there.

>> No.29562634

Heh, I remember that thread, this image, if I recall correctly, actually predates the Krieger girl.
The whole thing started off with a tangent about imperial shipping mix ups in a thread about a Rogue Trader interested in bringing on a troop of guardsmen, which then spiraled toward a series of jokes and writefagging involving recieving Kriegers by mistake (and a couple where they wanted Kriegers and got someone else phone bill and such). With the fateful one where a regular chap on a regular world received a crate with a silent Krieger girl in it. Awkward cuteness writefagging ensued.

>> No.29562684

Actually, I recall enjoying the story of the accidental shipment of Kriegers that started building tranches all around the RTs ship and the Archmilitant going 'native'.

>> No.29562930

I liked "Love and Krieg"

>> No.29562955

I'm currently compiling and formatting a PDF with the full stories of it! I'm almost halfway done!

>> No.29563036

Cool. Have a Kreiger listening to Lili Marlene.

>> No.29563051

And a Kreiger Mail Call.

>> No.29563111

Fortunately, things are swinging back in the old direction. As long as you don't post anything nsfw on the board itself, the mods will look the other way.

>> No.29563140

>What happened is the /a/ kiddes started crossing over after /a/ started banning all the CYOA there.

Yeah, no, this was before that.

Old /tg/ was DIRTY, and reveled in it - but also knew when to seperate it out.

You remember those roll-a-monster-girl spreadsheets that spread to every fucking part of the site?

We started that. Except our version, you had to write a story about it - no matter what you got.
And that was on the tailend of the nazimodding.

>> No.29563158

>Fortunately, things are swinging back in the old direction. As long as you don't post anything nsfw on the board itself, the mods will look the other way.

Thankfully, That.

Now we just need to bring back an old 4chan tradition - wordfilters - and wordfilter all the shit poeple bitch about.

>> No.29563207

We don't take kindly to your pollution around here. Get lost.

>> No.29563237

I remember those, they were pretty fun. Some weren't even porn, just romance.

What annoys me nowadays is how -EVERY- thread seems to need a lewd derail according to /tg/. If you try to just discuss fantasy stuff, /tg/ will make it about dragon dicks or some shit. Its already bad enough that they try to make dedicated porn threads that belong on /d/ or any other red board, but they also try to derail regular threads too.

That said, I don't really have a problem with those weekend lewd thread things. They keep to themselves pretty well and have actually produced quite a bit of both drawn and written content of varying quality. They also are pretty good about keeping the actual NSFW stuff offsite, which is nice.

>> No.29563381

reminds me of this thing i drew

>> No.29563490

And its people like this who are the problem here. Do you WANT Nazimod back or something?

>> No.29563573

>stop liking what I don't like!

>> No.29564063

Is this all the classic tg art you people have to offer?

>> No.29564084

Is that a challenge?

>> No.29564138


>> No.29564158

>EVERY- thread seems to need a lewd derail according to /tg/
Allow me to present one of the main causes of that.

>> No.29564167

Bring it, bitch.

>> No.29564181


I will not tolerate questioning of my authority

>> No.29564223


>> No.29564249

You have my router!

>> No.29564278

I agree that out-and-out porn doesn't belong on the board. But it is a shame that several things that /tg/ created can't even be posted here anymore.

I hope that eventually the older mindset of "just tits is worksafe" comes back, if for no other reason than being able to share and recreate some of our older works on the board itself like the proper elegan/tg/entlemen we used to be.

>> No.29564279

The fact that most of us are completely insane?

>> No.29564334

I prefer the term "unique". The "u" makes it sound cool.

>> No.29564383

Back in the good old days you could post just about anything you wanted as long as it didn't show nipples. Nowadays this pic will probably get me banned.

>> No.29564463

That seems to be the case nowadays as well. I think people are just less likely to take risks is all.

>> No.29564466 [SPOILER] 

Posting some raw, hardcore cock. Fuck you mods.

>> No.29564519 [SPOILER] 

I sneer at risk. Here's Krieg-Chan without an armor on.

>> No.29564550

>that sniffing in the background
Oh god where did my sides go.

