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So what's the general consensus on this new Dataslate?

It's pretty much like kicking an injured man while he's down, eh?

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You mean fun?
I don't think so, it's just GW being greedy as usual.

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anyone got the mobi/epubs to share?

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Oh, it's not even out yet.

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What this place needs is more complaining, eh? Come one guys, lets complain *more* about something that *isn't even out yet!*

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Am I the only one who thinks it would be funny for Tyrannic war veterans to constantly obsess over Tyranids, to the point where every problem either is a Tyranid, or caused by Tyranids?
>Brothers! The Tyranids are upon me! I require assistance!
Try moving your purity seal out of your scope.
>Ah. Thank you brother.

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Not only can the normal Codex Marines kick the shit out of the new Tyranid Codex, they decide to put out a Dataslate for a unit that can do it even quicker.

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I get a giggle from the idea that a hive fleet has absorbed so much Ultramarine DNA that they begin organizing according to the codex, and turn blue.

Then having the subconscious urge to eat the enemies of the emperor into repenting.

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>This thread
>Not remembering the tyrannic war vets from the 4ed Marine dex

It's just so people don't chuck a shit and can use their old models.

God, /tg/ really is populated by newfags these days

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Or people who've been around for a while and just don't play Space Marines. I've been playing Tyranids since early 4th edition and ironically I never ran into Tyrannic War Vets.

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Players: Was ruining the Tyranids part of your plan??


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Of course! It all makes sense now!

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idk about anyone else but with the 5th/6th book pretty much made them sternguard counts as

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Pretty much

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>Formation: Tyranic War Veterans
>Cost: Models from Codex: Space Marines
>Brother Casius
>2 ten man tactical squads
>1 ten man sternguard squad
>Preferred enemy Codex:Tyranids
>This formation has the special ammunition wargear under the Sternguard entry in Codex:Space Marines.
>Tyranic Veterans: Wounds caused Brother Casius and the Sternguard Squad deny the Feel No Pain rules against Codex: Tyranids. When firing overwatch, these units also fore at their unmodified BS.

>Units from Codex:Tyranids receive the Hatred Codex:Space Marines USR

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Besides the 130pt HQ tax, this seems pretty nice.

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I don't think there's a single unit in the codex with FNP

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>Besides the 130pt HQ tax

Isnt Chaplain Cassius still pretty good? Doesnt he have a ridiculously high T and a heavy flamer (or was it a combi flamer)?

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I thought Hive Tyrant got it? Correct me if I'm wrong, only played nids 1 time.

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master crafted combi-bolter with hellfire rounds. and t6

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doesn't have it.

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yea, thats not bad for 130pts. Thats like 40pts more than a normal chappy to become immune to S8-10 ID, become tough to wound from most guns, and have a gun that can reroll hits

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Grimaldus could kick old man Cassius' butt any day

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Also has the fear warlord trait

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Oh WOW that's nice.

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>Catalyst is still power

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Oh man that sick 1/6 chance

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BOLS says it's out on iTunes

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Players: Well you ruined the Tyranids! Whats the next step of your master plan?

GW: Crashing this company.

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Players: Well we won't be giving you our money we are in charge of our spending!

GW: *Holding that box of models you want, reaches for your wallet* Do you feel in charge!?

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Now I need a version of that picture with the guy going I BET THE JEWS DID THIS.

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Dataslates when, Fleshlings?

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>Dataslate: Saturday Morning C'tantoon Villain
If GW has any sense of trolling, they will do it.

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>Dataslates when, Fleshlings?
You need a 6e codex first.

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>624.M36 A Blade out of Time

>Although impossible to fix in time, this seems to be the first recorded instance where Cypher is seen carrying the C’tan phase knife – a weapon similar to the C’tan phase sword used by the Callidus Assassins. The blade of the knife can phase in and out of real-space by dimensional realignment, so it is capable of bypassing armour and protective fields. The knife was at some point lost in battle with the C’tan known as the Deceiver in the opening stages of the 13th Black Crusade, however, the battle occurred in the Warp and seems to have been subject to a strange loop in either the time continuum or reality itself. Cypher is most often seen without the blade, but true to its name, the knife occasionally phases back into being beneath his cloak.

They are bringing them back, so might as well.

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>They are bringing them back
It's just a shard, faget.

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>Shroedinger's knife
And now, we know why Cypher prefer pistols for melee.

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I know but like you see everything they have done is appearing again in the new lore.

The Deceiver giving Abaddon his sword, and as see above the fight with Cypher although with minor alteration. I can't wait for the Dyson Sphere and the Dragon of Mars to feature again in the lore. The C'tan still did everything (In Shard form though).

