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Didn't see one in the catalog so WIP thread. Metal Bawkses edition. Show us your works in progress!

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I'll start. Broadside in custom scheme. The arms are being painted seperately since I needed some bits to convert them/so I can paint the torso and legs easier. The 'purple' lenses defenitely need some work.

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Quite like that bone colour, think I might 'borrow' it for some deathwing of mine. How do you do it?

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Undercoat Rakarth flesh a few thin coats to get a solid color. Then a fairly heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade. Layer back over except for the recesses with Rakarth flesh, then I layered up to Pallid Wych flesh (2:1, 1:1 1:2 solid) with a bit of white on the highest edges.

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Asked this in another thread but no responses, and this thread actually makes sense for it:

What's a reasonable price for static grass? I want to base my dudes but not sure if I'm getting fleeced for some fake grass.

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Are we talking tufts or just loose?

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A bit of both, I suppose. My guys have just green painted squares to stand on at the moment, and I have literally no basing supplies.

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For either I find that Army Painter's battlefield scenics are extremely reasonable for a good quality and amount.

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I'm in a bind, and I need your help:

I'm stuck on three specific teams in 40K : CSM, Orks and SM; simply because they are so easy to convert.
Problem is, I can't decide on a color-scheme.

I made this for SM some time ago, but I never could decide., so...Help?

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Just finished the first unit for my Ice themed Night Goblin army

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I did look into army painter, but found some cheaper stuff and was wondering if it was really worth it.


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I like the bone and green quarters the best. Second would be the fully green.

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I agree with thi nigga >>29487792

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I was leaning towards that one too. Thanks mangs.

have a Rat Ogre.

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Very clever conversion! I prefer the fat physique to the normal models. The scales look pretty weird though.

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for what it's worth, I like the second from left and third from right.

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Well rat ogre ARE stitched together from various creatures, the warpstone is mostly used to prevent tissue rejection.

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yeah, I saw some similar models online. Couldn't get enough of em and made my own.

What I just finished, here.

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/tg/, I've got a major boner for The Legion of the Damned, and I've always wanted to make a "chapter/force" centered around them. Problem is, they are quite expensive, and I'm low on funds.

Is there any way to convert/create your own LotD minis?

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I took an ork trukk an made it orkyerrrrr.

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Currently working on two conversions to be used as a CSM Bikers.1st is a Skaven Doomwheel/Ork bike combo. Looking like a spiky Chaoswheel. 2nd is looking like the red bike from Akira. Parts used from a Vyper jetbike and Ork bike, 2 Raptor jump packs, wheels from an ork trukk, and a couple rhino hatches + exhausts. I'll up photos tonight if the threads still around.

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I'd like to see that. I loved the bike in Akira.

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I sees you does lootin' Iz dun sum lootin' too.

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Wow that looks terrible...

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That's a bit harsh...

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looks good to me, you should not glue any miniatures on it, so you can use it as a nice piece of terrain for skirmishes.

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I think its somewhat done. Shouldn't mek use terminators' base or it's "standard" base?
Should I do something else on it?

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Internets losing mah picture again!

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You should have seen it before, it was a "rescue" from a previous owner with the idea that Orky = Rolling shit in glue and broken/damaged bits.

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Such a nise base you have! Is it some pre-made type or real stone?
Also which paints or, maybe, pigments?

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thin your paints just a little

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Magos WIP, I've been original and used the cairn wraith as a base.

