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Are there any programs that allow you to play a wargame (or skirmish battle) online? Open to any system, not just WH40K or whatever.

Ideally I'd like a program that has some rules enforcement but I'd be willing to do that manually, so
>Has anyone tried playing with friends through some virtual tabletop software, such as Map Tool?
>Ideally the program would have rules enforcement.

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Vassal has a bunch of modules for both 40k and many boardgames.

If you want to run other wargames Maptools is also a possiblity, should there not be a Vassal module for it.

None of these have rules enforcement.

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Damn that's what I expected. I'll have to look into Vassal (again). I think I tried to figure out how to work it right but gave up really fast for some reason.

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Vassal isn't all that complicated. Any decently popular game will generally have a decently created module.

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