>> No.29564611

Most of that mentality comes from anons getting tired of the out and out porn threads, so they report anything even approaching racy so as to avoid yet another LOL, DRAGON COCKS thread.
Don't exaggerate. Its unbecoming. Folks are more report-happy than they used to be, but you blow it out of proportion

>> No.29564619

How can this be?! Somehow the newfags have forgotten the greatest meme. To make them forget would take some sort of tactical gen...


>> No.29564624


That ain't Krieg-chan, that's Kaskrin-chan

>> No.29564681

Holy fucking shit that makes too much sense GET OUT OF MY HEAD DAMNIT.

>> No.29564692

No, I think that's Krieg-chan- you can tell by the glazed look in the eyes. Also, I think we're nearly at the image limit.

>> No.29564735

No. Back in the good old days you could post basically anything other than graphic depictions of sex.

The time immediately before Nazimod (The Time of Sergals) was when the board was arguably at it's worst because there was absolutely zero moderation. Porn of the worst sort was frequently on the board, but /tg/ was also a much more creative place than it is now.

Before the Time of Sergals was the Time of Creation, when most of /tg/s original content was created. It was a time of little to no moderation, but nothing more than tits were ever posted. It was /tg/ at it's finest.

>> No.29564736


Then why are Kaskrins stealing her equipment and not Kriegers?

>> No.29564776

We could NOT report the racy threads and just report the dragon cock threads though. It'd be better for everyone.

>> No.29564805

Kriegers don't wear camo.

>> No.29564824

Because Kriegers don't have much of a sex drive.

I know, but some anons like >>29563207
up there either don't know or don't care about the difference. Hell, even the smut threads know better than to post the actual porn in the thread.

I think Sergalfag or one of his copycats still shows up to act condescending every now and then.

>> No.29564846

They do, yes.

>> No.29564855

Here you go

>> No.29564872

So then, this would be OK....

>> No.29564889

Missed >>29523977

>> No.29564901

Essentially. When in doubt, do what Lewdanon does and slap a censorbar or two down as needed.

>> No.29564937

Yeah, thanks, just noticed
Here's the proper

>> No.29564941

Ohgodthat's still going around, the Black Market Censorbars. The Hoorrroooooor. Imagine a /tg/ where Censorbars were outlawed as well. Lewd came up with... That.

>> No.29564979

Then we'd just use imgur links. Most of us already do.

>> No.29564989


>> No.29564998

Also, no one seems to talk about WH40K anymore. This board was literally built on 40K and nearly every OC we've come up with is from that setting.

And yet this is the only 40K thread on the board, as far as I can tell.

>> No.29565020

>First time I've noticed it's "Hereshy"
>First time I saw it's "Hershey" on the wrapper.
Mind blown.

>> No.29565021

I dont see why this is worth saving. Its the same self-fellating garbage that always pollutes these threads.

>> No.29565024


>> No.29565025

There are 40k threads active, but most of them are list threads, bitching about the Tyranid codex, or both.

>> No.29565041

Welp, we now need a new thread.

>> No.29565043

Stairs?! All is lost.

>> No.29565062

>asking for candy instead of stealing it

That's clearly not a Blood Raven.

>> No.29565086

He was just distracting the guy so his battle brothers could grab the whole bag.

>> No.29565090

Damn. Going through this thread brought back a lot of old memories. Now I just feel old and tired. How did we let /tg/ become so full of rage? Can we bring back the creativity and fun again?

>> No.29565091

It's a day when they get free Gifts from other Chapters. Of course it's a Blud Rayvehn. There is are no Ravens currently robbing your house, either.

>> No.29565110

>And yet this is the only 40K thread on the board, as far as I can tell.
Depends on what you consider 40K discussion. Theres still plenty of GW hate threads or, worse yet, those fucking 'X vs 40K' or 'Character X in 40K' threads. God I hate those.

On a more positive note, there was a brief Scraploota revival thread or two a little ways back where some old stories got finished off and then someone made a giant pdf compendium of all of them. I always did like those guys.

>> No.29565121

>> And yet this is the only 40K thread on the board, as far as I can tell.

BWAHHH? There are fourteen 40K threads on the board currently. Assuming you count the 30K thread and the two GW financials released threads. Do you even Catalog?

>> No.29565168

It was nazimod. We're recovering, but it will take time to do so.

>> No.29565174

How many of them aren't GW hate threads and Tyranid examinations, though?