Machinator Array
Mechanicum Protectiva
Cyber Familiar
Volkite Serpenta
Photon Thruster
Master Crafted (axe)

WS 4 BS 5 S 4 T 6 W 4 I 3 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Inv 3++

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Oh yeah, dude. Legion of the damned are very easily converted. If you want to know how I'd go about making a tactical squad look the part this is how I'd do it:

Start by aquiring some skeleton bits, trade with a friend or someone at your local game store, there should be at least somone who'd be down for it. Having aquiring you bits sort them out and compare them to your marine squad and decide what would look good on where(skull faces grated to helms for example). Once you've gotten a feel for what looks cool where carefully start cutting down various bones to glue down on the various armour plate sections tou've chosen, make sure you have a fresh and sharp blade because you really don't want to do this with anything less. Carefully now with your knife cut in half the skellington bits, for example you may be wanting to embelish a leg with bones, and glue. I don't know how much of a help this was, if at all, but as long as you plan ahead, take your time and make sure you have fresh blades(this is most impprtant, really) then you can pull this off easily.

I wish I coild explain myself better, I'm better at showing than telling when it comes this sort of work.

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Sounds pretty neat.

You wouldn't happen to have any pictures?

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looks cool man!

Though, I wonder why everyone and their mother use the Wraith,

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My guess would be because it's cheap, easy to convert and looking good.

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Oh, wow.

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I'm afraid not, mate. I wrote that off the top of my head. I've not tried to convert damned legionnaries of my own before, I bought a bunch of the new metals when they came out years ago. I'll most likely make the attempt myself soon though, my beloved Iron Snakes have a mention in the 6e codex timeline as being saved by the legion of the damned on campaign once and I'd like to make an army to emulate that entry.

Also posting from my phone, so it's a cunt to even manage just that at the moment let alone pictures. I'll wish you luck on your attempt though.

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Yeah, IF I had the patience to do flames like that id' wouldn't care how shitty the rules were.

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That's fucking dope man, yours? Or from the web?

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Da Speess Merheens Crew

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>mfw that model

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Aw hell no, I just do passable Ork conversions, painting's limited to prime, base, dip and shake.

Yeah, too bad the Doomrider thread just died.

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What this guy >>29490828 said, it's hard to find a good set of robes which aren't a space marine. Plus the wraith allows for some more esoteric looking tech priests rather than what looks like a MotF with a dressing gown on.

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that's some great looking models rght htere.

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After nothing but nids and necrons for over 2 years painting marines is hard. Even if getting paid to do so

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Marines are hard because tiny flat surfaces.

Tyranids are easy because so many ribs, just wash them. And the flat carapace surface is so huge for freehand or blending or other patterns.

All armies are equally difficult to paint, it just depends on what you're used to. Marines aren't any easier to paint than anything else, except maybe tactical marines because they're so undetailed.

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WIP of the first Dragon Prince for my High Elf army. Still got a lot to do on it. (Only half this side is done)

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That makes me feel a little better, actually.
Still: It's Krylon hot pink used as 'primer' on these bikes.
The white is added on top.
The headlights have been painted since this photo.

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Just finished my first unit of arrow-catchers.

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... and a combat squad of muhreens.

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did a tiny bit more on this

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looks got ta me ya git

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Start painting the stripes, coward.

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Very neat.
Do your fanatics get snow balls or maybe giant frost stars?

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I'm getting there.. I have other retarded things to do to it first.

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Becaus blanche did that.

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Like painting a tiger with downs on my cloth thing...

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Come on dude, he did a far far better job then most people can do.
Are these going to be guys of the tiger claw chapter?
If not you might want to do that.

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It looks pretty good I think the head may be too big.

Looks more like those Japanese scroll paintings than downs.

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Yeah tiger claws, haha tiger with downs was my comment anyways.. its all good.

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Thats where I stole it from, head looked better then i tried to define it and fucked it up a bit.. oh well.

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The head is definitely too big. If you notice the difference, the original has muscular shoulders visible but on yours the mane blocks the shoulders so that's why it looks off.

>> No.29494074

Yeah you are right... dunno if its worth trying to fix, repainting, enlarging the back or trying to shrink the head.. hmm

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As in WIPainter?
Will you field them or is this a comission/practice things?
Becauset his looks very work intensive.
If you do field them, which chapter tactics would you prefer and therefor use the rules for corrosponding ICs?

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dude that's metal as fuck

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Just for practice, don't think I'm up to commission level yet.

