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Ok guys, what do you have to say about nodachis?

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Sweet katana, I got one commissioned just like it

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Your money would be better spent on getting 50 dudes with spears. T

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Man, I'm pissed there's no way to play Sephiroth in d20. Maybe if I play a Half-Celestial Half-Draconic Lichtouched Vampire Elan Psion20/Fighter20/Sorcerer20 I might come close... but the nodachi is so underpowered it isn't even funny.

Maybe this:
Masamune, Ego 20 (only Sephiroth can weild et), a +6 nodachi katana that deals 3d20+str+int+wis+cha modifier damage and bypasses all DR

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But my kingdom is already full of spears.

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There is no such thing as too much spears. If your wife is carrying a spear, take a new wife. If your child is carrying a spear, make more kids. It's not rocket science. It's spear science!

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Why would you...WANT to play Sephiroth?

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>>Not dual-wielding spears

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They're ceremonial art objects. And the whole thing is only 3 feet long.

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I'd rather just roll with a katana

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How very mainstream of you.

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>Ok guys, what do you have to say about nodachis?

Great way to show off how good a smith you are, and the gods love them.

But IRL it's a weapon only a Basara would wield.

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....a CURVED sword? HA! Fag

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You mean practical

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In all seriousness, like everything that came out of japan but yari, just another ceremonial weapon.

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Needs about 70% more handle.

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>swords in general

Look, I'm not about to hate on polearms here, but peasant pls.

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Say that to my face and not over the internet.

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You might want to find something in better condition to threaten someone with

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Yeah its practical versus using a nodachi, get over your katana hate boner.

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Hey now, don't diss Sephiroth. He gets a lot of hate for inspiring shitty knock-offs, but the dude was actually a really well done character, it's not his fault everyone apes him mindlessly and he comes out looking edgy for it.

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Someone's defensive. If you really wanted to use a practical weapon from Japan you would use a Yari.

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Fine. Cower before my Shamshir!

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FF7 was not a good game or story.
It got worse when the creators kept going back to it.

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Oh, I know FF7 was terrible. Everything post VI(Except for 9) was just a constant slide downhill. But Sephiroth was a well-written character, with a good arc, and real motivation.

At least, in VII. don't know what they did to him in the spin-offs, but it was probably nothing good.

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If those were knights with throbbing zweihanders, you would get the same result.

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I've never said about swords in general. It's just, well, japanese swords are beautiful trinkets with very situational uses at best.

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Not curved enough.

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Sure is curved swords in here.

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They are badass as fuck, and, even if a naginata would have done their job probably better, well.. They're still heavier, and a lot more cooler.

And, heh, Kikuchiyo.

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No one claimed otherwise, are you that much of a weeb that this is your kneejerk reaction to seeing mighty samurai gunned down by a real weapon?

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Newsflash, son: Spears are not universally useful. And for those times, you have swords.

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Did anyone actually use that against anything but some really uppity wheat stalks?

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Yeah. Swords are indubitabely useful.
And it's not a filthy peasant weapon.

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>not wearing your sword like a belt when you aren't slicing dudes up

I do not believe your swords are sufficiently curved.

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Not enough, It should shoot lazers at least. And bears. And bears that shoot lazers.

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Go prance about somewhere else boy, real men are talking.

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Nodachi have five to seven feet of blade, what are you talking about?

And the bow. And every other polearm besides the spear. And the katana. And the wakizashi. And the tanto, jitte... and... what else is there besides all that?

Or a naginata. Japan only started to favour the yari after it got guns and needed pikes.

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Uppity peasants and church-robbers.

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You mean the wakizashi?

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>not fighting with a 7ft long duelling spear while hurling javelins from an enormous sack on your back
Step it up sempai

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Say that to my face and not over the internet.

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I don't think so

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>all this ironic shitposting
>probably some not ironic, but i'll pretend it's ironic for my sanity's sake
/tg/, you're better than that.

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>No best weapon of all time ever

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>disliking VIII

Please die.

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I made improvements.

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I'm sure nodachi are great for killing horses, but I'd rather use a dadao

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>tfw dude who dual-wields spears is series' second biggest punching bag
>not even the first

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>not a zhanmandao

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And that's what's glorious about the club. It's just so versatile!

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>tfw there are no WW2 movies depicting chinese and japanese troops going at each other with dao, katana, bayonets and a few thousand years worth of hatred

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Considering that katanas are pretty much about as good as any other sword and a nodachi is just a big-ass katana, I'd imagine it'd be about as good as a big-ass any-other-kind of sword.

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of course not, that would be silly.
they did that in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

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>not a quandao

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>implying lancers ever do well

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>and a few thousand years worth of hatred

Their conflict was younger than the eternal enmity between the Third Republic and the German Reich.

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>hard to craft (240)
>not better damage than other 2 handers
>-35 ini
it's shit. Mostly because hard to craft AND large.

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>E luck
it makes too much sense
S+ endurance, though.

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But spears really are universally useful.

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This is where you support your claim. Bait alone won't cut it here. Pun intended.

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No, wait, if the premise is that spears ARE universally useful, doesn't it mean that you need to give scenarios where they aren't?

But if you insist:
Places where spear isn't appropriate: Modern times. Because everytime else it was either spear or bayonet that was the most useful for plethora of situations.

Bayonet is really a spear with added gun.

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Scratch that. Modern times have spears too. Since we still use bayonets.

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>Since we still use bayonets.
only if you're british

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Or russian.

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Or finnish.

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Or Irish surprisingly.

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You're better off using the bayonet of a bullpup as a combat knife.

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Well, looks like spearwielders always get the short end of the stick

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