>> No.29565286

There's a wallpaper imagedump and... nothing.

>> No.29565312

Yeah...Weren't we supposed to be the board with the most writefags?

>> No.29565466

write something then...

>> No.29565508

Easy for you to say. Not all of us can write worth shit here.

>> No.29566158 [DELETED] 

Well then Anons.
If you crave it so...
Guess what time it is?!
[spoilers]HERESEH TIME?! *BLAM* [/spoiler]
Nope! It's write competition time!
And as we're in the swing of 40K.
It's 40k write time!
In this issue.
Daily [Or somewhat odd] duties of a Guardsman!
Get creative! I didn't say what kind of Guardsman!
Ogryn, Kreiger, or even the mysterious and illusive Guardswoman!
Go nuts /tg/.
We've had a blast looking to the past.
Now lets get shit done!

>> No.29566257

Lets try this again.

Well then Anons.
If you crave it so...
Guess what time it is?!
[spoilers]HERESEH TIME?! *BLAM* [/spoilers]
Nope! It's write competition time!
And as we're in the swing of 40K.
It's 40k write time!
In this issue.
Daily [Or somewhat odd] duties of a Guardsman!
Get creative! I didn't say what kind of Guardsman!
Ogryn, Kreiger, or even the mysterious and illusive Guardswoman!
Go nuts /tg/.
We've had a blast looking to the past.
Now lets get shit done!

>> No.29566293

Wow fucking up twice.
Should learn to spoiler better

Point still stands!
Write for the write gods.
Unless making a whole new thread is more agreeable.

>> No.29566315

It's time for a new thread, you can't post images in this one

>> No.29566408



It begins!

Capcha: logical MANetho
Indeed lord capcha

>> No.29566647


>> No.29569122

because great war is best aesthetic for the IG

>> No.29573157


>> No.29573728

I noticed the once a week smut thread is starting to get people to not be afraid to write on the board again. But everyone is posting straight to pastebin. I'd rather they didn't. Active drawfags as well.

Things were great back in 2008 when we had writefags writing and drawfags drawing and people discussing whatever they wanted, shit the rolepay threads were hilarious, and pumping out content like it was a chinese sweatshop. Then came shitmod.... I wasn't here for Nazimod

And as much as people will hate this, The quest threads are SLOWLY waning, which is also good.

>> No.29573807

Thats Kasrkin-Chan...... You can tell by the Cadian pattern armor the Kasrkins are taking away, and the fact she's in the Kasrkin patern of camo.

>> No.29574308

>And as much as people will hate this, The quest threads are SLOWLY waning, which is also good.
Are you an active quest follower? There were a lot of quests recently, but that's only because of the holidays. The number of quest threads up ebbs and flows depending on the time of the year.

>> No.29576960

>But everyone is posting straight to pastebin. I'd rather they didn't.
It works for the lewd threads, since they would get autosaged fast if folks posted to the thread itself, and it allows for easy archival.

>> No.29577162

Right, does anyone have this perhaps in its original size?


>> No.29577316

I don't know guys, I hide every quest thread I come across and what I'm left with is a staggering loss of content. Where did the good /tg/ goers go?

Elsewhere, because they got sick of all the fucking fanfiction quest threads.

Quest threads are cool. When they're set in a universe that's /tg/ related.

>> No.29577410

Being a newfag, I greatly appreciate this thread as it is inspiring me to make OC that may be relevant to /tg/'s interests later on.

Having a nostalgia thread every few weeks isn't so bad, if only to remind a board what it once was so that way it can continue to inspire what could be. It's less about clinging to old things and more about looking at them and being influenced by them, the same way you'd look at any form of history for influence.

>> No.29577860

That's something I've noticed everywhere. Why are people so happy to tell all the reasons why a board sucks and then proceed to never make OC?

>> No.29577986

Isn't the default assumption that it's easier to complain than to actually be productive?

>> No.29578381

How does this thread have 151 images?

>> No.29578435

Because it lets you feel like a hero without actually fixing anything. Just look at Faggot Fuklaw up there who went as far as to screen cap himself and now gets to tell himself that he fixed /tg/ if it does get better but washes his hands of any failure since he never actually contributed anything.

>> No.29578470

150 + op makes 151

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