Purely just a one off. I'm very whimsical, I received about 30 pre-made, marines and space wolves that I've painted into lots of different chapters, just to get better.
you've probably seen the Salamander with the barney the dinosaur skull shield I've posted a few times.

actual paint job is very basic, just couple of shades and a wash then some highlights.

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I am just starting again with some friends after a LONG brake.
If I were at your level I would be happy.
I guess you do thin your paints for that first shade and then accentuate on the upper edge?

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>Purely just a one off
>putting that much effort on every nameless tactical marine in the army

>> No.29494552

I think the painting order went.
red gore, blazing orange, baal red wash, blazing orange, fiery orange, bad moon yellow.

the baal red over the orange probably makes it look the best and the yellow highlight.

nothing fancy as I can't do fancy.

>> No.29494671

actually I don't think I used red gore, thinking it was straight blazing orange to start.

>> No.29494694

Is this following the gw guide?
Oh man, if so I might change my way of painting.
They do make it easy to givet hem money, that's for sure.

>> No.29497106

Think they have a few different techniques.

>> No.29497180

Well, thanks.

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>decide to play my hamburger for a change of pace
>bio alert!
>blue takes it
>VS cry constantly about fourth faction and everyone teaming up against them
well at least one thing's universal throughout the servers

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you can acquire through a game of chance, their PDF on painting marines and other things.

>> No.29499533

first time painting a human. fire is hard. eyes are hard. fuck humans.

>> No.29499645

yes fuck humans indeed.

>> No.29499763

and before anyone points it out, yes, the hat is off. when it arrived the brim was all ripped to shit, so i decided to use some steel epoxy because they apparently don't sell greenstuff anywhere in miami and the hat came out all... lumpy. and it totally obscured the =][= which kinda bugged me, but steel epoxy sets in like 30 fucking seconds and there is no way i would have been able to get it down as thin as the original brim.

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giving this guy a break to work on more chronopia minis

>> No.29504606

For context I'm an ork weird boy in a game of rogue trader, we stumbled across a dark age of technology manufactorum crawling with men of iron, we came across a civilian model well the upper half of it, and all it did was fix shit, so I took it, decided to use this necron pilot to emulate it, (don't need the pilot as I had replaced it with an extra wraith head)

>> No.29506401

whats he held on by, going to greenstuff ropes on him or anything?

>> No.29507325

That gold on the horse looks a little thick, what do you use underneath it?

>> No.29507346

I think the point was he wasn't making an army out of them, he's just painting.

>> No.29508293


someone's paying you to paint their marines pink?

holy fuck

>> No.29508638

Hello kitty marines.
People have seen it done before, this guy thought it was funny and wanted it on his Dark Angels.

>> No.29508949

Just started the Marneus Calgar boxed set. Still need to smooth some parts.

>> No.29508961


>> No.29509039

a Chronos pain engine I did a while ago and has been collecting dust.

>> No.29509080

A fire belly and some ma neater.

>> No.29509106

A doombull.

>> No.29509110


>> No.29509125

I'm converting my new nurgle marines to be taller than regular. I'll just submit this and one squad. But I have another squad of seven plague marines and terminators.

>> No.29509132

MIG pigments make rust so nice.

>> No.29509142

and a ninja maneater.

>> No.29509154

Looks great, with the exception of few white parts. Didn't you thin your white? Bright colours NEED to be thinned. The face is sick thou.

>> No.29509160

also demon prince
excuse all my shitty bases.

>> No.29509167

didn't add my picture

>> No.29509195

Thin 'em.

>> No.29509214

...I don't exactly see where your seeing thick paint...
The lighting is pretty harsh due to it being the sun on a winter morning.

>> No.29509345

I do... It's just old. That's what I meant by still smoothing it. And thanks

>> No.29510027

Started my second guy...

>> No.29510064

Steel Legion Drab -> Balthasar Gold -> Seraphim Sepia -> Auric Gold -> Seraphim Sepia

It's just the nose thats looking like ass and I dunno why. Everywhere else it looks fine.