Also calling the C'tan cartoony? Did you read anything about the Newcron Lords? People loved them because they were over-the-top and hammy traits known of cartoon villains. If you criticize the C'tan for that, you should do the same for the Newcron Lords and the majority of the villains in the setting.

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The difference is the old codex pretended they were SOOPER SERIOUS despite the fucking Master of Melodrama waving his golden dick everywhere, and the Newcrons don't even bother to hide being undead Snidely Whiplash.

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But the 5the Necron Codex was created with 6e in mind. It's technically a 6e codex.

Do you have any idea how long I will have to wait for Datastales if you were right? TOO LONG!

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How is the hermit cartoony?
Or the void dragon?
Have you read that future vision how people will be fed to the dragon from the oldcron dex?
Depressing cartoons

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Name a single 5e codex that has got a dataslate.
You can't.

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The Deceiver was presented as Prankster from the first day he appeared. Him acting like a whimsical trickster was all part of his character!

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>Codex adherent Tyranids

Might be fun. Is it possible to actually do this in Apocalypse?

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He was referring to the Deceiver shenanigans.

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And the Grim Reaper getting scared off with a melta bomb!

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The Necrons will be the first. You will see!


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I love newcrons. So much fun to be had with dynasty creating.
My dynasty is run by a reasonable committee of 12 Praetors and one very unreasonable Phaeron.
Imagine the UN. Then imagine that they're trying to negotiate and coordinate strategy with DOCTOR DOOM literally busting in at random intervals screaming death and calls for war. The door to enter their decision chamber has hinges at the bottom so they can just close it after the Phaeron is done.

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He is not the grim reaper, silly anon!
We just think the grim reaper looks like he does due to him eating so many people.
Also he was threatened with imprisonment/hunger death.

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Also Dark Reapers are cosplaying as him.

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>Praetorians having a say in Dynastic affairs

Next you gonna say Cryptek can be elected as Phaerons.

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I like that.
Turned upside down the byron thingy right?
By the way, how is "I-am-no-death-robot-and-still-have-flesh" in CC?
Or what was his gimmick?

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No wonder their leader is so keen on empowering himself by inflicting atrocities on the Eldar, his own people.

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Players: *Going on ebay/TaoBao/LegitimateSystemTotallyNotIntendedToSolelyToProxxyGWKit* Yes, now starve and die."

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C'toon Villain you mean.
Gotta keep the flow of the words the same to do a pun.

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>By the way, how is "I-am-no-death-robot-and-still-have-flesh" in CC?

Not so much great than an average Overlord but I heard his nurse is kinda great in it.

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Tell me more of glorious golden dick-weavings.
Are you referring to the callidus incident?
I found that rather ok-ish.
Or to that book they were referring in the old-cron codex (that one with corteswain).
It looked ok from afar, but so do ugly people.

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-Playing dress up with Cegorach and trolling both sides of the war
-Starting the Vore War between the C'tan
-Screwing the Nightbringer by giving his enemies the location of his Food Ship
-Giving Abaddon his sword
-Fighting Cypher
-Medusa V. Punishing the Herald of the Storm.
-Uplifting an alien race from savagery and then culling them because they disappointed him by regressing back to savagery when the Imperium invaded their world
-Being the hidden hand behind the Gothic War (according to Eldrad)

That's all I can remember besides the ones you already mentioned.

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I have no diea of the newcron stuff.
No idea why he fought cypher but it was mentioned he fought something that was described as a golden metal figure etc.
Man I am getting a bit grumpy right now, I miss the days when gw didn't SPELL EVERYTHING OUT.
It left room for interpretation ad kept the fluff vague enough so that not everbody is loosing hands (Helbrecht,Marneus).
Man, good old times.
I miss my build it yourself kit with IG, SM and the many many chaos lists in 4e.
Back to topic:
Most older stuff wasn't that bad I think, being a dick has a long tradition in 40k.
I still like the poker round analogy of tzeentch, big E, the deciever and Ceogorach.

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Oh and yeah, that herald bit was a bit sad.
One of the few oldcrons with a personallity and BAM, frozen forever.

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t6 doesn't matter for wounding if he joins an unit (the majority toughness is still 4), so unless he's running around on his own or in challenge, the benefit he gets is the immunity to instant death from double strenght.

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this is now canon, it would be like /pol/ but with nids instead of jews. Glorious.

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>Yessss... good preymeat...

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>le conspiring talons

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>battle brother do you not see? The tyranids were behind the black crusades!
>emperor give me strength they let him out of the ward again...

>> No.29528605

>implying they weren't
Genestealer Magus pls go

>> No.29528661

It's already affecting some of the Magos Biologis.

>I feel that Magos Locard has let his studies stray into the realms of paranoia; surely not every aberration and monster encountered in the galaxy has links to the Tyranid race.

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>For you...

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If I'm not mistaken that's the reason why Calgar doesn't like them

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