>> No.29510339

You were showing us your blood angels right?
done anything grey or black? maybe death company i could have another look at

>> No.29510348

Man, I got 2 fantasy tomb king sphinxes I want to use as Forgefiends for my Thousand Sons army but I don't have ANYTHING (mnaterial, bits etc) that could pass as a gatling gun for the arms. I could always build them as I fucking please (I don't even play tbh, not anymore) but I figured WYSIWYG is best adhered to as much as possible just in case.

The fuck do I do? Not even cotton bud tubes stick together. The fuck is this?

>> No.29510367

Maybe make a band out of greenstuff or thin sheet?

>> No.29510409

Fell asleep, currently I'm using the chains on the ork's back as the holding impliment, but I may add on later

>> No.29510416

No greenstuff, the little plasticard I have is too thick for it. I was thinking using regular tape but that doesn't take well to paint ey?

I could just assemble them as I want them to look (armblades because fuck yeah) but something in me wants to make it WYSIWYG, despite not having played in a year and a half and not likely to change for ages.

>> No.29510444

I've heard of brown masking tape, the paper kind, used for banners and flags and shit

>> No.29510500

Finally got around working on theis guy some more.
... and then I ran out of plasticard rods halfway through. Fuck me.

>> No.29510501

Hm. A fabric tape I guess? I'll give it a looksee. What about drinking straws? The cotton bud rods might be too small (weedy guns on a giant construct) but drinking straws are so much more glossy and soft.

Ideas for alternative rods?

>> No.29510517

Greenstuffing fur is kinda hard, I noticed. Might have been smarter to let a friend who is better with the stuff do it.

>> No.29510536

As an aside, still no idea where to put his second weapon. Or even what to use as his second weapon. Currently torn between longsword, hammer or axe.

>> No.29510537

I have a couple of old click pens that inside is between straw and cotton bud size, also thick walled

>> No.29510557

Chapter master - I suppose, if we have to

>> No.29510573

Well, here's two I just finished. Not quite sure if I'm 100% happy with the body color yet.
Wish I had a freshly painted new model to show off, but lack of money at the moment prevented me from getting the new Hive Crone I so badly want to paint up.

>> No.29510592


chair bro looks really bored.

>> No.29510618

>"Ugh. I can't be having with this. It's so boring."

>> No.29510667

Maybe a tad dark overall, but I like it.

>> No.29510685

Old pens huh? Somehow I think the ones around here are too big, but I'll check 'em out. I'd have to have a lot of them though, like 24 (6 per gun, 2 guns each). Though depending on the size, I might just make them into large-bore cannons. 4 shots each gun doesn't mean 4 barrels each gun (even if the official model shows it this way).

Then I just need to figure out the ectoplasma mouthgun. Or just fuck it. Paint eyes glowy blue, make it counts-as?

>> No.29510694

Man I love this, but given how decadent it is and how bored chair bro looks I gotta wonder if it wouldnt have been cooler if it was chaos instead of loyalists.

>> No.29510698

Also of course, thank you very much for your advice!

>> No.29510711

I meant the inside bit with the ink, I pulled apart a couple of fucked ones and found the ink reservoir(?) got bigger inside. Chucked them in my bits box incase.

>> No.29510731

Bigger than the tip I mean. and bigger then most pens, I might have got lucky, cause most are pretty much like cotton buds.

>> No.29510775

Oooooh shit nigga, ok I get you. I'll have a look-see in my age-old stationary drawer family's been using since me and my bro (late 20s, early 30s respectively) were in primary school n shit. Got tons of junk there.

>tfw kindergarten crayons are the first thing I see

Huh, maybe I can stick a Metal Gear reference on my sphinxes.

>> No.29510776

>It's just old
So it's skull white, instead of.. uh.. ceramic?

The new red/white/yellows GW put out are actually really fucking good for coverage. I was really surprised by them.

>> No.29510978

It does have a 'fluff' justification, the Chaptermaster got cursed with ever-escalating torpor, and now he get's carried into battle since he can only move in short burst which takes an already herculanean effort.
In all honesty, it's just the next incarnation of >pic, a callback to a campaing we played ages ago, where my force commander kept loosing stats to a chaos sorcerer's spells. Nowadays it's just part of our own little plot.

>> No.29511036

Yeah I'm the blood angels guy.. And no I'm sorry I don't have any death company yet...

>> No.29511060

Oh shit, is it the same guy?
I liked your marines, undecided on the jumping dread with hammer from hell

>> No.29511068

Ah, thats cool. I can imagine modeling torpor is hard :P

>> No.29511138

This screams Dwarfs. I like it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Space Marines had such customs...as well if the Squts got if they will EVER be present again.

>> No.29511246

This doesn't scream Dwarfs...THIS SCREAMS GRUDGEBEARER!!!

>> No.29511260

What, this guy? Yeah, I'm not entirly sure about him myself.

>> No.29511271

awesome continuing plot is awesome

>> No.29511281

Contemptors generally work better for action-filled poses, I think.

>> No.29511284

I think the hammer wouldve looked a lot better if the head was at the height of his upper hand. It'd still be really big.

>> No.29511296

That's him, I like the theory, but scale or something bothers me, I reckon the hammer head should be smaller and closer to the hand. Opinions.
got any assault guys?

>> No.29511317

And one of my contemptors is going to be doing something similar

>> No.29511390

Assault marines? Not on hand, no. Most of my stuff sits at the FLGS, unfortunatly.
Got a pic of a assault squad that's not done yet, though. Though these guys already have their jump packs by now.

>> No.29511421

And promptly forgot my pic. Stupid.
Note that the musican is missing in this pic.

>> No.29511455

I remember seeing that pic, I'm digging them. Are they for the bronze guys?

>> No.29511511

WIP cont...

>> No.29511531

God, all these good paintjobs makes me feel like the black templar 'm trying to paint look like shiiit

>> No.29511535

Yeah. Same scheme as these guys. Though I am considering making their helmets black, since my devastators wear differently colored helmets as well.

>> No.29512589

Will black look good on the bronze?

Most of us are shit, don't worry. There's like 3 or 4 good guys and then plenty of people who just lurk because the painting sucks.

>> No.29514790

Black and white are easy to paint, but a bitch to make good, and a nightmare to make great.

>> No.29515397

That grail looks familiar. Are these an established chapter or one of your own devising? Also, since when do Marines have musicians?

>> No.29515535

These are Brazen Grypons, my own chapter.
The grail pauldron is from some BA box, but I don't know which. Sanguinary Guard, if I were to guess.
>Also, since when do Marines have musicians?
Since it's silly and over-the-top, which makes it fit right into 40k, I feel.
In all seriousness, my musicans are just regular dudes. It just adds a little variety.

>> No.29515605

Eh, ok. Thanks for the answers.

>> No.29515806


... How is he going to blow that horn with a helmet on?

>> No.29515855

A little straw in the mouth part of the helmet.

>> No.29515898

By the willing suspension of disbelief, I'd assume, same as with the rest of the setting.

>> No.29515948


I have always hated loose things on miniatures. That little chain would bother me to no end.

>> No.29516668

The power-pac exhaust is vented though the grille to create a 120 DB sonic blast.

>> No.29517166

Awesome as your conversions are, you really need to add a wash or highloght or something to those guys. It may just be the lighting but they always look very flat and brown. The green as well, needs a second tone or a bit of white to make it pop.

>> No.29517416

He is changing... Do you see?

>> No.29517639

Do you have lots of colours, or do you just mix them as you go or what?
Do I have to buy more paint?
secrets, tell them

>> No.29518319


Not that guy but I see only about 10 different colors there. I have over 50 and I still need more. But then I absolutely hate mixing colors so I just by new one when I need them.

>> No.29518885


I've used about 27 colors on him thus far with layers etc... I'll post another pic when he is done

>> No.29519420

Almost there... I keep going back and fixing things...

>> No.29519627

But this is kinda possible with a small amount of colours right, a few of each and mix to get highlights or darken? For a beginner that is

>> No.29520049

You can do wonders with washes my friend, they can do the shading for you, paint base colour, wash, reapply base, then highlight.

>> No.29521186

This is that, in effect.

>> No.29521858

That picture is misleading.
More work went into that mini after the wash was applied. Small details like the emblems, eyes and some sloppy highlighting.

Smacking a wash on a model doesn't magically transform it into a finished product.

>> No.29522274

Depends on what you consider a small amount of colors... For example, on the capes I used
Mechrite red
Agrax earthshade w Baal red 70/30
Mechrite red
Evil sunz red
Blazing orange

Blue is
Caldor sky w a dab of ultramarines blue
Nightshade wash
Caldor sky
Caldor w hoeth

Skin is
Talarn flesh
Ogryn flesh w touch of Devlan mud
Talarn flesh
Elf w Talarn
Elf flesh
Elf flesh w screaming skull

Tin bitz
Shining gold
Burnished gold
Shining gold
Agrax earthshade w touch of sepia

They look better in person

>> No.29522320

Oops meant to post this

>> No.29522575

the work was as I described, reapplying the first layer and highlighting

bone straight over black for the emblems isn't much detail. The grey actually doesn't even have highlighting.

>> No.29523619

Ever expanding the under water chaos.

>> No.29525232

are you going to make the dangly bit glowy?

>> No.29527906


Here is an example of a miniature straight after being washed.

>> No.29528757

>straight after being washed
>based and flocked

go away army painter shill

>> No.29528801

You mean the painted base was to make it look better?
Still looks rather nifty, don't you agree?

>> No.29528814

I agree that washes are fucking amazing and require very little effort, but I still think the model in the picture has been worked on after the strong tone.
From what I've seen, strong tone does a little too much shading and needs to be cleaned up with some highlights.

>> No.29528816

is he coming out of a fire hydrant?

>> No.29528889

Honestly, it doesn't look like its been touched up after the wash. It's the same effect washing had on my minis, only better because I used watered down paint and too much of it.

>> No.29529078

Blaze it fgt

No but on the whiter, more employed side of life i'm working out the rough on my Contemptor.

>> No.29529139

Show me your ways.

I'm trying to loot this here rhino, but it needs more junk and scrap and blasty bits. Unfortunately, the previous owner glued the top doors of the rhino shut.

Any ideas to make it orkier?

>> No.29529152

Hit them with a hammer. You can't loot something without breaking it a little, after all.

>> No.29529525

Is it actually worth buying that stuff? I'm trying to wash my guys with just normal paint and water, and its not really working.

>> No.29529662

>Show me your ways.

Start with obtaining more bits

>I'm trying to loot this here rhino, but it needs more junk and scrap and blasty bits. Unfortunately, the previous owner glued the top doors of the rhino shut.

Get rid of that storm bolter, what kind of weedy bullshit is that?

Dem smoke stacks aint orky enough, make them bigger.

More rivets and more armor plates.

>> No.29529734


Now I feel like an ass for calling chair bro bored.

really good stuff once you know the back story.

>> No.29529964

Nah, that's just an objective marker I am working on.

The general idea, yes.

>> No.29530420

Hammer is probably too strong. Just going to buzzsaw that shit off.

I have the grot gunner cockpit from my dakkajet lying around, should try slapping that on.

How do I get more rivets. I've been using those little buds from sprues, but they're kinda big, I want smaller ones aswell.

>> No.29532244

Today I primed him black with a spray that does not eat the polystyrene. I have no experience painting vehicles or such a huge model. Could somebody please give me some tips or guidelines on how to approach this paint job.

Also I made a mistake in not properly preparing this model before starting to glue bitz to it and priming it, so now there a little cavities on some parts of the polystyrene. Should I incorporate these into the painting ( weathering, combat damage), fix these now with green stuff / glue or try to paint these parts thicker?

tl;dr How to paint a Stompa?

>> No.29532330

For large vehicles drybrushing is your best friend

>> No.29532396

Quick question for you guys, /tg/. I've never been much of a painter. I'm still working on thinning my paints properly. I'm about to start painting my necrons. I was thinking of a black and gold scheme, but I have no idea if it would look good, or even what ratio I should go. More black? More gold?

Thoughts? I was originally going to do a winter scheme, but I decided I was sick of painting light colors. Plus white is a pain in the ass.

>> No.29533039

What i'm working on.
It's an infinity line kazak, but painting ir for use as a survivor in zombies!!!

>> No.29534793


If you're still around:
ConversionFanboy and RecalcitrantDaze are two blogs you should definitely check out for inspiration. Tons of Orky conversion goodness in there.

For rivets (and everything else really), plasticard. Nuts, bolts, rivets and such can be done in two ways: either a rod (comes in both round and hex, multiple diameters, gives nice variety) or just sheet plasticard and a hole punch.

Oh, and don't be afraid to fuck up, because you can't. That's Ork tech we're talking. If you break something off by accident, just glue it back in and add some plasticard, call it Ork fixinz.

>> No.29534904

/tg/, I'm >>29488935
and I've got yet another question: Since I like how the LotD look, the bone armor and all, and since I like making my own chapters as well, I could paint them Red or a darker green without worry, right?

Problem is, I dunno how that would look. so, does anyone have any images with LotD that are colored differently?

>> No.29535274

Dwarf miner pony and cart. Some work needed but on the whole it's there. It's a nice side project but I wouldn't want to do another one in a hurry.

>> No.29535512

use the models as sternguard/actual LotD marines, with the rest of the force painted the same....

>> No.29537256

>From what I've seen

Just use the stuff if you want to find out, yes if you apply too much then you will have to clean it up but if you apply a thin layer then you should be fine, I have used this stuff on a few miniatures and I can tell you on flesh it is really good .

>> No.29538158


I have some.

>> No.29538272


And the 4th.ed.

>> No.29538350

WIP rune priest for a friend. First time painting finecast. I can say I hate the fucking thing. So many details are butchered.

>> No.29538372


>> No.29538414

What colours did you usefor the red and highlighting?

>> No.29538517


I mixed red with bleached bone for highlights. I use bleached bone for edge highlights but for big red x things on the shoulder pads I used the mixture. Paints are citadel. You can see the highlighting better on these guys.

>> No.29538744

I like your basing, how you do it.

>> No.29539085

Other blood angels fag here. Looks good as always man... Hate to say it but I really like painting the smurfs

>> No.29539223

Painting looks nice. Did you prime him first? A few places look like bare resin.

>> No.29539567


Aquarium sand man. Buy some white sand. Super glue the base and dip the base inside the sand. Don't forget to paint the base beforehand in whatever color you are planning to paint the sand.


I didn't. I never primed models beforehand (metal models didn't need them and plastic models I airbrushed with their primary color anyways). Resin doesn't really like paint I tell you what.

>> No.29539615


Hey dude. Painting smurfs is fun. I love painting blue. It's just so easy compared to painting red.

>> No.29539664

heres some photos of my near complete great unclean motherfucker. sorry if these photos come out in rotated im posting from my phone.

>> No.29539668


I would've cut out the bent swords and replaced them if I were you. They make the whole thing look bad.

>> No.29539695

>> No.29539700


That looks sick. No really that looks fucking disgusting. Which, in this case is probably a compliment.

>> No.29539712

You need to prime your minis. It looks great now but I wouldn't want that to chip or flake off.

>> No.29539730

I dont know what colors to paint the armor, any sugestions are welcome. I also dont know what I would run them as.

Pic from phone

>> No.29539770

>> No.29539820

Upside down?! Come on phone whhhhhy

>> No.29539835

I like'em

>> No.29539851

pfft what

beastmen marines? heretical as fuck

>> No.29539898


I remember u talking about these in another WiP thread, coming along nicely bro.

>> No.29539954


now he's nearly finished im going to start on these Dark Vengeance choas in a nurgle theme

>> No.29539969

man i hope those beast men looted that armor. =][= is knocking

quick, hide the mutants!

>> No.29539992

Now that's some sexy kitbashing. What kits did you use?

>> No.29539998

Diffrent gal, but ty. Im not completly sold on white for the main color

they could be xenos idgaf

>> No.29540028

Beastigor heads, tac torsos and arms (not pictured) and stealth suit legs

>> No.29540142


pick a backstory, if theyre xenos that have looted the armour make it dirty and used, if theyve been hidden on some warp obscured farm-moon for millennia where the humans had to geneticly splice their farm animals DNA into thier genome to reproduce (due to the reproductive suppression of the warp storm) and theyve still got fresh unused power armour, keep it white & clean.

>> No.29540415

Lol, I meant I dont know if I want to paint it. I already use white with my necron vehicles. Many layers

>> No.29541171

How do you get that white?

>> No.29542146

I'm happy with the eyes.

>> No.29544764

Very carefully haha. I still go back and smooth them out now and then, but the recipe is basically
Astronomican gray
Ceramite white
Nuln oil
Ceramics white
Scar white

>> No.29544861

I know... I'm currently talking to GW about getting some replacements.

I hate finecast.

Even the Calgar I got had a bunch of problems and it just isn't as smooth as plastic.

Does primer clump more on resin than plastic? Or is it just coincidence that a brand new can wasn't that smooth on calgar.

And to the blood angels dude-
Really? I found red easier, maybe it's because I've done it for so long...

>> No.29545216

darkish green. a la edge angels. i dunno, i think green would look cool. or if looted, buncha different known chapters. or white. i'm just spitballing here

>> No.29545770

NMM skills are still terrible.. but I think i'm getting slightly better.

>> No.29546593


Darker colors have always been easier for me. My first army was black templars (back when they still used armagedon book for their army list) and my first models turned out just like the ones on the box. You should have seen my first attempt at painting blood angels. Complete fucking disaster. And I used enemals too, which is really hard to paint with a brush since the paint thinner you have to use can dissolve the lower layer you are painting on. Our first flgs didn't supply Citadel paints so I made do with the paints I already had that I used to paint tanks and planes.
I just stripped the paint from my first 15 space marines that I painted along with some assault marines and break fluid barely did the job. Don't use anything other than acrylics people.

>> No.29547959

I'm new to diorama type building and I have a question. As I am on a budget and don't want to pay for fine grassy flock, for grassy terrain you think I could do something like mix glue, water, and cat litter, spread it over my base, and paint the grainy surface to look like grass when it dires? Or would that come out looking terrible? I'd experiment with it first but thought I'd ask before I got anything mixed.

>> No.29549458

looks good.

here's my attempt at NMM

>> No.29549582

Well how many vistas of grainy grass with blue lumps do you see? Grass is about the appearance of the terrain, you can tell something is grass because it's varied green and yellow shades and it stands up in tufts.

If you're looking to practice the layout of dioramas and the overall spacings then by all means practice with green sand. However considering that the main characteristic of a diorama is how it looks, green sand pretending to be grass isn't going to help.

>> No.29549725

Where t find shit.the fuck Do i order Death Korps of Kreig Gas Masks?

I've been looking at, like, 5-6 bits sites and can't find anything. And i'm cappin' a nigga before i greenstuff one.

>> No.29549797

Damn, may have to put off working on this diorama for a bit until I'm a little more finacially stable then.

>> No.29549890

The bronze gold looks really good, NMM is such a bitch

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